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A tittle Ad a
Erinls Rcsu
Journal Circulation
Erfr4 Results.
One Cent a Wcrd.
. The WeatherOccasional rain to-
9 .
night and Sunday; southerly winds.
- PORTLAND, OREGON," SATURDAY EVENING,. ''."mAY: .Vli," 1 W7.TWO r.SECTION's-is,' ' PAGgSl'. J i ' PRICE TWjDV"! CENTS.';' .'. ' ?jAlblf1'maa
; VOL. VI. , O. 57.
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BLDV7S Willi 111 STOPS
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Mrs. Taylor Victor in
an Unequal Xontest
VVithT Druriken Long
shoremen -
One Hundred People Watch the
' Maddened Assailants of White
: But ; Brave Woman, Covered
With Blood, Pulls Victim Away
- After a Long Struggle.
. " To th bravery and pluck of pretty
Wfrm. Richard Taylor, Motormaa AT I
White probably owe hla life from the
heela and' flaw of alx - drunken long
shoremen,! who bold him to the eldewallc
-at Halsey and Larrabee streets jubi im-
fore tha noon hour- tday and battered
hltn unmercifully In nnelrage. ;
While two of the men were holding
.White down the otnera,aicKea mmiu
the hd and body ,untll bystanders
thought that ne" would aurely be mur
dered. .Time and again the men re aald
i. to hav Uken White and beaten hie
head on the hard cement aldewallc and
against the. aide f ue Duiiaing. . ; t
' ' '., : Woman to the ese. ?
'"-'-Whll the unequal Struggle waa going
'on. Mrs. Taylor ' rushed between the
men and dragged White away wf rom hla
aesallants. She pulled and tugged at
the bleeding man and unto ana got mm
to a nlaca of 'safety. , As she strove to
get ' White away from his assailants,
they kept beating and striking him and
at one timo pulled him from hla Plucky
female rescuer., .,;. y'i'-i.'K " v'";-"
They; threw him to the ground and
once mora' the horrifying spectacle 6f
beating his head againat the aidewalk
and building was repeated while a
crowd of more UianI00, persons stood watch in terro at tha efforts of
tha longshoremen.-v"-" 's y
. :p-' .- SragaZsto Hallway.' -"
Covered with blood and nearly worn
' out. Mra. Taylor dragged tha half-un-consclous
form of White Into the hall
way of tha building In which aba Uvea
and i aided him mto her rooma, where
he tended to hla wounds. In this Mrs.
Taylor waa aided by Mra. C. O Mark
Strom, proprietress of the building. . ,
v. Tnnliiimin.' :.-.,',..
The atory of tha assault on Whlta
, and his conductor. -V.--U Hamilton, ta
aangulnary.ln the extreme. airtoU by
e-wltnesses to the affair The long-
- shoremen were six In
. ' whom were arrested and ' gaje thel
' namea aa a " McLennon. ThomaS v o
Lean. E. U Weaver and Ihomaa Kee
lan., Two of the enran down Hal
' sey street and escaped when; at the
- approach of the police.. - -'
Tha men boarded tha car on which
White and Hamilton acted. u.v.otor"
T 1 1 .AH HMVM Ul.i W mi r "
in mi 1 nnui"'" - ------
v farea and necame
..MAtaioat In an instant ; tha men com
. ... ..a.n tr Hamilton.' and - then
'".-u-j? th. front ot the car and at-
" tacked White, who seised the troUer
bar and struck Keelan a terrific blow
over the head, causing large wound.
The ear stopped and the? men got off
V: .ntn th Street. "-i i.'t--tii:' i'
Oregon Traction Com
pany Attaches Prop
erty, of United Rail-
,wa3ior Debt
Claim Is for Fojrty-Six Thousand
v. Dollars for Stock Sold ; Year
Ago Track Layers Taken Off
Streets Until ; the Bond Is
Signed at Noon.' .
When the workmen on tha United
Railways company's lines came Opon
the acene ' this morning J they i were
stopped by an attachment proceeding
brought by I T. Keady and atockhold
era of the old Oregon Traction company
in a suit to recover upwards of $46,-
000 the amount of claims arising from
tha United Railway' company'a purchase
of tha Oregon Traction company lines
about a year ago. Plies "of ties, rails
and other materiala were marked with
notices of the attachment. - -
A meeting of the united Railway
people waa hurriedly" called by,. PresW
dent W. L. Benham at the office of the
company'a attarney, s C Emmons, and
arrangements ' were made to furnish a
bond and releaaa1 tha attachment; This
waa done about 'noon. A bond for the
full amount of the claim waa signed by
the United Rallwayexoorporatlon and
Herman .Wittenberg and Walte H. Moore
aa principals. The rterlff released the
attachment and this afternoon construc
tion work proceeded. ' v .' : ,
Claim Is fot Stoak, ...!
.The company has Its track completed
from tha southerly terminus ,st Ham
ilton avenue on Macadam road to Wood
street, and on Water street from Moody
to Columbia street. At the ' norther.y
terminal on " Front atreea. the llna Is
completed from ' the Steal bridge to a
point near Ash street, and tha pavV-
ment la torn .'up to -wax . street await
ing the, laying of track. All necessary
rails and ties sra .nn tne ground ami
ready to be laid. The Jines are also
laid on Twtlf th from Stark to Petty
grove, and on Pettygrova from Twelfth
to Twentieth, thla trackage having been
completed by the ' old Oregon Traction
company under direction of Ita former
officera, . ,
"The claims represented , In my suit
againat ' tha United : Railways company
are. for the purchase ' of stock "of the
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mra pit
Attorney JB. 8. McAlllBter.
Portland -Lawyer Is' .Appointed
Deputy" District"; Attorney .of
' juvenile ourt to rm ,inswiv
Created Position. f . r
Anothejr: Thri Cents
Advance IriteQtll
Brokers in Country in
Grain Crop : i
Freely Predicted That the Price
. Would Be Dollar and a Quarter
' . Before the Close,' but All Were
Satisfied With Ninety-Five for
1 High Water Mark.
District Attorney Manning : yesterday
afternoon wrote to Judge Fraxer of tha
Juvenile court, informing .him that At
torney . E. S. J. McAllister . will be ap
pointed aa deputy district 'attorney to
ba attached to tha Juvenile court. Thla
appointment was provided by tha : law
enacted by inn last legislature wnen ine
jurisdiction:' and "work of tho Juvenile
court waa extended. ' V . " ' ; '
Attorned, McAllister la at Lakeview,
Oregon, and it la not known yet whether
he will accept the appointment. judge
Fraser. when seen this morning, said he
had received letter from District At
torney MannlngTegarding the appoint
ment oi. the deputy,-out wouia not ais-cuss'-4ta
"contents. ":.v v "'4;'.v.; ; ',;; 'J,
The Juvenile court, bill provided Also
for a chief - probation orricer. .. and a
clerk of the Juvenile court to ba an
notated bv Judge Fraaeri, but . he naa
not yet enounced whom he will appoint.
It la understood that tha Judge has se
lected t thaf clerk,- who mast also be . a
atenographer, but tha chief probation
officer, has not yet been- decided upon.
Judge Praser said , he ' expecta to an
nounce the appointments aoon. . '
into the street. ;
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Youth Under Arrest-in Denver
7 Writes Letter to Mother Tell
ing of Seeing Country at the
xpense of Others. .
! V . -t (Jonrnsl fipeelil-wrle.) -r
Denver. CoL, May 11. "Dear Mother:
I am now lu Denver, after traveling a
good deal. -1 have been having a fine
time apenClng other people's money, but
now I am bursted flat and must cash an-
other bogua check to get out of here;
' I JiaTe got $350 la that way so far.
, It Ja great tr: ellng around tha eoun
, try this way, doing nothing, stopping at
the best hotels and eating in
resUurants and dining. It haa cost me
on an average of $60 a week to live, but
i. Jt la great to tour the country in tnia
way. I wli.- close now, with love to
all, from your crazy son." This litter,
ready for mall, waa found In the room
of A. M. Rrunner at the Brown Palace
' hotel today by detectlvea when they ar-
; rtBtd him for n'sinjaworthlesa$100
check on the hotel cashier. Papers in
- Ms pockets indicated that he has had
similar trouble in other cities.
" : f-'ic ii in iii i ,r: ,' ',.
Some Bricks Hurled - at Non-Union ! Crews,
but imperious uutoreaK:uccurs. rouce,
r Quickly Scatter the ;GiWd
- (Joaratl Special Serrlev.) , -San
Francisco, May 11. What Presi
dent Calhoun characterised aa- tha crista
In , tha car . atrlke waa reached at- 10
o'clock --thla morning, when cara, were
run simultaneously from .the Oak and
Turk street bams to the burned district
down town.- President Calhoun Inti
mated that on tha results of the efforts
or not he would ask for troops. -
The cars from the Turk street barns
made the trip down town without acci
dent 'There waa no brick throwing and
no obstructions were- placed : on the
tracks. Crowds at various points along
tha route hissed the strikebreakers, but
no overt act waa attempted. '
All Turk street cars carried passen
gers, one ear at one time having 12
aboard. All brick plies are being clone
ly guarded by the police In tha burned
district .'.'
-. Tha cars from tha Oak atreet barn did
not fare so WelV rocks being thrown 'at
a; number" of points.' v Several tarrests
were made., A brick waa hurled through
tha window of a carbon, which ,Asslstant
President Mullally was riding.'narrow-
iy missing Jils head.:;?:'":; 'i. 1
. Instead of making the run Into Mar.
ket .street. K. was decided to end tha trip
at Kearny. While tha turn waa being
made workmen on a building threw
pieces of brick onto tha' car and. thla
was followed by a fusillade by a Crowd
which waa- Quickly scattered by tha po
lice. ' . , . 1 .
.All cara from the Oak 'barn carried
passengers among them being a young
woman. ,-A number: of teamsters drove
teams' onto tha tracks but tha police
quickly forced them to drive ahead. - At
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-' Over a thousand photographs have been received by The Journal -,
of Oreeon women.. It is impossible to publish them alL but- for
some weeks yet The Journal will continue to publish cuts of betu- v
Uiui women in i ounoajr hiuc , ; ,(- , - j ..v.
As soon as the art commission has passed upon the' photographs
to select the most beautiful woman in Oregon, the pictures will be
returned. It may be a month Or six weeks before your picture ap
pears in print, but good care will be taken of the photograph. -
Each week The Journal will also print winners of 'prizes in
eastern contests. ; Tomorrow The Journal prints its weekly install
ment as well aa the winners of the New York ,Worlf contest, the
three most beautiful women in the metropolis. . .,--,'
Jooraal Special Serrlee.) ;:
Chicago. May U. Today's wheat
market Was the moat sensational for a
rear. There were frequent predictions
during tha dar of wheat going to $1.16,
but tha closest the market came to It
at tha and of the session was when De
cember option struck 9$ ft centa. It
closed Just a fraction under thla amount
shdwlng a gain ror tha day or it, centa
a buaheL All otner options oi .wneai
gained $ or mora centa a bushel dur
ing tha dav;,;r-'''.?: -rrr-r ;..X....
Today's - sharp, advance in the wneat
nrice waa dua to continuation of the
severe damage wnion. nas neen reportea
In the various wheatbelta for aeveral
weeks.,. According to today's news there
is scarcely wheat section in tha world
outside of the Pacific coast states that
la showing up aS.well aa year ago and
that section does not produce a very
large per cent of tha world's supply. .
: , .. . ' -. Kaoord Braakaa, S'-'?.'.: ;'! .
Tbe most wonderful feature In regard
to today's sharp advance in tha price of
wheat was the fact that prices went up
about I cents a bushel yesterday. In
tha lata trading the advance' in wheat
amounts to fully ,16 cents a bushel, the
largest advance seen at this time of the
season for many , years. A year ago
during the entire month of May the
prlca of wheat advanoed about 10 centa
ajmshel but tha trade here expects tha
pries to show an advance" of fully 25
centa a bushel for the month of May In
1007.- . v ;,.. ;,,
The report, of the government yea
terday showing the large loss In tha con
dition of wheat aa -compared with nor
mal seasons caused tha market to open
this morning, at a Very sharp advance;
At the start of tha session May option
went swiftly to 87 centa July went to
88 Mi. September to 90 Mi centa and De
cember to Sl cents. - In every Instance
the opening values were the extreme low
marka for the day, the trade being most
bullish from the start . Those who
missed getting into the market yester
day before the great rlsa, gave- their
brokers, orders thla morning to put them
at the market, no matter where It stood.
This accounted In a measure for tha
sharp advance In values right after the
session started. A .;v Kxt-V't
- Never,, were . conservativa. traders
known to be so wild In their bidding aa
during today's session. Some of tha
big traders freely predicted that tha
market would reach $1.26 a bushel be
fore long. Everyone was buying wheat
and few wanted to aelL Everyone maJe
money, those selling : securing a profit
and those buying likewise coming In for
their share. .The .riotous' scenes re-
..r.3.-S.M-T-,.-,,- :
' . ' ' . ' ' ' .
.'!.' " ' "' " . :
, . .:' ": . " v.1 :' .1. , ' :.(......
y ' t v f ...: .. ...
' :.'. :.. 1
....(....'. . - ' A ' .
. . n , .' . : '
' ' ' " ' . ' '-
" ' ..'
- : 1 x -
, . ... .... . , .'
;."iy i i ...
I: ' - " S '
.' -; ' " : ,4."" ' ''i ' '
; pi First twelve Jurors called, several. of whom'have since been challenged and excused From right to
left: ; A.' L. Ewlng, James L. Ayers, John a Breckenridge,' J.. Yates, Henry ,W. Baker," George Walker,
Georg H. Mclntyre, W.' A. Simpson, Sylvester Giunt. W, W. Blsby, Samuel Wlngate, Samuel F; Russell.
From Distance Na - Scar Is" No
tlced , Upon -Accused Federa-
vvtion Prisoner to Prove Identity
With That of Chicago' Crook.
("mcUT DtaMtea ts Tbs temntxVi
' Boise, Idaho, May 11. The attorneys
for the defense continue to deny that
Charles f II. : Moyer served a term In
Joliet prison for burglary, but In dis
cussing the matter today Darrow aald:
'Even if It were so, and I believe It
la not ao, aa I have Moyer" s positive de
nial. It would have no effect in discred
iting him. Tha people will hardly bold
up against a man the slight errors of
his boyhood." ..' : r j,-.
The statement that tha chief mark of
Identification fiat Mover waa eonvicted
In Chicago la a marked gunshot wound In
his right hand. - Moyer himself la in
By Oeorga H. Bhoaf, Staff Correspond
;''- ent Appeal to Reason. v
; Solas. Ida.. Mar ' ll.-Relatlva ta a
atory published yesterday In a .Chicago
naner saying that Charles H. MoVer,
president of the Westsrn Federation of
Miners. In 188$, had been sentenced to
a term in the Illinois state penitentiary
from Chicago on a burglary charge,
Moyer' today aald: ' v1
"At the time the Chicago paper al
leged I; was In the penitentiary I was
working for the Castle Gate Mining
company at Kockrord, Boutn uaxota.
After leaving South Dakota I went to
accessible so far, but took usual exer- Carribou. Colorado, where I worked for
else with hla sister-in-law on tha Jail
lawn. From a distance no scar on his
right hand waa noticeable, but tha little
finger of his left hand Is missing. Ha
is cheerful, and If the publication of the
report that he served time for burglary
worries him he does not show It .
He told James Kerwln. acting secre
tary of the federation, that he had bean
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a time ror the carribou Mining com
pany. I was never In Chicago; but onca
In my Ufa and that waa when X attended
a labor convention there about two yeara
ago. I have been an. Odd Fellow 17
yeara. I could ' never have Joined this
society had I been an ex-conviot.- for
every person Initiated into , the order
must first pass his life in review before
an examining - committee, before ha ; la
permitted, to become a member." . L r
mam oostbued
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rd-t-i i-T'foV 1 1, .ii-!, miiin mi ii. in "'' ' ,: '
Osier Says That There Are Only
-v- Four Drugs of . Inestimable
Value Province, of Physician
v Prevention as Well as Cure.' . ,
(Jotmul Special Serrlce.)
Philadelphia, May 11. "Ha Is the
best physician who knowa tha wortb-
lessness of most medicine quoted Pro
fessor William Osier of Oxford univer
sity, England, In hla .lecture to the
Pathological society today at Pennsyl
vania hospital .He said he would admit
that there were four drugs of ines
timable value In the. practice of medi
cine. When he added that ha would de
cline. to, name them sTroa of daughter
went up from mora than 200 physicians.
' Professor - Osier aald the world had
mora to hope for from, the work of the
Pathological society than ' from medi
cines., Since the society's first meeting
(0 yeara .aio, discoveries of tha path
ologist had revolutionised. the practice
or medicine, Thanka to the patholo
gists, whose duty It la to know tha rea
son for every disease,' and who, know
ing Its cause, remove - the : cause, the
province Of the physician has becomte of
j prevention quite aa much or more than
Attorney-General ; Facilitates , Expression voP
v; Popular1 Will by i n i rri izi ng Qu i bbles. ; ;
0pini6n;Cuts Some-Petitions Filed V:
. Salem, Or., May 11, In' an - opinion
rendered' thla morning Attorney-General
Crawford gives a liberal Interpretation
of the Initiative and referendum' act In
answer to Inquiries' from Secretary' of
State benson. 'v In part, the attorney
general holds '.that tha ' warning pre
scribed In section- one of the 'act does
not necessarylly have to follow any out
lined form of law; that clerical and Ira
material errors shonld' not be held to
nullify petitions If the main - require
meats are met; -that -the addresses of
petitioners1 ahould be such-'aa to permit
tha" tracing of .the signers, alvln the
posiofflce and residence of each; that. In
cltiea .more, cara should be shown? and
stricter Interpretations demanded; that
petitions In which affldavlta of the genu
ineness or signatures omit- tha namea
os the signers should, not be Hied a that
the! act confers the right to file pe
tition in sections ana not. in one book
or volume, but provides that- each seo-
"-When asked concerning tha statements
In the Chicago paper, . C. S. . Darrow,
Moyers attorney, aald: 1
"The Chicago atory la from the whole
cloth. I have Mover's complete life be
fore ma and Z unhesitatingly denounce,
this latest yarn as a fabrication pure
and. simple. Tcu cannot make your de
nial of It any too Vigorous."
Friends of tha defense In Boise regard
the Chicago-storr as a species of tac
tics employed by tha prosecution to turn
publio sentiment against the federation
loader about to be tried for his life.
They further declare that all sorts of
stories will be manufactured or pub
lished broadcast to weaken the defense
and strengthen tha position of tha state)
In the publio mind. , ; t v
The attorneys for the prosecution.
when questioned about tha atory con
necting Moyer with a . burglary charge
aald that th first, they knew of it waa
when they read about It In the papers.
t Attempts have been made to perauada
the man who claimed that he waa In
formed that tha Mine Owners' associa
tion had deposited 8120.000 in a Boise
bank with which to buy the, Jury and
thereby secure the- conviction of Hay
wood,, to divulge the name of bis in
former and the name of the bank im
which the funds are alleged to be de
posited, but tha efforte were unavailing.
He haa Closed up like a clam and re
fuses to talk for publication, neither
denying nor affirming hla original
Story. i''j. -; '"' '.;'.'-' '.' ";-:,:' '" S,.V V' ," .' " ' ..
Attorney Richardson, of the defense,
la Inclined to regard the atory as on a
par- with, the Moyer burglary ehurra
preferred, by . the Chicago paper. Ha
says that . were the prosecution de
termined to buy the Jury they would .
not 'send agents through the community
apprising the people pf the fact.
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' (Continued. on . Page Two.), ,i,
wvwvwvvvv w 1
;; rar Over Whiter Elephants ;
- f ,Tody Hamilton; 1 Barnum's s press agent, tells about fa- '
mniic r?riie fotrs ! 'flu, Citrrl'iv TrtfirTiaf , i :.f a
, Where Child Labor Is Em-.'
"i "ployed. --7-1 - -N vt
Reckless ' .Wives-v Made by'
' High Salaries; t ; " :
Portland Home ' for. Friend-,
less Old Ladies.- ,
-How ..Portland Girls" Make
Paper Boxesf -
Haobv ' Finds an Old
Catch Cold.
Work' of England's 'Rural
Edison - ----Uncle
1 Sam's ;; New Ward
the1 Maltese Goat" ' ,
Plants . With All the Human
Senses. ' V- ' "
?What the 400 Are , Wearing.',
Where Tr a i n n g-Levels ;
Ranks. .. ; . ; ..
Friend. Jimmy He Doesn't
No -Wedding - Bells for , Hira.V Dear Little
.Aii-nuS'AND Mew nor.z n
I JijEjmiuojn suupp.v'!
.fttitfltt :?:
President Adjourns .the Regular
v yiyieeting ' While'Artists Catch
' His Likeness as He Leaps Ovc r
Hurdles on Horseback in Par!:,
(Journal Special Serte.)
New York, May 11. A special to i
Sun .from Washington eay s : Th i.
la i meeting of tha cabinet yes
was postponed and was held tod : v
body, remembers when a regular r
meeting waa postponed before
account of tha abtience of the i -
irom wasnington or tacau ' r
extraordinary celert-ation in
ton. It waa aald at the V. :
that tha meeting waa r-nt,'
the president thought t i i
invited him to a hoi! ., .
tnere was no imiirt
to be tranctO'i.
The rre:.M. i.
tenor t l it-.1 t I
rct , r s
!.:::!. t
Federatlbrt "Officials Allege That Publication of Chicago Journal
Story Is Part of an Attempt 'o); InfluenceV Publio f Opinion ;
V Against the Defendant-Shoaf vyrite$ of the Trial From
-' ' the Standpoint of thipefe TOfc