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pfWWiT- The big
JENNING STORE Is full of every thing - for COMPLETE HOUSEKEEPING Goods
Arriving by Trainloads VJc .have ; 70,000 feet of floor ; space ' which -means an Exhibit of
iFurniture of such magnitude' that it is' surprising
- T It Wrr777. Mn
and Office
- Known the world over as being the best; they need no introduction
Cutler Desks have many handy attachments that - are : important . features.
Some of these are : Revolving three-well inkstand arid : pen - rest. ' Automatic
Blotting Pad, which keeps the' blotter constantly within reach and where it can
be found without lossdf time. We invite examinafion of. the Cutler Desk.
til I v
: ; : -i. " s ' '
Royal 5tewart
' 4We secured - the
agency; after consider-
able , persistence and
are proud to announce
the fact, as no other ;
range has the qualities
and; materials as this
one has. The Royal
Stewart is absolutely
guaranteed h to :"A be a
splendid baker, a fuel
saver and excels in all
other qualities. We ,
also have the Stewart .
"Range, made byvthe ,
same x manufacturers.
We invite your inspec- '
tion of these Ranges.
Glacier Re
frigerators This country's best Refriger
ator; made in Grand Rapids,
, where the best in all house
hold furniture is made. ' The
Glacier is more than an ice
compartment It preserves
food an.d; keeps . foods cool
; and fresh with the smallest '
.amount of let. ' I
.The Great Glacier Refrig-
.. erator it built - on scientific
principles. It is so construct
ed that there is a constant
circulation of dry air of uni-
t form low temperature in the
food chambers,- which con
tinues in one direction,' pass
ins; out after coming in con
tact with the foods, and con
densing and purifying itself
on the' ice, thus presenting
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And. Their Publishers ,
Pratt Carr. , atone or in
bulldlna of the first trans
a; continental railroad have
.- not been uncommon within
the past 0 or 40 years, but among them
all It la doubtful It any have come with
such an assurance of-authentic history
ia this. TO sure tne presens uiotj
la a romance and will rightfully take
Its place among the fiction pertaining
lo this event in tne me oi m unu
but woven into It Is. much, of the ln-
tlmate history of the times : and people
' that contributed to it
Th father rof th- author - of- this
book waa- one . who went to California
' toon after th .discovery 01 T goia no
waa among the first ; to , be connected
with the building or tne uenirai
v clflc, and in which he took a prom
inent and . forceful - part The author
' " waa babaln arms at, the time ,er
parents went westward. Her father's
position made It Imperative to move
from place' to place and he was one who
' believed in keeping nis .zamuy, wun mm,
' so -Mra., Carr may. be said literally, to
have - grown up aiong tne ame. m ,
- rntral Paclflo. .'- Her father's home .was
- alwuis a hospitable .one, and from the
raininent men i wm,. were iuonuj
.her father's guests.? as well as from
him. ahe heard much of the inside his
tory of the building of the, road, as
well as many, of the Incidents sits has
Incorporated into the story. . -: . 1
' " The tale Itself Is thrilling, full . of
adventure an sweet with a wholesome
love affair, but. In Us detail not pfr
ticularly original and no more wonder
ful than thousands of romances which
took place in real life during the years
of the, great westward movement, or
In pioneer days. But the delightful, as
well as Instructive,, feature of the book
la Its Character sketches. .Iceland, Stan
ford, Collis P. Huntington, Mark Hop
kins and Charles Crocker that great
and Immortal four, she has Introduced
In natural and life-like coloring; she
makes no heroes of them, nor does she
follow the fashion of the day by reduc
ing their - glgantio : achievements to a
' matter of common-place personal ; In .
terest and ordinary railroad - building.
The perfectly natural and personal way
In which she shows how they directed
and controlled ; this stupendous under
taking will be a feature of the book that
will give; It. 4 s enduring ; .qualities and
makes It vrisa tar above tha ordinary
western story. -:' ... ...
In her other characters Mr Carr has
taken well .. known types and brought
tnem out in clear and radiant coloring.
Sally B. Is the boarding-house mistress
that every westerner, of early days rec
ognises,' and 1 remembers - with love as
well as with ' amusement; then Uncle
Billy, the half-breeds, the Chinese, and
inai vaat array of - nationalities that
peopled the government highway, are
all in the book and readily recognised.
Aside from Its compelling interest it
Is a book that will delight readers who
are old enough to remember the events
it chronicles, a it will put them in a
reminiscent mooda thing always de
sired ""by 'those T who" hava iroM " tha
meridian.' For the youthful ; reader it
will shed a little light . upon the ob
stacles tne early builders of this road
had 4o endure and overcome, before It
was possiDie ror tnem to cross the con
tinent In luxury and almost regal com
fort. As a whole it : cannot fall to
awaken Admiration and some delayed
sympathy..; for 1 the f sturdy American
blood, ; the hardy . courage and indom
itable will of the men who pushed the
enterprise to a finish, and opened a con,
tinent . to settlement, to commerce and
to wealth. The book has several mod
illustrations by John W. Norton. A. C
Mowurg, ft co. rrice ILBO. ij-:tm
"Prairie Flowers"--- Br ' Marraret
eue Houston. ?. vriee 11.25. "Seam
stress and Poet By Felicia Ross John
son. Price IMS.1 "The Jewels of King
Art" y james connoiiy. ;Prlce (1.15.
rPoems"-B. Allan Brant. ) Price 1.
"Ballads ' andS LrrlcsV-B ill. ltldrrl
Price ll.So. ' ' - -
Another1. group . of "poems from ' th
press, of Richard O. Badger would Indi
cate that the poetlo spirit of America
is, not v dead as"' so many ' pessimists
would have us believe. And the. high
class and literary merit of each one of
these nve volumes testines to the fact
that a great 'deal of excellent' talent Is
yet to be recognised and appreciated.
"Prairie Flowers" Is a collection of
about to short poems and the name Is
Blmply.a poetic fancy to bind them to
gether as it : were. v The first v poem.
rrexas.'Ms one of the best of the col
lection, it being a brief resume of the
past history of tha state with a pro-
pnetio outlook for a more happy future.
It la an exceedingly well written and
forceful production and presages wall
for the poems that follow, many of
which are of the same character and of
equal merit. There are same very good
bits of child and dialect verse, making
tne wnoie a very aesira Die collection.
"Seamstress and Poet" takes its name
from th first poem of .the .book. It Is
almost a lament and lsMt In happy
vein, inougK wen written ana contain
ing an element of earneat thought
Most of the peems that follow have the
same undertone of sadness and .while
some are. fresh and original, many are
of hacknied subject and : lacking In
poetic fancy; as for Instance, "The Trail
of the Magdalen" and "In 1 the Alms
House." On the other hand there are
several to , be specially mentioned ' for
their brightness and cleverness, such as
"In-. Turker Foot; and rNegro Moun
tain," which are written In memory of
two notable spots in tne Allegheny
mountains. ' , ' ' ,-, ,
The Jewels of' King. Art' gets Us
name from the legendary little poem
which opens the volume. It Is smooth
and. rythmical though, not as pleasing
as many; of the less pretentious ones
that follow. It might be styled a book
of up-to-date, poems ' as many of .them
find their theme in' recent or current
events. s Several Of them are songs to
some of California's beauty, such as
"On coronado Beach. The heroes of
the Boer war also have a good share of
a Mention. - One of the notable poems
Is a little tribute to Senator Hoar,
which closes as follows:
"For these and more than any speech
or song
May utter. Hoar, thou in' the senate
And taught mankind the ' truths sub
lime that must .
In Ood'a own time uproot all crime and
The law of love and : human brother
hood - mJ
The glory of a nation to-be Just"
-! VPoems,1 by Mr., Brant haven't any
special significance, .but-is a collection
of well - written and ; pleasant little
poems. " They are full of life and ani
mation witn an inspiring ; outlook on
life, and after all these are the poems
that are worth reading.- ' '
The last page, under v the . title of
"Flotsam." Is a half dosen or more
versos, trite, pointed and full ot boiled-
down wisdom. ., The closing Is a fair
example of the ones- that precede It:
"Ever and anon, there rises some -
Poor devil of a fellow,-some Jean Val
... Jean,: . .-.v a
Who. for, another. crucifies himself .,
And put the world to shame." .js-v':
'"Ballada and Lyrics" ia a delightful
collection of short poems on a . variety
of subjects and written ta . ' various
moods happy, grave and- gay. Some
are of a descriptive nature and a -few
border . on, : the patriotic, with here and
there a bit of quiet humor.; "Nostalgia"
Is in this latter olass. It was written
In Paris In 1900, and the opening lines
tell the story of the homesick Amerl
can: .
"Confound that little passing band that
is playing In the street
And that keeps a-Jlngling In my ear the
tuna that home is sweetl
Don't I know how sweet my home land
. Is 7 Don't I wish both night and
- day ' , . ,
That my : dear old fatherland wasn't
.. quite so far. away 7,
Abe Martin by Kin Hubbard,! with
illustrations , by ., the, author.' ;Th in
troductory. note informs tha reader that
"persons who have ' tried all known
patent medicines .will do well to try
these Abe Martin dandellonand sassa
fras cooktalls before turning their faces
to the wall.'. Abe; Is how an established
institution, and no supper-table is com
plete without him. v The clods are soft
er under the weary hoof and the plow
handles' easier : to manage 'after, a , mo
ment's communion with Abe, . He Is
Plato, on . a , cracker barrel; ' or radiant
Socrates after' Xantlppe's departure to
visit her own . folks in Tecumaeh town
Much of the material of tha book
has been prevlouslyf published in the
Indianapolis : News, to which ackndwl-
edgment Is. made. The introduction Is
ia by Meredith Nicholson, who says It
is with a clear conscience he can, give
his Indorsement to this "symphony In
gingham," which refers to' the binding
of the book, which is of , a brilliant red
and white , checked gingham. A dedica
tory poem by" James 4Whltcomb 'Riley
pays a tribute to Mr. Hubbard's pecu
liar kind of wit and humor, made mani
fest through both pen and pencil, and to
the man; aa wall. '-,v.:S -. -.J'.;.;
The entire book has a decided Indiana '
atmosphere which' breathes that liter-J
ary spirit which has grown up and. Is
centering about Indianapolis.
The book ! not a oontinuqua story,
but is the wisdom of Abe Martin shot
forth In short, homely comparisons or
keen observations of common facts
which fnost people pass over without
noticing their applicability, and at the
same time he teaches a lesson ha pro
vokes a laugh. . Bobbs , Merrill Co.
Price , $1.00,
, Illustrations. In May. Mcdure's The
cover - of , the . May, Mcdure's Is
full color .reproduction of a Blendon
Campbell painting, and the frontlspleoe
a color Illustration by F. H, Schoonover
to accompany . Bi t P. Connollys "The
Fight of the Copper King.", - This article
Is also well. Illustrated.-by several, fine
photographs ana vie wa
"The Entrance of ExekleL" by Lucv
Pratt Is illustrated by numerous pen and
Ink drawings- by-Frederic Dorr Steele
Reproductions of eight fine portraits
of generals of; the civil war Illustrate
"The Reminiscences of: a Lona- Life."?
E. Ik Blumenscheln contributes several
strong luustratlons for " A Fight tn
One Round." ' Gertrude,: Partington
made four beautiful drawings that have
etcning cuaiiuea xor , "The oentle Rob
ber.", "Mary . Baker Eddy" la pictured
with portraits of several of Mra Eddy's
eany aiscipies ana a full page picture
or ner inircunuaoand, Asa Gilbert Eddy.
"Through' the Eve of the Kaadle"
r wmiam Dean Howells, This is the
most notable novel , , to appear this
month, and, waa only aiven to tne public
this week, 'W- " -'-'
xone in tne great masters most ae-
Ughtful .style' ' this , novel . lefls the
whimsical story of how a certain kind
of what Is called socialism really
works. iA traveler from Altruria falls
tn love with, and marries a charming
American, woman: takes her to Al
truria, where aho has an interest::
time learning how to live in a country
which has no money and where one can
get things only , by working three hours
a , day a country where you can't tell
cook from a lord, or a ranner rrora
a poet . It is a delightful story of love
among peculiar conditions.
The significance of the title lies in ,
the fact that the heroine finds herself
confronted by a dllemna of relinquish
ing her great fortune,.wAlch would be
of no,.us tn Altruria; or relinquishing
happiness as represented by the man
she loves and the Ideal land to which
ha has taken her. Harper A Brothers.
trice si.60. -."..
"Tha Truce in the East and Ita After
math" By Putnam Weals. In his pre
face, Mr. Weaie says: 'Tha time baa
now come when a further estimate of
tha actual conditions obtaining In the
Far East seem desirable. In a former
volume. The reshaping of the Far East'
an effort was made to present in
readable form a detailed account of
things aa they then existed tn further
Asia, and also to show what might be
expected to occur. In the immediate
future. ' Many questions are
dealt with faithfully and in a manner
wnicn may occasion pain to tnosa wno
hava come, to the conclusion that the
Faf Eastern problem Is at last as good
as settled. That such is not tha case,
however, Is already patent to observers
on the. spot.: iiJl-S-i
It is from this thesis Mr. Weals de
velops what Is probably the most acute
and significant analysis that has been
made of the Far Eastern situation since
the Russo-Japanese War. ' ' ' -
The Macmllllans are MR, weaie's pub
granted, it Is safe to say. to so young
a writer, i
During his stay he called one morning
at the offices of his publishers, the C
M. Clark publishing company, and was
surprised and delighted when he was
handed a check for $750, , being bis
royalty on the Arab 8,000 copies sold of
his book cf travel. When It Is remembered'
that tha book waa not published, until
last Christmas week and that tha check
was merely the first royalty payment
his pleasure and satisfaction will ba
"Beatrix of Clare" By ; John Reed
Scott In Mr. Scott s new novel Richard
the Third Is one of the leading charac
ters and is portrayed in a very different
aspect from the general ; conception
neither a - hunchback nor deformed.
neither ugly or a devil la human form;
but a man no worse, and , some better
than the majority of, prlnoes and kings
of his time and age of boundless am
bition, unswerving ' determination . and
supreme ability. It, baa been many
years since Mr, Bcott was nrst per
suaded that Richard tha Third was a :
vastly different character, and a victim I
of Tudor . Ilea and - now that a promt-1
nent New York publisher promises an
important and historical work on this
same Richard, which will endeavor to
show by documentary evidence that the
popular belief is the had character of
Richard the Third is a mistaken one,
it must be said in Justice to Mr. Bo-U
that his manuscript was rn the hands
of his publishers some months before
this historical work was announced.
J...B Uppincott company., Price $1.50.
When C F. King. Jr., tha youthful
author .of "A Boy's Vacation Abroad."
visited 1 Boston for his Easter holiday
from St John's school at Mnnlliia. M v
ha enjoyed tin experience never before
BllUard-Baila Made From MJIk. '
Billiard-balls, boxes for handkerchief si
Ink-wells, combs, eto,. are now made
from skimmed, milk. Mllkstone, or
'galallth," as It fs called. Is a combina
tion of slammed, milk and formaline.
and is made by a simple process. .
Tna - equipment of i tha : manufactory
consists of a huga tank. Into which the
milk Is pumped; and connected with thia
by means of an inclined trough Is another
tang with a wide, square opening. Over
this opening are placed, one about tw
lnohes, abova another, three wire sieves,
varying In fineness, tha lowest one be
ing of very close mesh.
From a huge vat Into Which certain
chemicals hava been, poured the milk it
pumped through short pipes Into tl
first tank mentioned, where it i
threshed about by a arises naddia t,.,-
II minutes. Tha bunahole of thn t.
la then opened, and what was once mi:.,
is forced out by air-pressure in t;
form of - a yellowish-brown no , .
This Is called chemically-treated "en-'.
In"; and it is sent down the inoi i
trough through -the three sieve t ? ,
second tank, where It la mixed with
formaline and poured" out on tn ,
slaba-to dry. The formaline eoii ,
the powder casein, and forma tt it-. .
horn-like substance which has teen ,
en tne name of "galallth."
What Ja fleet miracle of ehar,?
A sudden sunburst sometiT)" t
Bee yonder flutter ot pri - i it' i
And now behold
Where the rathe flowors v ! 1
Their freshly klndlo-l r : , ,
After tha brooding a:: :- (
Harmonious ranr r-i i
UpmounUna; j i
And after the rr; ;
Over all irtlj a v
. - r.'