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Portlands SwedishM
4 ,
When the Swedish-American slnglag
'conrentlon of the Pacific coait meeta
la San Prmnciaoo In July Portland will
b repreented by tTfe Bwdlh' tlnlnc
' club Columbia of IS mantbera, Emll C.
. Bolt, director. ' Slngina; aocletlea from
all the larver cttlei on the coast will
partlclpat and elaborata preparatlona
ar belne mada to entertain the visitor
In San Franciaco and Oakland. Tha
flrat convention ,wh held in Portland,
Harbormaster Will Pay
; Owners a Visit and Order
. Them to Vacate.
JL.. ,
East Side Bualnesa Men Complain of
r. Danger of Leaving Street Ap-
: proaches Blocked by Shacks and
Urge Immediate Action.
, Scow dwellings and boathouses
toooder off the approaches . to the east
Ida . street near the Morrison bridge
rill be ordered to vacate,' immediately.
Acting upon the suggestion made in
. The Journal a couple of days ago the
city authorities have taken the matter
up and thia . .afternoon-. Harbormaster
Bpeler will; pay the scow dwellers a
visit and Instruct them to remove their
.'bouses. . y ' , : " .h
' For many months ' . past the . acow
' dwellers have been moving their homes
at favorite spots along the river bank
between the Morrison ' and ' Madison
bridges 'with the result that now the
street approaches are hidden behind
clusters :of acowsr extending several
hundred feet from shore.. The other
; night -the flreboat nearly ' crushed a
number of dwellings in answering a
. midnight call and several women nar
rowly escaped with their, lives. , The
. flreboat crew considered themselves
lucky at not having, run over anyone.
1 - The business men of the east side
have ' complained - of . the' 'danger of at
, lowing scow , dwellings and drift to
blockade the street approaches and
' prevent the flreboat from making a
quick landing in case of a conflagration,
.r The approach to tha foot of Stark
7 street Is in worse condition than ever
but Harbormaster Bpeler says it is up
to the superintendent of streets to have
the float properly moored. The harbor
master aaya he has notified the superln-
tendent who in turn has promised to
1 remedy the evil at once.
The removal of the scows from the
street approaches will prove no particu
lar hardship on .anyone, as' they can be
crowded together between ;the various
. streets, agAbist whicu, so far as known,
no one will object r.trenuousjy.
; Steamer Charles R. Spencer
. ' " . ' Rnn Slow Hereafter,
i Captain John Zumwalt, master of the
steamer . Charles R. ' Spencer, appeared
at the police court this morning and
Worries, Annoyances
v- u
- V
lfcsaWiiftiaa.)iW ,iVriiiiiV'i1fei4ifri'vwHlittf
Members of Columbia Singing Club Who Will Appear at the Annual Conference In the
on "Scandinavian day" at the Iwia and
Clark,fairr' when it waa voted to meet
In tha Bay cltjr in 1907. '
To defray, a part of tha xpenaa of
having Portland represented, friend of
tha, singing- society have arranged a
monster basaar, to ba held In Arjon
hall next Saturday night, June 1. It
will ba known aa "Vernamo Marknad,"
or "tha annual market of Vernamo," an
event fhat r in ; yeara of old waa next
pleaded guilty td the charge of run
ning his steamer faster than, eight miles
an hour through the harbor. He waa
fined $10 -and at once deposited 'that
amount with-the 'clerk. i
This disposes of the case brought by
Harbormaster Speler agalnat the Spen
cer .several days ago and it will not "be
appealed to the supreme court as prom
ised by Captain E. W. Spencer, owner
of the ateamer. 'Instead of fighting the
case further Captain Spencer agreed
to have Captain, Zumwalt plead guilty
and henceforth observe the law.
Steamer Xumantla Crosses Bar
Early-SIorning Honr.
' The, Oriental liner Numantln. crossed
In over the bar at 4:40 o'clock this
morning, 17 days out from Yokohama.
tvatu iiiq ai uvi v muttw witimi s a
Numantia brings a considerable quanti
ty of fireworks intended for the coming
Fourth of July. On her outward trip
the liner will carry a full - cargo of
flour, all of the space 'having been re
served ions; ago.
The British steamer. Hyndford will
dear ' this afternoon for Japan ' and
China, .with the largest cargo of flour
sent away from this port this season,
but she will probably not be ready to
sail before next Monday, as she ha to
coal first
Warmer Weather Brings Larger Vol
ume of Water.
The Willamette is . again rising at
this place and a stage of 18.5 feet is
predicted for next Monday. Yesterday
waa the hottest day of the season in.
western ' Oregon and temperatures of
90 ' degrees and over were common In
the Willamette valley. .The maximum
at Portland waa 93 degrees yesterday
afternoon. ' A' low- humidity . helped
greatly to reduce the oppressiveness of
the high temperature. During the hot
spell yesterday afternoon the percent-
are Was only 16, whereas this morning-1
it was 82. with the thermometer at 60. 1
Indications are for lower temperatures J
west of the Rocky mountains. Yes-1
terday was comparatively cool in the
Rockies at the headwaters of the Co-
lumbla and Snake rivers, which is
looked upon aa favorable, since a very
high temperature there would cause the
rivers to rise quickly, there being, still
considerable snow. During the past
24 hours the Columbia rose seven Inches
at Wenatchee and lifted three inches
at Lewlston. ' '
Interesting in this connection are the
dates when former flood crests have
passed points on the Columbia and
Snake rivers.' Records in the weather
bureau show that high r water has oc-
cur red as late aa June 20 in the Snake
and as late as June 11 In the Columbia. I
The average, time of the last of the
high water in the Columbia is June 18
and in the Snake on May 30. As a rule.
the late floods are the highest
From British Columbia comes the re-1
port that Arrow and Kootenay lakes, at
me neaa or ine uojuraDia riven are
rising ateadily, the winter's snowfall
request to the local weather bureau
Vanish when
Golden Gate Coffee
Sold on merit
. ; Aroma-tight ..tins'- : "
Sen Francisco
to Christmas In point of prominence in
Sweden. Attractive booths are being In
stalled In tha-hall .and aoma of tha
cleverest talent obtainable will- ba em
ployed to sea that the patrons become
liberal and buy freely at ridiculously
low prices. Bargain counters will be
put to shame ' and everybody will go
away happy. An orchestra will furnish
music all evening for those who wish
to dance,
" The affair is - being managed by the
states that the Arrow lakes were ris
ing wUWp the ; past few days at the
rate of two feet every 24 hours, and
the rise In Kootenay lake was nearly
aa great.' The' St Mary's river, which
drains an immense area east . of the
Purcell range of the Selklrks, -Is al
ready 'several feet higher than It haa
been at the highest stage of high water
alnce the disastrous flood year of 1814:
and the creeks and rivers flowing into
the. Kootenay and Columbia - do not
reach their maximum level until about
the middle of June, or later. In ordi
nary yeara. . v.
Improved Service Between British
Columbia and Australia.
(Special Dtsptftea te Tbt JoarnaLI
mSZ -ex-mlni-Tar' tSZ.
who was in England in connection with
tha fast steamship, service, has returned
and says 18-knot boats will be provided
for service' between Vancouver and!
Australia, while there will be a 24 or I
25-knot service on the Atlantic. Lord
Strathcona will control the financial ar
The Harriman liner Coata Rica. Cap
tain Mason, sailed for San Francisco I
at y o'clock thia morning, carrying. 8Q
American steamer Hyadea left down
this morning,' bound for San Francisco I
with a full cargo Of wheat.
The steamer Manaanlta, has been re-1
christened the ' Daniel . Kern, in honor I
of her owner, who bought her from the I
Kovernment The Mansanlta Will com
mence towing rock barges to the . Jetty I
at the' mouth of ther lver in about ,10 I
days. She will pick up the barges atl
Oak Point.
The steamer J. N. Teal is at Supple' s I
boat yard to have her wheel lowered
about five inches. It was discovered on
tha trial trip yesterday that the wheel
set a bit high to bring, about the best
results, and . the alterations will be
made at once. The fine steamer will
be ready .for business in about 10 days,
The steam schooner Northland ' will
be lifted on the drydock for general!
repairs tomorrow. The schooner Lilie-
bonne is on the dock at present
The steamer Frances H. Leggett was
chartered thia morning to carry a cargo
of wheat and lumber from this, port
to San Francisco. She will come here
from Eureka. The ' Leggett has Just
delivered a cargo of lumber from Ya-
quina at San Francisco. The steam
schooner, Caaco will also, come here to
load wheat, and lumber- for the. Bay
The government anagboat Mathlomaf
is on her way up the Willamette' with
a great deal of work before her. "She
will carry a load of rock from- BUenal
Vista to Independence for the revetment
there and then proceed to Half 'Moon
Bend, where snags are blocking the
1 iaiIa Ua ' s1 l.alwtJ A- J IHA
T,lTlY:. . V iLV ,T , T
m., German steamer Numantla, . from
Hongkong and way ports. Arrived down
I at 0 and sailed at 8 a. m., steamer
George W. Klder, for, San Pedro and
way ports. Arrived at 11:80 a. - m,
bark E. F. Whitney, from .-akawelt;
Falmouth, May 31. Arrived. British
ship Glenerlcht, from Portland.
San Francisco, May 81. Sailed at 9
la. m., steamer noim tity. ror coiumDia
river. Sailed last night, steamer W. S.
Porter,' for Portland via Monterey.
Astoria. Mar 80. Arrived at 11:30 a.
Im. and left up at 10:30 p. m.. tug Sam
son with barge Washtucna, from Grays
harbor. " Arrived down ; at 1K40 and
sailed at 3 p m., 'steamer Alliance, for
Coos bay. Balled at 1 p. m.t barken tine
John Smith, for San Pedro. Arrived at
1 1 p. m. sad left up at midnight schooner
William , Benton, rrom an r run Cisco.
I Arrived at . and left up at 1:80 p.- m,
steamer Argyll, from Port- Harford.
Arrive down at 1:50 P. m.r steamer Hy-
ades. , Arrived down at jo p. m., Darar
Agate and Gorman bark Tellus. ,
San Pedro. May si.' Arnvea, scnooner
Polaris, from Columbia river. -
Astoria, May II Condition or tne oar
I art 8 a. m.. smooth: wind nortnwest, st
miles; weather, cloudy. .
Tides. at Astoria, today stuga- water,
in San Francisco
K.' '
4 -
Bay City in July.
most prominent Swedish-Americana in
Portland,, who have volunteered . their
aervlcea. ' '
The Singing Club Columbia waa or
ganlsed several years ago and now
ranks high among similar organliatlona
on the coast. . The club will render sev
eral number during the evening. 1
Mme. Jennie Norelli, the Swedish
prima donna soprano of thia city, will
be soloist at the convention in San
I:lt a. m., 9.2 feet; 4:49 p. rl, 7.8 feet,
low water, 10:17 a. m., 1.1 feet; 10:21
p. m., 2.1 feet
San Francisco. May 21. Sailed at
noon, steamship Columbia, for Portland.
Astoria, May' 21. Sailed at noon.
scnooner uienaaie, ror roruana.
Besvlar X.lnrs Dae to Arriva.
Nnmsntlt. from orient .J.Mny 81
r. a. miDurn. rrna hi rrm. ana wsy.jnse
uoiumnu, rrm na rrsncuco ........Jane
Alllnnre, from Coos Buy.. .Jnn i
Koinoke, mm Ban Pedro and wtr June 4
Coat Rle, froa Bin rrsnclaco June T
O. W. Elder, from Ran Pedro and way..Jnne 11
Arabia, from orient.... .......Jane V4
amis, from orient July a
Mcomedla, from Orient Ansnst 10
Xafula Uaen ta Depart
AHUnee, for Coos Bay... Jane B
loiamriia, for Han Francisco .........Jane S
Roanoke, for Sin Pedro and way. ...... June S
Namaotla, for orient- ..Jane 10
Coats Rica, for San Francisco .June 10
O. W. KWer, for San Pedro and wsyr.".Jnne ta
Arabia, for orient... ...-.' Jane IS
amus, ror orient , .....Jal XT
Ntoomedle, for Orient..
.Atunst SO
Vessels ta Port.
7. afarboffer. Am. str st Willamette I. Wks.
iota, nr. so., at Bierator dock.
Jordanhlll, Br. bk., at E. A W. mills.
Zlntta, Br. bk.. at Greenwich dock. -Tellus,
Oer. hk., at Knappton.
Btratbclyde, Br. Itr at Unnton. '
Wssblnstoa, Am. bare. at Ellsworth, Ift
nun iiwii viiKwiTfr.
" Rlntram, Am. sb., st Btella.
Wbsnc Bo. Cblneaa Junk, at the' Oaks.
John Palmer. Am. bktn.. at Kalama.
ExpanskDn, Am. sen., at Portland Lam bar Co.
Am. ok., attABioris.
William Olsea, Am. 'acta., at Astaria.' '
Makawell, Am. bktn., Wallace Sloogb.
Diamond Bead, Am. bk.. Vsneonrsr.
tioulalajik. Am. atr.. at Astoria.
Emily Bead, Am. sh at Portland timber Co.
Stratbyre. Br. atr.. at Rainier.
Northland, Am. atr., at Willamette Iron works
Bars.', nor. atr., at oceanic nock.
Irene, Am. sch., st fit. Helens.
Hyndford, Br. str., at O. R. A N Alblna.
uoiuniDia. Am. sup., at Hteiia.
Joban Poulaen, Am. str., at Inman-Ponlsen.
nnif uyrna, Aon-acn., st Wallace Blougb.
Vlrslnla,. Am, acta., at Inman.Poalaen.
Clendsle, Am.tscli., at Aatorla. '.
A Mile. Am. sch.,' st , Ostrander. ,
Churchill, Am. sch., at Knappton.
Antelope. Am. sen.,, at Astoria.
Palsy Freeman, Am. atr., at E. 4 W. mills.
juiueoonne. am. airu., at -arynocs.
rim V,".-t ti$ESrimtmt co.
pmuiTi aiu. air, ii nuppio i sro,
Wblttler, Am. ah., at Llnnton.
Arcyl. Am. str.i at Portamoath.
Mumantls, Ger. ktr.,' at Montgomery No. i. ,
E. r. Whitney, Am. bk., at Astoria.
JU ouimi aiu. . . i im k liw way up
wm. Kenton, ami sen., at Aatorla.
t Lamber Carriers Ea ! Stoats,
.' Elwell, Am. ah., Ssn Pedro. .-i
Lucille, Am. ah. Ban Franclaco. ,
Mabel Oslo, Am. sch., San Francisco.
OetrleTer, Am. bktn- San Francisco.
Anrora. Am. bktn., San Praaeiseo. -,
Santa Ana, Am. str.. Ssn Francisco, '
W. H. Hunts, Am. scfcu, Ssn Pedro.
3, B. Stetson, Am. str., Saa Francisco.
Churchill. Am. sch., Saa Frsndsoo. .
E. ti Sanders, Am. sen.,, San Pedro,
Cbeballs, Am. bktn.,-San .Pedro, r '
. Nokomls, Am. ach San Pedro. ' .
Alnmna. Am. sch., San Francisco.
Walarot, Am. barge, Han rranclseo.
Qtrtnaalt,' Am. atr,, Ban Franrlaco.
Beuorae, Am. scd- bsb, irancisco..
En IBmuU With Co mast and General.
Baecleuch, Br. ah., Uambwrs;.
Rrenn. Tt. bk.. H ull. ,
Conway Castle, Br. bk., Antwerp,
Palffonar, Br. eh., naaaborf .
Europe. Fr. bk., Antwerp. ,'..
Oenerlete Mollaos, ;r Jft. bk., London.
Bene Kerrller, Ft. snM Hamburg. . ,
Laennec, Fr. ah., Swansea.
La PUler. Fr, bk- London. '
Martha Boas. JPr. bk Hambnre;. '
MoiamOiqtie. nr. an, neweasUe, .
Samoa, Br. bk., Bolelda, .'v '.
Slsm, Oer. sk., London. . , .
8oeoa, Fr. sh4 NewcaitJe, B. ..
Vlneenoes, Fr. bb Olaairow. '
Msrecbael Turrene, Fr. bk., Rambarc.
Vine de MalsouM, Fr. bk.. Antwerp.
Gnethsry, Fr. bk, Antwerp.
Plerrl Lot). Fr. bk., Antwerp.
Waldeit Abbey, Br.-sb., Antwerp. . .
Oleneselln,. Br. ah, Antwerp. ..r
Vsraalllee, Fr. bk., Lclth.
General ds Botadefrre. Fr.. bk., London.
General da Nerlerr Fr. bk.. London.
Coal Ships Ea Bout. ;.,
a1n. Ir. bk.. Newcastle. A.
-ol. de Vlllebols Marenil. Fr. bk.. Newcastle.A.
WUlscott. Am. bk, Kewcsstle. A.
Tramp Steamers Za Boots.
Ascot, Br. str,' Boenos Ayres.
African Monarch, Br. str, Han Franc face.
Tellm, ,Kor. atr, San Francisco.
Maori Kins, Br. str., Shanghai.
Henrlk Ibeen, Nor str., San Francisco.
Queen Aleiandrs, Br. str., Madras.
Kallbla, Br. str., Ssn Francfaco. r ;
Mansha Msrn. Jap. str, Salinas Cms.
Mackinaw, Am, str., Sesttle,
eaa Mateo, Am. str,, Ban Francisco,
OU Carriers Ea Bents. -
Marerlck. Am. str.. San FranclaM.
W. S. Porter, Am. atr., San Frsnciaco.
JVane Keettag Tonight.
Burnslde & GrAnd, Burkhard's halt
L. M. DaVls, 99 on ballot, stands for I
pure home Influence. J
: I 11 I
I tvery woman
thing just what you put into it;
of "Table Queen" Bread's delicious
we put the very best materials into
.... - ? .
i a i i
our splendid Dough Mixer a machine that assim
ilates the ingredients without destroying the grain
and texture of the dough and that eliminates much
of the usual handling the entire process under the
supervision ot experts. uuuuiM&aa is .inn,
i It's the
"We wish every woman in Oregon
rnulrf sea tha Herrlck Refrigerator. Its
- IT. - v
very appearance la cool and appetising.
I it ! made of hardwood. .
Tt la sanitary and odorless, easy to
clean and will save you money In your
Ice bill this summer.
"The largest and most complete stock
of refrigerators in Portland now on
display. : ,. '
We show every, style made. Our
prices are uniformly lower than any
other atore, i
Tott need only Investigate to prove
the truth of this statement
"Our Herrlck Refrigerators are the
greatest Innovation in refrigerator
building. They present a new method
of cooling a healthy
i . -
(Special Dispstcb to The Journal.)
Salem, Or., May 81. Breesa Gibson,
a weu-to-ao iarmer oz tne ena neign-
borhood, a ' few miles from thia city,
looks at the tall trees of the forest and
sees things, such aa animals and pieces
of furniture. An Ill-shaped tree sug
gests a horse shoe; an ill-formed union
of two branches of a maple tree gives
rise to the formation of a mountain
goat. And two large maple knots side
by side are ahaped Into a dog. or Hon.
These creations are not the, mere im
aginings of an artistic mind, but real!-J
ties which have been placed on exhibi
tion in the board of trade headquarters
in this city and which are tha objects of
much comment from lovers of the orlg
inal and of the rustic. 7
Probably the best Of Farmer Gibson's
creations is a mountain goat, , life sie,
cut out of a hugs maple knot. Natur
ally the transverse section of ? the tree
allows the animal'" to have but1 two legs,
one f ore and -one hind, but beyond that
it la a perfect imitation of the inhabi
tant of the rocky heights. The dog, too,
is a unique' conception, but is" formed
of several knota of. maple. Gibson has
on exhibition a huge bug, the body of
which la made of a maple knot painted
black, and the legs of which are made
of deer. horns. He has In preparation a
buat of King Alfonso.. . , y?
Xatne aad . Geeria apeak.
Big rally tonight, Burnslde and Grand,
Olympla. , Wash... t, May 81. Papers
have been prepared in a suit to be
brought -by Joe ' Foretell, a non-union
barber' of this place, against the
barbers unldli of Olympla. Forstell
sets ud in his complaint that he has
been boycotted'by the union and pre
vented from darning a livelihood at his
trade. He asks as damages 13 a day for
every Working day in the week except
Saturday. ? and ' 35 for every Saturday
during the time he haa bean on tha boy-
wnft liar. Tha rns is nrnstlnsr cnntlilnr.
abla discussion In local labor circles. A
compromise. Is hinted. A. . - , .
Royal Bakery Adv. No. VIII.
An you cupping dii ienp oi OTcrucwicma(
U 311i4t AM4'4ftt11 ' a nu r
who vet th entire series of 13, one .
This "Dough MixerDoes theWork
In the manner of mixing, as all cooks know,'
'Lies the secret of making the erjr best dough.;
That no risks should, be run with good ,"Tble
. Queen,"' .
We procured this wonderful mixing machine.' -Ingredients
thus blended," the experts affirm,
"Assures wholesome bread every loaf the samel" '
you get out of a
that is the secret
it, mix them in
guarantees an hygienic preservation of
the food. And many other features not
.. ,. , .-. .. .i j . -. .
to be found In the ordinary refrigera
tors are shown for the first time In our
Herrlck Una.
"The main construction Is of kiln-
dried material, absolutely alr-tlght, in
a handsome golden finish. The lining Is
of white enamel or special-processed
sine. All gradea have double boxes,
Floors of provision room are flush and
easy to clean; provision shelves and Ice
racks are of corrugated galvanised
Iron; solid brass or bronie lever locks."
.Such waa the conversation of J. J.
Kadderly when aean In his salesrooms
at 130 First street alongside the depot
of, the Portland
Railway, Light
Power company,
- i
ant?rf-i?r7 t
(Special DIapatch to TbsyJoarnal.i -
: Dallas, .(Or., May 3 1. 'Memorial day
was quite generally i observed. The
Mrounty courthouse, poatofflce, banks and
stores were closed. -No exercises were
held, nor waa there a general parade to
the cemetery, 'but people-were carrying
flowers cemetery.ward at all 'times dur
ing the day. ., The three burial grounds
near the town were masses of floral of
ferings. 1 -w , . ,
Li. M. Davis, 39. on ballot, stands for
progress and a greater Portland.
Practically all of the New England
mills of the International Paper conr
pany are now operating under an eight-
hour basis. The latest -to .receive the
concession are the ' employes of the
company's . mills at Berlin,' New 'Hamp
shire, where the new time schedule will
go fn to effect July 1. ... . , -
Xsae and GKeafin Speak.
3ig rally tonight; Burnslde and Grand
Aiiuuumr mp uvauumt
tna . im . will nrl am
appearing etch Friday, t ..'
look for
Bottom of loal
Shortcake Just Like Mother's
Oh! Oh!!
ROYAL RECIPE NO. 7 Place strswberries about
lyi inches high on a sheet of cake. Spread sugar
over and place another sheet of cake on top. Press
them well together, then cut in squares. Cover top
and sides with whipped cream or meringue paste.
Serve. ' --" , ' - ' '
Special Sale
Choice Groceries
Until All Art Sold
1 lb. Taney Soft Shell
Walnuts 20V
Tea Garden. Raspberry Preserves,
t-lb. glass, each. ........ .50-
Lonsaj Assorted Preserves and
Jama, ll-os. glass, each. .20s)
7 tlna Griffin Assorted
Soups for B06
8 tins Standard Tomatoes... 2S4
8 tins Standard Corn for....2Sc
1-lb. tin Mince Sea Clams.... 15 4 .
t package Bromangelon...25a
1 tin Log Cabin Maple .
Syrup, pint ...204
1 tin Log Cabin Maple
Syrup, quart 85
1 tin Log Cabin Maple
Syrup, H gallon.... 65a
1 tin Ocean Beach, highest
quality rasdr clams, whole 15
210 THIRD ST. Phone Main 6!6
LiltlcCooks and Bakers
like to emulate their eldera and "pre
tend" to make bread and pastry Is It
not also a sad truth that manv house
wives only PRETEND to mnka hr..1
et.c. JEhel .do-not provide themselves
with, the principal requisite. : namely,
good Flour. We can help them greatly
if they will try
Dalles Diamond Flour
Tour grocer ' has It. If hot, send to
Dalles Diamond Flour Mills, Portland.
IN THE . : H miLS&i .
north- ! ccrrtt v;
. , 1- ;i rt j. , .'.
. T. .-. i i - ' " '
( v..,-,flt .. fy . If. -;j , , il", v- - J I ; -y.v'' ,
r - ' s , f .
'.'.'-' . '