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. V. '- . jV Vr . .'
North " Coast Survey "Through Wite Complains He Beat Her
Packwood Pass to Connect
i. With Tacomai & Eastern. ; - j
While Drunk,' So He Lies
li&H Jn Jail, w
(Special Dlatcbto The Journal)
Dr.' Samuel K. Johnson, ".who wai er-
h Tacoma, Wash., Mar 4. surveying rested last winter for disorderty . con
party, believed to be acting for the pro duct at his mother-in-law's home on
rooters of the North Coast railroad, has the east aide, Is again In the tolls as
run line from North Yakima west- the result of , his domestlo Infelicities,
ward to the Cascade mountains. , The Johnson was arrested last ittg-ht by De
mountains are crossed at, Packwood teotive HtlkJ In his rooms in the Motel
pass, eljrht mllei sotfth of Cowlita pea. Sargent, on warrants charring him with
The, line then swerves northward, pass- assault and battery and using profane
In along the western base of the Ta-1 language.
teosh group-of mountains to Bear Pral-1 wmnle E. Johnson, wife, of the prls-
rle, two miles from Longmtre Springs. I oner. Is the complainant In both esses.
From this spot tho road will And an She alleges her husband. assaulted her
easy grade to the Niaqually river, down J yesterday afternoon " and indulged ' In
, the south banlft of which stream ", the j vile and obscene language. , The young
survey goes, to V'ark Junction, on the I medico was unable to furnish $160 cash
Tacoma Eastern road. The route will I bally and was locked up In the city
have a trade of less than IV, per cent prison, where be still remains.
In crossing the mountains, and -the only Johnson and his wife were separated
' place demanding much engineering will for some time, but became reconciled
be the cour. ry crossed after leaving end took up their abode In the Hotel
Packwood pass on the western slope. Bar gent. Yesterday afternoon, while
The Cowlits basin Is there . traversed under the Influence of liquor, Johnson
and also the Muddy fork in reaching id to have thrown his wife on the
the base of the Tatoosh group. The I ceo. cnokea ana oeai ner ana in nis
party making this survey is now on- drunken f renty tore her clothes. The
camped at Park Junction. lease was continued In the police court
The first step . toward the construe- until next Wednesday,
tion of . the railroad will be the build
ing pf a wagon road from Park Juno-
tion to Bear Prairie, . which - will be
used aa a has, of operation In con
etructing the road through the moun
Accommodating Man Hid Pistol
In Pocket Because Her Rec
ticule Was Too Small.
Joseph Packer has found that It does
not say to be accommodating, Just
--Xa to report " received it " the 'head
quarters of the Republican city cen
tral commute lead to the belief mat
the vote will be even lighter than ex
pected. In the outlying precincts of
the east side the early vote - has peen
very light, not a great number of the
voters who work in the " down-town
district having taken the time to go
Candidate Was Active Member
- of' the Citizens' Alliance
Not Long Ago,
That John B. Coffey, the labor candl-
home to vote. It is believed, however. I data for . nomination for nuvor. u an
becaTTse he contented to carry a re- that th Ute tote In , these precinct J active member of the Cltltens'. alliance
David Miller, V tailor, wanted in this
city on a charge of larceny by bailee.
preferred by Dr. Louis Buck, has been
arrested oy tne Spokane authorities,
and P. Maher of the district attorney's
of ice will leave tonight to brina- back
the prisoner. Maher started for Spo-
aane last nignt witnout requisition pa
pers as Miller had announced that he
rrn a km. m aftamnnn tr.n. I would not fight extradition but evident
ry Meldrum and George ; Sorenson.l'y changed his mind and Maher was
wanted byJ the United States, had not ( c"nplled to return. to. thia.outo. m-
been arrested, although tooth men, are I v"f" "wry uocumenis. . -renortBd
to have been seen in Portland I It la alleged that Miller, who " con
and Oregon City. jducted a. tailor shop on 'Sixth Street,
United States Attorney Bristol stat- l0, r clothes, which, had
ed H court yesterday, afternoon that I been given to him by Dr. Buck to clean.
Sorenson had been seen in Portland Mill is . also accused of having pur-
and it is understood that several other I cnaseo 1900 worth of cloth from D. B.
persons have seen him. Mrs. " Soren-1 McBrlde ft Co., on credit and shipped the
eon stated today that she does notl rood to' Spokane. ' No Information has
know where her husband is and lson rued against him for this alleged
greatly worried ' because : of his ab-1 oxiense.
sence. -. She received a i Ulegram from
Sorenson at Washington April 18, and
another dated In Wyoming April 2.
She was advised that . her husband
would return to Portland by way. of
San Francisco. ' ....',,.
.Meldrum Is reported to" have been
seen . yesterday at Oregon ' City, by a
man who has known . him for years.
volver belonging . to Mrs. - John John
son of (26 Jefferson street owing to
the woman's inability to get the weapon
into her reticule. Packer was fined IS
by Judge Cameron .or carrying con
cealed weapons." i .5 .
In tho police court this mornlnc Mrs
Johnson testified that she : drove . to
Portland ' from Mleaverton.' yesterday
witn packer, and as is her custom
placed the revolver on the seat along
side hen c Upon" reaching this city she
endeavored-to place the pistol In her
purse but the handbag was too small
ana sne asked Packer to put the re
volver in his pocket ' Patrolman
Mackey witnessed the transaction and
promptly placed the man tinder arrest.
Mrs.: Johnson is the wife of John
Johnson, the barber "Who mysteriously
disappeared several nights ago and is
thought to. have committed suicide.
Loss of Money From Telephone
Tie-up Mere Bagatelle Beside
That Threatened.
will be heavy.
Up to a abort time ago is reiterated to-
The . leading runner ln-he Balem
Portland relay race passed New Era at
1:05 o'clock this afternoon. He waa a
small brown Indian., It waa just seven
mlnntee after he panted past that the
young representative of the Portland 7,
M. C. Av hove inlght v.-u'.'' -':''.' '":"
. At the end of the first relay, Stt miles
this aide , of Salem. Walter Halght
Indian, was lust I minutes ahead of
his white antagonist; at the second re
lay post. Ban John,- Indian waa i
minutes to trie good: Peter Seymour was
S minute ahead at the third post: at the
end of the fourth relay, Machall Wilson,
Indian, sad gained 4 -minutes In the
running. ..;-- '-- '-
'It is Interesting to note the change - Robert Brothers,. Indian, was ( mln
In - Mr. Coffey' attitude in ; the past utea to the good at the fifth post, while
year,"v eald one prominent member of Nick Macka, another Indian, was 7 Jnln-
the alliance this motntng. fThe matter le, neM l tne sixxn reiay posu.
waa called to my attention some time
ago and at that time I took occasion to
make sure that he had been a member
of the alliance. I found that he had
been one of the active members and that
he had resigned not very long ago.
"I am, not sure, but believe it waa
- i " i unui xnti lima na mmii ma mm , rnr
Full Set of Upper and Lower SSf5 " American Sailors Seize. Hon-
rr ' I T. . T . It waa niuslng to I . j , ' Aala,J r...j u tl. ' ' im to ae mm we . cnammon or the I .uumn vniovif mhv miayi
l nui kAuavieu in not . rW w. ... .. i.
divided on that account and it is com
mon belief that the vote given him will
be materially decreased over what it
otherwise would have been, .
When the polla opened at noon there "Zr X IT
was a scarcity of judges and clerks at - ; " ',; "
many f, the precincts. These vacan- owunl ror vne aeniais o tne
cies were filled from the bystanders fact which are being' spread over the
according to law and the voting begun. 1 city.
Negro From States.
The morning session today of the
Oregon Stat Dental association was a
highly Instructive one .for the mem
bers. as four interesting clinics, dempn
stratlng dental work, war held, beside
the reading of the paper by Dr. James
A.- Harper of Corvallls on "Amalgam
rilling." .
The ollnlo demonstrating the us or
omnororm wa in charge or Dr. jack
Puerto Cortes, Ilonduraa, May 4. Be
cause theyassaulted and probably fa
i tally Injured an American negro named
General Davis, tfa chief of police and
suuad of his men from .this place
have been placed under arrest and tak
en aboard the American . gunboat Pa
ducah. If Davis die the police will
probably be courtmartlaled and hung
AftftT a OAnHlllrairlAn Kai-a-M v
TW man stated today that he boarded Uanagera, the City councU and the office
i. miZ n or tne county assessor announced the
Aw. of the coacha. Later Meldrum got lineup of the team for their baseball
, , ,,ltp," C T'i "a. v' .u "; i rt Saturday. Mayor Lane will
Meldrum is wanted by ih-?vern- be-4he -umplr.- City Auditor-Devlln
ment to jerve his sentence of three w, b9 th. offlcla, conr
years at McNeil's island tor forging ap- Auditor Sam Lotan a- ntl ZJZ
pllcatlona to government
c.rf trrmnMmi.ix m t la tha oi-iaia I J. Clin extracted a full upper and low-
of the carmen's trouble approaches the " " iwumwi
fear is becoming swneral that the mnln J.
from a yard-arm.
While standing. -on the street talking
...... a a .... . ...... I . I -
Kates, wno aamimsterea ui prepara- 1,1.1 rnmm ta Cnt.M. in U..l I to some companions. Davis, who la an
tlon to a paralytio patient, while Dr. i v. i-p-ctor for Thacker Brother' steam
Clohessy ( Syndicate Purchases
v Stoller Property in South 4
- Portland. ' K . J . '
M. J, Clohessy and associate pua.'fY
chased yesterday ti 1 80-acre ' tract 1
wuiuq aajoins ; ineir A.apnai Hill addi
tion In South Portland. The oronrt
belonged to : Stoller brother and waa
sold for , 135,000. t- This last purchase
gives to - the ' Clohessy syndicate 164
acres of desirable and sightly subur
ban residence property on the wait
aide. Th entire tract represent an
Investment of $78,000. i .
I S. Clark ha sold to O. O. Uiv
the quarter-block at the northwest enr. ,
ner of Holladay : avenue and East Sixth ,
street for.tMOO. ; t '
Th Portland Railway eompanr has
purchased from Ben Selling th quarter-block
on the southwest corner of
Savler and Twenty-fourth streets for
15.800. , This property, which is across
Twenty-fourth street from th Savler -street
car barns, 1 to be used br the
company as th sit for the nrotMiaoi
street railway - employer club-houa
that will be built this summer. Archl- '
tect David C. Lewis 1 Drenarina- nlana -
for the building, which it is estimated :
will cost between $8,000 and' $10,000. '
. Jackson Hidden ha purchased from
C C Shay a new bungalow in Bungalow
Glade in th Hawthorn avenue dis
trict Th consideration was ll.SOW.
Manner In Presence of
Breakfast Guests."
will vote to strike at the meeting celled
for Sunday morning. Neither aide
made any peace advance this morning
and there 1 no intimation f a confer-
once before the time set for th vote.
With the telephone service paralysed,
ship line, was threatened by a soldier,
armed with a machette. , The negro
took th weapon away from th sol
dier and eateredj a nearby house. Soon
the polio arrived and dragged Davl to
the Cuartel, at th same Mm beating I
"Finished Porcelain " Denture ' and
Porcelain Inlays" were .demonstrated
Wv war " w-a Tl . ,
oyvr. u- nKvy. . ' f lo.ra.1 SalM
i. a. dark continued nis aemonstra- r I him to a nolo.
tlona of "Moldable Porcelain." Th ,mmi,.a ima. , n-h,,.. Seeing that their orlsoner wa In a
nare-iip operauon. cueauiira tor 1 learned todaw to hava ent hla n,a dying condition th polio too him In
Hundred Thousand Dollars to Be
Spent for Their En-" .
i (Jooraal Special Swvice.1
.h.Ur.n ;"r"V-;Mr-' o'clock thl. morning, did not take place 'tSTZXu. 7 to' the street and feft hlm-noon th L.i" nK"'a" .75.
will creat. anpr.deted 000" nfKS Z & 2 Z7To h. " tT.rT.c.
e ttnoVbrttt waTt?.1b& from th. P.- W g ."1 i!
1." ..z.a a-rr r.". 't: .iinh tM w.ri.ii. i.n. .,.. '""" tf w m,.
losses in all lines of business, but these
losses will be a mere bagatelle compared
with the tremendous - damage th car
strike will entail.
. Sorenson was to have been In court yoa-
: terday to have sentence pronounced on
him for conspiring to defraud the gov
ernment out of public lands. H failed
to appear and his bond was declared
forfeited and a warrant Issued for his
' arrest. . J ,
Charles Edwards, ,polored Portet
of Tacoma, Fatally wounds
. . His Assistant ' , v
Auditor Sam ' Lotan and Phiaf nnut
mHV-ll: C,tT Jrr"urer Oscar P. Miller will be
fSpedal Dispatch te Tb JoeraaL) . '
in Tacoma, Washv May. 4. rAfter wit
.neaelng A. Conan Doyle's tragical play,
, "The Sign of the Four," at a theatre,
-Charles Edwards, a colored porter, In
attempting to emulate the hero of the
vpiay, last night shot Walter Broomfleld,
his assistant Broomfleld will die.
Edward did not know the gun was
- loaded. Five colored men had met at a
barber shop and were , discussing the
. play. Ed wards and . Broomfleld became
; so enthusiastic that they began rehears-
. ing ., aome of the ; mere - tragic scenes.
The cartridges were taken out, of a re
volver ana a certain, scene in wnicn me
hero shoots the. heavy villain was acted
by the twof with the other colored men
for in audience, :-;;, K'i!j:kx:'r;.:.
' This revolver was then laid " on a
shell J Later some one put the - car
. trldges back into the revolver.' Th' ama
teur make-believe stage,: hero and sun
man did not see this done and a moment
later,'.- seised - with the desire to a gal n
; demonstrate his v histrionic abllltyt
grabbed the revolver, and thundering,
"Now I have thee In my clutches," ad
vanced oh Broomfleld.
Broomfleld rushed forward to riv
buttle.' iJdwarda , thought only to snap
the revolver, but the weapon wa dis
charged, the bullet going through
Broomfleld' body in the region of the
Edwards waa arrested. Broomfleld
asks that he b released. . - ' z
his assistants, on the clt hall side. Tha
aasessor.haa not named any scorers.
On th assessor's team City Assessor
Sigler will play left field. Hiram Weloh,
vayuun ot Daiierv A. O. IO. O. will on.
cupy th box. r Rowland will : ia
Funk will play first, North,' capUlii and
manager, second; Maxwell chief denutv
county assessor, third; Holbrook, short
stop; Jones, center, and Pratt, right -
On th Council team CniinMI,... nriti.
will play first base and acta
and manager. - Vaughn and Manafaa win
do the pitching and Bennett will be th
backstop. ' Sharker will nia
base. Belding third and City Treasurer
Werleln shortston. in tha
Booths will play in left. Baker in cen
ter and Preston In ria-ht. KaHaka.
Rushlight will be substitutes. Council
man Wallace has been appointed chief
of police. Gray fir marshal and Dunning
a treasurer. The money Mr. Dunning
receive at th box office will he tnmm
over to aom charitable society;
(WathlBstoa Boioaa er Tba
Washington. May 4 The civil service
rommunon announces tnat examlna.
tlona will be held in Astoria Mav if
for applicant for th position of wheel
man in the' customs service there at
100 a montiv Examination will be in
spelling, arithmetic, letter writing, pn
manshlp, conversion of currency, geog
rapny, practical question oonoernlna-
Innnl H . m A . . ' ,
wiiuiiriuns. ana experi
ence as wneeimen. . xne aee limit is 21
to 65 years at data of examination.' and
applications may be made here or at
tne custom souse there. . ;
Brook - Nook Conslemment
Reaches,, Irvington From
, Montana Farm. -3
(Rovrial rMapatek" to Th ionrnal.t . -.'
Pendleton, Ore., May 4. J. W. SewelL
charged with embeszllng funds amount
ing to 110,000 from the Potlatch Lumber
company, was today sententenced to an
Indeterminate -term In the penitentiary
by Judge Bean. He pleaded guilty, plac
ing Hie hope in a parole. He will be
taken to the penitentiary at once.
' There was unabated interest in the
horse ; sale at Irvington . track . which
continued - today. There , was a large
crowd in attendance this morning and
everyone waa enthusiastic. Bidding
was lively and good prices ; were re
corded. Great Interest was manifested
in th arrival of th Brook-Nook con
signment from Montana. The follow
Ing sales were reported yesterday: - -
Nocturno, bik ., . s, by Alfonso-Dark
Night, c. H. Brown, Oakland, Oregon,
Luster. . g.,-4, by Alcone-Lella. 8.
R. O'Neal,. Vernon, B. C, 1125.
Sash, b. g.; by Montvtew-Belt, J.
M. MuTchle. North Taklma, Washing
ton. $74. ? . ; -
. KllcklUt, b. na, 4, by Xeeler-Fre. D.
A. Lovatt. city, 1175.
Kinglet, b. g., 4, by Keeler-Chewlnk, W.
Perdue, Spokane, 1300. ' .
Sleep, b. m., 4. by - Mentview-Segno
and Chippy, b. m., 4, by Mont view-Chat,
B. O'Neal, Vernon, B. C $470. c
Atabal, b., g., 4. by Keler-Attal, W.
Perdue, city, 200. . ; i
Charla, ch. m , 4, by Alfonso-Chit
Chat, W. M. Ryan, city. 1140.
. Bunting, br. nu. 8, by Vic Regent
Bulbul. and Macaca, br. m., 4, by Alfonso-Macao,
R. W. Neal, Vernon, B. C,
itoo. . , -
Ernesto, b. g., 4. by Alfonso-Embla,
J. C. Paulsen, Seattle, Washington,
S2S0. ' ,.
Chip Chap, br. g 4. by Alfonso-Chlff
Chaff, O.: Dammler, city, $250.
Herb,- ch. g., by Star Ruby-Olnger, i
J. A. Murchie, North Yakima, Washing
ton, 80. - f -
Merle, bik. m.,: 4. by Star- Ruby-Pee-
wee, o. Smith, LaFayette, Oregon, 1260.
. Javelin, b. gn' 4, by Montvlew-lnee, W.
Perdue, Spokan, Washington, $280.
Mlaja, b. m., 4, by Alfonso-Mlsy, 8. R.
O'Neal, Vernon, H. C.. $240,
Dr. Harper's paper on
Fillings" and discussion . by Dr,
'Amalgam tVrlYtlZ .... Te T."""T" TL"; ducah and Marietta , landed and .rreat- " -.TTA .TIU I: "
Dr. Mark LT:t;,.". : "T ed th Chief and hi men. 'Commander I"T" e..t .memnrr.
Haylerof Dallas wound up th PilmwlwT Upn? ' American fore... refu.e " ETZStm enrii
lonal work of th association. - ' SZ. Vh.TW..?S;"B.!i to recognis th civil authorities and H!U?'"" 'Jh . SncJ.L
Th annual dinner by th association tha lat nota. ha ai.artanTv JT-rl M dealing exclusively with th 'dl- ""L
a, glvn last night af th. Commercial lrMlUp '"roe. nnde, Wai Estrada I??1! t f" .iV"
Th association mat ' again at ,2:20
this . afternoon - and la engaged In re
ceiving the report of standing commit
tee and in th election of officer to
serve for the ensuing year.
, Officers were elected tola afternoon as
follows: President, Dr. A. L. Beatle,
Oregon . City; vice-president. Dr. W. R.
Allen. , Independence; secretary and
treasurer. Dr. M. C Holbrook, Portland:
executive committee, Dr. W. C- Sharer I
of shears from his coat amputated his I
tongue ana bled to death.
Etta Montgomery, a whit '.woman.
testified before Judge Webster In th
county court thi morning that ah waa Z ,h. 7 h . Vt.i Tor.
mmmmA t rr.- b. iwt j. . for th Peaur of th visitors and
tlona"." : i , ;
Al Malaikah" tempi of Los Angeles.
th host of the occasion, ha arranged
a program for the entertainment of the
visitor that will eclipse anything of
the kind ever before prepared , for
meeting of the imperial council. A
sura of nearly $100,000 will be expended
exeoutlv commute Dr. W. C-. 8herr p'.iij , , ' " - cu.lJ.-; Si have married him February 1 had h not SL:" "f VS- Rhrtners
and Jack Tates of Portland and Dr. Har- TO BUlW .Line From Sheridan tO died. She sued Pratt tata to w- nt,..Lh 2!!"" ' Jr.?,'.
engaged to marry Ben Pratt Jr., a negro
porter at the Hotel Portland, and would
nothing will be left nndon to - con
tribute to their comfort and entertain-
rls of Eugene.
Point Near Willamina, Yam
hill County.
r -(8petal Dispatch te Tb Jooraal.) v
Salem, Or.. May 4. Th Sheridan m
Willamette Railroad company filed ar
ticle or incorporation today with th
secretary of sUte, It purpose is to
maintain - and equip a railroad . from
Sheridan to a point a mil and a" half
north of Willamina. Yamhill conntv.
Th Incorporator are C E. Fuller. O.
aiio wuiuan . HHiuoa wm . wasn - ana
became engaged to the negro, they
An electrical parade, consisting of a
score of illuminated float. - win be
Mrs. - Crosby Wins Again Over Ik. Edward and Richard w. Monugu&
. . Th capital stock is $20,000. Th main
uar company, as. uanxenoein
ImkIJ thric presented, and on th first odea.
hi..? .?!.' i".;1. r? on ther will be in lln 10.000 Shriners
to live after their marriage. She. said
tl. " ira,".1' rately decorated will -close th .week of
plans had Included a wedding Mrtp J '..Hvit ' .
through the south to th bom of Pratt's . y' ' r "1 -
parents at Newberry, South Carolina. -.,,,,,.,.-.,,,,,- '
E. W. Wright Will Report What Ho
Accomplished by Trip v -
to London. : ,
Defeats Question,
Tha hypothetical Question ha arrived
in the circuit court : lor Multnomah
county, and in an encounter with Judge
Oantenbeln it - was defeated. A new
trial tarti damage cult in which th jury
had awarded th plaintiff $2,000 . was
sought by the Portland Railway com
pany because th hypothetical question
asked an expert witness at the trial had
not included aome fact which th rail
way' attorneys thought ought to be
Judge Gantenbein passed on th re
quest for a new trial this morning and
refused to allow a- rehearing, holding
that the hypothetical question was not
sufficiently erratic to warrant it , The
cas waa that of Bertha Croaby against
the streetcar company. She asyed dam
ages for injuries alleged to have been
sustained by coming in contact with a
live trolley wire that was sagging down
nearly to th street level on Grand
avenue. The Jury awarded her $2,006.
It wa contended also . that this
amount wa so excessive as to warrant
Brule Sioux, b. g i, by Alcone-Belle, I tne JU"K n letting it aside and order-
M. E. Lee. city. $100. , mg a new trial, but Judge Gantenbein
Lieutenant, b. ' 4 bv AlconerLadv I said th verdict had been returned by a
Blackwood, C. Bamford, Gresham, J Jury composed ; largely or expeuenced
Oregon, 185." v .f& i. i k- .y n puwneea men oi intelligence and dls-
Night Warbler, b.m., 4, by Alcone-1 cretion and he would not feel Justified
Dark Night. B. W. Neal. Vernon. B. C 1 n eetting aside their decision: Attor
tlt8A4-..t '..,. wt 1 ney . Henry E. . McGinn, : appearing-'for
Cltlsen King, ch. g., 4, by Keeler-Cane-1 Mra Crosby, asked for a Judgment on
mah, R. W. Neal, Vernon, B. C, $520. J the verdict, and it Was allowed.
. Lotto, b. in., 4 by Vice Kegent-Lady
parks, ' N. M. McjJaniel, city, $235.
Glnglll, b. m., 4. by Aloone-Kreutser,
I office will be at Portland.
' (Joaraat Bpecial' Brrl(.l
Elmyra, N. T.v May 4.- That thT re
volt of th people of the United, Bute
ia against dishonest f inane and favor
ltiam and not against th extension of
railways waa the expression of Gover
nor Hughes when be spoke her last
night in defense of his publlcutlUtiea
diii now pending before the state legis
lature. The governor made a strong ad-
areas, in wnicn h declared , hi' plat
form as that of honest , government
and regulation by the state $f public
service corporations. :
During his speech th governor slap
ped at Stat Superintendent of Inaur
ance Kelsey, . upon whose removal the
senate. nas just voted, saying that in
nis investigation or tne insurance com
pan! it wa shown that all the graft
was unaer state control.
Tho suit 1 being contested, the executor
of Pratt's -estate denying that th whit
woman ever gave th negro any of her
w. TaaV.,w.a vv aap
gent-Lady - , y
; Plover, ch., m., 4, by Montvlew-Ptpit,
J. M. Murchie, : North Yakima, Wash'
lngton, $200. ;.-' -
Nigromance. b. Hi.. 4, by Vice Rgent
Necromancy. J. M. Murchie, North- Yak
ima, Washington. $76,
Binira, b. m.. 4. bv Vice Regent-Myna,
i; m. Muretiie. North, Yakima, wash
ington. $115.
When a tolexraDh comnanv ma not
be sued for damage for , delay in de
livering a message waa th basis of a
decision by Presiding Judge Cleland In
the : circuit court thi . morning. - Th
.."P'A,': h. ZftV Jd passed upon the case of Edwin
A porAon of the street at the inter
section of Seventh-and Ankepy street
Lis owned "by the city and the fact was
not discovered until yesterday. The
" discovery v was mad bya city officer,
and wa reported to the executive board
when the Humane society submitted Its
proposals for the ,erectlon of fountains,
The-part of V the streets named haoH
never been dedicated for public use, end
tne city retains It ownership.
Inferring from the remark of Mayor
Lane at the meeting the city should
either hold the property or let the Hu
mane society place a fountain on the
site. If built the fountain will be oven
a finer one than the. Thompson and
Bkfdmore fountains. . It wilcoat. if the
board orders fulfilled, at least
If a well dressed, muscular looking
fellow stops you on the street and in
quire jreur name don't tell him. ? .: s.
: , This Is the advice given by P. R, Fee,
a uet at th Burnslde house, end he
1 qualified to apeak from experience.
Ye.ttorday afternoon while walking
along Third street a man approached
and pleasantly lnfinlred "Is your nai
Fee?" Without any thought of Impend
ing trouble Fee replied In the affirmative-,
whereupon the stranger hit him
with a brick and knocked .him senseless
to tfc pavement. '. . j -.--'.
- Fee .1 Inclined to believe that his as J
satlant . was on of his wife's friend
hired to commit lb assault, -
Myna, 8. R. O'Neal, Vernon, B. C.i $226,
Fidelia, gr. m., by Nocturne-Filigree,
wiuiam Frailer, city, $225
Lilt br. . 2, by Jim Hamilton-La-
laiat, m. h. Williams,,-North Yakima,
wasnington, $?25.
Lost Bird, bik. s.. 2. by Alcone-Jenny
uay, j, isaiaon, snverton. Oregon,
1596.: .
G. Amme against the. Western Untonl
Telegraph. Amme sued for damage
zor tnenon-aeiivery of a message to
a nrm in caiiiornia, alleging that bad
the message been delivered promptly
ne could nave oougnt an engine from
them and resold it at a profit He
asked Judgment from the company for
uie amount : oi tne - prorit he did not
. Member of the federal grand Jury
are believed to nave indicted several of
fender for violation of th postal laws
yesterday, but because Of the fact that
they adjourned until Monday when they
finished their work yesterday, no in
dictment were returned into court thi
morning. It la believed that Assistant
United States Attorney James Cole will
take up the Indictment against Kelley
ana itaniuns, we two remaining mem
bers of the postofflce gang to be in
dicted. Monday. It is believed that the
Indictment returned, found yesterday,
were against persons who have not been
, Rip Van Winkle, ch. ., 2, by JubUe ,ake.
rise ' .in niKLin..ifT w n a , w -w . timwm i . . . . -
w w . v v. n , ui u n aa i ii n or a , a 'iaion neai rnt a ' anaaaa -
11.11. On.nn 7ft i .... ; I . w mo...!.
' t-iv. .: I rprarfllna a MlmnlAKl.1 ran...flr.n
enwi, ir, ... t. dv i ne Kino- Kea-'i -.t...
- . w. M,w.nv,. QlLmiUllllllO. I .h. Ann.M.nw , n . I n m 1
Stannel, b. h., 2, by Heeler-Chaffinch, i ..r- . ' !
... am,K T . e-d..-.- , iiooa, iwv. m. . vvni4iij v uauiiui ,.
"'"'" aij1-i word that would reveal it Import
ance and that he could not, charge th
lie, Oregon, 1305,
Yaffle, b. a, 2, by Keeler-Eccle, - J.
W. Brown, Aailid, Oregon, $215. ; '
company , with damage for delay in
delivering it, A . demurrer- to. Amme'a
complaint was sustained and the suit
Judge Cleland denied motion for a
new trial in the ault of W. O. Barrel
against the Oregon Auto Despatch com'
ir-v. oi...... k. a. ... "' . V " wiiiiiii s.11,1 uau iraou awaru
11u1cr . c1111u1.11, wuu ia visums in i i, in a. .ak.t i.
!-. r .k. .... . - .. 1 CM ,.. , n.m.,v. . , VU4DVIUU III'
w. .. -- " Will UB UI. I
ni-tft.tna1 .na. Irae a th. annn.1 l '
or. mi viBiuna : nurici anani.tiAn t ," ( 4 . . .
which meets tomorrow afternoon at so V i,Hlng tsawara at London. V .
o'clock' at i- Trinity -parish. Nineteenth I - London, May 4. King Edward arrived
and Evereit streets. . Mra -Blanche! her late thi afternoon.
Th taking of testimony in the suit
of Mr. Helen R. Card well against Mrs.
Martha Dal ton over the possession of
the Cardwell nronertv fn Aiders atraat.
between Twelfth and Thirteenth streets, I , Member of th river, harbor, and
was; concluded in Judge Sears' .depart- navigation committee of th Portland
ment of the state circuit court thi chamber of oommerc will meet Tuesday
morning. Mrs. Cardwell brought th artarnoon at 4 o'clock, td receive a re
sult as trustee of the Cardwell estate. Port from E. W. Wright,, who mad a
Sh testified that th estate can leas 'rip to London to confer with th for
th property, with a building for $500 Cln hlp owner' assoolation regarding
a month, it was sold in 1270 for $1.000. 1 removal or tne airrerennai cnargea oy
Mrs. Dalton. sister of the former owner1 them against th port Of Portland. Mr,
of th property, ha lived ther for-S 7 Wright will submit a report of his
years, and- contest the suit. aleglng work, and state the results that have
tnat her brother gave her a life Interest accompnsnea. , . ;
in the nroDertv. -Josenh BuchteL. anil The chamber's agent are seeking
I. W. Balrd : were called as witnesses ultable quarter for their proposed pure
this morning1. '' Argument will ba heard food laboratory to be established at
by Judge Sears Monday. ' some north Pacific coast port by th
1 - government, .a numoer or proposition
have been secured. The laboratory 1 to
oe located oy Professor Wiley, chief of
nDCAIf IID n A MP C ln our" tooa vlmion of the department wi wnuwi. oi-agriculture, and will b maintained
lor the purpose of inspection of food
TTAiviiiima in varimia narta of tha .it prooucia ana raw v. material passing
kept the police exceedingly buy last through - th custom houses. Senator.
night A crowd of rough attempted f1 na appnea on Dcnair or port
to stop a dance in Webber's hall atlnd tor the location of th laboratory
Fulton and became o boistrou that it
wa neceary Tor Captain Slover to
dispatch a. squad of patrolmen' under
command of Sergeant Cole to the scene.
The crowd of rowdies were dispersed
and a patrolman was detailed to . pre
vant further trouble, r-. : c ,v r .
A small riot 'was started by member
of the "Brooklyn gang1' at the merry'
go-round "at East Sixth and Taylor
street early last evening and the police
were called upon to suppress tho dis
turbance. - No arrest were , mad in
either affair. ,
Petitions requesting ' a 1 vote on th
local liquor question were ' filed this
morning with County Clerk Fields from
the subdivision embracing precinct 41
and 4$, and from precinct 86 and SO.
On th petition from precincts 41 and
43 there are $9 names: on that from I
preoinct 25 there are 30 names, and on (Junction should not be granted against
the petition from precinct 86 has 82
name. , , : ; . , . .
Judge Charles XV Wolverton issued
n order today in , tne cas ot j. li.
Scott against the - Marble , Workers'
union, local No. 26, of the International
Association of Marble: Worker ordering
the defendants to appear in court Jd on
day -morning to show cause why an In
here, and data asked for by th govern
ment oniciai flaDeen gathered hre
chamber of commerce.
Stranger Enters .Kitchen and Aska
r Mtes Strip If She Will Be
" Joarnal Special Servlee.) v ,
,. Dover, DeL, May 4. The body
Of Horace Marvin, in a fair state
of preservation, . waa found on ,
hi father's farm this afternoon
'by Olive Pleasanton.' . . . , ;
them for trying to keep, Scott from ply
ing hi trade In Portland, a Scott al
leged in his complaint Scott, alleged
that h : bad been the object of the
union' wrath since his arrivat'ln Port
land and that tba local union had re- Beck. Th thug,, fearing capture, tdheuj
fused to recognise him in bis proper ra-4-to--nis heels.
A-delivery o4erk arrived about this
time and notified Mounted Patrolman
iveiier. jmo ciu to th identitv of tin
lation with th union. ; Scott filed his
complaint several week ago,
Btumauer and Dr. B. A. Plerca Kin .t.n
address the meeting. The public te la-
gua to alien a. , - -- - .
(Joamti SbmUT Ranlra
New York, May 4. Ernest Huff cuff-
said to have been Governor lughes'
i private, counsel, committed aultfde on
I the steamer Morse en route to thla citv
i The Medford carpenters' union ha 21 1 today. Huffcuff shot himself. He wa
mambera - -.- , Cea of Cornell L4 school.
' Unless ex-Congressman Lafe Pence of
Colorado makes a flu he agreed to do
under a contract entered into Jt'th the
park board, '. that contract wllsl be. re
voked by the board May 15. Mr, Pence,
who own practically all of the, Lewia
and Clark fair site, wa granted permis
sion to make Improvement and build
dam near Balch' creek,, bqt he. has
not done the work required, according
to reports received by the board. Re-:
Sofia Stripe, a domestlo employed bv
8. Beck of 84North, Seventeenth street,
had a strenuous experience yesterday
afternoon with an amorous stranger.
The young woman -while at work in
the kitchen was startled by the sudden '
entrance of a, fairly well-dressed man.
who, without any preliminaries, a eked
her Jo become his wife. The fellow en- .
deavored to persuade the alrl to accom
pany him toanother part of the house,
but was unsuccessful.
As she was alone in the dwelling at
th time. Mis Strip determined to us
strateg-y and loudly , called foXMr.
fellow haa been discovered by the police.
pelal trtrpateh : te' The Joornal.) . i
Salem, Or.; - May 4. Comm..innr "
W. T. , Campbell of the state railway
commission received . word today from
th Southern Pacific Officials that the
matter of providing' a -better .v.tam '
ot lighting cars on the Cot tare. Grove
iocbj wouia oe turned over to the oper
ating department for fta' attaritn Th.
vocation Of the franchise is threatened lighting on Ihla train h,. inn-K...
unless be performs hi part of the oon-j th subject of complaint on tba cart
Uact. , , - . ' . , patron , .