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Approach of Election Bay Shows , Sentiment Is Growing:
Stronger Among Business, Club Men and Qthers
in Favor of Present Incumbent of Office." '
- "That mso- run as If hs were run-
alng for Lane," Mid a traveler on an
Incoming Woodlawn ear this morning,
, 'No, air," wu the. response, . "I aee
' in him the- Devlin movement." - These
, remark led to a straw vots, the two
' men arranging it both being well known
. Republican buaineaa men living at or
near Woodlawn. It waa decided to poll
each man aa he got on the car and
' keep a not of the results. ..This was
! carried oat, and when the totals were
' footed up at the end of the run it was
. found that 11 votes had been caat for
' Mayor Lane and four for Thomas C
'- Devlin. v ' ' ';' v- .-
' "That Is the third time we have
elected Lane in the past week coming
; Into town In the morning," said . the
f man when" telling the story. ' ' '
One enthuslaetlo Lane maa tells of
his experience during the paat few
'days. For a week or mors he has
- made It a point to watch the way the
'tide is turning.: Living at Irvlngton.
he has taken a straw vote on his way
tn business on several mornings. Those
who voted In the majority of the cases
were men personally known to him to
be f publlcans. On one occasion the
vote on one car was six out of eight
men asked for" Lane. On another car j
eighth inert :. were polled and seven of
them caat their vote ' for the present
mayor; Every morning for a week this
practice has been kept up, and out of
all the votes cast the average runs ap
proximately five out of . seven In favor
of Lane. ; . . - 1
At- the ;' Commercial club the . straw
vote has been the diversion for several
days, and one .vote showed nine man,
voting for - Lane at a table . where 10
men were eating. The ' next day an'
other vote-was taken, different men be
Ing present, and seven out of a table
full of nine diners cast , their favors
in the Lane box.. -v. ''' '
The sentiment on the street, as gain
ered by this same man," indicates that
tha great majority or the business men
encountered, during, the day; are back
of Mayor Lans in his campaign for re
election? ' ' - :-, ...,... ,,
Otto Burckhardt, tne wealthy packer.
who recently sold the Pacific States
Packing company to Swift 4 Co., has
never voted-for a Democrat In bis life
before, but will cast his ballot for Harry
Lane, simply because the mayor has
suppressed nlckl-tn-,the-alot machines.
"It's the best thing ha. ever did."
saye Mr. Burckhardt, , "the machines
took all nr smalt change, and kept me
Drone in pocket coin all the-time.".
Father of Another Noted
Holy Roller Dupe Be
stirs Himself.
Asylum Superintendent to Take 1
gal Advice In Classifying Wards
Under New Act Esther and
Chester Thompson Likely to Go.
Evening Star Grange, Mount
Tabor, Wins Prizes and
r ii Special Traise;
Memorial Exercises and Pleasure
' . Trip Has Put Business Back
Measure Proposed for ' Keeping
Check on Commission Men.
(Special DUpatea to The ff
Tacorna. May 11W. R. Hurt, father
of Mrs. Creffleld. wlfe of the Holy
Roller who was killed by George
Mitchell. 1 has called, at the Stellacoom
Insane asylum to see if it is not pos
sible to secur ths release of Esther
" Mltchell.who killed her brother George
"f ter his exoneration by a Jury for kill E-rhiAVw om;
muted, to. th.jaeylum at herbal a
itr .-... i-w oassed by tn. gisia-'
t'llre.'wfc-ch. provides for . tha iucajcera-1
4fonortnosrcla.ed as rtmlnailyMn;1
ane in the stats penuenuary
toWalla Walla. VMur1
; Mitchell at the hands of the girt Hurt
baa taken a deep interest in her and
-.Iraa that sne ediii w -
:1SS5.KtVf -Pen". the rjjmalnder o
1 in. Tmmd unbiianced
by tt. tewhln f the Holy Roller.
;hit he is Vowarless to assist him in
hU efforts; that while Esther Is much
V improved since coming to the asylum,
ih. is not yet in a condition to warrant
i ber discharge as cured.
DrTcalhoun is in a quandary as to
what action he will take In complying
; with the law, wmcn w .
vJSJ -.thin a few days. Most proba
?biy he Will s-k the state board of con.
trol for Instruction and after .this is
done it will be necessary for him to
aecure a ruum v u7-.
J eral, he : thinks, sb to which of those
beta at the asylum as cr IminaHy insane
shsll be sent . to prison. T h
Hardly a queatlon that both Esther
d Chester Thompson, who
! killed Judge George Mead Emory, will
; "be sent to the penitentiary.
Lane Meeting Tonlg.
Burnslde ft Grand. Burkhard's halL
r fi...i ttffuMil fterrlM.I '
Paris. May lu" xne t nragruiuai j
conduct of a maiamed Gersaln who
has tried to am ; nia -i -by
forcing her to swallow pins and
;!..;.. it r.nnrted from 'Tassln, "in
1 h- inartnent of the Rhone. Neigh-
bors heard Mile. Gersalnt pleading with
her brother not to torture her. . The
rlrl. when examined, declared that net
brother lwd systematica mixed pins
and needles- with her food, and had
, lorced her to swallow them. The story
- was at first discredited, but adoctor
who was called declared that the girl
was virtually 'a living pin cushion, ae
succeeded in extracting 7i pins i.nd
needles from 'I her ; body and it is now
believed that she wiU recover -
The brother and sWter inherited con
siderable property ; from their parents,
- the terms pf the wlli being that in
the event of the death of one of them
isll the estate should go to the survivor,
The brotlfer has been arreated. . -
Spring Ailments
' FimpleSi DOiJB, ' ecseiu uu vuuc
Jpripaona, losa of ; appetite, that tired
and neaaacoe, are ..
; They are aJI radically ; and perma
nently cored by Hood' Saraaparilla.'v
Thia v great 5 ' medicine thoroughly
cleanses the blood' and restores healthy
functional activity to the whole system.
It makes people well. , ,
" I have been usipg Hood'a Sarsapa
rilla as a spring medicine for teayearp,
; imd have never fotmd anything betteV,
. John Flemings, Campbell Hall, N. Y.
. Accept no substitute for
V Hood's Sarsapbrllla
' Insist on bavtig Hood's. Get it today,
liauid or tablet form, 100 Doses 1.
' (Speehl Dtopatek Tbe looms!)
Hood Rlvjtr, Or May tl. Interest
In : ths state grange meeting yesterday
was centered in- the degree work and
the literary and degree contests. These
took place in the evening, .and resulted
ss follows:
Contest for literary work and attend
ance: First district Evening star
grange, Mt-Tabor, first tfrise, banner:
Be? ver Valley grange,' Columbia county.
Willi V.-.. .
Second district Mllwaukls grange
No. 168, flrat prise, banner. " t -4
Third district Hope grsnge, Alsea,
Benton county, first prise, banner.
Fourth district Oretown grange, Til
lamook county, first prise, banner.
Fifth district Blue Mountain grange.
Ia Grande, flrat prise, banner.
Degree Contest Hesvlta,
' The " decree contest results were ss
follows: . ", ; '
' First district Evening Star grange.
Mt. Tabor, first prise, :0; Natal grange.
Mist, Columbia county, second prise, lis.
. Second district Harding grange, flrat
prise, 120; Mllwaukls grange, second
prise, $ IS; Garfield grange, Estacada,
third prise. Its. . '
Fourth district Butts grange, Tl
gardsvllle, Washington county, first
prise, $20. . i
The, report of the executive commit
tee stated that several of . the' granges
did not compete and that the .total cost
of the prises -was $327..
The exemplification of the first and
third degrees, which was given by Even
ing Star grange, . is . said by , members
to have been the finest ever given in
the history of the order in Oregon,
This work was put. on last night In
stead' of the Pomona and Flora de
grees, which will take place tonight
Tax Beoommendations.
At the afternoon session the report
of , the assessment taxation committee
was received. - The fart of It asking
for the abolishing of the S per cent r
bate was adopted, and that favoring the
change of 'time, in paying taxes from
April and October to July and Decern
ber ( defeated. The debate against
the continuation of the S per cent rebate
was led by W. H. Dufur.
A resolution rcommendtng the estab
lishing of county grange committees to
keep., members informed ss to th. re
sponsibility and integrity ,r of commis
sion men was adopted.
The affairs, of the Oregon State Agri
cultural college were voted to be in
a satisfactory condition. . The state mas
ter of the . grange and the state lec
turer are members of the board or re
gents of this institution. ,j ' .
An amendment to the by-laws adopted
provided tliat the ' organisation shall
convene on the first - Tuesday In May
hereafter- lnatead of the fourth.' After
considerable discussion and a .close vote
of 25 to 10, Eugene was selected as
the next 'place to hold the annual meet
ing of the grange, In preference to Cor-
valllsvVf.f sp- 'm'v-V'v. U
On the single district - system for
electing member, of the legislature, the
committee on legislation reported favor
ably and recommended Its adoption. - It
was made a. special order tor tn. open
ing of Friday morning, session.
Wilbur K. Newell, president of the
sUte board of horticulture, was an in
terested listener at the grange meet
ings yesterday, - and also spent some
time -studying - orchard 'v conditions In
ths valley. v
. ' acay Be a Saturday Session. ,
It Is thought by grange members
that the session may have to be pro
longed to Saturday, as much business
is yet to "coma before the convention,
Mid yesterday being a holiday, most of
it waa spent in memorial exercise, and
th. pleasure trip on. tne Mt. mooo rail
road. , A Joint service was conducted by
the O. A. R. and grange yesterday ;!n
convention hall, after which, headed by
the Hood River band, members of botn
organisations marched to the cemetery
and decorated the graves. - . ,
After the working of the Pomona and
Flora degrees this evening a strawberry
banquet will be given the -visitor. ; in
the Masonlo lodge rooms, at Whicn mere
will be cpeechmaklng and toasts. , .
New England rejoices the ic. la going
out of the lakes and rlvera'
. The first requblt. of a good,
mother is good health, and th. ex
perience of maternity should not be
approached without careful physical
preparation, as a woman who la in '
rood physical condition ransmita to
her children the bleulngiof a good
constitution: -. .
-Preparation for healthy ' mater
nity la accomplished by Lydia E.
Fiakham's Vegetable , Compound,
which is made from native roots and '
herbs, mors successfully than by any
other medlcln. because it give, tone
and strength "to the entire feminine
organism, curing displacements, ul- '
ceratlon and inflammation, and the
result is less suffering and ntore children healthy at birth.
than thirty year. .,,...:- . .1 ;,; r :!;V'h
Lydia E. Pinkham'sYegetabl Compound
has been the standby of American mothers is preparing for childbirth.
NotewhatMrs.JamesChester,of4J7 W. 88th St., New York says In this
letter: Dear Mrs. Plnkham:-"I wish every expectant mother knew about
LvdlaU. Pinkham'e Vegetable Compound. A neighbor who had learned
of its great value at this trying period of a woman's life urged me to try
It and I did so, and I cannot say enough in regard to th good It did me,
I recovered quickly and am in the best of health now.", '
.J-ydia E. Pinkhsm's Yf getablo Compound la certainly a sueceasful
remedy for the peculiar weaknesses and ailments of women.
It has cured almost every form of Female Complaints, DrargingSensa
tions, Weak; Back, Falling and Displacements, Inflammation, Ulcera'
tions and Organ io Disease, of Women and is Invaluable in preparing for
Childbirth and during the Change of Life. . ,
Mrs. PInkham's Standing Invitation to Women
' Women suffering from any form of female weakness are invited to
write Mrs. flnkham, at Lynn, Mass. uer aavice ire..
For more
:. : . ' .
7 '
Chinese Pirate Chaser at the Oaks.
An nt th most remarkable vessels
vAr"hrnnht ' into this harbor is Ue
Whang-Ho, a Chinese plrat. chaser that
was built 110 years ago, at was oruug-n
to this country for exhibition purposes
and is moored at the Oaks. The ves
sel contain, many of the relics of .Chi
nese 'barbarism, Instruments of torture
of frightful ingenuity. Unfortunates
who were captured by , the government
boat suffered terrible punishment and
torture on these -machines.-.
Baron Knroki Spare Jib Expense In
Entertaining Americans Who
Have Pleased. Him. y
' .' " '
, .1 Sn.i SprriM.t '
Chicago. May II, General Kurokl. did
the honors at a banquet lvexi - ix
Auditorium hotel laat night, to which
SO or more' representative cltlsens 'of
Chicago received Invitations.- Tne ut
tle warrior, not to be outdone in hos
pitality, having decided to play the host
arranged tne axiair who uuv. .
less extravagance. 1 , ;
!,Mim la no object, ran ma m'
.n.Minm tn his aide de camp. "Fifty
yen 100 yen a plate. Chicago deserves
nothing but the best." .
Scenic artists at the Auditorium had
transformed the banquet ball Into . a
Japanese pagoda. Pale lavender . clus
torm nf winturl-i trailed down from a
deiinata lattice work, while gaudy Jap
anese lanterns cast muroinauon ovw
the assembly. .. The banquet was one or
the most elaborate ever servea in vni
cago. Wine cellars had, been foraged
for rarest vintages and the most cob
webby bottles. Priceless Schariachberg
and Amonltallado were spilled In tokeu
of goodfellowshlp.1 y
T mi . 1
y'l;"-. KajrrXa. Speaka'-,' bS
At big rally tonight, Burnslde & Grand.
-. .... i - - ,.--' i-1
' (Special Dlspstek" te The JooraaL) '
rwii nr.. Ma II. The people in
Dallas have been treated to a taste of
the "Tongues of Fire." By rle Hanson,
a girl who claims to' hsve acquired tho
language from the sect here,' and with
her- followers around J her has given a
demonstration of the tongue to an inter
ested street audience. She was preach
ing fn common every'dayEngiiBh -with
sealous fervor, when ' suddenly she
branched off Into a language ' that
eounded ltke a Slwash Jargon. This she
kept up for about five minutes, much
to th. ; entertainment of the Sidewalk
audience. Tha members or tne sect ex
pect to hold .meetings here. : ,
v ' (Special DUpateh' te The Jovmal.) :
TTAiana.) MonU Mar II. As the s re
sult of a cavo-in at 'the famous Hope
mine at Basin Charles Collins, a miner,
waa . caught beneath many.,tons of de
bris. The rescuers war. more than sur
nriaed. at the end of 17 hours' work," to
And him absolutely uninjured, the tlm-,i
Delicious Dishes . ;
. c
U t';V '5 . FOOD
Entrees, faddfaga; Stitit, ' :
P : v CrMdle Cakes,, etc.'
Bd "ln Boad to WtHrH-e" ta'pkfs.:
rn "There's ' Reason! r,:.
ber. having protected him. BO great,
however, wa. his fright, superinduced
by his awful experience, that Collins
decided to tske a lay-off. He went to
Butte, w.her. ho dropped dead.
IIf 111
s rtne vuasa
A; : SPECIAL feature of our Juvenile Department
x this season is an unusually choice line of
Wash Suits. We're showing three exceptionally
swell models Peter Pan, Sailor Suits with straight'
or bloomer trousers and Russian Suits. Plain colors
with dainty trimmings and smart: effects m plaids, ;
checks andraixturcs. 1 ?
Wash Suits 50c to $6.00
Free with every Salt or Reefer, in wash or regular ttyle
at $3.35 or over, choice of Baseball and Bat, Roller. Skates:
or other desirable presents. ' -
. .... ,
Wife of Heir to Silent Smith's For
tune Will Astonish Natives
With New Bonnets. .
(Josrsal Social Serrlc.)
Minneapolis. Minn.. May llj "Its
funny to be Hch," sald,Mjrs. Gflujrt Spltf
Mason, whoss husband inherited III.
000.000 from "SUenf Smith, a. she
wooped down upon the shopping center.
She had come In from Aberdeen. South
Dakota, and before she hsd finished shs
had actually spent 11.100 for new
clothes,1 1800 for numerous" gowns and
wslsts, lingere, etc. and 1200 for hats.
This latter estravsganc will make
Aberdeen, sit up and gasp, for breath,
for they are still wesring poke bonnets
In .-Aberdeen and every woman is ber
own millinery creator.
Mrs. Masort said she and her hus
band considered they were simply cus
todians of the great fortune and would
not dissipate it in riotous living. She
was quite positive, however, that they
would travel -considersbly snd that her
husband would dig no mors ditches or
work again for a railroad company.
Um Bally ToBigM.
' utkhard's hail. K. Burnsiue & Grand.
' . . . " ., .'-'.",,
(SpMlal Slapateb te The ooraal)
Arlington, Or., May II. Cal Jordon,
a prominent rancher of Blckleton, Wash
ington, died suddenly yesterday at thl.
place. .' HI. wlf. I. la a critical condi
tion on account of tha .bock from hi.
death., ":.)-', -r :.;
More Hot Water at Boise. V
Boise, Idaho, May II. Another flow
of hot water has been struck her. by
Herbert Perkins,, who are drilling
welL The flow Is larg. and Is 110 de
grees Tahrenhelt, and there la reason
to believe it will equal that at tha fa
mous Natatorlum. . ;:
eashors and 7aaesiowm Xzporttloa.' :
on low fare ticket, to Norfolk, going Or
returning via New Tork, over Pennsyl
vania Lines. 8o.d dally with long re
turn limit Get posted through F. N.
Kollock. Dint. AgU, 14 Stark St, Port
land, Oregon. - '
'. Senator Oearla Speaks.
Lane rally tonight. Burnsid. Grand.
Specials f qr Saturday
The following interesting items for tomorrow only these being subject to delivery at our earliest convenience ...
C --. ji ...t. r J -
and for which we will not accept man, teiepnonc or v,. w. u. wuwb;
Velvet Rugs
Jiptifi iAijnpMMjijf 7 . Soecial :
't.,7 i -. ivUJVik,.-.
A new rug, 27 by 54 inches, beautiful soft color effects, ten pat
terns for your choosing Oriental designs medallion centers,
etc. , Special for, tomorrow only in our Carpet Dept. Sixth floor
In the Drapery
Owing to our closing on Saturdays at 6 o'clock the specials of our
Drapery Department will be offered during the day instead of in the even
ings as heretofore. ' -C 4 ' ','.-1 .; :'
25c Table Oilcloth,1 48 inches wide, in white, marble or fancy de- r
. .
! t f '
siens. per yard.......
$2.00 Muslin Sleeping-Room Curtains with Batten,burg edge, or
per pah .. ...... . v-vltW
$2.25 Washable 'Table. Covers, 2 yards square, fringed, reversi- dl fA
ble, colored blue and green, each . ...... .'. . . .... ... ......... J) 1 Oy
$5.00 Couch Covers in heavy Oriental effects, 3 yards long, d0 Of?
heavily fringed, each........ ........... . .. .... . DsCOv
7 .
Oak Stools
Special iB1.30
In the weathered finishstrongly braced,
exactly like cut. One only to . each
purchaser.'-, - ,; Y ,
Fish Net Hammocks
In twt sizes. Special in! our Basement
Department for, tomorrow only.
Baby size Hammocks, Vach. I . .90c
Fulltsi'ze Hammocks, each. .... .,$1.25
$1 Week
Tro: :