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Uttle Miss Ruth Teal Christens
V Craft as It Starts for;
. the Water.-V'7 :v
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CJ Jlj Xl5
Completion of Steamer Means Much
. to Country Contljrnous to the Tp
per ColumMavWill Be Ready (o
. Co Into Commission in Few Days.
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3. ' N. 1 Teal the new eternwheel
j ; ateamer- built by Joseph Slpple for the
Open River Transportation company, la
' t bow practically roady to Co Into Com
f ' mission carrying passengere and freight
, ' between tbla city and Bit Eddy, a point
, about three milea above Tba Dauea
Bba was launched yaaterday afternoon
from tha ways at Supple' a yard, and la
'complete except for the furnishing of
'the cabin and a few minor details to I
; tha machinery. ) ; nt-'w.r
' Tha completion of tha steamer .win
' mark tha beginning of a new era for
, tha country contiguous to tha upper
Columbia, because It provides tha leaat
expensive method of .transportation
. with the metropolis and tha. commer-
, elai center of tha state. : , a ; .-
.Tha launching waa a parfeet aueoaaa
: 9n every respect It occurred' at 1:20
; (o'clock, and Uttla Mlaa - Ruth - Teal,
daughter of X N. Teal, father of tha
. "Open River movement, and In honor of
-whom tha craft waa named, released
' tha bottle of .champagne that aant tha
; (floating palace lato her element, -.-
Heralds atet Owa Debat.
Steam had been generated In tha
(large boilers, and for tha flrat time In
(the hlatory of tba 'port did a new craft
elide down tha way a with -her whiatla
. 'heralding her debut to tba world. Other
whistles, from factorlea ahd ateam
' (boats, responded apontaneouily, aad tba
. aplaah of tha white and crlmaon hull aa
' 'It atruck tba water waa aim oat smoth
ered U tha wild din of tha alreaa Tha
crowds that lined every point of vant
are surrounding tha yard rave rent to
a about of delight when tha hull broke
' rom her position and after trembling
a moment ahot Into tha river nearly a
hundred feet distant It all happened
aa lasa time than It takes to tall It. and
tha photographers who had - trained
their, eameraa had bo time to wait.
As cnatomary with river craft, tha
; Teal was sent broadalda Into the water.
She rode Ilka a swan, and shipping man
who watched her wars astonished- to
note that aha drew but IS inches of
water, although practically fully
- Tory Ught of Draft.
At thla rata It la :lgured aha will
draw but 0 Inches whan loaded with
a couple of hundred tons of freight J.
.W. Johnstone, who designed tha lines,
tntanded to make her tha lightest draft
boat on tha Upper Columbia river, and
thosa who have saaa her say he has
met with success.
Other steamers plying between Port
land and Tha Dalles draw from three
to ! feat and they find It impossible
at times during tha dry summer months
to make tha rapids below The uaues.
It is believed that a solution of this
serious problem haa been found la tba
J. N, Teal aa it has bean demonstrated
that ths light draft boats are also the
beat kind of rapid climbers.
Superintendent Frank Smith, who has
had years of experience on these nvers,
Is fully 'convinced that the Teal will
have W trouble whatever In covering
bar routs on schedule at all. times of
the year, and what Is mora, she will
go beyond Tha Dalles and form direct
connection' with ths stats portage road
: to Celilo and connecting there with the
steamer Relief.
. Great Trelght Capacity,
The new boat Is not the largest to go
on the run selected, but she will carry
more freight In comparison to her di
mensions than any of the boats now on
the run. because of ths flat and broad
bottom.- Her dimensions are: Length,
160.10 feet; beam, 14 feet, and depth of
hold, 5.0 feet Her engines will de
velop too Indicated horsepower and ahe
a is expected to. make good speed, i nis.
'however, will bo definitely determined
' on the trial trip which has been booked
for soma day tbla week. , , ..
- Among . those who witnessed the
launching were a' number of prominent
tearnboatmea and all expressed them
elves exceptionally - well pleased and
-predicted a bright future for the new
addition to the -fleet of the port Only
ra few of them availed themselves of
,the opportunity to "shoot the chutes,"
ss they preferred to watch the elide
from share. " .
The Steamer J, N. Teal as Bhe Left the' Ways,
f - ' '. I
if Jii , I
Miss Euth Teal, Who Christened the BteamerjrNTTeaL
'The steamer will be In command of
Captain A. X Geer and Samuel Shaver
will be chief engineer. She has c
paclty for nearly 400 tons of freight
and accommodations for 100 passengera
The Oak street dock has been leased
and ahe will receive and deliver freight
and passengers there. . ,
Gasoline .Schooner In : a Danceroni
i Position at Nestacca, :
; (Bptelal Dlapttsb to The ?esnaLt"i' t
Astoria, OrM May 11. The gasoline
motor schooner Geoald C la reported
wrecked on the North Spit at the en
trance to Nee.ueca harbor. All her deck
load of lumber has been carried a war,
and it is said there is little chance of
saving her. She left here last Wednes
day morning la command of Captain
Tabalt Sho Is owned by S. Elmore &
Co, aad carried no Insurance.
Crew Consider Columbia Lightship
No. Fifty Dangerous.
(flmctal DwMtcb te The JoaraaLt r
Astoria, Or, May 11. -The entire crew
of lightship No. 60, from the captain
down, tendered their resignations to In
spector Herllch and will not go out In
her again. They are-all men of exper
ience, but claim that the vessel is not
safe and consider they are exposing
themselves to certain death eventually
If they continue with the ship and for
this reason quit la a body. .-
The steamer Alliance. Captain Olson,
will be In the harbor at an early hour
this morning. She left up last ; night
The . gasoline schooner Berwick is
If Yfw J
xv-rr .tft
Rubber Sanded" has- in
creased its popularity where
j ever it is used. Dollar for dol
lar in cost, a "Rubber Sanded ",:
Roof will give longer and bet--ter
service than any roofing
on the market. , ' i ; .
' . Send for the " "Roof in g
Guide", which tells about the
best . roofings, roofing papers,
'building and iniulating papers.
It's free for the asking "with
samples and pnces. , , v
again In need of an engineer and Cap
tain Jacobsen offers good Inducements
to a oompetent man. Gasoline engineers
are said. to bs scarce. ,v,.
Captain P. J. Werllch, lighthouse in
speoior, wiu leave zor Alaska soon on
ths tender Armerla. The Inspection tour
will extend as far north as Noma
; Andrew Weir and Frank" Waterhouae
4k Co, will eatabllah a line of steamere
between San Franolaoo and Australia
Tha first steamer to leave the Bay City
The steamsr Bailey Oatsert of the
D. P. A A. N. company's line will be
launched from the wars at the Port
land Bbjpouuaing company's yard In a
few days. .-m.;.- ,-. -, . .
Ths steamsr F. A. KJibum sailed for
San Fran cl aoo and way ports last night,
carrying rrtignt ana passengers,
Ths Norwegian steamer Norman
Isles haa finished loading wheat for
China and Is now taking ooal at ths
bunkers In North Portland.. She will
sail tonight or tomorrow morning. The
Norwegian steamsr Tltanla Will be here
soon to load wheat for the orient She
is now at San Franclsoo.
There is some talk among steamboat-
men or reaching an agreement as to a
uniform rate of wages to bo paid em
ployesvott river steamer In these w al
tera. . At present all kinds of wages are
being paid, , ..
Bmaeke, from Saa Pedro and way... ...May Ml
Nnmaotla, rrera orient. ...... ........ ..-May JS I
Arabia, rroia ericot. ,,,,.jDnel
nialy 10
karnlar Uaera te Pepart, 1 -
Alllaaee.' for Coos br.....,............My 14
Hlcomdl, tor orlrnt. .............. It
O. W. Elder, for Ban Pedro aad way., ..May 1
Colombia, tot Sn rrtBolete May 10
Cwta Rtca, (or Baa rranctoee.... ....... May 21
r. A. Klibarn, fce Saa fraa. and way.. May
Rnanoka. for Saa Pedre and way. ...... .May fl
Kumaatia, tor orttat. Jane 0
Arabia, for ertoat..., .......June 10
Aletla, tor or tat July S7
i !-"'. VauaU ts Pari'-'' -,',.'
J. Ifarhoffar, Am. atr. at Wlllaaiette I. Wks.
Bayoaae, rr. ek., at Irving dock.
vimaoaie, Br. l(, at A nor la.
Mlrhalrt. ,rr. bk., at AftorU.
. Yola, Br. ah., at BltTator eork.
JordanhlU, Br. bk- at B. W.
fiolansa. Boat, atr., at Aitorla. ',
Kormal Isles, Nor. atr., at coal bankers.
' Era, Oar. at t Montgomerr dock.
Krllpae, Aa. atr., at Bt Haleaa. ,
Elnlta, Br. bk, at Greenwich dock. '
. Talloa, Qt. bk4 at Oolomhla No. L.
Annie tausen, aeh., at Aitorla. 7" ,'
Mtlroee. Am. acb.. at Kalama.
1. It. Griffith, Am. kktn, at Ltnatnnl
Tottenham; Br. atr, at I. A W. ailUa.
Polaris. Am. eeb.. at Vaaeoever. x
Nleomema, Gr. atr., at Alaaka
Strati It da. Br. atr. at Ealnler.
Berwick, Am. gas atr at Cbvck street, -'
Caacade, Am. atr., at Coble.
, Columbia, Am. atr., at Stella.
' Waahlnatoa, Am. barge, at Aatorta. '
- QalnanlV Am. atr., at X. A W. mllla. ' .
Blntram, Ami ah., at Aatorla.
Booth Bay, Am. atr., at Aatorla.
Alllanoe, Am. atr., at Coach street. ;
lamkor CurUrt Ea laete.
' Dtamond Head, Am. bk. Baa Pedro.
-B. P. Whltnry. Am. bk,. MakawelL
Elwell, Am.' ah, Sao Padro.
ttlllabonoe. Am. ecb, Manila.
Lucille, Am. ah, 8aa rraoclao.
Mabel fiale. Am. ach., 8aa rrancias. '
John Palmer. Am. bkta.. Ban rraneisee, .
Batriarer, Am. bktn. Ban fYanclaoo.
Aarora, Am. bktn., Saa franclaco. . .
Jamas Bolph. Am. eeb., Baa Pedro, '
John Smith, Am. bkta.. Baa Padra.
sMakawsll. Am. bkta. Baa rrandaee.
SanU Ana, Am. atr.. Bon Franc laco.
Alrtna, Am. acb, Saa Padre.
Rmllr Bccd, Am. atr. Baa Pedra, ' '
yr. ft. Hnae, Am. eeb., Baa Pedr. V
Lettltla, Am. ach.. Baa rraaelsee. , ;
Mnrlel, Aaa. eeh. Baa . Pranelaea.
1. B. stetson. Am. atr.. Ban rraoclaoa. ' '
Tiverton, Am. atr.. Baa Pranciaee. "
Wm. Olaan, eeh. Baa Iranclaeo.
Palsy Preemaa, Am. atr., Baa yraaetme.
Irene, Am. eeh Baa rranelaco. - . .
TlrglaU. Am. sea., Baa Pranetoea, "S"'.
Chnrchill, Am. ach.. Baa Pranclaco,
Eicalalor, An.,atr, Baa rranclaeo.
sizpanawn, m. an., eaa redre.
AaU, Am. bk.. Sea- Svaaeisee.
,. King Cyraa, Am. eeh. Baa Padro. ' ,
i Rcdoado, Am. etr. Baa Pedro, .;''.' k,
'Abbie.'Am. seh Baa. fiawlaes.-j'!ra
- Ea Beats -With Oanunt and ' -""l
Bnecleach, Br. sh, Bambarg, -
Bresa, Pr. bk.,- Hall. , ... "..
w Ooeway Oastie, Br. bk,' Aatwerp,1' -valgonar,
Br. ah., Hamburg. . -. ,
Eorope, Pr. bk.,. Antwerp. ,"' )
, iOoaevle Mellnoe.rr, bk, LemOcm,
, Ari,,, mt m, naaioarg. .m i.'
Russian Steamer Hag Trouble Going I
- Down Blrer.
(Special Dispatch' te The Journal.)
Astoria, Or, May 11-Tbe Russian
steamer Selenga arrived down ' as far
as Brookfleld last evening and dropped
anchor. When the crew were ordered
out this morning they, refused to go to
work until they were given breakfast
and threatened to go ashore In a body.
The captain could do nothing, so he
ordered the men be given breakfast,
after which they went to work perfectly
7. I
eauanso, , -
' T.M.M BV aK
te Pillar. Pr. bk.. Uadoa. . , ' l' ' "
; Martha Eoex Pr. bk, Hambarf. v
Masambiqae, Br. eh, Neweaatle, B.
Bamoa, if. bk, 8hlIda :
Blast, Gar. eh, London. .S--' i
Bona, Pr. eh, Neweaatle, ."'.":!;'..'
' Vineennea, Pr. bk.; OUarow. . " i :
Mareehael Torreae, Pr. bk., Bambers,'
?. bk, AatwerpT-;
; pierrl tott. Pr. bk.. Antwern.
, Varaalllaa, pr. bk.. Leith. - ,
Oraeral de Boiadeffre. Pr. bk, Loadoa.
, wwanu oe negrwr, rr. DK, Uadoa.
veal Ship xa Soate.
Brian, rr. vm.. naweaatia. a -
Col- de Vlltebola Marrall, Pr. bk, HewcastlaJL
ClaTerdon, Br. ah, Neweaatle A. ,. JT
; Tramp Steamers Xa JUwta. .
Bradford, Br, atr. Baa Pranckiea, V
Craaaa Mara, Jap. atr, Japaa.
: African Monarch, Br. atr. Baa PMadeea.
Btrathrre, Br. etr- Baa maeiaee.
-xaiios, nor. atr, saa rraaeisoa.
Bark, Nor. atr, .Saa Pranclaco.
Maori King, Br. etr., BhanfhaL
. STnIvI. T- Tl - .i . .
, Banrik Ibaea, Nor etr.. Baa rraseteea,
wacen Ajezasara, nr. atr, Madras.
Kallbla, Br. atr. Baa Praneiaeo.
Manaha Mara, Jap. atr. Bailees Orsa.
Tiiaaia, or. nr., saa rraadaco.
OH Carriers Za Koate, -
"Ktrerlck, Am. atr..' Baa Pranelaea.'
W. S. Porter, Am. str. Baa Praaciaee.
the bar at p. m, roughs wind, aonth, Four Favorites and TWO ? Third
steamer ' Roanoke, for San Pedro and
way ports: arrived down at :I0 a m.
and sailed at f -p. ra, steamer Asuncion,
for San Francisco: arrived dfWn at 12,
Russian steamer Selenga; . arrived at
8:35 and left up at 8:40 p. m, steamer
Alliance, from Coos Bay; arrived- at 4
m.rbarkenlno- John - Palmer, - from
an Franclsccf. Outside at I p. m.. a
three-masted ' ship, a . three-masted
bark, four four-masted schooners. Ar
rived at 4:40 p. m., steamer South Bay,
from San Francisco i .
nan Francisco, May ll Bailed at li
noon, steamer Columbia, for Portland;
sailed, ateamer Tiverton; 'for., Astoria;
sailed at i p.m.; Steamer Geo. W; Kl-
der, for Portland. -
Port Harnford. May 11. Sailed,
ateamer Argyll, for Portland.
Sydney, Australia May ll.Arrlved
May i, jrencn bark Marecnai ae vii
lars, from Portland.
Muroran, Way 11.- Passed April St,
Norwegian ateamer ' Mathilda. ' from
Portland. ,
Wmerick, May ll.Arrlved May 10,
French bark Marechal de Castries, from
Portland.1''"" " ;
Astoria, May 11 Steamer South Bay
with Chinese Juhk Wang Ho In tow at
tempted to croaa bar at 4:40 P.' m.
While on the bar a huge wave atruck
the Wang Ho and carried away her
mlzzen mast South Bay signaled for
jura to cast on, wnicn shs did.' juna
then drifted into breakers. -South Bay
anchored Just inside bar. '
I Tioes at asxona - Sunday. , -
Hlgh.-Wftter. Xw water. - -
0(87 a, m, 8.0 feet . 7:27 a m, 0.1 feet
27 p. ro, 7:8 feet 7:21 p. m, 2.8 feet
mlles; gather, cloudy Arrived Choices WIni-GuIlett Cap-
tures Handicap.
.No parallel for the .wonderful success of this sale has ever been seen (n this city. No such vast
and steady flow of patronage ever bestowed on a store In Portland, Why? Because in 15 years
of success John Dellar has never come before the public with a sale. The stock 'carried at this
store is not .of the bargain sale kind. But on account of rebuilding this fine , ; ,
T5 :jy ':ir'i'4F' Stock of Men. and Young Men's Suits, Pants, Hats, Shoes
f2tJ (Cl) VaVaaVLl VllJ' tn1 Furnishings must be sold at once to allow the rebufld
yr -- " v; Ing of this store to begin,.. r;-v i 7J
Mils Kill Be a Slar Keeli In M Bzparlmenls
DelIri Is Clothing Store, This establishment was nem used to show empty boxes or bare.
Ever . nook and corner la filled' to overflowing wun merchandise. Our variety ox Suits, alwavn
the largest and most select to be found in the city, on account of ffolnf to commence rebuilding, we
dispose of these goods, and we are closing them out with the price knife. ; . . ;
' a" assas . .
This lot contains
scores of styles,
elses to 44 bust
There are not .all
, elses' in every
style. They are
mostly suits from
one to si of a
kind, left from our best selling $3.00 to $10.00 lines,
and it matters not which one you select you are
sure to get a bargain such as you never bought
v before. : : ; v,'v
Pure : wool : or
worsted fast col
or tailor - made
suits. : Most . of
these ' lines " are
complete In slues ;
from 34 to 44 '
bust. Double and
single breasted suits in black, blue, plaids, gray ef
fects and mixtures. The materials and workman
ship are of the DeUar standard $10.00 and $12.00
. qualities. The best to be had at that price, and on
account of rebuilding that is soon to begin, we are
giving you some bargains that will make yon re-
; y$iocsJ ,
Here is where
you strike a par
adise of beautiful
Suite, The kind
that hustle the
beet custom tall.
ors to equal' Se
lect ImDorted and
- domesaic materials; made mostly apedally to our
order for fine trade. ' There is not one in the lot
worth less than $20.00 to $22.50.. Dressy suits, busi
ness suits. All band-tailored, select custom tailor
patterns and materials, ' . v i
The kin d that
stand at the top
of fine .' clothes.
The very choic
est of foreign
fabrlce. Full
' Journeyman tail
' ored in exclusive
limited styles and patterns $25X0 values in blue,
black and fancy, pure long yarn worsteds, tweeds
snd Thibets, 'V-;- ,-; '
member Dellar's store..
..... .. f.., - -". ':''.!, -' t '
Put 'your mind
on this lof of se
lect $13J0 and
1 15.00 Sulta Tha
kind that are V
: worth that price
In material and
Then you know what to expect at this rebuilding
sale. The elegancs of this assortment is a strong
appeal to careful buyers. - The colors and fabrics
are practically endless .In variety." They are bar
gains more man wormy- ci wo namej,
' a -. v .. i ,
Getting Into our
choicest and most
complete lines of
19 to 10 ouiia, i
but we do not re- :
serve anything in ,
the shape of met- .
m m. a . a a T '
cnanaise in tms
house.' Dirt and dust is a mortal enemy to fine
fabrics. We are going to sacrifice-them, for we .
know that every suit we send out at these slaugh
tered prices will bring back a harvest of . new pat
rons that will stand by the big, new and greatar
John Dellar store that la about to rise from the
ruins of this establishment. . ' '
A mile' of them j
e veif thing , ' from
the substantial
Working Pants'
tb the finest and
best thst the
looms of the
world oroduee or
tailoring skill can supply, Dellar's always was a
great pants store, variety, quality and big1 values
made ft so, ' 4
This will buy dark and light colored
Pants up to $2X0 values. . They are rood
or they would not be found at Dellar's. "
Kl AC JUBt tne kinds that yon pay IZ50 and $100
sPIaUu for, but rebuilding is rebuilding here, and
we are going to sell them in a hurry.' ? y v.- v
(9 1 C ' B'tter qualities, better makes, worth $5X0'
ePCal to $4X0: aplendid Pants for street or busi
ness wear; elegant snapes; a tnousana ot tnem, ,
(JO QC The finest snd most select line you ever
1 iLQD . eaw, worth up to $5.00 and even $8.00,
i JQ ?C - custom finished and domestic and !m- -VJaV
ported fabrics; choice - spring "patterns;
also black, blue and other solid colore, May be
several kinds that will be your ideals, -v.v. , S,
0A OC Some of the best, up to $7 JO, merchant
etJ9 tailored materiala and styles. Gentlemen
that want the best and latest for nice wear, will find
this lot a bargain mecca. -. .
;Vt -at Jr-'' f ' VV For choice of an extraordinary fine lot of French and English materiala. ' Suits
an I flay sj V.J tnat can only be compared with the choicest custom products; $27 JO and $30X0
:TT ', -. . . -values. . - ' - L- , . . .
When' yon come
Just look around
and see if you
think we - have
10,000 pairs. We
have, and more,
too. Every-pair
of them ot tne
i 1 01 inem m nq
good, fine and select styles and qualities. Every pair
of them must be sold. Read these- bona fide cut
nrlrai ahd remember there are hundreds of pairs
of odd or broken lots being sold at half or less,
that we don't even mention in our ads. .''
..-'v- torani nozsT .....
ai.4S plenty of the $2X0 snd $2J5 qualidee.
f 1.851,000 paira calf and velour $2J0 and $3.00
Shoes. - - ' - "
f 2.35 Top notch, best style $3.00 snd $3.50 Shoes.
f2.9S All vaiues op t0 $4.0a
woaczars noxa
3,000 Pairs Women's Shoes Prices Cut to Pieces,
f I.OO The very latest and best $1.75 Shoes, all
sues. ,Jii-'i;-: .":;..- .-s ,TL
f 1.65 A most beautiful and select $2.50 Shoe,
fZ.ZO About 500 paira elegant $3.00 Shoes.
But we have about 500 odd Knee Pants selling at the price of the Cloth in them. '
? nvuirth rui about two miles, steeple
haaav Collsnr won, Good and Plenty
.umn. Ton Cocan third; time, 4:111-6,
Fifth race, six furlonss Benban won.
Pantoufle secono.. ttea stiver.
1:11 l-S, - i--
Sixth ' race, one v mile Shenandoah
won. Tonv Bonero secono, ahuih
third; 'Urns, :4S-S. '
. (Special Dispatch .te the' tarsal! :f.i?
'Forest Grove, Or Ma' U One of
the biggest tnusicalea ever riven In this
city will occur Wedneaday, May It,
when Madame Norellt, vocalist, and
William Wallace Graham, violinist, ; of
Portland. wlU aive a arand concert
Sqcondrace, alx and a half furlonrs I under, the auspices of the Woman's club
OZ . D oresi urovo. .; cpaoiai irami wiu
brlns; music-lovers ' from McMlnnvllle,
Tamhlll, Gaston and Hlllsboro, and the
success of ths occasion is assured. Mrs.
E. E. Williams has Managed the event
and will he accompanist, at the recital.
Madame NorelU was formerly Instruc
tor In, the collese conservatory here.
Nearly'! every seat, in " ths house v is
. (Joaraal spui Harrto.) - -Baa
Francisco, May 11. After a lone
string of , beaten choices ' durlnr the
past week.' the Ulent had- an . lnninc . to
day at Oakland, four favorltea and two
third choices winning1.
the Impatience handicap at a mile
and fifty yards was .the featura r Bed
ford waa the opening favorite, but tha
tip went abroad that KerchevaL carry-
inr top weight,' was ready and a steady
piay maae tne conraa norse a post rav-
orlta Prlncesa Tltanla made the run
ning tor , alx furlongs, , when Gullett
forged to the front with Karcheval and
won easily. J. C. Clem closed with a
rush - and took .the. place from Princess
Tltanla, Results; . v 'v:..; .,.-
First race, six and a half furlongs
Tellowstone won, Santa Ray second.
ueuaaatia third! tune, i:zi,
; aanlar tlaart Sua 4a Xiriva. '
Columbia, from San rranclaoa.. ...... ...May It I
O. W. Kldar, from Baa Pedro and way.. Ma? 14
Cotta Blca, from San Franclaeo. ........ May 18 i
Aliianr, rmm Luua uy ..May j
t. A. KUbura, from Saa Fiaa, aad W.IU St
Pal won. Nothing second, Paddy Lynch
(U wuuams) tnira; time, i:nu. . ., ,
Third rece,one Snd a half mile-.
Byronerdaler; won, Talamund second,
Benvollo (C. Williams) third; time, 1:35.
-Fourth race. mBe and 69 yards. Im
patience handles p-V-Kercheval won. J. C
Clem second, Princees : Tltanla third;
Uma 1:4 1-6. . . x --
Fifth race,' seven and a half furlongs
JSlr Brillar won. George P. McNear
Second, Fred Bent third; time, I :tl 4-S.
Bixtn 1 race, rive rurionge Firebau
won, Dceaa-Shore aooond, NaMve Son
third; time, 1:00 J-B.
SMmlts at BelaoBt.
Flrat race, alx furlongs Baraclnesta
won, jack r Atkin ' second, Wei bourne !
third! tlma 1:16.
Second race, four an a half furlongs
wave, crest won. King cobalt second, ,
King james tniM; time, oeds -d.
Third raee, -five furlongs Smoker 1
won, Sanguine second, Alauda uurdi
(Special Dlapateh to Tha Joaraal.) r
Echo, Or., May 11. Water has been
applied to the lands In the Inland Irri
gation company's project, generally
known as the -Furnish ditch, and it la
proving very satisfactory.
The Page Eanch company, ot which
J. W. Kyle ia manager, was the flrat to
receive water. This company took pos-
v:14'v-;.'':''.'5-.yvv I
Only tiie choicest ingredients used.
(Baked under anltary condioons.
:;'',$. '.
- . jsaaxu unucr aaiuury- cuiituuuns. , . ,
Beware of Imitations. Look for our blue label on erery
V-. loaf you buy. i'-t, 'S
.. ....
session of H0 acres,' karch, and since
then has cleared, plowed andplanted
120 acres, the change In that time from
the native sagebrush condition being
A "telle to tha Southwest ot ths Kyle
farm Is the treat being farmed by A,
Vfb Norton. 1 He has 40 acres In potatoes
and an equal area In spring wheat Mr.
Norton will ahow what can be done in
the way of wheat raising with the as
sistance of artificial moisture. , .
Don't be satisfied with laaif -enough
lodgers advertise In the Journal. -