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Activity Pronounced in Su
, Portland Follow Southern Cus-
as Well as In Other
- torn of Bestowing Distinctive
Title on Jts Residences.
mm ii
. Residences on Heights and Other
' Contemplated In City Win Be
Given Individual Titles Jnrington
IJm But One Bungalow,
A growing custom among American
people I that Of giving th horn a !
tinctlv.namA Thi had it origin un
. doubtedly In th oustoms of th mother
country, wbr th ancestral esiaiai mrw
. designated by nam which baa gath
ered around It tb traaiuons or .(
and the dlanlty of mrt Tba trane-
planting of lha custom to America
org lesa of Anglomania than of a natu-
ral affection for lha borne and a de-
air to establish It aa a permanent fam
' Hy berlUge to be bald in affection by tba
children aa they go out Into the wo no
' and to be to tbem a rallylng-piace an
Jdeard by aacred aaaoclatlona and ten-
. ,der recollection. - o
In the old aoutn. eapeolally the -
i board atatea Of Maryland, Virginia and
ih. orniinaa thla custom la well-nlxh
univarnL The names of these old. oil -
lared colonial mansion, oeen through
... r ,-. atateir acre of wood
land, recall th antebellum day, when
the patron ym beatowed upon the home
cf old "marater" waa held In reverence
by hundred of slaves, who gloried In
. the distinction and dignity which waa
-..conferred by It," . ... r .'-
Arlington Bast Xnown.
Probably th moat widely known of
theae ancestral borne 1 la Arlln Tton,
founded by "lagbthora Harry" Lea, and
5 the boyhood bom of Robert E. Lee of
.Confederate fame. Thla beautiful apot
. la )uat acroaa th Potomac from Waah
.lngton, and la now th , lt re ting
place of thouaanda of Union aoldlora.
Th Huaaon rjvar i una wun mag-
'.Torkera, th name of which are bat-
. ter known than are th name of om
.' of the cltie that Una th bank of that
' atream. ' - ; ' ' ' : ' .
Th many beautiful acn among
. which Portland, home are located giro
, rla to the desire to perpetuate them, or
the remembranoa of them. In the title
beatowed on th home, auch aa th name
Shula Vista, given to th residence of
"A. D. Charlton on Portland Height. Mr.
Charlton' home 1 perched n th hlll-
? JB!.l,!.wtt!.i
1 " . .
belghta home.
V - Portland Pattern Afte ttonU.
Bonn(e Brao, th lovely bungalow
ponging to W, T. Bridge and located on
Twenty-first and Kim atreeta, 1 on of
the ahow plaoea on the belghta. . -. . . .
. J. C. Alnaworth'a HlUtop Hoose, nl
i most at tt summit and peeping out
5 from among the tree, orerlooks all ef
tit neighbor J. Inglewood, on Patton
Croad, the residence of -i. Lea Barn, 1
? a beautiful home appropriately named.
.' Greenowlers, th K-.gllah way of pro?
- nounclng "green alders." 1 the deaigna
i tlon that 3. C. Curry haa riven to hia at-
f. . . . . . . m 11.
- tracur ispring-aireet reaiaence, ana in
i near-by neighbor. Rose Crest, I th real-
; dence of F. I. Fuller ot the roruana
street Rail war eomnanr.
Cafa Madura la the pleaslnir and
r. sweet-sounding Spanish nam that I O.
Pfunder haa oestawed upon hi new and
handsome Portland Height horn. -M.
B. Rankin's home at Sixteenth and
Clifton la appropriately called Clifton
Over In Irvlngton th custom of be
stowing namea on homea ha not b
. com o general a en Portland Height.
yet a number of th attractive real
denoea tn that district bar been given
distinctive appellation.
, jrlna-toB Some Also aTaaned.
Sana Bouct la th nam given to th
horn of the well-known realty dealer,
P. J. Raley. Mr, Raley'a residence . 1
; et tli Bast Twenty-first tret if ,
! Dr. George TX Peters Is th poeeeeaor
of th only bungalow in irvlngton,
, hence, he ha fittingly named hi home
tn Irvlngton Bungalow. ;: t';'
Dr. Ralph Walker's new realdenoe, en
echuyler near Twenty-seoond atreet, la
luiown aa Clink rld. y'.-A,"
; Sidney Smyth ha ri attractlv home
. at Tl Wldlr, called Oak Place.
A score, or more of .elegant home are
' under, construction In different aectlon
j of th city, a number of which will be
: given appropriate name. -HI Thomp
- on of Hart man it Thompson I erecting
j handaom borne on Portland Heights
' which will cist aomethlng Ilk I1S.0 .
Mr, Thompson haa not yet decided upon
'. ; nam for hi new horn.
T. B. Wilcox la building a fin house
on. Council Crest, which h will use fori
::: ..r.. ' 1 : .. . 't-
" ' f , it v. - I
'ri' m v ' x
H : I fir jV
VI 1 y lr!f -
Kew Store and Warehouse ot Pr&el, Helege ft Co., Thirteenth and Hoyt
umsmr horn, and which la to be
called MapleWood. M. I Holbrook la
I preparing to build on Portland Halgbta
1 near the Charlton residence, but baa I
not yet eeiected a nam for hla bouae.
I With the bulldlng-up of the hill eoun-
try to the west of the city with the
I magnificent horntf the wealthy clae
thla euatora of beatowlng name on
home will com Into much more gen
eral us than 1 now practiced in Port
MlcWgwi Manufacturer Nego-
tiating for Suitable Loca
tion for Plant
It la considered altogether probable
that Portland will soon hare a plant
manufacturing mirror. 3. Tourner and
brother of Orand Raplda, Michigan,
hav agreed to establish a mirror fac
tory In . Portland, proTlded a suitable
totloaof th northwest has had
location can be bad.
vtw m a.
matter in hand, and haa about auo-
eeeded In concluding arrangements,
When It la , understood : that about
three carloads of mirror plat are
ahipped her from the at vry month
It will be readily seen what th eetab
llahmeni of uoh slant mean to
Portland. --
' ' Th furniture faotorl here and in
th Sound eltlea alone us sufficient
quantities of mirrors of various grades
to keep th factory in constant opera
tion, without considering - order that
would b certain to com In from other
eoaat point. , ;, ....
The plant wfll tarn eut French mir
ror plat (la, Oerman Hoking-glase
plat, American plat glaa. beveled
plat . glaaa and other kind Of glaaa
for ornamental and decoration purpose.
It would lao b In th market to buy
broken plat glaaa and remnants, which
would be .used ' in making th mirror
decoration usd la modern architec
tural efleot. .
Jennings A Co. Will Erect Building
' on Twenty-First Street.
Jnnlng A company, realty dealers,
hare purchased the to by 10-foot lot at
the northwest corner of Twenty-first
rjrhtr Northrop streets from Isaac wal
ton for 16,000. Th purchaser are pro
paring to rct a three-etory frame
apartment bouae that will contain IS
four-room apartments, at a coat of 116,-
800. Work on - the proposed building
win begin about jun 1.
Searched In. vain for- an honest man.
H missed him because h didn't look
In Portland. Every man who wears
Sohaefer- Korreot Klothes Is honst
with himself. He showed thl whan h
mad th purchase.
If yon ar honest with yourself yen
nut admit that Bchaefer'a Korreot
Klothes fit th back, pura and eon
cieno perfectly.
J, C. SHAeFEk & CO.,
Successor to Armstrong, th Tailor.
Room is-ll Raleigh Bldg., S2IH Wash
ington Street. ,
t . ' '
' j . '
111011 HEARS
Numerous Business. Structures
numerous Business oirucrures
and Dwellings Are Under
Hfc V ALU AD Lb fKUrtK I T
Two. Manufactorlng Companies Wfll
' Soon Begin Construction of Plants
Which Will Add to Prosperity of
the Little Town. .
Ltnnton -la. on of 'Portland' enter
prising suburb which haa been truck
broadside by the building fever. , In ad
dition to three new buslnesa biocK
which hav been completed, many, new
dwelling ar being erected on th
height overlooking the Willamette.
Other residence to . th number of a
doien will be In course of construction
wlthin SO days, besides addition to th I
business center. ; The Northern Pacific j
haa a larg fore of men at work
lag m nn.u mum ox eiae iraca.
New. roads in th suburb also give i
evidence of its healthy growth. One of I
th finest thoroughfares is the one lead-1
lng to th first addition 'to Llnnton, I
which makes th entire tract aecessibl 1
to traveL Other improvements are be- j
lng carried on a rapidly as posalbl.
ResldenU there are looking forward I
to a generou building boom In th near
future, when two large manufacturing I
eoBcerna heain the erection f their I
plant. Announcement ha been made I
that they wui ouiid close to property I
owned along th river affjacent to he I
deep channel Bid which afford admlr
able shipping facilities. . Public - an
nouncement will be mad as soon as
" ..(-!"
' . t - V
final arrangementa hav been com
pleted. . With th eonetruatlon and oper
ation of theae two plants, Llnnton"
population will b added to by everal
hundred people, and It 1 expected that
thl Inereaa will atlmulat further th
steady -growth ef the little town.
Llnnton la th first station west of
Portland on th Northern Pacific road.
whloh la alo need by th Aatorta
Columbia Rlrer, and two mil below
la th nw Northern Pacific crossing
I ov,r wilUmtt.; with the lncre
n jm ,eUyity in th ricinity, com-
blned with th fact that th townalt
of Llnnton U th only available one In
that action, belief ia erpreased that ln
alda of two years th town will hav
th largest copulation of any within th
suburb raaiua of Portland. Aooea to
Lth! 15?? ha?1..0'
busin center of th lower weat aid.
Contract Let for Preparing Resi
dence Sites in Willamette '
Heights District
Russell A Blyth hav let th contract
for a larg amount of grading work In
tn Willamette Height dlatrlot Ser-
era! of the smaller hllla ar to be eroded
down, the Intervening canyons filled no
lay-land th whole transformed into choice
puuaiag sues. -
, The contractor will eat a steam
abovel on what 1 known a Scotch
Nubbin, which la now 110 feet higher
than th level of th height. About
100 feet of the Nubbin will' be dug
away, laavlng three terrace of deelrable
residence lte. Th contract 'call for
the removal of about 100.000 cubic yarda
of earth and will require the remainder
of th year to oomplete. I -
? Tin firm la tiavfViv la
of improvement work dona In It new
addition known aa Blythswood located
at the far end of the Thurman street
car line. An affort 1 being made to
have the Thurmaa street car- lln x
tended through this new addition and
It l thought that th effort will be
New Work for Telephone Girl.
'From the Sedan Lance.
A atorw lllustratlna: th manr Imnna-
i SIbl requests made of telephone girls
Is one told of a Sedan woman who waa
going out shopping for a few hours, put
her baby to sleep In Its carriage, and
taking , down the telephone receiver.
placed It beside th Bleeping child.
Then ah notified central of th ar
rangement and asked her to lng to th
baby if It wok up and cried. ,
.Warehouses, feelouaing to
1 I,,,, ,,, ,.,mm ,,, m - , .,
". . ... . . ..... ..-)
i ; . .
1, ; - ; , asBsiiBaiiiii -- J "''''" jw X -..t, ..j v
9 ptimmmmwmf
ajf-"-'1 '' ! H"SaJaJSaSSJBSSjS . '
Property Owners Stirred Up to
Need of Improving Bad
Streets In City.
Saaa"" a MM :
Odious Comparison Constantly Be-
- fag Made ' Between Portland's
Bhabby .Thorooghfares and Finely
Psvedjstreets of Seattle,
A tngl contract for hard-surface
street paving waa let In Seattle on day
iat wees; calling zor tn expenditure
of more money and th laying of more
pavement than all th street paring that
haa been out down in Portland during
the paat 12 months, and this waa not
an unusual occurrence in th ound city.
But If 'auch a contract had been .let In
Portland w should hav atood aghast
at our own reclclessneae.
Th beginning of such an xtnsiv
atreet Improvement project In Seattle
1 but on Of - many vldences of the
nperb publio spirit that prevail in that
city. i
Th Question Is often asked why I It
that Portland 1 so far behind Seattle,
Tscoma and Spoken In th matter of
finely Improved atreeta, when It la r
far ahead of these cltie In so many
other way? - Portland' commercial su
premacy In th Pacific norttfweat I un-
disputed and It per cplU wealth
pn of t
th largast In th United State.
Portland BJeav Otty. ; ! '
"Portland is one of the few citie In
th country that has grown great and
rich with almost no effort On the part of
Ita cltliens," remarked a well-known
resident of this city. "There is no on
thing that so rapidly builds a city and
lncreasea property valuea aa atreet .pav
lng Xet It baa been o far, practically
Impossible to get .Portland's residents
and property .holders to. stand together
and put through an extensive and sys
tematic street paving program. Every
effort of this character has met with
bitter opposition, which haa usually been
potent enouan to defeat the proposed
Improvement.' i j
Th street of this city ar a dis
grace to a town one-tenth It sis. . Th J
Joseph Simon and William Gadsoy,
Anmr a vrr ua iun ,
only hard surfaoe pavement that
amount to anything la In th buelnea
district and a portion of that haa been
fnegleoted until It la almoat beyond r-
- Oomparioa Xm Bad,
' Thr 1 a rapidly growing sentiment
that thla city must put forth extraordi
nary activity In permanent atreet lm
provement or baOeft hopelessly in th
rear of pacific eoaat progress. It la a
dally occurrence for eastern tourist to
eomment upon th unkempt condition of
our atreeta, and at th same tlm speak
with th highest praise of Seattle's hun
dred mile of clean , asphaltum , pave
ment .
" It la predicted that unless Portland
discard th present cumbersome and
ntiniiaia mathwt t ...-.
lmprovementa. that it will be a long
tim in acoompllahlng.much along thla
lln v. , r -.- .:., x
Ther 1 a Try gen.ral entlment In
favor of adopting tb district Bavin
nlin tVl. haa Ka frmiA .W
admirably In Seattle and other Waahing-
ton citie, ana a modification of th
ordlnanc to allow a 14-foot width of
narement on hiMim .tr..t. .A n.,v.
in. An atfh.r aMa a
number ot th more publlo-eptrlted prop-
rty owner favor a program which pro-
Tide that not less than 100 mil of
hard pavmnt b laid In th realdenoe
aiatricu curing th nxt IS montha.
Qo. B. TJnderwood Bal Beta Ageaoy
Coaduots Bom Big; Beala . ,
v.. v t.t. .i
xzzsrvZtts ncTef s
B. Underwood, Bellevue Tract and ad-
aiuonai land adjoining th Ladd farm.
on th Sandy road. - Th tract will be
platted and put on th market-. Im
provements will Include "cement side
walks, curb, graded tret and Bull
run water. ,, Th lots will b for i
at the office of Oeo. B. Underwood, cor
ner or rourtn ana stark atrta
Mr. JVenefee haa also purchased fifty
three acres of choice land adjoining
council crest, on th city aide, which
h 1 already Improving for high grade
home. , a larg force of men ar clear
ing the weat aid property tfuid Mr.
Underwood will plan th lota in thla
tract on th market In about thirty
oaya. - . ..
Mr. Menefee 1 on of many capi
talist who e . th advantag of In
vesting m Portland property. Th en
ormous growth of th jclty, th steady
increase of - lta population and It
natural condition ar point which en
courag th most conservatlv Investor.
Th man with a small need onlomfwyp
Tn man wun a small capital need only
grasp th opportunity and atart on th
road to proaoeritv by following th deal.
of th larger lnveator who hav
com to our city of rosea
Trouble the Carrier Hare Making
- Their Deliveries.
.The postof flee at Singapore must p
a Towr of BabeL
Thr' ar letters for delivery to Eu
ropeans, ! Eurasian. ' Malaya, Tamils.
Bengal, , Parseea, , Arab,- Armenians,
Sinhalese and other, says 8t Martin's-
le-Orand. The postmen hay their work
cut out, and when there comes a Tamil
letter they often have to beat up the
countryside for th man with no fixed
abode, and they often have to read out
th addresses ana, origin or an their let
ters at each house they v(lsit " .
There are Other obstacle In th war
of the speedy delivery, of letter. - Dogs,
for example. The Malay postman Is a
Mohammedan, and whan the frlnnrilv
dog accosts him dogs always accost
postmen) th touch Is different . ' The
postman must batba. And the bath
must be taken before the next hour of
prayer., Prayer ar offered flv times
a day. . -';:'"vy..-'. , :
Either th postmaster of Singapore
has no nerves or he doesn't open hi x-
ploslve correspondence. . . .
under construction on Thirteenth, between GUsan and Hoyt,'
I Transfer and New Dwellings on the
" East Side Greater Than Elsewhere
-Hawthorn Aveuue Present a
Moat Remarkable Development.
AmiAtk tram half a. doaan untnnruM-t.
ant sales of lnaid lot, . th bulk ot
last week' realty ' transactloha ; waa
mad Sp of sale of residence and res
idence .iota. Th movement in thla
clasa of property waa never heavier la
th history of th city than now. 1 A
targe proportion of the sales la for
dwelling valued at about 11,000 and for
lota valued at from $750 to llrOWLNat-
uraiiy, tne cast sia i to soeueqj
moat of thl development, t In uppef
Alblna. not les than two dosn dwell
ing and building lota hav changed
hand alnc tn tirat of th month.
Th activity la home-buying In th
upper Union avenue territory is quit
I a pronounced aa in any otnr part oi
I th city,
On feast I Fifteenth and Claokamaa
atreeta, a larg ten-room residence la to
b built aa soon as the arrangement
now under way can b completed. .The
bulldlna la to b In th mlaslon type, a
atyl ox architecture comparatively new
In Portland. . P. H. Tynanv of Reed,
Fields A Tynan haa under considera
tion th construction of three douol
flats on Clackamas , and East Third
atreet. - ? ' ' " i v
srw Plat Bnlldinr.
W. H. Helman la putUng np , a $7,-
000 four series flat on Knott atrt and
Oantenbeln avanu. .
On Maryland avenue, near Shaver
street, th Btanlelaua Polish catnouq
I church haa rotd a 14,000 chapel.
The Columbia unlvrity 1 planning
to put up a dormitory on th oampua
during tn i coming aummer. The in-
crsd attandano at th univrlty
I ma impraur no? avr-- v v.-
I ItlitOrV rOOffl. . ' '
From WUunn avenue ce-st, onn
aiong me ou ni ..
no um ou or tn ioun,i
I and aaw. In th vicinity, or jaaegjey
I Junction and MoKsnn Junction a very
pronouncd building activity haa at In.
or tiM f w1UnM ' v"
g-vaiu oi e.w """"
trucuon in imniwa,
I "at -prooaoiy , T
atariea unn wiuui w a.
Aottrtty fa Zrvlngtos.
In th nw Irvlngton dlatrlot. W-
- traM Thomnton. Mintntn
J and Twenty-fourth. treeU, no lota are
macadam and all sidewalks are to b of
eonort and parkd, - '
Ther 1 no let up In th bauding
pro areas along Hawthorn avenue. Th
chang on that thoroughfare within th
paat ix montha would be almost un
believable anywhere else than In Port
land, : Par out ' on th Hawthorn ear
line, in th vicinity of . Mount Tabor
reservoir, realdenoe ot a superior elaee
are springing up on ovary band.
' Announcement was mad during th
week that work would soon begin on a
numbr of new business structure.
Grant Phsgley Is preparing to erect a
thr-tory brick on , North Seventh
street for business purposes at a cost
of about tSMOO. .-.
Th xoavatlon I under way for John
Matthlesen' four-story hotel at FronS
and Harrison streets. Th bUHTdlng will
cover a Quarter-block and will b so
constructed that . additional storie can
be added to the original structure.'
. . ; : BW Bank a eUwood. '
At th northwest -corner of Holladay
avanu and Lrrabee atreet, a three
story brick business house will be
erected during th. aummer. ' The struc
ture will hav a frontage Of 100 feet
on Holladay avenue, SO feet on Larra
bee street and will cost about t5,000.
Bellwood s new bank building at Uma
tilla avenue and East Thirteenth treet
1 rapidly. ; ncarlng completion. Th
walla ar to b of a eream colored
pressed brick - and will present when
completed a handsome appearance.
At the northwest corner of East Asn
street and Grand avenue a combination
store and apartment nous is soon to
go .up, . Mr. Lolsa zmsiey and
maaeman wno own Tnn rrnnriSB r are
having th plans prepared for th struc
ture. ' ' , . 4'
The MissUslppi avenue Congregation
al church is soon to be remodeled, at
a oost of about f5,000.
, Apartment for Pleaders Street.
Gravea ft Co., musical dealers, will"
erot a 125,000 brick store on West
Park between Davis and Everett streets.
W. L, Morgan has taken out a per
mit to erect a 1 three-story apartment
house on Flanders atreet between Twen-
tleth ' and Twenty-first 1 -.. atreet-... The
building will cost about 122,000.
Mr. Emma E. ; Flsbburn has pur
chased from. ; Sengstake ft : Lyman a
quarter-block In Alnsle place on Haw
thorne avenue for $3,000. "Mrs. Fish-1,
burn Is a-resident of San Jos, Call for- .
nia, . She Intends erect lifg a modern .
residence on her recent -purchase and -
will thereafter make Portland her homa f