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Pierce Mays Given Four Months
? int the County
. ' . Jail. '
Rnrnnnnn FaHs to Appear la Court
and HI Bond of Poor Thousand
Dollars. Is Declared Forfeited to
the Government , r
Broken in health, with high ambitions
wrecked upon the coal of Tmr1c";
Franklin Pierce Mays, one time idol or
a larre constituency,- formerly - state
senator from Multnomah county and
TT-ii at mt mm attorn f or the district
tl Ull ,w .
of Oregon, bowed beneath ths weight contrlteness and sorroir,
; r an went when was sen'
' - tented . yesterday sfternoon by Judge
TLMiiiom H Hunt In the United States
" circuit court to servs foor months la
- ths Multnomah county jsu ana w pay
flns of 110,000 for conspiring to defraud
the United States out -, or us puouc
landa - ! .'''-.: .
Oeorgs Sorenson f ailed. te appear In
v court and his bond was declared for
feited by Judge Hunt on motion by
TTniteJ States Attorney Bristol.- The
sum of ths bond was f 1,000. ,
h Jones TUrorans' Bui OooL
"Miiri entered- ths courtroom with
- Mr. Mays snd his brother, Edwin Maya
when Judge Hunt announced .that the
- time had arrived when sentence snouia
be passed. His coconspirator, Wlllard
N. Jones, presented a striking contrast
to ths broken Mays. Healthful, full of
r vigor and strong In appearance, Jones
arose and answered in a ciear, even
wotaa that he had nothing to say why
1 sentence should not bs passed, when
' Judca Hunt asked the question, but
added that his attorney. 8, B. Houston,
wnnld sneak for him.
Attendants In ths court listened In
silence as Attorney Houston mads a
plea for his client "There will be no
attempt on my part, your honor, said
Mr. Houston, "to change your opinion In
this case, because of your knowledge of
the evidence, i I wish to say, however,
that I believe' sincerely that these men
did not know they were defrauding the
government when ther sought to get
these landsthey simply saw an op
portunity to make money and did not
see the crime they-wers committing..
v, .- .';.' -, stoat's Xi&dlr Words.
After' Attorney Houston finished! his
plea. Judge Hunt proceeded to sentence
the- prisoner. - No kindlier' or, gentle
words could have been selected by a
judge with so unpleasant a duty before
him than the remarks of Judge Hunt
preceding ths pronouncing of sentence,
' y "Avarice is the cause of . the misfor
tune' which has r overooms you. The
chance to secure for little what would
eventually give you riches caused you
to adopt the methods for obtaining
wealth that has brought you before ths
bar, of this court. You have followed In
Uia footsteps of others who adopted ths
same policy before you.;f V '':
-fMen who' did these thlna-s- became
soon careless in their method. One
man made money easy and then others
enierea into the ssme business. Tneir
moral sens finally became so blunted
that they could not distinguish between
tight from wrong, these men of splendid
reputation and .. good 1 character-' were
ruined and disgraced for Ufa
Kars Walks Forward.
"What happened 20 years ago cannot
bs taken as a palliation of your offense,
and ths court will now sentenos you.
'The sentence of the court is that you
bo ' confined in the Multnomah coun ty
Jail for a period of eight months and
that yon pay a fins of IJ.OOO."
Then Mays was called forward. Judge
Hunt requested that a chair bs placed
before ths bar for . ths v aiok man.
Trembling and tottering. Mays walked
forward In nervous haste, dragging a
chair with him.- As hs nearsd ths side
of his attorney, W. IX Kenton, Mays
rested his weight upon ths chair and
looked at -the court ;
Judge Hunt began to ask him ques
tions regarding bis health,' to which
Mays answsrad In a voice filled with
Ths questions
Son of ' General ' Sherman Here
From Chicago to Deliver '
, Lectures. ' -
.Rev. Father T. B. Sherman of Chi
cago is a guest at ths residence of
Archbishop Christie, Sixteenth and
Davis streets. -Hs will remain In Port
land during May. i "
Father Sherman is a son of ths late
General W, T. Sherman. He Is engaged
- ' A
't. ' '
k - - - r ii 1
SB. ST. AT. rilllOI, Kataropstfc,
D. Yon Are
. and want to get well the
f best thing for you to do is to
throw your medicine away
and go to Dr. N. J.N Fulton,
Naturopath,7 who treats I all "
diseases without medicine,
v She cures many patients
who have been treated ' for
months with medicine and
who : have about given ' up
hope of being cured. .
Such diseases as rheuma
tism, la grippe,' stomach and
bowel, complaints, goiter,
paralysis, female complaints,
nervous diseases,' she treats
without medicine, and cures.'
Examinations and trial
treatment free. . . .
Dr. IX J. Fulton
... . ;-,'' ';-'.,.. : f
Conn CHay, one sloe from )&
J'. , sns from 13ta street oar,
from 4aff ersoa a.' Telephone
;.. ' Mala S123. - : .
were any that a father might ask a
wayward son. . Mo disposition was
shown by ths court to bs harsh with
Mays and as ths answers were drawn
forth It became evident to the specta
tors that no sentenos ths court could in
flict would be greater punishment than
ths disgrace which surged In the breast
that had ones bsen filled with pride of
personal ambition and family nana
, , Teaxed Xanf Btmtn.''-:"''
After Judge Hunt announced ths sen
tence -would bs four months In ths
county Jail and a fins of f 10,000, Mays
sat down and leaned his head upon his
arm on ths back of Mr. Fsnton's chair
and wept; Those In ths oourtroorn aft j
srward stated '; that It was to May's
credit mat n aid not attempt to gain a
light , sentenos through sympathy bs-
oauss of his former high station In life,
out tnrough ths fear that a lone term
in jaii would km him.
Previous to ths sentencing ' of . the
men. Dr. W. T. Williamson testified as
to Mays physical and mental condition.
Hs stated that Mays would never bs a
well man' under any. circumstances.
Maya hs said, is suffering from prs-
seniuty. v ,-ri... . .. . .
orenson's Bond "forfeited.
Oeorgs Sorenson. ths third consolra-
urr cunviciea wun Mays ana Jones, was
not In court when hs was called to be
sentenced, and United Btates , Attorney
William c. Bristol ssked that his bond
bs forfeited. Alex Sweek. attorney for
Sorenaon, demurred to ths motion and
stated that Sorenson had been In Wash
ington to testify in ths Blnger ; Her
mann trial and probably had not re
ceived notice that he wss to have bsen
sentenced ysstarday.,,'-. r--
Mr. Sweek stated that hs : did not
know where Sorenson is located, but
was firm In 'ths belief that hs was not
trying to evade punishment - Mr. Bris
tol insisted, however, and his bond of
M.000 was declared forfeited. H. A.
Eaton and R. Schuyler were Borenson's
bondsmen. Judge Hunt announced that
In the event Sorenson returned In raa
sonabls time, ths forfeiture could be sat
aside. , . t i . ,
.1 Sunt Oosa tontTa, -' '
Preceding ths sentencing of Mays and
Jones, Judge Hunt listened to ths argu
ments to the bills of exceptions in the
Zacham Barnard and Hendricks casea
Judgs Bennett of The Dalles, represent
ing the defendants, took Issus with
United States Attorney William C Bris
tol on amendments which ths govern
ment wished to bs added to the original
oiiia ana aeDatea for mors than two
hours on ths points of contenUon, Judge
Hunt sustained Mr. Bristol on nearly
every point brought up by Judge Ben
nett, Who took exception to ths record
of the cass. -Judgs Hunt replied by
stating that be nsver knew of a more
thorough or exact stenographer than
Miss Fleming, the court reporter. '
Judge Hunt left last night for San
Francisco where he will ait on ' the
United States circuit court of appeals.
:- r A ZA2y liver -'
: May be only tired Urar.or a gtarW
liver. It would bs stupid a well a
savage thins; to beat weary or starve
nan because bs lagged la hit work, &
la treating the lagging, torpid liver It, It
ft (rest nlatke to lash It with stror.H
drastic drugs. A torpid liver b bnt ar
Indication of an Ul-nonrlihed, enfeebK
body whose organs are weary with ovr
work. Start with the stomach and alllct
organs of digestion snd nutrition. Put
them in working order and see. hov
qnickly your liver will become active
Dr. Pierce' Golden Medical Discovers
Mm made many marvelous cures of llvci
trouble" br Its wonderful control of tV
organs of digestion and nntrltlon. It re-
stores the normal activity of the stomach.
increases the secretions of the blood-mak
ing glands, cleanses the system from poi
sonous accumulations, and so relieves the
liver of the burdens imposed upon It by
the defection of other organs. . ,- . i
Ii von have bltteror bad taste la the morn
ing, poor or VVlabls appetite, eoated tongue,
foul breath, cokiupaud or lrrsguar bows,
feel weak, easlM tlrsd. Bsspondent, frsqasat
hesdsckes, pain r dtrssMa 'small of bacH.'
gnawing or dlsffreated (etrhjr u stomach,
perhaps nauMS.eNeresr rlslnn' la
throat after eating, and kinocM symptoms
of weak stomach and torpid llfaft no pti-
rlne will relieve roe more promptly or ci,s I
"nv'.iH frCfWanehtlv bn D-tor llerce-ll
en Med'fsl Ilcovary. Ferhape only
Father Serman of Chicago. ;
In presenting the Catholic view of the
church to non-cathoiica , in carrying on
the work, he is to deliver a series of
lectures on "The Philosophy of Re
ligion," Ths lectures will be delivered
at St. Mary's church, Fifteenth and
Davis streeta -
The subject and dates of the lectures
follow: May B, Ths Soul's Bridegroom";
May t. "Man's Placs In Nature"; May
1J. "Who Is Chrlstr; May 15, "Ths
Rock of Faith"; May 1, "What About
the Blbler; May 21, "Woman's Worth";
May , "Why I Am a Cathollo"; May
Z9. "The Road to Rome"; June J,- "The
Dlvlna Banquet"; June 8, "Ths Royal
Remedy for Evil." . ,
i . ..".." : ' . ' . . . ; .
Parks of City B Expensive to Keep
Up If Bonding Bill la Favored v
by the Feople.
"If the people should pass the bill
providing for the purchase of - parks
costing 11,000,000 we shall have to make
a larger appropriation for their malnten
anoe," said Park Commissioner Lang, In
a warning tone, to the park board. "We
snail navs to do it and there is no way
of getting out of It," concluded Mr.
"The bigger appropriation must be
made If ths bill should carry," said
Mayor Lena
After a short discussion the board
decided to await the action of the peo
ple, ana it tec ue matter rest. .
Upon motion of Mr. Lang all Infested
fruit treea on publio streets were or
dered cut down, and a portion of Colum
bla park was ordered placed In shape
for the school children of the Peninsula.
The board decided to begin the band
concerts in June. . Fifty-will be given
during the season.. The city fund
amounts to $4,000, but it Is believed the
railways and private subscribers - will
give $3,000 more. Commissioners Wtl
son and Lang will have charge of the
concerts. - . ,
Lower Rates on Streetcars Have
Been Promised by Com-
. V pany. r'
' Preparations are nnder way at Oak
Orovs for a celebration and , picnio tb
be held July 4. A committee, wss ap
pointed for that purpose Thursday even
ing by the Oak Orovs Improvement as
sociation. It includes a. H.' Hanson,
chairman; Mra. Bentley. Mr. Cook. Mr.
Harris and Charles Rlsley.
Ths Homs Telephone company has es
tablished a station at Oak Grove and Is
setting poles for a complete system In
that district. - Telephone service has
been a. subject of 'considerable discus
sion at Oak Grove and so far the resi
dents bavs been unable to obtain satis
factory ssrvlce.1- , - ' x
Another ; needed accommodation - Is - a
readjustment of passenger rates to Oak
Grove by the Oregon water Fower &
Railway company. . General Manager F.
L Fuller has promised 'relief as soon sa
ths board . of directors ' can come to
gether. Cash fare to Oak Grove from
the city is 15 cents nd a reduction to
10 cents Is asked, while the compute'
tloo rates will probably be reduced from
cents- to S centa
John F. Carroll was present and de
livered a sohort but Interesting talk be
fore the association.
ft part of lb abovs niytouls will be preseat
. et one time and yst point to torpid liver or
biliousness and wsak stomach. Avoid all
hot bread and biscuit griddle cakes snd
.other Indigestible food and take the "Golden
i Medical Discovery " regularly sad stick to Its
nss until you are vigorous sad strong. .-
Ths Discovery" Is non-sscrst noa-slco-
hollo. Is a glycsrle extract of native medici
nal roots with a full list of Its Ingredients
printed on each bottle-wrapper and attested
under oath. Its Ingredlsnts are endorsed
and extolled by the most eminent medics'
writers of the see and are recommended V
curs ths diseases for which It Is advised,
. Don't accept substitute of unknown
. tomposltlon for this non-secret mcdius
4" nwow ."- -"nog-
Advertising Solicitor, Young Boy
, and , Mrs. J. E. Wilkerson
the Victims.
There were three nor deaths from i
spinal meningitis yesterday. No new
cases are reported today. Fierce Mo
Murphy of 160 Fourteenth street, aged '
10 vears, dlsd at St Vincent's hospital
yesterday morning. He was brought In
May I and died Mar I. He was a
streetcar advertising solicitor. . ' . j
Roger Ruhl of SOS owell street, aged
14 yeara died of meningitis at the fam
ily residence at 1 o'clock yesterday sXt-1
srnnon. Hs wss taken sick Monday and
despite the efforts , of the physicians
died in agony. , j .; ,'
Mra John B, Wilkerson, aged S? years,
died at St Vincent's hospital at 10 1
o'clock last night Her, home was at
SS4 Twenty-sixth street and she was
taken to the hospital yesterday morning.
' Bishop J. M. Thoburn will address ths
City Ministerial, association, next Mon
day, May s. at 10:30 a. m- at the T. M.
C. A. SubJeot,.The Latest News From
the Field." The bishop tst a . veteran
missionary, and will speak. with author
ity In rerard to the missionary Drocress !
in India. Inasmuch as the mission text 1 1
book for all denominations this year is
"The Christian Conquest of India," by
Bishop Thoburn, It has been decided to
Invite all Bible schools of floors, young
people's presidents, missionary commit
tees, mission study teachers and all
members of study classes to attend the
meeting Monday morning. ' : j
T. Merrill
Sunday Afternoon Gatherings to Be
Given in Open Air Dor -'ing
Summer. . -
The "Sunday at home" at the T. 'W,
r-i; rooms is to be addressed by ur.
Clarence True Wilson on the ' euoject
The Palm Tree and Its Lessons.". The
T. -W. C. A. Mandolin olub will play a
number of selections. Miss Mabel Mil
lie and Mrs., W. B. Haseltlne wiU sing.
Mrs. J. a Haseltlne is to bs hostess for
ths day. All young women are welcome.
The hours for the program and social
features are from 4 to S o'clock.
The committee In charge of the T.
W. C. A. "at home" met last night at the
boms of Mrs. H. N. Scott to make plans
for the summer. ... It was decided to hold
Out ef door affairs during ths summer
season. Miss Jacob -Kamm has offered
ths fir grove at ths head of Main street
on Fourteenth for this use. Some de
lightful programs are being planned and
these are expected to be even more at
tractive to younr women than the sus
ceesful ons of last summer given at the
same place. The first program Will bs
i - .-iii - i47.;-
The McMInnvtlie Ladles' Glee club,
ssslsted by Mrs.- M. D., Warren, soloist,
and Mra IL Wyse Jones, reader, gave a
popular concert at the White Temple
last night to a larxe audience. JThe pro
gram rendered, was' an excellent one and
won merited applause for each number.
The McMlnnvllle Glee club Is recognised
as one of the best, trained organizations
In the state and a chance to listen to
their programs is counted as a treat by
all those who know the class, of their
work.- The organization Is composed of
ths following -young ladies:: Director,
Mrs, Carrie Caaler Potter;: first . so
pranos, Lenore Beltters, Maude Graves
snd May Webster; second sopranos,
Genevieve Graves, Frances Estes and
Clare- Nielson: first altos., Ethel Ford,
Estella Tilbury and Grace -Henderson;
second altos, Miriam Hull, Mabel Bowler
and Lottie Pengra . - , 1
Henry B. Howell, one of the founders
of the Republican TrtylaNew' Jersey,
and at whose house the meeting for the
organization of the party was held. Is
stui living, naie and hearty in Trenton.
If he lives until next September he will
be so years old. , . '
Easy to Get Slid of Taos rests with
, , Steams' Xlsotrlo rests. '"
Put Stearns' Electric Rat and Roach
Paste in sinks and on the-heive.
In the morning you can sweep up a pan
ful of dead roaches.
This remarkable exterminator la the
only one on the market where- your
money . is returned if it fails to si ve
aa 1 1 af action. Much better than mi.
ders, as It does not blow away; also
aruaranteed to kill off rats, mice and
other vermin, v "
Insist noon getting Stearns' Elertrto
n.t mil Roach Paste, r it Is the nnlv
guaranteed exterminator sold, driving
rats and mice out of doors to die, and
completely noami u nouie or cocK
roaches, water bugs, bed buga- arid
other, vermin. Be sur to get fiteains' I
Paste, the only "Moneyback". vermin de- j
stroyer.- -i i-i.;1--)
Stearns' Electiic Taste Is sold bv
druggists or sent prepaid on receipt of
price. 2 oz. dox zua, ih oi nox ii.oo,
htearns' Electric Pasts Cou B'ufTiilo.. N.
Low Pressure Arc
A Gasoline Lamp
Strength Durability
, Neatness
Indoors and Outdoors
1 Incandescent Gasoline Lamps.
Gasoline and - Gas Mantles and
. . Suppllea -..
El ectrio Globe Fixtures and:
-;; .-. - - ( Suppllea -
43 Third SV Sst, Fins and Asi.
' : FOSTXAV9, OB. ''".
Vhone Mala 8311 Antomatlo AS311
In rcdnse to m
t , -
One more dayat
As we announced yesterday, we shall keep our office open Sunday for the accornmo-. ,
dation of many persons who work all day, receiving their pay late this evening, and who
desire to own at least a few shares of the Butte Boy s stock. -- -
But never Boys SharesTje sold at 10c each
We shall be greatly mistaken if they are not sell- -ing
at $5 each before 18 months and double this
sum before six months later. In all our adver
tisements we have referred to other stocks and
their increased valueTeofuse it is impossible to
accurately determine the value of a new mine, but
.: Money in Mining Stocks '
SB tnvaatad la sjoldfleld Vahairk thares' st
fint hands would bow be worth 3.400. -
(10 invMtad la OoMfteM Mohawk bares-St
flrnt hands would SOW be worth I6.S0O.
2 la rested In OoIdTMd Mohawk shares st
flrat bands would sow bs worth f lt.SOO.
40 tnTMtad is OoldflsM Mohswk ihaiss St
flrat hands would sow bs worth $2T,90O.
S80 iDTSStad to OoldflsM Mohawk shares at
flrat hands would sow bs worth SS4.400.
100 lnrosud tn Goldlaid Mohswk (haras st
first hands would sow bs worth S68,00O. -'
HBO Invsatod la GoldfMd Mohawk shsrss st
first hasdj wouM sow bs worth $102,000. .
$200 larasttd far OoldflsM Mohswk shares St
first hands would sow bs worth f 1SS.00O. - ,
400 toTSstcd In OoMOsM Mohswk share at
first hands would now bs worth $371,000.
SCO Invsstsd In Ooldtleld Mohawk shsrss at
first hands would now bs worth 1340,000.
1,000 famstsd la OoMfleld Mohswk shares St
first hand would now be worth 680,000.
(2.000 torsstsd la OoMtlsM Mohswk shsrss st
first hands would now bs worth (1,860,000. --
Tn a bars Is tbs record ef the Mohswk, aad
ens of the operators ef that srsat sain Se
elarss that our ores are counterparts of bis
st the same depth frosa the surfse of ths
(round, and he eaa sse -reason why our
mine snouM aot pro tb susl of hla is
arsry rsspset. Ws shall rsjoks, Indeed, whan
tbs time shall om that ws ars PSflnf such
dsodIs that their stock
bs worth (IT per share, tbs pries tbs Uo-
dlrMsnd to ear
hawk's Is sslllsr for at this tun. Ws bar
manr food friends anons those who bar tn
traatsd la out paper, and ther- will not bs a
whit happier tbsa on ran Iras wbas tbr rscairs
tbslr pletnorie, cbscks. ;;-! -:,-.J. -V
How Mininar Shares Advance
InnaoMrabls taeUnras of snornou profits are
rsoordsd hi- Dhilns hlatorr. The Bines of the
000 la gold and aurar, and era
Ooautock tods hare produced nearly (680.000.-
i sou asaras-
fortunss for tb stockhoMers. Ths stock mt
ths TWloos com pan tes operatlne thai adrssesd
from a few dollars to isduious prices.
Point roes to (1.87S per share; Best sod Bslehsr
from 60 cents to (1.&SO; Cattfornls adranced
from (1.29 to (70S: ConsoUdatsd Tlriinla from
11 cents to (60. (100 tnesstsd is UBol stock
a few rears aro has sines ssd a rains of
200.000. snd has paid nsarlr (40.000 In divi
dends. Stock of the . Bern Mtnlas Companr
sdvancsd from 80 cants a share to (30 Per
share la seven months. Granite Mountain stock
sdTsncad from 10 cents to (78 per shar m
two rears aad hs paid orer 14.O00.00O divi
dends. ' Tb Indspsndent ailn ef Crlppht Creek
wss located a a prospect in 1891. A few rears
later, after barbf paid several millions la
dividends. It was sold to sn English sjrndleste
tor Sl0.000.000. Ths-orlslnsl Tonooah mine
wss locstsd ss a prospect la 1801. It has sine
produced 10,000,000 and its atock I now
selling oa a basis of (15,000,000 for the mln.
Ther Is Krw,rer 100,000,000 worth of or
We positively believe liiat Ge Balle Boy wlU
develop la(o a proposition of "
lie firsl nijiiiiaSe -
- - ' . '? ' -v'' -- , , .'''.'; V f
Because so far as developed all indications point ;
that way. Our , assays have run from $24 for
- surface rock along up to a little over $2,600 and
down again to $390.28, $81.03, etc .If we shall
average $20 ore bur mine will be a paying prop- .
osition o profitable that, magnificent dividends
will accrue still we believe that we shall see
the Butte Boys in the splendid company of the
Mohawk, Nancy Donaldson, Jumbo, the Flor
'. ence Combination and others of that class.' , The
Goldfield News of April 27 tells of a strike ' on :
k the Cbrnishman that assays $120,000 to' the ton :
and speaks of strikes being made all around us.
. The Nancy Donaldson, less than 500 feet from
' where our shaft Is sinking, the paper says, "has
k started to put down a new and larger shaft," so ;
that it can produce still larger results than was -possible
before. The Happy Hunch, also right ..
- up against us, the same paper says, has just -made
some exceedingly rich .strikes and as for
ourselves we feel that we require only greater
depth immediately ranked with these noted
properties.' - Our shaft,- down only about 75 feet, '
will sink more rapidly after we have established
our gasoline hoist, which will be done within the
next two weeks. ' ' x '
Osr President ssd Klaasser uUl deparl'Ircn ,
: Pertlsad oa Uosday to tsstsll ' .
: ) ' V to tntftet , ; .
. and to otherwise Improve the plant that devel
opment may be the more speedily accomplished, t
Tomorrow, however, will be the last day to procure stock at 10c
' If we shall sell any at all thereafter it will be at '15 cents. We may not have a lingle-"
share leftjL It looks now like we would not. v - '' , !
actually blocked out and la sight la ths
I. bi issdvius aiatrjct nss pr
comparatively few Teaas over (300.000,000.
td m
The mines of Ortppls Creek 'have produced 100,.
000,000 In gold since ISfll. Ths LsBol mln
wss sold entire is 1800 for (li.60. It has since
old on a basis ef (10,000,000, and the stock
advanced from cents -to (AO per shirs, snd
said as high as 6,000 per ent oa ths first coat.
fctaij (CD)iipaiy
Wealherly Building
360 L Morrison St., Wear Union Ave.
Capital, $1,000,00 J
Incorporated Under the Laws of
. ' Oregon c;
"': -..'... "SSBBBSsSBSSsSsBaBBB -ri.'.
Telephone East 773 .
DR. M. O. McCORKLE, President. ... Portland, Oregon
GEORGE W. BEVER, Vke-Pres. and Mgr. Portland, Or.
F. W. McKECHNIE, Secretary Portland, Oregon
A. W. LAMBERT, Treasurer. ,....... Portland, Oregon
O. W. WEATHERLX. ... . ......Portland. Oregon
CHARLES MAUTZ Portland, Oregon
D. W. FAIRCLOUGH. Portland, Oregon
ths last Sunday. In June. - . - ...c
X. .(fonnerlv Chicago, II.). , . .