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McAllister's Appointment as At
torney pf Juvenile Courtis ,'
Cause of Difference
Assert Law aires Him Sole Sight to
Choose Officer to Work With Him
District Attorney Takes Oppo
site View. ,
Inhuman Mother Places Child
Under Sidewalk So Weather
Will Kill It
The announcement of District " At
torney, Manning that Attorney E. S. J.
McAllister will b appointed as deputy
district attorney to be attached to the
Juvenile ceurt does not meet with Judge
Fraser's approval. ; He prepared the
following statement for publication;
The amended Juvenile court law pro
vides that the district attorney "
shall appoint . such person as deputy
district attorney as shall be satisfactory
to the Judge or the Juvenile court. Thl
seems to mean that soms effort should
be made to ascertain what person
would be satisfactory to the Judge of
; the Juvenile court before the appoint
ment la made. It also seems that com
mon courtesy would demand that the
. Judge be consulted before such an ap-
' polntment be announced.
"Once before Mr. Manning attempted
to force an appointment for .this office
upon me without giving me an . oppor
tunity -to be heard, In accordance,
presume, with the Intention which
ant reliably Informed ha expressed lm
mediately after the passage of the law.
la these words: ,, ...
Manning Usee Strong Words.,
"'Judge Fraxer has nothings to say
about the appointment of a deputy for
the Juvenile court I will appoint whom
I 4 n please.' , . , . ..
"There Is another reason, aside from
the provisions of the law, why I should
be consulted In this. matter. .While the
appointee could be technically a deputy
district attorney, he would In his duties
be more an officer of the Juvenile court.
- His dutlee would require him to bo in
almost oonsiant 1 attendance upon the
Juvenile court, and his office should be
In or about the quarters of that court.
. "Even In his Investigation and prose
eutlon of adults for contributory delln-
' quency and for other offenses affecting
the welfare of children, tha prosecution
would or should be carried on from the
; child's standpoint of view, not so much
' of punishing the offender as of saf e
guarding the interests of the children.
His duties all centering about the
juvenile court, be would In fact be a
member of my official family, not of
Mr. Manning's. I must be, in constant
touch with him; Mr. Manning but sel
dom. ' . i ; . :
Trass Wants Galloway.
"So far as Mr. MoAlllster Is concerned,
personally 1 have the highest regard
for him. He Is a good man in . every
sense of the word. - But that Is not the
question here. The question .to be .met
1, Who is the bent available man for
; the placets-- :'V .'..,' . K:siVvi.:;':,vrt;
- "Much as I esteem Mr. McAllister as
a friend, I know of another whose name
J have already suggested to Mr. Man'
: nlng not on his Invitation, however
whom I believe to be better qualified
for this particular work by training, ex
perlence and natural aptitude.
"Mr. Robert Galloway has : already
been 'tried in this position and has
shown himself to be an ideal man for
the place. , We know what he can do.
Mr. McAllister might do other things
better. I certainly do not question his
ability as a lawyer, or otherwise. But
for this plsce and this work f believe
"It U not a matter of the personality
Of Mr. McAllister or Mr. Galloway. It
Is not a question of personal differ- Neighbors Smell Scorching Mesh and
viikw uoiwcth Air. manning ana inyuen.
It is a question of what Is best to be
done In the interests of the public, and
particularly for carrying on our work
for the children. . . ' ' ,
To go . back to ths words of ths
law, 'such person as shall be satis
factory td the Judas of the Juvenile
court, Is la this instance Mr. -Robert (Pebiuhers'
Are Frank'y Told of Crime Which
Their Gossiping Finally Discloses
to the Police at Milwaukee, v
Fraas br SpeeUI Leaaad Wire.)
Milwaukee, Wis., May 11. The grew-
Dlstrlct Attorney Msnning Insists that some tale of Tolstoi's "Powers of Dark-
the work; of .the deputy will be donenes- which was forbidden on the kos
under his direction, and that the ap-fslan stage because of its horror, had Its
polntment Is vested In him. He said: prototype hers today, In the alleged oon-
Judge Fraxer did not quote the seo- I ression or Anna uuenoerger ana .atn-
tion fully." The law ssvst - The district ertns Goldman, who are said to have
attorney shall appoint such person as admUed they murdered Mrs. Ellenber-
deputy district attorney as shall bs sat- gr"s Infant In a horrible manner.' .The
lsfactory to ths Judge of the Juvenile child was frosen to death by exposure to
court, and It shall be the duty' of such aero temperature and Its body was
deputy district sttorney to prosecute burned In the family cooking stove.
cases arising under this act, and to pre- Neighbors upstairs smelled the bum
pare the necessary papers for the same, ling flesh and remarked: "
and also, by and with the consent of the "What Is thatf Zt smells like burning
district attorney, and under his control, I pork ', , -
to prosecute all cases. i . . I Mrs. Goldman Is reported to have re-
' . Willi n ArliltMte. ' . Iplted: , t, (,'.
"If Judae Fraser ha. the annMntm.nt 1 "0hf ttat'a OT Anna burning her
ftf Ma drnuito t fl. n . I T. baby. , ,
am willlna- ta let the thra 1urla nt th 1 ccoroing to ine conression, jars.
circuit court Judirea Clalatxi o.nt.n. OoWmaa and Mrs. Bllenberger planned
bain an Bean, or . nt.hi at. murder of the baby before Its birth.
Hawser Attached to Towing Vessel Is Parted by High Seas and
the Crew of Four White Men Are Now' at the
" Peril - of the Wavec. .
(Spedil Dtapatrh to Tbe 7onraal.)
Astoria, Or., May 11. Four white men
are riding out a fearful sea on the
Columbia river bar Is a Chinese Junk
tonight and It Is . a grave question
whether they will be alive In the morn
ing, ' for. at , siy momsnt one of 1 the
monster waves that . roll In from the
ocean may swamp the strange oraft The
life-saving crew of Fort Canby Is stand
ing by and Lookout Kelllher at North
Head is keeping as close a N watch as
posslbls with a view of summoning ad
ditional help If necessary.
The Junk Is the Whang Ho which was
brought , here from Ban Francisco by
ths steam schooner South Bay for ex
hibition at Astoria and Portland. AH
went well until In the afternoon at 4:40
o'clock when . the . South Bay began to
haul the Junk over the bar. A nasty sea
had "been kicked up by the southerly
gales of ths past two days and when
about half .way over ths bar a tremen
dous breaker boarded the three-masted
oraft and carried the mlxzen mast over
tbe side.
Another huge breaker rolled In and
the hawser parted. - Captain Halverson
was compelled to abandon the Junk to
her fate, as his own boat was In mo
mentary danger of being swamped, and
so continued on his way to smoother
water, where anchor , was dropped.
. By I o'clock last night the Whang Ho
had drifted slightly to the northward,
although it was apparent that tha
anchor had been dropped and when last
reported she was close to No, 0 buoy.
Lookout ' Kelllher at North Head re
ports that possibly the anchor will bold
over night and Captain Halverson has
signified his Intention Of starting out
for the junk In ths morning. Irrespec
tive of the condition of the weather,
; The bar tugs Wallula and Tatoosb
are both here, but will not go out to
night to rssous tha vessel and her craw
of four..:- ,; -v't-j-
beln and Bears, or any reputable at
torney of the city, Interpret this law
ss to who has tha right to make ths
"If I . have the appointment of this
deputy, I am going to make It; and I
am convinced I have the right The
statement that f said I was coin to
appoint whom I a n pleased is a
mistake. .1 did not say any such
Was Betrared.
Mrs. Kllenberger was ths unmarried sis
ter of Mrs. Goldman's husband when she
wsa betrayed by a man who fled to Eu
rope. Mrs. Goldman, the police say.
took , Goldman - Into her confidence and
ths couple agreed to get soms one to
marry ' ths gnrL Conrad Ellenberger.
Slav widower, employed in a Junk shop,
was Inducted to wed tbe girl. When
the time for the maternity approached
Ellenberger was told the girl had to
undergo an operation. He assented and
by this ruse ths two women conoealed
the birth: A bealthy Infant boy : was
born February if
Ths Goldman and Euenbenrer famines
lived In tha same bouse. The women
discussed the disposition of ths child.
Ths nurse suggested that It be given
to soms one who would pro ride it a
Tissss ths Child.
After her departure the women are
said to have decided to frees the child.
It was wrapped In a part of a carpet
put Into a soap box and shoved nnder a
sidewalk. - It cried lustily, but Its walls
were unheeded. The . baby frose to
death. Its body was taken out ' from
Arrested for trespass because he in-1 Its improvised coffin two days later.
ststed on- visiting his wife who did not Mrs. Goldman built a tin In ths cook
wish to see him, William Jette developed stove. She then visited a neighbor, It
systems of spinal menlnaltls In ths cltv Is charged, while the mother burned the
jail last evening, ana City Health Officer 1 ooy or ner mrant, sitting by the stove
Wheeler ordered his removal to St Vln- and watching the flesh crackle and dls-
Arrested for Annoying Wife, Jetts
Develops Meningitis Symp-j
. toms In: Jail' )y:
n&netarj Professor Foretells ETenta
and Quickly Reads the Lire of
People, Thongh Thousands .
of Miles Away.
Sends Letter to the Rich and Poor
. Alike, In Which He Advises .
Them About Business, Mar
- rlage, Speculation, Love , " ' 7
Affairs, Wealth,
Offer Free Readings to All Who
Write and Send Date
of Birth.
In his offlcs in New York City,' sur
rounded by charts and dials of stnCnge
design. Prof. Albert H. Poate! studies
daily over the lives of men and women
who have written him for advice on af
fairs of business, love, speculation,
travel, marriage, health and the impor
tant events of life. The following let
ter gives aa Idea of Mr. Postel's ability;
cent's hospital.
Til die if you lock us up," declared
Jetts at the police station., Ths officers
on station duty have heard many such
statements and, Jetts went lntarths
prison department notwithstanding. Hs
said nothing at that time about spinal
- Soon after being locked up, however,
jeus caueo ror help, and when the Jail
er appeared he complained of feeling
very sick. He hsd such remarkable
symptoms that Dr. Wheeler Was called.
Ths health officer examined the
patient and then ordered him removed
to the hospital, aa be gave ererr indi
cation or suffering from the dreaded
affliction. ' The , officers half I believe
Jetts was malingering, but Dr. Wheeler
found all tha symptoms of meningitis
actually developed. It was near mid
night when the ' patrol , wagon carried
ths man who, wanted to see his wife to
the hospital on the hill.
Jetts was arrested On complaint of A.
J. Styles, 814 Mill street Mrs. Jetts Is
employed in the Styles family. For sev
eral months she has been living apart
from her husband, and the story Of
their domestic troubles baa been In the
newspapers more than once. It is said
that Jetts took from his wife all the
money she could sarn.
Yesterday Jetts Insisted on coming to
the styles residence to see hie wife.
Styles ended ths controversy by baring
mm arrested, out as waa not round un-
-,. . t.
u xaai vreniug,
appear In the roaring flames of the
funeral pyre. Gossip of ths neighbors
led to the arrest of the woman.
'i:V:y.J;rit' , , ''t ' '
Commissioner Lane Says South'
ern Plants Should Pay More
Because of Location. :
, MISS KFFA M. TBT02T. . ' :
fief.. Postal r ''! 1 1
Dear Blr Yob art cert In 1 the most wonder
ful astrokwer llrlsr. Every on of roar Dredle-
tktns earn true. : 1 cooslder uitt oroe aot only
Mn4 me from a swful seats bat prevented tbe
las of bondreds of dollars. I trust ttaat siany
Mopls will profit br roar sdrte. - Sincerely,
The accuracy of recent - predictions
made by this -eminent Astrologer has
caused many of his friends to believe
that he possesses a supernatural power,
but he modestly asserts that bis . pre
dictions are due alone to a scientific un
derstanding of natural laws. ' Ths many
thenktul letters Prof. Postal has re
ceived from people who have benefited
ty his advice furnish ample proof that'
)e is sincere in his work and, has a
leeung lowara numanity. -i
eaders of this paper can obtain a'
r free of fcrge by addressing a
i tfr to Prof, pnstel, Dept 617, No.. 126
v.isst S4th.,Sl Kew yorW.8imply eay
ou wifh a TRadlntr of your life, stating
jour I '.rth flte, nd whether mar
rifl er alnma If you wish to do so,
y ni r.-,y ttu-losa 16 cents (diver or
i:.v! to ty TstK and rlwrical
i r .K-' -iy acnt, whether you infuse the
li . oc mi, .
Washington, May 11. The Interstate
commerce commission, opinion by Com
missioner Lane, has decided In favor of
New England . cotton mills agamst
southern cotton mills, ' ths latter being
charged higher railroad rates to Baa
Francisco and other Pacific coast ea
ports. Mr. Lane says: .
'The fact that such rates from the
southeastern states are higher than
those obtaining from - New England
states does not In and "of Itself estab
lish ' the unreasonableness of higher
rates, as the conditions existing at the
two localities are dissimilar. The New
England mills, which suffer by ths
competition of the more favorably slt-1
us ted southern mills from the ' stand
point of production, are entitled to such
advantage in rates as they have from
being situated at points closer to ports
where cheap water competition has been
established to ths Pacific coast points
of consumption."
Violates City Ordinance and
Suffers Arrest.
police: CIRCLES
Five Newly Appointed Sergeants
' Will Keep Check on Patrol
men While on Duty.
Portland's polios department is -'about
to shake off Its provincial methods and
take Its place in ths front ranks of ths
metropolitan departments of tha coun
try. ' -S 11.
With ', the 1 appointment ' . yesterday
afternoon by the police committee of
ths executive board of II new patrol
men, five patrol sergeants were selected
from ths ranks of ths police force,
whose duties will be to ascertain if the
policemen of the three reliefs faithfully
and conscientiously patrol their respect
ive beats on both sides of the river.
Tha patrolmen promoted to ths rank
of sergeant are 8. Hogeboom, 3. X& Wen-
dorf, E. Johnson, W. E. Rpbson and John i
A. Golta Hogeboom formerly wore the
chevrons, Wsndorf Is now jailer on the
second night relief, Johnson patrols an
Important beat In the retail section on
the second relief, Robson is desk ser
geant on "Captain Moore's watch and
Oolts has mads an excellent record on
.the day relief..-,. ..- r.. ; i
Sergeant Cole, who Is at present ths
only'u commanding officer, detailed to
supervise ths patrolmen on their beats,
will not be disturbed In his position.
As soon as the new patrolmen are
sworn in and distributed among ths
three watches a, general reorganisation
of -the- department-4s scheduled - ta oc
cur. With the increased numner or
Miss McCorray Spurns Offer of
Two Million Dollars for a
Wedding Present :.-;
(Bearst Mews by Leasest teasel Wire.) "
Cleveland, May It. We are going to
live ths simple life and consequently we
do not want any 11,000,000 as so much
money would spoil all our plana"
This was tha statement today cf Miss
Edith MoOor ray, nleoa of Sheriff Mo-
Oorray, .who will wed Edward M.
Schwab, youngesf brother of Charles M.
Schwab, tha millionaire steal magnate.
lnJLhls dty June It. ,
"Mr. Schwab has a law praoUco and
also teaches at Notre Dame university
and hs will keep right On practicing and
teaching , after wa ' return " from our
honeymoon In tha east," bontlnued Miss I
Mcuorray. : ..
Her; remarks wars eased forth by a
statement that ths eldest Schwab had
decided to give tha young couple 11,000,.
ooo as a wedding gift. '
. Mr. and Mrs. C M. Schwab U( Mr.
and Mrs. David Barry of Johnstown, Pa
will be the only representatives of tha
Schwab family at tha . wedding. Mrs.
Barry waa formerly Miss Gertrude
Sohwab. No invitations wlU bs issued.
Choose the
Fabric for Your
New Suit from
the Splendid
Columbia Display
. Under ths ausploea . of ths Swedish
Society Idnnea , the ; 100th annlversarv
bluecoats It will be necessary to cnange i oi i;ari yon Linne, the Swedish botanist.
the beats, and Chief untxmacner is i win oe oDservea in this city next Bat-
now at work on this plan. vrday evening The occasion, wlU bs
It is the, intention of the chief to celebrated throughout the civilised
assign, a sergeant on each side of ths world with literary and, musical enter-
Wlllamette on the three reliefs. It will talnmenta, - . v , , .
be the duty of these roundsmen to meet The entertainment hare will be grren
every patrolman , at leasx twice aunng in. atunara nau, ana a feature will be
his tour of duty.' Polios whistles will J elaborate floral decorations. Roses will
mm i . - ; mm , i now Deconiw . b uovoto. j v w - i x BvuvAwxy , mi" wwh wy usai
rVresenaanl Ttiereby equipment of every policeman, so he I time and tha entire hall will be trans-
about and reply .to the call of his I ties. A fine literary and mustoal pro-
superior officer.; ' i
Chief Orttcmacher is greatly grati
fied over the action of tha board in
acceding to his request for five ser
geants. Under the present system ths
n v
ft w v. ,
If, V
Few tailor esUbllshment anywhera,
scarry so larft and bigh-cliss a stock
of fabrics as are now shown right
here in Portland at the Columbia .
; Woolen Mills Store. Not a few pat- :
v terns of a line, but dozens of each.
. all aorta and ahades of greys, browns
of every degree and style, blues, mix
v turet, plaids, itripea many more of "
each ' than carried by. tiie average
ahopv Then there la our line of staple
black good one of the finest in all ,
the west And all these may be found here in the varioua
' weaves cheviots, caaslmerea, tweeds, homespuns, worateda, etc.
A Gain in Style and Yet
.- . ; a Saving in Cost
The style, fashion and faultless fit of Columbia garments have
set a new standard in Portland tailoring circles. Every coat,'
vest and pair of trousers must meet the moat exacting speclfl.
cations, both as to prevailing style and the individual prefer-
; ence of the patron. Satisfaction ia guaranteed in every case.
And withal, our superior workshtp' facilities,' direct shipments
from leading mills, and immense trade,' enable ua to save you ;
at least 23 to S3 1-3 per cent of the usual cost elsewhere.
Year Rrtf Colombia Suit Will Pave the Way' , .'
. to Permanent Clithlni, Satisfactlca A"
. to
Jfl Trousers
'IW '
Elks.ButldIns: ' ; Seveffth and Stark
sTsslBwaTt ' '
Knaba, .
Xaaoa ft XaaUa,
A, B.
gram has bean arranged.
tt.. Mmm v.. . m laniv check on tha patrolmen IS tha fact
Kresendabi by Patrolman J. J. Murphy J that they are required to reporl : by tel
last night on a warrant alleging a ' .0-1 ephone every hour;i In " wf
latinn r. k,i.iki.i.. . I found that a Dollceman , was in the
tuminr aff f oat.- h I habit of snoosing In a laundry on his
An open meeting of the Consumara I
league will be held at tha UnlUrian
chapel. Monday afternoon at 4 o'clock. 1
wa ua, w avui aw aui unci EAUDUa I . . I . . . . - I
a duly appointed official of the water beat, and la order to report in exacxiyito wnicn au housekeepers and dealers
k-T-- .t. 1T". ...... ZT:!! U Mma 'the wllv bluecoat carried an I are especlallv lnvlted.. . : ,
wwni uiv cwuii-uuiuviuus) sutmr IIIJKUV I - - - . , 1 . . . - .
aptly be enUtled. "A Landlord's Btrat- alarm clock, whicn ne set every nour t Among inosa wno ww speak In ths
egy." or The Mystery of the Meter." r I to aweaenim rora w 4wa ar ur. ju. a.
V,.nfl.hi ..;i.Jt-r'Jilliefc v IPlerce of the Open Air sanatorium. Dr.
upon complaint of Chester Hare, a well J Under th onaner no : proviewn v. smiMv k. Matson, vr.
known barber, who occupies one of the made - for patrol sergeants, ana unw Mu. . wnseier ana vr. Kooert C. .Tenney.
defendant's flats on Mill street, between the present laws are amended the sal- This Is a meeting of great importance
Blxth and Seventh streets . iry of ths recently promoted officers as an educative measure, and .should
Packard, . '
, XlMttfmry,
. SEUasrsoa, . . .
, - Kndwlf, '
A IMsniticcnt Piano Asscsi&Iaso
headed by this wjlorions .
...... a n. ... .. -::''::.Ji'
KresendahL who is a "refusree" from
San Francisco, purchased a choice lot
on Mill, street, upon which hs erected
four , modern flats. , Upon the comple
tion of the building Hare rented one
and claims to have been given a verbal
lease for one year. Last month, accord
ing to - Hare, Kresendabi notified the
Hares to vacate immediately. Main
tainlng that he had a lease for one year
ana me raot tnat the requisite SO days'
will remain at $89,
be largely attended.
for admission.-'
There Is no charge
written notice had not been served, Hare j Compactness of NSW Typ6 Re
duces Nuriber of Pages and
' , Cost of Printing."
refused to move and Kreaendahl there
upon started, suit.
The complaint is now on Ills In Jus
tice Reed s court, but owing to the UK
nesa of that Jurist, the matter has not
come to trial. Chaffing under the de
lay Kresendahl Is said to have deter
mined to resort to more radical methods
and yesterday turned off the gas and
water in the flat. . ,
upon enaeavonng to light ner aas
stove to prepare the evening meal, Mrs.
(Special Dispatch to The looraaL)
Olympia; . TVaah...May 11. -Deontv
State Insurance Commissioner - J. H.
Schlvely has completed his preliminary
report r to Insurance ? Commissioner
Nichols, showing : the V ooUecUon I of
1124,179.14 by the Insurance department
during 1908 and also giving a list of
eight home stock oompanies now doing
pumness in tne state or Washington. .
Zmersoa-Angalna, ,
1 A. B. Chase nays,
f Chicago Cottafa,
TsJklnr luohlnse and j
f I (. f-
W: . -il
Tha la wa enacted by tha session
at the state legislature, in neatly bound
volumea are lust off the press of State
. - B ... I
Printer W. S. Puniway ana are reauy
for distribution. State officials- and
members of ths legislature are provided
Hare was nnMninhmi ;-nr,A , with; eorjies of the laws. by the stata,
fuel suDoly had been stnrmei ani nnn t Others may ;; purchase them from the
Investigation aseertained that ths meter
had ben disconnected. A still greater
Bcretnrv of state.'
By using a dirrerent styie oi
surprise waa in store for her, however, from that formerly used In printing the
when she found that' water waa also
Pending consultation with his attor-
sesslon , laws. State Printer Dunlway
has Issued a book much smaller than
It would have been. The type, wnicn is
Bears Try to Board Train.
Altoona Correspondence Pittsburg Ells
, . . patch.
Two bis black bears trying to board
the eastbound Pennsylvania limited, due
here at 10 o'clock -this morning, caused
excitement among the passengers and
crew. The train was running between
Portage and Bens Creek on the summit
of the ' Alleghenies when the stenogTa
nher. John McEllinen. -discovered the
bears In pursuit. Passengers watched
the race from the rear of the obser
vation car.
1 One, bear ran along ther' westbound
track . while - the' other took the east-
bound track.' - At a curve in the road the
latter attempted to ' leap on the 1 train,
but missed the Observation platform.
The bears kept up the chase nearly two
miles and were then lost to sight in the
woods. : v'"'-' ;
Walter "Wynecoop, a brakeman,, no-'
ticed the same bears following the lim
ited several -weeks ago. -s At that time
ths pair broke up a tramps' camp which
ha8 been thriving at lUttannlng Point
during the whiter.'
ner. Hare borrowed amftinion r-1 10 nolnt Century, designer De Ylnne al
Immediate use, but was compelled to I lows " four or live more lines on each
take his family to? a restaurant for tnnA I care than could 'be printed with the
The. matter was laid befora rwf rM I old tvne. thus making a volume with
Attorney Fitzgerald yesterdays morning I fewer pages than could otherwise have
ana a warrant was issued for. Kresen. I been issuea, wwa a pieanyr,
dahl's arrest. : t-M I read'. tyoe- Hot.-jV:-."
In addition to the cirmiTnBtanA.. r. I -' a ' ' considerable saving in cost of
oundlng the; affair, the prosecution Is I printing paper and binding Is estimated
one of the first to be Instituted under I to have been made to the stats by using
the .ordinance In question. Kresendahl I the new style of type. Much incon-put-up
150 to guarantee his appear- j venlence also has been avoided by get
anca In court, and the case will cornel ting the books ready for distribution
up berors judge Cameron tomorrow before the laws tney contain taae euect.
The acts of the last. legislature become
I effective May St.
. , Fox as a Decoy. -'
' From Country Llf s.
Soms SO years goa tame fox was
kept at the Berkeley X;astle duck decoy
In Oloucestersnire. , . , jfcw-
im.1. onfmal ' linil.MtAAil th. ,! whAl.
: . ... . -i m J f PnbllNierr ' Frees D soeeiai utuea wirs.i
U , I IIRUU Till. IT ,u .u n . ,1.11 11. Bill, W 1 . . - . . .... I
r. t.i.i tn the duckwMn n Austin. Tex., May ll-xne legislature
I"?. : -v. i.v. v "r., adjourned tonight after a four-montnr
: vi- on nt session. .5ucetsnops -are put out oi
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h1 The blrda wr "rln. ana pruporty-uwuei. ' wu ui
sted- by the fox's, motions, and.v follow
ing him" up the decoy pipe, fell easy
victims to the concealed fowler. '
It Is a well known xact that the old
decoy fowlers Invariably secured, - If
they were able, a red dog as near In
i. for gambling are mads guilty of felony.
Bntte Thngs Bob a Widow.
Special DIspstA to The Journal.)
Butte. Mont,-May 11. Three masked
men, supposed to be homo talent, broke j
color to a fox as possible for the dlffl- i Into the house of Mrs. Burns; a widow,
cult part of decoying, duck from the held her prisoner and secured 11.600 lnl
pool to the netted pips.
'deposit checks and 1829 in i cash.
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by the
"An Instrument that thunders like an or
chestra, sings like a voice, or whispers like
a harp" in elegant aispiay await your
visit to "The Houss of Quality."
ILveningo Gay With Muoic
Through Tlne-trelllsed 1 window nd across rose-embowered porch ooma ths
sweet strains of the piano aa "some one" lingers outside In the soft evening
glow, happily dreaming or a ruture to wnicn -the magio influence of
playing has transported him. - Every man loves music, and every man's
age ia markedly the age of music; not to have It in tbe home is not to have
ths most powerful of charms against discontent. Our high-class player
pianos answer tbe demand admirably where there la no pianist
Satisfactory Piano Service
"nha House of QnaUty, known fdr Its absolute relisbUltr. its imut
representations and tba solid worth of every Instrument eax4, ooatrolllna;
i Bffiwvra v bwcvs wvMMfta) ww mwhw vaimw! ww in OSl pianO
errloe that la satisfactory. ,
Pcrtland, St&Klt, Tacoaa, Er Mllnjtai Spchne.
Sherman I ilay & Co.
Or?. Pcstcfilce, Sixth OMcrriicn Sts.,PcrthsdtCro.