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.. ...... irj-.f
Muddy Track Gives Race to Colt
Which Closed in Betting at
; ..;i;::w'Tve(ve.4o;One.,
Big Bar Colt RnriS Behind Iot t
Distance; but Passes Tired Oppo
, nrats in StretehArclte, Future
Favorite,' Doe' Not Bun. A:'?';
''; itauinl Voeetat' tefvfee.)
Loulsvllle., Ky- Mar -. 7.-r-Plnk Star.
'.. the tail ender In the betting, landed In
the lead of the Kentucky derby here
yesterday. The winner closed In the
betting -at It to i. .. i .
Red Gauntlet, who ruled a the- fav
orite at I to J, finished fifth. , The time
was the slowest In the history -of the
SS Kentucky derbies, 1:11 1-6 for the
roll. and a. Quarter.-. J ., j.'-"-v .
Mud nearly fetlock deep caused the
r piwt ln the calculations of the bookies.
'.Arrfte, who had ruled an overwhelm
ing favorite In the future books, was
withdrawn. Holdfast and Boxara were
hIbo scratched and but six ponies made
the ft tar U ;. They were Kea Gauntlet
Ovelando, Wool Sandels, Zal Orland
Wick and Pink 8 tar.
In the early part of the raoe Pink
Eur trailed far In the rear. By the
time the mile post was passed he had
ruoved np to fourth place. Bucceesslve
ly tie passel Wool Sandele and Ovelando
and when half way .down the stretch
Me sink musxle showed ahead of ZaX
After that he had the race safe, finish
, log two lengths in the lead. The.fav
orlte finished In fourth place.
Pink Star Is a big bay colt by Pink
Coat, darn Mary Mailer, and owned by
J. H.c Woodford. - The summary t
Five and a half furlongs Mike But
ton: won, ; Cablegram, second,-.-Riokey
thlrdj time, l:08-i. '.. , : ;
" Four furlongs -Rebel Queen won. Dew
of Dawn second, Geneva third; time;
- 0:01-8. .-:. , '
Six furlongs Ralbert won. Western
second, Adeseo third; time, 1:15 i-6. '.
Mile and a quarter Pink Star-won,
Zal second, Ovelando third; time,
i:ii-6,- -. ....;. ,,
. Five furlongs Brady won, Waterllck
second. Financier third; time, 9:19 1-6.
One mileTinker won, Gause second,
Foreigner-third: time, 1:44 8-8. .
' Local amlvOthorwlse,
ItSeerm Ukely 4 That, Sunday OTa7fl thi.OnTV(o,TMini
Games. Will Be Knocked
Out in Seattle.
Spccitl Diapateb to Toe Joareal.) .
Seattle, May , 7. There's a mighty
good chance that there will be no more
Sunday baseball in Seattle. Prosecut
ing Attorney Mackintosh says he will
top it if the proper complaint la made
and the proper evidence provided to
support . It--rr"":' 'v-'-t-'t
and. has been succeeded by Charles Red
mond. Mr. Redmond is widely known
ln college. baseball circles, having played
Ion miny nines and more recently .with
the Columbia university 101 team . He
has signed George Jennings,; a former
team mate at Columbia, an emergency
catcher; ; also , King, , Zander and
I Carmody brothers from the eastern Ore-
Still -Unbeaten in 'Inter',
scholastic League."
The matter came up when a delega
tion of Georgetown saloonmen called oh
the prosecuting attorney and asked if
the order Just issued by Sheriff Smith,
on the' advice of Mackintosh, ' to the
effect that hereafter there would be no
saloons open in King county on the first
day of the week would be carried out.
The ; prosecutor informed his visitors
that Sheriff Smith would be backed to of a sudden T
the limit - Then the saloonmen wanted
to know whether the order would apply
to saloons alone or to all lines of bus!
ness except those particularly exempted
by law. : . ,-. . ;' ..
"It will apply to every business that
is not authorised by the statute to re-
maw open on Sunday, was the answer,
"Baseball games, too?" - "
"Baseball games, too, if cltlsens make
complaint and produce the evidence.
gon brush; Martin, a tall, six-foot
pitcher, and Kemp, from the Nebraska
State league. Pitcher Chet Alexander
reported for duty and Is anxious to play
The enthusiasts at Bunker Hill are
much elated over the new- acquisitions.
The club journeys to Canby next Sun
day. Teams desiring games with the
Bunker Hill -maroons should communl
cate with Charles-Redmond, care Port'
land Hotel Pharmacy
The Southern California Rod and Reel
club has voted to allow Its members to
report their catches by mall. Myl
won't a lot of whoppers be hooked all
There are millions of Juicy trout in
the Oregon streams, but there are
mighty few within one day's journey of
Portland. One persistent angler' etl
mates that it has oost him. just $4 35 a
fish for all he has caught so far this
season.: ,
Entries for the dog show close tonight
at 10:30. Frank E. WaUtns will re
ceive entrlee up to that hour at 160
Alder, street Local dog owners 'are
urged to enter their pets.
.Boulon and Gleason. handlcaped at
receive I. are in the finals of the hand!
cap handball tournament now ln prog
ress at the Multnomah olub. Last night
they beat McAlptn and Cleland In the
qnmi-nnai rouna. ini score wss ZL-ll,
zi-7. McAipin and Cleland were handl
caped at scratch. '
Sunday moraine- was too cloudy for
the members of the Portland Automo
bile club and the projected run to Salem
was given- up. Better luck next time.
fSDeclal Dlroitch to Thm Jnnntal.l ' I ' '
jpoine, laano, uir 7. -Tne directors of I ' imarfrin Tjtn t.i.,i.
iu juianuoun mm ovrni r air association puoncation printed on fine Diner and
have announced that the fair this year I superbly Illustrated, made its bow to
will be held the week beginning October the sporting world on April U.' ;It is
zi. oiio wing is me program of bar- I the official organ of the National Lawn
ness events: v v , (Tennis association and la davotod to all
Monday, October SI I:H pace, f ln J. ) frames played with the racket,"
purse $400. - ,
Tuesday, October 22 Free for all. trot I! the National league games were
Handsome" Purses Are Hung Up
v for Competitors in Harness
" .' - and Running Races.
. Interest in interscbolastio baseball
circles Is Just now centered on the
baseball game between the Portland
high school and the Portland academy,
whloh is to be played on the Multnomah
neia tomorrow - afternoon at 3:30
o'clock, The boys 1 expect . to sell 1,000
tickets to the game.'." v ','-;'
. There are six nines In the Jnterscho
laatlo league and the two which are
to cross bats tomorrow are the only
ones which have not been beaten so
far. The high school haa defeated the
nines of Columbia college and of the
Allen preparatory school and the aca
demy has beaten 'the east' side high
school, Columbia and the. Hill military
academy. . Ths, interscholastlo - cham
pionship undoubtedly lies between the
two nines which wilt fight it out to
morrow on Multnomah field and there
is intense Interest in the game among
preparatory school pupils. -
While the, game tomorrow will not
Count in the final determination of
ths championship, it will afford an
opportunity of getting . a line . on the ;
comparative strength of the two nines.
The preliminary series of games now
being played is to be followed ' by a
championship series, in which the three
nines making the highest percentage in
the preliminary series will compete. The
Portland academy nine, by winning
three times. Is already certain of a
plaoe ln the finals, while the ' high
school will have to win another game
to get In the final round. At the bo-
ginning of the season the wise ones
did 'not expect the academy team to
figure prominently in the fight for the
Interscholastlo championship, but under
the efficient coaching of Professor
Tborne the lads have so far played
winning ball. ,
Tomorrow's' line-up win be:
P. H. 8. Portland Academy.
Shearer c. ............. Ladd
Word p ...Stone
Moore .lb. .....W. Hurlburt
Oakes 2b.. Roblson
Houston ......... .!b Myers
Jamison ss Jones
Hughes If Glass or Gray
MeAlpln H. cooktngham
Deady , rf. .. P. Cookipgham
' .. -..or Nichols
In the Privacy of Your Own Home
Without ledlcln
Sim Fr0 Coupon Bmlout
Horse Killed at Oakland.
' San Francisco,' May 7. Traja broke a
leg ln the fourth race at Oakland yes
terday and had to be shot On the track.
He tripped over Tank, who had stum
bled and fallen in front of him.' ' The
jockeys, McLaughlin - and Gilbert, es
caped injury. Favorites took the first
three races. The summary! -s ' A
. Four furlongs -Herlvee won,) Sadie H.
' aooond. Saucy M.' third; time. 0:491-5.
Futurity course Dick Wilson won,
Nettie Hicks second, Isolation . third;
time,. 1:11 2-5. v
8lx furlongs Silver ' 8tocktng won,
- Bemay secdnd. Fairy Street third; time.
1:14 1-5.
Mile and SO yards Edwin T. Fryer
won, Eduardo second, Tarp third; time,
1:47. --
Mile and 20 yards Sun Mark won,
Elevation second, Mark Mayer third;
time. 1:42 2-5. It
; Futurity course Aaron J. ' won. The
Mist second, Nome Lucille third; -time,
1:1L " ......
Jamaica Racing Result.
New York. May T. Yesterday's
suits atr Jamaica were as follows: j
' ; Five furlongs Senator Beckham won,
Marbles second, Tilektns third; time,
1:14 1-5. .... ,
Seven : and a half furlongsRobin
flood won, SI Ida way second, R. Toddlng-
tn third: time. 1:07. v
v One mile and a sixteenth Good Luck
won. Tommy Waddell second. Whimsi
cal third; time, 1:47;
Six furlongs Aletheuo won, Ampedo
aecend, Saracinlsca third; time, 1:14. .
,: Flyey furlongs Bounding Elk won,
'. Paul Pry" second, '. Freeh third; time,
1:02 2-5. ,v, .
Six furlongs Golden West won, Ves
tabella second, Bromlna third; time,
1:15 8-5." .,',
Six furlongs Tramp won, Dan Bupre
second, Herman third; time, 1:K. ,
The Street Carmen's union of San
Francisco, having failed to secure the
dght-hour day in the recent arbitration
proceedings, will ask the board of supervisors-,
to 'insert an eight-hour pro
vision ln Its future franchises.
or pace, 2 in S. purse 21,000.
Wednesday, October 23 2:16 pace.. 2
in 2, purse f 500. . ;
Thursday, October 24 Three-year-old
trot or pace, 2 In S,' purse 1600; for
Idaho horses only,
Friday, October 26 Free for all trot.
Z in 3, purse 1500.
. Saturday, October 26 Free ' for all
pace, 2 In 2, purse 2500. ' t
.The running events of the meet are to
be decided upon each, day. All trotting
and pacing purses are to be divided as
follows: Fifty, 25, 15 and 10 per cent
All running purses are to be divided as
follow: Seventy, 20 and . 10 per cent
All entries in trotting and pacing events
will - close September 1, 1907. ' The
purses offered for the running races ag
gregate 15,100.
Bowling Score.
Moore's team . beat Brlgham's three
straight games in the Multnomah club
handicap bowling 1 tournament last
night The detailed score follows:
(1) (2) (8)
Brlghanu ............... 177 160 111
Routledge ............ 182 128 131
Burman 187 127 167
Hudson; 100, 100 100
Pittock 100 100 100
Totals ; 648
Moore ....i,.'.n...'...;. 135
Harmar 133
W. Healey 168
Barrett ................ 1(7
Healey 100
635 699
100 100
postponed on account of rain yesterday.
The Washington: St Louis and Phila
delphia games of . the American league
were all postponed on account of rain
yesterday. .
Don't imagine for a minute that vnum
Jay Gould is the champion lawn tennis
player ' of the world, or Of America.
Jay doesn't play lawn tennis. He plays
court tennis, which might be described
a cross between plnx-ponc and
squash ball The thing Is perpetrated
in a rink, not on a tennis court H. L.
Dougherty of England is champion lawn
tennis player of the world. William J.
Clothier Is champion of America. Court
tennis Is not played ln the west and Is
played very little In the western hemis
phere. ' ;
e e ,. . . . i
Constance 8. Titus, national chamolon
amateur oarsman, sails June 16 for
London, . intending to comoete for the
championships In the Henley regatta,
wnicn Deg-ins jujy e.
i e
Dr. J. C. Zan's big Dane, Lelf. killed
tanay, a Boston terrier, at the Zan ken
neis at Eleventh end Lovejoy streets
yesterday. The little dog irritated the
big one and the latter, in a flash' of
temper, closed his great Jaws, together
ana crusnea theire out of his friend,
Remorse Is an emotion felt by dogs as
well as by men and today big Lelf sulks
in nis xennei with tall and head down,
a ionorn picture or sorrow.
The Oregon City Woolen mill nine will
oppose the Rose City's at Canemah
pane Sunday, May 19.
Novelty in Sportdom to Be Seen
Next Saturday Aerial
Yacht Race."
682,, 692 7941
An aerial circus Is ' novelty in sport
dom to be held In Los Angeles : next
Saturday afternoon. " . ,
The scene of the fun will, be at
Stephenson avenue and Larena street,
over ln Boyle Heights, wbera-the boys
and girls are preparing for all kinds of
kite-flying stunts. . , ,- .
Th first number on the . program
will-, be a quarter-mile dash and re
turn. This consists of the rapid play
ing but of one-fourth mile of string
and then winding it in as fast as one
can. . Anybody can do this if he has
lots of time, . but when you have to
get a move on it takes a mighty clever
boy to periorm the "stunt, as tnekite
la likely to cut all sorts or fancy fig-
urea. . The girls will be given a chance
to do the eame trick.
Judges will decide which Is the best
decorated kite, the most artist lo kite
and the kite that has the strongest
pulL For this last even there will be
some awfully big kites and there will
be accurate scales to measure the ex
act pulling force, even to the fraction
of an ounce. Then there will be a
prize for. the highest flyer, and after
the contests are an over, everybody,
with any kind of a kite, can . Join In
the circus.
The Abo JDlnstratlon 2lalnly 8Thows
.What Frof. Kidgley's Srngless Cure
tot constipation Will Jo.
Without the use of 'cilia, nurrativas
9r d rues of any kind. Lean anil An ctira
the worst cases of chronla oonstlnation
cure them to stay cured and restore
the patient to a state of health and hac-
piness, aucn aa tney nad never known
before. I can cure constipation, no mat
ter how bad it is. I can show vou how
to cure yourself right in your owff
home without the use of drugs. - Consti
pation la cured for all time when oured
my way. Flu out free coupon below and
mall today.
; Fro Coupon
Fill In your name and address on
dotted lines below and mall to Prof.
T. H. M IDG LEY, Midgley Block.
Kalamazoo, Mloh., . and by return
mall he will tell you how to cure
constipation without medicine abso
lutely free. . -. . . , .. u .
Sleuths Will Conceal Faces While
: Making Inspection of Pro
' ; fessional. Crooks.
-' (Jma fliMelal ajrrW.1 "
New Tork. May V Members of the
reorganised detective bureau were given
mack masks completely covering their
faces, which will be worn when the
detectives have their usual dally In
speotloa of crooks arrested the night
Since the detective bureau was or
ganised Commissioner .Bingham . has
felt that while it was wall for' the
detectives to get acquainted with the
crooks, it. is advisable that the crooks
should not know the detectives. -Sev
era! plana for inspection of crooka had
heen formulated, among them a scheme
for looking through a hole in a curtain.
The mask Idea was finally considered
pest ' . - - --
$5, $6 and $7
r. - v 1 N I
... t
The merit of our Pan
ama Hats la evidenced
byhe four-fold Inereas
In our business over any
previous season. Origin
allty Of Idea ln style
and superior workman
ship haa brought them
to the altitude of perfec
tion, r First class finish
and a superior bleach
renders them unequalled.
Owing to the alterations
now In progress at our
tor and window we
may not be -able to dis
play them In same, but
they are absolutely the"
greatest values you have
ever seen. None sold to
merchants. Only one to
a customer. - " ' : .
$5, $6 and $7
VBacI , 69-71 THIRD STREET TntDoori
(Joaraal Special Barrfee.) '"
Washington. D. C, May 7. Spesate
Cannon, who was born in North Caro
lina, May 7, 1886, was 71 years old to
day. The speaker Is at his home In
Danville, Illinois, and plana to pass the
greater part of the summer there in
quiet,, with perhaps an occasional visit
to Washington to attend to business in
connection with the house of representa
tives Office building, now n earing com
pletion. In connection with Mr. Cannon's
birthday It Is interestlngto note that
if be lives to the end of his present term
he will have served 84 years, and thereby
establish a new record for the longest
service In congress. The longest service
was that of the late John H. Ketcham of
New Tork, who served 88 years, and was
a member when he died. Of the con
gressmen who have served since the
foundation of this government, ; more
than 12,000, Individuals,-only 14 have
-.Won. Lost
At Ohioago.
Chicaco 6 9
Cleveland ..i.T....'.........., 2 6
Batteries Smith and Sullivan: Lleb-
hardt, Berger and Clark.
Chicago ....... ....... IS ; 6
New York .v.. ...... ..11 t
Philadelphia 10 7
Detroit 9 8
Cleveland 9 9
Boston .......8 10
Washington ....r,..M. 5 11
St. Louis 6 12
An aerial vnrht raca. nn tha kits
field day. The aerial yacht la a kind
of a mesenger. - A -tissue paper sail
drives It up the string until it strikes
a cardboard disc which trips the sail,
and then the yacht slides down ' by
gravity. ,
The. New
' ' Different from other oil stoves;: Superior because
cf its economy, cleanliress, and easy operation. The
Uic'i Blue flame Oil CooR-Sfove
. saves fuel expense and lessens the work, . Produces
. a strcnj working flame inatantly. Flame alTays
under immediate control. Gives quick results
without overheating the kitchen. Made in three
: .'-sizes. Every stove warranted. If not at" your
" dealer's, write our nearest agency for-descriptive i;
circular. ' - .:,M
is the bert lamp for alUround household we.
Kfade of bras throughout and beautifully nickeled.
Perfectly constructed; absolutely safe: unexcelled
in liht'giving power J an ornament to any room.
Every lamp warranted.'' If act at your dealer's,
write to our nearest agency. -
(UCOKIHA4TU) ,. ' '
' ' ...... Played. Won. Lost. P.CL
Couch, ..... M 2 0 1.000
North Central .... 1 1 0 1.000
Mt. Tabor 2 0 9 .ooo
Arleta . , .. .;. . ... l . o l .ooo
By Willie Stepp.
The North central won their first
game, yesterday In the final series by
defeating the Mt, Tabor school by the
score of 8 to 2. ' The game was to .be
only seven innings, but the Mt Tabor
team was in the lead and the North
Centrals made the umpire consent to
play nine innings. In the first of the
ninth the North Central boys made five
runs ana won tne game.
Mt Tabor. v North Central
WIWW.... ... " ' . ' D n.l.
Wright.... p Davis 1 neyona any uouot, says
Praf erred Stock Canned Oooda. .
Allen eV Lewis' Best Brand.
. (8otlal Dlnpttch te Tha loornaL)'
University of Oregon, Eugene, May 7.
The Oregon track team is In fine.
shaoe at the present time. and. barrlna- a
multitude or acciaents, win be in excel
lent form when her men go against
Pullman May 17., Kelly and . Captain
Moores are in good condition and will
Iowa fjaaeball League.
Burlington, Iowa, May 7. The Iowa
baseball league starts its season today
under conditions that promise well for
the success of the organisation. ' Wat
erloo opens at Oskaloosa, Marshalltown
at Ottumwa, Qutncy at Keokuk . and
Jacksonville at Burlington. ; r ' i
. Scott
Wilson.,,.,...,. .lb
Young ,.-t ; ,2b.
Llngern. . .. . . . ....
Bennet cf
Sharp. ; . . ... rf.
West .....If...........:
R.H. E.
North Central. 0 1 0 0 0 0 2 68 7 8
Mt, Tabor. ....0 0 2 1 0 0 0 0 I ' S
The Arletas were easy for tha Couch
team yesterday afternoon. The latter
won by the' score of 24 to 0. : . '
Couch. Arleta.
P. Pateraon. .... ,.,e ..... ,T r McLerumra
C. Patterson. . . ... .p. .
Bibee . ........ '. . ' . 2 b .......... .
Black all ,.,8b
Warren s. .
Lebry cf,...,
Greer". rf
Day ..if.
Couch 6 8 6 6 2 4-24 10 2
Arleta ...0 0 0 0 0 0- 048
. Porter
Trainer Hay ward,', unless accidents
should occur Kelly Is suffering from
poison oak,' but-. that, does not seem
likely to become bad. r
The rest of the team seem to be doing
extraordinarily well, and the places
where Oregon was weak ln the Columbia
meet will be strengthened by the time
Pullman comes to Eugene.
A training table for the distance men
was started yesterday, and other tables
for the rest of the team wiu .be con
ducted at Ihe various residences of
most, of the men. About 10 distance
men will be on the table. It looks as
If an especial effort will be made to
Improve the work of the aspirant for
the long , raceg,- iThfti Columbia meet
showed that Oregon was not very well
balanced ln her men and- Hayward will
put forth strenuous efforts to remedy
thlex defect ,
T02 GBITMBUira i
If you suffer from rheumatism or pains,
for Ballard's Snow Liniment will brinar
qulck relief. It Is a sure cure forJ
epraine. rnaumauam, contracted muaclaa
and all pains and within the reach of
all. Price Zbc, toe, 11.00, O. R. Smith,
Ballard s Snow Liniment in my family
i or years ana nave iouna it a rine rem
edy for all pains and achea I recom,
mend it for pains in the chest" (Sold
ny an arufrgiats.
Make Your Entries
, Marquams Beat Giants. ,
Spretal DUpatcb to Th Jouraal.T
Marquam, Or., May 7 One of the
fastest games of the season at this
place was played Sunday on th hnma
grounds between the Marquam Moguls
and the Needy Giants, it resulted ,4n
a ; victory , for the former team bv " a
score of 8 to I, Some fast fleldlna
was aunv .Dy train teams and honors
seemed evenly divided until the last
ban tassea over tne plate. ; . ,
Batteries For Marquam, Omer Mar
quam and ' Jeff Sklrvln. For JJeedy,
Askins and Mitts. Struck out By Mar
quam, 12; by Asking, 12.
, , Salem Versus Portland. '
V" Hpcfl Dlcpatrh to Th Journal i ;
Salem, Ot., - May 7. Chester Moorea,
manager of he Salem high school base
ball team, 1 has arranged two games
with the i Portland high school. The
first game Is to be played May 18 and
the second game May 20. The 'Hill
military school win also play with the
local team some tim in the future.
Spokane, Wash., May 7. The North
western Auto Track association 1 fast
completing arrangements tor their first
race, here May 28-, nd , z. They nave
raised a fund of 818,000. "The assocla
tloji representatives here are attempting
to interest the chamber of commerce in
a project to maae an autoiracx irom
this city to- Liberty Lane, about 26
miles.- It is claimed that an excellent
road could be made for an amount that
would e easy to raise, ir tnis is car
Lrled out the- association may have one
of the best auto tracke in the country.
With Frank E.Walklns, 250.
Alder Street Today
- Xe Ponght a Oettyshnrg.
' David Parker of Fayette. N. T.
lost a foot at oettysburg, writes: ''Elec
tric Bitters have done me more good
than any medicine I ever took. For
eeveral years I had stomach trouble, and
paid out much money for medicine to
little purpose, until I " began taking
Electric Bitters. I would not take 8600
for what they have done for me." Grand
tonic for the aged and for femalp weak,
neenes. ' Great alterative and ; body
builder; beet of all for lame back and
weak kidneys. Guaranteed by Bed Croas
Pharmacy. - 60a. . : , ... . L ,
Office open evenings 7 to
9 o'clock.
Satrles close positively Tuesday
:- night, icar'Ttb.' - v; . j
Do you somstlmes wonder why you
are not aa strong as others and why
you can't put through the day with
out a great loss of vitality t It 1 be-,
cause you lack a full supply of elec
tricity. Electricity is life itself. It
Is the foundation of muscular, nerve
and mental energy. Lack of electricity
is shown In weakness of any organ of
the body. In Backache, Lumbago.
Rheumatism,' Nerve Weakness, Indi
gestion. Stomach, Kidney and Bowel
Troubles. WhyT .,
Because the
nerves control
the organs and
muscles, ana
electricity , sup
plies tos the
nerves the power
to control. . Elec
tricity is nerve
food. When the
supply is lees
than is necessary
the nerves be
come weak and
the organs per
form their func
tions ln an irreg
ular manner.,
The secret of
strength, then, is
flenty of elec
ricity ln the hu
man body. Keep
it full and every
orean Will do Its
duty; pain and,
weakness will
disappear. -
The nourishment that we ret out of
our rood is electricity. The digestive
juices of the stomach nroduoe. this
force by a chemical action UDon tha
food. This electricity Is forced
tbrousb the nerves to every muscle
and tissue of the body to repair the
waste caused by mental and
physical exertion. . When the waste
is greater than the reDalr. vour
stomach cannot supply the necessary
amount of electrical nourishment
and a debility of the oraans Is the
result - Then, can't you see, . that
the only way i to restore your
strenrth is to restore electricity
where it is needed? '
My Electro-Vlsror does this while
you slam It nours a stead v at mum
of soothing electricity . Into the
nerves and organs all night lonav
and Is taken up by them Just as
sponge absorbs water. It restores
i.rength to every prt that is weak.
Electro-Vigor is not aa electric
belt It is a dry cell body battery
and makes Its own power. There Is
no charging of any kind to bother
witn. -
, X spent hundreds of dollars on doc
tors and drugs without getting any
neip, - ana was notning out a phya-
icu vnci wnsn i oeran your treat-
ment - Now
. am strong, my
kidneys give me
no trouble, tha
, pain has left my
back and my food
nigests properly,
Sprague, Wash.
to You
Oaf ' my 100
paaebook. which
describes my
v treatment J - 1 1
contains pictures
or ' ruiiy . devel
oped men and
women, showing
now is i e c t r o-
Vlgor is applied.
?tt tells ln plain
language many
- things you want
to know , and
giver a lot of good, wholesome ad
vice for every sufferer. :
1U send this book, prepaid, free,
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