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For the Fines!
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'Tin flowhov mul tha Ladr'
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'BrowD'f In Towa
,,"Tba BllTf King'
The North Coast Co-Operatlve Lum
ber company thai a handsome picture
of a section of fir tree owned by it.
hlch It baa bad reproduced in another
... part of toUay'a paper. This company
, baa tor a couple if yeara been engaged
in buying and Belling timber, and man
- ufacturlng and exporting lumber, to the
great profit of the shareholder of the
enterprise. In lact, on all Bides there
Is a cry fc: timber lands, and as the
o North Coast people have a corps of
cruisers regularly engaged to search the
- forest of the state , for merchantable
lumber trees, and spy out the owners
of scattering Quarter sections, It is well
w equipped to handle all the reins of the
business that lead to profitable invest
: menu In this direction.. Its plans pro
vide for the Issuance of shares at 11
each, hundred, say. in abunch, pay
. able f 4 down and 4 per month, and
th profits of the combination are dl-
vlded semi-annually. Those buying
shares within the next few days have
the additional advantage of participate
. Ing in the October dividends, which will
' amount to a considerable sum. The
company's Office In the Realty Trust
building, southeast corner Second and
Washington, is the citadel of some
large, deals in lands that are heavily
timbered, and theee seres, when logged
off. will constitute some of the richest
' t uMt in the state Thus two profits
re made in most of its transactions.
one on the timber and the other on the
' ; land. - Be sure and read it ad. oday.
, The United States ClvU Service' com
' mission announces examinations to se
( cure ellglbles from which to fill va
canclea in positions as follows: .For
.expert steam fitter, f 1.000, June 6, tor
service .in quartermasters aeparemem,
-' United States mllltarv prison. Fort
' Leavenworth; Kansas; for aid, 1800, end
' laboratory apprenUces. 4o to ,
June , for service in bureau of stand
ards denartment of commerce end la
.".' bor; for marine fireman ' on Pacific
' coast, any time before June 11, experi
ence practically only requirement ana
for computer, 1800 to 11,000, June I and
6, for service at the Naval observatory.
-Washington, D. C. Further Information
regarding thes etamlnations may be
had by communicating wun wt post'
. master in any targe cuy.
V The first political rally of tha cam
' patgn will be beld at Selling-Hlrsch ball
' Tuesday nigh t - under the auspices of
' , . the - Union Republican club. AH the
nominees of the Republican ticket will
be nresent at the meeting and will make
'''speeches and tell what they will do
Central Committee of Union
, Labor Party to Meet Next
Wednesday to Plan. .
Union labor politicians are preparing
to nut their Union Labor party ticnei jn
the field and candidates for different
offices are beginning, to launch , their
booms with the members or tne pariy.
Wednesday night next the central
committee of the Union Labor party
will meet for consideration of the plans
for nominating the ticket. . It la poselble
that the full ticket from mayor down
may be nominated then, but if it Is not
a mass meeting; will be called for Friday
night, wi-aa the nominations wui
made. - '
M. J, Drlsooll. candidate for' council
man at larae, and H. A. Beldlng, candi
data from the Sixth ward, having; re
eelved the anti-primary indorsement, and
having been nominated at the primaries,
will be pu: on the ticket. H. G. Parsons.
who was Indorsed for councilman
lare-e. will also be named tor the place
on the union ticket. M. J. Allen will be
another candidate for councilman at
large. Robert Henderson will represent
the First ward on the ticket, and 8. C.
Klna- the sourth v ward, wnno tu
Shlrad will be tha nominee for , city
treasurer. - .
No avowed candidates for nomination
for mayor, city attorney, municipal
judge or city auditor have been brought
Into prominence as yet,' but It ' is ex
pected that several ' booms will be
launched the first two days of tha week.
for the city if elected. All the candi
dates for nomination who met with de-
-. feat at tha primaries have been Invited
- to ba present and assist in cementing
.the bonds of fraternity ana narmony.
.The guiding hands of the Union club
predict that the rally will be a love
, least ana productive or mucn gooa.
Interest to mothers Do your children
complain of eyestrain or watering? If
a. a test made by Dr. Evelyn Dudley,
experienced optician, will determine if
child la in need of glasses. Dr. Dudley
makes especial study of children's eye
defects. ? Muscle trouble wl th children
or grown people la often the cause of
severe headaches, aiplophia or aoutxe
r vision. Offices 711-711 Bwetland build-
lng where ahs will be pleased to see her
. Old patrons as well as new. Hours a
to L . Sundays II to I. . Phone 67.
' - W, C Kelm. California manager Wr
. the Towle Syrup company, left last
' evening for San Francisco. Mr. Kelm
waa formerly connected with the Fos
ter Klelser company and ma visit
here waa one of business and pleasure.
' The Art museum wiir be open this
' afternoon from I to ft. The arts and
crafts exhibit in the upper rooms and
'the naintlnga in tha lower gallery win
be open for inspeclon, , No admission
will be charged. u , v
Attorney Harry O. Hoy, who has been
associated with various title abstract
companies of Portland for the paat two
years, has opened a suite of offices at
Marsh "eld, Oregon, where he wlll prac
tice law.
T. H. McCallen. secretary . of the
American Mutual and Benefit aasocia
tlon, waa married In Victoria, B, C,
Frldav evening. Mr. and Mrs. McCal
len will be at home in thla city after
May 20. . .
Mrs.' ' Millie R. Trumbull ' will apeak
upon "Work for Socialist Mothers", at
Alls:?-' hall tonight at 8 o'clock. Open
discussion- afterwards of special Inter
est to women. The publlo is invited.
jt, f-Thla will remind yo that now la the
tima ta have vour hair mattresses reno
I ' vated and returned the same day. Phone
I ; Main 474. The Portland Curled Hair
Vi . ; Factory, H. Metsger, proprietor.
TH TVasnington lump coai, price
per ton. It is clean and good. Ask
. your dealers for It. t
Mr..T. R. T. Schikora, formerly with
the Jacobs-Stlne company, is now asso-
New Spring Novelties
It Is ever our slim to secure the
newest : and - most up-to-date
novelties. Just such novelties
as are always in greatest de
mand. There is no other.' ,
store in' , Portland that gives
greater attention or makes a
specialty of beautiful novelties
as does Heitkemper's. We have
always; been very successful in
selecting what was most want- ;
ed, and J your5 selection at our,
store will exceed those - made .
jjywhere else.' unique ana ex-;
Inclusive designs are possessed in
our greatest varieties, of beau
tifuf and exquisite hair and
back combs, many of which are :
imported. Bracelets, Necklaces
Beads, Purses, Beauty Pins,
.Card Cases 'and -innumerable
-articles. ,
Children's Bracelets frpm $1.50
to $5.00. . .
Our goods are superior qual
ity, good values and the largest "
assortments from which to se
lect. . j . .
Unparalleled Satisfaction.
Leweet-pried Jrwtlrr hrae for t tee goods
elated wltfirMr. George & Underwood,
the real estate arm, corner Fourth and
Stark, as manager of the suburban de
partment. He will have full charge of
the Virginia Heights addition, on Coun
cil Crest: also of the Edgewood addl
tlon, and continue to sell Rose City Park
property. - -
. Last of the Sunday excurelons "be
tween Portland and Seaside via A. St C
R. will be Sunday. June I. After that
data the $1.60 round, trip rate will be
withdrawn.. ; -;-.;';''
Genuine harness sales are few and
far between, and never before baa light
harness been sold so low as now at the
Keller Harness Co, sale, 4t North Sixth
street, ..f.y-:" ':'
Allen's Kushlon Komfort shoes have
a new Idea in shoe construction that la
different from any other kind. , See.
them, at 40S Morrison street.
Mre. Walter V. Bruce, graduate Ott
School of expression. Chicago. Teacher
of expression and spoken English. , 4S1
Ash street Telephone East 4111. .
Portland ' Shoe Repairing Co., ,111
Yamhill street, between . Third " and
Fourth streets, for good and quick
work. Bausr at Stoppen. "-
Stereoptlcon lecture by the Women
of the Bible. Bt. James' English L.utn
eran churoh. West Park and Jefferson
streets, Sunday evening. ; .,
, W. A. Wise. U P. WUe, H. A. Stdrde-
v&nt, dentists. Third and Washington.
Main v,",v;; 'T : ::
Lery'a Muslo Bouse, III Fifth street
Union Grand club will give another
vaudeville and Unce May 1 4, Burk
hardt'a hall, corner Union avenue and
East Burnalde. . .V--.:. x -; 1 : ;t -:: -
Steamer Jesse Harklna. for Camaa,
Washougal and way landings, dally ex
eept Sunday. Leavea Washington street
dock I p. m. ,-.. S -.v.". J .'
Why pay more?" Metsger fit your
eyes for II. 141 Wash. St, cor. 7 th.
formerly t 111 SUth street .
The Loose Card Book company, (
Sixth street phone Pacifle 434. Office
and society printing a specialty.
The Foreetry club meets with Mrs.
Lawrence Hubert, 1065 Vaughn street
Dr. M. Monte Bettman. dentist baa
returned. Office 401-4-1 SweUand
buUdlnc, '
Eastm.-.n kodaks and supplies! L
Leeser Cohen, 111 (th, the Kodak store.
Dr. William Cavanaugh, dentist has
moved his office to 40 J-4 Buchanan bldg.
Acme OH Co. sells th best" safety eoal
eU and fine gasoline. Phone. East Til.
EL W. Moore, expest photographer.
Elks building. Seventh and Stark Sta.
Dr. M. Monte' Bettman, dentist has
returned. Office 40 J-4-1 Bwetland bldg.
See us for terrains. Mont Chris to
Real Estate Co., 121 Fifth.
For adoption, a healthy girl baby.
weeka old,;. Main 741.
Dr. Frank Q. Freeberger, 104-1 Bwet
land building. - , -
Committees Appointed to Enter
tain .Masons Returning From .
Los Angeles. -
Special Trains Wfll Continue to Ar
. " rive With Shrinera 'From. Los
r Angeles All Next Week Antoa
, Are) Wanted by Committee. .
At a' meeting; held In Masonic
temple arrangeraenta were made to re
oelve and entertain the many large dele
gations of Myetlo Shrinera, who, return
ing via Portland from the annual meet
ing at Los Angeles, will stop over for a
day In this city next week. The Los
Angeles convention closes tonight and
special- trains conveying the delegates
will be started eastward tomorrow.
Those who came west via the southern
route will return via tha northern route
and vice versa. V' .' -i ':'1
Tha following committees have been
appointed by Potentate D. W, Taylor:
A. M. Knapp. H. Beck with, H. Wll-
lett George C. Bartlett F. A. BaUln.
L. G. Carpenter. Jamea P. Moffett John
Bet ts,- George JU Baker. H. M. Bush, A.
H. Bill, A. O. Bachrodt J. W. Brown,
A. J. Farmer, E. G. Jones, G. W. Phelps,
John Flnley, H. J. Boyd. R. E. L. Sim
mons, a, p. palmer, J. A. McQulnn, J
H. Kelly, Dr. O. C Blaney, E. D.
Jorgensen, , P. Johnson. . W. Davis,
O. . 8. Cutler, A- T. Beach, T. ,W.
vree; ana, as a reception committee at
the union station; J. W. Pratt, J. 1
Werleln, J, W. Cook, P. 8. Malcolm.
Captain Pease, Henry Roe, John An
nanda. D. G. Tomastnl, Dr. Ernest Bar
ton, J. F, Booths, Dr. J. F. Drake, Past
Grand Master Thomas Gray, Slg. Slohel,
George Hasen, H. A. Beldlng, Jamea N.
Davis, W. J. Fullam, C. F. Welgand,
H. J. Mclnnls, J. E. Acheson, H. .L
Hamilton, W. H. Lang, H. H. KJar.n.
and A. I Carlson, to receive the visit
ors at Portland hotel headquarters.
Mrs. Henry Rowe will act as chairman
of the ' women's reception . committee,
which will consist of all wives and
daughters of AI Kader temple. H. Beck
with and O. W. Hasen were appointed
transportation committee.
Portland Elks lodge tendered the use
of lis elegant quarters for the entertain
ment of the visiting Shrinera, but other
arrangements ' had ' already oeea made.
and tha temple gave the Elks a unani
mous vote of thanks accompanying Its
declination. - :
The first special train to arrive here
will have on board the Imperial po
tentate and other prominent " officials
and members of the Mystlo Shrine.
They are expected here aome time next
Tuesday morning. ' Special train .. ar
rivals will then continue at least until
next Friday. - -
Shrinera or Al Kader Temple having
automobilea are. requested to plaoe
them with the transportation commit
tee, if it can be done without incon
venience to themselves." r. V ?- r
It Is very desirable to have a fine
display of cut flowers about the bead
quarters, and though It is somewhat
early to do the subject full Justice, It
is nevertheless quite possible that many
of the members may have some tor the
good or ta cause. . The potentate and
officers therefore request all who may
have a small supply of flowers to bring
them to : the headquarters and turn
them over to the committee, who will
look after tha proper distribution,
All are requested' to keep In close
touch with the officers, chairmen of
the committees and the news columns
of the- dally press.
We pride ourselves on the ex-:
eeptionat quality of , our- bread
and pastry fLour. v.5;
We carry the very choicest
kinds of flour, ready in any de
sired quantity. We sell all the
famous 3 brands which are not
best because most advertised,
but most advertised because
best ' Our stock is kept fresh'
and dry, and you'll notice the
difference it makes in your bak
ing, first time, you try it ;:. .
Our " prompt delivery V tavei
many a bake day, too.
' 210 THIRD ST. , 'V.
bldg. , .
lotions Hudson, x Maeleay
Gowns. Madame MoClure company. '
' Dv Chambers, optician, ill Seventh. .
Berger Signs IJ4 TatfehllV Phona.,
.Photo mounts. Wood worth, 14H 1st
Good $1.80 shoes.. Marks Shoe Co.
Klser scenic photos. Imperial hotel.
$10,000.00 Worth of Property Disposed;
of la Opening Sale,
Whitwood Court a 200-acre tract re
cently placed on sale by the SU Johns
Land Co., through R. Shepard and H. G.
Ogden of St. Johns, appears to have met
with wonderful i success. 0 110,000.00
worth of lots and acreage were reported
sold at the opening sale, Thla property
la located on tne St Helen's boulevard,
near Claremont Tavern and the Wil
lamette, opposite St Johns, and will
Coming to the Oaks. ...
Of all the splendid bands which have
entertained the vast crowds at the Chi
cago White City this season, says tha
Chicago' Evening Post the Imperial
Hungarian Hussars easily take pre
cedence, having proven a revelation in
every respect both to management and
patrons who accord It universal and un
stinted praise. This band is the only
one whose engagement has ben ex
tended and is now closing tha season
In a blase of glory, fj: .'."..
It la distinctly a military band, the
cadets having been trained by Imperial
Instructors, which stand alone snd on
rivaled, as there la not another band like
It In existence. Their repertoire is said to
reach over S00 compositions, ranging
from the most classical to tha simple
and latest popular novelties of the day.
Nikias Shllsonyi, tha leader or this
superb aggregation, is a young Hun
garian about SO years of age, who en
tered the school at Buda-Pest Hun
gary, cf which this band la a part, and
of which he is now the" head,-when he
Waa tint nvn vmrm At a.M. C Ha ta a
I commander, a veritable generalr wlth a
musical knowledge and mastery tar be
yond most bandmasters and greatly in
excess for r his age, not only a great
teacher, but a genius In the , art of
training; he is said to play every In
strument In m full regimental band.
. Mr. Shllsonyi is a oultured. affable
gentleman, modest in the extreme and?
free from au of the frills and Idiosny
eraoies peculiar to seest; band leaders.
The band : carriea ; a -- complement '-of
tutors who rehearse the youtha hi the
manual of war, and also supervise their
eduoatlon according to the contract
With the Austrian government and in
accordance with the Imperial law of
their country. Their visit to Portland
la distinctly an event'
Dental Work
Dental College
I 'r , . .. . . ..
- Persona., desiring . ,.;
, ' dental work and oral
surgery will receive " '.
rrompt attention at
he Infirmary of the
(. ' North Paoillo College, ,
' ' which Is open to the ?
' . .. publlo the entire
"'i year. Hours from I
' A. M. to P. m.
Corner Fifteenth and
:" Couch atreeta.
Tsurxovzrsi '
radno states, Mala UM.
Some, Aiaa.
bav rijrciBoo-iroriAir nu onr.
Single rooms er ea alta. Klevator, etoaai
but, tleetrte lights aa4 all BKdara eeavral
nca. atiictly flrst-clia. Conranltut to ahea.
pins canter. On direct Uae froo tarry and
third fewaaasd depot - Bates 1 ap. -
S28 Kill St., aar Via yeas tTaaoa. ;
V O. S. OAKTEB, Mgr.
Pearse Miller Was Main Support
of Meningitis-Stricken v,y;,
" Family. . v
IstlieFirstConsideration in Banking
fecion IT rustMn
1 :
f Capital Stock 100,000.00
Surplus ..i 7 ;;....'. ii. TC wooo.oo ;
.... '"Undivided' Profiti - 24,121.80 ;
1!. Deposits Via". . . . . 2,464388
Loans and Discounts. . . 854,810J!8
Bonds snd Warrants. . . - 85500.00
Real Estate . ...... ..... ; "i V 7,200.00
Safe Deposit Vaults, . a':: : .'!.
, Furniture and Fixtures.; ; v 80,750.00
Overdrafts (lecured) .... 4,878.02
Cash and Due from Banks 8S5.431.fi3
I, W. Cooper Morris, cashier of the above named bank, da aolemnlF swear thai ; the bove
ment is true to tne neet ex mr anowteoae ioa boiibj- - v .
flubscrlbed and won to before ma thla 7th day of illy, lilt.
:'V:F. M. ADAMS,
Kotarx Public for Oregon,
Another Daughter, Telephone Op
erator, Dies Late Last Xlght-
Subacriptlona Have Been Started
for, Belief of Family.
To Take Plaoe at 4:30 P, IS. It tha
Weather ia Pair.
D. . Keasey e Co. are o five a
novel exhibition and present a deed for
a int on tha Heights free to the fortun-
! w a, " - , iiuntui Atuej wuiytvj v m va vmw a-w b,mw a.
ate finder. The plan announced Is that ' -paoirte railroad yarda are each donat
rive deaths In four daya la the aad
lot of the family of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse
Miller, 711 East Twentiem street, ana
todiv at 1 o'clock wUl occur simultan
eously the funeral eervtoes of four of
the children who were awept away by
tha dreadful spinal meningitis. The
services will be held at the F. S. Ddn
nine undertakine; parlors. 41 4 Eaat Al
der street. They will ba private and
interment will be at lone Fir ceme
tery. Matilda Miller died at St Vincent' a
hospital at 10 o'clock last night. Miss
Miller waa about is years or age ma
was in the emnlor of the telephone com
pany as an operator up to the time she
wag taken ul
Pearse R. Miller, the JJ-year-old son
who died Friday night, was a young
man of moat estimable character. He
Waa a young man of sterling qualities
and ,was the mainstay of the family
who are left In destitute clreumstaneea
bv the f catastrophe tnat naa over
whelmed them. '.. ' J
' pubsorlptloas Started.
- Toung MlUer was smployed as elec
trician of the postofflce building and
when the news vt his death reached
there veaterday morning a subscription
was immediately begun for the relief
of the remaining memoers or tne ram
ilv. Every employe of the building re
sponded at once, and by noon more than
1100 hod beeni subscribed. Thla. sum
will be held until Monday to give rail'
way clerks and other employee who are
out of the city an opportunity to on
tribute uoon their return. " - - - -
In addition to his work at the poet-
office. Miller handled tha light a at the
Heiltg theatre. He was also taking a
course ' of electrical engineering in a
correspondence school a. at which i ha
studied during the . day time. He waa
practically the mainstay of the family
because of his father's poor health.
To those who knew him, Miller waa
always considered considerate and court-
eoue and made rrtenas wun ml van
solicitude for his mother's welfare waa
always uppermost in his mind and he
aided her in many waya - that would
have been thought unmanly by ether
young men bent on having a good time.
With the money -he earned Miller waa
paying for the family home on tha eaat
side. - - -
waa Palthral Bmplora. -y.
Besides the subscription raised at tha
nostof floe, employes of the Southern
1 m m e ry
Removal Sale
L.S. Frakes Millinery Co.
Wc arc now making preparations to move to otrr LARGE NEW
. During this time we will dispose of all our beautiful HIGH CLASS
STOCK of the most fashionable styles and newest effects of ex-
' ceedingly clever and artistic hand-tailored headwear, the most ex-,
quisite and exclusive designs. We have the finest stock of high'
class Millinery in Portland and it is our desire to make this sale
so complete as to sell every hat in this store before moving, and,
i we invite you to come in and see them. It is ever our,pleasure
it to show you, t
Vaaii'l ' I " "' I ' " 'mil. ''' ' . "
a balloon ascension by Professor Frank
Miller will start from a point near tne
old castle on the Seventh street terrace
at 4:10 thla afternoon. .The aeronnaut
will take with him 11 deed forms, 10
of which are . blank, but one will be
duly executed, calling for a lot on the
Heights. These , will ba thrown over-
doubtless soon be covered with fine reel- board when the balloon is several bun-
dencejs, being Well watered and of eaay
access; beutirul view, ana ? only 4 H
miles to Portland.i;;v';;:r;i:;.i-;V
(Heartt Newt by LocfMt teased Wire.) '
, New Tork, May 11. The body. of
Arthur McEwen, chief editorial writer
of the New Tork American, arrived to
day In - New Tork on the steamship
Bermuda. Mr. McEwen' died at Ham
ilton, Bermuda, a week ago. He hnd
gone to tha West ladle to recover hia
heallhr ' - z : , A. -
, . , 'A ;; H--A-fA-. yA:--.
dred feet in the air. The person who
secures the executed deed will take it
to .Mr, Keaaey's office, when the
finder's name will be inserted and the
tot ta hia ' ,..::
To add interest to the occasion. Pro
fessor MiUer will drop from the balloon
with parachute after he has let the
deeda float down.: In case the weather
should be unfavorable for tha ascension
the affair will be postponed until next
Sunday at the aame hour.' - ' '
' This unique way of advertising the
Heights is sura to, attract a vast crowd
to the vicinity, and a scramble to se
cure one of the deeds and take a chance
at getting tha 'valuable one ia sure to
areata ooalderabla amusement.
Ing a day's wages to relieve the strick
en family. Girls working at the tele
phone office have also started a sub
scription list
-When the subscription was started at
tha postofflce many persons who had
never met young Miller contributed to
the fund when thez ' learned of his
strong . character. Postmaster Minto
stated that , Miller's" death meant .the
loss of one of tha most "faithful and
Industrious employes who ever worked
In the building and that Miller waa of
such character that every one who knew
the young man took a strong personal
Interest - in him. v-,
V The children who will be buried this
afternoon with their brother are Wal
ter, aged II; Theodore, aged I and Flor
ence, aged V years.- . . ; .- ;
Another ' victim of spinal meningitis
waa reported yesterday afternoon by Dr.
W, H. Ewin in the death of George
Oerlook. the 15-year-old son of Mr. and
Mrs.' George Gerlock, 165 Eaat Thlrty-
(Xeurtb street. The death of zounf Qer-
Br Good Set Teeth on Rubber Plata $3Best Set Teeth on ttclbcr Pkto C3
s. ynaawt
The wise man or woman never neglects his or
her teeth. Result sound strong teeth, good di
gestion and good appearance. T " .v
- - Bad teeth means disfigurement and a number of
ills easily remedied by a scientific dentist.
We place the greatest skill at your disposal Jn
every branch of the profession. No slipshod work
at this office and our prices will be found as rea
sonable as the best service will permit. -
Phnni Main mSiJ&fili Tv.ClVC YccrS h ViA '
IIWIIV a r . ..
lock Is unusually sad la that the fam
ily moved to Portland but twomontns
ago from their home In New Tork.;
"Salome". Tonight at IleUig.
1 Oscar Wilde's greet drama, "Salome,"
ia the attraot-on at the Helllg theatre
toalfht, ,WUire4 Ro' Kvr- jounj
sUr. appeara as King Herod and Eliza
beth Stuart aa Salome, , "iria Clvlliia
Hon. a breeey ,aXetch,' la the curtBin
raiser. Seats are on eale at the Ilr'.'.'j
theatre' th'-i afternoon.
If you r
., V f ' , ! .
I !
;. I j