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Thursday's, Friday' and Satur-
Leads TrI-City League With Per
Iflrsman of Portland Rowln
day's Games Lost by Port
land In Final Inning.
centage of One Thousand
Club Already Beginning to
Train for Regatta.;
' Todays Schedule.
i . 1 .. ,i..m!MI
-. .:..,. -:-r v.. - . : .. ;
. ' . . . rVi ---i , . A
leavers Hare Lead, but Miserable
Hoodoo Follows Them to the Last
and Leaves Them Still Deeper in
tie Mire, '?
Yesterday's sults.;'
Oakland, 4 Portland, . 1. . ; '
Ban Francisco, 4 : L" Ansel. 1.
. Won. Lost P.C.
Los Angeles..; 20 H J
Oakland 1' " .
Pan Francisco..,.... 10 1
Portland 21
, rluim.l HnM-Ul Bllk.l '
San Francisco, May It Truck Egan,
for the second time tuts week, clouted
home run over the right field fence
it Recreation park this afternoon.
This particular four bagger cam at a
most spectacular moment, uasiana naa
led by one run up to first half of lb
ninth. Then Portland crowded in a
pair and had all the best of the argu
ment Not so,, however, when Truck
ram to the" plate tn the Commuter's
half of that same last frame.
; The Bearers broke Into the scoring
business in the seventh section. Don
ahue aineled. Croll drew - an Infield
out, Carson walked and Groom struck
out. - Bhinn then ripped oft a single.
1 which scored Donahue. -
In -the ninth Donahue singled. Croll
l it to Smith, who dropped the ball and
Donahue scored on the scramble to re
cover It On a fielder choice, later,
to catch Croll at ibf, pan, ' Hackett
dropped the ball and McDredle's men
were one ahead. ' . '' e ' '
Then came the last half Und Eagan'a
homer. Here's the score, by innings:
Portland v.k ;
Huns ........... 0 0 0 M I 1 0 1 I
Hits 1 0 1 111) 0 17
. - Oekland j''-,'.' -,-.?.' W
Huns HtMlM 14
Hits 6090111 1
- Batteries: Donahue and Groom; Hack
ett and Reldy. Umpire, Perrine. ;
Summary Horn runs, Eagan. Two
base hits, Lovett, Q room. Sacrifice hit,
Croll, Reldy. First base on called balls,
off Groom, 7 off Reldy. I. Struck out,
by Groom. 8; by Reldy, 1. Double plays,
Devereaux to Blgbee to Hackett; Dev
rreaux to Hale to Blgbee. Wild pi tehee,
Groom. ' Time of game, 1:40, . ;
........... ... Ji,v'a u pt
NAT nNA RA F MR .ZmAr? 2 ,
Baseball Bate to Kelso Cancelled by Affairs of Club Are la Fine Shape
and Excavation for Handsome New
Clubhouse. Is About ' Finished '
Floats Have Been Becorered.
Interstate Commerce Commission
-News and Notes of Teams and
Plajrers of Minor League. c
Thieves Fall Out and Public
Thereby Learned Facts of
' Intended Steal.
But Battle Will Not Come Off Be
fore Fourth of July Great Fight
Expert Writes Interestingly of the
Pugs and Pugdom.' ; ' , ; '
Ashley Slaughtered, but Henley
Holds Angels Safe.
(Journal Special Serrlr..)
Los Angeles, May 11. The strikers
hung it on the Angels today in a close
ly played game by the score of 4 to I.
Ashler was in the box for the vlaltora
He did well up to the elgthth Inning
when he vas slaughtered, retiring In
favor of Henley, who held the Angels
safe. The score.'.' v-,.
' los Angeles.-.' t
Runs 0 0 0 0 0 00 t
lilts ........... 01000100 110
Runs 00010001 04
Hits 1 0 0 10 0 0 1 00
Batteries; Eager yand Nagle; Street,
Ashley and Jienley. - Umpire, Derrick,
: ' . AO hfiadiniila. '
ri-'i i . '' ' 'v;,'e(T(t w
fit Louni ..... 001000001 4 11 1
Philadelphia . . 0 140100 e . 14 1
Batteries McGlynn, Fromme and
Noonan; Richie and Jacklltach.
. '' At Brooklyn.
First game: R. H.B.
Chicago -v 00 000 00 0 0 0 8 1
Brooklyn . . . . . 10 000000 0 1 ' 4 1
v Batteries Pfelster and Kllng; Ruck-
cr ana tsutier.-
- Second gamer - ' v ' - R. H.B.
Chicago ... 00000000 I .1 10
Brooklyn ..... 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 I
Batteries Fraser, and' Moran; Mc-
Intyre and Rltter. Umpire Rlgler.
" AO St. ooJ !-vM';S':"U s'
R. H.B
Bt Louls.,100000110001 I II 1
,Weh'gtm 0100 010000004 11- 1
Batterles-GIad -and' O'Connor; Pat
ten, Bmun ana tiayaen.
, AO Vw York. w
PitUburg' '. , , .100010101 0 T 1
Kew Tork 11100040 0 10 : I
Batteries WlUls, Lynch, Phllllppl and
Glbsoinr" Smith, .. MoGinnlty, W1I tse,
Xlatthewson and Breanahan. 1 '
v . .
(Saeelal Dlapatca . te TM JonraaLt -
: Astoria. Or., May : 11. Jack Wilson,
a well known resident, of upper As
. torla, i dled this mornlnsr of appendicl'
tls. He was about ,46 years of age, and
a native or jmwng-an. ie leave a wife,
- lie was a ni-em ber of the Astoria aerie
of Eaglee and of the Modern Woodmen
of America,; under . whose auspices the
funeral will be held tomorrow after
; Did You Ever Think
of the Influence of clothes on charac
ter? If not, think now. You know how
much better a man feels when he's well
dressed. Now we make any suit In the
store to order for 135.00 no more; no
Iss. Fit and workmanship guaranteed.
G tye us a trial on your suit and you will
re a customer always in the future.
Call and ook the stock over " whether
you wish to buy or not. Unique Tailor
Ing Cx, too stark street, between Fifth
nd Sixth. " -
1 1
; 11 By W. W. Kaughton.
' (Hunt hewa by Umireat taaed Wire.) '
San Francisco, May 11. The sensa
tion of the week was tty expos of the
O'Brien-Burn contest at Los Angelea
Such accusations - and recriminations
were never heard before In connection
with a prise ring swindle, and. there is
a feeling that the whole etory has not
been told yet, even, -f :
For one thing, a suspicion exists that
It the betting on .the fixed bout had
been any way brisk the public might
never have heard of the plot N to trap
O'Brien. .' j
- There Is a rumor that the liberal odds
offered caused the "sucker public" to
fight' shy of the contest, and tHat the
prospect of a meager cleanup . precipi
tated a wrangle among the conspirator
at the last moment, the double crossing
of O'Brien being .the result. .Vv
" t. , Managers In on Deal.
There 1 reason tor believing that the
- mana gers -of th -Paeifle-AthleMa- elu
had no Intention of making the facts
publla McCarey kept under cover while
the reporters were hunting around for
him to ask him why the bets had been
declared off, and If It had not been, for
the effervescence of Tommy Burns, who
could not 1 contain himself v at the
thought of the trick he played upon
O'Brien, the "expose", might never have
been. ..:-..'; " '"-w-r.;
Burns, as th thing went, was en
abled to pose as a hero, or a smart fel
low, but there Is really nothing to show:
that he entered into the scheme In the
first place for th sol purpose of luring
OBrlen into the ring.' Th match from
the outset has been the weirdest kind
of a proposition, and the many contra
dictory reports circulated as to th post
lng of fabulous purses and those un
preeedented advance ' sales of . tickets
caused the scheme to be viewed with
distrust As things stand, It Is furte
probable that several versions of th
fake accounted before sporting
men are enabled to. sort out the real
facta, and in the meantime the. names
of the principal actors In thescandal are
suu w riffM g.uirM.
"Tommy Burns has agreed to post 15.-
000 with the writer before next Wednes
day to cover a similar amount deposited
by Bill Squires at the Eamlner office
shortly aftej his arrival When Burns
fulfills this part of his contract the
Squires-Burn match for the champion
ship of th world will be assured.
Bqulres money ha been placed to act
both as a' forfeit for compliance with
th articles of agreement and as a sid
bet On half of th amount Is to guar'
antes th club and Burn that Squire
will be on hand and ready to box on
th data agreed upon, . When - Squire
enters th ring th 12,600 forfeit is re
leased and then' the whole of th 16,000
poetedy Squire 1 wagered (gainst a
similar amount or Burns' money that
Bqulres will win th contest -t;-im
4 , To Tight la July.
In th matter of th data of th
Burns-Squires affair at Col ma. It can
aafely be said that th contest will not
take . place until the Fourth of July.
Under ' existing industrial conditions
such a thing as working Up Interest in
even a championship fight is almost out
of th question, and for j that matter
there Is small chance of the streetcar
service to Colma ; and other outside
points being In proper shape by Decora
tion day. , ,
These thing were noted by Barney
Reynolds, manager of the Australian
champion,, and he decided that, as his
man Is to fight for af percentage of the
gate receipts, it Is advisable to wait un
til th striKe situation clears ana tn
prospects of a full concourse of rlng-
slders is assurea.
The Bunker mil wlU try their luck
with the Canby 8tars today at Canby,
Tha lineup will b: , - ' ,; , .
Bunker Hill.' : ' ' Canby,
Boggs Smith
Gay ., , Knight
Jasman Eckerson
Alexander...,.,..., Baty
Zander C Smith
McBrlds ................... R. Knight
Adams Erlnger
Crosby Thompson
Jackson C Baty
The St, Johns school team was de
feated by the Park nine yesterday by
the score of 1 to 0. The feature of the
gam was the playing of Dowllng of
tn raras. - ; , -:.:
Parks. ' .. -, 'St, Johna
Oiddlngs 4 . . . . . .R. F.'. .... , Magoon
Hoover ..C, F.. Kc.r
Altman ...... .;.L. F.,. Suiton
Cugh .a 8. Parker
Penaon ...... ,.,.1 B. ....... Alderson
Toomey .........I B., ...... O. Perin
Andrews B,. ...... D Ferine
Dowllng ......... ,C... ........... H1U
Twerck ; i . ..... . ;,P. . . , . .... Poff
Tha fit. Francis nine defeated the St
Davis nine by th score of ll to 4. '
St Francis. ;. . " Bt Davis.
Young ........... .C, . Weber 1
isany .r. . Andrews
Kellaher ... . ..1 B , Strong
Fennel ..........1 B.. ......... Entler
Lublan .......,..t B Philips
Alstal1r..., S. 8..,,. ...... Brown
Phreni......... .L. F..... BernI
Cadegfean ........R. F........ Oammong
Bean ...........C F....... 8haperone
am schoolboys io
Fourteen Teams Have Prorplsed
to Enter Annual Thirteen-
Mile Endurance Test. :
Fourteen Portland grammar school
have algnlfled their Intention of enter
ing th econd annual relay race be
tween Oregon City and Portland, which
will take plao on Jun -1. Othr
schools may enter, and. although -some
Association I Will .Give ? Matinee "1 " vtt ,-. oUd
, lat a doseu will actually compete. ;
Program at Jrvingtonon
June Fifteenth.
nent Home to Be Provided.
' Since Ed Wlesendanger has returned
from his trip south and is In good pitch
lng condition, the St Johns team will
ehallengeth -North Central" or Couch
school nine to play at the St Johns
grounds Decoration day morning. They
nave no large jnen in the nine, and will
challenge any team In tha city for SP The Riverside Driving association Is
game, as they claim the chamnlonahln I h .... with mn onthua-
v "i. uu. cnuKKn wnn inei.. lh. it hn ahawn for a number
Every school team will have It mam
bers, ons for each mil pf th road be
tween Oregon City and Portlands A
ludg ' will be stationed at each mile
post to not th scor of thr runnars.
Th race will start from th Oregon
Pit hank at 11 o'clock in tha mo ml nr.
TO BE HELD IN JULY and the runners wlU carry messages
from Mayor Caufleid or Oregon City to
Mayor Lane of Portland, Tha destlna-
Later Expects . to OlTe Grandest hulMlnr at Fourth and Yamhill straeta.
Horse Show Ever Held In State na Judging from the time mad last
. l jemr, in. runnon win kiiit iur i
Member Writes of Plans Perma-1 about 10 minutes past 11. ,
- Bpectators win rouow the race in
Journal sporting editor.
of years. It has as members : many ,
automobiles, and will pick up th run
ners as each finishes his mil. Th race
will take place rain or shin. 1 A hand
some trophy cup, , donated by Rodney
OUaan. will bs given to th Victorious
chooL . This cup 'will be held by th
winners for one year, and will become
th permanent property . Of the first
Standing of Tri-Clty Teams.
Won. Lost
Frakes . , .............. 6 ' .. 0 , .
8t Johns. I t 1
Brewers,,,..,,.,...... 1 1
Woodburn ............. 1 1
Cubs , K 1
Trunkmakers . . ... 1 .1
Astoria . , 0 1
Kelso i ..... ....... 0 '1
Tha oarsmen t)f theTortland RnWln
P. C. I club are already In training for th an-
1000 nual regatta of th North Paclflo Aaao-
0 v v
Th games scheduled for ; today aret
Cubs at Astoria, Frakes at Kelso,
Trunkmakers at Wood burn and Brewers
at St Johns.' 1
elation of Amateur Oarsmen, which will
be held at Seattle on July 1 and 4. The
members s no reason why aa many
trophies should not be brought back this
yar as lt
- Th crews are all at work. 'Thajer- '
sonnel of the senior class Is airTJftjw'
pretty well decided, while many young 3
huskies are , in competition for , the
honor of representing Portland In the '
junior ovents. - , , t ,
Th crew which won th Junior cup '.
last year at Nelson will constitute this
years senior crew. Th members are:
Th Bralnarda will not go to Astoria
on aocount of wet grounds. Th , St
m Villi l VUIIU" w. w .m " uiwaww I . . . , , .
and the gam there will probably b tro!. f k No !, D1U
called off. , - i I bough, No. 1, and Allen,, bow. Zlmmer-
of last year big crew which, went
east are expected back about th first
of Jun and they may take part in th
regatta for Portland. , , . y , , ,
. Crew to Stay Together. "
It the senior crew as above desig
nated works all right however. It Is ex
tremely unlikely that any changes will
be mad In It - Zimmerman and Pam
berton were both member of the Stajf
ford eight this year, Zimmerman being
captain. ' v - -
There ar mora .than a dosen con
testants for place on th Junior four
nd It la believed that a strong aggregation-
can be got . together. In the
enlor doubles' . Ed Gloss and Gaorg .
Luders will represent th club, while
Glos will b th man in th senior
singles. Harley will without doubt b
the Junior representative In singles.
For th Junior doubles there ar a num
ber of contestants. -The
three-cornered reca "between the
eight of Stanford,, th University of
California- and the University of
Washington will be held on May 10 on
th sound. . r ': . ' '
Ban Jgarphy Oomiag.
Immediately after that Dan Murphy,
who got Portland' big four Into oondl-
The postponement of th Cubs-Brewers
gam yesterday leave th Cub with
three double-headers' before them a
double-header at St Johns next Sunday,
a double-header with Astoria and a dou
ble-header with the Brewers when the
two play again. . .
e . a
The cheap baseball rat to Kelso has
been canceled by th Northern Paclflo
people on account of tha Interstate com
mere laws. League teams playing at
Kelso now will have to charter a steam
er and make th trip by water or pay
th regular far. - .
Joe Fay, th little shortstop on th
Milliners' team. Is hitting at a good clip
In tha league games. He now has to his
credit a home run, two three-baggers,
a double or two and enough singles to
boost him well over th ,100 mark.
h, Kennedy, who Is holding down th in
itial bag for the Cuba, la on of - th
best first basemen In tha league In
two games he has had 11 pu touts, three
assists and one error.
Jimmy Hlgglns. . th -old Northwest
Gun company speed , merchant hasltlon last year.-wlll come her and take
lgned a Trunk company contract and I actlv charge of th work of putting th
wtu occupy th knoll in future games. I oarsmen, in shap. - i
Jimmy 1 a good t wirier and has plenty! The club has In th raat held horn
of speed to help him. i regattas on th WllUmette, but nothing
or the kind la planned so far this yaar. -
Another player to sign up last week h?m !egaM- usu.."t n'lai.0B
uis omiiu mm 1,1110 unit v 111 uqi oon-A
w . miiev ' ummz Tni rvnrt ri ff1mrriii orrammai
e ' a) . M ... 1 '', Tha amAVovp - arivtm to v tiifj viQiuiiK 1 icnoni rs.rritfMi nrr rnoi nun .ttisn time r.v
ililliMiiO. D. . Dirllin I " w . 11 I . . " -"-art w
Tha Telairam ti'n. mat tt. . of the most prominent cltlsens of Port- school to win It three tlmea The win
feat yesterday afternoon at th hands I "na " "'". ''-'-"""- - rij wm v awarcea i
of the Waverlv tuS th. "S5 cial life, as well as a number of an I flag, L. M. Myers, boy' physical dlree
25 to 11. - , . JL.' I thuslastlo admirers of ths light Jiarness tor of the T. M. C A., will personally
Telegram. ( ' Waverlv I boras from Amany, jeaigeno, dwbiu, i supermtena tn race and the prepare
VanHnrn f . .. ; . T.-. HIIlboroMgH na Otnor towns pn, -uai uon ror It-
wmv- .. w .-w . m . l1Ta.v
j .CEin a m aaaa.a . . n. an. a...-.-. awm l x n w w . - l
Maynarll -........ 1 ft. r-ni. horsemen at Chamber of Commerce nan ing one hour. 21 minutes, 14 1-1 sec-
Fisher ....1 B.... Voaalon the evening of May I was a great onda.. The race raa run on May 10,
Rionir an t I success. . the . dinereni' ineaincai man- nnu , six schools were entered, in the
.if ittiiTfiia Mr llltiKllil UIIIIUU I - . I .... a.
Cook L. F. Martin -ers of the city ainaiy uonaung ma i competition. The average age of the
Maneuv ; . w m- I services of som or in Deoi vauaanua runnera waa from 14 torio years, t -
- www www www mrw a a a uiii m. .. . ....a w t
Heaae ...... .....R, F.. ...... . -I artists for th occasion. . - i , xne grammar schools Which have al-
BnaTffestlons ny YliKors. 1 1 RU' inoir intension or enier-
Tha Hoi r.mmm innin,. it....a tv. I , ,wBtinna . Wn I w the race are the Ainsworth. Arleta.
Columbia University Juniors by the mad by visitors from the sound cities ooW1yn,TSiA., 'tn capm&n' Nortn
corn oi xi io e. ' land valley towns ss to tne . Desi way i ""' " n'""
Columbia. iHoWrvnM nt...f Mt and oountv officials Hawthorne, , Holladay, Ladd, MonUvllla
E. Murphy ...... ..C..... Cuillard In nronerly Improving and keeping im. and Williams ayenue schools. Boys of
Bollman P ...... Llminnn y,m .treats and roads, to ,nBon "cnooi say mey nave been
T.Murphy 1 B...,. Brlnkonhoff Im.k. rood, driveways throughout th ?'Mt c,rs: tor six months, and ar eon-
Horton IB Hoefflnr .... . , , naentoi victory. Th Atkinson school
CMurnhr .... Tt wiir.-1 ' J. . v.. m-h m. i won three mile flags last year. Much
Oambee,.; 8. S Witterman courage the breeding of high class ntnuf!", being worked up In the
WrinbeU L. F.. ....... McAHen horses In Oregon, dosens of registered chool and th event promises to be
C'ow R. F. Smith horses having been brought In from the L"60".. aT,rtM ,
Brown ... ...... ,C. F... a Witterman ... . a riifnrnta eaah-'Tear untU at .. In order to b eligible for entering
.k. tima tha state nas as nnei" " .iih wra-
Tha TtuiMnva war. v- . .v. 1 1 knru.' .n 1 regular attendant at his school, for at
Arleta Stars yesterday by the scor of be' found any plac In - th United least rour week preceding th date set
to 0. The score was tied In the ninth states. , Since tha Lewis ft CJarke fair Jf-. ml haT F4
Inning but the Bulldogs refused to play many eastern breeders have come out 01 1 t.0 m scholarship and do-
iny longer and gave the same to tbt hn nin to buy McKlnney stallions
Stars. , I whinh ar considered., at, present the
Arleta. :Vi ; Budoga. I fastest typ of trotting bora, th world
rrustor , .,, .. uiocK has vr produced.
jnevrum .......... I-. ........ ... Brown
Woodcock ....... 1 B. i Kadderly
Johnson I B. Clare
Whit .i ...!: B.. r..... ..True
Bomaia . ........ R. F.. .... .... .
Dell . ........... L. F. ........... . Lee
Cayo ,C. F...A.... ,, Monger
Harris ....B. B. .. . , . Bullwrlght
Ths Kors Sal.
Th recent hone sale held at Irving-
ton track demonstrated th mcreasea
demand for high-class, well-mannered
Vif" I horses, as th prices paid for soma of
the best was away neyona xn expeoia
inn nt thoaa selling.
On Juno IS the association wul give Cleveland
a matinee at Irvlngton track. The tTf New Tork
era and trainers are now busy eondl-
portment Each, team must be regis
tered with Mr. Myers not later than
Tuesaay. May 18.
The Judges who are to bo stationed
at each mil post will be chosen this
f row of Nerrou Debility ami fanofflsU.
- nw the brain, atrenftbea tbe etrcnUtloa,
" Httoa perfect .ad 1tuMrt a nasiietle
to ih bui belof . All draua and Jowe
-ff4 p.rm.nentijr. 1.00 eer hot, 6 box
f rij u care r rernnd noaer, $5. Walled
"led. Book tn,. rrUn W't. Co., SS
St. PMl.d.lpnu. ,Snl la Portl.nd ealv
it woBdwdn, ci.ik a c.
When no longer wanted, "want) ad'
vertigo" It la tha Journal. -
Men" who smiled yesterday In ; 4
glad anticipation of tha rare
treat that was promised them
are nursing wounded spirits this 0
morning snd vowing that the
weather man will get his. Dark
.frowns Of disappointment mantle O)
. the brows of 49.000 baseball
fans, and 10 reporters. ,
Raja 4 Interfered with .'tha-. a
Journal4Telegram baseball team.
; The same was to have been
: played at the Vaughn street ,
grounds . at 0:30 this morning,
but owing to the rain of the past
;. three days- the game was post
poned, and will be played later.
The Oregon Canoe club consolidated
With th Oregon yacht club yesterday I ...i..
suu is buw westo m moving its prop
erty to tne nome or the Tacht clib at
me nortn ana or, -xne uaxs resort. The
i. m. v. a. vanoe ciun was taken Into
the Tacht club a few days ago and now
tne latter organisation has more than
100 .members. The recently elected of
ficers are very enthusiastle and expect
tnat mis numoer wui oe doubled be
fora the season really opens. :!- ; :
The principal officers of th club are
Will A. Knight v commodore: F. ! P.
Toung, vie commodore; Arthur, Koh
rens, iraa.yrar, ; .- an. i-arita. secre
tary; and I. V. Woodard, port captain.
The dun IS ariving new dies and
preparing new floats and before the
end of the montn it expects to have
th best quarters ror launch houses
Portland has ever had.
At least four regattas will be held
AO Cleveland.
: . a
,... 01 100001 0 10 0
...00000011 0 IS' n
Batteries Hess and Clark: Dovle.
tlonlng tha trotters and pacers for the! Brockets Thomas and Klelnow, ,
different races on that day. ' Such a , .
keen -rivalry exists r.nnong tha drivers --r&r r;-."- A Petrol, -rr- ; r-rr-
that some of them can hardly wait to . - .-.. R. H.a
show th publH what fast time-annihi- Detroit ... 09101000 4 0 1
lators -they have 6n keeping unaer omon ....... u v u v i o o o i t 1
cover. - Bom or mem navo umo won i i-aiin ana pcnmiat; UDer
thelr races,, to hesr their owners talk I H". Winer ; and Shaw. Umpire Con-
whll seated by a good warm stave this "Q.
Th Xors Sbow.
The association will also hold mati
nees on July 4 and July 27, and expect
some ?, time .this fall, along with the
Portland Hunt club, to glva tha grand-
at horse show ever held In pregon.
Th present Officers are:,:., president
Emmet . Drake: vice-president Henry
Drenan; secretary, Paul Dick; treasurer,
Gus Rosenblatt
The association has accumulated suf
ficient money and ths members are de
sirous of -buying land form perma
nent home, where they can lay out a
good track and also ' a club house. As
soon as a suitable site can be found
the purchase will probably be made.
is Rodney Hurlburt.'a Portland boy, who
played on the East Portland Grays and
Northwest Gun company team laat sea
son. Hurlbujt has all the making of a
good slabater speed, curves and gen
eralship. He pitched. his first game last
Sunday. II weara a Frakes uniform.
Tha Kelso grounds ar th poorest on
the league circuit Th management a
that plac should try to get them up
into better shape, particularly. th out
. a. a i
Manager Harry Smith sprung quits a
surprise on the leaders In the pennant
race last Saturday at . Vaughn . Street
grounds when he put Jack Olney, the
clever southpaw. In ths box and baeffed
him up with, an Invincible Infield that
made 13 clean asslata Olney held the
heavy sluggers of th Frakes team down
to on lonely -hit that by Fay.
Secretary Smith reports th following
cnanges in the Tri-Clty players' roll:
Resigned, Umpires Coleman, and Rankin;
appointed, C. T. Piatt and Ed Davey to
tne - umpire stair; released, F. Griffith,
Harnaen, Bait O'Brien, from Trunk:
Falrburn, Ford, a Feltman. from the
Brewers; signed, Hugo Slebejs. James
niggins. TrunamaKers; K. Gates, Asto
ria; Michel and Poland, Woodburn.
The total attendance at- the Trl-Citv
league grounds , last week ran pretty
ciose-to. o,ftoo. .,'
.5f";vfi'y assatssiBBSsessBssaiaassaBBsaalsj '..r':s-' -;'f?ir:
Seml-Finals of President's Han
dicap Tournament: Played :
Yesterday at Waverly.
Chester Murphy and ' C.- F. Swlgert
Won tTieir' way "Into the finals "of the
president's handicap golf tournament on
th Waverly links, yesterday afternoon.
Murphy beat William Mackenzie and
Swlgert beat J. E. Toung. In the sec
ond match the score was a tie at the
be taken by th Paclflo northwest re
gatta, the local Fourth of July rowing .
races will " b discontinued.
Tha big regatta will probably be held
en Lake Washington. A meeting of the
executive board of the association will
be held In Seattle on May It and Preal- ,
dent R. W. Wilbur of this city will at
tend. . At that time the course will be
arranged. The board will meet again
on May 10, on th occasion of ths uni
versity rae! .vp,-. -
The affair of the Portland Rowing
club are in fine shape at present. Th
club has long sine recovered from its
losses occasioned - during " the winter
flood. The two floats which went down
the river have been recovered and are
now securely moored near the site so
lected for the new clubhouse Jon the
east side. Both the floats have been
renovated. ;; ' 4, '-
More than any other on thing th
new club house will add to the success
of the organisation. - 1 The new home
will be situated on a fin vantage point
Just below th Inman-Poulsen mill. f
Ground has been broken- and tha excava
tion la about completed.,- The structure
will cost 10,000 and will bs done early
In July. The club has abont 271 mem
bers. Twenty-five new ones were taken
in at the last meeting. : ''-'fJ
end of tha i! holes and three extra
holes had to be played. The finals will
be. cor.tetted between Murphy and 8wtg
ert next Saturdar. , .
A . woman's handicap tournament be-
tan at the Waverly club last Friday.
The prise In this event will bs a tro
phy donated bv Mrs. J. C Ainsworth,
Next Wednesdaa- the second round, will
oe piayed. . -
The Waverly links have al read
considerable play this season. A num
ber of th club members will enter th
annual Northwest tournament which
will be held In Spokane from May 13
to 25 Inclusive. The state tournament
will take place here on May 10. 11. and
June l.
Considerable interest is being taken
among the club members In th first
tournament of the Paclflo Coast asso
ciation. Just . organised, which' will be
held at Del .Monte,-California. May 17
and 18. But as far as ;known nort
of the Portland club will-'take part tn
th games at Del Monte. ;. . .
. i
Some of today's want ads com from
your neighborhood. ,
"4 "
Ball Game Postponed.
Ths game scheduled for the Coast I
under the auspices -of the club during lMrue grounds -this, afternoon between
tha seaaon.: - The first will ba on u. u x-owers ; iJiues , ana ma tommDia
10, when a canoe race' end a handicap 1 cluD of Th Dalle will hot be played
vacht race will be 'held.-. -
On June, 11 X harajriH-b avelass TateT
on July 4 a canoe race and a handicap
yacht race." one or tne prizes for the
latter will be th Jewell challenge cup.
presented by Ira Powers. On July 10
there will be anotner series or class
races and a canoe race. - v
Don't rely upon finding any of to
days want ads in tomorrow's Journal. Fourth of July.
Ion account of the, wet grounds.
New Cornet Band at Enterprise.
(Speetaf Diapatch to . The Journal.) ;
Enterprise, Or., May 11.-The cltlsens
of Enterprise' have contributed 1100 for
a brass band. An Instructor has -been
secured. The band will consist of 10
pieces. . It has been-engaged to furnish I
the muslo for th celebration on th I
r r
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Fart of a Shipment of CadMlacs Recelted This Week by H. M. Covey.' '