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f synoiciTE
Oriental Tapestry
: M5c Kind at 34. V . ..'
50-inch Roman And Oriental Tap
estry , in 10 different : styles and
color : combinations; bright ' new
foods, falljf worths 4Sc S jrsfd.
pecially priced for one day only.
Bargain Friday, at 34a
Curtain Hods
. ., . " 'lie End at2
Brass Extension Curtain Rods, ex
tending from 30 to 54 inchev fin
ished with large silr4 ends;
good, strong quality, sold every
where at 25c each.. Specially
priced for 'Bargain Friday at. 12
American', Passports ; Rented to
Evergreen State Spends Twenty
Franx Ecjdl Cautrht at
i,y ; undesirable Uttle Brown
. , Men by Schemers. '
,. Five Thousand Dollars In
' Preparation. ,t
Cincinnati With Half Million
' Blank Tickets.
la Ways That Art Dark Mikado's
v Subject Appear, to Be. Xtyaal to
Their Oriental
Chlneae. ?: ,
Neighbors,.'; the
i Bf
: tltmmml MtMMt J is slna
8n Francisco, May . The "Heathen
Chlneee" has no Monopoly on "ways
that ara dark." aa tha Immigration ot-
Solala at this 'port have (llscovered
, slaoe President Roosevelt's plan for
temmlnf tha tlda of Japanese lmmlsra-
tto haa been put Into- force. Two
Japaaaae eoollea who arrived on tha
liner China from Honolulu and . three
woe eama from tha island port on tha
Alameda will bo refused landing on tha
rrouna that tholr paaaporta ara fraudu
lent, t , 4" . .-" . ".
' Under tha . new , arraneement only
ihoae Japanese laborers provided with
psttKTtt . from 4paa to tha mainland
l tha United
States will , ba allowed
laadinf here, and tha Japaneae govern
mant naa agreed to leaue no mora auoh
paper to eoollea, Roosevelfs exclusion
plan being theoretical! eerfeet Free!
lent Roosevelt, however, overlooked hia
little ' brown , friend's conning. . A
Japanese syndicate la. believed to have
collected, either by buying or borrowing
a large number of theaa precious tickets
or admlsalon to the land of promise.
Theaa paaaporta have been aent to
Honolulu and there aold or leased to
Japaneae who want to oomeNto the
Onlted Btatea.- . , - ' 1
I Prisoners paroled .
(Special Dtopatcb te The SoaraiLI -
.Olympla, waeh., May I. Governor
- Uaad today paroled S. A. BurwelL sen
traced from King county March 10,
1106, to one yeas and six months for
larceny by ambeialement; John Haley
V sentenced from Okanogan county Octo
ber JS, -.ISO to eight years for home
stealing, and Frank Thompedn, ' sen-
. tenoid In King county October 7, 1905,
to two years for burglary. - ,
7. (Jovaal Special Berries.)
Los Angeiea, Cel., May . The re
mainder of the week will ba devoted
by the Bhrlners to tha enjoyment of
tha varlou entertalnmenta provided by
the local members. Thla morning a
large number made a pilgrimage to
Catalina Island. s o ,'
. Pay your weat'. aide gas billa before
Friday, 4 p. m. ; Positively no. discount
tfter that day. -r' Z'-f
Attorney Goners! Will Be Guided by
General Rule Laid Down by tha
; ' " United States Sapremo Court ' In
' . Nebraska Case.'
'' iBoeelal Dtnatca t The JooraaU i
Olympia, v May I. Attorney General
3. D. Atkinaon today completed tha
preparation of the complaint and atta
tion for the propoaed hearing' at which
the railroad . commlaalon of Washing-'
toa is to fla railroad valuaUona In this
atate for the purpoaa of tate making.
Tha date of the commencement of the
hearing is not definitely determined, but
will be about June IS, and is HKeiy to
contains several - weeks, , Tha bearing
will be In Olympla. probably In the
atata aanate chamber., - s
This heart!) la tha final outcome of
tha work of Engineer n. , f. uuieuo
and bis corpe of aaalatanta, who for tha
pa at, six months have been la tha em
ploy or xna eommiaeion in .uriKin
inr the coat of eonatruction of every
mile of railway -In the aUte. coat of
aauiDment. permanent improvemanta,
eoat of reproduction, value of terminala
and other, properuea, aenaity or iraiuo
and population, ana generally ui quae
tlona touching railroad inveatments on
behalf of linea actually In operation.
Tha attorney general win he guidea
In thla hearing by tha general rules
laid down by the United States euprome
court In tha Nebraska case of Smith
Ames In -which It was declared that
railroad rates can only ba fixed by a
railroad commission, on such a basis aa
will give tha railway .oorporatlona rea-
aonable returns on tha amount invest
ed In railway mileage, value of tha lines,
terminal properties, etc Following that
caae, tha recant legislature enacted a.
aectlon of tha rauroaa commission law
Which specifically authorlaes the hear
ing now set by the oommlealon. Tha
state tax commlaalon' Is expected to give
considerable attention to this hearing,
although It 1 admitted by both ' the
railroad commlaalon and ' the tax com
mission that valuations fixed for pur
posoa of taxation will ba radically dif
ferent from those fixed for-purpoaes of
rate maklne;.
The Information now In hand haa
been obtained by the railroad commis
sion at an expense to the atata of about
(Bpesisl Dispatch te TJ Jooral.)
Pendleton, Or., May l.Pendleton's
20,000 club meeting laat evening elect
ed tha following . officers; President,
V. K Crank; aecretaryj Jack Huston;
and tfeaau'rer, W. U. .urford.'
U ,.ih Ui .a. . -i
I I' M. V ;kl(, V Al' 'T
it-:- -: i
Was . Bepreaentatlre , :' of Enropean
Gambling Concerns Which Offered
Annnal Prlta of Three Hundred
Thousand Dollars. ' , n.
a ' ' (Hearst ffsws Ssrvlc.) " e
uinoinnaii, May uaron rni
BgtdL who not long ago operated a
gr,at foreign lottery, waa arreeted here
yesterday, in a aearcn or nia rooms
today the police found half a million
blank lottery tickets, t The numbers
may ba filled In with Bgldl's printing
device, which was also confiscated. ,
Hundreds of lottery prise Hats sent
through' tha malls from abroad were
found lb Sgldl'a possession. They bore
a heading atyling EgldI aa general dis
tributer. Egldl's lottery paraphernalia
aatounded tha police. Mot until his ar
reat ware they aware that European lot
terlea maintained an agent in Cincinnati.
Correspondence ahowed that Egldl haa
operated aa lottery agent in Cincinnati
for nearly threa years. ' Refarenoe to
his record booka of lottery sales ahowa
his receipts to have been enormous.
ho repreaentea ' rottmes wnica ad
vgrtlsed a single grand prlae of $100,000
a an annual drawing. ,. -
First Definite Arrangements for
Fourth of July Will Be
. Made Tuesday.
Portland la to have a sane Fourth of
July celebration this year which will
at tha aama time be a celebration of
tha t fiftieth annlveraary , of tha first
election held to: thla city. A prelim In
ary meeting of cttlaena was held laat
night at the olty ball,, at- which tha
propoaed oelebration was dlsouaaed. The
character -of the propoaed demonstra
tion waa dlsouaaed at aome length, but
no.deflnlta plan was agreed upon. All
agreed, however,' that i Portland muat
arrange a celebration for tha . enter
tainment of Ita people and thoae of the
aurroundlng towna. . ;'s
It was- unanimoualy agreed tnat tne
stereotyped celebration of former yeara
muat ba departed from. It haa been a
number i of year ' sine '' Portland cele
brated the naUOA'ac. birthday. Four
years ago ;tha. money, was la hand and
tha celebration alf Arranged when Hepp-
ner waa well- nigh destroyed by a flood.
Tha demonstration' was promptly aban
doned ' and the-funda ; that bad been
gathered -were cent tOvrel!ere the dis
tress ' at Heppner. Last year tha Ban
FrasrcTsce- disaster Dracluded the possl
blllty of a celebration. But there
seems no k reason. V why Fortlandere
ahouldnt enjor an old-time "Fourth'
this year. - . :-y
Lee M. Clark, who acted as temporary
secretary of tha meeting, waa instruct
ed to extend invitations to all of tha
commercial bodies and other organisa
tions of the city to cooperate in mak
ing tha demonstration a grand succeas.
Next Tuesday night another meeting
will ba held .when permanent organ!
nation will bo effected, and oommlttees
named to arrange the' detalla of the
celebration,' which will' ba mapped out
at that time.
Railroads Reduce Fare About One
Half to Eastern Points on Ac-,
.count of Exposition. "
Worcester Building
Northeast Comer Third and
r ! V Oak Streets
Showing; corner storerooms, where will take place the Great Sale
of the S. Marcus'. Bankrupt Department StoreStock. of fine Wearing
Apparel, consisting- of over $17,500 worth Men's, Boys' and Chil-
J'J !..'. Panf. TTata Cli1 . TV flnruli rt . all VirtA fiillra
Corsets and Notions. -A full and complete stock pf Ladies' Suits, a
Coats, ;Jackets, Skirts Silk, and other; fine Waists; Ladies' and -y
Misses' fine Shoes, etc This splendid storeroom and location will'
soon be occupied by the W. U. Tel. Co.' and could only be had :
X short, time v The Sale will begin Saturday, at . 9 a. m. and last :
riur oniyjapQit seven aays, m wniQn,. time tne. enure, tine atoca win
do, ;spiq. i in oraer to oo mis in seven to -ten aays, ine gopas win
" be' sold t -most; merciless "iacrifice. ? iln many instances goods wiQf .
, peliteraily given away, as theprices they will go at is really only, a -
mocker at their; value; .v The .reputation 'of ihfs stock" N too well
- knowrt ' to Veed any "'comment.4' Morris had ' only been iri business '
abou . two ; months s'when-the courts adjudged him Jankrupt and. .
i 'orderedhis stock; to be.Soltby the-creditors. Watch for it, &. Wait
' for it Be there with the first crowd, Saturday, at 9 a.' m. Owing
- to gre'at' Crowds that ; will. visit 5sale, the entrance to the sale will be:
on Thrdstreet and the exit on Oak street This ,1s done to avoid
the dangel of jamming the doorway;on account of people going out
having . tof oassr the Incomine customers. ? Special officers' will be
i stationed at the doors to assist in regulating the crowd and' prevent
) shoving ' sfld I Crowding of iadies, v and ' children; See f tomorrow's
papers for full particulars and price list ; '.,.t..
Tha Hill railway lines have coma into
tha arrangement promoted by the Trans
continental Passenger association for
reduced rates to the east on account of
the Jameatown expoaltloa, after a long
delay during i which many people had
given up hops of lower rates and paid
the full rate for, the trip. ,
.The special rate will be one first class
fare plus $10 for the round trip, from
ail Paclfto coast points to eastern trans
continental terminals. Tha fare f or the
round trip from ' Portland to Chicago
will ba $71.50; 'to Kansas City,: Omaha
and St. Paul, $60: to St. Louis. $47.60.
An additional $13.60 will be charged for
the return trip .via California. Dates
of sal will be as follows: May to, Si;
.JunsT,r. r July, S, 4, 5r August," 8,
9, 10; September 11, . 13, 13. Tickets
will have a -10-day limit going and a
final return limit of "SO days from date
of sale. :.iy:.;:sw;-;v y'i . '
Travelers desiring to continue the
journey eastward beyond Chicago ter
ritory can buy, at those points, tickets
at reduced, fare to Atlantlo seaboard
polntifSmd retuny ; ' . - - , f
XT early One Thousand Feople skated
.. Wednesday a tha Oaka.
As tha pleaaant spring days have
coma the attenOanca at the big Oaks
rink, has shown an Increase rather than
a decrease. : Wednesday afternoon there
Were St : beginners In tha o different
classes and last night nearly a thousand
people occupied the large floor. , The
opening of the summer season Is not
far off, and that longing tor the pretty
park with Its fresh air and pretty
sights ; is causing the . people to get
the Oaka habit atronger every day. , The
big racea . laat , night ware good and
brought muph applause. - Remember,
general lnatruption la free at all tlmea.
Special lessons ara EOo each or six les
sons for $3.(0 including skates.
The one Great Bargain Sale which all Portland recogniiea as the greatest Value-Giving Sale of the week, and to which the women
of this, city and vicinity turn out each week. The intense Interest of these weekly sales is due to the great amount and extensive
variety of rnrchandise we have on sale at prices so liay reduced that , the savings' are instantly noticeable. Those who have
not attended any of our previous Bargain Sales will be astonished at the exceedingly low prices. , Following we print t few price
I r ; ! ; Z ; ;':;' quotations, as w can merely hint-at the thousands of bargains here: , , 1 - , .
" Waahington, May . -The government
wUl begin action in a few days against I
the harvester trust. - Tha inquiry is
complete, and Bonaparte announces that
suits will be started aa soon as he goes
ever the papera mora oarefully.
Wdolen ' Bress Goools and Bilk
MOST EXCELLENT QUALITIES At VERY LITTLE PRICES. No greater attractions were ever offered before in these
departments, r If you have been delayed In your dressmaking, here's consolation. Tomorrow we offer a splendid collection of fine
Novelty Dress Goods and good dependable Silks in the best of this season's styles, specially reduced to two thirds and even to one
1 ; :half previous prices, but the sale is for one day only Bargain' Friday. THE PRINCIPAL ITEMS ARE THESE: .;
v 60b and 76o Values 80o :
In this lot we offer an nnequaled ssortment
of Novelty ' Dress Goods, comprising black r
'and white broken check mohairs, novelty Pan-;
amas. nobby block checks, in all sites and col
ors, full range of, popular shades and weaves,
all of the newest 'designs found her.' These
goods sell at other stores for 50c, 60c, 75c
For this sale only. Bargain Friday, per
LOT NO. 2,
85o and 05o Values 50o
This k?t comprises . great values la "44-inch.
Novelty French Panamas in si th newest ef
fects in smoke grsy and tan, beautiful assort
ment of designs; 50-inch Novelty Panamas In
grays and browns, in plain checks, small'
broken checks, broken plaids, PckJo stripes:
beauitful, durable, firm worsted fabric; regular
95c values. On special sale for one day CO
only. Bargain Friday, per yard.......... aJJC
LOT NO. 1. :
and Q1.50 Values 70o
This assortment contains a line' of beautiful
'Novelty Suitings, all tha popular shades and.
designs, neat broken checks and ' plaids, in
grsys, tans, bines and other new colorings;
also a line of 50-fnch Ombre Plaid Coatings
in the fashionable shades, good weight, excel
lent for separata coats, skirts or Jackets!,
These goods ara good $1.25 and L50
values. Special Bargain Friday, yard...! 57 C
; 75c Quality 0. . i
19-inch Highly Lustred Taffeta, warranted
every thread pure silk, beautiful Swiss finish,
full range of desirable .colors, excellent qual
ity, called a bargain ground town at 75c Our
special Bargain Friday price, pef . . -. 59c
i ' ;: Quality 48a.
27-inch Extra Heavy Jap Silks, fast colors,
washes like linen, made of purest silk fibre,
very highly finished, over 60, shades to choose
from, sold everywhere in the city at 65c ' Our
special Bargain Friday price, per .:,-:
i 7&c Quality 40 r
23-inch New Polka Dot Foulards, all sixe dots
sod rings, black and navy blue grounds, very
stylish and durable for summer wear, light and
cool, good 75c values. Special Bargain 'jqv
Friday . . t .,.... ,..,,.. ..Sar
, This tale means opportunity for those who look to tha future as
well as those who wish to provide for immediate needs. The goods
themselves are the most up-to-date obtainable, and kinds that will wear
themselves threadbare in your service. For Bargain Friday three spa.
dal attractions are: ' -' - , ... y : .
Vests and Pants. 65o Quality, at 39o
We beffin ' FridaVs bargain list with a special offering of Women
Summer Underwear fine White Lisle-Thread Vests and Pants in all
sizes; vests made with long and short sleeves and nicely trimmed yokes;
pants made with Frenchwaistband to both knee and ankle length; genu
ine Swiss Ribbed Underwear of fine white lisle thread, soft and elastic,
well made and carefully finished garments, well worth 65c aah. OQ
Specially priced for Bargain Friday at. ..................... ..'L
Women's Stockingrs, Best 25c Valncs, 8 Prs. for 48o
We've been selling an unusually fine grade of Women's Stockings at the
unusually, low pnee 01 mc a pair. umgrruw ihui huik a iui ui iuc
only about 90 doxenwUl go on sale at 3 pairs for 48f. .The stock
ings are of fast black cotton, soft and fine, seasonable weight, with
high spliced heel and toe, excellent values at 25c a pair. Sold only in
three-pair lots, and specially priced for Bargain Friday at three AQ
pairs for ........ . .....; . ."OL
v For the Children There's Also a Rare Opportunity. !
. ,6 Cents a Pair lor Children's. Stocking's
JFulJy Worth 25c Pair. A Great Underpriced Purchase of 500 Dosan.
. Our New York buyer came across a prominent stocking manufacturer
Who was oversiocaea on mis particular nuraucr anu was uuuous io uis
nose of the entire lot at a ridiculously low price. Here they are offered
I to you tomorrow at the same extraordinary saving. Five hundred dozen
Children's Fine Black Lace Stockings, in a large assortment tof pretty
patterns; bright, new-goods, placed on sale tomorrow tor tne first time,
made to sell in the regular way at25c a pair. All sizes at one re
price. As long as they last, Bargain Friday, pair. . . . ...... . . , . . . . .vt
Following wo list the principal attractions-of our weekly Bargain
Friday Salea in our popular Men's Section. Step In tomorrow and see
what wonderful values we are giving. Plenty of salespeople, special
wrappers and cashiers in fact, all arrangements have been made to en-
able you to cnoose quicaiy ana satuiactoruy. ' .
:. y ' MEN'S 50c UNDERWEAR 30a. ' iAYYf.
New line of Men's Elastic Shirts and Drawers, made form-fitting; shirts
have elastic-ribbed neck; come in good spring and summer weight; color
blue, regular selling price 50c. Special Bargain Friday..,.....,., 80s
i Z"Z MEN'S 15c FANCY SOCKS 10e. . , ' .
Men's Fancy SilkEmbroidered Socks, in tan, blue and black, our regu-
lar lie values, special mrgain rnaay, per pair ...vt
. Z-Z"'-i Yf? 'f MEN'S 25c NECKWEAR 15a.
Men's Qub Ties and Men's and Boys Four-in-Hand Ties, in full range
of up-to-date patterns and colors, large assortment of Scotch plaids,
regular 25c values. Special Bargain Friday, each ....... ...15e
NEW $7J0 SUITCASES f5.00. , , f. (l -
Sole-Leather Suitcases; 24-inch size, made on steel frame; have heavy
leather: corners, brass bolts and lock; extra well made leather handle,
inside straps and shirt-fold, .regular $7.50 values; Special Bargain Fri-
' lty .-' a a V 'f ''' '' ' '' a a a s 4 V'a a V a5e)00
All-Orer Embroideries Half-Price and Less
Another lot of the great underpriced purchase to hand and placed on
sale tomorrow r for; the first time. Allover Embroideries of Fine Swiss
and, Chiffon Cloth, in a large assortment of pretty "new patterns, open
iwork, scroll ' and blind effects, made with buttonhole-stitched edges,
twidths from 20 to 24' inches, regular H and $1.50 values Spe-1 CQ
cially. priced, for Bargain Friday at ,.,.,,............ ... M , .UC
In the Domestic Section
Here are aome lots of staple goods that admirably Illustrate the ad
vantages enjoyed by those who buy at Roberts Bros.' Every article
sold at the prices made for this tale will be found up to our usual stand
ard of quality. . Owing to the crowds, that invariably attend these Fri
day sales in the afternoon, we advise early gnopplng.
- 2tfc Kind at 10s). .
English Long Cloth, full 36 inches
wide, fine soft finish, just the thing .
for dainty undergarments and chil
dren's dresses, extra good quality
at Uyic yard. .Specially priced
for Bargain Friday at. ....... 10e
i i - -
Momie . Linen - Bureau Scarfs, 17
inches wide and 50 inches long, a
number of pretty patterns to
choose from, fringed all around
and finished with neat openwork
borders, all linen, well worth 35c
Specially priced for Bargain Friday
at .....aiai
, Hohoir Lustre; 15o Grade; at lOe
About 2,000 yards New Mohair Lustre, in an unlimited assortment of
patterns checks, plaids, stripes also figured and mottled effects in
light, medium and dark cobra, excellent value at 15c a yard. Specially
priced for Bargain ' Friday at ,,..,..10
Notions antf Art Goods
' These are only a few of the many surprises which youH find her
tomorrow. Items that will interest every thrifty nerson. Oualitv con.
siaxea, tnese values cannot ne oupucaiea oy any otner store in the city.
Xlmmfm .k. Umt. VwtA-mt . .
,IW, I UJ. Mb .W.
Tapestry Cushion Slip Good as
sortment of patterns, regular 35c
values, cpeciai oargain rnaay
t,..i ....v........JSJee
Pillow Ruffling 4fi yards in piece,
all good designs, usually sold at
75c. Special Bargain Friday, 48e)
Silk Cushion Cord Three-yard
lengths, all colors, 75c .values.
Special Bargain Friday.. ....49t
Cotton Cushion Cord Three-yard
lengths, 35c values. Bargain Fri
day . ,aaa
Printed Cushion SDns New de
signs, usually sold at 35c . Bar
gain Friday, each ....... ;.,'.Sle
Toilet Soap .Pure Glycerine Toilet
Soap for the bath, regular 15c kind.
Special Bargain Friday . .....8f
Silver Hatpins Variety of pretty
Ivsaatjl alavJl fUaiaa A Ami at ' aamila
35c values, v Special Bargain Fri
day.; .21a1
Stamped. Pillow Shams Pretty
floraU designs, stamped on best
graac musun, joc graac, bargain
riaay, per pair ....... ... . . .xf
Toilet Paper Best aualitv Ab
sorbent Tissue Toilet Paper. 16-os.
rous, tun , i.uuu sheets, regular 15c
values. . Special " Bargain Friday
$y a saaaV a'.
Dressing Omba Genuine Rubber
Dressing Combs, extra heavy, reg
ular 75c values. ' Special Bargain
Fridayeach .........4e
Hsirplna 10 Doaen Special sale
on Shell Hairpins, 25c values, re
traced 10, per dosen.... ,.,;..!)
Magic Thread-Cutter and Thimble
Always before sold at 15ci Spe
cial Bargain Friday ;..,.. ...v.8e
Wash Belts New Embroidered
snd Tsllored Wash Belts, well
worth 5c. special Bargain Fri
day ..14e
5c For Women's Collaro
Best 10c, 12c and 15c Value, ,
- See Morrison-Street Window Display. ' ' . Y
We buy in enormous quantities. It pays both for you and us. This
iris-antic collar ourchase is not an'exceotion. Ira an lmm,nu int Kn,
we doubt not that our own judgment will be quickly and heartily in
dorsed. Nine hundred dozen Swiss Embroidered Turnovera and Rtnrir
Couars. in an tne latest snspes ana patterns, neatly embroidered, finely
finished, excellent values at 10c, 124c and 15c each.- One should far
buy a liberal supply at this extraordinary low price. . Your choice Sf7
while they last, Bargain Friday MJW
i. 35o Eibbons at 10o
These ribbons were never intended to sell at anything like this price.'
ntn ciuaiiLr uiuuic v. wusucu iucvasimi luieii. itinnnni. an mnrn in
rimand mat now xor miiunerv nursosea. tnu s infh.4firt n aiiir.
soft lustrous finish, best 35c grade. Specially priced for Bargain 10
Friday at j....
Men's White Cambric Handkerchiefs, hemstitched, neat embroidered in
itial oft finish, ready to use, our regular 15c values. Special Bargain
Friday . , .... u, ..,.,......."
Bargaiidiri Bros.'. Shoe- Sal
Everybody not already provided needs the identical ahoea offered in this sale, either today or in the. near future.' Never did spring and summer
bring the need of new shoes when it cost- so little to buy themr And this sale offers tha best shoes that can be bought anywhere. Styles srethe
latest, leathers andWes are right, for spring and tummer wear in fact, they are exactly what you would buy in best stores and pay a dollar or
ijA ' ,.:' , ' - ; several, dollars a pair more for. , . -
$2.85 a Pair for Ilea's Ghoc3 and Orfcri
$3J5 to $5.00 Vahies In the Followt-! Well-Known Makes J.'.Spence fhee
Company's $4.00 Oxfords, Rice f: ilutchins' . OO Shoes, the Chnrc i:l
$3.50 Shoes, Macey Bros.' $3.50 Shoes. About 20.CCJ pairs all to! 1, t' 1
season's most popular styles, in all the fashionable leather--vici V i !, I
calf, patent colt, etcin both plain lace and Bluclier t!ij; 1 .
lij;ht and heavy soles. Not a pair in the lnt sold for (' (-
less than $3.50; most all are ?.00 and $5.00. values. . t
All go at one price your choice .
02,37 a Pair for Women's Shoes and Oxfords
$3.50 and $4.00 Values in All the Best Makes, Styles and Lesthers The
celebrsted $3.50 "Walk-Over" Shoes and Oxfords, in patent leather and
black vici kid, lace and button', with light and heavy1 soles; Cuban, con
cave and military heels; as well as Lady Churchill $3,00 Shoes and Ox
fdrds; 2iegler Bros. $30 Shoes-and Oxfords, the t C ':. 0 1 W
Sherwood $3.50 Shoes and Oxfords, Hannah McCar- Vtitflat t ST
thy $3.50 Shoes and Oxfords all at one price, choice v V', v,: