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fcovarnment Engineer invite
, Bids for Construction of
Sand Pumping Craft '
letting of Contract Means Better
,": Channel at Month of Columbia
River,' Where Dredge .Will ' Do
Most of the Work.
Seals proposals tor constructing
tl, single screw suction, dredge- for
the Columbia river will t received at
rnuaaeiphla until 1:10 eolock p, rn.
. JUn T, and ' than OubllRlv ananurl u.
cordiDi to a copy of the specifications
;wvea mis morning at the local of.
XlCe Of . thm VnttaA St.t.a in.lrun
lt congress appropriated 4300.000 for
the construction and operation of ths
w win Q on PUUL :, ; ;:..
- This means that the government will
Henceforth prosecute the work of deep-
. ninB ins cnannei to the sea mors vig
orously man tn th past with 1 ths
0rea W. 8. Ladd. Th .lntt.i. rf t
apoui worn out ami w Ata
has been talked of tar a inn-, iimi
It will be .first-class In every respect
and equipped with immense power., The
enure nun wui rc ftuilt of steel and the
pump will be of the latest Improved
type. This dredge will be used almost
exclusively at the mouth of the Co
lumbia river and in the bar near A
. torla.. -V--.-- ,: .;-,v .- -: ,;Mw.J :
. Shipbuilders all ever the country are
mvuea o suomit bias. The proposals
re -xo d rorwareed to- Major J. C.
Banford. United State Engineers, lit
Wltherepoon building, -Philadelphia,
who upon application will also forward
plans and specifications to Intending
Diaaers. it. Is believed that Pacific
coast bidders will jiUnd a rood chance
of retting- the work since the Atlantic
coast shipyards would have to stand
the expense of bringing the vessel out
'round ths Horn, which would not only
mean a great j-isk but also prove quite
expensive.;- On the other hand it U sup
posed that the contract may go to one
of the eastern shipyards because of
the cheaper labor market there. '
The dimensions of the dredge will be:
Length, 110 fast; beam, IS feet; depth,
SI feet -, y": ;
'A .", -A, ':'.
Wireless Telegraph Station on Puget
', v Sound JsluidV!:K, ;,V;";
' Captain P. J. Werllch, lighthouse in
spector, this morning' was notified that
at the earliest possible the govern
ment will establish a wireless tele
. graph station at Smiths island, Fuget
sound. The station will act as a con
necting link between the stations at
Tatoosh, Cape Flattery and Bremerton
navy yard, Port Orchard, i '',-.
Owing to some -sort of atmospheric
condition theCwlreless service . between
Tatoosh and Bremerton has at ' times
hilled to work satisfactorily and it is
to overcome whs, irouDie in , n. w 0otaBll,,,,-ftOM g,- rr.eieoo. Ma jr IS
station will -.- be built. The distance 1 0t w. Kll1, from Baa piro sad way. -Mar 14
between Tatoosh and Smiths island is r. A. Kiibern, from Ban free, end wy.ur 18
almost as great as between Tatoosh and
Bremerton, but by the irtw .route the
waves will be sept over water instead
m a at '
Will De Overhauled , and , Inspected
Hera This Trio.' -.
The steamer F. A. -Kllburn, Captain
McLellan, arrived here this morning
from San Francisco via Eureka and
Coos bay, after a stormy voyage, a stiff
northwest breeze holding her bacic most
of the way. .' She will sail south., Fn
day night or Saturday morning, Captain
McLellun- says ths weather has been
very stormy in the vicinity of Eureka.
iThe Kllburn brought a full cargo of
freight and 74 passengers. She was to
start south tomorrow night, but Owing
vo the strike in San Francisco the an
nual Inspection will be held here In
stead.. This necessitates a general ov
erhauling and for that reason it will
not bo possible to get her to sea before
Friday night at the best. ; -y y
Washington State Inspectors to Be
.Ky' "' Appointed Soon. H? i ; ;
A Olyjnpla,' Wash.." May tThe state
labor commissioner, has Just got out
the-new steamboat' Inspection law for
distribution, and will go to Seattle to
day to consult with the United States
inspectors of steamboats for the pur-
nose of preparing- rules ana reguia'
tions governing the work of the state
inspectors to be appointed. . . .
The steam schooner Johan Poulsen,
Captain 'Merriam, discharged SI tons
of iron at Oak street dock this morn
ing and then proceeded to Unnton to
load lumber for San Francisco. , She
will come to the Inman-Poulsen com
pany mills tomorrow to finish.
Charles s. ooidsmitn, superintendent
of the state portage railway from Big
Eddr to Celllo, is in the city today.
Ho says trains have been operated all
Winter " on spas.nodic schedules and
enough freight has been hauled to al
most pay expenses. . As a rule very
little freight is handled there during the
winter- months.'. 'V ' c ' ' "'
The Portland at Asiatic liner Nicome-
dla la due to reach Astoria this -eve
ning or tomorrow morning. She brings
2,000 tons of overland freight and con
siderable merchandise, for local con
slanees. ' ' .:".;',;
The Russian steamer Beienga will
finish loading for North Chins, and Si
beria ' this afternoon. ' She . is in ' the
Frank Waterhouse r line. ' The next
steamer due here to load for the same
destination Is the Hyndford, She will
be here in about 10 days.
Th North Paclfla company's steamer
Roanoke, Captain Dunham, will be at
Martin's dock at I o'clock this after
noon from San Pedro and way porta.
The British steamer Stratbclyde
which arrived at Astoria today, comes
under charterto E. T. Williams Co.
Uto load lumber for .the orient She
in from San Francisco.
The usual weekly- concert at the Sea
men's Institute, 100 North Front street.
will be given to aorrow evening at I
o'clock under the direction of friends
of the mission, assisted by seamen in
port, -'V ' .vv. ' ,. ry ': ".';r :
XMrnievr IImti Dim to sinirti r
tt.A mm Umm HarfM mnA earn r . Mm-4 9
Nlcomedia, from orient..... iff J
Coats Bfca, from Ban rranelaco May s
Alliaoee, ; from .coos Bur mi; ix
Namintla; from orient ....,,.,..... .Mar n
Arabia, from orliit. June St
Aleala, from olent... , lalf it
, Rasuiaf Liners 'ia Depart '
Alliance, for foot hmr... ...:.Mnr
Roanoke, for- Bn I'adro and war Mar I
V. A. kllbnan, for Ban Fran, and way. ..Mar 10
wnia nice, ror r rrancucor. .mar 11
Nleomrdla. for orient:. .V. ........ .May U
Geo. W. Elder, for Han Pedro and way. Ms 10
Columbia,, for San franclaco, ........ ...Mar 16
Numantla, tor orient. .................. Jane S
Arhla, from orient, .,,,,,,,,, ,M,,,.,tane IS
Aletla. (or orient. ....... t.. ...... ......ialf XT
i , J t Taaaeli la Yon. '
s Irlih Monarch. Br. .. at Aatorla. ' - -
J. Uarlwtrer. Am. itr.. at Wll. Iroa Work.
Burorme, fr. ah., at Montgomery dock No. t.
. ifimaoaie, ur. ds., st Aatorla.
Klrklee, Br. itr., a Oceania dock, , .
Mlcholet, Ft. bk., Aatorla.
Yola, Br. ah at Eleretor dork, -'
Aides Bnaae. Am. bk., at Aatorla. : '
Jordaablll. Br. M4 at tireeawlcb. -
' 8alnaa. Rllaa. atr.. it A. K. a N.. Albtna
: Norman lalea, Nor, atr., at Montgomery Mo, t-
r;. oer. tr., at irring ooce,
j Erllpae, Am. atr., at Ht. Helena. .
Jlnlta, Br. bk., at Greenwich dock, ,
Xallua, tier, bk., at Colnmbla No, 1. , . W
' Annie Laraen, ach., at Aatorla. 4
Bnlliir-Boy. Kb., at Aatorla.: .',
' Melroae. Am. 1 ch at Kslamt, " .
, I. M. Griffith, Am. bktn.. at Lloatoa. ,
' Tottenham, Br. atr., at Aatorla.
ipalay rreaman, Am. atr.. at K. W. mills.
' Polaria, Am. ach., st Aatorla.
' Alliance, Am. atr., at Conch street .. ' ,.
. Roanoke, Am. atr., at Martin's dock. ,
' Johan fonlaen, Am. atr., at Linnton. " ,. ,:
r. A. Kllburn, Am. atr at Oak street. '
lamber Carriers ea atonte. -. y'
Diamond Head, Am. bk Ban Pedro,;, . :
r.Klwell. Am. ah., Bah Pedro, : .v , . i'
Luleboune, Am. ech., Mantle. i I
Lucille, Am. ah.. Ban rranelaco.
Mabel Gale, Am. ach.. . Ban Francises. . . .
t John Palmer, Am. bktn.. Ban raoclaes. .; :'
,. RelrleTer, Am. bktn.. Ban iTanclaco, ,. ,
Blntram, Am. ah., Redondo.
Aorvra. Am. bktn., Baa Francises.
, Columbia. Am. acb., San Fraocleco. , -,.- ':
Jamea, Rotph. Am. eca Ban Fedre. .
: John Bmlth, Am, bktn., Ban Pedro.
Mikawall, Am. bktn., Ban Francises, , ,
Banta Ana, Am. atr.. Ban Frandaeo.
AlTtna, Am. ech.. Baa Pedro, ' .
' Kmtly Bred. Am. atr.. Ban Pedro.
W. R. Hume, Am. ach.. Ban Padre, ;
. Lettltia, Am. ach.. Ban rranclaoa. , : ..
. Muriel, Am. seb.. Ban rranelaco, . - - :
J. B. Btetaon, Am. atr., Ban frandsoe, '
: Tirerton. Am. atr., Baa Franclece.
iWm. Oleem acb., Baa rranelaco.
Delay Freeman, Am. atr.. Ban i'ranclaoe. t
Irene. Am. ach., Ban Franc laco. ,
Virginia, (Am. acb., Baa Pranelaeo, "
Cluirchlll, Am. acb.. Baa Franclaco.
Kacelxlor, Am. atr., Ban Franclaco. .
Waahlnstoo, Am. barge. -Ban Francises.' ,.
Eipaoalon, Am. sch.. as Pedro. . v .
Xa Kente With Cement aad OeaertL .
Buccleuch, Br. ah., Uambarg. , '
. Brenn. 'r. bk, Hull. . : . j'
Conway Caatle, Br. bk, Antwerp..
Dalgonar. Br. sh. Bamborf.
Europe. Fr. bk., Antwerp.
GeserieTe Mollnoe. Fr. bk.. London. ' -
Bane KerrUer, Fr. eh.. Hamborg. .
: Lacnnee, Fr. lb., Bwanaea.
te Pillar, Fr. bk.; London.
Martha Bona, Fr, bk, Hamburg.
Moaamblgoe, ' Bt. ah., Newcastle, B.
Samoa. Br. bk., Bhlclda. ,.
Jlam, Get. eb London. . a .
Bocoa. Fr. eh., Newcaatle, .
Vlneennes, Fr. bk, Glaagow. :
Mareebae! Torrene, Fr. bk., Hambart. .
Villa de Mnlhonae, Fr. bk.. Antwerp.
Gnetbary, Fr. bk., Antwerp. ,.
Plerrl Lot!, Fr, bk., Antwerp.
Walden Abbey, Br.h, Antwerp. ,
Gleneaalln, Br. eh., Antwerp.
Venalllea, Fr. bk.. Lelth.
General de Boltdeffre, Fr. bk, London.
General de Negrier, Fr. bk, London.
Coal Bhlpe Ea Bonte.
Belefl, Fr. bk, Newcaatle, A. '
Col. de Vlllebole Marenll, Fr. bk.,Neireastle, A,
Clarerdon, Br. ah, Newcaatle, A,
Ht, Loo la. Fr. bk, Newcaatle, A. '
Wlllscott, in. bk.,. Newcaatle, Aoatralla,
- Trams fltaamers Za Boats.
Aeeot. Br. atr., Boenoa Ayree. ' .
Hyndford. Br. atr.. Baa Francises.
Uruean Mam, Jap atr., Japan. -African
Monarch, 'r. atr. Baa Franclaco.
i Harenlea, Nor. atr, Muroran.
Btrathclyde, BT. atr. Ban rranclaoa,
Btrathjrre. Br. etr. Ban Fracclaeo. .
-Tllua, Nor. atr, Baa Franclaco. .
" R. Vr. mtr.. flan FraBetun.
Maori King, Br. etr, Shanghai. ------
Knight Templar. Br. atr., orient. "
Benrlk Ibeen, Nor. atr. Ban Frandaeo. -Qneen
Alexandra. Br. atr, Madras,
Kallbla, Br. etr. Baa Franclaco.
Oil Carriera Xa Boats.
Aeancton, Am.' etr., Baa Franclaeo.
MaTarlck, Am. W, Baa Franclaco.
Delay. Has Been Dangerous
" in Portland .
Do the right thin at the right time.
. Act quickly in time of danger. ,'
Backache Is kidney danger.
Doan's Kidney Pills act quickly, ;
' Cure all distressing, dangerous kid
ney, iUs. pii !l'r-: tkSt?:r. ":: 'vfalr
JPlentjl of evidence to prove thls..:
H. B. IVlcCarver of 201 Cherry street.
Portland, Oregon, inspector . of freight
for the Trans-Continental " company, a
mart who 1. very ewll known amdng the
railroaders of the coast, says: , "Doan's
Kidney Pills are among the few proprie
tary remedies which do all ' that Is
claimed for them, and they have my
thorough confidence, I used them, for
backache and other very marked symp
toms of kidney trouble which had an
noyed me for months. I think a cold
was responsible for the whole trouble.
It seemed to settls " In my 'kidneys.
Doan's Kidney Pills rooted it out It is
several months since I used them and
up- to date there has been no recurrence
of the trouble. J have recommended
them to a number of the boys about
ths frelghthouee and I know if they
gave them a fair trial they . certainly
must . have been pleased with the re
Bulta," ,,-''.;.;;'v - v--
For sale by all dealers. Price SO cents.
Foi ter-Mllburn Co., Buffalo, New, Tork,
sole agents for the United States. -'-
' Remember the name DOAN'S and
take no other.' -'' .'" -
left up at ' 7 a. m, steamer Roanoke,
from San 'Pedro and way ports. Ar
rived at 11 a., m, - British steamer
Btrathclyde, from San Francisco.
San r Francisco, May 7. Arrived,
steamer Argyll, from Portland. '
Astoria, May I. Arrived at 1:11 and
left np -at 7.10 p. m., steamer F. A.
Kllburn, from San Franclaco and way
ports; Arrived down at 1:20 and sailed
at I p. m, steamer Columbia, fbr San
Franolsco... Sailed at 1:10 p. m, steamer
1. B. Stetson, for San Franclaco. Left
up at 7 p. m, steamer Johan Poulsen.
San Franclaco, May I. Sailed at 12:10
p. m, steamer Costa Rica, for. Fort;
land. Sailed, steamer Cascade, for Co
lumbla river.
Astoria, May. 7-Condltlon of ths bar
at I a.;, m., smooth: wind, southeast;
weather, clear. .''''..! ; - a
Tides at Aatorla Today,
High Water.- TLow Water.
1:02 am. 10:01 p.m. 1:11 a.m. 1:41 p.m.
7.4 feet, 1.1 feet. ,1.4 feet . 1.0 feet
Local and Eastern Capitalists
Plan to Take Over Line in
Medf ord Region.
Astoria, May 7. Arrived at 4:45 and
-Wtom, Xaker to Player.
She Got a Piano and Music Lessons for a Price
Most folks: Pay for the Piano Alone .
Reed-French's Special Bargain List Called for an
Investigation, and the Lady Found Things Better
: Than Described We Have Some Equally Good
Bargains for) You. Reliable Pianos for $190
A ladv deoendincr on her own resources for, a liviner has wanted a piano for a long
tim fnr her little 10-vear-old son : she fieured she could buy a piano for $7 or $8 a : ;
month, but to put $4 or $5 a month more into music lessons was more than she could
; If there ever is a time in a business man's life when he really would like
to help a customer it is when the customer, makes a personal sacrifice in the cajise of
-education, .'," . J V-4-," ' v t l-. '-v, '
."We made an especially liberal proposition to this lady. We gave. her a MILTON ,
PIANO FOR $3 A MONTH and referred her to a lady - music teacher . who is, also
. anxious to get along. . She takes the pupil for $3 a month, The mother for -$8
a month is not only buying a piano, but assisting her child to an education that'-'
' will stand him. well in hand in later years. .- -;. 4 . ,
, v- Reed-FrenchV special offer t6day a STECK FOR $190. This piano is an excel- "
lent piano to start out with, and while the case is black, the works are as good as ever. : ;
A KIMBALL FOR $195. Everybody knows the excellence of this instrument. -We.:,
do not carry it regularly at this" priceit is less than it cost the retailer, at the factory.
DECKER one of the most famous pianos made, FOR $265 (this special piano is less
-than a year oia;,. s y,. - : . , ;
? " 'We have several good organs ranging in price from $2Q to $55J :Any of these in-' --1
struments may be had on low monthly installments and we can arrange' with any one
?of Several teachers to teach the pupil at $3.0Q a month. , , , , , .
4 ' i , i - "" " , ' " 4 " r "
' - If you can't come in through the day, ring us up and we will meet you in the even-
SIXTH AND. BURNSIDEJ G. W. KENNEDY, Wareroom Manager.1 The Factory 7,
Piano House in the Wholesale District. T -
Portland and eastern men Interested
In timber Investments are negotiating
for the purchase of the Medford &
Crater Lke railroad, recenUy put up
for sale by Receiver J. T. Ready. Under
the terms of the law the bid ror
received from Walling Bros, at the sale
may not be accepted although it was
the highest bid. Should anyone offer an
advance of 10 per cent the receiver may
hold another sale, or should the court;
decline to confirm the sale at the,, old.
bid the road would remain In the re
ceiver's hands.
It Is understood that neither the re
celver nor the court regard the old bid
as a fair price for the property, and ef
forts havs been made to find other bid
ders. This effort has been successful.
and there is a strong probability that
the newly found buyers will take over
the road. They are represented by the
Oregon Trust & Savings bank, and the
negotiations are being carried on in the
name of Btryker & Estes. ' . . .
The road was projected from Medford
to tap large sugar pine holdings in the
vicinity of Prospeot, on Butte creek.
about 35 miles east of Medford. Con
struction was csrrled on as long as ths
promoters could raiss money for the
work, and when the funds were ex
hausted the road had been completed as
fsr as Eagle Point, IS mile from Med
ford. Financial difficulties . followed,
and the road went Into the hands of a
receiver. It has been operated regu
larly and is In good condition to be
taken over by any financial interests
strong enough to complete and equip
It A certainty of large tonnage exists
In the Inexhaustible supplies of fine
timber on the headwaters of the Rogae
river. .-.;:-V, -
It is aald the men who are negotiat
ing through the Oregon Trust Sav
ings bank have made a proposition to
the Medford stockholders and that ths
latter will exchange their - stock for
bonds. If a satisfactory deal can be
arranged the buyers will give a bond of
110.009 to guarantee immediate con
struction. ,
( iu v;a 7 rr v r
(Jonrnal Special Service.)
Spokane, Wash.. May T. Little John
nle Malloy, 11 years old, after making
his - escape from the juvenile court,
stole a horse and buggy and started for
Idaho. Sheriff Doak grave instruction
to watch for him at various Idaho
points and set out in pursuit himself, tn
an automobile.' Tne noy was arrested at
Coeup d'Alen City,. Idaho, and returned
to Spokane. He is now in Jail.
The boy has a remarkable record for
a lad of his sge. He ran away from his
home at North Yakima. In his flight
he stole a horse and buggy and sold the
outfit for $ 8, after driving tne horse
until exhausted. He came to Spokane
and was arrested, for stealing a bicycle.
He later stole five, more, all of which
he sold at second-hand stores, with
notes, forged, purporting to be written
by his parents, permitting him to make
the sale.
'(Special Inepateh te The Journal) . . ,
Astoria, Or., May T.-John Wilson; a
well known resident of this cify, died
last evening, aged 7T 1 years, after an
Illness of long duration. He was a na
tive of Sweden and a veteran of the
Indian and civil wars. He waa a mem
ber of Cushing Post, Q. A.; B, of this
olty, under the auspices of which the
funeral will take place. ,
.Seveai JTeara foy Egglestou. - .7;
Boise, Idaho, May T. -George Eggles-
ton; convicted of assault on his lt-y ear-
old daughter, and sentenoed - to seven
years In the- penitentiary In the dis
trict court at Weiser, has been brought
to the state prison by the sheriff of
Our Great Embroidery Gale Offer Lowest Prices of the .Year,
EMBROIDERIES OF THE SEASON. Thousands of yards of them at remarkabl
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Wide Embroidered Bands
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5 to 16-mch Bands, $1.Z5 kinds, at.:.;. OJ
Nona sold on approval. Nona sent C O. D.
Dependable Qualities in StrUdtagly Handsome Beslgrns
All recent arrlvalscarryina: the tone aid character that emphasizes the season's leading weaves. The'
best efforts of the men who man the looms of the greatest textile milla of the world art to be seen here.
We have never given more time and thought to these departments and the result la most convincingly :
shown in the vast range of patterns and satisfactory array of new spring and summer fabrics in all the new
shadings; these are specially nnderpriced, mat to gain 7our better acquaintance. .
Heal Hand Made
Special bhowingr of t -s u gg
Punjab ; Dress Silk 9 1 U U
Special exhibit of the celebrated Punjab Dress and
Waisting Silks, Our assortment it without ques
tion the best ever shown this season. Each piece
a beautiful and wonderful creation.. 'Every new color
' and popular design in checks, stripes, pompadours,
, etc., etc. This silk is warranted not to break or split
Sold all over the city at $1.2$ and $1.50. df (f
Our special price ................,..)leUII
assortment of elaborate new Cream Serge Suitings
with hairline checks and stripes of black,' blue and
tan.One of the finest imported weaves; very popu
lar. Regular $1.35 values. Special. , j s y, d- Af
., ftt t, . a ej - -a a ' t . a, t af JLr V
SILK WARP MISTRALESE Another of,"our exclusive new imported drest fabrics. Beautiful designs In
neat shadow checks with hairline checks and stripes;: silk' warp; washable, Regular $125 v (1 Aft
- values. Specially reduced to,, a;. V;,", ... ,'m "',.', , : , , . , 1 a v V
xceal liana Elade T -i
Shan Xungr Pong-ees 4 JL J. ?
, Mae ak A el
rongee natt tncnes wide, good - tine weave.
heavy weight, every tnread8ic; warranted to wash
beautifully. ' The season's favorite silk. tM in
Well tvorth $1.35. . Special lelil
H tat herbloom Lining Taffetas are always in stock.
Have an assortment o over 40 shades, including
black and cream. :: . .
foreign dress fabrics; comes in 'alt the new wanted
paitella lints and' chameleon effects; made of finest
of wool, toft and clinsrinff: 54 inches wide. - M .or
Excellent $2 values. Special O I
This Is the Time to Buy Hosiery
The time for two reasons, y Spring and gummer styles and weights are; ready. For this sale we
have made such special preparations at will enable us to quote unprecedented low prices.: These
items, we think, will prove both assertions: -, ' ;
Women's Liale Stockings, 10c 400 dozen wom
en's black lisle ' Stockings; extra heavy double
heel and toe; seamless and stainless. -- Our
regular 15c iuality,j; Special, " " ' . . ' ........ '.'.' -..., V-.i,. . aVw
Children's Ribbed Stockings, 8c 300 dozen Chil
dren's black fine ribbed Stockings; fast black and:
a good wearer. Never before sold for less ol
than 12tfe. Special:;.,,....,;.,;;..,...,;: OC
Misses Lisle Stocktags. 17c Misses fine ribbed
lisle mercerued Stockings, in black and tan, tu,0IfinisnJ fa8t folors: all sizes. Reg
ular 25c qualities. Special, Ta); 3 pr. for. OUC
Values in Knit Underwear
Women's Silk Vests, 79e Women's cream lilk
Vests, hand-crocheted trimming, silk tape; extra
fine quality. Regular $1.00 and 'V-SlJQ
valuja. Special at .................... ...IvC
Woraen't Ribbed Vests, I24c Women's Swiss
ribbed - Vests, Vwell made, nicely ; finished, all
sizes. ; Our .best 20c quality. ; Special, :: 1 nl
Missea' Ribbed Vest, MoMisses tm dTbyj,
ribbed Vests, neatly trimmed,' fine wearing qual
ity, all sizes. Regular Ak values. , .
Special at
utMtuM a j
.. .The low prices of our muslin underwear mutt appeal to all economical women.
But it has much mora than low price to recommend lt-4t hat every point of merit that
a careful woman demands good materiala, gqod sewing, generous sixes and, every
garment is finished in a manner to meet the requirements of good tatte.- The town ia
full of muslin underwear offering make your Own comparisons and.youll find you
can get here the fullest money'a worth of ths best goods. . Great tale of Muslui Skirts
this week.
$1J)0 Values for 85ei Fine Moslin Skirts,
deep lawn flounde, three fows of Torchon,
lace insertion and Torchon edge. -. . r;t -
$1.75 Values for . f 1.2S Fine Cambrie
SkirtsrlS-inch lawttflouncesrthfee clus
ters of fine tucks and hemstitching, 8-inch
Swiss emoroiaery ruiutrv.
$2J0 Values for f05 Cambric Skirts
with 20-inch lawn flounces, three cluster
tucks and hemstitching; 12-uich English
embroidery ruffle, "
$2JJ Values for f l.toCMtde from gnM
grtde cambric, deep lawn flounce, tucked,
two- wide insertions , of Ciuny lare, and.
R. ft O. CORSETS We have every new model in these reliable corsets that wi!l
fit any form the qualities are of the most satisfactory materials the bonwqr s ab
solutely rust-proofU Great many of the new models have hose supporters (JO
attached, v Every, pair guaranteed; per pair
Washington-oounty, v Eggleaton'a home
near Camhrldxe. , -