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Giliffl SEilSOU
, 1 ' 1 s 111 i, 'i ' v
Athletic Year Just Closed is Most
, Successful. In History, of .
' University. '. , , f ; ;
; i, ) '
on track. tb football field, th baseball
diamond and on th water,
Stanford Wins at Footbaiy Baseball,
Track Athletics, . Boating, , and
Even Breaks California's Bon of
Tennis Triumph.
i ' (Special Dlspatek to fh JoaraaL) v
! Stanford University, Cal,' : May 4.
The college athletic ,yar, which cam
to a fitting close Monday with a Car
dlnal victory over the Blue and Gold
in tha lnteroolleiriat regatta, has in
: cry respect been the moat successful
In Stanford's history. -Never
before bay either university
i had . the opportunity to claim ,as Jts
I share of the eaa6n'S victories such
V w, . .. ;
Jly y . . . . r-'"" : t.. i, Ji i" (' .,
Saturday Scores With LlnV-Up of
Euthusiastio Young De-
'. , . , votees of Bat
Stanford ha had the advantage of
i experienced ' cdaches and trainer ana
' no little credit for a suooeasful out
. com In every branch of athletics Is
' due "Jimmle' rjanagan, "Dad" Moulton
: and "Dan" Murphy. The season has
eclipsed all others and Stanford has
f succeeded Is building, under the aus
V ploes of her own student body, two of
the finest, athletlo fields In the west,
football of Greatest Interest,
Undoubtedly the sport which car
' rJea with It the greatest f Interest In
college athletics Is football..
In the California colleges the sea-
eon generally opens as soon as the
students have returned for the fall se
mester, and from then until the final
tig gam between Stanford and Call
' fornia In November It , Is th all-ab
sorbing toplo of Interest.
The big football gams . between th
Cardinal and the Blue and Oold In No
vember marks the culmination of the
season just as in th spring the final
baseball game or the intercollegiate
t track meet finishes up the ' work In
. these sport. ;
ng1y Piwred UnpopnlaB, ;
, When college opened last fall a new
. eituation confronted the stuaem ooaiea
6f the two universities. ... Rugby was
to he tried for th first time a an
intercollegiate sport on th . Pacific
i coast
large percentage as that wnian wis Pennsylvania, covering in cusiano in
year (alia 'to Stanford, ,. Thes vlctorle tilt 1-6. r .-. . V-;' v . '
have been wen earned and oa th whole Beside th relay and pole vault, four
th moat sportsmanlike spirit has char- new Intercollegiate records were broken,
acterlzed all of the intercollegiate con- D Manuel of California covered th
testa ' I mile In 4;II 1-8; Cowles of California did
s had the advantage oil the high hurdle in 0;15-; Channing
Hall cleared the bar in th high Jump at
feet and U of an Inch, and la th two-
mil Nash of Stanford cowed th dis
tance la 10:101-. , .
Treahmaa Slsiana-it
1 There has been much dlsoussloa slno
th Interooilegiat contest about the dis
barment Of freshmea from this meet on
the" part of California. This action was
brought about by California early in
the'seaaon and evidently It was expected
that Stanford would f ouow her lead.
Stanford, on the" other hand, ; saw - no
reason why shs should do it,
' Scholarship requirement her hay
kept many good men out of athletics
this spring. At th stat university.
thes requirements are very lax. This
and th fact that Stanford has but half
as many men to choose from as Berke
ley influenced th authorities her te
allow th freshmen to compete. - Par
haps ths California cry of four olasses
to three will continue until th state
university reverses her aotloa and al
lows her freshmen to compete. - -
attaafort-Oysgo-. Kst - -Th
calling off of th meet between
Stanford and th University ef Oregon
was unfortunats but unavoidable. Ow
ing to the nearness of th final exami
nations, it was out of th auestlon for
th men to leav th campus th early
part of May. It was a faculty order and
due to no reluctance on th part of th
team to meet Oregon,
. ' Elevation oi Boattar. -"
This season has witnessed th, eleva- j
tlon of boating to the position of an In
tercollegiate sport, and for the first
year. It ha gained all that Its promoters
hoped for. This year 'varsity eight
were Introduced upon th coast for th
first Urn. Th regatta In which th
Stanford freshmen defeated th Berke
ley babe by three-quarters of a length
and In which the 'varsity sight was vic
torious by six lengths, attests "Dan"
Murphy's superiority a a coach. -
The fact that the weather Interrupted
th first attempt to hold th race, in
which Washington was to compete, was
unfortunate. But owing to the arree-
ment which was entered Sfon, Stanford,
by reason of her victory over California.
will go north and try conclusions with
the northern universities on .May 10,
i -Varsity Baseball.- i-; ,
By winning th deciding gam of th
baseball series Stanford has also dem
onstrated her superiority over California
in this sport. The first gam of th
series was won by Stanford by a score
of 1-0, the second played on th Berkeley
diamond went to California, to 0, and
In a ninth Inning rally Stanford turned
th third gam from almost certain de
feat Into victory and won I to 1. Th
hitting of ' th 'varsity team for th
whole season was light, but the fielding
average; were high. The season's hon
ors in batting went to Stott and Kenton,
th Portland stars, Stott leading slight
ly played In a less number of games
than Fenton. - It la more - than likely
that Fenton will captain the team next
Stanford's Tennis.
Stanford's tennis season was also ths
most successful In years, and th-Cardinal
teams succeeded in breaking the
long string of defeats. Stanford was
defeated in the women's singles and
doubles by reason of : the " foot that
among Berkeley's representatives was
th champion of th Pacific coast
In th men' - events the Cardinal
team carried ' away th honors, and
succeeded In adding th tennis cham
spring than sVer before. Under the'plonshlp to Stanford's string of victories
watchful ey of ;"Dad" Moulton, Stan
ford succeded In turning out the best
track team in her history.
The, unusual interest In track this
spring was due partially to th com
pletion of Stanford new cinder patn.
whloh ha been pronounoed on Of th
finest in the country, '
It Is a four-lap track well oopstruoted
and fast and ha In addition a 310-yard
-The dual track meet betweea the 'var
sity teams of Stanford and California
was one of ths . greatest ever witnessed
In California. As many people as oould
crowd within the enclosure on California
field saw th Cardinal team struggle
with th Blu and. Oold la an exciting
uphill contest and win out finally by
a soor of S to ST, Th moat remark
able thing about th whole meet was ths
number of surprises developed, a In
only on or tw vnts 414 results turn
out as they had been previously "fixed.'
In fact there was a reversal id almost
every event The surprise of th day
was th defeat' of Stanton, the crack
University of California athlete, by Da
vis of Stanford, a heretofore obsour
runner in th 440.
- , ' Several Beoorda Broken.
Several records wr broken daring
the meet The most remarkable per
formance wa that of T. R. Lanagan,
who after he had won the pole vault
at 11 feet 11 inches, succeeded In clear
ing the bar at 11 feet 4 Inches, lacking
but a fraction or an inon in equaling
th world s . record and - breaking th
ooast record. . , .',
In the. relay rao th Stanford team
succeeded In breaking th American ool-
leglat record held by th University of
The Telegram baseball nlns was de
feated by the Waverley. nine yesterday
afternoon by th soor of 8 to 8. Th
Waverly nine will challenge any team
In the city under fifteen year of age
for games. Call up D, R. Caples, East
6148. The line up:
Telegrams. Waverly.
Delany ., .0. tiockraan
Elliot p.....,,....., lang
Ruffman ....... ss. Lyons
Chard ..... ............ Smith
Steele ........ Caples
Painter ..tb....V..,. Petemple
Euson .......... If. ...... Martin
Blnganhlam ., v.rf. ..... Manour
Pheander " . . . . .". ,cf . ............ Voss
tn a closely contested baseball gam
yesterday th Irvlngton team beat th
Bt JUawTence team by a acor of I to 8
Th lineup wa as follow!
Irvlngton, . -r ' v St Lawrence.
Traynor ...,....c... .......... La vine
Fltsgorald Twitohll
Barnes . , tTj . . . . . ss. . Mascot
Olll' ... .lb.... .... & -Meger
McCarl , . . . . ... .. lb ........ . Parlander
Jensen .......... lb.......... Sullivan
Zumwalt ........lf............. Sabel
Saben ,, .......... Adams
Monley. . . . . . . .rf . . . . M ...... . Lacey
It was evident from th t first
that th . chang was i not a wel-
come one. There were . many ser
ious objections, to the game. Neither
1 Lanagan ;nor his men knew the game
' except what the coaoh had learned dur
: ing a few : weeks' stay In British Co
lumbia In the summer. Very few had
even seen Rugby played. From a fi
nancial standpoint the outlook -was not
encouraging. - Such a chang : meant
practically no .receipt from- practice
games - and : the Stanford field - would
have to be widened. - Besides' Ameri
can college men were naturally averse
to the substitution of an English game
for the old - typically American gam
of football. ,
Th Season's Work.
Despite these difficulties prepara
- tlons were made for the season's work
In the new sport The call for men re
sulted In a hundred candidates, more
than ever before, because Rugby gav
an opportunity for ' lighter and more
inexperienced men to ' compete for po
sitions. But It was noticed that the
Interest and enthusiasm of ths student
body was not such as had characterised
former football seasons. The Interest
was one of curiosity and th students
patronized th games more to encour
age th men than to show their liking
; for Rugby. ; In the Intercollegiate
' freshman gam Stanford was defeated
. by California 8 to 0 and the contest
1 showed that neither side had mastered
: many of the fine points of the game.
In the big 'varsity Intercollegiate
contest Stanford demonstrated her su
periority over th Blu and Gold by a
cor of to 8. 1 - '
. Another Trial for fcughy. .
Th gam was a disappointment It
had not come up to the expectation
of Its promoters. Tet despite this,
Rugby is - to .be given a second trial
, next fan. Dr. Jordan of Stanford has
declared himself In favor of the game
as against footballs under th revised
rules. It Is probable that both Presley
and Lanagan, next year's coaches, will
poon leave for Australia, where they
will study Rugby, during the coming
' - Greater interest has been manifested
In the men upon the cinder path this
' Th Riverside baseball team defeated
the Holman team In an Interesting
gam yesterday. . . Th lineup was y.
follows: 1
Rlevrslda " Holman.
Bennet ". . . , .'. '. . . .. ......... Zumwalt
Sullivan p.... ....t. Kennedy
E. Byer . ....... .ss ...... . .M. McCarl
Briston . ........ 1 b ......... A. McCarl
Ransom ............ Fargo
Wynkoop' ....... Sb... ....... Plebuch
O. Byer. ........If.,..,. ....... Brady
Skis w ......... .cf ........... . Wrenn
Kasper . ....... .rf ............ . How
Th Oregon Hopper beat th An
chora Scor,'ll to 11. Th Un-up:
Hoppera ... Anchors.
P. Deslata...... .A. Barthelamew
H. Orayson. ...... .p., Munson
Crosby .. ........ lb. ..B. Bartholamew
A. Mohler. . , . ............ .- Earl
W. Thompson.... .8b. .........E. Tuttl
F. 8Urk...........s. ......... Rodger
H. Zahl... ......... If.. ,......W. Clarke
W. Vinton. . ...... .rf ........ .. Rich wood
J. Kavanaugh. . , . ,cf . ....... . . ... , Ellis
A. DeFranger, sub.r - f
In a very on-s1dd gam th Brownies
beat th Portland Tigers at baseball yes
terday morning on the. Multnomah
field by a soor of 81 to s. Th line-up
was: 's4
Brownies. ' ' Tigers.
Lewis, Shaw, .'. , .f p. .Derllng, Slater,
, - wary
Metxger. , ....... .A. . . . ..... .v. , Bishop
Burns ............ ss. ... . .Darling, Gary
Cole.. ........... .lb..,. ........ liaye
Wallis . . . i : lb Michael
Shaw, Lewis. .. . . .tb. ......... . Hllberg Rosenthal
Paget. ...... ..If ' Clark
Catterlln..'. rf ............. i Ward
. Th Victors won an easy gam from
th Irvlngton nln. " Th seor was IT
tO 1. - - - n r
Irvlngton.' , Vlctora
Puriaca . . .. . . . .0. ..... . ; . . Crawford
Oross.. . , ;, ..p... .. Raker
Jacobson. ....... .lb. ........ . XJravelle
Peters .......... lb Pug:
Bateman ......... 8b ........... . Martin
Stevens. .......... Jolllffe'
Beaver ... ...... .If .......... .A. Puaii
Oross . rt..i. ... ..... Hunter I
west pal. . .... . . . .cf ............ . Olsen
The St Johns nln was defeated by,
th Sunnysld school team on their own i
field by th acor of IS to S Th fea
ture of th gam was the unassisted
double play mad by Case.
Th Bunker Hill Maroon will play
th Montavuia nin on th Utters
Th Rosebuds defeated th Anchors
yesterday afternoon by the seers of
21 to I.
A Perfect -Roof,
tU' V
ZS& Rubber landed
Is made bx out own factories under the personal supervision
of roofing 'experts, backed by a quarter of ' &' century of. '
roofing experience. We stand back-of -every foot sold,'"
because we know we can "make good" every claim of its -.
superiority.', . , , 4 ' .';',V.
" That hard flint sand surface is wear
proof and eliminates all paint expenses.' ,
A compleo roofing kit with every, roll, '
-s ' - ' -' . ' r 4 1
" Any man with a hammer, a knife and
: an old paint brush can lay it right. "
I. Wils Is the Rosebuds' twenty's
straight victory. '
The Beaver Juniors defeated th St
Francis. nine yesterday by the score
V ' ' ' '
Victory Due to Pitcher. Olney,
Who Holds Cubs Down to
One Hit
Kin Innings of 11t-eded hall
dished up1 to the several hundred fans
mat gathered at Recreation Park yes
terday afternoon to witness the loader
in the Trl-Clty pennant rao imothur
lb tallendera The final score was
to 1.
Was a big surprise to manv rh v
thos tailenders got Into th gam and
held the Milliners down to th scratch.
Great credit 1 due Mr. Olnev. h nt th.
south paw and fast shoots. Only one
hit was made off his delivery.
. Ash. Houston nlavad inui
third for the Frakes. The entire Cub
Infield played like old lamra Th.
game wa by far the beat tht h. v.
played by the Trl-Clty league teams this
"' niue oaa lucic in,h.
Inning gave the Milliners a start' or th
contest might have run ' .
Inning. "
: J 1 :
We Give Very Good Va lues for the Money All the Year
Around, but Here is an Extraordinary Good Chance
tl , - 1 ' 1 - . 'St 11
iBIBJSIBl 1 BSS ' ' ' a B ' SI n J " i.
-1. HI . ;
'II -m. . m rt I ' I i ' - Si j w 1 II II ' v II
If iiwrv " I K : MUIJKai 10 IOU v
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Appeal to Yoii
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All the Credit You Want J, -
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Madame Gillingham, Dermatologist
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Complete Roofing Guide sent
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Ask for it. . ' ' '
i .V- i
Second an4 Taylor Sts. -.
r.CLL klfcli
i-.a) iiu
Tb last of the series of
contests between tie five Woodmen f
the World camps of Portianii w. .
finished Friday evening- at thi w. n w
temple. Portland camp 107 winning; th
McGllverr and Planck cup as a tronhv
The percentage of tb Ave teams was!
as rouows:
Portland No. 107 , ,, .1,000
Prosperity .t too
George Washington boo
Webfoot j. .., 400
Prospect-. ,,,, 000
- 5taceton Is Winner.
-. ' (Journal Special Sarrlee.)
: Philadelphia. Hay .- In a sham nA
well played game today Princeton de
feated the University of Pennsylvania
by a scor of 8 to L
y jrVS,-.:)-!:'- , 'Ssw-alspslaasaBasBSSS .;- "
- Baseball at Vancouver. '
(SpUl Dl-notrh to Tb Jennul.) - -
Vancouver. Wash., May 4. On th
sarrlsos grunds tbls afternoon tas Pit-;
tock A Leadbetter baseball team will
cross bats with th teams of the Second
battalion, . Fourteenth infantry. This
game Is expected to be a good one. Th
mill boys put up an astonishingly good
gam last Sunday against th Brothers'
academy boys, whom they defeated by
a scor ef 11 to S. Th army team has
some excellent material and should put
up gilt-edged bali.1 --- ' f
! Th East Sid High -school baseball
team defeated the Hill Military acad
etny yesterday on the Multnomah field
by a scor of S to 4. Th soor was
tied at th end of. th eighth Inning.
If the East Side team wins on more
gam It wilt be entitled to a plac In th
finals ; for " tb fnteracholastlo league
champlonahlp. Th lineup was as fol
lows; v 'J' '
East Sid. -' H. M. A.
Coson .............p......... Marchant
Graham .,.... ,...o.. ......... Taylor
Hill 1... ...i Baker
Landfare , 2b. ............. .Cort
Morrow .: ... . . ... . , . . .3b. .... . . . . Phillips
Cornell '.........'.as........... Hayes
Hedges ...........If.......... Holmes
Stanard .cf. Eastham
Hewitt .....rf McEwan
enjoyed the hospitality of Judge Carey
at bis home. Coffee was served on th
lawn and a vary enjoyable time was bad.
' Twenty-nine members of th Portland
Hunt club went for a rua along the
Whit House road and over the hills
bfjyond th Whit Hons yesterday aft
ernoon. The start was mad from
Twenty-seoond and Johnson streets at 2
o'clock and after ti run th members
!-! Special Same.)
; New York, May 4. Former subjects
of Emperor Francis Joseph resident In
this 01 ty ar on the tiptoe of expecta
tion : la antlclpatlbn of th arrival here
tomorrow of Velnna'a. world-famed
Mai Singing society. Th organisation,
which is th most famous of Its kind
in ths world. Is coming to serenade
President Roosevelt and on arrival In
New ' York the singers will depart at
ono for Washington. After mooting
th president the choir will make a tour
of the large cities of the ast.' v . -
Th party numbers 160 singers, their
wives and daughters1 and IS newspaper
correspondents. . Their visit to America
will cost them -In th neighborhood of
$200,000. But this IS not surprising
when th fact 1 born In mind that no
less than If millionaires -are members
of . the - society. - Mendelssohn. ? JUsst,
Richard Wagner,. Johann Strauss and
Brahms were honorary member of the
society, and each; of them, has dedicated
works to It.
Dissolve Copartnership.
Tr. W. A. Wis ha purchased th In.
tercst of his brother In th dental busi
ness of Wise Brothers, in th Failing
uuuunig, ., i waaningxon ana . Third
street." Dr. VT. A. Wis is the senior
member and founder of the firm, which
has for many years enjoyed a lucrative
practice. The contemplated visit of
Dr. W. A. Wis to Alaska to lnspct bis
mining properties has been postponed
owing to sickness of one of tb party. 1
1 . I.
3 P. M.
1 i i 1 , 1 1 i '
Ul''A! C'1? A TT. IT
. y . ' . , V - ' ; ,- tr "1"'"
: The
T V A nTTP'.'.n'A in tr
J -
, 24th and Vaughn
Admission 25c
r I