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Member or to G. A. R Will Observe Memorial Day this Year . Oregon Pedagogues Not Barred
by Regimental Procession to -the . ', , ' From California Schools -L;
Cemeteries. - '. 1 as Reported.
Correct Filling
' ' (for '
" The Grand Army posts of Portland
flan that not a single veteran's grave
hail go bndecorated on Memorial day,
Mar 30. Elaborate plana have been
made for the observance of the day and
union services of all the poet will be
iield morning and afternoon.;
At I o'clock In morning the vet
erans 'will father f, the east elde hall,
' at Grand avenue an.. Kast Pine street,
and will march to Lone Fir cemetery to
decorate : the craves. ' Their - attention
will be devoted for two hours to that
ceremony and 8t Mary's Catholla ceme
tery opposite. Meanwhile details will
be sent out to the distant graveyards-
the Grand Army, Jewish, Odd Fellows',
Masonic, Rlvervlew, Calvary, Mount
. Zton and .Columbia Slough cemeteries
to decorate the veterans' graves.
At 10 o'clock the veterans will gather
at the Grand Army-plat In the Lone
Fir cemetery, where their large mona
rnent la erected to. the, memory ( , the
soldiers of the Mexican, Indian. Civil
and Spanish wars. ; ! ' '
In the afternoon the veterans will
rather at the ball. Second and Morrison
streets, and at 1:19 o'clock the proces
sion will leave for the plata block. -The
Third Oregon regiment and the Spanish
AVar veterans will be Invited as esoorts.
The Grand Army will hold Its services
; at the park block, between Main and
'Madison streets, and the Third Oregon,
regiment and Spanish War veterans at REQUIREMENTS HERE
their monument la tne diock oeiwepni . . rr mini I v liirU
R.lmnit BnA W. In Jnhn S Shields, a! . Ti , . Kt. tUUALLl nlUM
relative of the celebrated General
Shields, will deliver the address or me .
day. Professor Rasmus will deliver gt.te Superintendent pedares That
Lincoln intfco .. u.uj.uui.
there will be songs by the old soldiers.
The officers of the day are the same
for the east and west side. , The depart
ment commander of Oregon. Hamer Sut
lliTe. vill bo the oommander of the day
and marshal. ; General G. A. CauRln
will be senior vice-commander; i F. R.
Neala. Junior- vice-commander; 1 T. ' B.
McDevitt, officer of the day; chaplain;
Rev. Henry a. Barden: adjutant,' Com
rade Sloan, i The chairman of the com-1
mlttee on arrangements is T. B. Me-
Devitt, and the committee Is meeting at
I o'clock -i everr Sunday till Memorial
- He Is Frequently Asked to Ap
prove Oregon Certificates Shoving
That Ability Is Recognized.
it v
State Superintendent of Public Instruc
tion J. H. Ackerman stated ' yesterday
at the Oregon hotel that there Is abso
lutely no foundation -.-'for ? the story
which appeared In " . the.Sacramento
Union, May 4. to the effect that Oregon
teachers are not wanted in California
anhnola. hut that to the contrary ha re-
The Sunday preceding Memorial day Icelvea messages freaiientlr to approve
will be observed with memorial services, certificates of teachers who had gone
In the morning the Third Oregon in-1 to the southern state to seek positions.
fantry will hold services at Taylor The story in the Union also stated
Street Methodist church ana tne inrei that students are allowed to enter Ore-
battery of Oregon field artillery, thel gon normal schools and graduate in two
O. A. R. and gpanisn war veierane i years as full-fledged teachers. , Mr.
have been Invited to Join. , Chaplain W. I Ackerman denies that this is -true and
a Gilbert will conduct' the services. In I aays on the other band that students
the evening, according to custom, the I &re compelled to take a three years'
Grand Army will attend the Grace Meth-1 course at the normals, and In one school
odlst church and Dr. Clarence True WU-1 four years is required. v
son will preach.
C A. Stum of the Hydraulla Wood
XJft company pas a remedy for spinal
mrnlngflis In which he thoroughly be
lieves and of which ha has asked the
nurses at St. Vincent's hospital to make
a trial. . ; ' ,:
, Seyeral years ago In McGregor, . Iowa,
I there was an epidemic of spinal menin
gitis, A sister of Mr. Sturn became ill
with the disease and all hope of her
recovery bad been given up. Seven doc
tors had pronounced her attack fatal
However, her mother did not despair i
Mr. Ackerman was not disposed to
take the Sacramento story seriously and
stated that he did not believe It had
been authorised by any of the men who
were present at the meeting which gave
rise to the story.- Mr. Ackerman be
lieves that the meeting, which was at
tended by instructors and state officials,
was probably held to decide the advis
ability , to accept graduates of Oregon
normal schools on their . certificates
without requiring further examinations.
If this Is done it will establish a lower
requirement-than is , demanded in Ore-1
gon,- where all V teachers must takel
county and state examinations before I
they are granted licenses to teach.
They have attained
the highest reputa
tion for Ready to
Wear Garments .
If WWggm' ;y-
and resolved to try a remedy of which
she had heard years before. .
The mother mixed a pint of oayenne
pepper with a quart of boiling water
which she applied to the body-at the
":r,:ru .,".v: .v:r'r; The umon s.y. that m .om the
clousne. and after the remedy had fnorerB. ?h2 ZXl
h-n .r.nii for t.n nr thrM the n lfhth and ninth grades further
k.. .y, .ir.. .f. advanced than their teachers. Mr. Ack
WSkMWH aj-e v tv " v t 0 . m a t a as J
and in a few weeks was entirely welL !n " lru'- " Jne
The nurses at the sanitarium prom- "u" "r WT71!
ised Mr. Sturn to ask the doctors' per- , rwirii . o
Sold only by
mission to make a trial of the remedy.
.. ..... , .; ..j, .
T-L- I
Gentility Shop
311 Morrison St.
is? '
At the shops of the Portland Rail
way, Light - Power, company last
right employes presented to W. O.
Fragmler, for II years a . foreman of
the company, a handsome engraved
gold watch. Mr. Fragmier has been
master-mechanic -of the company, and
is leaving the service. The presenta
tion was made In token of the esteem
nnd respect in which he is held by the
fellow employee he 1 leaving. -..-.
The presentation was made bygone
of the. employes, who expressed, the
sentiments of the others at the depart
ure of Fragmier. . He responded and
there were general expressions of good
will and regret at his leaving.
Employes at the shops declare that
many of the old men are leaving be
cause outsiders are being Imported to
take their positions and new men are
constantly promoted - ahead of them.
They claim that a great deal of dis
satisfaction exists as a result and that
alt the time-tried -employes are being
forced on that account to leave the com
students of eighth arid ninth grades In
California schools are further advanced I
than teachers who pass the state ex
amination for teachers, which includes
22 . subjects, embracing physics, geom
etry, ala-ebra. and other studies of -almi-I
tains a . hla-her .' standard of V studies
In the eighth' and .- ninth grades T 'S x . f ) ' - . i- : . k . ,
than any state he knows of In the cOun-1 T . ' ' ' v t- s ' ' '' .. t 'i -.-
' Mr. Ackerman believes that the Union
was Incorrect as to the object of the
meeting, which he believes to have been
for the purpose of deciding whether to
allow - graduates of . Oregon -. normal
schools to qualify as teachers on their
graduating certificates without further
examination. v. i
i!i;o loi'fR cot
Andrew M. Johnson Came to the
'' Coast as Mate of Sail
ing Vessel.
County Auditor Brandes, while look
ing over the 1907 session laws yester
day afternoon was surprised to discover
that - he will have to approve vouchers
Tor increased salaries' for -.the two Jus
tices of the peace of Portland,, begin
ning May 23. The salaries . are in
Creased from $2,000 to $2,400 a year. ,
- Auditor Brandes said he. had believed
, that the Increase was not to be effective
until July, 1108. after the next election,
when a new term of office for the Jus
tices begins. The bill which was
enacted Into this law was house bill
141. As originally Introduced it speci
fied no time when the Increase should
become effeotlve, v but It was later
amended to provide that the $2400-a-year
salary shall be paid from the date
when the act becomes effective, which
is on May 2$. ; ' '
Andrew Martin Johnson, who died last
Sunday, was one of the early business
men in this city and at 'Astoria. He
came here 17 years ago from San Fran
cisco, where he arrived soma years be-
Y, W. C. A. Looking Forward to
Visif From Miss Wilson
of Chlcagb. , . '
The program for the . "Sunday at
tinnn" it thm T. W. tl :A. la nlannd
this week fspeclally for new members,
though all young women are cordially
invited.- Mrs. W. J. Honeyman will
make the address of welcome. $ Mr. Coff
man will give a reading and Miss Sue
Xarabee and Miss Louise Howland are
to render a violin duet Miss Laura Cle-1
land will sing.' Kiss MaoCorkle will
make an address on the theme, "Crest
ana conquest." , , r
.This ought to be one of the most at:
tractive programs of the year." All
women are welcome. Hours 4 Ao O
Th association Is ... looking forward
with great delight to 4 visit from one
of the most popular of Us national sec
retaries. Miss Elisabeth Wilson,' at the
head or the Secretarial Training school
in CBieagow A reception will be siren.
her Wednesday evening at the rooms of
the association and other plans are be-1
ing maae whicn will be given later.
With the beginning of the next term
Tale university purposes to introduce
a number of courses for worklngmeo.
The- courses will bo In practical eleo-
tneity, meottanlcal , drawing, machine I
design, steam and steam engine. ,
JN '
More : han 1000 are here
for you to choose from, ,
PRICE is jiist'r. Tf ;
. i" I'JH
Hew ' Sailors
Milan Braids. Rough Braids, Satin StrawBraids
ff!x For
: ff .
. Gage, Keith, New
York and all the '
latest blocks .
Prices'" tv "V V; ,
97c, $129
'jkS&Sl p H " Saving to you from
' 'iOc to $1.00 on
' - each Hat .
lie Wonder Millinery Co.
' 1 Corner Morrison and First Streets.
Andrew Martin Johnso:
fore as chief officer of a sailing ves
sel. A widow and ' a family ; of , nine
children- most Of them grown, survive
unit, . ( . . y
Mr. Johnson was born In Bergen, Nor
way, Bl years ago, He gained a large
acquaintance here and bad a great num
ber of friends, as was Indicated by the
attendance at the funeral held from the j
residence Tuesday. Deceased was a
prominent member of the English Lu
theran church and Rev. J. A. Leas offl-l
elated at the funeral, t
; . . 4 ' .... - ,
4- t
Property Owners Have Paid the
Assessments but Ground.
IsXyfng Idle.
Stark f-street property-holders are xon
Uie anxious seat because of the delay
In the city , engineer's office through the
extension of that thoroughfare In ac
cordance ' witn an - ordinance passed
nearly a year ago. - At the last meeting
of the realty board a committee, com
posed of E. J. Paly, A. A. Llndsley and
Jr -whvte Evans, was appointed to in.
quire into the cause or the delay.
I - - i..
v a .a -y.- ; . L;l!r?mi
V 0
Handsomer patterns-Hbettcr,
styles than ever. You will
see the same patterns : in v
other stores at f$15 and.$20. '?
The difference's rpnhcipally
in the higher rents and larger
profits of the other fellow.
2 Stores-Third & Oak
tho engineer's office,' but they neverthe
less deprecate the fact that city with
All the, property-owners have paid in nearly 100,000 people adopts the mu
nicipal financial policy of a village.
As a result of the Inaction of the city
their assessments, , one naving paid In
8,000 that was assessed against an in
side lot. The memDers of this com-1 authorities a large amount of valuable
mlttee realize that tne delay is prob- property on Stark street Is practically
ably due to tfie crowded condition of useless. A number of sxtensivs build-
lng Improvements are held in abeyance
because of the failure . to extend the
street. The committee will urge the au
thorities ' to put the extension through
without further delay.
Stop "chasing rainbows" and answer
a few Journal want ads. ' ' ,
Arthur B. Vosburgh, C. 8. IX, of the
offical board of , lectureship of the
Christian! Science ' church, ' Boston, ar
rived In Portland yesterday to . fill a
lecture engagement under the auspices
of the Portland Christian Scientists. Hs
will speak tomorrow afternoon at
o'clock, at the Helllg theatre. Admts-i ;
sion will be free, ' and reserved seats' 'v
must be procured before S o'clock, at "
which hour tho doors will open.- : .
s--;:i'.-;--'ii '. ..' - V'?. t i , r '"f ; , i :.:;;,;'., i-jf'' :-'v: ,r : - :0