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Members of Episcopal Churches
Must Hrst Ask It, Says
- Bishop Scadding. .
Development of Commercial life of
- That Section of State' in Keeping
With the tlrowth of Religions
, AcUvlty. '
:'f;.f -SJA . . .'
u i k - k
V 1 ; .
The i. Bt. Rev. Charles . Bcaddlng,
. .,' blahop of Oregon, returned to Portland
yesterday- afternoon from a two weeks'
' tour ot the eat tern Oregon pariahea and
missions. . Wa ahidm hack anthuslastla
over the prorreaa hla ohuroh la making1.
.. f. ueugntea witn tne commercial scuvuy
. : In eastern Oregon, running hand In
'hand with the rellgloua development In
which ha plays so prominent a part.
, , and over all glad that in both Port
' land atanda In cloae touch with the raat
of th state. - ' y. . ".
'.. While tbeent from the city Bishop
Bcaddlng attended the missionary con-
:. ference of the seventh mlaalonarr dls-
tHjjaOi1 the Episcopalian church which
rttuJudea all the dioceses lying weat of
'Salt Lake City, north Into Alaska and
westward to the. Sandwich Islands.
Bishops from practically all of these
' dlooesea were present at the gathering.
JVo Diviaioa of Oregon. ,
I Two matters of particular interest
rJ and Importance to , the Eplsoopal
churches of Oregon were dlsoussed at
- the gathering.! Flrat, . a quietus was
Uald on the report that the Oregon eMo-
case would bo divided, , Such action
i would be Impossible until Bishop Bcad
dlng and the parlahlonera of eastern
' Oregon ithameelvea moved for auch ao-
..JlOA.. ...t-;:-" j-.V ;.....'..-; v ,...,...-...,..;.. i
1 believe tn time the dlatrict will
he divided," said Bishop Bcaddlng last
night, "but that time baa not yet coma
v It la simply Impossible for one bishop
. to cover all of the Oregon dloceae, which
j "" Includes aoroe (6,900 square miles, but
' a dlvlalon will not be affected until
the members of the church themselves
. request It- - '"' . . ;:-
There are tremendous dlstancea to
" ha traveled, but that can In no way
- handicap the promotion of Episcopal
work. Sometimes, I almoat refuse to
believe that I live In Portland. From
? now until ' next January the work In
; the dlatrict will keep me almoat con-
atantly out of the city. In fact,, I
.-' ; ahall not be in Portland more than
i seven daya In aucceaalon during the en?
; tire time." ;. :-,;y."."
endowment rand tor Moeeoe.
Another feature dtacuaaed at the eon
1 ference waa the endowment fund. This,
-V It 'la hoped, In a ahort time will reach
the aum of $100,000. the Interest from
' ' which will pay the blehop'e aalary and
,ihu do away with - the assessment
against the various parishes and mls
'i s'.ona. - - .
Blahop Bcaddlng la greatly interestea
A Bishop Charles Bcaddlng.
In ther- move, the auocesa of which will
relieve him of being a "begging blahop,"
aa he styles himself, and which he alao
refuses to be. Already 110.000 naa
been aubacrlbed to the fund and this
will be greatly augmented when addi
tional approprlatlona are made at the ,
three hundredth anniversary of the
founding of the Eplsoopal church In the
United States, which will be held In
Bichmond thla aummar. . :
While making bla tour of eaatern
Oregon towns Blahop Bcaddlng used the
many pictures ha has taken of uregon
Ufa as the basla for lectures.' These
were well attended and more than us
ual interest, he aald. . was shown by
Oregon residents and strangers In ev
erything pertaining to tne growta ana
progress of , the state. -v".,-
. ' mne Class of Saw Beetdeate,
"I have made It a point to visit many I
of the tourist oars bearing Immigrants
Into Oregon," he aald, "and I have been
aurprlaed and pleased at seeing , the
aturdy claaa of new citizens which are
Coming here. They are almost without ,
exception persona of the well-to-do class,
educated, progressiva and with the back,
bone and grit to leave comfortable sur
roundings In fba middle weat and east
and coma here where land, air, water
and 1 freedom are freer. e
These are good cltlaens that are
filling " up eaatern Oregon and ether i
sectlona. the kind we want,1 and I be
lieve that religious work should go hand
In hand with progress In the line of
better educational facllltlea, develop
ment of the great resources and general
activity of commercial ilfel - It la Just i
as much a part of 'religion to foster
these mattera and thua make a better
government as It is to spread the gos
pel" ; .-.,-7 , . ''" ; ;'
Bishop Bcaddlng returned to Port
land on the morning s train yesterday
from The Dalles, where be bad spent
the night. Mrs. Bcaddlng went tq the
latter plaea Friday to meet him. ' He
will conduct services this morning at
Pro-cathedraL , ;; v: - .. , ::;"!..; r I
United Railways. - Will Proceed
' With Construction of Fourth
1 -Street Line.
I Dedicatory Exercise Will Be Held
In T. M. C. A. Roonu Thla
Afternoon. - -.
' Conatructlon ;, work 1 en the United
Railways company's llneir to thla city
will be pushed regardless of the litiga
tion started on behalf ,of Oregon Trac
tion company stockholders. Officiate
of the company stated yeaterday ; that
the Una on Front atreet. from the ateel
bridge to the southerly terminus at
Macadam street at Hamilton avenue,
will be completed within the next two
weeks. v '
It la aald the work up to thle time
his been difficult owing to the refract,
err character of the atreet pavement
i that had to be removed to give place
i to the track. The remaining track to
be laid pasaes through pavement mat
la easy to handle, and the .work-, will
progress much faster than heretofore.
The United Railways company holds
the original . franchise for the Front
atreet Una, and Its completion ! await
ed by the Oregon Electric - Railway
..nn,n,. which must use the trackage
from Hamilton avenue, in , the south.
4jjnrt of the city, t the northerly term
nCaCthe ateel bridge. An of fical. of
the twegon juieowio . ii
aald laat night that this company will
have Its road In operation from Port
land to Garden Home within the next
it daya. ; I
lMr Mill A ' i jM''
. 1 V j - " " '
,1 ' - ' '. .
V- -. -V 101- '
.. L!-. I i-l' iiQ : ,
$15 uo $40 '
The- Ren.0 Hutchinson memorial tab
let' will be dedicated this afternoon at
the Toung Men's Chrlatlan Association
building with appropriate exercises. It
la a slab ot brass about three feet long,
with the lnacrlptlon: .;;.".v :-f;Oyi:S 'f7-
Endures Torture and Risks Death
in Awe of Parental Wrath
Over a Mishap. .
(Special Dispatch is The Journal.)
Seattle, May 11. The Spartan forti
tude of little ' Tommy Gallagher ' may
coat him bla Ufa He now Ilea at death's
door with his right leg swollen to twice
us natural else and with a high fever.1
The boy's condition is due to the fact
that, after being run down by an auto
mobile and all but Instantly killed, ha
kept the aecret of his Injury from his
parents until blood poisoning' compelled
him to take to bla bed.
Tommy and - two schoolmates - were
playing marbles In the street, when an
v. .ti tin i .v. 11 i rnuiu wui icmiuk muiib. .. . vum vj. 1110
moved to th.W building, 1. B. Rhodea. ""J! J
- "He Called Me Through
His Grace to Reveal :
Bla Son In Me." Gaiatlana 1-11. :
,, - X87C-106. " :
The dedicatory . . exercises will take I
place at 5 o'clock in the reception hall,
where the tablet haa been mounted on
Shoe Satisfaction
The Kind That Fit atnd Wear
Good . .
yaitte t: Canvas- Oxfords' 54
. and ..; ',....$2.00
Patent Colt Oxfords, 120 styles,
at $2.50, $3,00. ; . .$3.50
Gunmetal Oxfords, 90 styles, at
S2.50, $3.00 $3.50
;V In button and Blucher, pat
terns. - - --
a claaa mate of Mr. Hutchinson at the
University of California, will make the
addreas, and - all special "friends of the
deceased secretary are Invited to attend
the exerciaes. - 5 x- -
, Keno Hutchinson waa a well known
young .man both In Portland and at
Spokane, .He. ta n the eon of CC
Hutchinson, a resident of . this city.
While In Portland ,he was connected
with, the V M. C, A, here and went
from his work here to Spokane to take
charge of the Spokane .office of the T.
M. C. A- He was act upon by an un
known assailant one night while return-,
lng to hla home and murdered. Mo trace
of, hla murderer waa ever discovered,
though, diligent search was made. 'i s
. The regular Su nday - afternoon pro
gram at the association will be opened
at S o'clock by the association orchestra,
which will give a reception concert, in
the reception hall... At the men's meet
ing wnicn roiiowa the special music
will be selected by Charlea Cutter, the
inaian oanione.
of thla city will give an address on
although auttering Intense - agony ' from
hia own hurts. Tommy picked him np
and carried him home.
Then 'for three days the U-y ear-old
lad started . for school, every morning,
fearing censure and possible punishment
should he complain te his parents that
he was unable to attend. Each morn
ing he waa able to proceed but a short
distance before he gave out. Then he
would spend the rest of the day -either
crying in the brush out or eight of hia
playmates or hiding until the time came
to return to his home In the afternoon.
Finally he had to take to his bed and
now he is fighting for his Ufa, with the
odds against him.
Jl,r!orrl!0 SL nenr t!t
(RDeelal Dispatch to Tbe Jonrnil.)
Tale, Or.." May-lI.i-Bam Yarborough
Rev. Hiram Vroomanland Heck Oaborne, who were arrested
at westraii cnargecr witn attempt to
aaaault Mra. Etta Eiarlcom and her 15
year-old daughter, were examined .here
before Justice of the Peace Byland and
held to answer In the auma of $1,600
and fl.200, in default of which they
were committed to the county Jail to
await the action of the grand Jury In
October.. 4 ).: . ; ;;. :?: .
. Judging by the testimony given at the
examination, It was a very flagrant at
tempt to commit crime, and the Cltlaens
Examination for Postal. Clerks orwestfall are very Indignant over the
Mra' Van Blarlcom lives at Weatfall
with her children'' and earns a livelihood
by washing. lAat March her husband
was sentenced to the penitentiary from
Harney comity Xoti aaaault. with intent
to klU. V,-
The: attempted aaaault on Mra. Van
Blarlcon waa made about midnight May
6 at the houae occupied by her and her
e ;
Shows Effect of the New
Law's Passage. -
M The largeatfederal civil' service ex
amination ever held In Portland was
conducted ' yesterday at the custom
house. When mora than 40 ntnitr man
and women took the examination for I children,
postofflce clerka .t The examination was
under the direction of Secretary Z. A.
Leigh, F. E. Rose and Fred Blngley. If
the candldatee are .successful a large
list of clerlce wlU be added to the eligi
ble list. for the local pfflce. .
xne large ciasi is aald to he due to
the new postal law passed by the last
congress. The proviaione in salary in
the new act are much mora liberal than
under the old law and guarantee each
clerk a salary cf 1600 a year at , the
start, with a yearly .increase of tlO
until the maximum' aalary of $1,200 a
year is reachec The highest salary a
clerk could receive under .the old law
was 11,000 a year. . r . r-
Contract Awarded.
The M. J. Walsh Co. of this city have
been awarded the contract to hang the
electric and gas fixtures In the new
U-etory Wells-Fargo buUrtlng; the fix
tures to be- furnished by Black, A Boyd
Mfg.- Co, New Tork. V;..-' v, v--"
. The fact that so responsible and ex
acting firm aa Black Boyd has sub
let thla contract to M. J. Walsh Co.
la another compliment ! . to the . local
firm and shows that they have the con
fidence of the large eaatern concerna
There are about 2.800 fixture outlets
in the building, end the work r of In
stalling will begin about June let.
Oiiiy mm
Details to Be Rapidly Cleared
Up. on His Coming Visit
to Astoria. :
(.pedal Diapate te The JoeraaL) "
Astoria. Or- Mar 11. The invitation
of the special committee appointed by
the chamber' of eommeroe to report on
the Portland. Oregon A Beacoaat Rail
way company's proposition to build a
railroad 18 mllea up the Nehaiem vauey
from Clatsop City, extended to Presi
dent H Hawgood of that road, haa been
accepted. -
Mr. Hawgood has teiegrapnea tne
chamber of commerce that he will come
to Astoria as soon aa prior engagements
have been met. Hla presence here will
rapidly clear up all details concerning
thle new railroad enterprise, and it
seems more certain day by day that the
road . will be - apeedily built, aa theae
people evidently mean business from
the start. -
Aa soon as Mr. Hawgood has haa an
opportunity to appear before the special
committee la person that committee will
report to the chamber, and it seems the
report cannot be made nntu Mr. Haw
good arrives.
"-' anMtat tHinatch ta The Iflvraal.) :
Prlnevllle. Or.. May 11. The organi
sation of the Pioneer Telephone A Tele
graph, company, with headquarters at
Prlnevllle, marks a new epoch In the
nroarea of this part of the state. The
new com nan v. final organisation of
which will be completed the first of next
weekv will . control. 1,100 .mllea or . wire
and will effeot connection with points on
the railroad as well as cover the whole
interior of the state. : The Pioneer com
pany la incorporated at 910,000, and It
la said has taken np the Interests of
several amaller oompanlea '.
The company proposes to erect suit
able buildings In all towns where such
cannot be rented and will . Inaugurate
metallic circuits wherever practicable,
eliminating all party lines, thus improv
ing the service at least 60 per cent The
offices at Prlnevllle will be open from
8 a, m. until midnight at present and
everything will be done to benefit the
service. ; -...' 4 - t
The ' principal incorporators, w.'E.
Juerln Jr. and others, were large hold
ers in the Deschutes Teiepnone com
pany, which line has also been merged
with the new incorporation. This will
be one of the largest concerns of its
kind in the west, ;'..
(Publishers' ' Frets by Special teasad Wire.
Memphis, xenn, - May n. reporting
six inches of hail that covered the coun
try diatenee-f two mllea -between
Cherokee and Dickson,. Alabama,' on the
Southern - rallrdid, Traveling Freight
Agent R. C Craig returned to MenrSde'
Saturday with a tale of winter in tne
Mr. craig reports tnat tne xarmere
along that line are much worried over
tne weather conditions and see nothing
t vrreat flnanelul loss ahead, unless
there is a. decided improvement at once.
East Morrison
Do you know we are in
a position to sell you the
furnishings for v your
house ata lower price
than our west side cook
petitor? Wc are, and
: if you doubt- it, well, it
is time for you to .
Made of selected quarter-sawed oak, 8-foot extension,
48-inch top, heavy pedestal base with graceful curved
,Iegs and carved clawfeet, finished golden oak and
with full piano polished, finish. West side price $45.
Our price . ..... .$34.00
And, see for yourself and
stop doubting. - Our store
V.,. i-ll'. '" . .Wr"'. -.iv :''V', - ..ij,' '-
covers a quarter block and
is filled with up-to-date
furnishings of - both me
dium' and high' classi v' v
Our Terms are
Easy and ; .
i " -' ,v , ;''-.'"' "".-''1,. - V "
IVe Guarantee
-Others from $6.00-to $60.00; Also Xhina'. Closets,.
Chairs and :Buffets to match". '""And 'wheri" you con
sider the saving by trading with us you will say
It Pays to Trade on flie Ecsl S:f 2
in the Low Rent
f i