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Buttcrick ,
' Patterns
for Stay and The 9e
llneator for June oa
sale at pattern eo aster.
Pennants, flars
rtoM made to ctAe, la
any else, any color, eny
Sulfa, for atfy lavUitM
on, as desired.
1 r
i Portland Business Men's Itiner-
Sunday Law of Azure Hue In
Mcthciyn-Law Kelly Scorea Two
; ary Practically Closed at
and There Is Nothing to
Do But Rest r
Points Against Oppomm In
Great Monday Sale lLmbracing lLvery Style arid Fabric
Shaniko Last Night
Family Row.;
Good Merchandise Only Quality Considered Our Prices Are Always the Lowest
;' - Trip Officially Closed With Itosoln-
. tlons of Prij and Appreciation
'-. for All Tbclr Many Hosts and En
' tertalners Lit Day's Doings.
(Bpedil Dispatch to The JosraaL)
SI Shenlko, Or., aiay-U. The Portland
.business men's exourslon today visited
Biggs, Wasco, Moro, Grass Yells and
Bhanlko. s;,:, -fv.-i-- ''-::,':;:,;??iiV'p'i'";
U This afternoon at Wasoo a stop of 48
minutes was made. Thav-exourslonlsts
i were met at the station oy committee
of 14, of which John Medlar was chair
man. A large number of ladles, were
in the crowd at the station. Mayor XL
B. Cstlin extended a welcome to the
i eiiy. . Responses were mii hv f. t.
. Burkhart, Tom Rlohardson and Senator
' Fulton. Valuable Bhlre, Belgian and
, oucu norses were shown In the Main
ireei All DUSlnesa houaaa Wara via.
No Sunday Baseball, Nor No Sunday
Anything at All, .Scarcely, Except
Factories and Breweries "and Din
' tllleriee- Law la a Surprise., '
S To Insure plenty of rain Wasco has
jusi employed professor Charlea Hat
. J eld of Los Angeles, the , rainmaker.
He agrees to furnish six Inches of iratn
.roro May i to July 16 for 11.800.'
: Koro to Grass Tattey. ;
At Moro there was a lo.mlnuta aton
The Portland men were met by Mayor
J J. W, Messlnger, JX O. Ireland and C- U
Ireland of the Observer and shown-over
. uie olty. The Moro business men had
composed a - yea The Observer ; ex
tended greeting through the caoer. call
; ing attention to the resouroes of Sher
man county. The Wasco and Moro girl
,' , basketball teams played a game.. The
'score was Wasco a. Moro IT. B ore
I vtous arrangement, of cltliens Senator
iunon orove to see the lands In dta
! puts between settlers and the Eastern
' Land company. After viewing the land
he met the train at Grass Valley. - '
A stop of 20 minutes was made at
1 Grass Valley. The visitors were met
by leading citizens and shown over the
CUV. " V- v.'.-V....-''- ':":-.; vjv, ..
' The 1 train arrived at Bhanlko at I
o'clock for the last stop on the trip. The
excurslonlstswere met at the station by
' Mayor W. X. Lytle, a brass band and a
', b arty of leading cltlsens. Mayor Lytic
welcomed them, on . behalf of the city.
! Remarks -wero made by B. 0. Roberts
of The Dalles, Judge B. V. Uttlefleld
r ' and C. FowlleT Responses were made
;by H.' M. Cake, XX &- Jackson. Leslie
j Butler and Senator Fulton. Resolution Si
t were pawed thanking the railroad offi
cials and newspaper representatives.' ',
Excursionists' eaololoaev" v ,
A meetlnewas held on the train this
: evening and the following preamble and
resolution weM adopted: ' " '-"
"At a meeting of the members of the
' Portland' business men's excursion on
'.the train Saturday, May 11, 1W, the
r following: resolution - jpfas read snd
unanimously; adopted: 5 " ' ' ' " '
. 'J ' Whereas. C. 0. Jackson and David
R Smith of The Journal, Leslie Scott
'SfTth Oreonlai,'atid t Perkins of
to. 'felegrain, these being- represent
' uv newspapers . oc roruana, 'Oregon,
have ' accompanied this excursion and
sent back to Portland extended reports
of our trip and have supplied us dally
' with f their respective papers and en
deared themselves to all of us by eon
sunt attention and courtesy; and,
" 'Whereas, local newspapers along
our entire route have also especially re
ported the meetings and receptions and
have extended courtesies , otherwise)
now. therefore be It '' --$'.
"Resolved, That the members of the
Portland Business men's sxcurslon here
, by express their appreciation -of the
kindness and courtesy of the respective
newspapers and hereby take great pleas
ure in expressing to, them our slnoere
. thanks.-' ' '
Thanks to Ball way Offloials. .
"The 76 members of , the Portland
business men's excursion desire to re
turn their thanks to William MeMurray,
general passenaer agent of the Oregon
Railroad Navigation company and to
Assistant John M. Scott, also to J. H.
O'Neill, traveling passenger agent of
the same company, for their most court
eous personal and off loial consideration
In handUnaona of the most successful
business men's excursions ever given In
the United States. .. i
"Leaving-:, Portland . Monday morning-.
Mav 0. we have - visited 88 points In
Orecon and five cities of Idaho and
everywhere have met with a most en
thusiastic and patriotic reception, and
for the success of our trip we desire
; to acknowledge our ' obligation to the
railroad management, which has been In
'Urr detail keeping the schedule , to every stop.
' Spaolal Tribute to OTfeUL
"As a special tribute to J. H. CNellL
traveling- passenger agent of the Oregon
Railroad 4 Navigation company, the
Portland business men's excursion party
named .Messrs. C a Jackson. A. H. pot
ter and L. A, Coddlngton as a special
committee to select a memento of their
'esteem, for vwhich money1 has been eol
' looted and "placed In th committee's
hands to buy a token which will repre
sent, at least partially, their , apprecia
tion of the deep debt they owe Mr.
O'Neill for his kindly consideration and
(Special Dlapateb -to The JoeraaL)
Boise, Idaho, May 1L The new "Sun
day rest" law of Idaho goes Into, effect
at 18 o'olook tonight, and an opinion
given out today by County Attorney
Koelsch is causing Boise people vigor
ously to feeetlr themselves to meet the
requirements o; me law.
The statute prohibits the running of
street cars, baseball where admission Is
charged, the running of theatres, send
ing telegrams except In eases of sick
ness, death, etc, selling newspapers en
the streets; , operating barber shops or
shoe shining parlors, general business
at railway depots, Sunday concerts, as,
at Boise's famed Natatorlum, messen- j
ger service except where medlolnes are
delivered; la fact, practically all kinds
of business exoept the few enumerated
In the 'necessity' class will be closed
by law; '' . .: :., v. .' ...!-.,'.
Strange 'as it may seem, however,
factories, breweries and distilleries are
permitted to run providing the business
end closes,, and cigar stands may ran.
Very few people In the state realised
the etriflgent character of the U
he dp
New York Longshoremen Have
Enlisted the Aid of Various -Other
Ui nt. ., .
Lawful Head of Household Declares
That Wife's Mother Has Worried
Mrs. Gould 8j Much That She la
. bnpairec in UealttL.
f j. at your oommand1 If yon call at ;
it : D. DUBACK
. . successor to the
Oregon & Portland
; OptfealCos .
when In need ,of glasses . -
Lsrccst and Klosl Complete
: Griadisj oa Cie Coast .
Prompt service an4 courteous
.treatment our motto. .
ITS Tonrti St, T. o. a Bld.
' (Hearst Kewt by taafest lisased Wbe.)
; New York, May 11. A general strike
of all the anions allied with the strik
ing longshoremen Is now threatened.
The strikers still have the' agents at
a great disadvantage and boPt sides are
priming- lor a -desperate fight -
Encourage! by the partial buooes of
their effort to secure more adequate
wages;, the longshoremen today, set in
operation 'plans by whloh a conrpletfc
tie-up of all tho harbor traffio of New
Tork will be etfoeted. ; .
As a beginning the 1,000 men em
ployed by the 40 grain elevators In and
about Greater New Tork cave 14 hours'
notice' of an intention to strike in sym
pathy - with the longshoremen If the
demand of the latter are not acceded
to by the trans-Atlantic lines.
Simultaneously President Patrick Con
nors of the Longshoremen's union an
nounced that'meetlngs of the tee. maters'
locals throughout New York would be
held tomorrow to consider the question
of declaring a sympathetic strike; and
In addition to-the tugmen, who struck
on Friday night against hauling strike
breakers . to the . big piers, the harbor
men and the tidewater, men, the latter
being In charge of the tugs which haul
ooiWo thi liners, are exceedingly rest
ive" and threaten., if the strike Is not
ended within 14 hours, . to follow the
other men out. The fruition of these
plans would absolutely paralyse traffio
on the harbor front, Trouble Is looked
for tomorrow when several big. liners
are expected.
There la danger of the strike spread
ing to ether cities. Information having
been brought to the strikers that some
of the. steamship companies were di
verting; their freight steamers to Phila
delphia. - to prevent .their ' snips. - from
unloading there, a committee ' was ap
pointed to go to Philadelphia,: and
an attempt Is made to put this plan
Into operation there will be a strike of
the longshoremen In that elty against
handling- any freight consigned to lines
on which strikes are pending. Boston
Baltimore ; and other seaports '- will
probably be served the same way.
(Hearst Raws by Lea net Leased Wtre.1
New York. May 11. In the . lively
battle between Prank Jay Oould and his
mother-in-law, Mrs. Edward Kelly, the
latter" today scored two triumphs.
Despite the assertions of Mr.' Oould
that he thought It pest that Mrs. Kelly
remain away, from bis home at No,
14 Fifth avenue and that his wife
also was tired of her Interference In
the Oould household, Mrs. Kelly not
only Induced ber daughter to take her
shopping la her son-ln-laws automobile.
but she later visited the Oould home
and made merry wltb. the Oould chil
dren. '- : , 1
Mr. Oould. however, was sot at heme
at the time of his mother-ln-lsws visit.
If he knew she was ooming. he did
nothing to put himself In her way.
Mra Kelly and her daughter seemed
on the pleaeantest of terms . today.
Mrs. Kelly was asksd If her visit to
her son-in-law's home meant a recon
ciliation. . '. -.-v
"A reconciliation with wbjemr she
answered with a sharply rising Inflec
tion. . .'5 ' ,- . I
"A statement has been made pnbllo
by Mr. Oould." said the reporter, that
both he and his wife were tired of your
Interference with the Oould household..)
that he bad never actually barred you
from his horns, but that be thought it
best that you stay away."
T don t believe Mr. oouia ever sua
that," said Mra Kelly. "My daughter
and myself leve eaen oiner aemriy,
just as we always have ana always
Tea. tM" :. lntarruoted Mrs. Oould.
"all this talk of such a terrible quarrel
between mother and me Is nntrua it
bad distressed us very, very much."
There can Be U0 reconouia.uon pe
tween my daughter and myself," con
tinued the jbandsome Jrs, Kelly, brush
in back a few stray hairs from ber
elassloally moulded features, - "and the
reason is that there is noiamg to recon
cile.- As evidence of the kindliest food
feeling between u-, I may say that we
have spent most of the day together, we
have been shopping, and X am now going
into play with my little grandchildren.
Nothing can ever keep me away from
them." ,s . VV','1' '.'....v'-.'v ;
"No. Indeed." added the daughter, with
emphasis, "mother, shall. always see the
little onea" '.' !'- '.'.-,
"These stories of my causing discord
between , my daughter and her hus
band." said Mrs.. Kelly, "were obviously
Invented to keep me away from tne
Oould home. They have failed of their
purpose, all being baseless, . anyhow. - I
have never Interfered with Mr. Gould's
household, either with him or his wife
or bis children. The story that X have
caused discord In seeking to direct re
ligious training of my grandobUdren is
untrue" -' ',
Mr. Oould said today that the con
troversy had so worn on his wife as to
Impair her health, that In consequence
the "row", would hevete stop..
"Mrs. Oould." he said, "Is as tired of
the -interference of Mrs. Kelly as I am.
I am profoundly sorry that it has ob
tained so much publicity..
"I deny that there has been any Mo
tion between my wife and myself, that
Mra Kelly speaks of. The only Motion
is what Mrs. Kelly has herself caused.
attention during every moment, day and
night, of the -trip, which began May
and closes this evening."
The -excursionists will leave' for Port
land at 11:80 tonight, closing a thor
oughly suocesaful trip. -
.;. (Hearst Hews by Leesest teased Wire.)
New Tork, May 11. His conviction
on a oharge of oonsplraoy arlslna- from
the divorce case of Charlea W. Morse
and Clemence jpodge Morse affirmed.
Aoranam tu uummei nan Obtained a
Stay of Judgment until next Tuesday,
v In the. opinion delivered by Jude-e
Ingraham,. for the appellate division of
the supreme oourt, the testimony -In
Mr, Hummel's : case was reviewed at
length and It was held 'that the guilt
of the defendant was established. ; It
was found, too, that Dodge, the former
husband of Mrs. Morse, w-s Involved,
his purpose being " to obtain money
from those Interested In the Judgment
by whlcn she .wae divorced. ;
Specifically the court held that Mr.
Hummel Was guilty of a conspiracy
to Illegally procure : an order fit the
supreme court-setting aside a divorce
decree obtained against Podge by false
representations. ...
,,;.wnaMMBMaBaHaMMBaaNMHH' r,' V:;'
'? :".-. .' :-!' '".'U . " :'i " V'.'
(PubHilwri FteM by : Special Leaaed Wire.)
Milwaukee. Wla. May 1L While
watching high, school athletics this af
ternoon, Nora ' Kullman, : aged MS, - Was
hit by a discus thrown by a contestant,
an ber skull was broken. - She Is not
expected to recover. -- r f -.
... ', ' -r;,-,:m y.
Spokane. Wash., May". 11. Major Fits
Royde La Poor Bereeford, who claims to
be a nephew of Lord : Beresf ord, ad
miral of the British navy, was today
set free by Justice Hinkle. He was held
for . obtaining money under falsa pre-,
tenses, but the case against him was
dismissed upon his paying the costs.
Recognized Authority Makes Pa
r tients Throw Away Drugs
Atnd Take Plenty Rest.
' fRearat Nawa hw Tjonrt as4 Wtral
Washington. May 11. '"Plenty of
fresh air. plenty of good, wholesome
food, and plenty of rest." This Is the
consumptive I cure of Dr. Paul McCar
rlngton, head of the. marine hoeplurs
consumptive cure at tne jrort ntanton
military reservation, :, New Mexico."" "t
Xr. MoCarrlngton, Who Is considered
to be the foremost man in the marine
boaoltal service In oom bating the great
white plague, IS In Washington attend
ing tne medical congress, u
Dr. .MoCarrlngton meets all of his
patients when they : leave the railroad
train, II miles from the reservation.
While driving them across tne coun
try he learns their personal history and
Just before reaching the camp pells up
bis team and directs the patient to spill
all of his pills and medicines on tee j
nralrle.- . W M
Helena, Mont. May ItThe ' - stats
railroad commission today notified, the
Northern Paclfio that the change In
time on Its Bitter Root Coeur d'Alene
branches was desirable; It appearing
that passengers-' were oompeued to lay
over practically : a whole day at ' Mis
soula when going In either direction
from one or the other et these lines. If
the railroad la unwilling to make the
change, proceedings will be Instituted to
compel It to do so, under decision ef the
supreme court In a North Carolina case.
It is believed, however, It may be am
icably arranged.
Rome, May 1L Mount Aetna tonight
is throwing out ted hot cinders in all
directions.' Loud explosions are of fre
quent occurrence. The eruptions of both
Aetna and Btromboll are increasing in
violence. Every hour adds to their great
foroo. The-last reports from Stromboll
are that the situation Is more terrifying.
The inhabitants ars prepared to flee at
moment s notice. All vegetation on
the islands has been burled under" ashes.
From Messina lb is reported that a
portion of the main- crater of Stromboll
has eaved In, eaualng a greater eruption.
The sea" has become greatly agitated
near the island. It is possible that a
crater may have opened beneath th
"3 'v' '' iy
These 100 Tailor-Made Suits in scores of stylcsrep
resent practically every distinct idea for summer,
107' Eton ; suits, Prince Chap- suits, Pony, suits,
' tight-fitting suits and novelty effects. - The materials
are Panamas, serges, cheviots and an endless variety ,
of fancy mixtures in checks and stripes in light, me
dium and dark shades. Every suit is lined with silk,
plain and fancy trimmed. The skirts come in new
up-to-date full plaited styles. These suits are the
carefully made and perfect samples of a famous New
York maker, carefully kept in glass cases and superbly
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Monday h
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For Monday sale in the Lipman-Wolfe School of Style
55 Silk Jumper Suits, made of fine chiffon taffeta silks
in black, navy, brown and green. The jumper is made
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Every fashionable woman will want a. dainty jumper
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Regular $6 Silk Waists $3.38
250 Waists of finest quality Peau de Crrne and Chififon Taffeta Silks, In black and colors, elab
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A bar train that will crowd our. waist section to suffocation Monday. Sold reeu- rh , r
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! While the ofterlnc lasts Moncay, a
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if n 1 1 triTTi Yii it .
Sale of Suit Cases aM Grips
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LATES TRADE and these'taiitcase and grip bargains are found to attract an im
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