The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, May 09, 1907, Page 14, Image 14

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Demonstration of tho "Gossard" Lace Front Corset by an Expert Fitter from tho Factory Miss Fcriseo Awaits Yonr Phasuro 2d Floor
Meier (ES Franks 902d Friday Surprise Sole ;
The Meier & Frank Store's 902d Friday Surprise Salo
,onn rtrt
vl II 1
SJ.00 Is.
36 c
We have planned the greatest Hosiery bargain of the,: year for
tomorrow 802d Friday Surprise Sale Thousands of pairs of
fine, new, high-grade hosiery to be sold at a ridiculously low
; price-pAn immense importation Just received from our own man
ufacturer in Chemnitz, Germany, at prices far and away the low
est ever known on hosiery of equal quality Gauze lisles, gauze
cottons, lace lisles and fancy embroidered hose in white, . black,
gray, tan, blue, brown, green and redAll sizes- Attractive pat
terns in endless assortmentAbsolutely fast colors Hosiery
that finds ready sale at prices up to $1.00 a pair
to be sold tomorrow at. this exceptionally low
price Buy all you want of them The econom
ical shopper will anticipate her needs for months
See Fifth "Street Window Display Mail and - Phone Orders
v'",:; ... . : . Promptly and Carefully Filled :fv; .f
100 BiMn Mdiwrsfatl$2;9d Each
Two exceptional Surprise Sale offerings in the Basement y. Store tomorrow. Special lot, of '90 JVVhite
Mountain Refrigerators4-1907 models; , made "Of pine, with golden oak finish; site 26x19x40 inches; 45
pounds ice capacity; well built; handsomest refrigerators end the best values ever Of fered ! C9 'Qa'
at the price. Regular price $1150. J Your choice tomorrow only at the low price'of.....r..iV.'V
100 high-grade Lawn Mowers; easy running; 14 and 16-inch sixe; one of .the best makes M (JQ
market; wonderful value at" W. price "of $2.98 each, ; They are on salcvfa the basement.. Vvf'
Meier Q Frank's 902d;Fnday Smfprise Solo
Best $300 Ineat Pef Pair
r. . . ' . . . ' . ''''"". --'t
women on auppiy uieir summer lootwear nceoa tomorrow at a
big saving 2000 pairs of this season's latest style Oxfords in black
and tan to be sold at a mice that falls short of mverlnor thm mann.
rut U2 . r . Til" . ,. T
yyl factunnS cost Included in the great assortment will be found pat
f j ent leather, gunmetal and vici kid In light weight or extension
wen, wicj uiuuiB iiu siyica wuoan, mmiary ana low nceiav
lan, Kussla calt and chocolate vici tad Oxfords Light or heavy
soiesiacc anq mucnet; styles new snort vamp styles, Cuban or
military heels 20 models to select from iq
the various lines All sizes and widths.
Footwear of standard style and quality
At the very low price o'f $1.98 per pair
See Fifth St window display Mail and phone orders will receive prompt and careful attention
? ,V-ffV7W: I
f . mm .
56c tinti 15c Values 29c Per Pair
; In jthe Men's Furnishing Goods Section for tomorroVa 902d Friday Surprise Sale, 3,000 pairs of men's
fine Hosiery, to be sold at half and less than half regular prices; plain and fancy colorings in, grays, tans
helio: green and black; also black gauze lisle: figures, stripes and mixtures: all sizes: creat
hosiery selling regularly, at from 50c to 75c per pair. Buy all you want of them tomorrow )A
at mis special tow. price, pair -raxe advantage pi ibis saie .................................... .V
Meier Eb Frank's 903d Friday Surprise Sale
lOiOOO faM Women's Silk Gloves
I V. . vffi-. Great Surprise Sale of Short Silk Gloves foAornorrow 1000
' 'VJSH v i '' dozen'1 beat styIes tnd goring .no the grandest silk glove value
y. 1 .SJyJ f .,i a " vnii have ever had the onnorunitv tr char Jnr.i.i
.-iu- ,.v-i,-i.ii-,':-.-J -ft V - " " Tvr.iiaif uuu-
V " ble-tipped fingers, Paris "point embroidered backs Every pair
Tton : nm rirft crwvl an1 riiarantVl alt eillr Ts .J I. '.
"v"i yv . tciuBt iiiuuca, wowns,
champagne, navy blue and white, also few -
c- - i i , 4 ss : : . ;
s grays -Siaes 5 to 7 Silk gloves selling regu- vx J "Tj J W
UT larly at prices from 85c to $1.25 a pair Your
, choice (see 5th St. window display) tomorrow
; No mail' or phone orders filled Anticipate your summer needs
, We take great pleasure in announcing for tomorrow'a 902d Friday Surprise one of
our famous Sales of Women's Fine Lace, Silk and Net Waists Dress ' Waists,
Evening Waists, Waists for Theatre and Party Wear A great special purchase
tm?H of 500 of them from one of our best New York manufacturers Beautiful styles.
Large assortment Phenomenal values A waist bargain that will attract the usual
throng of early buyers, so if you want to share in this grand offering arrange your
dotted and figured Net Waists, handsome Lace Waists, Messaline and Taffeta Silk
Waists Yokes trimmed in round mesh and Plat Val, laces, French knots and
ww mm . Heavy . ciuui uiuci cu ii will" "iv,
cream, tan, gray, red, brown, navy and black Beautiful
Dress Waists of the latest fashion Values ranging up
to $12.50' each Take youf pick tomorrow at, each
Ail i n it
See Big Fifth Street Window Display No Mail or Phone Orders Will Be Filled '
Remember, if you want the best bargains you want, to be here as early as possible Grand special values in SHk Pettlcoa
y Grand Special Values in Walking Skirts Today Take Advantage. ; 1
5000 Yards Fancy Ribbons
Beautiful Styles Regular
SOcuesIc! Yard
For tomorrow's 902d Friday Surprise Sale we place on sale 5,000 yards
of Fine All-Silk Fancy Ribbons, full 5 inches wide, in handsome floral
and Persian designs; exquisite designs and combinations, suitable for
sashes, girdles, hair ties, fancy work, etc, etc.; grarftf rariety and the
best 50c values. Bay all you want of it tomorrow at this re
markably low price, the yard take advantage OsC
Lisle Union Suits
' 2000 of Them
Sale extraordinary of .000 Women's Summer-Weiarht Lisle-Thread
Union Suits. A great special purchase from a well-known large east
ern mm enables us to offer values up to each tor f. Made
low neck and sleeveless; knee-length lace-trimmed "umbrella pants;
nicely finished and oerfect fittinsr: sizes 4. 5. 6 and outsizes JO I
7t-8, 9. They are great values. On sale tomorrow at....... 4f JC
Tomorrow'! SptciaJs
Drug Sundries
Notions, Etc, Etc
Eagle Fountain Syringes, 2-
great special value at only &vt
Homestead Water Bottles, ot
white rubber; 2-quart size; ab
solutely, guaranteed; at,
each . ........ .;.794
Women's Premium Spray Syr
inge; the only perfect syringe
on the v, market, special - at
only .. : w. i .. ....i . . , . 1.49
Kirk's Witch Hazel 1 Soao..4
Jap Kose ooap; the best glycer
ine soap tor tne : toilet . ana
bath: special at 8
Vegatine Toilet Soap; great
special value at per dozen
cakes . ...,,25t
Fairbank's Glycerine Tar Soap;'
special once, oer cake, onlv at
White and mottled .' Castile
Soaps;. , 1-pound ' bars; special
at ...... .i....xae
Okayed .Toilet Paper," in rolls;
special , price, per aozen
rolls . S5
Knickerbocker package iToilet
raper; Dest aualitv: 10c
value . ..74
Whisk Brooms; r double sewed;
uci ; quamYi . special, at
only . . . . . . . . . .1&4A
tar bathtub tnamel j iulf-pint
cans: ereat soecial val. at 28
Wire Coat Hangers, only,. .4e
fnvui(s. a-yi, ill new
snapes; emoosse in gold, blue.
green . and red : ., 6Sc . values i
DOX t' t. ki i . i .43v
$0 Wrtge$SgJIMlK:
l Mil KfeXVVffl
. .. .. ' ,' i . i ii ..I ii -jp i i ii i i 1 1 in r i
mm & &.98 Each
; Two grand bargains in Robes for tomorrow's 902d Friday Sur
prise Salo-Special values of the greatest importance to the
oest dressers in town--Note the following .Lot 140 beauti
-w-w ..w iv wwauu
ful batiste embroiderv. demi-made) Robes Flnnnrj nf m-
broidery on the skirt and trimmings of em-y
broidery and ace. insertion and material for V O M
waistsReg, $12.00 values on sale tomorrow T
, Lot 230 handsome White Net RobesFlounced skirt trim-
mcd with tucks and insertion of Valenci
ennes lace AH this season
ruon ot vaiencKy
's best styles selVX jO M
omorrow only at
ing reg. at $10 Choice tomorrow only7
See Fifth St. window display No mail or phone orders filled
White Envelopes; good quality)
2 packages for only.. ...... 5
Pencil .Tablets, ruled or unruled.
. r v.v., ......... T
wire Jficture Kacks, eac.h,.8e
Men's Wietf.
100 dozen men's new Spring
- wii .onirts, v witn pleated
bosoms; white grounds . with
black dots, stripes and figures;
anacnea or oetacned cuffs;: all
: sizes," Dest , OI 1 PZ
values, at, .each . .. V'
100 - dozen men's Negligee'
. onirts; son ? attacBed. i collar
made to button down; plain
Colored and ' 8trint . mntrrisla
in great variety; all sizes; rep
sale at low orice of.. Q7C
200 Acir.m I Ctt men'. hicrh.o-raAm
okh. i-uui-in-nana lies; maae I
inn ' irMirn Trtirtt.i r9iftifi
-patterns and qualities, in great
assorrment;. oest' values.
'Buy all , you want at !AQ
this low price, each. , r C
100 dozen - men's fine Equality;
duck; cotton malt H6se; me
dium or V heavy weight; ? all
sizes; . 20c values ' ljH!
on sale, pair 4. .... ,14 2C
Lace Embroidery Remnants V2 Price
TxilKSX of remnants of Laces and Embroideries-desirable merchandise
in all lengths and styles at hathe regular selling pr" Ven ae Laces, Irish Crochet Laces ValencfennM
eanTff?aflCeAJl0Vef Ut broidery ings, Insertion.
Shatfar the remarkableduction
$8-50 Walking Sldrts $4l85Eaclr 1 flench Undetv
V ; High-Grade Walking Skirts at a marvelously low price. All new - I tv .' ' .
spring styles arid materials; not.a'aingle undesirable skirt in the lot - VCQV' 4 Oil
-Fancy worsted serges, Panamaclcloths; plaids, stripes, checks and ' I 1 : : ; " "
1 fancy fixtures in lightand dark colorings; pleated and kilt effects; CliWm PKftmiCaV
, strapped and button-trimmed,; Welf made and perfect-fitting gar- ' wPWIWDenilSOi
v;ments:.thtt- seU'res'dily 'st $S.Sdyour'.choice-- while A O C iv"" ' v ' '
I : they Jast-Secpnd Floorit,' each kM:: DraWCrSnder
r ' . . sIdrts--$L50to
Vudor" Porch Shades;3d Floor IS90igs
' If you want 'to., enjojrrthe full comfort of your porch on the hottest ! - : j f
Sfnfta fiber.- For one week take your pick
roll? ' "VZ Si'LEi lU"yi fUtel With Pu,Ievs nd " from c ntire ' nificeht
E A. fft " v e madc to kiep out the 8urt ,nd 8tin 8tock of French ' Undermuslins
of f the list price if you hang them yourself . 1 r ,.". ing , prices G owns: Skirts,
.. 4 FEET WIDE, 8 FEET LONG, $3.00 EACH. Drawers. Chemise. Beautiful
0 FEET. WIDE, 8 FEET' LONG, f 3.75 EACH ' hand-made .and hand-emjroid-!
' 8 FEET WIDE, 8 FEET LOJNG.f 4.50 EACH. ' &tl'!i
10 FEET WlDg ? FEETONO: f 0.50 EACH! MfaOU
" . -: . ' . ' " . " " ' : ' '
.Patrolmen Fpund Packages They
Carried Contained Tobacco ;
Stolen From Store. -.
' tL i. FilMlmmons and Charles Mil
ler, two youtM ureiua yeaterday aX-
tarnooa on ' th ast aid by' Mounted
Patrolman CroxroM . -on aueplclon and
who ubsequantly confessed 4io hftvlng
stolen 25 pound of tobacco from
atora of w. 3. Funk Co., til " Union
avenue, were before Judge Cameron thia
morning on cbarrea of. larcenr. Botn
defendants waived sa, preliminary hear
Ing- and were bound over, to the grand
Jury. Bonda were - fixed at ' 509 each.
In default of which the prisoner were
remanded to the custody o the ehertfC.
At. the time of the arrest Detectives
Jonee and Tichenor-were lnveatlgating
the burglary in Funk's, store and aver
that' they, had secured; a clue"' to tlie
Identity : ' of the "thieves. Patrolman
Croxford noticed Filuimmona and Mil-
ler at East . First ani mi...
actlnff in' a suspicious manner. One
" .--" e Mi(.Aa(Q
and .upon Interrogation by the police
man stated that It contained tools.
CT oxford J waa not satisfied with - the
rnlanatlon. however, and
r wfvaa weMiii
open , ths wrapper 5fcovere4 a doson
Twenty-three- dollars which baa been
found upon the bodies of persona turned
over to Coroner,. Slnlejr was reoelved
from-the coroner by County Treasurer
Lewis yesterday afternoon. .Jew of the
bodies found during' the last year I had
more- than a fewv oenta in the clothing;
and In a number of Instances the names
of the unfortuna tee. were never learned.
In other oases nicknames were the best
the coroner could, do. ."Johnny on the
Spot" is credited with 'll cent. Where
the county has been to an expense equal
to or greater than the' amount of monev
found, the coins will go to the benefit of
the general fund, . , V - - ';
" '. " " 1,1 1 . 1 1 1 5C
Pay your west side a-aa bllla before
Friday, 4 n. m.,; Positively no discount,
after that da ': , y-", i ; ?: , j
"The field is the world n nMw i.'
the jrarden spot,"- Is -the , theme of the
aaareas now Deing aenvered In different
cities of Oregon on "From Jamestown
to 'Oreaon."-bT the Rt'e-ht m
Bcaddlng. The evening of May S a large
and attentive audience listened to the
bishop at Baker City, where his address
was well received. ; -'. v
, 'The hlahnn'ltluntrataa Yiarl.fn.. i.k
a large, number of lantern slides, show-
ln .the' fruit . Ytrnhnrla U7A
River and Bogus River valleys' and the i
Other great resources , of Oregon.. He
dwelt In Baker City on. the advantages
or,, our educational Institutions and
closed his .address .with an appeal for
support in enlarging these advantages.;
He told of tha work -done at the
University of .Oregon and said that this
state could not- afford to deprive the
achooi of the funds voted at the last
legislature. He said that It would Im
pair the reputation of Oregon as well
as cripple the "school: the university
Should hays 1250,000 Instead Of 186,000.
'v sssSsaessiasBsssBaBSWMsaMSasjsMSWMS
j ' Royal Nelgbbprs Camp.'
(Bpeelal Dlp(eh 'te He Jearaal.t " ' .
Harrlsburg, Or, May A camp of
. ' .
the Roval ' Kelahhnrs nf m.rf.'
organised In the Modern Woodman hall
Tuesday evening .by. District,- ieputy,
R. ,r N. A., Mrs. Carrie . A. Waison of
Grants Pass i Twentyne were present
and instructed in the mysteries of, the
order... After . tha
pleted a refreshing luncheon was, dis
patched, and all wended their way. horn ;
in Jths early, hours of ths hew . day. - '
' The Modern Woodmen iH k. tj
Neighbors mre going to arrange for a
celebration . here , July , 4th.. and 1 they
will be assisted bv mumhM. . h,ir
orders frera .the. neighboring townsr 1 It
Will be their, aim ta maw, .kj Ana
. VM. 1
to be long remembered by those' who are
here at that time. . , -
- . t- - '-
-il it s'; ;;