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New Idaho Law Upheld by Judge
Fremont Wood In the Trial
of Haywood. . ;.....;
Keen Attorney for Defense IU Al
most Hypnotio Power In Forcing
' Truth From CnUUt for Jury
Duty In Famous Murder Cue.
" By George H. Sboaf.
(Staff Correspondent Appeal to Reason.)
' 1 BolM, Idaho, May . IlWhaa, Judge
, wooa instructed counsel ror tne state
to proceed with the exercise of their
. sixth peremptory challenge la the Hay.
, wood trial yesterday, Attorney Richard-J
eon of the defense, aroae and submitted!
ev formal objection to the procedure.
Attorney Richardson's remarks were I
made with .considerable emphasis and I
. Indicated a depth of feeling that Is a
marked characteristic of every lawyer
, connected with this ease. lie objected
to the state using- ,the sixth challenge
en the ground that the new law author
lslnr It II an ex post faoto law and had
fore at the time the crime charred I
against the defendant Is alleged to have
been committed. He , further declared
.' , that If the challenge was allowed by
. the court the trial of Defendant Hay
wood would not then be conducted ee
,. - cording to due process of law, , but
would be in deflanoe of the law and of
the federal constitution which guaran
tees every cltlsen proteotlon within car-
. nun limits.- -. - :
At the conclusion of Richardson's re-
, marks the court overruled the ohleo-
',, tlons. and ordered the prosecution to
proceea. An exception was preserved,
' - :; Sunn 2Eypaotlo Vewex. 'rl
... Questioning of . talesmen by the de-1
fense continued with unabated fervor I
after the disposition of Richardson's ob
. Jectlons. G 8. Darrow . conducted : the
examination for the defense throughout
the entire day, while W. E, Borah han.J
died: the situation for the state. Dar-
- rows proneness to stand near the tales
men as bs piled them with questions
drew criticism from the court several
times.- The Chicago lawyer appeals I
'. more to the conscience of the Juror I
unaer examination than to the tntelleot
and In his effort to Induce the Juror to
lay bare bis exact state of mind and his
. " attitude toward .the defendant on trial
be. appears to resort to the hypnotic
' power of suggestion. A score of oues-l
lions, oeiicate and leading, are put with I
a sum mat is truly marvelous and In
., nearly every Instance, when Darrow Is
: ' through. It Is plain that he has got to I
the bottom or the Juror's soul..
This method of Darrow's was vividly
. Illustrated In bis cross-examination of
;' John Fisher, Juror No, 10. Fisher had
' been passed for cause , Saturday, y but
' o wing to recent . developments . he was
. grilled again yesterday, In the exam
- lnatlon Saturday Fished denied that he I
ever talked with any one about the easel
at any time since the murder of Steun-
enberg. Today, Darrow, in- his, inlmio- j
able way, led Fisher through a masel
of questions to a .final i admission that
: He did talk with some one some where I
-, last , fall Further ' questioning . led
; , Fisher to admit that the talk occurred
1 In bis orchard during the month of Oc
tober last, and, finally, the Juror made
, a clean breast of the situation and gave
the name of the man with whom ,he had I
the Ulk. . - . . . ,
Ooademnsd Vntom Men., A.,
,., When , this point was reached the
Juror denied that he" told' the 'man that
"Meyer, Haywood and Pettlbone ought
to have been strung up before they were
brought to Idaho for having blown op
the Independence depot." but later on In
the course of the examination he ad
, mltted that he did use such language.
When CP. Allen, the man with whom
Fisher had the talk, was introduced to
the court,' he t first denied knowing
him, but in few moments his memory
was clarified by Darrow and he reoog
nlsed Allen perfectly. In the beginning
of the execution Fisher asserted that
his mind was free from bias , for or
against the Western Federation, of
' Miners, but toward the close he said
that he believed that the miners' union
' was responsible for many murders com
? rained in Colorado and Idaho. - - f -
While Darrow led Juror Fisher to tell
the truth and make plain his attitude
toward' Defendant : Haywood bis in
- fluence-with the court did not appear
to amount to much.' His challenge, de-
: riled by the prosecution, was also denied
: by the court, and If the defense gets
lid of Juror Fisher, who so openly de-
dared his antagonism against the West
' era Federation of Miners In general and
Haywood in particular, they will have to
.Use a peremptory challenge. ;
John F. whltlock was the last tales'
I ' fl'sni examined before adjournment et
court at :S0 o'clock.
:: ;:v,;:s:svi-'x'S--'-- 1
(Joenul Special Berries.)
' New York, .May 21. Alfred- Slm
' monds has been placed on trial before
- Judge .Dike in the county : court tn
..Brooklyn on n ; indictment charging
grand larceny. Edward ., Stone rwas
: v olntly indicted with Slmmonds, but they
decided to be tried separately. The com
j. plaining witness Is Emil Arnold of San
Francisco.'' ; -
c Arnold met a man at Broadway and
-I Wall street who introduced . himself as
i E. A. Myers and induced Arnold to go
' to Coney Island. At Roseben's hotel
they met. Slmmonds and Stone, who got
Arnold to match pennies for money.
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Br manifest fraud the men got $1,000
from - Arnold.-- '
District ' Attorney Clarke said he, in
tended to show that the two men and
Myers, who escaped arrest, were mem
bers of a gigantic . swindling syndicate
that operated all over the country. The
pollc fouvd In Slmmonds' trunk copies
of the American Bank Reporter, a' score
of letters regarding various . kinds of
swindling and a quantity of fake money.
The aistnct attorney ordered a. man
1 LS
'The Best Scorlsjj Soap Zladt i
- - '...if
named Dickson out of the court room.
Other men, else euppeaed -to -be mem
bers of the gang, took the hint to leave.
, - (Special Dispatch 4e The JooraaL) :,?
Boise. Idaho. May- II. Pursuant to
an act of the last- legislature, the head
quarters of the G. A. B, deparbnent
or laano, nave Deen movea rrom aown
town to quarters prepared for them in
the state oapltol, with Assistant Adju
tant Oaneral M. IX. Barber ia charge.
The legislature made a liberal appronri
tlon to maintain thin department. . It
was the feeling, that the old . veterans
should have received this , recognition
long ago and people generally heartily
approve the action of the legislature.
t ' , " A Scouring Soap',.
A Metal Polish.
, A Glass Cleaner
. - t
, . - Tax CoUections In Clatoop. '
Astoria," Or- May 1.-Sheriff Pome-
roy has submitted his report of col
lections on the 19 OS tax rott, as fol
lows: ' Amount . collected prior to April
1. $243,28120:: rebates. I6.98M2: col-
lected during April, f 1,178.03; errors and
double assessments, 141.11. Total, 1250,
84T. .iiwiO--ri-
Boise Boslness Men's Excursion.
Boise, Idaho, May 11. The Boise
Commercial club la soon' to run a busi
ness men's excursion to Council. Idaho.
A large number of Boise people will
Join it. Council Is in the ; northern
part of Washington ccinty oh the new
rail line that will connect sorta and
south Idaho. , . i ,
President Does Not Want Third
''Term Because He Fears I
Financial Panic
(W.Mhlnctoa Bnreae of The JoarosL) - .
Washington,' May 21. General Powell
Clayton of Arkansas - seems to have
offered n argument S why President
Roosevelt will not accept a third term
which has been adequate the danger of
a business depression curing tne en.
suing six years, which would be with
in the time of his service where he re
elected in 10S. ' . v-''f .
Conservative observers ao not take a
lugubrious view of the financial situa
tion whenjudgin ttrrom legitimate
viewpoints. No reason for s severe de
pression appears today, nor la likely to
for many year to come. , .::?-
But. It is cited, recently there was a
rich man's panic on the Wall street
stock exchange,' and there may be oth
ers ot the same sort.; Those who are
wedded to the old methods of stock
issues and manipulation might take it
into their beads to visit punishment on
the sowers that bs tor interfering with i
their schemes and planning to put an
end te their exploitation et the people's
labor. - - "
Such a contingency has been consid
ered at the White House, and it is not
probable that ' President Roosevelt will
care to remain In of floe long enough
to faoe the political consequences which
would flow ,. from the oncoming of
depression while he was president-
General Clayton recently gave an tn
torview to . the oasette's Waahlngton
correspondent, in which he said that he
believed - Mr. Roosevelt really desired
that someone else bo the candidate ot
the Republican party next year; that
he believed the president's reason for
this was his fear lest there be business
troubles and his reelection in 1108 be
by a lessened majority than he received
in 1904. put that he also believed that
the president would be "drafted as a
eandldate'Vf gainst his will, ; -
- (Speetsl Dlipatch t The Joaratl.)
Astoria, Or., May 81. News has
reached here that the man who was
shot by Bill Black at McOowan Satur
day evening was R. Bloch. Black was
arraigned In Justice' court yesterday at
Chinook, charged with" assault with
dangerous weapon. He pleaded not
guilty, and the eae was continued un
til next 8aturday with bond fixed at
C Balch. who' was arrested for rais
ing a check from 8T.T8 to 170.80 and
passing it on Blaok, was also arraigned
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in Justice court and held to awnlt t'i
action of te superior court with ti-. 1
at .1
( -