The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, May 05, 1907, Page 31, Image 31

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, C t U UUUd
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Salts to Orient Break All Rec-
; ordt and Millars Refuse
.Br Hymaa H. Cohea,
i Weeke msrkst fssturtei J
lamni 4m l ta tknt."-" .. ','" j
v Beaeatleaal wheat sdvennts, '
: Cretmtry hatter galas fJraaeaxi t r r
:" Exorbitant flgurs tar poultry. ' ..
sggs steady, with storage demand. i- l
Flgbtlag Mf mil ncease. .'.'!''
. -. Petst puktt aot wry bsd. ' '5 V '? .
Onion huh It it aa end. '' :..''"
Mop mb ere nuch discouraged. ,; .',-(,
, W U creamery batter appears, "--f
. Tlllameek cheese 4emasd heavy. ;,'.' n
' Sasrmen Deal la Fleer .
There vu a continuance of the enormoe
expert flour demand during tbe tMk lust
. snded. - Instsad of tb volusis bowleg coa-
fraction, tber mi a actable, Increase la
rear cabled froa tba otbr 1K . rrmn U
barta ol cblaa aod lapaa and from Riwala tba
tuv4 U tba araataat la btatorr. Wblla fba
aia art not name at dqd ikmw ai
ttu tlM aa tbar did wbc ataklnf prtpara
ttoaa tot tbair war wltk Raaala. It waa aot
tbttr (aalt that tba -volnaia of aiuliMta.wat
aot aa rrtat Tbef vaated tba lkor, aod
, eabM tba ardara ail rlgbt, bat nlUara hat
. bad alaawbera la tba C tilted gtataa wara la aa
aotttkia aa All fktm. TbU vat tprlly trua
waaa It cama to ordera for tarl ' allTarr.
7 Aaoordtag to a promliMot aiUlar at ibla cltr
, bit BllU coald aatllf bara auld all tba fill
' it aipacta to. naaafactara dartDt tba ant aU
" ajaatba wttbla tba paat alt daya. , -'
TUv U Sattlaf atba Soaraa.
AJtbouf b tba prlea of trport floar baa ad
aaad to tS.M and (S.M par barrel durtn tba
paat law dara. tbat did aot atop U ordera
froai eomlof. 1 A Japaneia ctblt racalvad od
Frldar duKm a firm of far for 1,000 bacrela of
' floor at 13.05 a brrl, but tba rd Waa
toraad dowe. bciuw aiUleri ooald bot fill It.
' A faw wcoka aco mtllara iroald bara baen wf
; alad to bara aold aU tbatr product at M-W
' for export, bat bow. tbr ra forced to refuea
offtrt of 13.86. .-..;'.
let demaad for floor la not only brary from
. China aod Japan, bat Siberia la la tba market.
Vt . Kaaalaaa 'bara aold conaldarablo wbrat
tbl mm oa bacauaa It waa bleated aa tba
t otbtr lda at Siberia, wbera It waa not
. wanted. Ta brtef It to the Padtle aide wonld
, eoat aarb a blfb fretfbt rata r that . It waa
aoaa4 ca per to bell tba wboat to Europe,
and than rebar from tbe United Statea. ; Tbla
baring demand for botb wheat and flour front
Siberia la eereral timet aa great aa tba rolvme
of wheat ealea aiade by that eooatry. tateat
cabled adrleea from Baeala aar that tba :
famlaa a mack worae tbaa flrtt axperted, and
It to bow a certainty that the United Statea
wfll be aaked to feed tba atarrlng antfl the
- next crop la ready for Barrett. . Erea tbaa It
la aot at aU certain at tbla time whether
the Kate la oa ran take care of tbemaetrea, be-
. Canee wop proapecta are ro; poer were
' OaatraJ AmtHoa Heavy) Bayer. ;
- fjMrtral Amertra U a heary barer of floor
t tbla time, and a large per cent ot the raere
' from there are tarD4 dowa. Howerer, they
are aaora gaaaraUy filled Uea are tba Orlaatal
ardara. bacauaa there la a belter demand In tbat
. aontrr for oar atralffht btraoda: While aome
gradea better the tba anna! atport btanda
hare -been going lata the Orient ef lata, awing
to the eoornwoa demand and the acarclty" of
the regular duality., the trade In general' on
j tha other aide baa not ret been -wllUng to par
the adranced flgara which ; would -allow fha
aaianeni oa neat grto. 7 --i.
At thle time ntBaerratire reftlmatea Plica
;fba amount at" wheat . In tha entire Pacific
BorTOireetUie aina araiiaDie or tiuiiwm
4,000.00 baeheM. Tbla la tba aatalleet .anaoaat
' ef wheat remaining anuaed at title tlate at tha
' rear, tor aome time, aaa aeceenta m a anaatara
for the great etrengUi la ' the local raluaa.
On aoeoant of the great acarcltr of wheat.
' mBT of tha amatlee mlUara hare beea forced
to aloae their inautauona, aaa ir,aua, oui
aide ef ,tbe larger onea will be la operatloa
tha latter earf of tha sreaeat month. Thla
la tha reaaoa whv blneetem baa Jumped to 80e a
boahel In tba local market, and aar kind
, , ef mllBag wheat la worth within 8e baahel
ef that, ealue . . 1
Exorbitant rinrei for renltrr.
Daring tha paat week rerr caorbltant fig
area wara paid for freak" poultry br tha local
.' trade. la aoaoa loetancee lira bena anld ad high
. aa Uc a pounds , Tbla figure to aa high. bow.
. erer, that the trade was not anlta ae anxiouc
to pnrcbaaa at tha cloaa ot tha week, tad noma
eonceaaloB in price waa meoe. niuie . uie
trade at tbla time la largely is eeeterm dressed
stock,- there la alwajc a good damaadsfor Ura
teeal Mia. -.. ..-f--
With rerr heary storage demand, the agg
market, acted somewhat- batter the-latter part
ex the week and prices held stationary. At
the first of tbe week recelpta were ao heary
that area with tha beary cold etoraga eaU the
market did aot 'cleaa up, and tbla resulted In
a decline In ralue. ' '
It baa beea many daya since tb local eheaee
market was to firm a ad btgh at thla time of
tba raw. , Bacelpta from Tillamook are quite
:falr. but emaad la that much better tbaa be
fore rthe ehtpmeate , arrire. ther -1 arc ; already
aold. ; The artlral of aome falr-ilaed ablp
menta xrom vauiornia neiie iw iu, m. w
mand aoaeewbati but tha California article la a
Terr poor subatltata ror me uregoa prooacr,
1 and tha trade la waiting for more home ablp
meats. -'
. llrhtlna-.Vaw rich Uoaasa. .
'jott whether tb maater flah warden will
enforce the law according to the . letter ana
.wm ii haiullera of aalmoa aa annual , Il
ls What w worring . w kw mui
61y. . Flea dealers ear taer are -an-
tnetw alaarimiBated against ia toe matter oi
paring Ucenea for the selling or nan, ana
now they propoa to force the retail groeara,
If possible, to par to handle canned
salmon. It is etated by tba th mea that tha
llceate law does not erst snr particular urn,
and that all handlers of salmon flah mast pay
tba fee. Attention of the maater flah warden
baa been called to the matter by local whole
sale, hot tbaa far bs has Veceired do reply.
Ia anr event, the- retail grocers ear tber do
aot proposa to par the Ucenea,' no matter what
eonrae tba nan waraen purtoes, ana met an
the machinery of tbe statn Bteoclatlon wilt he
ored te balk tba plan.' Then again the flah
eVelerf ar that nnlret til lalnKa handlers par
tha license they will refuae, preforrlng to
take the matter to th .courts because of aW
leg4 dlMrlmlna tlon. , .,
' Potato Xarkat I Bot Terr Bad.
' While a v conalderable number of ' tare of
MtiiM here- let air arrived ' at all
market of th Paolfte coast, the hlpmenta
were aot maae in anr greec numoera,- me om
geatlon being caneea or ireigoi oiocaaoe.
cording to tba present standing of th eastern
potato markets stocks cannot be laid dowa her
Snder Jc Practically no shipments will here
sfter be shipped (ram tba eeet to tba Pacific
mast, on aecoant -of the ehortage tber and
the conatquinit higher rslaes. The trade here
ta not a bit worried erer th prdapecta, the
claim being made that It will not take more
than a week or two to clean up ererr Tear of
eeterntoek art liable, and there will Dot he
cieni nomoer or uregone leu to mate
rular.t'la alL there are leal tbaa 60 care
j fit Oregon potatoes held la-all haada In, thla
,LI. M ..ll 1m ikl.Ai ...
' held br ana San Franclacq bona. The back
wardnese " of the potato aatana ; ererrwber
will frather extend tha aeaaon for aelng .eld
aotatoe oa tha Pacific coast, and to the opin
ion af tha trade, ' make a demand for ererr
gark f jota toe now remaining . aDceneumed..
, For sereral yea re Oregon potato growere hare
-peea erring for a rhang of eeed. and bow
bare the epnortnnlty . to put In soma at those
'. ' fancy" Mlnnesotas. - . ; : ''
. ''"S'JKopataa 'Jlrai' Huob' Ouwesaiagad'fcr.
BTucb dlMouragemeat 1 being expressed .br
boo growere over tb prevent situation.. Ma-
terlala oard In bop culture are Terr blgh labor
la high and acaree, and thn outlook for valoea
Is far from 'encouraging. '' Ownere of old yards
romplala .that proapeeta, are Indeed gloomy
- In their placet, aa a la re per cent ot the vine
. . arc misting, and it will not par to cultivate
the remainder. Eren la tbe beat yards growers
do sot aeem diipoaed to dVr ajiyork,' as tber
tar the prlcee are aot likely to pay them.
The asms conrtlHon extats ta practlcatlr ererr
1 ' hoe-raising; -country .la .th world,, low valnea
catalog a. general lark , of rulUrartotu Tbe
- trade here to generall of tha oplnloa that
anleaa extraordinary aondiMona prevail tha
World'a crop will be aanalderablr eurtelled the
coming aaasoa. However, thla offers but Uttle
anoouragemeot ' to producers, beeana brewere
purehaaed a- auf ftcient amount . af bepa tba
paat aeaaon to fill their requirements for al
most another rear. .,- I
Dnrlng the paat week there was bnt nominal
trading ta the loeai nop maraai. a. eonaiaeraoiv
aumber af affere were secelved from eastern
dealers and brewere. but all at tow prtcee
which would not enable tha trade here to bur.
All outaide markets reflect tha earn aentl-
meat. '.-. c - .' ' ;r.'v''' ,' -:
Tha trade . cava the following prices
Front street." Prices paid shippers are leaa
regular, eommisalanai v - . t 1 ,.
...:. alB fUrni and race.
flBAIIf BA0S Calcutta, a, larga lotsi amaQ
Iota tOe. . - . i.
WHEAT Clab, Tct red Bosalan, TSc btne-
stem, unci valley, mtiiwv , - , - ,
CORN--Who ie, WWi arackad. $96.00 per
BABLKT New feed, 111.0003 0 per toa;
rolled, im.oniiMXWi Brewing. w.wnaJM.
. arrw ai .wi ser rwt.
' OATS New Preduoera' price Wo. I wblta,
tzi.umm.vo per ton; gray, l2d.o0QST.o0.
rLOL'ft Eaetera Oregoa - paten ta.. at.Wl
etmlghte. 13.78: export,; valley, f3.W)'
10; grabam, via. mjw; wnoia waeat,; ga.TO,
re. 50a. aif.OAi bales. 13. TS. . :f i
MILMTUrnW Kren, ,117.00 per toof mid
anaga, gxs.uw; aeoria, roaairy aw;ou. mif,
IID oO: cboa. IId.OO0xl.OO. '
M A V Prodocere' price Timothy. Willamette
sailer, fancy. (I4.00xl8.00: ordinary. 112 ooifl
Mi eaatera Ore. I).i")cxi.wi miieo, gioq
10.60: clorer. sa.aoa.00l rein. Is. 003 10.00;
rbeat. .oa ' " - . -v"
Batter, Zgga sad Poaltry.
ft OTTER FAT f . ' a. ; b. Portland Sweet
cream,, ric; eoiir, ia. ' ..-. -
BUTTER Cltr creamery, ISHe; eeraad. tOc
etjt.Me.-.- fancy, ZHi aeoeoda, : SOct atore.
riMin Exrra rancy. canaiea. mue.
CHEESE Mew Full creata., flats. Ifll7e:
Toung America.. ITdJlS. . - : r. ...
POUt.TRY Mixed chickens, lBWe par fbl
fancy bane. IdQKH per lb; ronstsrs.' old. 13d
per id; om siaxs, i'gixe per in; rryere,
HVO ana. ; nroners, e-wo ooa; oia OBCBS. 1H
Its oeT lh.i sprlag 4- -ka. INc Per Ib.l ceese
10e per Ibl turkeya. 17c per lb for old; eqsebe,
11.00 per doss plgeone, $1.00 per doe. Created
poultry iffini per 10 nigoer.
Bepa, Waal and Bides. :
BOPS 100i eroB Prima to 'abolea. aei
eium ro prime, ovi'bicj pwaiua awotaei
trtcts. 1007 croa. 10a.
WOOL 1007 dip Taller, lTC2oci eaatera
aioiiAiu acw isvT zaoavMC. .
SHIKPMKINS Sneering. ifttxlWe earhi abort
wool, tfuc; medium weoi, . oootoc ., aarb)
toaa wool. 7&c$1.00 each.
TALLOW Prime, aer lb. liafliei Ha. 1 aad
grease, xijisxHe,
CHITTIU 8 A BE (OSc for car lotsi small
HIDES Orr, H I 11 )ba and ap, lTfl
I So per lb; dry kip. No. 1, to 16 lbs, 16laci
dry calf. No. I. under t I he, BOe: salted hides.
steers, aoand, 40 lbs aad aver. SttQsei aowa.
SRc: ataga aad bulla, aoead. egflo; kip,
IB id JO Iba, BC calf, aooad, hndcr 1 tba, lie;
grat-a, anaaitM, le ices; cons, ic per lb Meat
boras hides, tilted, rack, fl.00iftt.00: dry, aech.
$1.0aiJ0; edt hides, SSeoOc; goat sklna,
eommoB. . each. lOOiae; Angora, each, Me
ai.Wi aneep asms, xocvsi.BU
Fralta aal Tsaratabla.
POTATOICS Borlag prica. eaatera Ifaltea.
maa aaa uacsamaa, aeiect, aeii
Inc. fane. tJLOO: ardlnarr. tohhlna.
xixis esararn ureson. bi.bbiii.bu: " Minna.
aota, fl.T6U3.00; a areata, pa per lb; ' aew pota-
esaa. H per lb. 1 -f,
ONIO.NS Jobbing nrlce Mo, 1 Oregoa, fl.Tt
3.S6i No. t, fl.00Ol.lBI Taaaa, ea par lb)
garlic, Saaa per lb,
APPLES PenafW&oM River Spttaeoberg ' and
Tallow Kewtowna, It. 76; fancy Wtllamattc
valley aad aootiierB Oregea. H.oOffllOO.
FRESH FRUITS Orange, new navel, 13.60
C3T3I Mediterranean eweeta, $3.361160;
tangerlaee, 11.36; bananas, so per lb
lemons, a. 0026.38 per box; ltmea, Vlexlcao,
$1.36 per 100; nl-eepplee t4 t)tst.on per tnc;
grape . fruit. fJ8: atrawberrlee, f 2. 60 2. 71
per erst of, 19 boxoa; cherries, $3.60 per JO-lh
VEGETABLES TuralpK bsw. .-P0c$i ' ssck
earrota. Tocfifl.OO per tack; Mats, $1.76 pel
aaek; parantna. $1.001.86; eahbags. $.T6i5;
tometoea, Mexican, 12.26; Florida, t4.o0ig6.O0
paraolpa, INXtif 1 iK), atrlBR beaaa, lag per 'lb
cauliflower, $ doa; peas, 6aKl
twreeradtab. ee pr lb! artlcboket. T5cal 00
per doat aumwar equaab, $3.00 - per - box;
ortsberriea, $llX)0(3 il.OO per bartel;
sprouts. : ( ) .per U; asparagna, l3Vtc;
rnuoara, SQSe per lb; greea anions, I Be doa;
Florida bell pepnera. 3oe oer lb: lolnach. $1 .3.1
Per box: head lettuce. AOe doai hothonae. 11.75
&1 boit cucambers. $101-60 doa: radiahea, 16c
doa bunchee; eggplant. 20c per lb. - K
OSLlt-D FMUir-Applea, evaporated. tV,C
per id: apneota. ivjrve per in: peacnee,
ISOllUe aer Ibl aackt. U.e aar lb leaa: arunea.
60 to 40. lone; He drop on raeir 1-10 amaller
eiaw, iigt, taiiroroia Biaca aootte -per io.
mirornie white. 16He dates, goldea.
$0.64 par box: farda. $l.0al.6O per la-lb box.
v 910081108, . Bats, . Xta.
BDOAB t'allfnrnla ' Raarallan Oaha.
f8.87H: powdered. fi.TSHS berry. $4.67.; dry
granulated. $6.63)tt Star, $5.ny; eonf. A,
JAMil extra , f.3Hi goldea g, f4.ZM
v yeiiow, aeHiHS oeet granuiatea. fa-exw.
Weatam t'ube. 33.87Ui nowdered. 13.73U
dry cranulated. 45.6214: P. C. i5.3U: St.
Francia, : $5.42H; ooofectlonere' A, v $SJH!
fxtrt C,. $3.02 H; goldea C, $4.SHl tV Fallow,
h.H! Beet graauiated, as.axt Barren,, tuc;
nta barreia, xac Boxes, uc aaranos oa saes
(A bore Brtea are SO gars aal cash ouota-
uona.i ?
wojskt fs.eo par ante, i
COFFEE Packaxe brands. 115.881118. 83.
-BALT Coaree Half oonad. 100. $11.00 per
ivuf iNh eli cauie, uiir;, wc, f t,w, vvm
114.76; bales, $3 00; Imported Liverpool, 60c,
els.00; 'tOOe, $17.00; 324a. $10.60; extra floe,
bole. 3a. 6a and 10a. B4.60C1&.60: Uvaroool
lump rock, $30.60 per too; e-Tb. took, $11.00;
IOUS, 0.60. .
(Above srioaa anolr to salee ex leer tnaa
car lots. Car lota at special price subject to
BICkl . ImDerial Jaaan. Ma, L ec: No. 1
t ar Orleans, bead. To; AJax. 6c; Creole,
6Wc. : : ,.-- - -
BEAMS Smell - whit. 13.)! torn white.
$3.86; pink. $8.3Sl barns, $4,761 Uawa, 61e;
klealcan reda. so.
NUTS Peaaatei Jambo. Wo per iht rir
tlnla. 7V.C nor . lb: roaated. 10c aer lb: Java
sest, 66H; roaated, 7TH per h; oocee
outs, 864J&0C par doa: walnata, Callforuta, lot
per lb; French, 15e per lb; pine ants, 14tJlQc
oar lb: hickory aats. 10c Mr lb: cbeetoats.
eaatera, 16Q16C per lb; Brssli nuts, 18c per
tp; riiberts. tec psr to; aacy pecans, ugwe,
aluoads, 1631,c. , ,
- 1 ateato, Flah aad PtcvIsIob, -FRESH
MEATS Front Btreet Hora. faacr.
$HG0c per lb; veal, extra, 838ftc par lb;
ardlnarr, THc par lbs poor, 4c per lb; mat
ton. fancy,1 83c per lb; aprtng lambs, 12(2140.
1th pelts,' per ia. -' -v ' .:.!.
UAka. BACON. (ETC.-Portland back (locail
hama. 10 to IB Iba, lOo per lb; 14 to 14 lbe.
lbo per id; . js to so lua, ioc; oreakiaat
bacon. 16(821c per lb; picnics. UUc per lb:
cottage roll, 11 He per lb; regular short cleara,
ana rooked.. 11 Ha. pel lb; araoked. 12V4 per tbt
clear backs, auamuked, 11 Ho; emoked. ISu lb.
lb; uulon outta, io to is, lot, srismt.tea, ce
per lb: emoked. e per lb; clear bellle. aa-
amoked. ll4a per lb; smoked. 1 Bit o per lb:
ahoulders,' 12c per lb; pickled tongues. 40e each.
LOCAL LAKO nettle leaf, lut, lsue net
Ibt 6a. 1340 per Ibr 60-lb tlaa. 12 aer lbi
a team rendered, lot, Ikwc per lb; 6a, lr
per lbi compound, 10. SVie per lb., .-t,;
r 1'iuurh ml U(lll-A,lnml,l. Un. t i ii,
talis. 41.80: 3-lb telle, $2.78; fancy 4-lb flata.
$1.M; H-lb fancy flats, f.16! fancy l ib ovale.
$2.78; Alaaka taut, pink., booc( red, gl.OO
utmlnaL 3a. toll. 13.00. . -
ri8U Rock cod, 7e per lb: flnondere, 4c per
Hi; halibut, ac in; etripea Date, izc-ib; eatrien,
10c lb: aalmoa, freeh Columbia Chinook, tV,e lb:
ateelbeade. ee per lb: herring. 6e per lb: soles.
4c pel lb; shrimps, lOo per lb; pereh. se per
lbi black cod, 7 pm lb; tomeod, Tc;
lobttsrs, ioa per , mi rreaa. . mscaeru, ec . per
lb; erawflah, 30c per- doa; storgeon, 10c per
lb: black ' bs.r., 30c per M ilolumhie M-T
melt, 4c per lb: ibtd. 4a per lb; roe shad, 6
Per lo: ansa roe, too per id.
OYSTERS Shoe I water nay per gallon, $3.80;
ir 100-lb tack. - $40: - Olympla, per gallon,
1.88; per US-lb Back. $8.&0,8Jiat Bagla.
janned. lOC.Caa, ei.w ooa.
, n auSL.Haeriehe11. ner ' bos.. U.aOr
clams, $3.00 psr box. iu per oos.
Zyw: alht,-CoU 00. Sto.
ROPB Per Manila, IBKc; standard. I8Xc
slaal. Ua. ' -
COAL OIL -Pearl or Aatrt 1 Cases, 18Mc per
gel; water wblta. froa bbls, 14c par tall
woodts. ITS per gall neeaiigoi, iiu oeg, caeee,
BollNB S8 deg., , Casax, 34 M psr fall
Mae aal.. .
Iron bbls. 18C pee xai, - . i -
X BBNZ1NB H degreascs, rTBe per gall Iroa
bbls, 18H per gai. .',(." - . v -r-'-.
. TCBPBftiTINS-rlB easss, 44c per gall wood
bbta. Me per gsl. .
WBITB LEAD Toa tots, e per Ibj BOO-rb
lota. 8c per lb; lees rts, 8U per lb.' ( j
, WIB8 NAILS Present seals st $3.S.
UNSEED OIL Pure faw, tn 8-bbl Wtt.TgOc
I-bbl lota, 84ei esoesi 48c per gslf geaame kettle-boiled,
caeea, 40c per gall 8-bbl lota, 4441
i-bbl lota. We pet gal; ground cake, oar lata.
MM. get , toaj, leaa. (haa.aaf U, .$3040 per
km. . , -,. K, , , ,:V - ilU. z
i r
' ! (Betrst Kewa Barvloa.) ' '
.' Maw Tort Mar 4. Thar wag
llttl faatur abroad. Parla wag d
firm, and with Ruaalana up on it)
tha offlcUl denUJ that 4 new
foreign loan was contemplated,
French remea oloaad at an ad
anoa i and discounts at Parts
mad a small decline. Berlin
wa firm. In this market arbl-( e
traga Anns war reported as bell- 4
Ing about $,000 aharaa at tha
opening. London was Irregular
with - Invaatrotnt, Issues , firm.
Amartoans In , London . war
heavy, with general , f raotlonal
loaaea. Foreign exchange In thla
market y showed eonelderable
strength and' made a good reJly.
Tha bank statement provided the
usual weekly surprise. Tba loss
In tha bank surplus . reserves
e' amounted - to ' $$,$53,180. Tha
e caah loss amounted to $l.li8,ooo.
4 Loans Inoreased by $1,06,700,
4 while deposits Increased $14.
;41$,4Q0.!f.u v.V. V'-i:,,:i,' W.,v
. uk I-.. . ...M .a t- et a
Vet W88KS. '
Amalxamatsd ' ....
St, Paul .......... 1
C. N. W....... 1
C. O. ............
Colorado Foal
Erie ...
Csr Ai Foundry.,,
Cotton Oil
Locomotive .......
Sugar b.,..
Anaconda ........
Atchlaoa .........
Greet Northern.... U
Missouri Pacific...
National Lead..... 1)4
N. V. Central......
North era Paolfl.. lti
Baltirotjre Obi.
Brooklya , ,,
UPnnaylvanU .....
uentrai Leataar,
ia Reaaina
Great Wee tern. .
Hock maao , i
Pressed Steel Car
Southern Railroad..
Republic Steel.... U
V. 8. Steel
do preferred
Southern Pacific. .. 1
Union Pacific 1141
NET OAINS. . 'v.- '
Denver ........... ttlllllnol Osatral.,.. I ,
Mexican Central., plasty .... v....... W
rsdsral Smal.,..., 3 . : . ;
(Tirbllsbcre. .Preaa by 8 pedal Leased Wire.)
Well Street, Mew York. May 4. Tbe inertia
of tbe preceding weeka ea tbe stock exchange
has been partly broken st least la 'this wears
dealings. While pre fate local operators bar
still beea raapoMlbl for moat et tbe business
dona, th range of Interest baa beea more as
tended la the volame ot traassetloas. Moreover,
from , a speculator's viewpoint It was regarded
aa of much slxalflcanee thst r nets have ex.
hlblted most ef tha time e strongly rising tea.
doner ta tba fact af outside lethargy, which,
to aar tha leaat. have not beea enooaragtng.
Tha market has bad ta contend with, decided r
unfavorable - advices from tha crop districts.
aooomDanled br a sharp advaaea la tba price
of grata with aa extremely poor showing ef
railway net eamtaxa reported for the asoath ef
Mercb. with a percepnote aaraaning ox can
owner rataa and with tba anoonneeraent f a
new Issua ef AteblsoB bonds, which bsa brengbt
lot view aaala that hnpleaaaat phase et in
railway problem that bore so grleTtooaly apoa
tha financial altuatloa et three moaua ago.
i . Ooppar abttl Xlghar. - .
Soma offset to theae adveraa mflaaaeea hat.
ea the other band, been affected by the rise
la, tbe copper metal to. tbe highest price In
y tare and adda strength te th present condition
b the steel trade. Steel corporation made a
most imprest Ire statement for the March quar
ter, and It waa axplslaed that had It not beea
for the great floods towards the end of the
winter, which cripple ta puna ta that rjero.
itv for sereral weeks, the net earning ef tha
company woald bare surprised ell previous
records. 1 " -v - " .
... A more powsrfnl - Incentive - to epectlatire
baring were toe rumor or a bow financial pn
for the Union Pacific, which would Involve tba
eegrsgstloa ot tbe company's brveetment bold
loss In a new company, the stock: of which
would have beea offered te Union Pacific atoek
holdere la each a way aa te yield valuable enb
BcrtptloB right. Whether there la any foaade
tloa for these reports may be greatly doubted.
There was case enough for the special rise In
t'niou Pacific merely la the fact aa a aacarlty
reasonably sure of maintaining Its 10 par cent
dividend. It waa selling to low aa compared
T Raarat Naars hv Lsncsst Leased Wire. I
Baa FraBClaco, May 4. Tbs msrkst for old
crop potatoes waa duil, with sellers making
concessions, Tbsre waa a large quantity of
eaatera ea the market that had bean tied ap
across ths bar for some time, aad which had
deteriorated la quality. Leading race! vera were
protecting themselves against any serious de
cline by storlag ths best quality ef tbe surplus
stock. , Tallow onions were somewhat weaker.
Florida i tomatoes were cleaned op aaa Boot
were received from the eoutn. String besns
were less plentiful. Part of the day's supply
of garden vegetables arrived quite late.
December wheat cold at Friday bid price ef
$1.44 per cental. The spot markst was vcrr
firm, but quiet. . Cargoes oa paaaags were neio
bx sellers for recent prtcee, bat buyer were
lit dltpoeed to boy. " ' 'i.
There was no change In spot barleyy end the
msrket waa quiet, ' December declined (lightly.
May waa unchanged. Oats ruled firm.. - Tha
upper- grades of bay were steady te firm. A
fair local and ahlpplng demand for beaaa waa
reported, with prices steady. The recelpta of
floor were 4.M0 barrels. Including 1.808 from
Orexon and 3.T84 from Waablagtoa. Thar
were large recelpta ef bran, amounting to 8,861
sack. . aad Including T.8R4 aack from tba
north. ' .
In batter, cbeea and agg the recelpta were
much larger all round. The markst closed
(Special mspatcb to Tbe JoarsaL)
OrantsPasa. Or.. Mar 4V-JTbe run ef aal
moa In Bogu - river thla winter aad earing
has bees the amallea fos years paat Ths
catch of late la better, and fairly good Ship
ments are being made from tbla place, lae
unusual number ef freshets In ths. river this
paat winter is one causs of a shortage of
flah, but tbs. principal cause Is th excesnv
fishing for years past and tsklng of vast
quantities ot salmon sggs sack saason thst are
shipped to the C'lacxamaa sad oust naicosnea,
and when hatched the yonng riah are turned
tooaa In other etresms than Rogue river.'
Tbst salmon fishing I aa Importaat lodnatry
for Joaephin county ta lahowa br tba value
f the flah ahlpped from Grants Pass la tbs
uetStwe years, tbe salmon exported for 1908
amounting to $3T.O00 worth, and for 1804 fully
$30,000. Tb value I not expected to exceed
$30,000 for 1807. The shipments were formerly
mads br local dealers, but Wet fall the flah'
srmen organised tba Bogus Hirer Fishermen's
uuloa, and sow ablp their fish, which are
seat In Ice to the Portland and Baa Francteoo
market, commanding : a good pries, ss ths
Bogns river salmon asa Isrdly be dlstlngnlsbed
In sixs and flavor from the royal chlnook of
the 'Colombia river. . Ths anion bow bss 49
members, which' embraces ' all the fishermen
oa Rogue" rlrer abort the Coast mouatatns.
The officers ef the union are H. Oolaant, pree
ldent; J. H. Rime, rtce-preeldent; J. L. Co
burn, secretary ; ' L, L. Jewell, tressarer. Bd
ward Msgone, basinesa manager. - -
Trout fishing, both la Bogus river end le
ths mountain streams, Is good this spring, and
fin catcher are made by tbe lover of tbla
port. . .
Bostaa. -MaF 4. Bid . prices; " Adventnrs
.TS. AUom . 4.1L- .Arcadia. 87.80. AtlsatW
ltjBrinxbam 8J0.I0. Oslo mat $S6S, OenteBalal
V Copper xunge Ji, vajy west dia, avua
V- i : if'."- .
gyBOBTOir: cqppsb' iubxit. y j
wltk ether etocke. kit la awe to be remembered
tbat the validity ef a holding company te take
erer stocks ef competing noes was Sealed tor
all time ta tbe Kortbera Secarltle deeieloB.
While tba ease ef tbe Union Pacific la not tbe
same ta that many ef tbe securities owned are
those et non-competitors, It m difficult te ase
bow the' Union Pact fie could turn aver te a
holding concern Ita in terse ta la the Soothers
Pacific aad the Atcbteoa withoat violating tbe
decision ta tha famose merger salt. .
Summing tbe outside factors in tba week's
security movement, the wucn Bart operetta
against tbe market aeem stronger la tbe aggre
gate tbaa those which bars worked ta Ita favor.
Ia tbe face ef this the msrkst owes Ita booy
aney chiefly te the solidity of the conditions
wlthia itttir, ta toa net mat re waa uotvoguiy
liquidated In the great decline la March and
to tha fact tbat price, according to all accepted
meaatiraa, were very low,- r'-
Official eaotatloaa br ' Orarbock, Starr . A
uooee t o. i .
Amalgamated Oopper. ,
Am. O. A F., com....
Ana. Oottoo Oil, eon.
Am. Locemouve. com
American Siiaar. com. .
128 U
American smelt.,, eem.
to preKerrvu ...,.,,
ana con oa Mining v..
A mtri eta Woolen, eoat
Atcblsoa. com.,,.,...,
do preferred ....'.,
Baltimore A Ohio, son.
do Drafsrrsd
nreokiya av. T.
Canadian Pacific, com..
1T7U M4
ventral Lcatner,, com..
00 prererred .,.,,..
v. a u. w., com..M
a. a. Alt P....T.
ri84 lSdtf
Chlcsgo 4j N., com..
Chesspesks Ohio.....
Colorado Fael I., tost
Oolo. fiouthj, com
no 3d prererred.....
do let Braf erred
Delaware a Hudaoa. . .
D. A B. com......
do ore f erred .......
1 'a
Erie, com. -...........
ao s prererred ..,
do 1st n referred
Illlnolt Centrsl...,. ...
Lonltvin 4V Nethrille.
Manhsttsa Ball war....
Mexican Oentral By...
M.. K. T., ooa.T:...
do Dreferred .........
Oreei Northers.
Federal Bmsltera .....
Missouri Psclflc ......
Kstlonal Lead ........
New fork Central.....
N. T.. Out. a Wastara.
Norfolk West,, com..
T8H Tf . I T$H
no prsrerrea.........
Hortb Amerlcaa
Northern Pacific, com.
134 184 l4H
Pacific Mall g. g. Oo...
rcansyivanla Bsllway..
P. Q.. L. A O. Oo.....
Pressed Steel Car, com.,
do preferred, ,..,..,.
Btadlnx. com.,
do 3d preferred.....
do lit prtftrred.,...
Sep. -Iroa Steel, aoaa.
do preferred
Bock Ialaad, com......
' do preferred
St, L. 8. If lstpfd.
St L 1. W., com. . .
d preferred.,..,..,.
Son there Pacific, com.
do preferred. . .......
Southern Ry., cam
do areferred .........
ssu bsh BS
oi iZ
SOlil 8614 884
31 1
Taaneesea Coal A Iron..
Texas A Pacific:,
Tel., KU L. A W, ehm..
38 U
do nrtferred...
Union Pacific, com.....
do nrefetred. ... ......
U. S. Rubber, aoaa
do preferred...,
103 M,
U. 8. Steel Co., com....
do preferred,
301 9,
Webaab.' com
do oreferred.....'.....
Westers Union Tel......
Wis. Centrsl, com
do preferred
Virginia Chemical ". . . . . .
Total sales for the day, 851
40$ aharaa.
firm. Cheese eoattaacd firm. Krrs . w
firm for extraa and weak for tha tows arada.
Tha exchanges strict grading of egga, aad cob-
hava eha wiaelrat SMm a4n anaek
lower thla aaaaon. Kaatarn earn km smdI.
coming In, but. are placed la cold storage, wit
bo trsasscHons ao fsr oa ebsngs. .-
riva carload, ef grange, .rrtvsd FHtordv.
at wA ka anapkai 'samai 4lsi aaa. aVttfaa Bkaadaaani avat
Uses. Standard hve been ta particularly good
-t -""-' . - -v "-,."
mosuy on cnoice graaea. . lemons wore lets
.waa, vw uviur rvariim ffwoesiiy. - l aero dots i
beea no pineapple la th market for a long I
time, and there ha beea an active Inquiry
ror in em. rtney pruee caaid ee oouinea ror i
.. . . . I
awary steeetpts et svarnas,
: The recelpta . or atri wberrtea were qnlte
larga for the beginning of the sessoa, there I
being 314 chests from vVstsonvllle end 88 1
cnesia rrom nis aito, oesiaee some cratea i
from Los Aagtle. , Tbla market has ceassd to I
b attractive for Lot Angeles strawberries.
now that the receipts from orbsr points are
taadlly tncresslng. Ths recelpta ef cherrlea
wara larger, and by another week tbe market
prosaists to be Quite well snpplled with them.
The market wss fairly active for seasonable
Brew 33. Franklin S1T.B0. Oraene f ananaal
S14.13U. Mtehlean 118. Mohawk IM
Con. $15.13Vi. North Butte. $83.50. Old Dominion
S.V1 SI. naeeola sian. farent X2a Hm, im I
A.m. a V. .4 RA -.m.,.,, llQi IM.I.. ... KA
u a . w.w, AMM.a... y -, ,.11111.' ea.l.4ni, 1
titan Bot.oo, Tictona bb.btk. winons, Wol-1
.... - -".- V'. i
bio, Dim, voaia. i-i.ia. veioinei T Aritona I
1.1 38. Ely $9.13. Bagla tX Bast Butte $11.12. I
usivsnia, nippaasing,
xnrvxro statxb oovxBBhnnrT bobds.
Hew Tork, May dOovernment bonds;
Date. Bid.
Twas, registered ........., 1008 10.
do coodoo . . . 1030 104
104U I
Threes, registered 1018 103
' do eoopoB ............, 1918 102
Threes, small bonds.. 1918 102
Fours, Mglatared. new...... 1938 139
do coupon ran rmyt
Fours. . registered, old. .... 1907 10H
do coupon ....... j 1907 101 U
Fours. PhUlDBlne 1914 lOftVi
Twos, Panama, rcgwtcred. ..,.,. 104
108 .
do coupon ...... ......... ,...104
irxw tobx babk sTATikmrr.
New tork, Kay 4 Bank statement:
' Decree aa.
Reserve .........,...,.............1 6.833.ino
a teas v. a..,. ...... ...... ...... a.BCT.TTr,
Loans 14.003.700
Specie .................. ...... 341.800
i.exaia i.nTS.son
rDepoatta ....,.,........,.....,.., 14,416.000
-tjircuiatioa (....... v 61.000
Hsw Tork. May A Cot to fa tarts ;
Btgb. ' Lew. 4. . 8.
10(18 ' 10M ,( 1088 10M
1061 , 1060 ,'. 1061 105S
Mtr ...1014
1034 1018 .1020 ' 1014
; .... ...v , 1033 1 1010
1080 1014 1028 102O
101. . inoo J 1014 . )01A
loil IOihi itilB " 1004
: 1048 (. 1081 10M ' IONI
June ....,.. I.
July ..........1023
September .'...1011
October ,,.. 1044
. ... .- ' .,. ! 10S 10M
.1044 , tOst 1084 1043 : luAT
December .
. -A ' x
VVhat Price AU Over;
, Advances on 'Unfavorable
Crop Newt.-
I... f . ; .. .. eh
in Chicago Wheat- anarfeat.
la company with almost every .
market in tha world, made ben- -
satlonai advances In the prloa'e
during tha paat week.' Tbe un- 1
4 Xarorable crop 1 eondltlona aU 1
e -wtf Bupopt. and! tba poaaibllity 1 e
4 : tbat -a large per' eent of - tba.; e
e usual Canadian acreage will go .
uneeeaea oeeaua or a late sea. e
eon, were the helpful ; reaturea' e
4tbat' put up -the price. . Ameri
cy oan conditions were .not Jra- :,e
e ; proved and the report of Crap e
e Expert , Snow confirming the ' e
e former" damage did much' to e
4 hasten the rlotory of the buUa '
I T.T ;
I me!. ... -A.-
I ' vnivaw "naat , Vae,vBTBw ,)'; I . . , ...
1 -1 '. " Mara.. ui. imtlnnniniin 11111 1 tn 1
aMlsbra' 'JPrea by Special 'Leaead irtre.)
UHtsstk BIT e-WhaA, araa . a.w .
fainr wrga sraaatltl todsr aad a daciia .f
tboat He was the , coassquesea. Tha cenersl j
Mtuatloa waa rather strengthened tbaa weak.
w wj swn newa aa came to hand with regard
to t.waa' Prospsctlve crops.. The ball
were still vary much la evMaae. rw.
ware oois aaaiar ana about Ka lower.
LPrnrlalona Improved s trlf Is. -
r,Ln fket for wbsat bad a am let epenlng.
I weaKaeae tbat aium w.
- - HW. , II. I ,
or anr prospective Improvement In crop cendl
tlon, for th weather of the previous 4 r or
two did not help matters, i Cable from Uver
Pool and Antwern ennflrmat nr.,(Mu eae.
of the unfavorable outlook for rropc af Auatrla-
"""T, utrmany ana Bummania. with rises d
Ing tveoeatarr tn Rnaala. rhaea 1 Ma
aKf t2L.lttr j wlT tu nF!ng aplrlta of
uuiie ami rasnimai me msrket, . Local
receipts were IS ears aeatnat a a m an.
aad at Mlsne polls and Jureth 80S ears war
received compared with 1M rare hut yeer.
Liverpool futares wars from aachaaged t M,i
fewer, with spot Manitoba wheat H lower.
Parla Was Uc to Ua lower And Antwern with.
oat ebaag. May wheat closed He lower locally
m eix ton ee ana tic. wnien was a aeiaMreea
. lrvm ooivoxn prices ot toe day.
Oora Market Heary.
Oora was ao more active than It aaa hae.
and With all tba delar In r4sntln tha marka
" rv . ia wsaaneas oi aot prcvanx aar
ebsngc la the reaeral aitastion aad merely
reriectea me isaneover ef tha leaders in th
market. Who do not want a atmna. aa..a, a
I eerl r Is tha aaanthrav tu v.. a.,k I
I Bartlcnlsrlv. Iva1 vecelnra wara (u .... ....
1. . . w -
I w. w.w.vw vaaavw.. MTtrpgoi re-
Ported futnrea Mid higher, aeshoard clearance
wars 818,000 beshele against Aoe.OOQ last year.
Kattmate of MoBdara loenr recelpta was 348
cart- Tba markst mslhtshiad tba aaaw eaalina
with which It started and et tha close Mar. I
TmTw . . , ... ... . .7.1
JOwVsT I - , i
. : ... Oats rrio f ufata. , I. '
Offerirurs of oats In tha, a.rle eau .1 the
session exceeded the demand coasMsrahly aad
wnraanc correaDonuina oaniaaa to tba i nrkw.
May, bowsvsr, was tbe principal en ff erer amona
.L'!' -.Tl'..?!:lln, . ""J Mlr:
I witrai. leaueacr
prices artsr the esrly decline we to recover
STHfthe loss. Bstlmats of Monday local recelpta
wee sou can. ixicai receipt ror th oar were
z ear aaa iblpmento bene 175,000 boabcla.
Lard Demand a Relp.
Basinets In tbs boa msrket es renortad ream
the yards canted some tittle weaknsse ta tha
product at the atart, but there waa a gradual
recovery, doe mtnly to th Improraaeat that
developed la the demand for lard. Today'.
iIiPM !i TJ.
"m "J"' JL.thL
??.LUnr' . , T5t" 7 .',h WMk w,r
.d.wv J, iuw auuiiar wm jaat
year.. Setlmate of Monday's recelpta was 40,
000. with 148,000 for the week.
Ceab aales! Not t red. S0dlS3Uei No. 1
red. lV83w.: No. S hard, tea: No. t
hard. SdetaSc! anrine wheat Ma. S. TBSrAfte
OOrnNo. I, 4849ct No. B white, 804380401
Ko. S Fellow. 48H48Uct No. d. 48046.
usrs wo. a, tmci no, s white, 48et it.
S White, 411430.
Offlcitl Cblcsao Brtcaa br Orerbeek. Starr a
OOOk CO.. .. . .
Open. Risk
I VI Si Sj
ftrdVmhei'''' mu aa
12? I" ST U
JLji "r2 ''sett
iBepiemosr .... tu bo
1 . , OATS.
rmw 441 SSVX
fZ "" p Jj
September ',., 864 341
Mar 1863 1B4T
July ..1R0O . 1508
September .... 1808 1408
jf ty ,87 " STl
jnir SAl
September .... 808 003
863 863 84)
......... STB 8rf : 8T3 .
i bar ... 88a. 88T ; 88
887 ; I
Liverpool, May 4. Official prteeat
MaV 4.
Karl. teas.
y 4 ?Hd
H.nlMnh., .... llSJ
.'-"-'-- - -.
. cxiBIf.
jury ...........
4 44
ea 4Td
e e e
V eOata.
vwi v wra.a . ' -
Dnluth. Mar 4 Wbsat closet Mav. wTii.
... . ; : r-,-: - '.. '.'..if ... .'.j
Ituaeapells Wheal Karkei,' '
Mlrmea polls. Mar 4. Wheat cioae:
Liverpool Oottoa lew. .
LIverBool. Mar 4Cottoa fntnraa iu nWnta
lowvr, Hijuuiuiga tuangsa. 'V' .
v.' With tTnaelfig Gftaj. j '
' By Clinton1 Beollard.
On with unseeing eyea beside the shore
Of ocean atood, and heard the wind
... and ' sea v .: : -
Harmonloua, "yet dlatlnct In melody;
And each to him a different rneasags
bore. .' 1 ' . ;
Sad waa tha water's never flying; roar,
Pitched to tha polgnance f toe minor
' kev: 1 -
Olad waa the wind's voice that exult-
: antlv .-;ri.. -r-
Of radiant promlae spoke fot4Toor.
jmi.."1.-i. 1. '.' ' . .. .... ' f I-
Go thou and. list,. ts dtdthat slrhtles
. one, .i, - . ,. . ....... .
-Wtth Oloaed eyes, and thou. Tike him.
' shalt know "
The sound of irremediable woe; .
Ukewlse, forsooth, there shall be borne
upon , - ' .
Thy hearlnr, , with triumphant Overr
flow, -
The joy pf fg In golden antiphon. -
Klamath Falls people are taking steps
to baauUfjr their towav-'
Low. floe.
" Site : S1A
B8 88B
S814 88A
88H ' 8TA
-', ' ,. . ;
' ' 481 44UA
eH , ,
45 tJB
84 84
184. ' 158TA
1800 1MM1 .
1408 1004 ,
$T " 871
SSI . fTB r
803 897
to Be a Good Thing.
- Wheat Looks Well.
1 . By Hymaa H. uOobsa.
After alt la over. oractloeUr 00 damaxt was
doue- tbe trait crepe ef tbe Pacific northwest
durlna; the peat week. 'Tbe frosts which were
paid to rata most of tbs frails. wsrs,blesslsgs
la dlagulss. " Many .believed for awhile . that
tne'ieherrr crop was ruined, because most et
I the blossoms bsa disappeared. Later lnrestl-
gsoonv anowea mat most 01 ins unseams were
tsrnlBg kite trait ssd were not at ail hurt br
the-shsnged weather. . Oranxsrs report that
bad not aome of th bmssoma dropped off the
trees would have tees srefcea later wbea tba
trait 4vekped ao heavy were they ladta. ,
waaar crop pros pests ta tn rscin norm
I "t ere etute ge The pa it week showed
the necessltr of .mors rain fas aema sectlont
while tn ether sections tbe molstur wss wall
dUtrthsted. Spring work m atUl etatlnasd
la aome. dlstrietsv sad baa beea retarded some
what br the lack ef asomtura,
la the wheat belts ef tbe middle weet had
the southwest much damage was reportsd
daring the week br cold weather. According
I MtMt report the weather le ehanglng and
I rataa are reportsd la many aettloaa.
t Ur AultKH ruiAiuts
U ' . ., ' ' WV 8. Broadue.
I awtratiay w sabsbj kxeB . siivi w waeut arw rw aa
I sutnotent amount Ol potatoes remaining
lit this Stat Or 00 tbe Paciflo COaat tO
I supply the trade until the new crop Is
I reanv ror mcrxai. w. m iroanna. a iaea.1
I ahlnr,r fart tha, latrae n.rt nt tha, vaair
I for Wisconsin where he expects to study
...iiiti,. U..XII .w .
lr 1 ..,-..- ..
J .XbA,-TournaL
Baa Fraaelaco, Mar 4. Official bid price l
WtVlltUI MJlBiHlUl.
Maaitafnera Mm. Had Ton S. 10 aahad. MAkaark
lVA?'?'?mA "L'i"
Inl . OoMfleld M. Co. $1, Kendall 40c,
th TOc seked. Blue BuU 40c' Adam 18e,
cllrer pick 8a. May Qnee lie, Ner. Boy
I job, o. . Kit. 110. KIBC UCU KUC. 1)1X10 Bo.
O. Colntnbls TOc akd, Hrbernta lis, St. Ivea
$1.39, Conqueror ITc, Blk. Reck Sc, Lone Star
36c, O. Woader 3c, Oro 81c, Kcadall Ext. 8.
Sandtt. Ext. 78c. Mavns 13c. Atlanta 88c. Great
Bead 09o. Emplrs 15C-Bd Tt Kit 0or Floe-4
I IVTa,? m V, Si rCT' ,fi . JI
$1.83. Lagans . $1.40. Commonwealth ' . 10c.
Oemb. Fract. $4 06, Or. Bead Bit. 10c, Or.
Bend Anx. soa, B. b. Booanaa pa, Bswsaos
$1.03U. -Bsmeralda SOe, Portland tic. Cracker
ITf. "".r C.I -1 ".." 'l.V::
I mn Unkawk rt.. IBa. tM mrUa
T. Tiger 30c, Orafidma 19c, S. pick Bxt. Tc.
T. Rosa 10c. CoL ait. Bxt. Be. Ooldf. Oona.
$T.4Sm, Dlam'f. Triangle BOe. tsv.
Onblr 41.80. Mexican 65c. doald a Ottrrr SOe.
Ooa. Virginia Sea, Ssvtga Too, Hale At Nor.
cross 41c. Yellow Jsckst 80c Belebsr 48a, Oon-
ftdeac eOc, Sierra Nev. 88e, TJnloa dec. '-
Orlartnal 10a. Bullf. M. O. ln. Hoot. fJnllC.
4c. Nat. Bank 38e. L. tlarru So. Amethyst 88c,
Gold Bar Sic, Stelnway ISe. Dearer Buf . Anx.
11c, Bonnie CUrc 44c, Mayfl. Con. 44c, Monty.
Ohio Ext. Tc, O. Sceptre 14c, Monty, Mt. 18c
Oa. Tramp Con. 6it, Victor 10c, Sunset 10
asked. , ',' L . '..,..:..''
Ton. Mat. $18,60 atksd. Moat. Ton. 4a.87U.
Ton. Ext. $8.10. MacJVamara 48c, Midway $1.48.
Too. Belmont $4 60 atked. Ton. No. Star stfc,
Ohio Ton. ec, Weet Bad Cons. 1.000, Beecnt
18c. Tea. 4i OaUf. 14c asksd. Ooldaa Anchor
2Rc. Jim Btltlar 81.03U. Ton. Caah Bo Bo.
Ton. Home 10c Baked. Boat. Ton.' 1.1c.' Unnarrb
Pitta., Fx. 140, Moat, Mid. Bxt, 8c. Ooidea
Crowaf 13c, H. T Ton. Cons. 10c aaksd,
Manh. Cons. 40c. Manhl K. Co. Sc. O. Wedra
So, Seykr Hump. Sc. Dexter 19c, L Joe 3c,
Creacent 8c asksd. Combination 3c, Granny tie,
Sustang lee, Little wrsy roe, uowbor sc, orig.
snh. 18a, Broncho 10c, Plnenut 18e. Buffalo
ioc s, uog-iva, X. tiorts oo, Indian camp
US aSB.r' : 7"
Falrr. Silver King 48 asked. Falrv. Bagle
! S7C. fitttDorg auvei rsaa si.ttj, no. star
I Wonder 10e. Begl' Neat Bte, Baby Woader
1 28c, Her. p. Florence sc aaceo.
St. toaia Wheat Xaxket .
Bt Levis, May . Wheat close; May, TBHe.
' Kissing the Book.'
rrom the Cornhlll agsjrlne.
The exact origin of kissing th Book
in English courts, though modem, ts ob
scure. It is not, I should say, a matter
ot legal obligation, but seems to be
merely a oustem dating from the middle
or end of the eighteenth oentury. If a
wltnees olaim to follow the law accor
ding to Coke and to take bis 'Corporal
oath" by touching the Book, who ahall
refuse him his right T 7:
The Iclssing" act seems akin Indeed to
what the fancy" call, aomewnat un
pleasantly, a saliva cuatom, whloh in
modern western life exiate in very few
forma, though many of the lower elaases
Still pltH on a coin for luck.
King Edward VII Is said to b a firm
bellavar. in union labor. When ha was
yet the Prince of Wales he frequently
showed his ayrofpathy with th causa of
unionism. - Blno he became king he has
allowed , bo - work to b performed for
bis 'household tWt 1a not don by Union
lahste anil . tia, has triiiirmerV th'. lArrl
chamberlain If any case waa brought to
hln notlo of any firm serving th royal
household declining to recognise trade
unlone and pay the union v-acale ' he
should take steps at once to have thom
do so or ia trwnsfer'tl; royaVtiaiiBThntd
business to firms that were fair to
union labor.
' uiliiimxiiiM nun miimuiJiiiatut
' f
, i .,
Livestock Trade Wonders When
Supplies Will Increase Rals-t
Tv'K'rt'wiHNot Sell. M&
'r. t. D.M.. W
' Portland Union Stockyards. May ' 4. Oe
stock rsoslptsr ' -: -
Pt Week 5..,.,.....,. 418 - ; 888 . 80
Prevloaa week 888 1 14 ' 84
Year ago .......,.... 414 S44 "J 1 f .
Prevloua year ....... ...i 488.' . 1.2 -r .. ,Titf
la everr Ua except the one expected there
wt ga iBcresss is the arrivals tba psst six :
days over tbe prevloua week. . Tbe eaa Una
showing a decrease bt arrivals when a better
ran bad beea expected wss sheep. During th
Is dsy th- total rua of shssp in th yard
reached Just 800 head jwit about what one
large eeecarS could take care of. -Tbla com
pared with arrive la of 844 bead a week e
and 3.64 head for" tht asms week la 1900.
Both a rear ago and In 1900 during thla wssk .
the rua of sheared , sheep into the yards was
very liberal. During tbla earns week In 1W3
3.788 bead arrived la the yards during th six
days. The lack . of sheep arrivals la keeping
the trad here guessing aa te what will happen
wtth sheep prices wbea sheep - are Uaeallv
scarce. During the past week only a faw heed
ef ahearad sheep came in, shearing no yet
being la fun awing. ': .r
The Uvaetock trade m changing Ita eptaloa
of the meant of absap tbat will acme te msr
kst arte shearing. Bouts time ago it . waa
believed that th only reaaoa Why sheepmen
were withholding their stock from msrkst waa
ts ksep them for cheering time aad take !
renters of tha sood nrlec for wool. It bow
devBlopa that a larga per cant of tha sheep end
Ismba which ware to ha aold have already
ohangsd hand, the transactions taking pls-e
some month age wbea the eastera trade fore-'
aw a shortage la suppllee. i , .
Sheepmen Won't Bell amoks. .
These sheen sot already sold or aoa tracts
for win not likely be placed apoa tba msrkst,
for at th present price ef sheep aad wool
t bee prs Iters want to ge late the business- on
a larger scars aad are going t keep all their
stocks possible. ..
Dnrlng the Bait week tbe ran ef bogs totaled.
414 bead ss sgslnst 883 hesd last week, 414
head a year ago and OSS the prrviou yesr.
Hogs war very firm ta prlea all through tbe
week, bat value showed no ehange. -
Cattle were firm aU week with arrtvale eon-
alderably larger than 4 wssk sgo. Despite this
tha trade took all that cam aad prices af lael
wssk ware easily maintained. ...
Conditions a tear ago: . AU market were ,
weak except hog, ths latter sdvanelng 10c.
Cattle lost SBC and sheep tb asm amount. A
year eg tbe arrivals of lambs wsre very heavy.
Official livestock prtcee:
Hogs 'Bast' eastsra . Oregoa, ? $7.00tiIT.3ft;
stockera and feedem $7.00; Cblaa fata, $7.00.
CattkeBest set tarn Oregon ttsers. $3.001
.361 best cow and heifer. $4.00414.88; stack
er and feeders, $4.00ft4.36: bulls. $2.00.
SheepMixed, 4HG8Hi lambsr THe.
- Arrlvale-af the Wssk. .
Following were the arrival ia tb yards tha
past week:
Sunday. Wlag of Rugsne cam fa with a
csr of cattle; B.. F. McOee brought lo horses,
which he shinned to Beanie. '
Monday Mi.- Irwtn cams ta from Payette,
Idaho, with 4 Carload ef hogs; ' Beckley Bros,
bad xa tw ssrs at shssp from Drain: Lseey
Bros, bad la tw ear of esttl from Arlington
John BUI brought In a ear af esttla from
Payette, Idab 0. U- glmmoaa eeme la from
Huntington wltk a car ef horses, which he
sbippsd to . Moatassn. ; :
Tuesday- J", B. Belgler of Gervsls wss ia
with a ear of sheep sad bog mixed: F. It.
Fsrgnsou of -Amity brosgbt in a load of boss.
Wednesday George W. Warren ot Warren-
toa eent ta two cere of cattle; Henry Larkla .
came In from Colfax, Waahlngton, with a rnr .
of bogs, also one of settle; William Nish had '
fat borate, which be eent to Taeoma; S. 1
OvertoB ef Browmrrllle bad In a car ef boca;
0. D. Bnrdick of Bslam passed through tls
yard with a carload of mUch cowa, which ha
shipped to Seattle,
Thursday J. B. CaMer cams la from Ths
Dallse with two cere ef cattle, going to Monte
sanet F. M.. Do by pasted through the ranis
with a carload ox horses, going to centralist
A. F. Bunt sent la two cars of cattle front
Merced. California, going to Tacoma; B. V.
Hynd of Heppner had In a aingle deck ef stock
Sheep. '
Tt0T-4t. D, Jonss brought ta six ears f
cattle from Huntington; a X. Larrabee brongtit
la four ear ef horses from Alder, Montana;
Louis Merchant drove ta a bunch ef milch cowa.
which a ahlpped to Ashland. Oregon. , j,
taatfM 1 Only 75 Per Cent, Owing
y . to tTBiavorablo Weather. ,
J . (Special Dispatch to The Joarnsl.l
Shanlko, OtH May sw Sbeepmea la thla local
ity report a average anerease ef only about ;
T6 Pr eeat ta them flock tbla year. - Tbla Is
a fair lacrea, but not Bear what ft would ..
have been . had the weather condition been
more favorable last fall and wmtsr. The long
cold dry weather la the fall prevented great .
from growing, tbe lack of which retarded aheap
to sock aa extent that they were ta very poer
aoadltloB te stand the exceptionally cold weath
er aad bad storms of lsst winter. Consequently
a large percentage of cheep did not bring lambs ,
that would have done eo had the weather arm.
dltton beea mora propitious. Many Ismba were .
k mst daring tha storms of the early lambing
staaoa, so that tbe average tocress It rather,,
lower thsa nanaL - . -: ,:lr
rrofssa tonal sbaepsDtarers ar srraxgung ta ,.
aad It la expectedthat abearlng will boob be
m full blast. Soma ot ear most progressive
sheepmen- have . tnatalled mach me plants eu
their ranches. It la claimed a lrgr percentaf ,
of wool caa be . obtained by , the machine
than by th old primitive method of shearing ,
by band, though the professional ahsspshsarss '
will rather exceed the machine In peed. -
It Is est lms ted by coaesrvattve sbeepmea
the wool from 800.000 shece. aggrsgstlng nearly -
8,000,000 poands, wUl be uiarketed at thla place ..
thla eaterm If anr th lea like laat rear' prices, '
pre rail this will mesa the adveat ot several
snug little fortanea te thla eommaaity.
Voodburn, Firm to fflako Head
" quarters at Pendleton, 1 -
fflpeeml DMpateh to Tb Jouraat.)
Pandlston. Or.. Msy 4. Pendleton will, eon-
tins to bs the central market and ho porting
center for the Island Bmptrs, notwithstanding
the headquarters of AW C. Buby have beta
moved to Portland. - ' ""'
Met A Bona of Wecdburn, Illinois, ons of
ths largsst boras Importing firms fat the I'nftel
States, announce tbst thsy will sstsbllah head
quarters bare and bring their first shipment
of imported aad - America; stock btr about
Beptsmbec ?W; .'.i-i. ?. r : f, -i ",jr
Value Stesidy for lTogs and Cattle-
Sheep ITold BtTong;.
Chlssgo, May 4- Lives t nek receipts;
w Flaea. (-aula. Seen.
Chicago ' ...
Kanaaa City .......... B.ih 4i
Omaba ................ ., ... -i
Hogs art ateadr. with 3.'" left or. t -
celnta a rear ago were 14 MUed f -i "
e.iaa; ovhtt, i.,Qn.w: rouun. t- a
B-iO; llxht. 6.S0(4.6J ....
rattle P tearty.
Sheep Birong.
: i i ,n ,ni .ii n .
Daniel 'A. Campbell, who has 1
pointed postmaster ef CU - ?- s
Mr; Buaae, recently ' ; t
etat aenator anl a
of luinoi. i r u ;
man," anl ? ' !
S'sriit ct '. ;