The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, May 09, 1907, Page 13, Image 13

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Classified Ad
vertisements vill Jjc
on pp:l6-17i
Nisw TODAY'.
.110 acre, near the city, cuitabla for
plat tint; must go quick!, buyer
more than double bis money. . ,
Rich loam, adapted to farm, garden and
; orohard produots. A taw acres will ln-
aura a food Jiving. , ... ; .,-.
'M- Car; Service
V -Near railroad' and 100 yard from elsc
t trie ear Una; SO minutes from city.
? 'i r Advantages :
80 acres under cultivation, balance till
able; hopysrd; - good spring, 'Una barn,
" f 2the' buildings fair; orchard and gar
-'den. .-v., . i . .
Very reasonable; aasy payments. "
Qnaokeabaah, Ptm. 144 Vtark SV
Kaln 871. . . ,.-."
$3lOO iOilOO, 'room modern home;
di reception nail, den. full bassmsni.
allocation. Terms. :"- ! 1
f42SO-rlot (0x120 and alley;: brand
new -a -room modern bouse, n replace,
I furnace, china closet K built in, big
porch, covered versnda for summer
.sleeping, concrete sidewalk.' parked
' street A beauty and the price Is be-
! low -market value. . - .
$450O 0x50, 10-roora atrtctly modern
nouse, eioss Jn on ait uouon at;
everything up to date; flne surround
tags. This placa- Is absolutely the
best buy on the east side. Can make
: terms.". :''....: ,v; v.
,t.-y ... guts sad Ankeny. .
Bruce's Addition
High, level, wide streets, alleys, water
. mains. , . , .
$10 Cash, $5 Month
" :,. ';tET us show toa.i:jl
SIS Chamber of Commerce. ,
I Clifford W.' Jmm, T Ktaraey street, S4,
and' On Mm Morton, 24. , ? .
' Harry Widh, 2, and Edna Hojt. 26.
Thooii I. Willi mi, 67 North second street,
'44, and Mtrte DothI, 81. 1 '
jr. rord OrlHlngr, 81, and AdelSpalmm, S4.
f Wtddlns Cards. W. O. Smith 4 Co., Waslf
' ln(toa bids, corner foarth sod Waaklnstes ete.
- AH klndf of planta for nil at 418 Ttmeavef
eve.; prices reawnable. Phone Eut M70.
TesMtb A Co., florlate, tor flow an a
kinds, US aiitk et.
Ctirt Brae., riortots Fine flowers Sad floral
sealcna, US) MorrUoa at
. . 'Nflr4rMi antta for root, all ataaa.-
fraliortnf Uv lXS Btarb at,
LOSTVSundar nlrbt, at Star theatre, or be
tween theatre and 11th and Coarb, .lidr'e
hantiss caao fold watch, No. 1414980. "Om-
' fa." Betorn to 11th end Coach at. Beward.
WANTED Ae cxperteaced collector; atata aaa.
tire rofsrences aid aalary expected. Addreea
. V 186, care Journal.
XA8T 81 DB PRINTING CO. wanta preas feedef
and apprenUce. Apply lzz urand are.
W A NTED Stronf boy to work t
4 mi
if et
bindery.' The
Janes Printing fXt.,'48-00 rirai
BBVKBAL experienced ralealadiea: hoalery, en-
derwear, fancy, rooda; alao girl for patters
counter, Apply 1U Third et
write me.
ISO, care "foornal.
Wi Py fe hlsheat prices for aeeond-hand
clothing and ahoea. nee aa ai ii, norm
a private family for
vnnna eentleman. reaaooaoie. tmtum u
429 between I and 8 p. m.
'I PABTNEB Ib a 14-ton boat, draft 11 Inches.
il, U. WOOaa VIO. TV Ul'sma as ew t
riNANCUt, aid to six worthy young ladles
who wiao to t" .iiwiiiiiuu
' at once at office. 817 Commonwealth bids
' Sixth abd Burnalde eta. :
Most Popular Young Man in the
State Is Victim of Dread
. "... ; Meningitis
mnulal tUinilrh to Th SonrnaLl"'
Corvallis, Or.,. May 9.-The funeral of
Arthur JBelknapK?$ho died of cere
brpjiptWl manlngitln Tuesday at Port
land. occurred at 10:80 o'clock ths
morning at the First Methodist church.
Rev. O.. H,' Feese officiating. An' lm
mense crowd attended the Interment at
crya Laka cemetery.'.j-.-W .iir
. , Jaouceasad. . who was acred 23 years,
tVag -a natlvs of Benton County ' and
of a respectedtj)toneer family. He grad
i nated from 0.-AH3rlaatJun and, was
one of the moat popular students "ever
In college.', and . was an , enthualastlo
church . worker. v'
- The health officers forbade a public
funeral and the remains were not taken
j'. ' into the church.,. r -. v v
There is"Snuoh uneasiness, In the City
on account of ths prevalence of tnenln-
gitla V-.w. vn.: t-.v-.,;;-..-.-
The survivors are Belknap's widowed
mother, a sister, Francis, who Is a
teacher In the public schools and a
brothsr, Harry. Great sorrow over
the 'death Is felt throughout the city, -
my your west side gas .bills' before
Friday, 4 p. .tn; lositlvel3r no discount
"; fter that dajr. ; , . -f
" ; 'v " " A
- Strawberry - crop around jphemawa
Steam Schooner Left San Pedro
This Morning En Route
: jor rvi
- v t
Curtis Lumber Company of Mills
7, City Charters Steamer iFrancea II.
Leggett' to ;Crrjr; Immber From
Viaqulna Bay to San Francisco.
' The 1 steam schooner' Bedondo sailed
from San Pedro this morning tor Fort'
land to load lumber for a return cargo.
She will possibly also take wheat Last
year the Bedondo ccrrled large quanti
ties of wheat from this port to Call
fornla, Jbut she was subsequently de
voted entirely' to the lumber traffic
Is now several weeks since she was
hers.' - V'v.- ':--
It was rumored 'In shipping circles
this morning that the British ship Tola
had been fixed t carry lumber to the
west coast of South America, but con
firmation could not be obtained. ' The
Tola has' been here sines February 10.
when she arrived from Antwerp with
cargo of cement She finished discharge
Ing several weeks sgo and has , been
lying Idle at v the elevator dock., slnoa
then. tov ' a .(., '
.Word was received hers today an
nounolng that the steamer, Frances H.
Leggett which for a long time carried
wheat and lumber from this port to
Ban Francisco has-been chartered by
the Curtlss Lumber company to carry
lumber from Taqulna bay to Ban Fran
Cisco for-an Indefinite length of time.
By the first of Juns at the latest It is
expected ,that the Cur ties Lumber com-'
panv of Mill City-will have Its first
cargo' of lumber to go by the water
route ready for shipment The Leggett
Is expected, to arrive In" Taqulna the
latter portion of this month to take on
the lumber cargo. . She Is . one of the
largest steamers now used In the coast
wlss lumber trade, and has a capacity'
of 7 1,600,000 feet v To complete ths
cargo It Is cstlmsted will require about
80 carloads of lumber. : Ths Curtlss
Lumber company has recently doubled
the output of Its plant at Mill City, and
ths dally capacity Is now about 121,000
feet " ' ... .
! The present difficulty i of securing
adequate rati facilities for transporting
the Jumber product of the mills to Cali
fornia polnta, -and ths fact that lumber
can be shipped much cheaper by water
than rail, Is one of the principal factors
which has led to the Cnrtiss company
deciding to -ship their product ty water.
in addition-the route from Mill City to
Yaquina nay and thence to ; Ban Fran
cIsco Is the natural routs and ths moat
feaalbls from the standpoint of economy.
Steamer Strathclyde Brings Strange)
' f'h ija ""'V
The British steamer StratbclydeA Cap
tain Crerar, which arrived In the river"
yesterday, to load lumber Tor the orient,
carries a crew of Chlndmen who signed
In jLondon. , This. Is the first tlms a Chi
nese ere W' has been brought here, from
Europe, although it is hot unusual for
steamers to corns - from , Asfatlo waters
with , crews representing all the types
Of humanity In the orient
The Chinese of the Strathclyde were
brought to England on a returning
tramp that; had plied between Europe
and the far eaat for some time. They
mixed so much with the: waterfront
element of the first city , of the -world
that they ars now quite English and
can readily be distinguished from the
American branch of Chlneas by their
strangely tainted pigeon English.
The Strathclyde Is loading lumber at
Rainier, but will come to this port to
finish In a couple of days. Captain
Crerar reports having encountered very
stormy weather coming up the coast
from' San Tranclaoo after, having deliv
ered a cargo, of building material from
Antwerp. Friday night of last week
the big tramp- stood out to sea,, but
was forced to seek shelter within the
Golden Gate because of a raging north
wester. Anchoring over night the
steamer proceeded north the following
-morning.'' ' : ''.-'''-''V'.-.-. " '
The Strathclyde is tinder charter to
E; T. Williams & -Co. She will be fol
lowed by the Strathyre of the same
Una ,
Harbormaster Speler ' Watches All
r .Steamer Leave Harbor. '
' Harbormaster J. Speler mads a run
down tho river this morning in a launch
In company with the steamers Chas.
R Spenoer and Dalles City to see that
the sneed limit ordinance was not be
ing violated, Kotlce had been served
on the masters, yesterday and Captain
Speler 'says both craft held down to
the required speed until they had passed
the bend below Swan Island, when both
pulled out ' before dense clouds of
smoke. ' "
? Harbormaster Speler Intends follow
ing the steamers in a launch . every
morning to the harbor limits and see
that the new ordinance is not violated.
When running at tine .Urate of ' eight
miles an hour the steamers create very
little swell and it is believed that the
new 'ordinance - will prove .'satisfactory
to all concerned. Heretofore the boats
often plowed through the harbor at ths
rate of 11 miles an hour and set every
thing along : the wharves afloat and
awash. . - -
The llarriman liner- Costa Rica ar
rived last night from San - Francisco
after an ideal voyage. v -
.The gasoline schooner Berwick is on
the way np tha river ..and will, be at
the cold storage dock in North Port
land - late tonight i or early tomorrow
morning. , '. . - 1 - -' .
The British steamer Tottenham went
to Vancouver last night to, take on a
shipment of lumber. She will finish
at the inman-Poulsen company's mills.
-The "British steamer-; Klrklee left
down this -afternoon rbound for Shang
hai and way ports wltlr a cargo of
6,t74 barrels of flour, valued st- 1J,
784, and 1M bushela of wheat Tal
ned at I80.J91.'. . . ' ' ,-:
The Russian ; steamer Selenga is : at
tho . coal bunkers :: today ,. taking fuel.
She will probably sail tomorrow for
ahunrtiai and way i ports with 69.S2
barrels of flour, valued at $219,817 and
a shipment of. rope, the total value of
the cargo being $224,617. V.
The steam schooner uaisy Temn
left down - yesterday ; afternoon, bound
fos pan Sear.artL. P Jimj
feet of lumber. 'She reached Astoria
this morning outward bound. 1 :-
A. P. Stover, who has charge of the
irrigation work being dons here by the
department of agriculture, returned to
day from a several months' absooce.
Mr. Stover spent most rt tT.e time in
Washington and Berkeley, r , . , ; v
. The government engineer department
has been notified that the contract for
ths construction - of the airht llrht
house tenders will In all probability be
awarded to a New York . firm, which
has offered to bulld"them for 1104,000
s piece. No paclflo coast bids were re
ceived. ' . .-,- .v-Wh. . ., V - .-,
The lighthouse tender Armerlsi will
sail for Alaska from Astoria Saturday.
She , was scheduled to leave yesterday
but was unable, to do so beoauss her
crew was Incomplete. . .
Ths new steamer Chippewa from New
York, intended for the Puget Sound
Victoria route, arrived at Port Town
send last svenlng. The vsvel left New
York February U, stopping at St Lu
cia, Montevideo,. Coronal and Acapulco
en route. , .a ; ,. lt ir;s- y
' Jtesnlar tinert Due te Arrive. :
Berwick, from Rome rtrw. ............ .Mar 10
Alliance, from Cooe bar.. ..Mar II
Columbia, from Han rranclaco......,...,May 18
O. W. KMer, from Ban Pedro end way. .War 14
T. A. Kllburn, from Ban ITan. asd way .May 1
'Coeta Rica, from Ban rranciaco. uMay 18
Koanoke, from Baa Pedro and way..,. ..May ts
Knmantia, from orient. ...........War 9S
Arabia .from orient Jane 29
Aleela, from, orient..... July 10
.-' .I. , Segalar. Xlnats to Basara ''t v
Roanoke, for Ban Pedre and way...., ...Kay
F. A. Kllburn. for Baa l"ran. and way. ..May )0
Coata Rica, for Baa rranclaco. , . , May 11
Alliance, for Cooe bay.. .....,.,...., .May 14
Nlcnmerila. for orient w ....May IS
G-W'. Elder, fnr Baa Pedro and way.. ..May IS
viaiu, jor nan rrancuco.. ....... ...May is
Nnmantla. foe orient..... ...,..JnDe 6
Arabia, for orient.... .....Jane IS
Akaia, for orient.,.. ..............Jul 7
'-. Towels la arV .
.: Jriah Monarch, Br. ,tr, at Astoria. '"
3. Marboffer, Am. etr at WlllamatU I. WS.
garonne, yr, ah., st Irrmg dock.
, Pimedala, Br. bs. at Aatoria. i ; ' s
Klrkleo. Br. atr.. at Aatoria. ,
. Mlcbelet, Fr. bk., at Aatoria. v
' Ypla, Br. sh at elevator dock.
, Alden Beaae, Am. hk, at Aatoria, '
iordanhlll. Br. bk., at Greenwich.
, Beleiura. Bnaa. at at anal kmkm. ,
Norman lalea. Nor, atr., at Montomery No. t,
. ver. biz., ai aionTgomery OOCS.
Bcllpae,, Am. atr., at Bt Heiene.
flnltay Br. bk at Greenwich dock.
Telloa, Oer. bk, at Oolumbta No. Lr " :
Annie Lareea, sch.r St Aatoria. '
Kaleimeer Am. sen., at Kalama.
v I. M. Griffith, Am. bkta., at Linntoa.
Tottenham, Br. atr., at Yancosrat.
. Pol aria. Am. ach, at Aatoria,
Roanoke, Am. atr., at Martln'e dork.
Jobaa Fooleen, Am. atr, at laman-Pealaea,
..P. A. Kllbnm, Am. atr., at Oak atreet.
, Aenncion, Am. atr, at Portamosth tanks.
: Mcomedla, Got. atr., at Montromary No. S.
, Btrathclrde, Br. atr., at BatnTer.
Ooata Rica, Am. atr.. at Aineworth wharf.
Berwick, Am. gas atr., at Cold Storage dock
i - s, u, air, ai uainier.
Colombia, Am. ah., at Aatoria. ' '
; Washington, Am. barge, at Aatoria.
, '" ; Lumber Caxriera Za Boats.'
Diamond Bead, Am. bk-, Baa Pedro. ,
V B. r. Whitney, Am. bk, Makawell.
. Elwell, Am. ah. Baa Pedro. , ,
Llllehoone, Am. ach, Manila.
l.acllle. Am. ah. Ban rrancleee.
, Mabel Gate, Am. achj. Ban rranelace,
-Jobs Palmer, Am. bkta., Ban Franclaea.
Retrierer, Am. bktn., Baa rranciaoa.
Bin tram, Am. eh.. Sedondo.
Asrora, Am. bktn. Ban yraneiaco. ... . - "
. Jatnea Rolph, Am. ach, San Pedro. .
. John Smith, Am. bktn.,'8aa Pedco.
Makawell, Am. bktn, San rraaetaee.
BanU Ana, Am. str., San rraacUco.
. A Irene, Am.- ach.. Baa Pedro.
- Emily Reed, Am. str, . Saa Pedro, ,.
W. B. Homo, Am. ach. Baa .'Pedro.
Lett it la. Am. a!h.,"Ban Pranclaco.
.Muriel. Am. ach. Ban rranelaco...
J. B. Btetaoa, Am. atr.. Baa Tranelaea.
Tlrerton, Am. atr, San Prancleco. - , .
Wm. Olaen, ach, Saa lranclaeo.
: Daley freeman. Am. atr.. Ran rranelaco.
Irene, An. acb. Ban rranelaco. .
Virginia. Am. ach. Baa Praneteea,
CbarchiU, Am. ach. Ban Franciaoo. .
Eicelaior, .Am. . atr. Baa rraaclaes.
Expanalon, Am. ah. Ban Pedro.
Booth Bay, Am. atr., Ban rranelaco.
Agate, Am. bk,' Baa rranelaco.
King Cyrna, Am. ach., Baa Pedro.
Redondo, Am. str, San Pedro.
Abbie, Am. ach, San Franciaoo.
Za Rente WItk Cement and General.
. BnecleacH, Br. ah., Hamburg.
Brenn, Fr. bk, Hull.
Conway Caatle, Br. bk, Antwerp.
Dalgonar, Br. ah, Hamburg.
Europe, Fr. bk, Antwerp.
Generlera Molinos, Fr..bk.. London.
Rene Kerrfler. Fr. ah, Hamburg.
Laennec, Fr. ah, Swaneea.
Le Filler, Fr. bk, London, v
Martha Ronz, Fr. bk, Hambnrg.
Moaambique, Br. eh., Newcastle,
Bamoa, "Br. bk. Shields? .
Slam, Oer. ah, London. . :
Boone, Fr. ah, Newcastle. H. "'
Vlncennea, Fr. bk, Glaasow. '
Marecbaet Turrene, Fr. bk, Hambnrg. -
Vllle da Uolbooee. Fr. bk, Antwerp.
Guetbary, Fr. bk, Antwerp. :. n
Pierrl Lotl, Fr. bk, Antwerp.
Walden Abbey, Br. ah, Antwerp, ,
Gleneaalln, Br. ah, Antwerp.
Verealllea, Fr. bk, Leith.
General de Botedeffre, Fr. bk, London,
General da Negrler, Fr. bk, London.
Coal Shlpa Ea Soute,
f r
Col. de Vlllebola Marenll, Fr. bk, Newcajtle.A,
Clarerdon, Br. ah, Newcaatla, A.
St. Lou la, Fr. bk, Newcastle, A.
Wlllacott, Am. bk, Newcastle, A.
, tramp Steamers Ea Sonts,.
Aaeot, Br. atr, Bnenoa Arras. -Hrndforrt,
Br. str. Ban Frandace,
TJrtinan Mara,' Jap. atr., Japan.
African Monarch, Br. atr. Baa Franciaoo,
Herculee, Nor. atr, Mnroraa,
-Strathyre, t Br. atr, Saa Franciaoo..
Tellui, not. atr, Han rranelaco.
Bark. Nor. atr.j San Fraodeeo.
Maori Klag, Br. atr, Shanghai.
Knight Templar, Br. atr, orient. . ... ,.
Henrik tbeoo.- Ndt atr," Ban Francises.
Queen Aleiandra, Br. atr, Madras,
Kallbia, Br. str, Saa Franciaco.
Oil Carriers Ea Rente.
Maverick, Am. str, San Franciaco.
W. S. Porter, Am.'jtr, Baa Francises.
Astoria, May . Arrived at 8:J5 a. m.,
tug Samson with barge Washington,
from San Francisco. Arrived at ( and
left up at 8:J0 a. m., steamer Cascade,
from San Francisco, outside at 10
m.T tnree-masted ship. Sailed at 9:20
a. m., steamer Daisy Freeman, for San
Pedro. :. Ieft 'up at i a. m.. gasoline
anhooner Berwick.
i' San Francisco, ' May; . Arrived,
ataamor J. B. - Stetson,- from Astoria.
Aatoria. May . Arrived at 1:10 and
left up at B:40 p. m., steamer Costa
Rica, from San Francisco. Arrived at
4:30 p. m. Steamer JClmora, from Tilla
mook.' Left up at 8:80 P. m BrlUsh
ateajner Tottenham.
; Gaviota,' May 8. Sailed, steamer "W.
S. Porter, for Portland via Monterey.
- Port los Angeles, May . Sailsd,
steamer Redondo. for Portland.
Makawell, May 8. Sailed yesterday,
bark K. F. Whitney, for Portland.
San Francisco, May 8. Sailed,
schooner . Abbie, for . Columbia river.
Arrived, schooner Alice McDonald, from
Columbia river. .
Yokohama, May -Arrived prior to
date. German ' steamer -Arabia, . from
-.Limerick, ' May l.Arrived. British
shin Olenalvon. from Portland.
' Astoria, May 9. Condition of the bar
at 8 a, m., obsoured; wind southeast;
weather toggyt with light rain.
' Tides at Astoria- today High water.
11 a.: m.j 7.7 feet; n:ao p. m4 . rest.
Xxw water, 8:28 a, m. 1.0 feet; 6:28 p.
m., 1.8 feet ' ' 1 j vi
-"tBpeclal niepatrh to The Joarnal.) t
jElk City, Ida., May . There ia. great
excitement among local , mining ; man
over the rich 'gold discovery on Peasley
creek and the more facts or me Dig
discovery eotne to light the greater Is
the excitement and public Interest. --
joe Wade. R Lh-MOses and Mr. car-
panter. bay recanUy. returjj4 Iron the
$5, $6 and $7
I : : m m rr I I
Owing to the alterations
sow in progress at snr
store ' and windows wa
may not be able to dis
play them In same, but
they are absolutely the
greatest valuss youhavs
ever seen. None sold to
merchants. -..'Only ons to
a customer.
'r Or
Yoor Money
' 69-71 illlRD STREET
.L . . ...:.'
: New and HANDSOME EQUIPMENT Consisting of :
J- Day Coaches, Pullman Tourist Sleeping. Cars, fining Car, day and
sight; Standard Pullman Sleeping Cars. Observation Car with Barber
Shop, Bathroom, Library, Smoking Boom and every modern convenience,
Call on or write - -
camp bringing out with them a large
quantity of tha rich gold-bearing ore.
Soveral Independent assays havs been
made of. the ore taken from various
parts of the ledge which show In ths
neighborhood of about 8180 a ton on an
average. Ths country around this rich
ledge is being rapidly staked out. more
than a mile already being iaxen up, in
cluding a rich placer proposition. All
num wittr rle-hts have been se
cured and It is now the intention to have
townnlta platted to maae room ior
ths influx of population wnicn win
flock into this new camp as soon as
the property is opened up.
i XT-mart mlnlnr men ' declare it is
among ths richest things In Idaho today.
(Boeelal nienateh ts Tbs JosrsaU
Olympla, "Wash., May . State Audi
tor C W. Clause" today issued his
monthly financial statement covering
the. receipts snd disbursements for the
state of Wssblngton for ths month of
April1 The statement ahows a balance
on hand in the state treasury on May 1
of 8288,492.96, a compared with 888,
871.80 on hand April X. The -general
Muafnta for Anril were $894,077.81,
and miscellaneous fund receipts, for
April were $74.792.67.
Two "Bargain
Lot Buying Days Left
1 if v '.- v
1 1 Sole Agents v
.' hit : r:i.-.
and Improvement
The merit of onr Pan
ama Hats- is evidenced1
by ths four-fold inorease
In. eur business over any
previous season. Origin
altty of ideas la style
and superior workman-1
ship has brought ' them
to the altitude of perfec
tion.' First class, finish
and a - superior; blsach
renders them unequalled.
M $5, $6 and $7
A values
Bone Shoes
The Doors
Remember the Brand
Dr. Hawk Deserts His Methodist
" Rock to Join a Band
of Fanatics.
(ftpectal Dlapateh te Tbs JaarsaLl
Spokane, May 9. Because he took up
with ths religious worshipers who
snoks many tongues Dr. U. F. Hawk, a
Methodist minister, has been expelled
from the church temporarily. He has
allowed the tonguera to hold meetings
In his home. -s ' -'';-'.. :'. . '-
This nsw gospel of tongues cams into
existence at a meeting at a local mis
sion, under the direction Of Mr. Lawler
and wife-. It, Is claimed that soms of
the converts- spoKe many tongues ana
became so bad that tbsy fell to tha
floor. ' f'-t-Y.
4 Pay your' west sids gas bills before
Friday. 4 p. m. Positively no discount
attar that day -
rafsrrsd Stock Oaaasd Croodav.
Allen & Lewis Best Brsnd '
You want the best and the most your money will buy. No one can . - f
blame you for that "Terrace Park" is acknowledged by all to be
the BEST new residence section of Portland and if you buy this.
week, while the 10 per cent discount is allowed, you will get the y. v
MOST out of your money. Watch Saturday and Sunday papers
for particulars about our grand J'opening day;' program.
The Spanton Company
Opposite Chamber of Commerce ' ' 270 STARK . STREET
i Or offlos oa
$&inyf:fi . . f ; '
..V,m.A".'4 .'A; it -yy ' '
v ' v
l!MJIififeVaUii Q&iQfl
ilia imi mnm
qbre&ii,,i w (mmiim wm--
Sib lA'.yii'-in.
Second and Taylor QtretJig Portland
eaaBasBSBBBBBBBBBBBBBMsaajWBBBBSjat """aaBBSSk. ' ' F'HsWHaBsssBal BTaVaMsHsBBssssEa
' SJ ' ' BBBIJ
We have prepared a little booklet called "Care of
Floors." It tells how you can make old pine floors
look like new hardwood.
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