The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, May 22, 1907, Page 12, Image 12

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San Francisco Office
Orenon Journal
AJtTTTTtrwtBtm AsTT " uxr-
, Oregonlane when In Ban Franeleeo
can hayo their mall gent In enro pt
Tb Journal fflco. '''( .
McKenna Junction
. The Tunnal Townnlta sV Improvement
Co. will of far for gale for a ahort tima
.a limited numbtr of lota at McKermn
Junction. - ' , e : "-. . '
McKenna Junction la looata on tha
Columbia Boulevard, at tha crossing on
: 'tha main lino or the O. K. rt. iron
, tha aaat with tha main Una of tha Har-
rlman aratam to Puget aouna. .
All raal estate values ara baaed on
ona condition: Where clvlllned people
congregate land valuea increase in pro-
. portion. . -,. i , ;
Manhattan Island once aold for about
114; now It la worm mora or many mil
lions of dollar tha tha whola country
; waa then. ; . ,J -; ,V .
Seal estate Investments, than, for
profit, reaolve thamaalvaa Into thla ona
principle: Bur whara a atad growth
. of popula.ion l aaanrea. -
Ordera have been giyan for assem
bling; of crew on the Peninsula, and
wor& la to be commenced very eoon on
the approachea to the tunnel, tha lay
ing of tracka for tha Swift Packing;
Co. - plant, and tna completion ox me
Troutdale una.. n . , .. .; .f.,;
Other "great Industries art planned
for McKenna junction. .
Now la tha tima to buy, barer prloea
-a advanoed, j ..?. V.
For plata and prloea call
a or ad
Y. II. Grindstoff
OFFICES Ooddard Station,- on " Bt
John's carllna, $18 Commerolal block. -Fnone
Main 1001. - -,
You Can Never
'Equal This '
Swell . 8-roora residence, finished
in elegant style, modern conven
iences, full concrete basement,
quarter block, corner on East
Morrison street Nice barn, just
the place for an automobile or
horse and carriage, poultry yard.
Very " choicest c fruit, berries,
shrubbery Ground is
, t
$1,500. Improvements COtlia not
be duplicated for less than $4,000.
Prirt onrv S3.OOO. S800 down.
- m J ' . 'i
Balance easy. payments. ,t ; ,
SN g -. . -
lidyt First Street , -
"N,' I
viirtmt;, tin : wTTTT .TlTwTljH BnMK
.j. 4..... ! " .
llcnkle & Harrison
1IH nore. fmlt Unw 1 miles xrom
Tho Dailag; I swirag la grapes; 4 susres
will . yield crop ' mil year; g aoren in
!-rerld , paaoneg. apricots aaa au-
monda; SVb aorea cleared ready to culti
vate. - Mnnt m bold imrnodigtoir, ,
J. A. Douthit
baxxzsv omaooiT.
v Tha Ideal residence gpot of tha penin
gula. , In reality the paradise of Port-1
land. WI Barn several "UP 10 BOW" I
trtctly modern homes, with gag, leo J
art- ni-hr n,rn. f,nn 4.0 . 1
- " -I
xrom f 3,7UV'f o,ouu. . t ,
- LIND&CO. ,
moox sat &inox sxcxeuriu.
Ashbrook ;
Where Is It? Let us show you beau
tiful tract near city limits .crossed by!
Car Line
Good noil, running water, timber, school. I
vhurch, grange, telephone, rural free'
pipiivciy. juuue Kiun; every day.
Very Ann fo homo builders.' J4 -
Investment Co.
. E, QUACKENBUSH. Prenident. ,
MAU B71. 144 Stark It.
'Z0 Acres $1500
All level Und and the beet soli; stakes
M-t for elcctrlo line past the place; dla
i inee from courthouse about tha nam
. st Jttlinar When wildcat lota are
m 1 ling Uit" half their preeent price, thin
j.uid will be making yuuia.oney. 9t9
i - -Tcr, lea siitortoB ifl
Some : Good Investments
for Immediate Buyers
80x100 on 1st st. with frame building,
paying; at present time I per cent on
investment. A;.' ? ,,.'-v i'i
48x100 on ith at near Taylor, with
dwelling on it; t4 location for nice
I. ; '? i ' t. 94,000 )M Wfi
An I -room house, with basement bath
and , modern Improvements, , 10x100, at
470 East nth at, bevcarotnerg wia -vlalon
ata.' Will rent for $3S per month.
Terms, tMSO cash, balance on ua
: 321,000 '
A splendid corner 100x100 on North Kth
st to buyer that will put IM0O mora
la a frame building, aa tenant reaay to
take it at 1160 par month
TtieiTitle Guarantee
Tor term of rears the well known
Summer Resort
Taqulna Bay,' Oregon, Inquire of
Vv- Sit ft railing- Bid.
Owner wanta ta gall nice home of f
rooms; One plumbing; aaat front . - t
non wooszawsr ssa, i' :.L;
40 acrea on " Section .Lino road near
city, on proposed ' Mt. - Hood car Una,
Only f 250 pr acre. All in cultivatloa
rxzs ac rntovo, a stajuc st.
Income $100 Per Month
f 12,500 Buys fuQ lot building of
xv rooms, in nne condition,! location
getting hotter every day, west aide
north. Income and investment com
bined. ; v ;v ;-r "
r. r. oomrrov, 100 abzhotov budci.
The Arisons dlarurbanee hat moved north
ward to Nevada. It haa eauaed light showers
I a. lk.iiw fiiace jb n mum, him luh a v.
I fornls, southweitern Oregon, snd southwestern
tb Dtkout, Nebrtuka. Minnesota, Iowa snd
! r". yesterdsy over Wtske re-
gioa is aiminianmg in
i energy and moving slow
ly soutDeaRtward. lair weather continue la
th Atlantic states, snd light froeta were re
ported sgaln thla morning in northern New
England, western New York, western Penn.
sylvanla and West' Virginia. The temperature
was slae dangeroaaly near the frost mark la
the eastern portloa of the North Pacific state.
The Indications srs for partly cloud r weather
in this district, with possibly showers eaat of
the. Cascsds mountain tonight or Thursday.
It will be warmer tonight la eastern Oregon,'
eastern Wsshlngtog and Idaho. y ; . , , .
l r ?' stag. . . alia, rrecip.
I Boston, aiaaaacnuaeits ..... .oe 'i 1
Chicago, llllnola 64 4
Cincinnati. Ohio . 44
Denver. Colorado ...........84
62 ,
, .. ,iu
, AMrelM. Call for a T2
g-fJMS. Louui." "m
New York, New York 68
Omaha, ebrsskv-4,.......,TO .
i z. . w--,www.w---
St Louis, MliNjourl .....I...84
St. PsuL MlnnesoU .......62
Bait Lake, Utah .......... .78
Saa Francisce, California ..80
(; i ins ttivcvn. .;-.'-.
The river will reach a atace of IT.O feet
Thuraday afternoon, 17.8 feet Friday; 1S.0 feet
naiuraay, ana it win come te a temporary stand
Duuuay at a eiage oetween m.o and 18 6 feeL
Tlncent Cook. 428 Fifth at. 21 1 Marrha
rBoy Burt, 872 Grand avenue, 84; Bertha B
I flwun, AO,
Oscir K. Laeaard. 'an. m.. - 4
.JJ-h." t,. . w...:'
ln Bemhou. 18.
B. O. Ooodwln. Ttmha ' Or '. S4. ru.ra' Wl
3 Wedding Cards.- W. O. Smith Ol. w..k.
tegtoa bldg, corner Fourth and Washington et.
An kinds ef plants for sals at 418 aneoavee
I sve.p price reaaonaoie- fhone Cast 8870, ,
Tonssth A Coa flortata. for flower me .n
ainoa. - us nuta et. . t - .
MHtrm m. al 1.1. PI 1 .
assigns.:. . zw sierrisoa St. ... ..',.
Full dress salts for rent. D sua.
Tallorlag Co, 08 Stork at
WEDDING INVITATIONS Leteet and best; 88
! - per 100. A. A Hawk Ce.r 146H Third et.
wIIJION Mey IS, to Mr. snd Mrs. Albert Eu-
- gene Wilson, stwvi necona street, a son.
MKRANDA May 81, to Mr. and Mrs. Guy B.
; Mersnda. Eaat Burnslde and Cherry street, s
BtTTTEBWOBTH May 14; to Mr. and Mrs.
Henry Thomas Butterwnrth, a daughter. '
Mt RHAT May 21, to Mr. and Mr. Theodore
Murray. Fosell,' Or., a oanghter. - ;
BOHWENDT May 17. to Mr. and Mr. Jobs
Bchwendt. 424 Sacramento street, a son.
BOBINSON May IS, Barry Bohlnaon. aged 88
years, at Frlts's ssiooni concnasioa ,oi pram
.from fall.' .
ORMSRY Mar IB. John . Ormtby. aged 41
years, st Mt. labor ssnitanum; scats sico-
CLAKK May 20, Mrs. Sarah J. Clark, aged
74 years, z montns, iv oaya, noa iteimont
at.! cancer of stomach.
DEEDS May 21. Harriett Deeds, v aged 24
years. montna, 21 oays,:, u Diversity rarg;
rerrhro snlnal menlnaitia.
GBAVE8 May 18. John W. Graves, aged 84
yeare, 10 months, days, SOT Brown St. ;
nMmitiir. nllltv. 1 ' '.'.' '
WOLF May 20, Mrs. , Minnie Msry Wolf, sged
ft i i m, . m."mi,,. ,. , w reiuiwuia
svenue; ulcer oi stomaca.
BITEB VIEW Single graves, 810: family lots.
- slse lOtlS, for 100 and upward, according
' to slse; the only cemetery ln Portland which
perpetuallr maintains snd - csres for lots.
For full Information, apply to W. R. Mac
kentle. Worcester block, city. W, M. Ladd,
president. '. ."..."..:.,.
BORB CITT niorl grsvM. 10; family lots,
, (?S ts f5. Soperintesdent at cemetery, est
' ner ef Fremont st. and Colly road. Phone
Tabor 208. ' For ftll Information applr te
, f'-Hlegtl, coa Commercial blk. Fhoae
Dona tec. McEote ODbanirk, aadrtk
nil rmtMlmrn; niw1er in emy 1ctt1U BvTeet
nd Pine. Unla eitO. Udj aulalmt.
. Rrkkaoa CndortaklDg Co., and mbalmlns.
Aldar at. Poose Hals gl3S. Lady aaalataot.
J. p. rinlrr A Bona. Third aad Mcttnoa tts.
Office of count coroner. Pbone Uata
gallrr-Brnwe Op.
m. Xlt Ru.Mll. I I
fniwrat dlrartora, aiabala
Cast I08S. Laily aaafatant.
A', g. Rematoek. fnneral director, i Eaat 13th
and Umatilla. Phooe Sellwood II, Ladr aaaUtaat.
Edward Holmaa, aadartaker, X20 Tblrd a.
I, W. Smith et al.,' to Kngenla T. Alrhet,
lot and , block a, HolUOijr rare
addmon ............................
Nellie ' M. Parmentar ' ' to Michael J.
Kyaa, lota S3. 28, 29. II M and 88,
block a, Smlthaoa Land Company's
addltioa ........i.
Herbert and Henrietta Gordon to Jamea
at. Cramer, eaat 40 (eat ot lots T and ;
8. block 22. Oitr
Columbia Ck-metary aaaodatloa to Daniel
Drew, southeast ot block 63, salo'
Bngh t. and Mtnle Krleger to Hattle M.
nice, eaat 10 feet ot waat M feet of
lot It, block g, Wllllama avenue ad
dltioa .........4. ;... ',
Elchard and M. B. Clinton to Bts A.-'
Oaborn, north H of west W et block .
A Mlatletoe addition
Portland Realty A Trustee eompany te
a. i.inairjr, iou J sod so, block s, '
Vrneat J.' Cowliahaw to '. Potter Kel -
ley, lot 14, block R2S, Balah'a addition.
. J. and L. W. Hrland to J. A. Pa. ;
rent!, eaat SS feet eC lot a, block J48,
City ..;
Delia Johaatoa Moor . aad Edward J.
Moore to Martin Olaoa, lot 8, block
18, Klnael Park
. c. and Edits B. alorrla to Andrew- .
O. Smith, north ot eaat of south- .
weat of eouthweat Si or aectloa 82,
townahlo 1 north, ranee 1 eaat T.000
Lone fir Cemetery company to Bamnel . -
currord, norui , H- of lot 28, block XS.
aald cemetery
Sara E. O. Kelley et al., to. William
Ballla et aL, lot 14, block 823, Batch's
ulla K. Strlne et al to William Ballla
et aL. lot 14 block S28 Batch's ad
dition ...... ......
Walter and Stella' Johnson to William
Hot, lot 14. block 17. Osek's addltioa
to Alblna
Minnie and Jamas O. Gilliam to fames
W. and Alice M. Webb, lots 4 and 8.
block L Rleerrlaw addition
Kate Taa Winkle to Mary B. McOqlre.
lot 80. block 12. Trtmont PUee
Lacy Dougherty ts E. JU Barton, west 44
of lot 6, block 10X Oty . ,S50
Portlau Treat Company to amts Hen-
slstBSbH Uvs A kLar O rmo'm .fJJtl4M
U 850I
mvm n say, " V. WV St. 4B swaaa, SMWHavei
Helens aad Edward Doerlng to Malll
urocaa, lot I, block a, Uraetisag ao
altloa ,rf
, Q. snd Lsurs M. Osmmans to Ole
Brsndset. lots 14. IB. la. 17 and is.
block A Bvelvn .'. - 100
ganayalds Land A Improvement eompany
NUB. Volhelm. lota T and 14 blncK
iih Dnnajiiuf ',.',.,.. ....... , ' vie
Beal Eatats Inveatmest assodatloa to
William C. Taa Olaha. lot 15. block
8. BeUwood . 178
Bslea E. Furtfe et aL to Slglimund snd
Augusta H. Forth. 1 a era In aecnoa
IS. towaahln 1 south, nun 1 eaat..... 1.000
veraing rarreii to Joremlna Collier . '.
et ai.. lot 10, block A Davenport '
tract i... ' 11500
Mary O. Hegardt et at to L. B. Mea-
efee, I1.P8 scree eommendng st a '
polat a TH chains north of southwest " .'
corner of section SO. towaahln 1 north.
range "... leooo
. ana e. naras to w. si. uonn- j
beck, commencing at point la H sec-
tioa line 838 feet south of U section ;
shla 1 south, range A la center of
Johnson creek ..............,.....;...
W. and Hattle n Jmtimmr in JnHna
and Nora Dubois, Jot 8, block 1; lett-, '
3. 4. 6. 8 and T. ilock 8. Avaloa
J. W. and Hattis B. Latimer to lot end ' '
Sapnora Vincent.', lot - 8. -block 8. V,'
A vslon ... ............... .
Arleta Land company te Alfred Cerlaon,
mi a. Diock a, a.rita ran mtrhm..
Frank Schlegel, trustee, io' Mary E.
enure, loia e ana I, Anne Marie park.
. .. v. sna Bteua u. McNalr to o.
Myers, lot 1A block X Woodmere
ran ................................
Portland Trust Company of Oregon to
Harley J, Armatrong, lots 8 and 4,
' block 41, Carter's addltioa ............
For a Detract, title tn an ranee or saortgag
mans, cau on racine iius a) irsst company,
w-o--,. sailing niog.,-ft .-.v,..; v X"
' Get rear' nanrsuce and abstrsets te real
estate from th Title Guarantee A Trust eon.
pear, gw Washington st, corner geeond.
Something Dolnf
Tomorrow Nlgbt, .
And Every Thursday Night, ,
la Our New Temple,
; ; 128 11th St. ,
I. W." A. BvEBGBBEIt CAMP. 8,488, meets
Wednesday evening, Allaky bldg.. Third and
15, 1907. The Board of Tmttees of the Oro
, gon Bute Insaos - Asylum . hereby . Invites
. tested propoasls for furnishing the following
supplies to the Institution' for the six month
ending December.' 81, 1007: Groceries, mill
- feed aad flour, meats sad flah. dry goods,
drug, etationery, leather and findings, shoes,
s plumbing, hardwers, tinning, furniture, crock.
. err sad glaaaware. " Llata of said supplies
j will be furnished by the clerk of the board
t upon application. Samples can be seen st
tb Asylum, sad goods muat bs In accord-
r a nee therewith. Where samples are required
and not furnished by bidders, . the . articles
' must be equal to samples to be seen at the
Aaylumv and bids will be assumed to hsve
been made en basis of samples. All goods
must be la strict accordance with ssmple
Is original psckags when possible, and de.
, llvered it th Btate Inaane Asylum within 20
daya after contract Is awarded, and bids
must be on blank forms which will be fur.
Dlahed, together with Instractlons to bidders,
. bytte clerk, . upon application. Each bid
osf fWmr er meat mutt be accompanied by a
- certified ' check - for 8300 and each bid on
flah Ty a certified check for 875; and all
-ether- bids by certified checks equsl to 10
.per cent of the amount bid; checks ef uu
auccemful bidders to-be returned Imme
diately, snd those of accepted bidders wbea
the contract is completed. ' Bldt must be
endoaed In sealed envelopes," and directed to
( the bosrdV ere of the clerk, end plainly
: marked "Bid for Atylnm Supplies." and the
claaa of gonda abould ahw be inscribed en the
envelope. Price, fitness and quality being
eqnal. preference will be given to . articles
manufactured, grown or produced la this
tte. When a particular article is specific
. ally called for., bid for other kind er manu-
- fa crura or brand, equslly good, will be enter.
. tained, but to inaur recognition of each
bids, samples of the articles it Is proposed
" to supply must scoompany them. -. .
....a The board reserves the right to reject any
or all bids, or. to accept or reject-iaf part
' of a bid. '
Bids will be opened at the Capltol at Salem
' at 10 a. m., Monday, June 10, 190T. .
By order of ths Bosrd of Trustees ef the
' 'Oregon State Inssns Asylum.
., - W. N. GATENS,
" . ' Clerk,'-
Notice to hereby given thst 1 hsvs filed
' my final account as administrator of tb
estate ' of Laura -eT. v McQuaid. c deceased, la
the above court, and said court ha set the
same tor peering ana settlement on Monday,
, the third day ef June, 1907. at B:XO a. m
All persons bsvlng objections to said account
are required to present toe asms in said court
on er before said date or be forever barred,
J. O. McQUAID, j
Administrator of the Estste of Laura t.
i . McQuaid, Deceased. .
Attorney for Admlnlatrstor. 5
SEALED, bids will be received at the office
or the ocnooi viier. amn, boiii j m.,
Saturdiiy. Msy 25, 1907, for furnishing
Bchoul District No. 1, Multnomah county, Or.,
with cord wood, elabwood of coal for the en.
aulng year. Theee bid will be opened pub-ll-ly
at 2 p. m. of said day at the School
Clerk's office. City Hall. Specification can
be had by calling at the School Cleik'a office.
Bupply commlttoe, U W. WU
Isawerfc . -; ... :.v a a
M. W. A. Oregon Grape Camp No. 8,78.Von.
-day a, lTth and Marshall. VUltors wslcome. .
,''"" t r. 4'' ! ' . -'- - a . c -
' it .i NOTICE8. 4'
M rclred or the board or publie
alonera of tha state of Orecoa at the canltoj
tull.llnf, Ralcin, Oiwcon, at tha Door or
40t I
a. in., una . 1007, for lighting tne capites
building, penitentiary, Innane atjrlnm, reform
school, mutt acboul and blind acbooi at ruiem.
Otegon, with are and lncandeaetot la nip.
Information, apeelflratlooa aod blank pro
pnaala may be obtained fmm tba clerk of
the board at the capltol building, Balem, or.
- " - W, H. UA1ENH, Uiera OI ooars.
'POON D A glace to bare hatr mattreaaee re no-
. . " I All. V . A,
eaiea una -rerorneu name oar
Main 474. Portland Curled-Hair Factorf. a,
Uetiger, proprietor. , s i ... -
rOUND Hunting dog en Cornell road: o""
v lenback. B. B. Mo. 8. bos M, Portland. Or.
aena ezarr RHrnnrmn oi ioi wa w xi.-
LOST Ladles' gold watch, between gerentb. and
naaningtoa, ana winameue nn.
engraved la eeae. Return te B6 Barier at.
reward...- .. , . ' ''''-'
I Tat m Xjrrtu theatre. : Udlee'
black paraaol. pteate return v ufnv v.. it.
and gat reward. .. r-y
krOUKD Canoet owner may hate same by
Droelnc awnerahln and Daring coats, a.
Page, county auditor's office.
LOST A black leather card cats containing 8
railroad tickets. Before to room oei-apne and receleei liberal reward. W. m.
Cnnningbam. -. ,' ;
DO P10KRD HP Two ladles' Jackets. Owner eaa
I have same by calling at journal oiucw uu
U paying for this advertisement. ,
LOST On Fifth and Morrison, Wednesday fore-
Ml. black allkr lackct with White lining:
collar white, over blue. Return to Hobart
Cnrtle snd receive,, reward.
STOLEN Mar 17. white foi terrier, brows
: face, name Bobble; reward St 1204 Willam
ette boulevard.
' I"
I WANTED Two good.-; rsllable representsMree
posscealng selling abU'tF tor city jpd conn.
try. CsJ es general repreeenUtlvesjjf J. F.
Torms A Co., 21g TUford I bldg.. eoc. 10th
in MXrrtana aim., or WTftS VOUr auellliea-
tlons and Is return we win senu you iji
particulars rsgsrdlug our proposltloa, 208,
journal.. .. . - . t
wisritn mm b mt 100 cards of fir wood.
II a cord and good clesn timber. Address
son 18. f. P.. Dundee, Or.
ADTERTISIWO totldtoraj 1 eaah commlsslonj
thai trie 1 .proarssa. Elks, atagsslne. - 80S
Ooodnongh bldg. ' , .
FIRST-CLASS harness mskers; steady employ-
, anent. The T. I. Oreala company. ..
SAWTERB, filers, esglneerg aad yardmen, mill.
. wrlgbts and weoosmsn. . unsmosrs, , iw
First st. )i.?r.v"-i
BRIGHT young men wanted to learn telegraphy;
, positions when competent. ' Oregon College,
603 Commonwealth batg.
WANTED Boy with wheel. Jones' book store.
mi Aioer st. . f
B0TB wanted; factory work,
Appb American
Can Co, foot 14th at.
WANTED Blacksmith will sell or rent ebon
and tools. Apply to Aueersou at num., mmw
vllle. Or. ''.:,.'!(.. - - : -
. eos-MT flaeond st. Phone Mala til.
Ws design sad rnatall the most modern aad
improved office eystemgl eomplste line loose
leaf ruing osvicss. . . .. ...
WANTED 8slemn mny mk $100 to $180
; per - month; eoate even saorei . stoca cieaa.
grown on iweervsiKm, ar iivibi witumiu.,
- mmmh aMeead weekly: choice -of territory.
Address Whlngton Harsery eompany. Top.
. penlsh, wsanmgton. , i , '
MF.J4 AND WOMEN to learn the bsrbsr trsde
In eight weeks; gradustse earn from fl8 to
zo wsesiy, ezpart iwurowi wi.nw
Moler System ef CoUsgee. 88 North Fourth
n wt vaaiai -
WB get work for our member special meat.
' bers. S3. X. M. u. n our in mum xamoiii.
WANTED Boys ever 18 year to work In candy
factory. A Idea Canon uo., iota aso uussa.
WANTED At once, a ftrst-clsss
:- painter. ; 184 Vnloa ava. v , .
MFJN et one for clerks or carriers Portlsnd
F. O.J opportunity w aavasrw. n p
rM von for lamination. Call or writ
Immediately. Pacific State Schools, Mel
Ksy building, city. w-''. v
EXPERIENCED bench-hand aad experienced
atteker . man wanted; apply at ths Portland
Stab A Door eompany. Union aveans and
East Taylor. ... ft . ," . ,!-..-
MTV and bovs wanted to learn plumbing, pine- I
terlnc. blocklaying. electrical traoes; iree i
catalogue': positions secured. Coyne Trsds
School. New I org snu nan rnciaco.,
WANTED Helpers for eskes;
also man. to
work aroona oagery,
Apply 114 BniMtl.
WANTED Middle- ged msn for general workl
Modern Confectionery Co., . 18th and Hoyt sts.
BOT WANTED st once. Apply 464 Jefferson.
WANTED Frame-maker, brecket-eawyer.;; In-
qulre 831 WUUsms sve. . ;.''"-., '.'i.,.-:,: ..
WANTED Tailors to , work von , eoats.
406 wssmngton -sx. .- . . s
WANT carpentering, grading;- wilt glv dn I
t la try er typewriter. CsU room 8, 828 Wssh-
Incton St. . T - ' I
ing wu v. i
BOTlTTo wort In factory ;v good wsgee. .Apply
Pacific Coaat macnit vo., ln snu vavia sw.
' 18-20 Front St. . -
WANTED Two boys. $1.28 per day.
glebeL signs, aoo Washington st.
yoUNG man solicitor for commercial pbotog-
raohy. Good money.' uau iat a.,-- - jui
Market at- " .- : .-" f-:-j
PARTNER wanted t help manage hotel broker.
age. bualness; it's ths ms j wane ana not
ths money. P. L. Austin - Co.. "126-126
Abington bldg.
WANTED Experienced helpers for stab snd
a oar aepertmenr. toriiana miu at ; sixinra
uo., nx m. mauiaun. . . ... . .
WANTED 2 boys to run errahda,; Apply sn
perintendent Marthall Wells Co. j " r!l '
';' :." H--:-": f - WANTED. '
Engineer with' large experience who on
derstands generator and motors. - Address, E,
W. Heine. 'Foreet Grove, Or.,' . jf J
WANTKD ntrlne orebettrs for ; mimmer mrm
on, at cicaaiup; miit ve Airpi-viajaa. -t Apply
room 4, uatcigo oiag, . -.
B0TS With wheels wanted at once. Apply to
oiu. wortman . -&rag. s , ,.
BOY,' about 18 years old, for store work, stesdy
Geltion; goou cnancs to learn, uon Cloth
g Co.. 108 Third st..'- ;i.'..:;&v.r.;ttf.,' il
BOY, about 18 yars of age to deliver and
mike himself naefol In drugstore: mutt live
war Grand are, and Burnslde.. Call st drug
store on a nova corner. .
1 I wmtLlWlXS Arlmmm' mnmt k. a
no other need apply - Berlin Dye Works, 347
necona st. . ., -. . ; .
WANTED Young msn' to learn trsdg; 18 to
- 20 years old. American Type Founder com
pany, Second snd Stark sts.
CEMENT finisher wsnted; one accustomed to
cutting tldewalka. , S. Card, S58 Morrison St.
FINISHERS, buttonhole maker, to - work en
custom costs; also spprentlces to learn tall
r orlng. 202 Commonwealth bldg. . ; v ,-....
INTEREST in old established re I estste of
Ace. Muat hsve help. Call la morning after
8 o'clock. 88H Sixth st.
TICK SEWER wanted.. 89 per week. O. W.
MePhereon, eoutheaat corner 10th and Dtvi.
WANTED Refined, capable woman f or . rj
,i sponsible position, with opportunities for tt.
.- vancement. . Vlavl company,- 10th and Morii
' son sts. . '. -
BEIJ' , WANTED Dramakr wants girl to
- new,' Iaobo Uti 4S4A. ... .n ,.y.
" iiu n. si., rn&AH ulinan. ,
' INQUJKH .221 N. 21ST. ST., COR. OP LOVE-
Ingtoa at., corner Beeentn. npttalra. . Phone
Mala WVi. Female help wanted.
STRONG girls for candy factory,
Oenrge A.
McNeil company, wholemls
North Fourth, near Gllaaa.
McNeil company, wholeeala eonfettloaera.
GIRLS WANTED Apffly Standard factory Me,
urana are. sad Kaet xaylo St.
WANTED OJr la te work on hemming. Inquire
riia-vteii nctory, to rirat. .
GIRLS wanted; factory work.
Apply Americas
Caa Co., foot 14th st.
TOUNO ladles wanted to learn telegraphy!
positions at good wages when competent.
Oregon uouege, oua uommoowaalth bldg.
HELP WANTED Union Laundry company.
GIRLS to work Is paper- bor factowi clean.
ateady work. F. C. Stettler,. 10th aad Ullaaa
street. . i ...,, : r . ,
I WANTED Ctrl to aaalat with booaeworb Is
family of 8: waahlns sent out. I'bous Eaat
784 or call 708 Clackamas at.
WANTED Woman eoek, good wage. 8 In fam
ily. Apply 40 north 20th. I'boss Main beui.
GIRLS WANTED Operators to work on shirts
snd oreralla. Leaaose given to loeiperieBced.
Apply at Stasdard factory No. 8. Grasd are.
ssd Eaat Taylor St.
GIRL tot second work. , 238 King at. Phone
.Main gll. . ,. - -
GIRL, to saalat in right housework during part
of Oty only; sleep home. " 49 Lucretia St.
WANTED-A eompetont : laondressj children's
work a specialty. Call at 2S2 12th st. Mrs.
B. Menefee- . : : ,.-
mm mmmim
1 Weill I CU
A Good Talloreas.
Stesdy EmptovmsnV
Good Wages.
. , MOTER,
. Third ssd Oak. '
GIRL or middle-aged woman for general honee-
worst gzo a month, rneae aiaat ania.
I ' V"-1 ' '
TWO aznerienced eirl for eonfsctlooery Store;
. cnea wagea; so others acta apply, appiy aos
: w..hin.iA.
WANTED Shirtwaists to wash st home;, also
plain sewing. Phone labor bot.
WANTED Ladles to taseh M. B. Cblsaa Mis
sion school, st S47H Stark st. Apply t:bo
p. as. Pali Mala 8784.,,. . '.
WANTED A competeat girl to do homework;
small family; 830 pec month. . Apply mo. a
FaiUog st. :: - .,; i . v - ...
WANTED Am metroes for dreeamaklnc. 44-48
.MamUton bldg., 181 Third St. Mrs. Mupter.
WANTKD sinwrlaneed weman to aaaltt doctor
lB eonflnemet'ra. T 8l,-ar' JournsL ,
CHAMBBBMAID8 and dlnlngroom glfU wanted
I - m.J. tl.a-l Aa. - mmmm, mm mm PjmaM at. SW St Lakfl aria
r ?, V "". --
diu etftui an nauuiwB
OIRLB 18 nsrs ef see and over who went
parmsnent positions wita an opportunity tor
advancement, apply at one to Olds, Wort.
ma a A King.
GIRLS sa apprentice to the mtlllnerjustneoe
wanted st once. .
APPiy to uias, novtmaa at
Bisriinnui woman w. oo coamow mni.
wage and housekeeping rooms. The Grand
Booming Moose, n. raira or. -
A GIRL for housework. 820 per month.' Four
In family. 001 Msdlson St. , none Msin TBBEB lsrgs rooms In snburb. pertly fur
T008. . y Blahed: price $10 month. Address P 8i,-esre
i r n , n t m
jiri, for light housework snd care for baby
In small family.' Apply . 1118 s. Alder.
Phone Tabor 641. , l., ::...-
DRESSMAKER te make shirtwslsts; permsssnt
position; good salary to competent person,
Ths Ncsdlecraft Shop, 883 Washington St.
I BOY WANTED at Bath House, SOT Third St.
TEACHERS for Chinee.- Apply Superintend-1
ent, room 2. Msdlson bldg., at 8, or Mission
zuoH. eecoaa t., at t p.
8,000 MEN. women ssd children wanted In
Rnnd Rlvar to nick snd osck strswberrtesi
a fin en.p and chance to earn good money ;
pickers most com prepared te camp; grow,
era will haul outfits to sad from boat or de
Cit: aesson ut commencing; will be brlak
t week In Msy with plenty of work for
everybody by Jnne 1. Parties wsntlng fur
ther particulars can writs as snd your letter
will bs answered by growers In need, enabling
a to secure place In advance. Hood
ver Fruit Growers1 Union. , , - .,
CO., Saginaw, Mich., sells best dollar pet
month policy on market; stock company. See
Aldrleh. western manager. - 808 Marquam
Agents wanted. ' -?,, ;. y ' - ..
WANTED Ambitious people to call st 132 Fifth
st. and m vetlgt the opportunities open to
v them by a coume ot study with the later
national Crreespondenee Schools of Scran ton;
no experiment; inoorsea oy tnousanos.
1 11 1,11 " ;.' ' ' L
STENOGRAPHERS, both msle snd female, good
. positions open wiin oet (inn; no cuarge.
r . V 1. n- aa ai-.k . ..
VVU-I.WU ,f)n.itni w-,
HELP wanted snd supplied, male or fsmsle, R.
O. Drake. 206) wssningtsn tt. t;sciric lau.
STARCHEB and polisher, - tlao marker and
sorter; gooa wage, i unn "ii
La Grande, Or.
WANTRD Salespeople, men or women, liberal
- Inducements to - battler. ureal American
Imp. Tea Co., 404 Watbington St. -
A' MIDDLE- ged married man with flrst-lsss
references, desires s position ss night wtch.
man with some reliable company- Address
fi V 200, ears JournsL
WAliTED-Po1t1on as cathler or offlcs work
. can sir bond. AddrsM Boa H 201. esre
JournsL - ' i--' ;y t-mJM
STATIONARY ENGINEER. With 12 yesrs' ej
nerlenee. wishes a petition.: Pbone East 8397,
Ask for T. mtes.,.:'.i. v.i: i.... va,; if
WANTED A night " watchman's place; good
: honest man. Pnons East B070. t
WANTED Sltustion ss nurs,' compsnlon snd
i housekeeper; tnorougniy aiF'nwii, ""
r,.mA to traveling: references fine,, -Address
; D 662, Commerclsl strset, Attorls, Or. , .
WOULD like clean office rooms or rooming
house by dsy. V 206. Journal.. v f - :
TOUNO woman wants housework by "day or
hour, csh two mm . .
WANTED Position sa housekeeper -for gentle
man with on or two children. Can furnish
V ht of refersnces. Address Q 808, care
JrarnsL .. ' r''- ' b
W'OMAN wsnts work by day or week.' Phone
Peel fie WO. . oemaam.
ONE bottler In etch-' town or locality te
In each
handle-meaietues w araip; wrue umcsi .via
money. R. M. Plummer, 280 Third st, .,
AGENTS WANTED Osn- yott sell goodtt If
to we need you! complete onum tree; eaan
weekly. Write for choice of territory. Capi
tal fAtj Nuraery Company, Salem. Or. ,..
WANTEtJ A few more good Bve sslesmsn to
el our eoast-trown trees; money sdvsnced
each week; outfit furnished free. - Write us
for psrtlcnlsrs. , Albany Nurssrles, Albany,
Oregon ... 1 v .
WANTED An agent for one of the best boose.
bold articles known; retails for 1 Inqube
W. L. H., 460 Yamhill st. i
, K. EMPLOYMENT OFFICE Help f0rnthtd
(r4 to employers, 23 N. 24, Pkosg 8 "21,
rOK alKN, . '
M Worth geeond at. Phone Mala IBM.
MorHwJO at Phone Paelfl WJ
ST North Beeoil at. ..... .Phone PaeUle IsoO
Logging camp and faro bflp S apedalty.
80 North Second St. - Pboee BUla S2V4. We
pay all telegraph charge.
WANTED TO RENT Roueea, cottages, flat.
stores, office, momlng-boneee, ; et. unn
lord will do well to call on "
Pbooe Ex. 73. 8. B. Cor. 8d and Oak.
WANTEDt-REAL estate.
110 1 LIST yonr property with
as tor quick sale.
Anranam nite,
offices 8 and , Lahbe
hldg., S27U Wwblngi
Home A 12ll. .
ton st Pacific 1218,
WANTED 1 or 8 lots In Lents, tor cash.
draaa O 804, care Journal.
WANTED S, g or T-roora houte between Bod'
ney and Couch and Bonell and Cook ata,
Phone, Eaat B8oT or call Z4B stances.
WI will buy your none hold good and guana-
tee tne beat prtree. t u or pnone. n. 4
and L.- Rnhenetrln, 1T.1 Front StM oppoiit
National hotel, pacific iui.
WANTED Fsrnltnr snd hofiaehold goods ef
every deecrlpt Ion bought, eold snd exchange.
- , The g, va First at. Mala ssT4. - g
WPJ haul dead harass and cattle free.
Fertlllrer Work, or notify Carner s yatert-
aarn. Fourth and Glltan ata. Mala IBOS.
WANTED Soot caah nald for voor foraltsre,
etc. Prompt attention aiwava givea. , ft
. Eaat Clay St. . Phone Eaat 1 067.
CASH for boenenold ew1. Savage A Pesnell
848-847 First st. IJfrone Paclflo 800.
WANTED Men's caatff clothing sad shoes
we also, boy hnaeebold f)trnlblngt; hlcheet
price paid. Call at the "Fair Peal," 82 N,
Third. Pbooe Pacific 1723.
WANTED Furniture snd household gonda of
iBy ,,. Johnaoa before roe tell. M
rjojon are. Phone Eaat 4441. . . r
HI heat cash price paid. Fox B rower, gg
North Third at. .. Phone Mala 211 L
Main 0668. 811 First St. - t.?
Minnt.H.AaED man and wife without cell
dren wast to tit ears er noose curing
owner's absence for the summer, iocstios
no object ; beat of , rsfereacee. Address L
201, ears Journal. -- . ' v
WANTED Set Oregon reports) also Pacific re
port. Address A zv, cars journal.
GOOD buggy honw, also do light work; cheap
toe eash. : Psnae Tabor saa.
WANTED To borrow 81600. 8 years, em 1m-
provtd saburbaa property.' L 804,' journal.
i . nr. a . m m . ... . a,u
rlrlt CtU room j3 ,. ,
I m-nm Biramtvn . bi.m. m, ri
I ...! rurauihad! ateam heat and baths. ,
THa rjRAND, 48 H North Third St. Booma fee
I m m . ..
i , graiiemen. gio per wees ana sp.
LARGE elegantly furnlahed rooms, 82 and 13
weea. - ivz ssst Msia st. . -
THE KINO, 800 Jefferson St.. strictly modem.
up-to-cate, electric lights ana earn. . tor
wek and op. .
THH COLONIAL Oerner 10th . and Horrlaon.
. 8 blocks west ef Portlsnd Hotel; first class
roem and beard; rates ressonsble. .. '
189U THIRD Comfortably furnlabed rooms
with double, beds, transient er weekly, reaaon-
mhm . ... . .... , . ....... .. . , . ...
I " :
m . . .... , ' . - .J
vrniBT.T furntaiA mam. ultbU for one or
I two gentlemen: private family; nse of bath
and phone. 288 13th St.. between Jefferson
ana uuumnis. . -.,.'.'.-. .,
A SUITE of 8 room,' aewly ' renovated, $ net
month. 804 East 10th St. Phene East 6M1.
4 LARGE rooms, one block from carllne, en
Wsverly-Woodetock une-i v , UP . oeuwoea
-488 ..for particulars. ; s
4 TJNFTJRNISHED rooms, two sdalts; walking
dlatsBce; etato price, .a not, care Journal.
$1.60 WEEK TJP Large, clean famished house
. keeping-room, lsundry snd hath. 184 or-
' msn st, south. Portlsnd. : .-.'
$1.28 WEEK CP Clesn Furnlahed bousekeep-
Mg-room. parlor, naio, isunary, (araac asai.
. yard.-.,. ifUoTi otantoa x. u ear.
THB MITCHELL Housekeeping snd transient
- rooms, ressonsble. .nevsntn sua risnaers sts.
THREE large front housekeeping rooms, flrat
floor, 9lyk rirat st. reaaonaoie. tin room
23. , -
ROOM with use of parlor and kitchen to mar-
rlsd "Couple, $8 rttertnees. aaarets tj 1M,
" esre Journal.
SINGLE houaekeeplng rooms; git; walking dis
tance; price reasonable, duo aaomaon st.
NICE housekeeping room, 611tt Glltan st. i In
quire st corner orug store, uiisaa ana loia,
FOUR unfurnished housekeeping 'rooms; elec
tric and gas ugnt. rnoae rscinc 4o4, ei
. Columbia., '.'..-t.v; v-'.:;..;.-?-'-'-.'-v.;rf: .-
COOL, plesssnt, furnished 'bontekeeping rooms.
Th Raymona, no o. erty st,, at. e-onns,
I block from ststion. i , k
HOUSEKEEPING rooms, $2.00 up per week
Ilgb phone included. , win water St.
MPf.RNDID housekeeolnsT apartments, e
pletely furnished, rooms large and pleasant,
, first-class tocstlon.1 1 684 Morrison It.
BTRICTLY modern 8-room cottage. Sunnytld
$200 down, balance earns ss rent. A.. P,
r Smith, owner, oio commercial blav ,
WB rent ' and sell pianos,
A Co.- '
Sherman, Clay
8-ROQM house, good
Phone ,Ma!n 1410.
location. modern. $23
FOR RENT 4-room ' cottage on Garfield ava.
. Pbon East 202.
FOR RENT Right-room furnlahed house In
. Hnwthorn nark, near 14th at., from Jnn
. to October 1; moderate price to right parties;
references, t'oons joaat uw, . .
r-ROOM house and barn, use of $ or 4 lots.
two fenced . for chicken; houss hss base
ment, electric lights' snd water; closs to
, rsrllne; rent Only 18. zia Allaky bldg.,
T-ROOM modern hous, 789 Ash St. $20,
phous Jbaat xoal . i! - - ,
8.ROOM modern house, 486 E. Everett. Pbone
Eatt 880. , . - - '
stir hunt 8 rooms npststrs. corner First snd
Hall; cheap rent; g, oaiu, ic. inquire sou
. . . - WMk mmm Al..k .. .
1111 St., oeiwee u ui.
FURNISHED boos tor rent;
811 Overton st.
Phone Mam sooo.
NEW. modern 8-room houss.'- ssst of Steel
bridge, xu niinuie wnin w uuiiirpb aisiiicL;
no tmall children! Address F 806,- JournsL-
$22.50 PER MONTH, a modern 6-room cottage,
lurnianeu couipieisv inquire ov ci aaa st.
I'bons Scott 8523.
8-ROOM fist for. $16 per month; water fur.
nlnhed. t ii at xuo ut co it.
HOUSH FOR RENT Furniture for sale; bar-
ftu ii taxen at once, zoa uuruoa ft, ; i .
;i0 Fta Stores fterlcit;,
' Fireproof, reenfnrced Concrete building. Of
eupylug full block on Burnti'le street, be
tween Fourth aod Fifth, street. -
Suitable 1 for' grocery, drug,
ano atorea.
barber ahopa, meat marketa, tte.; plate-gUt
froota, i atmeDted basements, moderaplumo
Gerurtz & Seas-
LA RGB office ssd dk roem for rent. Beavef
. Beal Eatate A Invtmat Ce roemg 8 end
:4. Odd Flkws' bldg. ' t " j ,
LA RGB office snd dak 1o0m (or rmt- Besver
Beal Eatats A tavastmeat Co, rooms 8 and
A Odd Fellows; bldg. .
A NICB office suits for rsoL
Third snd Msdlson.
Msdlson bldg..
DESK-ROOM for rent. Apply 811 Commercial
- block. . . .., ', ,mr ,
A SWELL little meat-market for, rent fup
nlehed: location and all desirable. Call eg
Main M14.
ONE HALF furnlahed oVacs tults for rent te
- lady. Call room 24, Buaael bldg., cor. Fourth
snd Morrltoa sts. . i ,
aaa.,iat i ..jajv y..Amrr ir i.a a.eaaaar '
BALLROOM snd lodgeroom.
nmdsrn convenleoc, on rsrllne.
U0; Autometlc A-1X98.
Or.,' Dr. P. L,
AMtln. proprietor, saalated by L. A. Carlyle;
rates from 812.80 per week up: rate an4
reservations may be made now with Dr. Ana
tin, dm tint. Raleigh bldg.
72-room houaa, very nlctly furnlahed, stssm
. heat, not and.cold water In every room. In
eluded In theYent $.Vi0i 8-year lee; s fin
money-maker; worth $10,000; can be had for
$8,000; easy terms,
.... 40-room house, 84.800, ,,,":,.! -; ).:. t;V
: ,' 8.1-room bouse, $2. M0. '
' ' IRSoom hotel, $12,000.
. Ws hsvs hotels of sll slsss and prices.
Let m tell yen about It. -
y P. L. AIMTIN CO., .
'j- '' 126-128 Ablngton Bldg. n
- A butcher bualneea la a good fslley town;
nave been In htMlna at .i. . mm -
Include realdence, bars, yards snd slangbter .
' hlMHU m A - mmm . - . ...k - . I .
flt4o ma butcher business. A, good place
to buy and ship dressed meets to msrkst.
A good chsne for someone to get a fine.
.. mtiuov earing city property to trsus. .
28, Bslelgh Bldg., Sixth and Walk.
$300 WILL stsrt you la a business that pays
you irom g to yio per dsy. Boom 7, i(
First st. ' ' ':.''''',, -
80-ROOtf rooming house, good location, bwee.
a-noe a, uw. , Bwm ?, '1S1V FlrsTsstreet.
AN old eatabllabed manufacturer wanta par- : nmimm win guarantee you
$J0 to $100 per week. $2,600 required. Boom
7, 1S1W First street. - , - , ;
10-BOOM rooming houne, good fnrnlturs, low
rent. snap. 8480. Boom 7, lSlva First rt.
RELIABLE res tatate dealer must have In.
ivmna neip re attend office; dictate to
!j!tn.crphr' "tc- H guarantee yon
$200 per month. Some capital required. Boons
T, 181 H First street. .
MANCFACTT7BER want partner ' who em
pena pan er ni time en the road Introduc
!"., ""S:!?! n'F $S0Q required. Room ,
18H First street. -. t . ".
FOR BALE A grocery, dellcsteasea , snd lea
cream ouainess. , Address B 805 Journal. .
WANTED A person with capital for a well
evuojuoea wnoMeaie produce and grocery
business. Address N 80S Jourasl.
BOOMINO-B0USB for sale, 47 rooms; will tM
, part real estste in xehn. 22 Motth
. Third st. . i , ;' . " ,
FOR BALE Carpet cleaner, best, Isrgest, meet
. ap to dste la the city; will stsnd invoice;
s snsp . If tsksn at eace. Address B 174,
' care Journal. ,
8ATB MONEY Anything la printing see Med.
den, Odd Fellows' Temple. First aad Alder
' sts. apstslrs. v. '
MEAT MARKET, -' - 4 --
Fixtures snd good will of one "Of" the beat
located markets in Portland, for 8350; $100
caah; balance etay terms, or, will sell. ws
half rnteret. -
88 Bslelgh bldg., Sixth and Wsshlngtoa st .
HAYB opening for parties. ' with small or
, lsrgs capital. Is -heavy manufscturlng enter.
. priae, to eetabllah In Portland; will -eland
closest' Investigation. For psrttculsrs ed
" dress D 188,- ear Journal. .
EMPLOYMENT and real esttte bnalaese doing
$250 per month; too much other bualness;
'' must sell; $150 cash. North Third st.
14-ROOM bosrdlng-bouse, good location, doing
good busines; , will leave city. luqulre
Lowengsrdt, 3$ Psrk st i ' .. .
A CLEAN stock of gtweerieer some fixture;
paring butlneas; good loestTon; will invoice
snd give 6 per cent discount or exchange -for
real estate; a bsrgsln; must be sold st
once. Address S 800. care Journal.
WANTED At once, a partner In well-cttan-
iienea, goou paying ouaine; mu capital
required. CaH 247 H Madlton at.
FOR SALE CHBA 800-volt motor, belts, pnl-
leys, IB-root snstt, turning lame, goou ssw a
table with three saws, 284 Butscll st. JLkmr
Eaat 4432. '-'." -, . jr -: . .
Good Money Makers
' $2.600 One of the best rooming-houses en
Wsablngton st. 4 years' leste; low rent;
making good , living , and - over $100 clear
monthly. .. . .,.,.'
Country stores A few good ones, which
will stsnd your ekiicit Inveitlgatlon. s
i i 221 H Morrison Bt -
i MBNT- $125.
. Centrally .located -with store - worfc-thsn-
can do nanaiea; ctrar a io ew a weea
this is sn opening tor maa or woman.
Raleigh bldg., Sixth and Waehlngton at,
FOR 8ALB or eiehange, a good msrchsndlilng
bmlneas in - Vancouver, doing a business ef
$16,000; ' will sell' or exchange for farm or
city property, i Addrea box 78, Vancouver,
Wash. , ! .
FOR SALE A flrst-clsss -confectionery in a'
good location, doing a good business.. Csn
o had very cheap If tuaen St once. Muat
tell on account ot business in east. : 61 J Wll
Hams sv. Pbon Et 4828. . ,
BOOMING-HOUSE of seven rooms, well fur- ,
nlthed, all occupied, for sals cbesp if taken
st ones. Address T 202, care Journal.
BUTCHER With ooupls hundred can huy eo-
tahiianea tuna cietnng f oy. . raone
East' 4VUZ. 4 .. ..
UOOli nuttermug route, norse end wsgon
cbasp for caahi. ront tree, nee Wstklns,
Oregon Creameryr 108 Fourth st, Tuesdsy,
Wdnsdy, Saturday, 8 to 10. ' , ,
SMALL store st a ssciiflcej excellent place for
a woman; living rooms, fhone East 8380.
FOR BALE A plant well equipped with mod
ern machinery, sit conveniences, for a fur.
niture or wagon rectory. In - a beautiful
town; mild climate, rnilroad center, water
navigation; price. $15,000, or will put plant
agalnat capital for operating purpose. Oil
or sddress J. M. Gllklneon, Rochester, Waah.
$300 FOR Job printing plant doing good Dual-
11... - ln.Mll.ltA . A AOA MP. JmimiI 1
GOOD grocsry stors; slu sbout $1,000, for
$760. Nelson. 14th and Irving. . . V.,.
MUST be sold, hetel 86 moms, nicely furnished.
par stttcneu; worm siou; will US I.'iB.
CaU at V Flrat st t .
80-R00M hotel, paying : $300 per month over
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Lafayette Realty Co., SlSVi Waahinaton at.
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