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Million' Acres In National Forests
Y "of West Now Open to Y
Homesteaders. ,
(Journal Special Service.)' ' " ''
Washington, D. C., May ill. -Tracts,
Of land ag-greg-atlne-. nearly 1,000,000
aorea In the national forests In Wuli
Inston. Oreron. California and Wrora-
lng- have Juat been released from tem
porary withdrawal by the -Interior de
- pertinent, at the requeat of the foreat
service, Thla action haa been taken In
order to readjuat the boundaries of the
national foreat a 10 u to Include only
Und chiefly valuable for foreat pur
poses. The tracts Juat Pleased in the
atatea named will be open to aettlement
mwM son i;u;;ts
, gold lies u mm
Vice-Presldenrs Hefr Has, C
Roughing It In Rich' C?,mp -
- - . of Southern District. ,:
- lata In Tulv Anil trt -ntrw m mAnth latai i
In the laat two montha tracts age-re- mines In that section.
.' ' (Joaraal Special rlee.)
Reno, Key., Way 21. R. M. Fairbanks,
aon of Vice-President Fairbanks la now
In Beno after a lengthy prospecting trip
through the mining camps of Nevada.
Me haa .been In company with Bren
Smith, a mining engineer, who haa larse
holdings In almost every diatrlct in
the state. . - .'-
The vice-president, a aon brought back
with him some excellent apeclmena of
gold and allver ore, the best of which
cam from the new section of the' Won
der, camp, where he and. (Smith located
aeveral claims. The best of these haa
been named "Fairbanks," and Judging
from they samples taken from the out
cropping It will rival many of the beat
The tall, fair aon
Receiver . Will Probably 'Terrnln
- ate Affairs - of .Wentworth
'"v Company at Los Angeles. ;
gating nearly 1,000,000 acres have been'
released at the request of the forest
'- service. ,,-'. ,.
The releasee which have juat beeq
, made Include 111,110 acrea of land ad
jacent to th San Jacinto national for-
eat, San Diego county, California; 147
110 adjoining the Washington national
foreat, Washington; 18,160 acrea adja
cent to Mount Rainier national foreat
In Cowllts, Clarke and Skamania coun
ties, Washington; 28,440 acrea from the
Medicine Bow national foreat in Wy-
Thg and Colorado, -and 471,710 acrea
adjacent to the Cascade and Heppner
national forests . in Morrow. ' Umatilla
and Grant counties, Oregon.
of the vice-president la young and
A (Journal Special Service.) .', , r
Los Angelea, May 12. Financial trou
blea of the Wentworth Hotel company,
a corporation which haa begun the erec
lion or what was- Intended to be the
largest and finest, hotel In California
and all the west," Save reached a etage
that the appointment of a receiver,
either t terminate the company's af
fair or. to complete the hotel, la con
stdered almost certain. -;-,..r-,,; ,,rx,.,.T
A stormy meeting of the stockhoid
era and some of the large creditors was
neia yeaterday and waa in aesslon prac
tically all day. No definite solution of
the financial - trouble waa reached and
Curtisss Lumber Company's Big
X . Plant at Mill City Barely
'YYYy'1 :v Saved.
RAY RITY TIFfl Admiral Ilicliborn
Praises Pema.
Opposers Fear Higher Taxes and
. Say Move Not In Good
Faith, Anyhow. - " '
rather unused to life on the desert but th PPre are belnf prepared to place
ne naa caugoi ine mining rever ana nas
taken well to '"roughing It" In prospect
ing camps. ' . : i ,
, , ...
(Joaraal Biwaial Merries.)
San Bernardino, May 21. J. W. Boyle,
for the past three months Santa Fe
fllspateher" at Needles, . and Mra. Ellsa-
Detn Airora. wire of a wealthy , cotton
broker of Nashville, Tennessee, are In
the county Jail bound over under 12,000
to answer to a atatutory charge. Their
arrest terminates a aenaatlonal elope
ment from Birmingham, Alabama, where
Mra. Alford waa visiting friends. -
Boyle had a responsible position with
me railroad 'company at Birmingham.
the corporation in Involuntary bank
ruptey. w-rx;
The hotel 1 1lea In the Outskirts of
Pasadena on .one of the most beauti
ful spots In thla end of the state. The
walls are up' and part of the' roof la
on. r Even aome of the flnlahlnga are
ace. The work baa been done
without regard to coat and the backers
of the enterprise found It vastly more
expenaive than . they had anticipated.
Mechanics liens stopped the work and
there la no Immediate prospect of It
being resumed. ' T --y .. . "
(SMela! Dispatch le Tee lestsat )"'""'
; Seattle. May 12. Judge Albertson in
the auperlor court will hear tomorrow
an application for an order restraining
. West Seattle from holding an elecuon
to annex Toungstown, Alkl Point and
-, dents. The election Is set for Saturday.
The Intention of the annexationists Is
1 to annex the territory mentioned to
Weat Seattle and then annex . Weat
Seattle to Seattle proper. West Seattle
1 wants to oome Into Seattle, but Tounga
. v town lies between the two and saloon-
- keepers, who fear the higher license,
hand property holders, who fear higher
' taxes, have been blocking the move. The
f saloon-keepers bave been disposed or, as
s, "a measurement ' made by the county
v surveyor, revealed the fact that they
s were within one mile of the Weat
i Seattle - limits and t therefore heaWno
right to exist. .) .
The fight Is now mad, however, on
.' the ground that taxes would be in
creased both Inside and outside of. West
- Seattle and also on the ground that the
1 Weat Seattle annexationists are not
acting" in good faith and have no Inten
7 tlon of annexing to Seattle.
' ' 'OtMelal Mnatch te The JoeraaU
Junction City. Or., May II. Four
He met Mra. Alford at a theatre party freight cara were badly wrecked here
yesieraay ' wane - m xreignt crew ; was
making up a train. After backing up
on the main line with a heavy train the
coupling failed to hold ' when ; the en
gineer tried to stop his train, and the
heavy-loaded cars ruahed down the mala
track at the speed of 10 miles an hour
more to do with bis wife. Boyle's crashed Into the cars standing on
family flnallv located them at Needleei tha track, completely demolishing three
He Ignored his daughters' pleading let- oars loaded with lime and auloh-ir and
ters to abandon his charmer and re- breaking one In two In the middle that
turn home and as a final effort the was loaded with lumber.- The orakemen
daughters appealed to the Needles an- that were on the runaway ears trl-d to
and his attachment was evident from
the first Three weeks later they, dis
appeared, y ' ;V'-. ..,x-. .".';;
Boyle a wife and itwo daughters ap
pealed to Broker 'Alford for assistance
but Alford declared he wanted nothing
.i.t.. . -
(pecltl Dlapateli te Tke JenrnaL)
The Dalles, Or.. May I2.-J. Blake and
Miss Hasel Strickland of Condon were
arrested thla morning by Deputy
Sheriff Wood on a telegram from the
ahenfl of Gilliam county. Blake, It
la alleged, procured a marriage lloense
from the Gilliam eounty clerk trade
the name. of William Welch, but waa
arrested before the marriage, ceremony
could be performed. The - bride-to-be,
a very highly respected girl. Is under
It years of age. , The young man Is a
farmer. He persuaded the girl to ran
away and be married. Both were taken
back to Arlington on the noon train
by Sheriff Chrtsman. . '
stop them with the hand brakes, but the
air was cut off 'the ears and the stand
brakes would not hold. They saw t bey
could not stop the train and Jumped to
save their uvea. - ---
The wrecking train was sent for and
cleared the track In about three hours.
' i The local trains were not detained, as
they could pass by on the sidetrack.
The loss to the railroad company will
be about 11,000. ' , -
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I f (Spedal Dispatch to The aaeraal) ; i
Bugene, Or., May 11. -Honors Palmer,
' son of Potter Palmer, has taken up his
residence In Eugene for the . summer,
: being largely-interested In timber lands
- and a sawmill project here. v He has
leased one of the finest residences In
ths city from EL C Smith at 1110 per
month and will move his family here
'. front New York In a ahort time. He Is
Interested In the Storey-Bracher Lumber
company, a Portland concern, which
: will soon erect a large sawmill onthe
outskirts of Eugene. of Information that la so
I accurate as to be little short of mar
velous. In conversation hs refers with
great precision to historical characters.
many of whom had been forgotten by
. the reportera who talked with him, and
only recalled . when the old man men
tioned them In a familiar way. .
;Wrm.waB rremoat. nnnv nrmu nr-iiifkr-n
Ward graduated from Columbia unl-1 rind 1 ruMri I r Clilllud
; $7.50 for; Panama Hats X
Worth up to f IB,' at the Chicago Cloth
ing Co., OS-71 Third street. .
(SpeeUl Dispatch to The Joern.l.)
" Salem, Or., May - 11. - The , unl
verelty " students are i taking much
Interest In : the publication of the
annual known as "The Greater Wlllam
tte," which la being got out by Royal
Blabee of Spokane and Harry K. Bpauld.
tng of Sumyalde, Washington, two en-
ergetlo atudents of the university. Tea
terday. the honor of prise poet was
awarded to 'Perry BJegelman of Salem,
who wrote on The Maples at Old Wll
lame tte." ,. This publication Is not so
pretentious as the Wallulah, the blen
nlal publication which was for the first
time published In liOS, but is aimed to
be used as an advertising booklet for
the university." : - 1 1 ,; u
(Special Dispatch to The Journal.)
Albany, Or., May . 12. News comes
from Mill CHy that early Sunday morn
ing fire broke out In the store of the
Curflee Lumber company and destroyed
that .building with the' office of the
company. The nre . spread ao rapiaiy
that It waa only by the hardest , work
the yards of ths company were saved.
Millions of feet of sawed lumber were
endangered. . The loss Is estimated at
155.000 with insurance of 110,000. In-
dlcatlona point to an Incendiary origin
of the fire. , The plant of the . Curttss
Lumber company la one of the largest
In the state and Its destruction would
hava entailed not only ' an enormous
loss to the company, but would have
been a, setback to building and manu
facturing enterprises of the valley, -.
Reconstruction Work- Will ' Be
. Suspended Because of Unjust
r "Demands of Workmen.
.,v,,' V
(Journal special 1 Serrtoe.)
New York. May 12. Interstate Com
merce Commissioner Prouty In address-
ln the National Manufaoturers-ALSSocl
ation today said the government should
mini rfireot control ever the capital
acoounts of the railroads and Ouggested
thst ' Interstate ; railways should s oe
valued by tre government"
"Any comprehensive scheme ef legis
lation should give to the railways the
rlxht to force and maintain traffic as
sociations and to discuss and agree upon
competitive rates.".. : y1 ;;,'vy V.-V :'-,v ;.
: (Jeernal Bpeelal srrtea.l '
Columbua, Ohio, May .-JThs Pres
byterian general assembly devoted most
of today to hearing reports from the
foreign mission board. The missions
will bo widely extended during the next
11 montha. 1 ' v y
The assembly passed a resolution urg
ing the publishers of church literature
to exclude patent medicine advertising.
The universal peace movement was
also Indorsed. 4 ' '' " y
It was unanimously voted that there
be no change In the church name.
111TI will bur men's suits mads by
Oarson. Meyer Co. of Rochester, New I
York, to sell at W.7 na 1 so, ai tne , vm
eago Clothing Cot, 10-71 Third street.-
- ' (Josraal Smetal flerrtee.1 V
Sen JYanolsoo, May 12. In San Fran
cises there la a fairly general suspen
slon .ef work in the building trades
which will complete the tieup of the
town and practically end reconstruction
ror me present Driven to deaieration
by the continued demands of organised
taoor, xne employers have deolded that
the limit of endurance haa been reached.
Although no concerted action has been
taken many eerpenters and bricklayers
nave neen laid off. At a meeting called
for today the builders will discuss the
situation and apoptnt a committee to
confer with the Building Trades ooun
cii. the big builders and banks. -.
- Ths , bankes hav already? shortened
ine line ec credit of alt borrowers and
puuasrs or the city have felt the pinch,
it is future work that la moat sari-
oualy threatened. Capluilata hesitate
to erect large buildings while facing
voenmuues or runner labor diffi
culties. - A large number of owners
wiinin tne last few weeks have with
drawn building contracts and canceled
pians wnen nearly osnnleted bv arphi
teeta. - One capitalist reeentl tank
be I M reuiisct'g hands pUns for three
large a own-town structures, ?. ,
i ns situation was thus spltomtsed
by President 8. H. Kent of the Building
Exchange yesterday: - '
"Wadoa't know where we're at We
don t know how long our workmen win
stay n their Jobs. Any sgiutlon at
thla time by unionists in k. IhiImi..
trades will result In hampering oontrao-1 Philip JOohbera
tors and diminishing the amount rl ....
work, which -may, result In throwing I . Kidney Tronble.
nJLrr m T11 or mPloyraenf I Mr. Andrew , Cooper. 127 Second St,
Bricklayers have been getting $T a Menasha, Wis, President of Menseha
flay and until yesterday had planned to I Horticultural Society, and member vf
asx ror is. The atone in aeons are now I Ancient Order of United Workmen,
on a stnxs. If definite agreements ean-
" e reacnea netween the employers
and workmen building operations will
does until such Urns as ths men are
'"ej worx xor raw wages.
Admirmrs Words Carry Weight.
Kear-Admiral Hlchborn is one of the
best-known officers In - our navy. - His
statements concerning, Peruna will have
much weight as they go out In the
world.. What he says , Is echoed by
many others of high standing. ' ....
; What they Admiral Bars..
Philip Hlchborn, Rear-Admrral of the
U. B. Navy, Washington, D. c, writes:
"After the mss of Peruna fox a short
period, X oaa now cheerfully recommend
rout valuable remedy so any oao who
la la seed of aa Invlgoratta tonic"
(Special Dispatch to The Jooraal)
- Eugene, Or., May It. Charles White
man, a young Englishman, who has not
been hero long, was examined as to his
sanity - yesterday afternoon and com
mitted to ths asylum at Salem. He was
engaged as a carpenter with his brother
- at Springfield, but became homesick and
. finally became , ao bad It drove him
crasy. - -r.,Ary',vA . y. -y.;. V".
-yjoaraat Bpeclaf' Service.)
New Tork. May M. John R. Heire-
man. inaicimj iuwu; w ui tti j ana
perjury, today pleaded not ' guilty and
.was placed under 110,000 ball, which
., hs furnished. : W. y'y.x;-f;yyy
. i Insanity in Suicidal Form.
. The Dalles, Or., May! St. John B.
Campbell, aged (3 years,., was brought
to ths city Jail rrom wamio yeaterday
charged as insane and unsafe to be at
'large. This is his second attack and
he was in the Insane asylum once be-
taUkXBi Jnst,nitr.'...tftk.-. VM:jtmaL-: Ptl
a tendency to suicide and he has to be
carefully watched. He is a single man
- with no . relatives in this country.: He
was born, in Kentucky.
Blemorial Day at Eustene. ;
' Eugene, Or;; May 12. Eugene will
observe Memorial day in the usual man
ner, the G. A. R and kindred organisa-
tlono already preparing for, the day.
Mayor Matlock has Issued a proclama
tion ursinar the cltlsens of Eugene-to
unite in the observance of the day and
that business houses be closed.
jiat Tired Feeling
, That comes to yon every spring l
;im tK,i ' vnnr' hlond is wantins in
,i S3 ... " . '
i vitality, just as pimplea and other erup
y,' tions are signs" iom your cioou u w
pure. .., - " 'h
One of the great facta of experience
i and observation is that Hood's Sana-
parilla always removes That Tired Feel-
ing,- gives new .life, , new courage,
strength and animation ; cleanses the
blood, clears the complexion, builds up
the whole system.1 . ' -'
This is one of the reasons why Hood's
' Sarsaparilla is the Best Spring Medicine.
Accept no substitute for .
E Iood'c Garcaparilla
Insiit on having Hood's. Get it today.
In liquid or tablet form. 100 Doses fl.
verslty in 1144. He studied at Heldle
berr and at Trinity college. In 1841
he came to Oregon In command of the
north wing ... ; of Fremont's : expedition.
Later he entered tie diplomatic service
in Mexico. When the civil war broke
out he weat with htj.half brother, Gen
eral Wallace, and for a time was adjutant-general
of v the Fifteenth army
corps, i ...;''.)?,' -..: ''-;'--v: ,
When Martin Van Buren was am
bassador to England. Ward, was first
secretary of the American legation at
the court of St Jamea. Afterward he
was secretary of the legations at Egypt
end Turkey and minister to Morocco.
While In Constantinople Ward says he
becajns a favorite with the sultan and
was decorated with the .Crescent of the
Orient which carries an annual allow
ance of 110 plasters, which Ward now
V -Kv Was Minister'' to- Chlma. XX' W':
" Ho was In the dlplomaUo service In
China i four sdlfferent times, the last
time havina-been minister. He was re
lieved at Peking 4 19 T Mlhlster
Conger. He says , that , under special
orders of LI Hu n Chang he was the
first white manwho ever entered the
forbidden elty-at-J?eklng. v y '
Ward says that: he himself , wrote tho
first half of Bert Hur hs ciajms as
his own work that part of tho s book
up to the crucifixion. He now has a
novel, "The Jew and the Gentile," In
cress, which he expects will be Of fered
for sale about the Tfflddle of July. None
of ; his relatives are living, he - says,
and sines he left - the government seV
vico he has lived; near Oregon .City,
supporting himself by eontrlbutlons-te
various magaslnes. among them the
Century and Munsey's. I , ,
Only Asks Appreciation,
'The aged mans says" he expects to
write another volume before he dies.
something of a descriptive nature, along
the lines of Goldsmith's Deserted " Vll
lagevi 'As he started to Set on the stage
that took him to the poor farm, some
one said that he wished him good luck.
Turning,' with his hand on the knob of
the door, he looked back and said:
.Thers Is no luck this side of , the
grave, The only luck I ask is apprecia
tion at: the hands of ths American peo
nle. I -shall atav at out there until
my book la published. 'Then I will oome
In . to ythe city. If the people ; do' not
receive my book kindly, I will go back
again, and' be a burden on the. county
short a time as possible." ;
, . . . ' ' '
l (Special Dheateh to The yoemaLt
Salem, Or4 May 11. From Coos Bay
came tho first donation for the Peary
expedition fund. Tho gift was that of
the school at North Bend, which con
sisted of pennies and nickels amount
ing to 15.75. . The collections from the
schools, however, are not supposed to
come to the state board of education un
til after-May It, which has been des
ignated as ""Peary day," In which tho
school children will render programs In
keeping , with the expedition ., and Its
geographical significance. -t
i i in i i ii i , ii.. ,.y
(Wasbbiftoa. Bnreaa ef The loorasU)
Washington, May SI. Commissioner
Balllnger of the general land office has
Issued letters to local land officers lit
A1HU PBlUils luim tuw WUUIUVIII bvv-
ernlng the coal land . locations In that
territory. He calls attention especially
to the fact that tho persons who Jiave
filed on coal lands there will not be
made to suffer the subtraction from
the one year period the time during
which , the entries will have been held
up, from November 12, 1101, to August
1, 1S07, ' when .'the new ' rules go Into
off ecti -X'A X XXX, t'X l -XXx ; .; r
, Journal Special Service. . ' " "
Alhanv. ' Ml, 12. OsmniAr
Hughes' pet measure, the publlo '
utility bill, passed the senats to- . 4
cay. 11 naa previously passna e
the assembly. The corporations e
fought the measure, alleging Its -
unconstitutionality. '
It -plans for the abolition of
all public service boards and the
creation of one board directly
under the thumb oftho governor.
Mayor Lane and Judge M. I
. Pipes will address the votsrs of ;
Portsmouth tonight at Artisans
halL - It Is expected that a most o)
successful meeting will be held .
as the voters of that district
have requested tho meeting. Bps- e
clal muslo has been secured for e
; the evening and a number of e
west slds voUrs will attend. e
Women dbowned by
. capsizing of ferry
' (Jeersal Spedal Serrfee.) v
Vienna, May 11. The Merava river
ferryboat oapsised ' near Fosarvao,
Bervla, drowning 10 peasant women and
three bablee today. -1 1 -
.! win ouy hand-tailored suits,
mads to sell at 11150 and tin. t
wawago uoxmng Co., s-71 Third at
BiiTwnan, wt may zx. By a com
munication reoefved last evening from
Homer Davenport at "Morris Plains. New
Jersey, it Is learned that the endurance
race to take place from this city to
New Tork between one of Homer's Ara
bian horses and a Kentucky saddle
horse has been postponed pending the
arrival of the Kentucky horse. This
endurance trip Is to be mads under the
direction of the war department at
Washington. It Is now understood thst
the starting point ' will be Vancouver,
Washington, Instead of SUverton. It Is
not known definitely when . the start
will bo made, but probably within a
few days.
BouMer Creek oorrespondenoo of the
Tillamook Headlight: It's hard lines
for a man to be laid us when there are
14 cows In the barn twice a dar to be t
milked..' . . i J
"I suffered from kidney trouble for a
number of years. - I took Peruna for a
couple of weeke before I noticed any
change for the better, but my Improve
ment waa very laat after that, and in a
little while I could go to work again. I
used Peruna for four montha and was
rid of sul kidney trouble, the pains in
my back were au gone, and Z felt much
better all around. . .. . ,
Exposure and Dampness.
Mr." Sylvester B, Smith, Room
Granite Block, St. Louis, Mo., writes
"Peruna Is the best friend a sick man
can have. A few months ago I came
here In a wretched condition. Bxposure
and dampness had ruined my one ro
bust health. I had catarrhal affections
of tho bronchial tubes and for a time
there was a doubt as to my recovery.
My doctor advised to take Peruna,
which I did. and In a short time ray
health began to Improve very rapidly,
the bronchial' trouble gradually disap
peared and In three months my health
was fully restored." ; ,;,': ;-, ' ' ' , '
' - v Aa : Ever-Present Foe. . ' '
'The soldier Is" especially subject to
catarrh. In the barracks and on tho
field Peruna is found squally efficacious
to overcome this physical enemy. If
taken In time It will prevent colds from
developing Into catarrh. Even after a
cold has settled- In some organ of the
body Peruna can be railed upon aa an
efficacious remedy to promptly over-
eonte it.-v.- - -r ,
Peruna will relieve catarrh, whether
acute or chronic, but a few doses of It
taken In the first stages of the disease
will be more - effective than when the
disease has become established.
Chronic Catarrh of the Head.' y
Mr.- W. S.f Wadsworth. ST . Chestnut
St," Camden, Ma, writes:
"I felt a constant desire- to clear m-r
throat and head, and for months I lost
my sense of taste and smell entirely. I
evpeoted your -Peruna would bo like
other 1 so-called catarrh remedies, but
arter persisting in its use for a reason
able length of time, I found I was mis
taken, i thing v&exw is ao
so reruns for catarrh." y
ay equal
They act like Exercise.
-for the Bowels
$1.8$ for $3.00 Oxford Shoes.
Patent leather and vie! kid, ' at the
Chicago Clothing Co., 60-71 Third at
k , I '' ' 'r'" ""in 1 J v -i
(Continued from Pftfft On.) f )
.. . y (Joornil Special Berries.)
'' San Bernardino, . May ?" - 11. Editor
Cowles of the Rlalto Dispatch was st
and Mra Peoples hurried down to the
police station to enlist the aid of the
police to prevent her husband - f rom j tacked last night by O.- J. Watklns, a
getting away. : ? . '.f-.--r y I "get-rlch-qulck" man, who had taken of-
Anout noon peoples wandered into the. rense at the editors crusade against ths
police station, and was taken Into cus
tody, by the officers. Peoples said he
had ' sons to a stable at Second and
Jefferson streets to put the team up,
and heard there that his wife was look
ing for bint. : He went to the police sta
tion to look for' her and was arrested.
He denied that he had any Intention of
selling the - team or of going to Cali
fornia. , r - -
Mrs. .peoples - was notified that her
husband had been found and went to
tho police station and claimed him. .
land -swindles perpetrated upon eastern
ers. Cowles criticised Rlalto cltlsens for
tolerating the presence - of alleged
Swindlers in the community, and : de
scribed Watklns' office as a "stench in
the nostrils of the community."
Watklns and three of his fellow pro
moters entered the editorial office by a
rear door; and demanded an apology.
Watklns pulled off his coat to fight
Armed with his - shears,', Cowles held
his assailants at bay until a crowd
appeared, when the assailants fled,
., 4 "- ... .... v.
What Is Going on In Town When the
- . Clock Strike 12.
Woon. the dinner hour, the . hour of
comfort of pleasure and relaxation
the one hour In the twenty-four which
comes to men and women of every sta
tion with greater similarity than the
hour of any other function. In life. -
Promntlv aa tho clock strikes 11 m
Portland the shadows on anxious faces
turn to lines of goodwill, and If vil
lainous hot bread, plea, spioes and other
lndlgestlbles were excluded there would
be no such words as dyspepsia or In
digestion In the dictionary. .
But the contrary is true,- ana meaicai
science has to step in and aid the man
or woman who has been too busy to
pay proper, attention to health.
The greatest step xorwara in meaicai
discovery Is Ml-o-na, which : cures all
stomach and digestive troubles.
In hundreds of the best homes in
Portland and adjoining towns the handy
little tablets. so pleasant to taks, yet
effective, bavo given quick and lasting
relief in Indigestion and that disagree
able full feeling after eating.
Ml-o-na- acts very gently. Much or
Its wonderful power over indigestion
comes-from its uniform but sustaining
action. The required stimulating and
strengthening Is given to the important
oreans of digestion without producing
the slightest weakness or reaction.
We absolutely agree that your money
will be refunded should you buy a 60
cent box of Ml-o-na stomach tablets and
not be satisfied with the results. Ml-o-na
Is sold- by druggists everywhere,
or-wlll be sent-by receipt of
price, 50 cents. Booth's Miona Cora
pany,. Buffalo, N. T. -
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TO. $5.00. v
All worn guarameea ror ten years.
Lady sttendant always .nresenL All
worx cone SDsoiuieiy without nam bv
specialists of .from, IS to AO years' ex-1
perlence. .
Bbston Dentlsls
Phose Mala 9030. " ' '
S9Hs Morrison at Opp rostomoe.
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coffee; you may as "well
have art intelligent choice.
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