The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, May 09, 1907, Page 11, Image 11

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I Jn...' II .1.VAV II tvfiltJ I i It7 1 ItWIMI vv:.:;-. ; ! iv:
1 $5 -fx
i WaJst . . YOU
I fcxtra boecial m .
i SI On disolav in our window. ; Waists
A delay of rnany months in the transit of this worthy "merchandise resulted in a most favorable price concession
from the '.faporter.. Tomorrow hundreds of Portiand women. wiU profit throu
On display in our .window.v'.Waisti'
in Net, Silk and Lawn, values up
to $12.00. Your choice fl5 HE
Friday. . .v. . ; ... . .. 3)d.Vu
' $10.00 and imder ; )v 2 H C
. " . ; t?-:4 ; .rati. ii
A Of -any Coat in the house marked
?4120 and under ' ;''-t C'7C
Fvv Of any Coat in . the house marked
$17.50 and under fl0 flC
- Friday.: . ... v. . . . .... . 0yO
Suit Special
Of any Suit in the house marked
$25.00 and under : QQ nC
Friday, . : O
Of any Suit in the house marked
$35.00 and under ( f P OC
Friday...... . . . . .. VLO
Of any Suit in the house marked
$40:00 and under V',-fj C
Of any, Suit in the house marked
$50.00 and under ' & J H P
Friday. . . ... ....... ,$LL. i O
Slarl Special
$5.00, $6.50 and $7.50 Skirts
in i blacks, blues, grays )arid
mixtures fl Ch 'jfe
Friday.... tip)(0)oO)Q)
Java Straw; Sailor Hats
' ' 1 $3.00 Values $1.49
Friday we will offer in our Millinery Section a lot of very fine
grade Untrimmed Java Straw, Sailor and Chey- (J A Q
enne Hats, actual $3.00 value.- Friday; . . . . . ; . . . ; J) 1 Tty
Sateen Petticoats, soft arid light, with ' a
deep floiirice "Regular $1.50 ' Qh
values Friday VQ)o(B
Silk Petticoat Special:
$5.00 and $7.50 Silk Petticoats, all shades. (g g
Friday j i . . .. 4)0.00
$12.50 and $15.00 Silk Petticoats, all colors.
Friday... ; ;..
Notice to Out-of-Town Merchants
- We are prepared to tell you
Com, Saitt, SldrtB, Wtista, etc,
t New York price. .
Fifth Street
7 mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
S2!SS ., . , , ,,, , Sg3g SS-S-g --gag!B-ig! ' i . ; , ;
First Hom Carrie of Portland
Team to Be Preceded by !
. Ceremonies.'
Mayor Lne W1U Pitch First BU,
; Auditor ' Devlin Wili Catch at It
and kndge WUIlanu Will I'mplre
and Batse 1006 Fennant.
'iMyor Lana'wlU pttch the first ball
In the pime that will open the . 107
eason ror the paciflo Coaat league la
Portland. .
; i And Auditor DevHn, if he not too
.hy to consent, will make a wild effort
to catch 1L Judsre George H. ;.WiUlams
will stand somewhere aboutlhe diamond
, nd call "striae1 n wyo, .wuwnn
that is. ir n,ooni wn
hese litis stunts will constitute only
. few of the ceremonies that will at.
tend the operiln- of the season in Pert
land. Among the others will be 4he
rglslng of the 190 pennant oy juage
Williams' and an automobile parade be
fore the game. ''"'
' The printed schedule of Ihe , Paclflc
Coast league says mat ine weavern win
he home to open the season with Ban
firmnelsoo on xuesasy new mj .
d) thnr will not be able to make con
unctions and ths first gam will be
mved on Wednesday, May IS. ;
' Portland's business houses will be
i asked to close In the afternoon and at
i o'clocK a orasg' oana ana psrnae win
rnove through the streets to' the grounds.
The rival teams will be borno in uni
form at the head of the procession and
the auto club has given its promise
that from 60 to ?S cars will be In line.
- Judge Williams will hoist tLe pennant
to the top or tne nagpoie, wnere 11 win
fly all yer. : Then will follow the other
little ceremonies and, at l:S0 or there
about the first game will begin in real
.earnest '
? . Here's -to the Portland club. May her
juck change with the home coming, of
her DSLpfuayersi,
ilton people caught a nest of eight
coyots pupe,
Wags Well
' ' after , .
: breakfast
Officers Take Salary Agreemen
Seriously and Come Near
' Dropping Out of League. .
By A. P. Garvey.
ISiieeial Dtapatcb ts She JosraaL)
Vancouver. B. C May. I.Three
weeks have passed since -the opening of
the Northwestern league, and although a
few of the clubs on the Sound have done
well financially, the game has received
a setback In Vancouver and. in order to
give the game a boost, the directors of
the Club must taae acnon at once.
They realise that If the American na
tlonal caatime is- to continue as a lead
Ing sport of this city they must be more
liberal with the money.
At the commencement or the season
the league magnates at their organisa
tion meetina- decided that although It
was not absolutely necessary to set a
salary limit, none of the interested
clubs should go over the $3,000 mark.
The officials of the clues were unani
mous In this, but trouble soon arose. ,
jm Kicked Boof Off.
The Aberdeen club kicked the roof off
the salar limit . In fact, the men be
hind the Black Coats have a payroll that
exceeds the f 3,000 mark. They spared
no expense in gathering together some
of the best men on the coast' with the
result that Insofar as good baseball is
concerned, none of the, other clubs are
in the "same tilM.'y,''-'Hfyy'r-
The officers of the Vancouver club
agreed with "Cupid" Dugdale that the
clubs should not go over $1,800 for sal
aries and the result was that Vancouver
had a decidedly poor team, but it was
the best that could be secured by Parke
Wilson for the money that was offered.
"St Jtefl la Cellar. ?!'-'$?;;rTtr
The Canucks were left in the cellar
from 'the start and today Parke Wll-
son;s chances . of winning the pennant
are very slim.; However, the directors
of the home club have come to Wilson's
assistance and have offered him the
necessary money and els how scouring
theJoountry for players. The fans were
disgusted at the playing of - the - bome
team, ana naa.ine directors aejayea in
the matter of securing better material, i
It is, almost' sure that the club would
have given way and allowed, the games
to be transferred to Belllngham, or one
of the Bound cities. ' ;.
Dalles team will play here next Sunday
and there are other matches In pros-
On June 21 the Powers Blues win
start their invasion of eastern Oregon
and . the Inland empire. During this
trip about 10 games will be played and
the best teams of that section will be
met The series will open at The Dalles
en the 29th and following : this Pendle
ton, La- Grande, Baker ' City, Walla
Walla, and SDokana will be visited.
There are one or two dates on the Ju US KiChtnatZ. rOrmerlV Rich
liiy fTUiuu euej esbaaa vyvn avaavs J I a a a at at
neiena Merchant, Dies
class ban club in that part of the coun
try. which wishes to try conclusions
with the Powers Blues Is invited to cor
respond immediately with the Blues
manager through the Sporting editor of
this paper. .- (
New York, May 9. Fourteen horses
will go to the post In the Metropol
itan handicap which will be run at the
opening of Belmont park today, - The
prise la $10,000 and the favorite la Rose
betv at 2 to 1. The horses, weights and
Jockeys are: Glorifler (119). Garner:
Roseben (lit) J. ' Martin; Dandelion
(119), Radke; W. B. Carey (118) Mo-
Daniels; Dishabille (lit), I Williams ;
Tokalon (115) Booker; B. Landy (111),
Mountain; Superman (100), Lowe; 8ew-
ell (100), Brussell; Bat Masterson (93),
Preston; Zienah (94), Hogg; ; Nealon,
(114), Dugan; J. v C, Core (9S) Miller:
in the Slums.
j Ten Thousand Dollars Left Fiend
Year Ago bjr Relatives, but He
Lacked the Ambition to Prove Ills
Right to the Legacy. '
: (Joanul SpeeUl Berrlee.)
Washington, May 9. John L. Sul
livan yesterday called on Secretary
Tart and eomDared welahta and was
received by the president and reviewed It" ae, his body was foul with sores
many of his fights.. The president was and one root was useless from the irrt-
snectator at a number of them and n o a nypoaermic neeaie. xet tnis
BiMHal Dbmiteb to Tie JoaraaLt
Butte, Mont, May 9. Julius Rlcht-
nats, once worth $500,000, and one of
the most - prominent merchants of
Helena, died last night in a filthy den
inhabited by cocaine fiends, in Wyoming
street alley. . His life is a story of con
trastsonce an honored and respected
young merchant, high in the esteem" of
his fellow Jews of Helena, be died In
the most horrible of low places in
Rlchtnats was a Hungarian . Jew
about 40 years old.) He had been in
Butte for five or six years and was a
confirmed user of the drug when he
came here. When he died last night
from the effects of his long excess in
talktfd Intelligently In the ring ; lingo.
Bull Ivan, In leaving, saldr-- v
"The president is all right and so is
Taf t The big fellows are hot stuff. It I
takes 'em a long time to get started, but
when they get going they g like hell.
At Jamaica.
same man. is said to have inherited
110,000 from bis relatives In Hungary a
year ago and ha4"not sufficient ambi
tion left to : attempt to collect tne
money. Rlchtnats lost most, of his
wealth in Helena through the machina
tions of a -swindler, and when he real
ised that his financial ruin was near,
gave himself up to. the company of fast
women and tha use of liquor, and drug
New York, May 9. Jamaica race re
suits:' i "''4".vi JX '
JTII. HJIWMimwmi nvih MIU'1 ,,,, . .MaaA.n'w.A . mmm
da second. The Dane third; time, 1:02. 1 M L L UilAIKc'd Wirt
Miie ana a sixieentn iony uonero
Popular Amateur Club to Make Trip
Through' Eastern Oregon and ?
' . Washington. -
Ths manager of the Powers Blues is
now engaged in filling out . the team'e
schedule for the summer season of 1907
With the unlimited backing accorded
them, the Blues have gone far afield to
secure games with teams ' worthy - of
their steel. .
Matches are aireaay oooitea wun
strong teams from Ballard and Seattle.
Negotiations are about cleeed for re
turn 'games with the strongest semi-
professional olub of - Jacoma. i The
won, Shenandoah second, John Smulskl
third;' time, 1:48 3-5,
Mile and a sixteenth Dolly Spanker
won, Tommy Waddell second, Flip Flap
third: time. 1:43 2-5.
Five furlongs- Rustle won, Tartar
Maid second. Blue Horon third; time,
1:01 l-fc
- Six , - furlongs Oyama won, Chief
Hayes second, Sir : Toddlngton third;
time 1:14 1-5. . . .
Wisconsin .League Starts.
V Milwauke Wis.. Msy 9. With
brighter prospects than ever before in
its history the Wisconsin state baseball
league enters upon tha season of 1907
today. . The circuit this year eould
hardlyv-ba Improved upon, comprising
as It ooea eight good ball towns, The
opening games, weather permitting, will
be played as follows: Green Bay at
Freeport Oshkosh at Madison, Wausau
at Eau Claire and Fond du Lao at La
Crosse. The schedule provides for 12
games, the season to close September
. i ii I i l ll l l . . 's'(': " if
Pay. your west side gas bills before
Friday, 4 p. m. Positively no discount
alter that da. , . -
(Joorail Special Serrice.)
Reno, NevH May 9. Mra Nixon, wife
of United States Senator George 8.
Nixon, narrowly escaped a tragic death
while automoblllng ' on the streets of
Reno yesterday afternoon. As -Nixon's
big car was speeding down . Virginia
street, near Second, where; some line
men wers working on ; the telephone
wires overhead, a small guy Una slipped
down in a loop, : knocking 1 the driver's
hat off and swung back- and caught
Mrs. Nikon about tha necki The driver
in reaching back for his hat saw what
had happened and immediately applied
the brakes, sliding tha big machine to a
oulck stop. Had there not been consid
erable alack in the wire it would have
jerked Mrs. Nixon from the automobile
and caused a serious accident, tf not a
fatal one. as it . was, it badly bruised
her neck,' and the lineman above .was
jeritea rrom nis piatrorm, saving him
self from a fall of JO feet only by his
presence of . mind . in graspina a blr
cable ana nanging tner untu rescued.
i . . - - . m. ... . . . ( (
John Redmond Says Lawmaking
Machine Must Be Removed
: : to Dublin. .
. 9
' (Jooraal goeelil gerrlea.1
London. May , 9. Not doctrinaire, but I
practical, will be our attitude toward
tha BriUsw government bill to estab
lish In Dublin an Irish council to oon
trol the more important features of the
Irish administration," said John- Red
mond today.
"In other words," he continued, un-
lsss I misunderstand Irish opinion,
which will be elearly expressed at the I
forthcoming Dublin convention, we In
tend to take whatever is obtainable in I
the way of real self-government so long I
as nothing prejudices our case for com
plete autonomy on the Canadian andl
Australian model.
"The government's bill Introduced
yesterday proposes to transfer the law-
executing machine from London to I
Dublin, while leaving the law-making
maoblne In London: , Ws demand, as
full settlement that both of these ma
chines go to Ireland, to be controlled
wholly by . Irish publio opinion. This I
would be Gladstonian noma jrule and
Gladatonian home rule we must have."
The Kind You Hare Always Bought, and which has been
in use for over 30 years, has borne the signature of
J And Tina WntniulAnndAr fifa ruf
sonal supervision since its infancy
Allow no one to deceive yon in this.
. All Counterfeits, Imitations and "Just-as-good' are but
Experiments that trifle with and endanger the health of
Infants and Children Experience against Experiment.
A Lane county man of TO married a
tfniversfry of Oregon. Eugene, May 9.
The student body has . nominated the
following for orncers .during the com.
ing year, the election to be held, next
ween: , -. " -' :,
For president Bert - Prescot t " Baker
City; vice-president Oscar Prosser. Eu
gene, and William woods of Astoria;
for executive committee. Harold Clif
ford, Baker City; James Cunning,. Baker
City, and Bolton-Hamble, Eugene: ath
letio council, Gordon Moores, Salem:
oy Jtacnanea, Moaesio, jL'wirornla;
Orover - Kestleyi-Eugene, and P. -Wl
Reed, Portland; editor of tha Oregon
Weekly. T. R. Townsend.l Roseburr:
assttant editors. Miss Nieta Harding,
Oliver Huston and Benjamin Hunting
ton; business manager, Carl B Neal of
Salem ana waiter Eaton, of Eua-ene:
managing' editor of monthly. - Earl F.
LlJLl moorauo-. toetatM ; to .ecur.
...v...v v ea.ia ft UPS 3, I I stt l)n.
.m " f'aVai..' i- ' v .ar"n Senator Culberson is now serving his
mmm tominifion ut'" ot tt,rt la tn PPr branch of the
eepted t be nomination In a Jocular mood Mtlonal legialature and -there are few
Francis r ODerieerrrer, Portland: J.
Castoria is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Pare
fforlc. Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is Pleasant. It
'contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotib .
substance; Its age is Its guarantee. It destroys Worms -'and
allays Teverlshness. It cures Diarrhoea and "Wind
Colic It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food regulates the
i fittmaoli And TlvtxrAla. HvI tion.lth'r ATiA riAtiiral flleert.
i TheeChildren's panacea The Mother's Friend. . t.
Sears the Signature of
' ', ' ' ST" -aeMMeBeW M ..
The Kind You Have Always Bought
In Use For Over 30 Years, lf
Bond 'and William Dim business man
ager. ; William : Noon, Portland, f and
Lloyd Brooke, Portland; secretary of
the, student- body, Misses Edna Craw-
Xleld, ; Cora Cameron. Agnes Stephen
son and Gladya McKenile.
. The students also appointed a com-
mlttea to Join the university to the
Amateur Athletio union. r-
m.mhArl rt that hrwlv of wMai tmllflAnl
I experience. Ha has been la publio life
continuously since 1990, la which year
he waa elected , attorney general of
Teaaav, Subsequently ; he served four
years as governor of his state and he
haa, been in tha senate since 1899, At
the two last Pemocratlo national con.
ventiona ha served aa chairman of -the
Texas delegation. He cornea by his In
clination for politics naturally, as his
father was a member of congress from
Texas for 21 yeara 'v;- ;'
lr With a long session Just
prior to-the presidential campaiKn.
Senator Culberson. a minority loader,
would, have unusual opportunity for
fooualng the attention of . the country
Washington. IX C May 9. It now
. 1 nn V M.h ..
Senator Charles A. . Culberson nag-, the I r" w .'
kaasi anna a KaImw rinaAn mln At4 tvt " , f ' '
leader In tha ;. senate next December. I - Walla AValla Saloonmau Gone.
According to report. Senator Culberson! - (RmcI! rUpt t Tbe ioamil.)
now claims hs bM enougrli(Jges froy - .'alla VVaUa, .Wash., Jlajr 9,Wau3s!
Tea is t c a sometimes
and at some houses; at
other tirr es andat other
houses what do you thin' ;
it is? ;
Tear treeer retsrss rear asr if yat i '
Dk Scbilllns'S Brti we par fclra.
1. Morrison, a partner In the 1
prlsa salooa at Colvlila aiul 1 j-,t. ,
streets, has been missing .... ,
99. Considerable mystery aurrr.
disappearance. T"Mi r if ri ! i ;
he has been drowned but t' ' i I
by the police. Morrison, It - ,
the police, too ail th? f (
the day b'fre he ' ii! -;
is beliuvtJ. he baa ; , :
try, ' , - i