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fferf fcy Mrs. Sarah A. Evans.
MMt, rather than the perfection of any women In the new city charter of Chi
particular political machine? - J cagro,
And are any of the mothers thinking j -In Kalamasoo the, oloanlnf'up of the
about the candidates who want reelee-tclty waa brought about by the effort
tlon, but who stood solidly against the I of Mra Caroline Bartlett Crane and the
in saloons? Are. the women thinking j constitutional convention, gave tax pay-1
about the men who want to be returned, 1 lng women vote on tar questions, and
who voted for franchises without com-1 it was the women of the BewerAge and
pensatlon, who voted away streets with-1 Drainage league who carried the eleo-1
out an adequate return to the city, while I tlon In favor of Improved sewerage and
on tne mnr nana our school cniiaren i arainage ana a pure water supply.
take their recess and eat their luncheon I s Women axe the natural housekeepers.
In the school basement with its closet j and the more voice they have In the I
attachment?'- Do the women see any I regulation of any city the cleaner and
connection between the two (problems? more beautiful . they - will make - the
And are the women wondering why streets where their children are to play.
the garbage crematory ; question Is L . ,' ALICE STONE BLACKWELI
shelved again? Do they wonder whether! - t K st H i
shelving of the plan for municipal ere-j Guild of Bookworkers . , - r:;' '
. A A fc. - 1 . I . M j- a ka I i
candidates that a prlvats corporation i nriving Woman Club.
can give us better service IB disposing I r On Anrll ' I5-2S , the Guild of Women
of the refuse of our city? ; ' . - j f Bookmakers held its first annual exhibit
Think Of all these things, my Sisters, I the old Tlffanr studio. New Tork. 1
and .then as your husbands, rothers fit is only when such exhibits ars made
sno .weemeari. o ioo ax mem; your that the public wakens to th. import-
way and vote accordingly. .. ...y- , lance of such societies among women, i
. ' CLUBWOMAN. who are rapidly realising the benefits to
H H t lbs derived from organisation. This
. . ' ti I guild was the outcom. of a suggestion
Women ' . . ' Imad. by tw. women bookbinders. Miss
....... m-r :u I b7 M aa m m, rt w v .
from on educational as well as social Btocitnoim, nweaen, can poasi tne omy ii.h.u i .various orsncnrs
standpoint . It will also be a pleasant I women's cooperative store in the world. bookmaklng, such, as printers, bind-
time for anr woman to be there, as the Shareholders, management, Duyers ana "'-. utwigners or noos cov-
A.ta was set br Mrs Allen, who Is a issuers ars an women. - vniy two men " ww pisiu, nu, v a comer- i
vi(.i. ..n .h th. sr. employed: they drive the deUvery nce wua a view to establishing a
.... - - 7 I " . , -. : I HUtw lllll. 4
best climatic . conditions obtain and wagons. I " i Z"'
when ths exOosltlon Is expected to be Miss Anna WhlUoclt. leader of ths I " .t""' "Jla
.k.. v.i., i,. uam .i ..... in aH.n h I guua wmcn in rive months shows a
attractions, mors conventions an more promoter f this scheme.- Her appeal T"'":''"''' i' " 7 ' " w,u " I
pnctal . functions are booked for the! was to ths educated women of ; small fjr"0' and Russia ars reprs-
tnonth of June than any Ume during the means.- Her propaganda met - with I -' :'m" "" '' .
xposlUon. : . . - t - , i-- favor, ana, in April, xwt, tne womwi a i
Th Oregon ; party . will leave ' about Cooperative society was incorporated -. - pruportion
May 10. The' exact date will depend with a membership or 181 women ana r.T " ,U""H' r
somewhat on the routs the majority of j a capital of about ; ,00. s Quarts "" wa,T mlmm'
the women want .. to take and it; is I were rouna. ana tns womsn went toi . . . . . . ' '
therefore .another reason that all who I work with a will. 1 11". . " aeciae what
want to
be known
yespondlng secretary, Ml, Fsrk street, dealers mads up their minds to. crush ISlSrsa'fci??-!?-!?H
fnrnmr,A - j I .v Z-i i I eme car in her selection, and the
The Final Arrgngements
For Jametown Club Meetinf.,... .:,
A letter from' Mrs. Guy R. Allen.
; chairman of ths committee on arrange
ments for the council meeting of the
a. F. W. C that will convene at James
town June sutes that the insiae
,Inn has been procured for the council
.sessions and that lt wiu also be ueaa
quarters for the offloers and board of
directors. It is further announced mat
the following rates have been granted
club women who will visit there at
that time. .: 'i.i'Vv-'Wi"'-
. Two in a room. $1.80 per day each
' (American plan): one in a room, M.M;
two In a room with prlvats bath, is
each; single room with private bath,
II. This grants - admission to ths
grounds at any time. . ' , ' ' -. '
. Mrs. Allen states that she has re
served a number of rooms for this se
tion of the country,' but they will only
be held for a limited time. .
Many Portland women are talking of
; going, but only one or two have definite,
ly decided, so It would be well for thoss
contemplating It to decide as early as
possible, that arrangements for adjoin
ing sleeping sections might be sngaged
as well as hotel reservations.
It will be a magnificent trip and
j. You do not have to lay out money in order' to provide yourself with a comfortable home. The Gadsby way1
makes it possible for you to get the best by paying the least y Come in and look around. Do a little figuring
just see for yourseirwhat we have to offerr-all goods mark&fin i plain figured. We have four floors filled
; , . 1 ! ' ' . , ' ; with "everything for the home We make terms to suit you.
another reason that aU who work with a wilt t.ZZZJ?A . ur ooide what
go in the party should Jet it .But they found themselv... as ths tw0 b,0"!T
at coca. r..,y; Amertcans say. "up against it- Thsy .-f , T V acft.n,mb
mUn. J. tX Hayes, stats cor- wsre boycotted on all sldss. The retail 71 lit.? Jl"L)wn
The Trump Card ' " '.
In the Game of Bluff.
nA .1.. - . i a. . I
closed to them. tor ' everr wholesale I . ' ".'' " .. -
dealer had been warned. To sell to -'S"' "-DJ k,r w"
these women meant ths loss of all other fy.a!mfIra". in
mmw vt ui .wurKp UD I
ni Wotea. th. offlelil em. Tof th. feUllers Were also warned, says Good .w" X ""-r
- ' i . . . ... a a wuu towHi auiu uraniinBi ins bit nnfl.
Ohio federation, is running a series Houseaeepmg Duttnsygoi arouno m. tlcall Th. b..t,h,1 ',TT I
of papers on parliamsntary Uw which tmng by maung mgnt aeuvenea They i , - would Inilo.tV V n
would be helpful to every clubwoman did hot dare, however, to drive boly g?.
if aha cobM read t them. In. the last up to tns women's store, as detectives! t ',,.. . .1
I.. .L T tt t... l.r. am . h al.rt hut h ." T OI OOOKDMOing
-y.: Every. element enterink into stopped , in a .Id. JS.K
tne rormauon ana aeveiopment oi ciuoi " I ra atndvlnv It ,.
work, every liD of thought or .tudy, workmen to haul barrel nick, eto t u?e. -ma aw. M ntM.t!thiJr torAroomsi. . ' I"06" UM wwi-MOwn. woman beoarae
'" uw' w I T ' I Hfl :. sVYtsllf In Kam1sm.VIk. a A ii
j, ji - I mi A.t . m - a. a at I WW A-iuaa All 1 ssVDU UMn
mam nnsm wnm .rr nmriv a n rssii nar. i - ' i nnstss rfn r i siwnm ssn -wairsn n sit rmin sin i . . . . .
In club papers, discussion or use save to sucoeed in spite of all opposltioa id that aomT f 22riJSwJ fJd !t J"
that of parliamentary law. , Why this Since the Swedish markets were closed .." .,1'? am"
Ignorance of so Important, so necessary to them, they sent their buyers to en-1 -.. fnr ,rt .T v,.., -o .u?l
island. - : . .
soodaJ " , viiu- un gTBstest advantage
and time have been generously sxpended could be sJiipped rby water routv as " ':;,!: f . 4 " ?T.' w rooa llt-
inrt i . 7 -
ui tne guua is .almost wholly mads
hold economics, civics . and ail thelUp aU their profits. s- -. V .L;.u. . k" vonrers ana claims
.r,un.. .nn.i nir. I prt- .1" . -ii -v.. i' lamong ita members six students of Cob.
wuiiuuvuvifna w''-"v i au aiisb . &auw vi sui suvir , uu.uu:ir. i a . . ...
but very little parliamentary law. One thev have mad. a rood .howln. Their I .1 binder, and
v abam 1 hQ ii a tin. nrvl Rnfl In ..u. k-M j v . I
. . . . . ....... l Hllf llKf g TVIOCU 1.V
any encyclopedia or other book about j day for the year, and their membership
parliamentary, iaw n is me cienco i ia steadily Increasing. They are pay. I
itself that must be studied; no benellt mf dividends on capital and sales .very
can do oenvea irom ruin- , or rnra i mx months. . The last report shows a
what others , think of It and oo much , payment of 4 per cent on capital and
of our club work consists in reading j per c8nt on purchasea, .,
ana wnung ana sruaymg aoout suo- c uke th, otner cooperaUvs societies,
jects inateadof f'"fh "u the women sell to member, only, and on
themselves, TVs learn vrhen ad where CMh payments. So weU have . the..
l " C.t iuS -li I women succeeded with this first ven
u i I,. ZJi,r. 7 ,. ur tna hr have secured quarters
iLtMmttlfnMZnn tn nth,, wUn - of the city for . a
studied his ;inrerno or . aradiso T It branch' establishment i.
Interest in the "study of this science;
true it does not appeal to all any mon . " 7.,T. , ,vT. " I. v,vT
. than doe. music . or art or science. "lJ. iJa ii,n S
irh. .r. .h. win nvr hr.rome I WW coffee and spices, and selling to
mf nerltomantarians but ther is the Women under MW. ! r x
no one who cannot .acquire iTOfncientr,"rtwl.
vnn.iv. .aif.nmtrttnn nrt h. "" to Introduce in America the cc-
a comprehensive . understanding of op''aU7I"t0,S! 7bl? hZ P?V,d2
what is being dona successful In England has been defeated
It 1. the scienc. which lie. at th. XgESL
in - .nHi. '.. a11 vholesals dealere. Boston Jour-
rnmeht equal right, to all is injustice ; ".- m' m
to none." J ,.::
Every clubwoman must feel the force T ' ru i "as
f these remarks, for there are' very f WO National Meeting!
?T72K,-hiv tM.t Of a Patriotic Nature,
Intslllarihla flra and croasflrs of narlla.
, mentary vernacular without having the Chb women of th. country have been
slightest comprehension of what was interested in th. two national meet,
being .aid. much less done, until she ings held in th. last week th. Na
found herself committed to something tional Peace congress and ths Continen-
she didn't want to do; for, while as tal Congress of th. Daughters of the
, Mrs. Selover says, "Equal rights to all I American Revolution, in Washington,
la injustice to none," there is neverthe- j The Daughters ars composed of the de
, . lea. no more unjust weapon for an un-1 scendants of soldiers of the revolution
principled woman to wield than a I ana tneir aim has been to perpetuate
knowledge of parliamentary law in an the memory of deeds Of -valor on the
assembly of untrained women, early . battleflslda f America. But,
" It is th. trump card In a game of though proud of the part their ances-
Wuff and scares th. trick into her hand tors had in past Warfare, the assocla-
vry time." tlon advocates the doctrine of peace
k s ol "S " - x. 1 toaay. xn. sent two repre
" t N "I sentatives to the peace congress to pre-
Tneaday Afternoon 'Clubs ' . : sent resoluuons of endorsement of the
t, , ' ,- ' peace movement. . ' .
ntertained br Mra, 11. T. Clark. Th. most interesting event of the
Mra. F. It- Madison entertained the llrat day of th. in Washington
i ffuesday Afternoon club this week at WM tha alcatlon of II memorial col
th. home of Mrs. H. T. Clark, J 14 N. um"s' I: representing the II original
Nineteenth street .Mrs. E. and Miss "tatasTh. chapter, of these states
Grace Bchmadeka and Mm. X A. Leas contributed J 2,000 each for i the pur
iwere guests xtt th. club. , posa, a Illinois chapters gav. 11,000 for
' Mis. Bchmadeka favored - the club the foundation, for th. columns, which
with a piano solo which was greatly b. one of the chief ornaments of
enjoyed. The balance of the program the new building, Memorial Continental
' was rendered as follows: s hall, which is to be the national head
"Condition, in Ireland. During the quarter, or yne Daughters. The bulld-
' Steign of Oeorge It, .Mrs,' Hall; "Reign ing and sit. havs cost nearly 1500.000,
ef Oeorge II..". Mrs. Amos; "Character which has been raised by the chapters
Bketch of Sir Kobert WaJpole," Mrs. in .very p-4t of ths country. The chap
Eshelman: "England ' in America, 1700 r. in New , Tork raised more , than
to 1760,". Mrs. Crof ton. .. 128,000, which was th. largest sum oon-
Dainty: refreshmeats -wer. served trlbuted to Uk. fund in in. past year.
Curing th. social hour by the hostess, ' , . II '(.
assisted by Mrs. Clark and Mra, Bailey. " ' , ,
Th. next meeting will b. held with Cities and ' - 7
Mra A. B. Manley, 38 Williams avenue .." '."''
May 7. when . th. annual lecture will Spring HousecIeanintT.
ce given. - ev. j. a. ieas win lecture, .u D..i.i.Mf' iu...f i.m,mim.
I says: "Once upon a time all reforms be
gan in th. east and swept onward
toward the wild and woolly west which
I wasn't- supposed to know it needed re-
I forming. . - Now the order of things is
reversed. v Take ' city, house-cleanlnr.
Are the women taking any interest-in (Boston and' New York look as dlrtv as
Mm .... . . I ,
tn. candidates, we wonder? What have! they ike, and feel pleased to haveMt so.
we to gain or lose in the coming battle? lit is Denver, Chicago. 3ran4 Rapids,
How are the forces lined upT Who j Kalamasoo "and New Orleans that have
among th. candidates is pledged to bet-1 a regular spring cleaning on a day set
ter sanitary laws and their enforcement; J by the i mayor, - when .treets, alleys,
o pener ana cieaner streets: to a better backyards and sidewalks ar. cleaned,
regulation of the evil of prostitution. rel together with any other thln of the
, uiamg h io inai section or the town kind that needs It",
wnrrs w una te west nomesT j Who U- One reason may be that , th. " west
among the candidaUa has pledged him- gives a freer hand to women in public
- .vumi ior our cniiarenT 1 work than does. th. mors conservaUve
nng in canaicates believes In east;. In Denver the women have hsd
u ?t T1- hor- full suffrage for the last II years, and
oughly alive, up-to-date health officer have used their powsr for the cleaning
, . i .7 .w "e i up ana. beautifying of their city. Chi-
aking for his subject "Milton."
Interest of Women
In Candidates for Election. '
warZroh LTf V 'H' 1 ten tho cleaning of its chief
J"?.That I ".d Th bulnM lrct and JaSe Addam. and
VilTZLW board is the the other heads of "settlements." hare
I nJ. ..'!.vM sucn taugut the chUdren to lend a hand a
tion between deftlv- 22 J ,h .".l"!""ve. """--W
VA'uTZL Sieves Uomen rfTh.' tuJmenU uSitld'ln ?he
lt the. bealih of a city 1. Us chief! effort to secure municipal -Uffra rnr
1 Wert DUDlla Of Jn1a nnmm a
Th. president Miss ' Preston claim,
a great advantage to th. guild by open
ing it to both , amateur, and " profes
sional. r , , , ,
', n h n '.
Comfort and Solace -For
All Candidatea. , - ( "
Mra Dor. Lyon, ana - of th
. . , . - aavs
uruuani or new xork's club
oneof th. most ; beloved and most
thoroughly hated women in th at.
ths -most chlvalrio politician that ever
cosi a. voie, ana tn. on vha baa
down In defeat more often perhap. than
any woman , in'' th. state, but who
serenely bobs up every time to cham
pion , ths wrong woman, t ead th. fol
lowing "Choice Morsels for th rnmtn
and Splace ot All Candidates" , at th.
annual lunch of th. New Tork City
Federation last week; , . -
io do or not to be elected that is
ths question.
Whether it 1. nobler for a candidate to
suffer . " ,
Th. doubts and , tremors of uncertain
. fortune. ,"
Or to take to ths tal timbers 'gainst
' soms certain trouble . .. ;
And by escaping end them. - ' .
Som. other poet says: . ,r
'Tis better to have run and lnat - :
Than never to have run at all.
However, to revert to Hamlet
To try to run perchance to win.' Aye,
there', th. rub: . .
For in that winning what things may
t V
Price of Ice Rises - 'f - .
o Keep. Up With Prosperity.
Th. price of ic. has been advanneA tn
70 cents 100 pounds. , If you ar. so poor
that you cannot afford to buv a
pound coupon book, then it will cost you
more.-. Ths mors money you have, the
less you pay for things in this In
stance ice. All of which mean, that to
have the -comfort of ice this summer.
which in ths case of sickness becomes a
necessity, many a family will be Obliged
to go without other necessities. I over
heard a conversation ths other riav, ha.
tween an Iceman and a storekeeper. Ths
Iceman was saying that "a raise in
wages had been promised if the price of
iv corns per xoo pounds could be made
to stick." , Problem who pays the extra
wages io tne iceman T The rich man
who pays for his las at the reduced rate
per coupon book of I.OflO pounds or the
poor man who can bnv onir i amait,tlty because he must pay for it at
vukvi wno pays for the automobiles
ui our irusi inendsT a v
International Council " "
Entertains at Jamestojra. ' " '
To the International Council nt w.
men has been given, a cottage at th.
Jamestown exposition - to- s aa a
HoouuMiwrs lor woman rrwn ail
vat . w woria. Mrs. May Wright
Dunou.iiiu uavv cnarse or tha wnrlr
Nearly everybody in TtilunnnV M..
. " m"
A Kard Debt to ray.
"I owe a debt of c-raHtiM-
never be paid off," writes G. 8. Clark of
weaiuBiu, wwu, ior ni naoiu
death, by Dr. King's New Discovery.
Both lungs were so seriously affected
that death seemed imminent whan r
commenced taking. New Discovery.' The
ominous dry, . hacking cough quit be
fore the first bottle was used, and two
more bottles made -a comnleta nm
Nothing has -.ver eaualed N.
ery for ooughi, colds and all throat and
iuna; curajJiUHii.. uunmniwa (f Red
Cross Pharmacy, 60c and 11.00. Trial
bottle Tree.
y ; Big 1
VJ 'VJlrlY II h Burlim
It InsI -
Bargains in Our Carpet. Department
Bromley's Velvetswith borders ......... 81.25 r.
Burlineton Brussels, with borders. ....... 91.10
Tapestry Brussels with borders. , ...... .$1.05
Dunlap's Tapestry Brussels. , , ; . . .DO .
Reversible JPro-Brussels . . . . ......... 05f ;
v Brtisselette Carpets, f-yard wide ... . . . . . . . 55f
r Granite Ingrain Carpets . ... . ,.U . .
aVBMeis ru9.. Special Plate Rack
Same without top shelf. ....... 7. . . .50f
j mpenai rro-ijrusseis, uxi z . i . a . . . a Ais Solid Oak Flate Rack, regular price ft P
Ingrain Rugs, 9x12..; ; ... .V . . . .'. . . ..... .87.20 $1.50 : special this week 70Z
omauer jtags in proportion
1 .SO JFTM ' OXXT 9Z800WT.
' Heavy, substantial cabinet, charcoal
; packed and lined with galvanised Iron,
removaDie metai sneives ana
tary improvements;, has
'Scientific cold air circulation.
: is mads in golden' oak finish.
enamel inside. Made alon
;.;Gadsbys:;rivc-Piccc Parlor.sW ".
aswejsi . . m m. a or . a s " .. V 1
oiner sam- 1 nil . Deiutirui suit n aunerh both in nnalirv and nnnaaran
most-serf eot ' . . . . . . - ? r. . .V--- r . '
Cabinet it consists oi nve-massive meces. upholstered in . beautiful
Whit. tin'lfrv -snT iflMir " .TKa fratn. ia i!ati-ruKaVit ' .
a vnnnmtM. At In. . Ta thnMn.1i. 11119.I - r.itn ti ! a till.Miv m w - -. - - A
& attractive suit that you can put' into, your house
'.:: :;-; - A for the.pric'e: Gadsbys'. .'V. . . .r.v. . . . 827.50 ; -
J l"-s y k'U!h, '.;V
IWe hare pretty three-piece suits as low. as;. ....... .$17.50
Morris Chairs
This comfortable and ele- "
?tnt , Morris Chair is mad. .
rom solid quarter-sawed
oak, ' highly polished . and
beaatifolly flaked, also ' ma-.
hoganjr fthish;' the front r
Jeg-s have beautifully carved
daw feet; steel spring con-'
. stmction; cushions' on seat
; and back ar. upholstered in
. best quality reversible , ve
: lour,. latest figures and. de
vj signs, at the, low; price ;of ,
Others as low as $9JS0.
f EZ Jt i it -.
I it 41 - - . ... .W .
-Mm- . " ,
: ? ' .-. . n '. . . i
Majestic Range
. Malleable charcoal iron. In bak
. Inir, . water heatlns, savins of fuel,
lasting' qualities, it excels all other made.
Wfll Mot Crack, Bast Crystal.
llsa ; , .-.i.- (--. , ., . -
or ooviTBtrcTnra m -idx--
7XBTX0. ths manufacturers now us.
Chareosl Iroa in place of steeL This
new feature alon. adds 100 per cent
to th. life of the range, as it resist.
'rust and. crystallisation in any cll
mats, a feature - not possessed in
steel. All breakable parts are mad.
of Malleable Iron material that
-cannot crack- or , break. - By using-Malleable-Iron
in construction with
Charcoal . Iron it enables- the manu
facturers to cold, rivet ail parts to
gether airtight, allowing- no heat to
escape thus heating the oven and
holding the heat with a small amount;
'Of fuel. All economical housewives
own a Majestic STOT CHEAPEST, i
BUT UiR BXrEBStTB. , ' ,
Gadsbys Model
Kitchen Cabinet
' " - . .
With half the work and much less than
. half th. number of steps, you can keep
?our kitchen as neat as a ship's galley
f you own a Oadsby Model Kitchen
Cabinet, Just like cut " This cabinet is
capable of holding everything a woman
needs in preparing -a meal. A" plaoe ' x " f nTTri T T"T r
for everything, and aU within your . I, I 1 1 J I, Jl f.
JGadrtSic.. This fine Couch; upholstered -In genuine leather, $42.80; dor-.
? ''''.; -"v'j;. i '...." " ing ..the '... ... ,.....'...,., .!,. . .S35.00 .
sbame style m Chase 'Leather, regular $27.C0; special.? 10.80
v Sixteen Velour Couches, plain, smooth top with wood frames)
? upholstered in velour, regular price $16.00 ; reduced '
to : 912.00
irmeen.iunea L-oucnes, tnnge all around, upholstered in darn-
sic, regular ?iz.uu; reduced Ho. .v. . ... .$8.00
1 rt
This large full-roll RatUn
Rocker . i y. $5.50
- - . ... J
I : r v - . : tfh-i v -. .- - m-- r-, ,.: t ; s,-.. . r ti ..', i . . . .' a
! m t-v. .. 'i !i J tr : f -a"- i j,;
: Folded, Measures i6)ax2rHx4tilNqna -
: Folds so you can pack in trunk '"
No. l,price..,. S10.50
No. 2,- price. . . i . .;. '.812.50
No. 3, pric S14.00 i
No. -4, price, . .V. . . .. .$16.00
We hayethe finest
assortoent this sea-.
son iihe i city. All
"f." . finishes.:' :
Princess Dresser
Princess . D r e s s c r i ln
golden .oak, b i r d s e y et
maple; or .- mahosrany.
F r e n c h mirror 18x36 1
Special; .... $25.00,
'Same size in white maple"
or . Pacific - oak finish, -with
mir ro r : 17x30
Special , . ... . $17.50
The Housefurnishers V Store Open SaturdayEvenihgs Until? o'clock