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    i Little Ad fa Tli
" Crini $ Results.
Journal Circulation
One Cent a Word.
" The Weather Probably fair to
night and Sunday; Westerly winds. ,
VOL. VI. NO. 62.
y minra airo Krw
! '..-v.,..:; . '.:''.Jj, -.v: ' ' ,. - ' r
" ,',:, V ,;v- ... . ' ,.
t 1 . ' ' " ' - ' ' . , s
. HEM VOTE Mfliliy
Indications Are That Devlin, Kellaher arid
Executive - Will Be Zimmerman Is Line
Chosen to Lead JHish ud Expected, - BuLlt
Party's Ticket
May Be Different
Lane sentiment promise, to .weep
the Thomas asplratloni out of exlst-
; ence at the polli thla afternoon - and
force Mr. Thoma to make good , his
promise mada tha first of the week to
CO out In tha field in support of May-
or Lane should the Democratic voteM
demand him as tha 1 nominee of tha
party for mayor of Portland.
- Indications from every part of ' tha
city at a lata hour this afternoon In
dicate that the Lane vote will swamp
tha ballots cast for Thomas and bury
them out. of sight v .
Prominent Democrats . from every
ward la tha city brine In reports of
an overwhelming Lane sentiment and
tha prediction la freely made that Lane
will receive tha Democratic nomina
tion hands down. In the tenth ward.
where the causa of good clusenahlp Is
always backed by the voters, oloae stu
dents Of the political situation make
Tha ballot battle is on in Portland
this : afternoon and by midnight tha
suspense will ba over for all tha can
dldatea. 80 far aa reported up to tha
time of going to press this afternoon
there has .been no trouble of any kind
at the polls and tha day promises to
pass quietly. , '
It is the general opinion that tna
vote will be comparatively light, Tha
estimate of the Republican vota is
placed at the headquarters of all tha
candidates at between 6,000 and ,000,
while It la calculated that , from 1,800 1
to 4,000 votes will nominate.' i ' j I
1 raw seta on mayoralty. -.
Devlla is given tha. lead In common
opinion but at the aame time those who
have money if bat on elections are not
Dlaclnr much ' of. It on 7 tha race for
mayor. .Kellaner atocc is Dooming ana
confldenc in the result runs high in
the ' Dim; of the east aide eandidate.
"4 sbI a aaalaBa aBaM aP
4 V-XV J. . , r-, S
Labor Situation Intol
erable at Frisco arid
Business Is Crippled,!
Building Stopped
This ,n the Official seauof, the Phone cirls Outlron and Metal
jamesiown air. 1 .. ..
worker: laia. wnue : tntirei
Streetcar System Will Be Tied
Up .Tomorrow Other Coast
Cities Likely to Be Affected.
msm fair
...1, " '
-, tfeanal Iperlal lervtea.)
San Franciaoo, May i. The telephone
service remaine In a atate of partial
paralysis, although eondltlons are some-
Expositioti Company in FJnan
Clal Difficulties Norfolk "hat better than Wrday. Oparators
- , I are now stationed at all exchangee. Net-
Bank Refuse to
More Money. .
the allegation, that " enough -Lana votes I His friends ln tha grocery buslheaa ar
will ba cast to defeat Thomas even I working hard "for-TUm throughout , the
though but little Interest should be I city and by, most of the propneie no ia
inanlfeatad in other parts of the city. (put in secona piaca wiin a. xaiccnsaov
eenvi OverwhalmUr. u J - . 01 winning oui oy now r "
"come that about tha only Thomaa aup- ' "that ha 11 re,
norfr in tha ward la tha friends -ara confident that M 1 will k
mitteeman. otner warae sena in re
ports Jus)
cratlc voters go out to -vote. t argued that the backera of Devlin and
T.J. concannon, in the nrst waro, is "r""'" .r" -Iw.r-Vfc
aura of Lane s nomination una arter- v ' r K- " . , ' 'Z , 1.
noon. "There are only threa or four candidates would baa.
iIalUVraaVLV U hum WeftlVI S w VfVOW , .-iriW 1 ikia
Sat a aood voPa wm be caat andrin. re switching to Zimmerman, eo
that a good vote will , oe caat ana i, in- and th tlda mlT b
-alT afternoon:" f fr. Zimmerman In
Hfll . -A 1 . . - I -W
Wait will -via w -4
Robert J. O'Nell.'from
the second I
ward, la also aura of Lane'a aucoeas in
Ooff ay &oeln-. Ground.
Coffey's cause has auffered aomewhat
iZtJZi rmVatIMlTmo-frt" the past faw days and rumora
that ward., rrnere are aooui w wm . th ihnr nnmrt
cratlc votea in my ward, aald ; Mr.
vu na .'" i.tln Ma la filaced fourth In tha
Jority of them are for ,lr. Lanej Tnere -"f ' th. -.-oralt nomination bv
lrinttreat in thVoMmarlea! 'or n mayoralty nomination by
L.vJ? ad 1 beneva th2tftha vote orM of wnwnoK. auggeation. though
h, k! iih t dfrf ot intend to cm? confidence 18 high ,tn tha Coffey camp
WlU be light I did not intend to cast . . th -.-dM-t -nd ;: hia manaaana
a VOta toaay, DUl wnen 1 receivva me
Thomaa 'campaign committee' , circular
I mada up rny mind that 1 wouia go
to the polls and writs Pr. Lane'a name
In on Vo ballot That is tha effect it
Kail on ma and I believe that there are
many others who are of tha aame mind.
I am confldent tnat ur, iane wm win.
rJTB Toto Expaotea. r
N. Campbell, in the fifth-ward, is also
sure of Dr. ; Lane'a v victory. "Every
man Interested in ; decent govern
ment will write Lane's name on tha bal
in ald' Mr. . Campbell.. 'There i. are
about sO Democrats in my ward and I
think tha vote wlihbe light, yet Iv ho
ove that tha majorwy 01 mow cbj
wIITWq for Dr. Lane. 1 expec nun 10
. iweiva tha nomination.
Mark O'Nell, from the sixth ward,
'reads Lane's success In . the ..sentiment
" of the votera there. "There Is not much
s interest being shown in the ward.? said
x Mr O'NeiL "I am sure, however,' that
nr Lane Is the stronger man there.
know also that an astonishingly large
number of Bepuoncans are in ' iavor 01
- s reelection and feel confident that he
wouid carry the ward If he should be
amnlnated this afternoon. I believe
. that ha will ba nominated."
n. M. Donner. from the seventh ward,
Is emphatic in his summing up of the
situation. , "Every man in inn waru, nu
far as I have been able to and. Is in
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(Joanul Special Serrlca.)
Norfolk, Vs., May 4. Tha Jamestown
exposition management - appears to ba
In financial straits.: It is admitted by
Barton Myers, auditor of tha Jamestown
exposition company that tha promoters
of tha exposition had found It neoeaaary
to raise $150,900 more to complete the
grounds and buildlnga and that bonds
for that amount would ba floated with
tha exposition property of S00 acres for
security. Buch bonds would not be
taken, in . Norfolk, Myers sald0 and pri
vate capital outside would be, sought
Another, man prominently connected
A(fy&nce thef aldo show signs, of making con
cessions.- - '-'
There is a probability of the labor
council placing a boyoott on all mer 1
chants using the service of the Pacific
States Telephone company. This will
be done only aa an extreme meaauro.
Sltoaflon Intolerable.
The labor situation in. San Francisco
Sydney Olivier, who has been, ap
pointed to succeed Sir Alexander
Swettenham as governor of Ja
maica. - He is an avowed socialist
has reached a otaga that ca oirty b. nt.rtts I rnmrnare. rftU.
characterised as intolerable. . Nearly I ; wh,iih-
10,000 men are already idle, the entire
telephone system la tied up and to cap
tha climax tha carmen wui go out sun-
day, as there is no chance that a atrlke
oan be averted. Owing to tha atrlke of I
the electrical workers, or rather the
war between this anion and tha build
ing tradea council. 1,000 bricklayers and
carpenters are out of work and morel
will aoon ba forced out owing to lacx
sion Brings Magnate to. His
Knees Gives Up Ninety-Nine
Year Agreement.
(Journal SpeeM Service.)
Washington. Mar , 4. Tha Intaratato
With -the expoaltlon aaya Norfolk bank I f nen to wire the buildings on which commerce commission haa brought B.
Pittock v Block ;
Be Covered; by Ten
Story Building Ac
cording to Plans
Pennoyer Property on Morrison
Street Will Soon Be Utilized
for Department Store Pur
poses by the Jrustee Com
pany." ' . " 1
era refused to take tha exposition com
pany's bonds unless a radical reorgan
isation or the executive staff was made.
tner are naagea. - . ik,
The Metal Trade . association, to
which all the big Iron works in the city
It hae bean common knowledge In Norr belong, baa determined to fight to tha
folk that, the day of tha expoaltlon open
ing the promotera had no money left
to ' push .. the unfinished grounds and
buildings to completion. It Is said the
government was tried, but was obdurate.
It had ' already loaned $1,000,000 and
holds the exposition ' company's note
for that amount, , which falls due this
year,. ; -, -. -tm"
Cleveland. May . The mystery of
the murder of Alex Hoenlg haa not been
solved. Every detective on the city
force has been withdrawn from other
duties and ordered to try to aolve It
The chief says the boy was murdered
within 100 feet of where his body was
found and kept in a cold place, probably
an Ice box, until hidden In the barrel
Thursday night Every shopkeeper in
the neighborhood was examined this
morning. '.-. ;
; Contlnued on Pegs Two.
Yacht Crashes Into Pier.' Crush
. ing . Launch and' Breaking a
Flagstaff Which Falls Close to
Executive's Wife. ;
t'Jonratl Special Service.) '
Washington; May. 4, It was learned
- today that 'Mrs. Roosevelt narrowly
escaped death yesterday.- She waa re-
- turning With a party of frlendsfrom a
' short crulaa on Mho Sylph whan the
' yacht 1 crashed Into the dock, crushing
. the launch and breaking the flagstaff,
-which felt to the deck, three feet from
whero Mrs: 'Roosevelt' atood. Captain
Bulmer of the presidont's personal staff,
eommamllng the yacht, believes that the
engineer, tnlaunderstood the signals of
the navigatlpr officer. . . - v ,
' . ' -
Burgess Could Not Stay Avyay ' From Gam-
bling Tables When Drunk,;and;So ; 1
Lost Thousands
bitter end the demand of the molders
for. an eight-hour day and aa a result
the chances are good for a long-drawn-
out battle. Although there are not more
than S.000 men tnjtbe Iron trade actually
Involved In -the atrlke, men are
Idle. ' The Union Iron works, which is
owned by Schwab, Is likely to remain
doaed indefinitely and all the Other big
H. Harrlman to his knees. His road.
the Southern Pacific, notified the com
mission: this afternoon that- the tariff
agreement entered Into In 190J between
the southern Pacific and the San Pedro,
uom Angeies eait Lake railway haa
been abrogated. ; It aimed to control
freight bualneaa in California for 19
years, and was signed by E. H. Harrl
man ana w. a. ciark.
The - disclosures were made durlna
tne recent investigation at los Angeles
and It Is announced by the contracting
plant, will remain closed until the men ueaOhat; Agreement
. After a week of suspense, Mrav OUle
Burgess, was granted a divorce from
Lemuel Burgess by Judge Fraser in the
circuit court . yesterday afternoon on
the grounds of cruelty and drunken
ness. The aase waa tried before the
judge "April S6, but the evidence pre
sented at the -trial was held to be In
sufficient to warrant a decree.
Depositions from John V. Kelsey and
Oscar Presley of WeatfalL Oregon, cor
roboratlng the testimony , given at the
trial were filed yesterday, and Judge
Fraser signed the decree. It was shown
that Burgess had acaulred the habit of
drinking and while intoxicated could
not atay away from the gambling- tables.
According to the testimony Burgess
lost' several thousand dollars gambling
while drunk. The couple were married
at The Dallea In September, 189S. .
Two and one half months were neces
sary for Stella Ford to find her .hua-
band, John W. Ford, and have notice of
her divorce suit served upon him. She
filed her suit .In the local circuit court
decide to go back to work on a nine-hour
day. . Late last night V President Cor
nelius of the carmen's union aald;
. ,' Carmen to Go Out.
"There is not a ahadow of doubt "that
the men will . strike . at the Sunday
mominc meeting-. We will stand firm
for S and an eight-hour day and atay
out until we get it"
There la no doubt that the attitude of
some of the papers haa much to do with
the determination of the men to strike.
They have been misled into believing
that If they had but atood firm in their
demands, Calhoun would yield, although
It was well known from the start that
Calhoun would fight until tha bitter
end. If the men had realised this fact
which, all newspaper . men knew, the
trouble might have been averted.
The telephone company received in
formation last night that there la grave
danger that the atrlke will spread to all
other California cities and that the op
erators may demand a uniform scale.
The attitude of the company is calcu
lated to arouse tha wrath of the oubllo
as they' take the stand that the publio
should auffer for the general oympauiy
shown for the girle.
. Earthquake at Malaga. - -"
Madrid, May 4. An earthquake last
ing, IT ' seconds was felt , In - Malaga
Thursday, v '
gated because it appeared to be inimical
to the anti-trust laws.
f pypc nFPRiQpn pm Ire
(Journal 8ielal ' Servlea.l . '
San Francisco. May 4. Emma Gold
man, the noted anarchist, arrived here
this n ornlng from Denver. She ' lec
tures here - tomorrow and during her
stay will be watched by the police. She
leaves early next . week for Seattle and
other northwestern cities. 7" , i
A 19-year lease of the Pittock block
on Washington . street, taken oy J.
Why te Evans, has been ' assigned by
him to the Trustee company of Portland.
on a valuation of 1500,000, and the pur
chasers will this year erect a modern
building of eight to ten stories. It is
almost positively decided that the build
ing will be for a hotel and theatre.
The theatre will - front on the Stark
street side, and the. hotel frontage and
entrance will be on Washington street
The Pittock block consists of a perfect
ly, level piece of ground 100 by '200 feet
ituated between Washington, Stark,
Weat Park and Tenth streets. It is oc
cupied by the old Pittock residence and
one cottage, which will be at once re
moved. -i 'I'
P annoy Tenants to Taoate,
The Trustee company will begin ereo-
tlon of the new building aa soon at It
haa disposed of final arrangements for
construction of the large building to be
erected on the Pennoyer block in the
aame neighborhood.', The Pennoyer block
la covered with- dwellings, all the ten
ante of which have received written no
tice to vacate before July 1. The work
Of ; clearing . the ground will be com
menced Immediately thereafter.. ."
If plans under consideration are car
ried out tha structure to be erected on
store purposes. If these plan, we al, ' .' ot M.000.000;Lady Cooper.
tered . the building will be devoted to
general occupancy.
Theatre Profitable,
u .
i , i' ikM ' -
V - , , - , t fc: i
Lady Cooper, . Sister of
1 Silent Smith.
the Late
Will of James Henry Smith Made
Public Widow Gets Four
Millions and 'Sister Two, but
Latter's Sons Cet Residue.
v Ooaraal Special Scnrlct.)
"Naw Vnrk Uav lTh. c.
TMkA TY&MMH' 1 1 . . I
w .in,, aaquiv buiilu B will, icnnmin, in.
persons who have 'seen- the dooument.
provider for a large number of legacies
of from 160,000 up. Practically all of a
dosen or more distant' relatives of Smith
will get $60,000 or -more. To the widow
a sister, is to get 12.000.000. and th
residue will be divided between the
son. of Smith's sister. George F. Mason
The Pittock block buildlnr has been ? berdeen South Dakota, and William
considered for a department .lore, with 0, , V "'""eni or tne city
.... .i . I National bank of Evan n ton. tuinntt
generai-4)ccupancya-storeswlth,Tofflces ?.rl f ' M,?" receive the larger
above. -But tha jropoeal to make of It iTi, a S. . T"1- belD put
a modem hotel and theatre building has f 10;0?,011??' t5hwe 'ormanta aay It
been. exhausUvely figured and is found " her? will. -bo a contest,
to be the moat profitable for the build V7 toelr n" been taken care of.
1 . Whvrs P!vsinst mrtian VaA nn. I ' ' - r 11 . '
cemlng the occupancr of the building; J VIENNA PEOPLE THINK
"I have no longer anything to do in
the handling of the matter. My inter
ests have, been disposed of to the Trus
tee company., But eatimate. have been
considered for three - propositions.
eluding at hotel .and theatre , building.
The hotel and theatre proposition proved
.fU4Contlnued on Page Two.)
February 1 17, and it was not until this
morning that Sheriff ; Flake of Lane
county notified the circuit court that he
had located Ford and served him with a
summons. Ss? :si: ;-...
Mrs .Ford oharge. that her husband
pulled her-hair, knocked her down, cut l
a gash over her ear that bled -for aev
aral day. and left . her 111 -fer-several
week. Also, ahe says, he blacked her
left eye, called her vile namea and
falsely accused her of infidelity. All
these actions,' the . alleges, , constitute
cruel treatment Ford Is a- carpenter,
who earns 1100 a month, according to
hia wife's complaint, and she wanta $80
a month of It aa alimony. They were
married at Murray. Idaho, in October.
I J. Lilea this morning filed a suit in
the circuit court . for a divorce . from
Alnnah Llles, charging desertion on
March 8, 1908. They were married In
this city in June, 1900. . In addition to
a divorce, Lllea ask. that he be declared
town a lot in St Johns. -Hoaford A
Brice appear as hi. attorney.. . -
(Jooroal Special Service.)- v
Worcester, Mass., May .4. In a speech
at the annual banquet of the Worcester
board of .trade, L. M. Shaw, ex-aecretary
of the treasury, declared that vwar for
the control of the' Pacific ocean' 18 in
evitable. t"v-.,
'Tdo not Wish to pose as a prophet"
he said,-''but do' yotujiuppose that the
Pacific will always b y-peaceful ocean f
God grant thajt It may, JVa liave not a
collier, a transport, powder nor supplies
to last ts nours. Other, nations have.
There are many ships la the merchant
aervlce of foreign countries under con
tract ' to- leave the path of commerce at
a moment's notice to enter that of war.
We have not one such. a. these.
"Some -day, o sure - aa Anglo-Saxon
blood runs red, there is to be an awful
war. There are two nattona that can
contest for the Pacific, and this war WlU
be setUed at awful oo.UM
, .-aisssr , .'-!
Beautiful Women
Thm time Is growing short
The v Journal's beauty . Quest close.
No picture, can be entered after that
-date.:'; ;';v--?-.r-r-?-
It is your laat chance to win fame
. and a abare or tnat iou.
Another installment of Oregon's-fair
eat In the -
Mammoth .
Sunday Journal
A few of the contents! 1
The most - beautiful woman in St
Louia and how she waa found.
Grim battle science is waging against
' disease. ' " -
Will an American heiress be queen
of Spain? '. --. ". '
"Rita" say. the world la growing
- wickeder.- '
Countess elopes - with a gypsy vio
How the whole r world works to
clothe modern woman. .. -'
Social Side of the Circus '
byTodr Hamilton ,
Irrigation on' Mar.. ,
Man is a burrowing animal :
What the 400 are wearing. , ( -
The 'girl who aspire, to pretty neck
"and shoulders. . " 4
Happy Hooligan, - the , dear little
Katsenjammers, Bunk and the
usual funnlea.
Stories for little one. and grown-ups
The Sunday Journal
Juvenile Court : Wards May , Not Go to the
Beach This Summer, as Usual, But Will
: Pick Hops Instead : l -
Though vacations for the poor chil
dren are being planned by Judge Fra
ser - of . the Juvenile court and other
officials of the Juvenile Improvement
association; it may be that no children
will be taken to the seashore this sum
mer, as lias been done in the past two
years. ;-,.,; .;: iwc -jiu -'i
-r Instead of the Masher camps, 'the of -
ricuus are aeDating tne -advisability of
devoting all their efforts thla summer
to giving the children outing, ln indus
trial camps, such . a. were established
at various hopyards last fall under the
direction, or the juvenile court and Its
pronation officers. ... ,
At the industrial camps it ia planned
to allow the children to work in berry
news, nopyaras and such -other places
aa will give them beneficial out-of-door
exercise. The, earning, of. the children
have ln ; the jaet- been ', more than
enough to pay their Mvtng' expenses
while in camp and leave a surplus for
the child Who earned it-'
it.ia.Deiievea that by following this
m". ' i . . . ' "
plan In the eoming summer th
pense of providing the vacations can be
materially reduced, the - children will
obtain All. the good to be derived from
outing in the fresh country air, and
there will in many cases be pecuniary
benefit to the children themselvea.
The tents, camping utensils and trans
portation are provided by the Juvenile
eeert and the Improvement - association,
and a supply of provisions laid In by
them, The coat of the provision. 1. di
vided into aa many part. a. there are
children in the party. Each child may
work and keep for himself all hi. earn-
' (Journal Special Sarvice.)
ml the Austrian killed hv th nn.
aner a rignt in California, was not
Count von Walstein. but Count Ottokar,
who went to America two years ago
in financial difficulties. His wife IS
living near. Prague.- , .
--SMclal Cteoatck to Tfc. 3n.ra.f ,
Seattle, May 4. The German achoonee
Arthurs Fletger. tonnare 1.727.
laden for South America, was gutted by
fire while anchored near Ballard at 10
o'clock last rtght . The crew escaped.
The value of the vessel was $125,001
and the cargo. $80,000. 7
. , Knroatl Leaves Seattle. -
- . (Jooroal - Special Service.) '.
.Seattle May 4. General Kuroki and
ttartv: laftiat .7:48 o'Mwk M. ....
I - - " MMW MlV't
"J for: Washington. ,
tngs in exoess of his part of the cAst of Allesred That Standard Oil Cfirrw
provisions. Should any child fall to I
pany wonspirea, to rod; Corn
earn as much as hi. share of tile coat
of living amounts to, the difference Is
made up by the association and Is not
charged to the more industrious children.
The plan' of providing vacations in in
dustrial eamprt only thla summer, to the
exclusion or tne. seashar trips. Is be
ing seriously considered by the Judge
and ni. aavuera, though no final decis
ion naa yet been reached.
Products Company v of
Business Factories, r
(JoernU Special Servtee. - .
Chicago, May 4. Ernest Filer, an
alleged author, who deaired aome "lo
cal prison color" for a forthcoming"
book, and threw a atone through' a ci
gar stora window in order to get" him-..-
self sent to prison, will get local color all
right and Dlentv of it but it will be
at hard labor In the workhous. ' t
He .elected a email window expect-
tlng t pay the damages and get out
with , reprimand and a day or so in
jalL Instead the municipal Judge sent ,
him to the 'stonenlla for-four months,
with instructions that be be kept at
hard labor. Filer out up a terrible
roar. "I- want material for my new
book." he explained. "One of the prin
cipal scene, will ba inside a Jail. and. to
get real Mope,' well, you know, judge.
how it Is with ua literary people. - We
want local color."-, vr,s-'---f
' "All rlghf aald his " honor, "four
month in Bridewell at hard labor will
fix you all right Lot. of color out
there, i nnoerataad. , ...
(Journal Special Saprlea.)
Chicago, May i. A bill filed in cnurt
today alleges that the Corn Product-
company, an $80,000,000 corporation, t ,-
been wrecked by the Standard Oil c -
pany. . The. Chicago ' Beat Est-xte
Trust company asks tor a receivcrf!:!
and seeks prohibition by tlio o r i
Products oompany. constituent enmj i
nle or Individual membera, of any 1 1 t
erty, particularly Iillnola real , t ,h .
The Corn Product, company l."cm
red a. the glucose trunt. The 1 i : -clre-4h-iftwUork
Ol'ioosa rr ,
was. organised, and contr... Tty
holders in the Standard. It all. : ;
Standard atockholdera and crtoi ,
ber. of the Corn Pnuln. rj (
fraudulently consph -1 t- f ,r
ganttc trust under ttm nam t f i
Products company." It a Uo i
the stockholders of t" ( , j
Refining company j
selling etfw-k to th t
majority was ac'i'iir- 1
element, utio'purf i .
new corporation :i t,
fact:ia i : 1 tui ,