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nnniri tip i ill 17 ft
Annual Contests ior ..Champion-,
J ship of Pacific Coast Began;
- This Mornnlg.
Men's driving contest, three balls.
prises for longest ball and best average
Open championship, first round, If
holes, match play. . '
Clock putting contest, down in 1
counts 5, down In t counts I; prises for
beat score , In tourney, also dally open
oontest on Klobe cutting course.
" May 14 Men's open ' championship,
second round. II holes, match play
Women's open championship, first
round, is holes, match plsy.
Second fllgbt, semi-finals, II holes.
tnatch play. . ... ','
Men's approaching contest, two balls
from BO yards, two balls from 71 yards;
prises for best approach and best aver'
Mine-hole putting contest. .
"tl ssMaaaBaawaaBBaaasSB8n ' 1 ., ' '' 1
Winner of Three-Cornered Race
Will Co to Big Eastern . .
; Regatta.". .
Chester Murphy of ' Thlg City - Is
i Reckoned as First Rank Man and
t Win Make Strong Bid for First
(Special Dispatch - to The fonrnil.)
A..H.Iat Uiv 9 9 ri n J Miirnhv mnA
his sauad of oarsmen from Stanford
will put In the next week or so at iard
work on Lake Washington In prepara
tion for the race with the University of
Washington on Juno 1,
The southerners are highly enthusl-
tio sdoui tneir work, ror ins nrst
time they have a body Of water that
la biff enough - to permit them to row
In a straight line, instead of keening
their i udder set over on on side or the
Dealers' Association Arranges a
Climbing Contest for the
Eighth of June.
.Prizes To Last All Week.
Field Meets Hava Baan Arrancad other u th - four-mils course
r ieia vieeis nave oeen Arrangea n been mrked ofr OB Iak- nd
, With McMinnville and the
Portland Y. M. C. A.
I IHnaHal THanatrh te The Journal.)
Spokane, May It. The magnificent
-. links of the Bpokano Country lub
v warmed with golf enthusiasts today at
the opening of the championship tourna
ment of the Pacific Northwest Oolf as
sociation. , fleet tie, Victoria, Taootna,
: Vaaoouverv Portland, 8an Francises and
other cities have scut their best Jjlayers
ito compete In the event, which la the
'eighth annual championship of the ss
soclation. The tournament will continue
i through the remainder of the week and
to Judge from the auspicious opening It
;-wlll go on record as the most success-
Jul event ever pulled off by the assorts
' ' -tlon.' ' ':'' ..' v."- '' " ." '
'.' i ' Chester Murphy. , T.' JL Llnthlcum,
; Thomas Kerr, Roderick Maoleay, Gordon
Voorhles and Jordan Zan of Portland
are hero to take part - In the games.
.Murphy, at least. Is reckoned aa a first
rank man and will make a strong bid
for championship honors. .'-.'.
: There will be 14 events, for which 17
prises are provided, a dosen of these
.being sterling silver cups of new de
sign. Tho main' events are tho open
' championship for ' men and women,
Which carry with them the association
: cups,, which must be 'won by members
of a club three times for permanent
ownership; a championship gold medal
for the winner and' silver medal for
the -.runner-up; In addition to these
-prises In the Championship matches, a
' special sliver -cup is to be presented for
the best medal score mads In .tho quail-
. 'fylng round.
, Eastern Kayers present. V
'"' A number of eastern players are en
tered and the. bringing together of golf
players of the east snd west will give
the followers -of the gams a line upon
comparative" strength - of golfers from
the two sections of the country, ; The
.card for the meeting follows: ,
' May SI Men's open championship ' of
the Pacific northwest, It-hole qualify
ing round, medal play, II to qualify.
' ' Women's approaching contest, four
balls at 60 yards, two prises for best
ball and best average. .'. :
' Nine-hole putting contest, prises for
.nament, prise for best soors in tourney
,c ciock green.
way II Women's open champtonahip
of tho Pacific northwest, ll-hole quali
fying round," v medal play, eight to
. qualify. : ' .. - .
. , Beooad riifliii
8eoond flight of eight men from -the
championship qualifying- round, (first
round, 18 holes, match play.
' r (Special PUpatch te Tbe JoaraaL)
Chemawa, Or., May tl. Athletics are
la full, swing at the Chemawa Indian
school.. Two field meets have been ar
ranged for June 1 and I with McMinn
ville college and the Portland T. M. C
A-. Willamette university Is also an
lous to have a day with Chemawa and
if, they will -accept1 the Indian school's
offer of Juno 6, the event will probably
be pulled off, -provided Willamette comes
to a quick decision.
The meet on June 1 with McMinnville
will bo held at Chemawa. The events
scheduled are as follows: Fifty-yard
dash, 100-yard dash, 220-yard dash, 440-
yard dash; 110-yard high hurdles, , 110
yard low hurdles; one half mile run,
mile run, pole vault, broad Jump, high
Jump, 14-pound shotput, 14-pound ham
mer, throw, and discus throw. v -
as the two , institutions are very
evenly matched It will be a closs meet
The one-with the Portland Y. M. C. A.
will also be held at Chemawa on the
afternoon of June I. Tbe events de
cided upon are 100-yard dash,' 220-yard
dash, 440-yard dash, ISO-yard run,,one
muo run, ziio-yara hurdles, running high
jump, 1 4 -pound shotput,, running broad
Jump, pole vault, one mile relay (four
men in team)..-- . . . -.., i
This meet the Indian boys do not have
the Highest hopes of winning, but If
systematic faithful .training can suc
ceed they will win. -
Regarding the Willamette meet Chem
awa bad challenged the university boys
early in tna season, but nothing - ma
terialised until, alter the Salem-Portland
relay race. , when they put In a strong
piea ror.a meet. They were offered a
date after, Juno 1 and thus it stands at
the present time. .-.
Chemawa Is fast developing a strong
ball team and will be at the Chautauqua
at Gladstone In July to win, providing
the professional tactics of some of the
other teams that have entered there la
the past are eliminated. 1 - r " -
has been marked off on the lake and
the Stanford boys will go over It several
times every day,
The Stanford boys carried their, shell
out to Lake Union, rowed up to the nar
row Isthmus between the two lakes and
then carried It across Into Lake Wash
Ington. The Wsshlngton crew, when they
returned from, the south, carried their
shell straight up the . Madison street
hill and three miles across tho .city to
Lake Washington, without ones setting
It down,
The Stanford men acknowledge that
they expect a hard race, much harder
man witn .California. .They say that
three of the California men fainted at
tho end of a two-mile .course. All of
the men are In good ahapo with tho ex
ception of Stroke Conant, who Is suf
fering from blood poisoning, the result
of an Ingrowing toe nail. -Conant Is the
only man on the crew that -has hsd any
experience as stroke and should ho have
to remain out of It, it would bo a seri
ous handicap to the Stanford crew.
It seems certain that tbe winner of
the race on June 1 will bo sent by Its
college to fhe big regatta at Pough
keepsle. New, York.-- , - v
Local and Otherwise.
Finish to Be at Mount Zlon School
boose, Convenient Spot for Specta-tsjra-r-Decoratlon
Day Race Meet
la Off Kotea of Aato World, .
Now well see how the Beaver stack
up against the Angela , U
Jay Could Jr. certainly does his own
press agent work in great shape. . While
Jay is champion of a game which Is
almost unknown In the United States.
he Is getting more publicity in the news
papers than are tho beat pitchers in tho
National and American leagues, the best
batters, the biggest football stars and
tho lawn tennis champions all lumped
togetnen , ;, ,
e e
Denver promises to become the new
pugilistic center of tho west. The gov
rnor announced yesterday that on acfia
cuum oi me provisions in uenvera new
cnarter he would be powerless to nrt
vent glove contests there In tho future.
IM MCCTCDM nDCfinm in.? "arry. "wis-Jlmmy .Gardner atch
in Lm vj i uiiii wiiuuwls I win mereioro
(Special Dlapateb to The Joernit) '
Engene, Or., May 22. The .Western
Oregon Interscholastla Athletlo league
has been formed, with the superintend
ents and principals of the public schools
of Eugene, Albany, Salem, Roseburg
and other, valley cities as members.
Such a movement was started i at a
meeting held . In Eugene two months
ago, and the organisation has now been
completed. The league Is for. the pur
pose of placing athletics on a uniform
basis.' to settle discussions and to place
athletics on a Higher plans than at
present . ' .
.College Baseball Schedule.
The college baseball schedule for the
I week follows: , .
May' 22 Pennsylvania-Lafayette, at
f (-, iMAnL rlin m rmnf rnn wias, TTinceion-Byracuao, at
r"-wrv. n'M ,i i mnceton, . J.; Yaie-wiuiams, at
.'gymptomSj Of kidney trouble. New Haven, Connecticut; West Point-
hrtninc "it will wear awav " are CoI"ata. Wogt lnt New Tork; Cor-
nopipg II Will wear away, are neiMrordham, at Ithacs, New Tork;
drifting towards Bright S Disease, Harvard-Andover,' at .Andover, Massa-
whiz-h Te lriniv trntihle in onu cf ehusetts.
III Worst torms. Haven. - Connecticut: Princeton-Har
vard, at Princeton, New Jersey; West
Polnt-Fordham, at West Point, 'New
Tork; Cornell-Amherst, at Ithaca, New
I one
i mm
. ' North Carolina Shoot
. (Journal Bpeeial flerrloe.)
Charlotte, a C, May 22. The state
championship tournament of the North
Carolina Trap ' Shooters - association
opened here auspiciously today, and will
continue . over .tomorrow. SimuLtane-1
ously the North Carolina-Virginia team
cnampionsmp, consisting; or 10 men
from each state, will be contested. It
will be the fourth contest of the kind
between the crack shots of : the . two
states and much Interest Is manifested
In the result'-
San Francisco Wins. - : ,
: (Journal Special Servlee.l '
v San . Francisco. May 22. A bunch of I
, . , uiu wis wiun in w una vi vne
the WOrn-OUt tlisues OI the Kid-j Seals five runs and put them entirely
neys so they will perform their ut 0 nr ior th.9 nam. The score
. Mn.ri VM. l .: : . v- . . ..... . . t '
neva strain ; out the imourities San Francisco. 1 1 2 0 0 S 1 1 11 12 1
fJ. UUA . If -i ni e a Batterles-Cates .and Bliss; Ashley
wui w.w - . - , Btreer umDlr Perrlne.
atom irrerularities. stren?thent
. the urinary organs and builds up
through them. Z Diseased kidneys
do ' not, and the poisonous waste
matter is carried by the circulation
? to every part of the body, causing
dizziness, backache; 1 1 oto a c in
troubie, .sluggiihlliver," Irregular
heart action, etc. , -
If you have any signs of Kidney
or Bladder trouble commence tak
;at once, as it will cure a slight dis
order in a few days and prevent
a fatal malady. It is pleasant to
take and benefits the whole system.
'f- ;:: 'J-r- flow to Find OuL";:';v -: -
. vi acllv determlna if vonr kld
ceys c-re out of order Dy setting asiaa i
f yr 24 honrs bottle of tha urine passed e
unon arisine. If upon eaamlnation It
Is clondy or milky or has a brick-dust
sediment or small particles float about
In It. vour kidneys aro diseased, and
1 OLEY'S KIDNEY CURE should bo
Ukea at nce.-;;;'! :y,y :s.j;
Q. O. Barltaaa Taatlflaa Aftar ."';"
fur Year. . iv-'-'-:'i
C B. earftiat tf CirlUle Cotter, N. T.wrlteK-'
-About four rears sge I wroie ron mow
f i,-t been entirely owed of a severe ktdnef
" --mi uie l wkliis lea than two bottle of Folert
. t.f-v Cure. It entirely oiopped the brick--t
.wllment and pain sod symptoouof kidser
-.i.e o i appeared. I am S"leo to say that I
... , American Leagie
. St Xxuls S, New Tork 0.
Chicago S, Boston 1. .
Cleveland 4, Washington 1. ,
Philadelphia S, Detroit 1.
.. -- National League.-.
. Chicago S, New Tork 1.
Boston IS, St Louis 6.
Brooklyn S. Cincinnati. ' ;
Philadelphia S, Pittsburg 2.
Northwestern League.
Seattle 7. Vancouver, I.
Tacoma 1, Aberdeen S.
go on.
- Freddie Cole and Walter Little fie-ht
16 rounds at Fort Wayne, Indians, to-
nigni. xony capem and Billy Papke
ngni is rounas at jjavenport, Iowa,
Tho world's amateur rolf ehamnlon
ship games begin tpday at St, Andrews,
pv -:.-. . i : -.-. m e ,. 5...,v. ;t-
'. mi . . -
im arrangements nave Dean com
pieted for the match for-the Dwlght
r. ijavia cup, representing the Interna-
uonai wwn Tennis chamDlonshio.
Tho preliminary games between the
Australian and Amerloan teams will be
v.1 n ..... ,r. U1 . a ... . . .
xuuuiia n iuj ii, io ana
leV and the challenge match between
the winners and tho English team wilt
be played July 20. 22 and 22.
It is the opinion of experts that the
Americans have a better chance of win
ning than they ever have had since the
cup came to England.
Sportsmen : and anglers who have
known of the fishing and bunting, as
well ss the pleasant surroundinrs of
Pelican Bay lodge, on Klamath lake.
will hear with regret that the resort
will not be thrown open to the nubile
this Year, as It Is now owned b A H.
Holablrd of California, who has turned
it into a private huntlnr loda-e.- Mr.
Rice, the former lessee under Mr. Ken
dall, will have charge. Mr. Holablrd
will spend a considerable sum of money.
on me premises, ana proposes to make
it the finest private hunting and fish
ing preserve-in tno state. -
A notable polo team Is to make Its
appearance in England this oeason. It
Is from Spain and with reason is called
the Dukes' team. It Is composed of the
Duke of Santo, the Duke of Peneranda,
tne Duke of Alba and the Marquis of
Vllleavleja. ' $ : . . . : .
The Spanish grandees will bring with
them their own polo ponies which have
strong strain of Arab blood and are
said to be ideal polo ponies. They are
confident they will bo able to hold their
own with tho - beat of tho English
teams, , " J
The Park Blocks want a game for
next Sunday with any nine of players
under IS years, of ago. CaU up Wood-
lawn B70. 1 1 ...
-v. w--p-a.:.-a ;;A,K, ,
The Villas wUl play Oreshsm on the
Montavilla grounds next Sunday after
noon, Another game win probably be
played on the Montavilla grounds in the
morning; -The game scheduled for last
Sunday between the Villas and the Bun
ker Hills was called off on account Of
rato. . , v
After an extended trip through' the
far east, Robert . J. Cook, the famous
Tale oarsman and coach. Inventor of
the "Bob Cook stroke," has returned to
this country. It Is. believed Mr. Cook
while abroad italked over the plans for
an International boat race between the
winner of the Tale-Harvard and Oxford
Cambridge boat races. . - - :.-
The Portland. Auto Dealers' associa
tion win ' hava a ' hill-cllmblng oontest
on June IV A commute, r the dealers
took a run over the hills yesterday and
selected the route. , '
The climb wlU be over a road witn ai
evade averaatna about 4 per cent The!
start will be made at Scholl'a Firry.
In Washington county, and . tne uniaa
will be at the Mount Zlon schoolhouso,
two and a half miles away. The suborn-
houso Is only about a quarter of a mile
from the end of the Portland Helghta
earlin and -those -who wish to se the
finish can easily do so by walking a
short dlatance.from the end of tho Una.
The contest promises to be aa exciting
one, as many .of the dealers will enter
cara It wlU prooaDiy. do neia in ins
afternoon."'- v ,v ' "'
Tho foute has several extra dips and
difficult-horseshoe curve, which wUl
Insure the most thorough test of tho
hlll-cllmblng abUlty of local machlnea I
' Sealers' SUoe Xoe Off. t '
The dealers' race meet which was
scheduled for May SO at tho Irvingtoa
track, has been postponed on account
of tho orobablo sal of tho track prop
erty. The Barney Oldfleld racing meet.
which Is planned for June it. may not
take place for the same reason. It is I
believed, however, that th business deal
wlU be straightened -out within a few
daya and that th track can be secured
fcr the later date.- The dealers now
contemplsto holding their races Jointly
with the Portland Auto ciud.
Th - run to Latourelle , Falls, which
was postponed last Sunday. on account!
of bad weather, win b taken next Bun
day. During th week arrows wUl be
placed along ths rout by George Klelser
so that none of th motorists mar miss
th road. Th distance to Latourelle I
Falls la 2S miles.- .
Enough entries already ar la pro-1
poet to Insure ths success of th "sealed
hood" contest, scheduled tor June 11-22
by th . Automobile - Club of America;
but no great number of assorted cars
Th conditions for th
contest promts to mako It rather ex
clusive. Jsmes Joyce, father of the 1
"sealed hood" Idea, ahowed his sincerity
by being th first entrant with a 4.0-
horsepower - Berllet H says that a
truly good car should have no trouble
In running three -days wlthoat having
to lift the hpnnet, and-that this la th
sort of a test that should be provided
for high-grade cars.- s. ,
Under an amendmentto th bylaws
Joints the American Automobile assocla-
a club of 100 or more members which
tlon may organise as a state assocla-I
tlon. This the Colorado Automobile club
has done. It being; th only club In th
stat. ' .'.: '',.v". r.'-f.-'-.v'-
How lacking In observation of detail
Is the Average person la shown by th I
fact that all air-cooled cars bear i
obvious sign of their character which ,
Is unknown to many. In Ulustratlon:
A man who has been a mtorist for years
sat In a clubhouse window and asked
of a companion: "What car is that r
The machine in Question was standing
nearly 100 yardo away. Th on inter
rogated replied: "I can't tell what make
it la. I think It's a Corbln, but I know
it Is an air-cooled car." ; Tho veteran
came back at him quickly, asking how
he could tell It was an air-cooled carl
at that . distance. , Th observing on
answered; . "Because It has - no water
cap on top at th front end of th hood."
$8.75 for Men's $1 5 Suits.
At the Chicago Clothing; Co., S9-T1 Third
street, you should go ther before
thinking of buying elsewhere.
gtl If energy and ambition
Z.: are lacking :. .
T 11 the mind la dull. Inactive orde-
g prewed sad trifling aaaoyaaces
irritate and exasperate, then tha
LIVER la in trouble. The avateat
? i clogged with undigested- and
It Is practically settled that an Inter-
I national track and field athletlo meet
i o a III- vrATmhtV """"" "uu muru, repreeeni
BALL GAME YESTERDAY lng America, and Oxford snd Cam-
i Dnage, ; representing n,ngiana, win do
. . , V. .u.. . v w. n
. turlns the four years that have elapsed.
, I am evidently eured to stay eurea. and
renommend Foley's Kidney Cure M any
..ins I rem kidney or bladder robla
Twa diss, C3sand 100.
Th train carrying th Los
Angeles ball players did not or-
rlvs- until 4 o'clock yesterday .
afternoon and, therefore, .there
Was no gam at Recreation park.
The first game of th series will.
be played .today and tho post-
poned game may be played In a,
double-header next Suaday. '
' Callff and Donahue will form
the battery , for Portland and
Walter Nagle will probably 4
pitch for the visitors. Umpire
Derrick - has returned from his
wedding in the Sound city and Is
expected to don his old clothes
i again today.; , . , ; .
' The " H1U ' Military academy and ' the
Columbia university ' are scheduled to
play a game of the Interscholastic series
on Multnomah field this afternoon at
J -
held some time In July. The principal
point which remains to be settled Is the
status or tne itnoaes scholars at Ox
Th Engllnsh universities are not
disposed to permit them to vbe barred
from -. the ' contest .'. They declare that
these men," even If they are Americans.
aro bona ride undergraduates and there
fore should by rights be Included In
th athletlo assets of their alma mater.
The exact date of the meet also remains
to be settled. As academlo duties ar
not finished at Oxford and Cambridge
before the end of .June, It will not be
likely fixed before lat In July or early
in August '
'Itching, bleeding, protruding or blind
piles yield to Doan s Ointment. Chronic
cattes soon relieved, finally, cured. Drug
gists aell It . '
$1.00 for men's 22.50 whit and fancy
vests, the Chicago Clothing Co 12-71
Third atret. ' , . A
DeCasf ro's Sacred BarkTea '
la the best remedy for UVE aaj
troubles. It increases both energy . 4S)
sad ambition and induces health-' eS
iiu sieep. . it is
- to vans as ah urar stores.
m - .. sooauetana eample Free.
--VV- y?t fJ 'r ' or roiTum otsom
: ' Immrtmltd and CkiHni imitr
"nnHE survival of the fittest is'perhap3 truer
JL of cipra than of 'anything else. Only
' cigars of genuine value and fine quality
can Burvivo competition year, after year.- . xwew
brands wiay be good but old brands you cro surd'
jL ere the best you can get.;:S
:M V 'Oldest and Best" ; ' - -;' ft
For over thirty years this iWbecn tta lxx&t
product of an old established factory, always
one of the best kiiown nd most popular 'high
grade cigars offeredlhe public." Made in various .
; sizes, sold at 2 for. 25'cents, 8 for 25 ccnt3 end :
1 10 cents straight" .: & 'ri: 'SyJ'-1
We regards the Chancellor ca being; cuch ,
splendid quality as. to deserve the distinction of
the merit mark which we have
placed on it to identify it with the
brands that benefit by our modern
I nianufacturing methods. . ? v j :;
t i
llanufactera1 '
' nrr u-TWTf a n A rvwn ' J
tmttmOk Aim Wmfi aVwswsw
X. S. ShaM, SmUarf . I
Wok&snitkr.PrM. g. H. Owen Oaal WriT !
a,M.ObSMraUfy K.I.Sunl OMtluSi )
iLoag tt Iwtk Otumd Cosaes! '
Pwdaad Chamber af Ci mm
roRlaa Board af TrU
- : ' kinHINCXI . ,:
On pa Traa sad rbp Bank rwUtadOw,
Tke Brmim( Ciaisaa,
B. & Dm Ca. Ciasaiirlsl i cr -
. , Sfi subs se yieauie we e set MM . .
'Wi ghre yas s siaaie eW 1 Lm m a t
Cm. rsatfeUM W SlMth wW0sJ
lMga wti ivv (I
i ' "
Tbe eoly Gbtoese womaa aiedlcal
Soctoc la tbls city. - She aae
enrtd - siaay afflicted saff.nre, .
Curad private end . female 41
eaMe, " alas aatbma, tltroat and
tang tron bU.; stomaeb, bladder
and kldo.y aad dlaauM of all
kloda -tbat tbe bomia flMh is
betr te. Csred by CfaloM. barbs
aad roots.. Remadtea haralm,
Mo opera tlnna. Hone.1 freatmoat.
- i sxAMor ations raiE. -
Mi Glar StrMC Oorn.r TbtM.
KEST0RB8 TITAtlTT Rave eared tbosaaada
ef caaM of Nervoaa- Debility and insomnia.
Tbey elear tbe brats, streaftbea tbe clrenlatlon.
stake dlgastloa serfeet and Impart a masnetle
vigor to tbe wool, being. AH drain, and loaies
stopped permanently. 11.00 pr boa, bote.
gaaranteed- te core of refund money, $5. If tiled
sealed.' Book free. Peralaa bled. Co.. osj .
Arcb It, Philadelphia. Sold te Portland eoly
by Woodward. Clark A Co.
BM tieea aSKd by ailllntti of Hothera for
i enuaren wmie leeuunc ior vtw i inj i wn.
)-lt sootbas tne child, sortens be gams, allaye
U pain, eons wind eolio, and is tne Scat
NnMrtr rnrdiarrhma. -
and other drag habits are positively eured Dy
HABITINA For nypodermio or internal nae.
amDle sent to any draff habitue by
I mail, iterular price S2
at yonrdrussiator by
Oatta Cbessleal Co.,
rular price S2.00 per Dottle
in iv
rr I
Tor sale b gkldmera Sru Oa..
t Portland, - One on. - . . ' .
Dlam wrapper. -
St Ixrals, Me '
Ul Iblid,
W ' V .. . .... JT
Afwaya Bay
QjltBjf Collars
- "tmsv aoarv aaaea aa asnoar ;
H.M--LlNocoKQ"reit MmoBbeJea
aajr le bauos. sweat te sold.
aaa. a. taa a aa, mtmm -.raav, a. .
' xaaxBATiov tabx, 1
Comer TaacHa aaa Twaaty-foarth. .
MAY 82, 83, 84, 85, 8&
,. Game Called al 3:80 p. tn. Dally. '
" Gam Called- at 2:80 p. m. Sundays.
, Ton aaa sow make your arrangemeata to visit the. , ? ',
Or any other point in the east, this summer, and take advantage of
the very low ROUNDTRlP rates that bare just been fixed upon by
Chlcaf 1 ..7. . . .$71 JflC $85.00
St'Louia. . . . . .. ; ..$67 JO ' $81.00
St Paul $63.15 $81.40
A Cfreet routes both ways.
omaiui.'. .$aoo , $73.50
Sloax City. 4 .... . . $60.00 $73 JO
Kansas City. $60.00 $73.15
B One-way through California.
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.- Tea days allowed for going trip, to days for return. VJto-
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agust 8, a, 101 atoptsnbea 11, 10, 13,
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CorresvoadUur reduction In rates from tha dtlsa aamsd to 7amestowa
aad return, ror full particulars Ingulra of . .
: Oeaeral rasseager Agent 'i , City Ticket Aremt, -.-.
Third and Washlstoa atreets..
Dr. gaadersoa's Oomponna gavla -"and
Cotton Boot Pill. Tbe bert
and only reliable remedy for D
LAXBD PERIODS. Care tbe bimI
Price t per bos. nulled la rlala wrapper.
Addresa Dr. T. J. PIIBCH. 181 rirat atreet.
Pottlaad. Oresoa.
WUl be beld In Portland, in tbe lecture roots
of the Portland Library,' Jane 28 to 29, In
elailre. Tbe terma of admission, fees, ex
pensea and privileges In any or all department
of the University m be toarud from St
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oa applicatkw to tbe Secretary, v -
iHarrard Pnlveraity, Cmbrldte. jfjga.
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and -ether vomrn who wl.h to take tbe HamM
Bxamlnatfcma will be examined In Portland, at
tbe tame time aa the candidates for admiailna
to Harvard Vnlrenlty. All Information wltb
regard to - tbeM examinations mar - be bad oa -application
to tbe Secretary of Badcllffa Col-
leg., Cambridge, Han.