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-,'hla Imu of
Xhcs Sunday Journal
' V ' !, Comprises ' ' j ' -
5 Sections 54 Pcs
The' - Weather Sunday probably
fair; wesWly winds. -
vol, iv, no; '8.
1 5,' ; 1 !.""..'. ." i 1 ' . ' . i - i ' ... . i '
. 't , 14 ' ' , " , t t , " y .. i i i
lunivii i in . -rf -4 uiiiiikiiuii 'Vi r : v- . v. '
hV linTCnO - I PITV llindr ' ,l--::0H;r-tr-:-
DarDur.wins in tiose i-mj .
, . ! .naw frmif LUiari .iui I 1 : J v- :
( , " M U r rVHVrlMHIJP Ml f - : .r .
f , For Mayor Thomas O, Devltn. , I If i 'I 1 ' ' ( 1 I
f .... . t Fnv AndltniwA. Rarbnr. I t :J' Vj'' i 1 LI , I
1 St For Attorney John P. Itavan-1 17 - i . .
t ' '.V.':.::.. I V 4WUJ14WVW W UUIIB"- W W . - .(.. - 1 ., ,.T .) II Will I 'i"' 1
-i i : "rt-ALrw .wax-.
i i ' nan war jfcJNArr..., v
Father Savs Littlo
Horace Marvin Was
Victim : of : Amateur
Instant Response Is
.Made, to. Suggestion!
of Journal Though He
Makes No Effort -
Condition of Cbrpse Shows That
Babe Could N'ot Have Been
Dead Long and It Is Believed
Thugs Were Frightened Into
Returning Remains.
r For Mayor Harry Lane. (Land
received 887 rotes, against 400 tot
O. II. Thomas-
For City , Aaditdr Oeorgo , ' I.
For Councilman at IjArge Robert
Andrews. . ' ' ' - ' '
Br an-owwhslmins: majority, tbs
' Democratic TOters of - Portland bavs
mad Harry Lan their nomlnM M
mayor. Naarly 00 Democrats went to
the polls starday afternoon and wrota
tana's nam upon tns ballot. ,
' 'Ths' tomlnaUon' " was . thrust , npon
tana by tha Insistent demand of his
party. It was absolutely unsought. Bis
; nams waa not upon the. ballot; he. haa
explloltly refused to be a'eandidate and
be waa without rjaniaed support of
any character. . -
Two-years ato. when Lane- waa - the
" f regTila' Democratic nominee and when
his name was printed on the ballot: he
received in the primaries 618 votes.
; Testerday 887 Democrats went to -the
nniia an1 w:ota Lane's name on their
hallota as their ' choice for " niayor.4
- George H- Thomas, his competitor, was
" snowed under, receiving only 408 votes.
Thomas Xoser Soma rreelnot. ,
In some precincts Lane's vota was
four, Ave and even six times that east
ti- Thnmaa, In nreclnct 81. where
Thomas lives, the vote was ?for Lane
' and 7 for Thomaa. ; In precinct 48 Lane
' "received 84 votes,' while Thomas. had
. but 1. ' Lane was eepectally strong; In
. the residence district.
. The first public effort to make Lane
the Demooratlo nominee for mayor was
made through the columns of The Jour-
' nal last Thursday afternoon. , It met
with instant response and expressions
' of approval poured in from all quarters.
Mayor Lane himself refused. to make
anv effort to secure the .nomination,
avin simply that he was not a can.
dldate.-. His attitude makes the reault
' of the primaries the mora remaruDi.
Dr. Watson, Author of Beside the
Bonnie "Briar Bush;" Lying: In
v Critical : Condition ' in Hotel at
Des Moines. :
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Political ,Lleutenants;of former
Chicago Mayor Accused by
Grand ; Jury, i of t Collecting
Bribes From Saloon Keepers:
V . ... cu. h fuuil WlM
' Chlcaao. May. 4. Former Mayor
Dunne's political-lieutenants were ln
jiti lnta this afternoon. The Jfrand
lurv found true bills against ex-Chief
of PolJce John M. CoUlns, ex-Pollce At
torney Frank D, Crawford, ex-Publlo
Works Commissioner William JU O'Con'
hell, t qsmer Purchasing Agent Edmund
it afehe and Detectives James Mo
irth and James MqNulty. 4The-llg-j'tlons
ares -'
ConsDiraclea to defraud . the city by
using lta police f or collecting campaign
contributions and do'lng 'Other political
work on the .recent elaotlon; violations
of the civil service ;,laws; collecting
bribes from saloonkeapers and mutljat-Inr-nnd-
destroying police records.
j- Collins is Indicted thrice. - In . two
jtiiSrges is he" liable to fines not exceed
ing 12.000. end Imprisonment of from
one to nvo years. Roche and O'Connell
are liable to the same lines and lm
: prlsonment and the detectives are liable
to1 Imprisonment In the penitentiary.
V- V ,olioe Assessed.
' The men who had cha rge of Mayor
, Dunne's campaign era alleged Ito have
- -collected at least 880,000 from -the po
lice and uneetimated amounts In tribute
' from other sources. Saloonkeepers and
. owners of dives are believed to have
" (Eaartt Kawt by teagwt teastd Wire.)
Des MOlnes," Iowa, May 4 Dr. Wat
son (Ian MacLaren) author of "Beside
tha Bonnie Briar. Bush,' Is dying In a
hotel -at Mount i Pleasant, Iowa. ; The
famous English author was stricken on
a train about two weeka ago' while :;en
routs from Minneapolis. .It was neces
sary at . that . time to .wiro; ahead and
make arrangements to. have him takers
to a-hotel where he has Since been ly
ing In a semi-conscious state. ;
He waa first- taken- sick with tonsil
itis and for a time it waa' thought' he
would improve.: -Last night he suffered
a relapse, followed by forming of - an
abscess in the, ear. t He was unable to
sleep . and has , been' troubled -with In-,
somnia ever since he was stricken. His
doctor does not hold, out much hope for
bis recovery and says his condition is
precarious. - t
Dr. Watson is going on 10 yeara of
age and-his advanced years tell heav
ily on him. His wife, who has been con
stantly at his side, waa said to be near la
nervous breakdown. ' 4 .
Residents , In ' Jwenty-One Pre-
-''! rlnrrta nf thn CrtV Ask- for Vota I.B03 and , Louis
'.I . :j. -,' ,. 4 . ...... 1 with see wMm
For Mayor Thomas C Devlin. ,
For Auditor -A. L. Bar bur. ,
For Treasurer J. K. Werlein.
For Attorney--John P. - ICavan
angh. -x ; . .;.',:
Mnnicipal J uflge George J. Cam-
I eron.
', Connrflmen at LargeJohn An-
oand, George B. Oellan, M. 3. Drls-
' , II I I '
Tha battle ta over. Tha victors are
happy, the public la glad, only tha van
qulshed, have a feeling of sadness.
Thomas C Devlin, present olty auditor,
has been chosen: as tha i Republican
nominee for Mayor by a vote of prac
tically four to one. His closest com-
petltor was John B. Coffer, who re
ceived 1,088 votes, Devlin, the leader,
received a -total vote of -4,090. Dan
Kellaher came third in the - Hat with
Zimmerman fourth.
on Allowing or Prohibiting Sa-,
loons Near Their Homes.
' Six. petitions asking for votes on the
liquor -Question in as many local option
subdivisions, were, filed with County
Qlerk Fields yesterday, which was the
last day on which, such petitions could
A. L. Barbur is the nominee for city
auditor. ' He won his place with 8,034
votes, while W. S. Lotan received 8,888
and Oscar P. Miller 8,840.
Xfo OpposiUoa to Werlain.'
jV, B. Werlein reoeived . the nomina
tion 'for olty treasurer with no one op
posing him. Ho reoeived the full party
For city attorney John P Kavanaugb
triumphed over William McGarry by a
fair margin. He received a total vote
be filed. These six .comprised, the total
mitnher of nntitinna recorded.. ' Work of
enmnarln tha.sla-naturas on the oetl- of S.878, while McQarry received 8.807.
tions with those on the registration rolls! Qeorge J. Cameron la the nominee for
will begin tomorrow, and It is believed municipal Judge, with 0.871 votes to bis
the work, will be completed by Tuesday,
and It can. be announced then whether
the election will be called. ...
The subdivisions, fr6m which, the peti
tions -came are as follows: . Precinct
86; . precinct.? 86; . precincts 41, ; 4S; pre-
oincta 87, 88, .38, 42; .precincts 1, 82, 68,
64, 67, 68, SO.Vand preoinctst86, 26.' 37.
3, 38. These are all residence districts,
which are now all, "wet." The petitions
were circulated by the International Re
form '"bureau,; the' Prohibition alliance,
the W. C. T, 17. and tha Anil-Saloon
No elections are to be called north of
Jefferson' street on the west side of the
river, and none between Sixth street and
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Chemawa Ruhnefs? inSalem-Portland !Race
V: Defeat the Trained; Sprinters of thehv
' ; V Portland Y. M. C. A. ,
credit Julius SUvestone, hla. closest
competitor, received 3,118, and J. S.
Winchester 1,028 votes. . I . ,
John Annand. George B. Cellars and
M.- J. Drlscoll were chosen as tha nom
lnees for councilman at large. The vote
of the different candidates was as fol
lows: Annand,
urisoou, i
Thomas Gray,
WF.CS tffi Front Street : Dealers .iWould, Be; Only Totf
ay, 3,810; George Hyland, . . ; ( , a. . , .
6 District s
(Continued on Page Fifteen.)
50,000 LIEU HISS
An agitation among Front atreet
produce; merchants to seek a new dis-
trlot in which to establish their com J
mission houses and . whtoh will afford
them relief from present crowded condi
tions, axorbitant rents and other incon
veniences, is assuming -such form ihat
l. i. k.h..a ma., .' win .....i.
Labor" Parades New York CltV I eventually In a wholesale exodus from
..... . . . I t.- ... . J . & .A.. .' .
ui trao waiuo bm long ueen uie com-
and ; Is ; Loudly Cheered by
Spectators ftooeevelt's Of
fense to .Labor Widens Gulf.
mission center.
Four of the largest commission
houses on the street nave: signified their
intention of moving Into a new district
If they can find capitalists to build the
necessary buildings, and on these they
stats they- would only bo too glad te
take long-term leases. It is the general
sentiment., that If, these firms leave
their present quarters, as they now sig
nify their intention of doing in the near
future, the whole street will follow
suit, and' a', new -commission 'dlstriot
wlll be established. Just where Is an
Open question, -.. opinion -favoring-- any
other section of the city more desirable
than that now occupied. - .
. Slfh Beats, Poor Buildings.
The laying1 of the rails of .the United
Railways company on Front street is
said" to be 1 responsible for the present
agitation to seek new quarters, The
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(Bearat News by Lonfett Leaned Wire.)
Dover, Del.. May . The body of lit
tle Horace Marvin Jr.. was found today
upon hla father's farm under .circum
stances which lead his father. and all
who have followed the developments of
the case, to declare that the baby boy
must . have been murdered within two
weeks by ' the persons -who stole him
from the strawstack in the farm yard
two months ago. . No medical, examin
ation has ret been made of the child's
body, but the. place where the body was
discovered and the conditions surround-
Ilng the discovery are - such as to glvo
the . strongest posaible evidence that
the child - could not- have accidentally
met his death 61 days ago In the place
Where he was found. ;
Throughout the countryside tonight
tne one opinion is neara, mac is mac
the . kidnapers of the boy became
frightened at the developments of the
last two weeks and that the boy was
killed and brought back, to the farm
so that his body might be -found and
suspicion be diverted from his captors.
i y, . i JrenaA By Xn&ter. ' ' .'
The body was discovered by Oliver
Pleasanton, a young farmer who .was
out bunting. Ths child's body was
lying in five inches of water which had
accumulated over night, owing to the
heavy rains. For several weeks, before
the . last heavy rainstorm, ' there had
not been . one inch of water at this
spot, and during the two weeks of hot'
weather in .-the latter part of March
there bad been no water at this partic
ular spot and ths grass had all been
burned over... Sticking out of the low
water today were the burned tops of
the grass, yet ths boy's body . when
found showed that no fire had reached
it at any time. Detectives had tramped
time and again . over 1 tha exact spot -
where tha body of little Horace was
found. Only yesterday old Mr. Marvin
had been working within a few feet of
the spot and there was not one inch of
water there at . the time to have con
cealed the body. i
The Uttla. pool formed over night Is
almost . three quarters of a mile from
tne straws. acx wnera cne Doy waa iasc
seen. To have readied it, the little lad
who never ' walked 300, yards without
sitting down to rest, would havs been
ooiigea o waui across rougn ground sn-.i.
the face of an icy wind, cross a deep
ditch which is difficult for a grown per
sons climbed i through two close barb
wire fences and then have lain down fo
die in a spot where at the . time tho ...
ground waa either dry or covered with
ice. ' ' f " n ? .
m jEt.. w j. i ww .
The condition- of the boy's body .
points above all to ;the abaolute con
clusion that he had not been dead more
than two weeks. - The body is. In an ex
cellent state of preservation, an Impos
sibility had, he died two months ago...
in view of the continuous warm' weather
when the thermometer registered 80 de
grees for three eureatve days over en's
month ago. .,
The sheriff, who took charge df tho
noay wnen it was round, refused to per
mit any examination of the body this
afternoon, but - expressed himself as .
oonvtnced that the child had been mur- .
dered tn - soma manner and his body -brought
back to tho farm. .- -,.. t
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.(Continued on Page Seven.).
Indian couriers brought a message
from Governor George E. Chamberlain
at Salem to Mayor Lane at Portland,, a
distance of. (2 miles, In six hours and
20 minutes in a relay race In competi
tion with' the Portland T. M. C- A. yes
terday. , . s ; "
The race waa one - of the longest re
lays in the,hlstory of modern athletic
achievement and. has ., been ; established
as a.-'perraanent' feature between, these
two institutions. ' The Chemawa team
Won over. the T. M..C A. team by 11
minutes, v : v - ; - 7
- -Mostly rnmiooas. -Those
'who represented the Y. M. ,C
A. were Rasmussen, Kees, Newsom,
Arbuthnot, Street, Talbot, Backus, 'New
ell, Leonard and wetterborg. They are
clerks working every day in Portland
and training under A. M. Grllley, phys-
tr-ol iHmftnr at tha V. M f". . A . Ths
Indian runner who constituted the' wis1
nlng team "were waiter Halght, Sam
John. ' Peter ; Seymour. Michael' Wilson.
Robert Brothers, Mick Mack, Frank Dan;
Peter ' Casey, Apis ' Goudy and Amos
Smoker. ' Most of the Chemawas were
f ullbloods of temperate habits. - They
were chosen from, an- eligible list- of
about 60. - ,
.. i ... i-i .'.j-'.
The start. was made at Salem at t
o'clock and the winning Indian came
into PorUand about 3:30 o'clock In the
afternoon, with his little packet for the
mayor safely tucked away.- Ths Jlrst
course of five and one half miles was
won by Halght Over Rasmussen by I
minutes, -which gave the Indians a fatal
lead; . Rasmussen was not in oondltion,
having been substituted at the lastTno
ment, which accounts for the lead
gained by the 11 ret Indian. On the next
course the ,T. M. C, A. gained 6 min
utes, but could, not overcome, the In
dian advantage . ;t, M? .
' f tTss Antos Vext Teab V . v '
Each relay , was about flVe miles in
length. , The runners - were" distributed
by ths train and picked up in the same
manner, which proved to be a very
crude method: - The plan next year will
be to provide automobiles to take up
and distribute the men Just as they fin
Ish and enter their raoe. , r
Each of; tha men finished strong and
In perfect 1 condition. Willamette uni
versity is planning to enter the rac$
alse next year, when the plans will be
better perfected for the big race with a
year's experience to work from.' - - -(
(Pobltihm' Pnas by Special . Leaaed Wire.)
nw 1 otic, May . jLwnouncmg Pres
ident Roosevelt for his characterisation
of Movert and Haywood as . undesirable
cltlsens, So.OOO laborers tonight paraded
the streets of New YorK, greeting with I
hisses, groans" and shuffling of feet
every mention of tha chief executive's
name." - -
'.Soolallam played, a - leading part
throughout - and - as the , parad passed
along the men sang and shouted that
they "would .know the reason why, if
M oyer and Haywood should die." .
Thousands of persons lined the' side
walks while the parade passed by , and
cheered the marchers enthusiastically.
The parade waa capped by a huge mass
meeting at Grand Central place, where
speeches- were made in favor of the
miners now - awaiting trial. and con
demning the attitude of - the president
io the jnatter.'- - . ,
, Washington, Miy 4. President Roose
velt has sent the pitcher of criticism
to labor's well once "too often, by his i
denunciation or. tiaywooa -and Moyer as
"undesirable cttlaems." according ; to
some of the best -Informed .labor leaders
here.- And among these are soma of thei
executives warmest admirers. They
say that not in the history of the coun-
In order that the winner may enter the national beauty contest. The Journal closes Its contest this
week. Hundreds of photos of1 beautiful Oregon, women nave oeen sent to The Journal office. A few 2
have been published. Others will be. But no more entries can be made titer May 10. . 2
' It is the last chance to show your patriotism for, Oregon. Winner in 23 other state contest have
already been chosen, and shortly the national commission will pass upon all of. these winner in order to t
find the most beautiful woman in America. .
'-- Great interest has been aroused in the contest throughout the state.. 'Many beautiful women, however,
are not represented. It is the duty of their friends to see that tlteir photos are sent in at once. ' - 2
Photographer of Portland have caught the spirit and are anxious that Portland girl should be de-
clare. the, most beautiful Moreover, each desire to take the winning photograph ,
Moore, the photographer whose studio is in the Elks' building, Seventh and Stark street;' Butterworth, t
whose etudio is at 345 Washington street, and Grove, whose studio it at 445 Washington street,
will any of them take the photograph of any beautiful girl who wishes to enter the contest, free of Cost
"to her..- - -. h - . - - . , . 'Z
. , These photographers' are acknowledged to be among the best In the country. They cannot, of ccursf, -nor
will they try, to make a prizewinner out' of homely girl, but all the aid that photorf!iy czn
lend to beauty, and it is considerable, will be at the command of any beautiful girl.
Beautiful women, this la your great opportunity. -
Continued on Fake Seven.)
tTeeeeeetveeme tt
-t J