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Of PIEffilT
Many Go "AbroadTTjut Few T6f
Ar: D: Charlton ; Returns From
Chief i Executive Learns sThat
Flocks. of the Neighboring
"' States Are Infected.
Governor Toole Offers Thousand
Captain Moore Baffled In Efforts
Dollars Reward for Arrest
: of . Train Robbeni.
V swear "Allegiance to, the
i i ,.: Stars and Stripes. '
' to Make Ownert Clean
Seattle, Where Thousands
Up- Property. .
- V Co '"to Streets.
,'"."?'. , jiBBMsSsaa(asjsBJsawBaaBBBSsBa . v H- '
Sheepmen Prohibited From Bringing
Animal Prom Washington, Call
fond or Nevada Into Oregon
:: ,. Without Restriction.
(Special tttapateta to Tna Journal.)
' Salem, Or., May .After consult
tion with th board of sheep commie
wtoner. the state sheep . Inspector and
! eUte veterinarian of the etate of Wash
ington And veterlnarjane connected with
the federal bureau of animal industry,
and after hearing on Mar 7 on the pro
; teat of the Wenaba Wool ito were' , as
sociation' of Washington, ' - Governor
'" Chamberlain aald today;
' I have reaaon to believe that ondl-
tlon exist In Washington. Nevada and
, California which may f render any f
- the sheep coming front aald states, or
any of than likely to convey the ais
eaee commonly called and known - aa
'scabies.' now, therefore, I. George E.
Chamberlain, aa governor of the etate
of Oregon, by thle proclamation,' desig
nate and declare the atatea of Wash
ington, Nevada and California aa pre
'aum ably Infected, and do prohibit Im
portation from ach and all of said
; states of any sheep Into thla state ex
cept nnder such restrictions as the
board of sheen commissioner ahall
deem proper."
The proclamation impose a fins of
91,000 and not less than $2( for viola-
' tlon. . -
- - The proclamation will bo formally Is
sued today and, goes into effect Imme
diately. - J :, . .. .
(DeetilniiMtcfe to Jowail.t -
Holena. Mont.. May . Governor
Toole today In behalf of the state of-I
fered a reward of 11,000. for the ar
rest and conviction .of the men who on
May 7 held op the North Coaat limited,
killing Engineer Frank Clow and wound
ing Fireman Thomas Sullivan.
No further arreats have been made
and It is feared the murderers have
escaped to Butte and are safe from ap
prehension. . Should they be captured
summary vengeance will be taken be
yond question, ao unprovoked and un
warranted wns the assassination of En
gineer Clow..
Only the Fact That. Blade Was
Dull Saved the Life of
the Woman.
& tiUi
4 Committee ; of Fifty Appoints
Executives to Formulate
' Plan of Actioh. v ; T
' (Joaraal Spscial Berries.) - '
. San Francisco, May 8. The commit
tee of (0 met at the mayor's office this
morning to consider ways -and means
of bringing about Industrial peace. The
result of the meeting was an appointed
executive committee -to prepare a plan
of action. Thla committee will prob
ably work in conjunction with the spa
clal committee of the labor council -; - j
t it developed this afternoon that at
' '"'"the meeting -last night, between Prosi
' dent Calhoun and the. members of the
Joint conciliation comjnlttee, Calhoun
Intimated he "would not oppose the at
tempts to aettle the strike by tha cm
; se'ns' committee.
' it is the general opinion that there
. will be no more violence and the strike
' win be settled or completely broken
; In a few days.
llrmmml Sueclsl Berrlce.)
i Lafayette, Init, May Mrs. Alice
Cooper Lawson was found guilty this
morning of murder In the second de
v Kree for shooting her husband Beptem-
1 ber 21 In his saloon. ? .
'. (Journal Special Gerries.) '
Pittsburg, May . Evelyn Thaw ar-
rived today and is - the guest of Mrs.
' William Thaw , at X-yndhurst. Evelyn
t will try to effect a reconciliation with
i, her mother while here.
fftMrtal DImmMi to Tha Joornil.t
Vanoouver. Wash May . erased ty
tha alleged wrongolngs of bis wife and
daughter, Frank Rabie, employed at a
logging camn near Lewlsville, a short
distance north of Vanoouver. last night
attempted to' take the life of bis wift
by Stabbing ber with a butcher-knife.
Bat for the fact that the knife was
dull, he would, it is believed, have ac
complished his object. Mrs. Rable's
wounds are not considered dangeroui,
aiinougn painrui.
For soma time there lias been trou
ble between Rabie and his wife. It
started vblle the family resided on
America's Most Beautiful Actress, Who Is Presenting the Comedy, The
; v :h Butterflr," at tbe Heillg ( Theatre Tonight.
Iver Elde, -alias Oscar Peterson,
showed a wonderful burst of spaed thla
morning while attempting to make his
escape from Mounted Patrolmen Keller
and Parker after having been placed nn
der arrest for riding his wheel on the
sidewalk In violation of tha city ordln-
Vancouver Heights in this city. A short I gnca.
time ago they moved to Lewlsville,
where Rabie secured a position in a
logging camp. Yesterday, It is said,
Rabie accused bis wife of misconduct
A wordy argument took place, during
which Rabie became angry. Last even
ing, aocuslng his wlfs of not only im
proper relatione with other men, but
also of allowing their daughter to pur
sue a wayward manner, he grabbed a
butcher-knif j In the family home and
began stabbing his wife.' Ua succeeded
in inflicting two sever 'wounds upon
tha arms, and light scratches upon tha
forehead and breast -
Rabie made no effort to escape the
authorities, and of his ownaocord car-e
to the county Jail ber thla morning and
gave himself up. He bad little to aay
about the affair, merely remarking that
h had done- something very bad, and
that probably be should -not have don
it He will probebly be arraigned be
fore the supri r court this afternoon.
8pecisl Ditpstrn to The Joarnsl.)
' Vancouver, B. C, May s. William
Oaw, Slavonian, who was living at
Michel with relatives and bad been act
ing atrangely of lata, a few evenings
ago got out of bed and ran In the direc
tion of the mountains. He was bare
footed and only partly dressed. Rela
tlvea gave the alarm at one and after
searching for three days bis body was
found in the deep snow of the hills.
The unfortunate man had died from ex
posure, his torn and bleeding feet and
uiusr aisiia puiniva tu uia juci iaat ne
bad suffered intensely. -
Paul Mannarino, prisoner en route
from Nelson to New Westminster In
charge of a constable. Jumped through
the ear window of a train traveling 40
miles an hour. He landed head first on
the rocks 40 feet below and bis death
was Instantaneous.
Ths two policemen took Peterson into
custody near Sixteenth and . Irving
streets and escorted their prisoner to
the patrol box at the intersection of
the two streets named. Parker turned
his horse over to Keller while telephon
ing for the patrol wagon and Peter
son, making the best of tha opportun
ity, mounted bis bicycle and raoed away.
It did not require more than a moment
for -'both Officers to swing on their
steeds and start in pursuit -
Bending low over the. handle bars and
straining every muscle, Peterson sent
bis bicycle over the sidewalk at
press train speed. Urging their horse
onward as a faster clip than the nags
ever traveled before, the two bluecoat
tore down the street in close pursuit
At Twelfth and Hoyt Keller's nag head
ed the unlawful rtder.
In bringing his horse to a gton in
front of Peterson, on of the stirrups
broke and Keller's pretty bride of two
months came near becoming a widow.
Peterson was taken to headauarters and
fined J10.
Postoffice Employes and Mem
bers of Court Subscribe Fund
for George Egbert.
' (Joonul Special Berrlce.)
, Montevideo, Hay . The government
officials report that seven persons were
drowned and six are missing on the
steamer Poltou. ?i , . .
(JonrntI Special Berrice.)
Denver. Colo., Mar . Benjamin C
Wright was speedily acquitted of the
charge of murdering his wife and child
yeaterday when Professor Engle of
Denver university, testified that an
autopsy showed that the woman and
babe had died from the fumes of a
gas stove. - " -
When arrested Wright confessed
that he killed his family but persisted
that he could not remember how It was
mm Km
fi ir
(Special Dispatch to The Journal.)
North Yakima, wash.. May 9. Mike
McCarty was arrested here laat night
ana win be returned to Pendleton to
answer the charge of grand larceny..
McCarty Is the man accused of rob
bing Editor John P. McManus of Pilot
Rock and whom McManus is believed
to have thought he shot when be killed
i Bob Estes. ..
' Attaches of ' the federal courts and
friends about the postoffice building;
raised a fund of $4S this morning for
Captain George Egbert the aged court
bailiff, who is seriously lit. captain
Egbert Is lylngat his home and
said to be In financial straits. He
well liked by all of his fellow-officers
who responded generously when It was
learned that he was In need of money.
Captain Egbert Is 88 years of age and
haa suffered several strokes oi paraiy
is. He -cam to Portland from North
Dakota, where he .was the first mayor
of Fargo. Captain Egbert Is also .one
of the oldest Masons in the country
and founded the first Blue lodge in
Dakota. .
iSnxdil PiiDatch tft The Journal.)
Salem. Or- May 9. Robert Bateson,
aged 1 years and son of Jfame Bate
son. a. farmer residing 10 muea norm
east of Salem, waa placed under arreat
yesterday by Constable J. C. Johnaon
and will be arraigned in Justice Web
ster court this afternoon on a charge
of assault upon Louise Mouuet, agea
IS years. The complaint was sworn
out by the girl's mother.
(HMelal Dtanateh to The Joaraal.)
Barlow, Or., May . Bollard & Co.'s
sawmill was destroyed" by fire about
t o'clock this morning. Tbe mill is a
total loss and waa not covered by in
surance. , Th origin of the fir la a.
mystery."-'.' . ''.',;
ijooraal Special Berries.)
Washington, May 8. General Kurokl.
accompanied by General , McArthur and
staff, arrived today and' was escorted
by General Bell and staff, the Japan-1
l cse ambassador and staff and a squad
I ron of the Thirteenth cavalry to the
Willard hotel,
(Journal Special Berrlce.) , '
Lahore. May 9. Troops In all the
branches of th army are being rushed
to this city in anticipation of grave up
risings of the natives. Th situation
Is graver than at any time since the
great mutiny. ' , V i
(Journal Special Service.)
New York, May 9. The position of
the steamer Baltic, which ia ashore in
the lower bay. Is hourly growing worse
V. la settling deeper Into the mud. and
efforts to float it at high tide tma
morning failed. - "''.
m . I
All members of th family of less
Miller, 72 1 Eaat Twentieth street have
been stricken with spinal - meningitis.
Since the death of a young daughter
Tuesday laat Pearc R. Miller, th elec
trician in th postoffice, Matilda, aged
to years, a telephone operator, Theo
dore; aged five and Walter and Florence,
younger children," have all, been atrlcken
with th disease. Theodore and Matilda
kre now at St Vincent's hospital Pearce
and Walter art t th family horn,
while Florence Is at the home of an
aunt The father, an invalid, has so
far escaped. .
Edward Stem me, S81 Fourth, an em
ploye of a down town shoe store, is the
last one to ha stricken with the disease.
A young man on the Macadam road will
be brought to on of th hospitals this
afternoon, r '
! (Joaraal Special terriee.1 :
London,, May 8. Patriotic Americans
will make, satisfactory deductions from
the list Just Issued by the British gov
ernment of persona to whom certifi
cate of naturalisation were issued dur
ing 180. : .V ,?.:
, Of the vast army of Americans who
for one reason or another spend several
years In foreign countries, .a very small
proportion renounce their allegiance to
me jana or ineir-oinn. .-in uermany
the American has no difficulty In adapt.
(ng himself to th beer and in growing
an "Imperial" moustache; In France h
delights In th gay life of Paris; and
In London he aoon learna to wear at
tall hat but in any land the American'
seldom chooses to exchange th stars
and stripes for another flag. ' ,
Of th 141 aliens who became British
subjects last Vear through naturalisa
tion, only a dosen were from the' United
States. Two of them were women, at
tracted perhaps, by th somewhat en
couraging prospects at that time of fe
male enfranchisement in England.. On
American In swearing allegiance to tbe
crown, deserts his American name, Ros
nplanter, for, th Scottish-sounding
McKeever..-. .. j ; ,? ; .. .
Th names of th new ex-American
Britisher are George F. Blake; Julia
Cowan Brown, George Grant Elisabeth
Parker Haatlngs, Humphrey Thomas
Jones, Julia Jones, Frederick Adolph
Konlg, Frederick Leopard McKeever
(formely Roaenplanter), John Clark
Palmer, Oswald Sanderson, August
Joseph Smerlng and John Nichols.
In th whole number of newly nat
urallsed cltlaens, Russia naturally leads
owing to the great exodus from that
turbulent nation of people seeking
new country. Her record Is til. Ger
many, despite the bard feelings which
are imagined to exist with England,
contributes,: generously- 106 eltlena
while France, despite the "entente cor
dial," Is represented by only 11. Nine
applicants for naturalisation registered
themselves as men "without a oeintry."
Determined to submit his free-water
amendment to a vote of th people at
th Jun election, H. D. Wagnon filed a
petition In th circuit court yesterday
afternoon aaklng that the court order
City Auditor Devlin to plac th amend
ment on th city, ballota. . . .. ..
Judge Cleland ordered an alternative
writ of mandamus to lssuav wbloh di
rects Auditor Devlin either to plac the
amendmento.n th ballot or to appear
tomorrow morning at :80 o'olock and
show cause why he should not do so. ,
The plaintiffs In the petition for the
writ ar Wsgnon, F.i W. Burnett, Fred
Johnson, William McKlnsie. C. ,B g.
Wood and P. McDonnell. ' They take
exception to the resolution passed -by
tbe city council on April 17, directing
Devlin not to plac the Wsgnon amend
ment on th ballot and expressing the
opinion that many of the signatures to
The police department . ends th city
authorities generally are up against i
wall of thlsU down.. There is an ordi
nance which provides r that --property
owners or their , agents must keep all
weeds and vines to s length of four
Inches after June 1. The police tried to
enforce this last year.
In hie report to the police committee
Contain Moore of th dav relief says:
Last year we found that considerabi
property waa owned by nonresidents
but in most Instances had som On
her in th city who was, their agent
and paid their taxes for them. When a
policeman would , notify such agent
that , ha ' would have to Clean up such
property he would claim he had nothing
to do with, that part-of it. . if arter
th 10 days war up w would go to th
deputy city attorney and ask for a war
rant for ; an agent for som piece of
property the warrant would b rerusea
on the ground that we would have to
prove that there was written agreement
between the agent and th owner of th
property before we could do anything.
Bo th weeds would not be cut on that
piece of property. .
- "Perhaps the ewner of th property
next to It had his plac cleaned up and
would complain bitterly because th po
lice had notified him to clean up his
property and he had don so and the
police did not have th property next to
him cleaned up, A the thistles and
weeds were going to seed and blowing
all over his property. Ther were sev
eral such oases as I hav mentioned
last year. It Is not fair to make one
property owner clean up and not be able
to make throne adjoining. him eiean up.
But I am at a loas to suggest remedy
for if . .,'.;. rt . ;.-- - :
C 1
Paget Bound City Stops t Nothing
to Improve Thoroughfares 4Jnfav.
Torable Comparison With Ill-Kept
Portland nigh ways. ,V , ? '
m day I as at Seattle this week
ng thatfso
easesFlsjsw J, f
ig. Hardw'
a banking jV
Crooked River fcompany Decides
to Make Second Tread
well Producer.
(Special IHtpatch to Tbe Journal)
Iwlston, Idaho, May, I. That $800,-
000 will be expended by th Crooked
River Mining V Milling company in
making a producer out of th famous
Hogan mine became known in connec
tion With the visit her yesterday of
President George W. McCall of Chip
pewa, Falls, Wisconsin. Nearly as much
has already been expended in the big
property, but mismanagement and pur
chase of worthless machinery is said to
be responsible for-lta present condition.
Development work will start in 80
days and tha Initial expenditure of .the
company, will be -160.000. The Hogan
heretofore has "beeri worked ( on the'
Glory Hoi system' at a small eost. but
a new method may be adopted to Work I
they let a single contract amounting to
t50,000 for bard-surfao street-paving,"
said-A. Dt Charlton, assistant general
passenger agent Otth Northern Psolflo,
who has Just returned from a trip of In
spection over -the lines of tn company
In western Washington. '.:
Asked as to the sUt..of ths realty
market in th Puget sound cities, h
said; they have pushed prices up vary
high and there Is not so much speculat
ive buying as formerly, but ther la, a
vast amount of building going, on, and
permanent street Improvements ar th
order of th day. J
There Is nf other on thing that
rapidly builds a city and Increase
erty . values aa street-paving.
surface pavements ar like
Inveatment for th property-owner, and
bear large Interest ' It is generally oon-
eeded throughout th country that hard
surfac pavement add more than their
cost to th aetoal market value of th
abutting property, y .; -,
Ther 1 a rapldiy-growlne- feeling in
Portland that this, city must put forth
extraordinary activity in , permanent
street Improvement or be left far tn
the rear of Paclflo coast progress. Th
streets of Portland ar beginning to be
a by-word , for neglect, Visitors who
com her for a few days to look about
make harsh comments about the up
paved and ill-kept streets. . Then they
go over-to Seattle end ar astonished
to find miles of hard surfac pavements
for every rod that exists in Portland.
A. Portland business man who has
been .an eloquent booster for the beau
ties and advantages of his home city
went over to Seattle last week snd was
astonished and chagrined when a friend
took- him out in. an automobile and rode
four hours without one leaving hard
surfaced and well cleaned pavements.
Seattle ia using a vast amount of as
phalt in its residence atreet paving.
Blthullthlor .pavement is also gaining
great popularity. Both pavements are
admitted to. be almost Ideal for resi
dence streets. . : . .
There Is a rapidly growing sentiment
in Portland in favor of the district
paving plan, modification of the ordi
nances to allow 34-foot width' of pav
ing on residence street and-' parking
along ' th sidewalks snd for paving
100 miles of streets with hard Surface
pavement within th next. It months.
: ,for MAyoLiy
to low-grade '-or.v Whwi. lt become
producer the stockholders believe the
Hogan will rival Homestak or Tread-
well mines
After, Two Bricks Are Thrown
Strikebreakers Are Allowed ;
to Proceed.
San Francisco, May 9. Two cara
started out of th Oak atreet barn at
1:80 o'clock. As they emerged from tha
barn two bricks war thrown, but tbe
offenders were not found. The cars
proceeded over the rout taken yester
day, without further demonstrations.
A picket tried to Induce the strike
breakers to desert, but no attention waa
paid to th overtures. ,
th petitions were secured through mis-
Suit Will Probably Follow to
' ..Determine if Applicant Is
Entitled to Salary.
Fifty members of th legal fraternity
of Phi Delta Phi will be present at th
annual banquet at th Commercial club's
dining rooms tonight, Thla fraternity
is confined to law students and alumni
and Its membership includes many of
the most prominent Jurists in th city.
Judge W. M. Cake and Judg C U. Oaa
tenbeln will be among th speakers.
Phi Delta Phi is th oldest legal fra
ternlty. It was organised In 1S6 and
now has chapters In all th prominent
law schools in th country. Th chap
ter of th university - of Oregon law
school waa granted a charter In 1891.
Here's the most becoming
outfit for boys from 8 to 15.
The double (breasted coat ;
and knee pants with Eton
cap to match,
' . We have it in a great va
I riety ofpatterns the" fash
ionable gray, new ' browns '
and the fancy mixtures.
For young boys here are
all the new styles in blouse
suits, also wash, suits from
50 to $5.00. ' ;
Men's and Boys' Outfitters.
163 and 168 Third St,
Ns. Xlohawk Building. - An.
ffeMvUl Dlsoatdi to The Joaraal.)
Seattle. - Wash.. May . The long.
shoremen's lockout continues without
disturbance. There , is apparently- no
settlement in prospect and cargoes are
being handled by th office forces of the
different lines, .
Ri noiciCD iirTnD IM v v iv i wi i us ' . -
It. '.J,":' , . ' :?. ..-
New Tork. May - . Glorifier won
tha Metropolitan handicap (today. Oken-
tq.was second and Roseben third. .
Invitations have been' extended by
the Ellerg Piano House , to a private
press recital to be given in EUers re
cital IraU, Park and Washington streets.
at 4:15 o'cleok Friday afternoon. At
the recital the marvelous Welte-Mlrn on
piano wUl be Introduced for It first ex
elusive public appearance in thla city.
Th Welte-Mignon is said to be the
most remarkable musical invention of
th age. ' ,
Dr K. O. Mattem, president and Dr.
.Hermann 'W. Barr,-, secretary of the
state board of optometry, are conduct
ing an Examination for oooullsts at th
Imperial hotel, which will continue over
tomorrow. Eight candidate ar taking
the examinations, as follows: F. J,
Hayes, Marshfield; E . W. Hutchinson,
Portland; Mrs. M. Veal, Pendleton; J.
H. ' Olsen .Portland; Mrs. Florence
Cooper, Prlnevlller C H. Trulllngor,
Hubbard; Marshall O. Rose, lone, and
Robert H. Robinson, Condon. . .? j
BogtU Checks Circulating.
Will Coina 'In Private Car.
O. H. Roth, of Rohhester. New Tork. I beware of them.'
laeoompanied by a party-of friends tour-lis forging checks on the account of OV
ing ui jr-aeino coast, will arrive in
Taooma, May . Numerous bogus
checks, ar Jloating around over th
state, and P, u. tcauirman, secreUry of
the v Washington , Bankers' association.
has sent out notices warning people to
He says that some on
I Portland May 1! in a private car'from
Ban Francisco. They will proceed east
from thla point over th Union Paclflo
I .
F. Turner, of IA Crosse, Wisconsin. A
man who given his name as Charles
Benton,; and is wanted in. Walla Walla
for forger. i also floating bogus
cbecka 1 i - ,
Fifty applicants for permission v to
practice medicine in this state ar . tak
ing the" regulsr examinations ; for cer
tificates. , The examination ar be
ing held under th, auspices of th Ore
gon etate-medical board at th North
Pacific Dental college, ; They will b
completed tomorrow. t
ii ,. Mn.ii i. i i m .--',, I. . ' ;, v! I '
Held on Assault Charge. j
Frank Williams, arrested Saturday
afternoon on a charge of criminal as
sault was this morning In th munici
pal cdtirt bound over .to the grand Jury
in th sum of 1760.. It 1 alleged that
Williams enticed th 11-year-old daugh
ter 4t Mrs. Bastlne of Mllwaukl and
Brooklyn streets Into a vacant house. .
County Auditor Brandes this morning
disallowed ' thtf claim of T. C. Shreve,
justice of th peace for Mount Tabor
district for f 1,600 salary from July 2,
1901, to April 1, 1907. Bhreve applied
to th county for th same salary as Is
paid the Justice in Portland district on
th ground that sine Mount Tabor .was
annexed to th city he has been a Jus-
Ed Groves, arrested yesterday "after
noon on a- raid on an -opium .Joint1
at Pin and Fifth streets, entered
plea of guilty in' the pollc court this
morning and was fined 140 by Judg
Cameron. Hue Fong, the keeper of th
resort likewise pleaded guilty, and
fine of 1100 was lmposld. .
on. Grove at th time of his arrest
was found a magnificent marquise ring,
set with zs stones, valued at 11,200
Chief Gritsmacher allowed Groves' at
torney to pawn the ring in order to se
cure sufficient money to ball Out his
client . ; .
The new gyratory ' rock' crusher to
be installed at th Kelly-Butt quarry
tic in th city, and therefor entitled I arrived -In Portland this morning from
to . th same compensation from the
county that the other city justices t
In his voucher Shreve sets forth that
since July t he has collected in fees
$92.60, and askw-the auditor to deduct
that sum from the claim of $1,800. Au
ditor Brandes disposed of the whole
claim by disallowing it.
the east and will bs Installed at th
quarry as soon as possible, Th coun
ty commissioners expect 'to hav? the
new crusher in operation by June
and estimate that it will Increase the
capacity of th plant front 80 to about
250 yards of rock daily, commission
era Llghtner. and Barnes said this
momlng that'-th work of Installing
It is believed that suit will b4 lnsti- the new machine frill 1e hurried Just as
tutea in tn circuit court to compel the I last as u can n aon,
county to pay th salary, and tha ques
tion whether a Justice of the peaoe in
a district annexed to the city become
entitled to a salary from th County
by th annexation to Portland will be
determined. ;' ,T-;-.r.j-"'..-i
Dr. ' Samuel . Wesley Johnson, who
abused his wife In the dining room of
the Bar rent 'hotel May S. and aubae-
NOT TO STARTTROIIR! P huflnUy is alleged to hava. assaulted. her
W I I V v 1 MH I v I nUUBLC .u ty,ai- ,.,,. waa found milt
on the profane - language charge and
bound over to. await the action 'ef th
grand Jury for assault and battery.
Sentence was, deferred on the city
fflixelal Dfonatch to Tbe joaraal.)
Seattle, Wash- May John Albert-
son,' In superior court Issued a restrain
ing order this morning ' against the ..-, n,-,in. ',. -..,, t
from Interfering In any. way with the
property or employee of the Moran
company or. of th Variety Iron works.
Th order is sweeping in its effect
, Baltic Floated."
, (Joaraal Special, : Service.)
New Tork, May . With tha high
tide thl afternoon the Whit Star
steamer Baltic was floated uninjured.
h4; Got the ."Wrong Babies.
Paris correspondence London Dally Mall.
A curious mistake occurred yesterday
at the hospital at Amiens. Two young
women nsa recently oeen auenaea there.
One bad given birth to ajooy and the
other had given birth to a girl heater
day their babies were taken from them
to be vaccinated After the vaccination,
the babies, in , their swaddling clothes,
wer , returned to their mothers, who
went away, with them. -; -..--a i'
Soon afterward one of th mothers re
turned v to the hospital in tears. Her
child was a boy but on returning bom
ah discovered that the nurse had hand
ed her a girL ' She Insisted on her bov
being returned, to her.. -:,Arj. :.:v,v.-i,;' ,
A seene of great confusion occurred.
as no on knew the address of th other
mother. At laat toward nightfall, ths
other- mother arrived, -greatly excited,
claiming that she had been given a boy
in mistake . for her girl baby. " Th
change was duly executed and th two
mothers went a wax happy, , . .
th upper court for wife beating. Bonds
were fixed at 1160 by Judge Cameron,
which wer furnished by friends of the
defendant , '
v. ' ' -v.":1," " ."".i"!irT'ts'f
' Bnllding Permits.
Building permits have 'been issued as
follows: Rosah Mondy, repairs, Dover
between Vaughn and Upshur, $500; P, B.
Golden, dwelling, Kerby, comer Jessup,
S100: G. C. Tale, dwelling. Park avenue.
between East Thirteenth and East Fffr
teentb, $700; M. K. Austen, dwelling, Al
Mna avenue, cornSr Webster IS.tOS; N.
P. Terminal company, steel tank. Third,
corner Hoyt; Free Bretnren
church. Mallory between-Fremont and
Beech, $2,000;' Gum Dip ' company, ' re
pairs, ' Sixth ' between Alder" and Morri
son, $100; Peter'Vengelln, East Sherman
near Eaat Thirty-third, $S00; McHolland
Bros., East Everett between East Nine
teenth and East Twentieth, $2,000; Mrs.
Dt Magoon, Seventh, corner Jefferson.
$1150: C. V ' Beckstad.. East Nineteenth
between l ast Stark- and East Washing
ton, $2,000? Dan Miller, dwelling, -East
Seventh, between Failing ana enaver.
$1,600: p. J. - Malarkey, flats and store,
$10.000t C. H. Everett repairs, Burmcn
between Union and Grand avenues, $100;
Lyman , Smith, repairs. Water between
Arthur and Meade, $200: John. F. Mur
phy, dwelling, East Thirty-third be
tween East Market and . Eaat Mill,
$1,200: C. J. Quinn,. dwelling. Mechanic
between Eaat Seventh and East Eighth,
. Th headquarters of the Republican
city oentral committee in the -Mallory
building wer locked up for th greater
part of th time today, the. party ma
chine evidently having been oiled and
wound with such precision that it was
capable of running Itself for th time
being. Across th hall, however, in
th prlvat offlc of Thomas' C. Devlin
hi secretary and factotum Ferdinand
E. Reed was a living . Illustration of
unceasing effort and activity. "
No grass is growing under the feet
of the Republican candidate for mayor.
While th city i central commute i
attending to th larger matters Of the
contest his secretary -is not overlook
ing th detail of organisation. ' v
The city committee, under th gnd-
ance of Chairman W. M. Cake and Sec
retary J. W. Sherwood, is perfecting an
elaborate machine covering every pre-
einet in the city. Precinct commit
tee en ar scouring their precincts for
every available vote and working hard
to Una , up every man - registered as a
Republican for the pledged support of
straight ticket June s. '
Mr. Devlin on hi part Is not relying
solely on the efforts of th central
committee, but is pushing hi personal
organisation out over as much of tne
city as is possible. He also Is preach,
ing th doctrine of a straight ticket
annltAatlnna for bids' Snd CODV Of
specifications hav been received by th
....o.. .f h Portland ' ohamhejbM
commeroe for approximately-sjWvO.000
feet of lumber for us In construction
of th Panama eanat Th assortment
asked for Includes flooring, siding, cell
ing and timbers of various slses. Th
in mr) trmV.- two or three shiploads
and is an axcellent opportunity, for Port
land lumber mills to' seur larg gov
ernment orders for lmmediat delivery.
Th lumber will t purcnasea inrougn
th mirohaaina- denartment ox . ui
Tama. canal commission.' Snd must be
delivered under th terms of th bid at
Colon or La Boca. ; :
N''vf ZSz, I ."r " '."T-A AS. At l A ' t : ''
On train No. I over th O. R, N.
this evening will arrive from the east
special oar carrying about to weaitny
Dunkards from Iowa and Illinois n
route to th convention of the Ger
man Baptist Brethren at Loa Angeles.
number win get orr at Asniana -ana
Weed and examine th country ' in
southern Oregon and northern Califor
nia with a vlw . to futur . operations -
hr by 1 a colony. : They will ! leav
Portland for th south tomorw, over .
th Southern Pacific , '
Irrigation Company Incorporates.
Articles of Incorporation of th
Lewlston Sweetwater Irrigation com
pany were filed In the offlc of th
county clerk this morning by . EL I
Thompson, Tom Richardson, W. F.
Kettenback, A. VTr Chance and C, E.
Greele. Capital stock, $160,000.
f One can spoil good cof
fee in ; making, but can't ,
make good of bad. V
V . Tear grecer relerss year sieaey tf ya laat