The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, May 03, 1907, Page 16, Image 16

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..mRQUtr.l IVILL
; . . . - .
Eight Exits From Balcony and
Main Floor Included In
- . th Plans.
Is how ready More
than 1000 arc here for ybii; r,
to choose rom, and
the PRICE is just t ' ;,
Termlt for Reopening of le
Morrison' Street Is Heooniinended
' tn thn TlwtitJve Board Tfcf the
, .1 f
'. Fire Committee. , '
, vv-. y.x .').'
' The promise that the hulldlag would
be one of "the moat safely constniciea
theatrical structures In the country
- .v. rnmtnltlM of the X00-
tive board to recommend the granting I
of a permit for the opening of the Mar
Orend oeere houae.- TM recom
mendation wIU bo acted upon late this
afternoon and the theatre will be open
for star attraction on Mar H. V
The theatre was ordered eloaed bjr
the fire board upon mt reception m i
report from Fire Chier tempoeu n
Eire Marshal Roberta that there Jm
not a sufficient number of exits from
the building. These defect will be
remedied, according- to the promise ef
T. Soils Cohen, attorney ior me uwmii
cal managere. Mr. Cohen said the coat
rr th . axlts and , ' escapes wouia
. khont m.000. and G W. Boost,
manager of ; the ' Portland Iron
' Bteel works, would man the wort
through. AU - tne exits ; .wiudt- . than Judge Cameron. He thor
been built before the first performance Jm. Bi.r.tMnd hi a business. at-
i .
Popular Municipal Magistrate Candidate ' for
' - ! Rcnomination ' ., . .
Portland nerer had a better municipal
on . May 15. and If ' the
building in-1 with aznert
the board I n inatina
anortnr or . any member or me ooara I n inatlna
za, .h- doubt of.ith am- - --
DuuMiu ." .."... 1 unaer tne jaw aa wen aa tuij .ma-u u
centy or me .-:.. that position could do Since Judge
could make an order that Bremen De j1" 1 Cameron la willing to nerve the city an-
talled tor duty at tne w!:.1?' other term In this capacity he will un
Cohen said the company waa w u0ubtedly receire the repubUcan noml-
pay for firemen who could be aligned t, 0- . . v i , : . ,v ,
. Bulldlna Inspector Ppencer. wno naa Kf.. irM imiM ruimran on
r. i. .i . k. ! - .
..U.UQU TT . V uv ' . -k.
fAk.. ' Ti.r ni ha. nnder the
contract, elaht exits from the baloonlea
ndthe main floor, and tnese'wiu oe
hniit lxfore the theatre Is opened. Mr.
Booet said he would have his run rorc
of men at work: one nour arter, me per
mit la eraated and he would have all
" the escapes In place a week before the
reopening of the theatre. . '
committee waa the opening of bids fori COtincllmen . ACCCDt WnailfinzO
. 1 .. i..v.1...f . . ... .,
the fire department The Standard and Nearly All Will Get,
Underground cawe company presentea rir on niamnnn
t hMa for different aorta of work. vu 01 Uiamona.
n wa.f nr lls.ROO and the other tar I -' . 5
127.800. 5 The American Bteel ft Wire I. - - -".
company offered to do the work fori Eight councllmea who were not afraid
,2M0S.2. Bota Diaa wera reierred wi the assessor would get after them for
the board. - M,...r.. .M.1Mllllimi. accented the thai-
lenge of Count? saeaeor Slgler to play
game of baaeball far charitable pur
poses a week from next Saturday... Four
opposed the aeoeptanoe "when the ohal-
n .Ma k I lenge was laid before the council.
voted in the negative. . Sharkey, .and
Bennett had' been n excuaed 'from '' at
tendance before the matter vaa taken
up. Both agreed to play, Bennett as
catcher and Sharker aa a fielder, no
alignment of the team waa made fur
ther than that Mr. -Wallace will act aa
manager, Mr. Gray aa chief of polloe
and 'Mr. Dunning aa fire marshal Mr.
Kellaher waa . offered the poelUon of
chief timekeeper, but he refused to ac
cept It The aaaeasor . will announce
the names and poaltlona of hla team fey
tomorrow. , . - : t
i Th records of the municipal court
show that Judge Cameron haa don
more court work than any alngl mU'
nlclpal judge in any. of our citle of the
is of Portland. HI decision are le
gally, sound , because he la a lawyer,
and they are fair because he stand for
fair play at all times. ' -
HI career a municipal Judge haa
keen creditable to him and to Portland,
and hi friends confidently look for hla
renomlnation and reelection by a great
ly tnoreaaed majority. ;
DlGLlUSMGnii i
these little Pills.
; They also leBere im-
tree from Dyspepsia, to
dlgestloa and Too Hearty
Sating; '' A perfect ram-
edy tarDtatnees. llansea,
Drcwslneaa, Baa Taste
. the Mouth,. Cbated
Tongue, Paia In the aide.
tobitd JJVXB, nay
reful&te tne Bowels. Purely Vegetable,
s,m pill sim cose sou. rr.
Cenuina Must Bear
Fac-Simils Signatun)
Hebrew independent Improve
ment Association Decline ,
, to Boost Devlin. ,
A aveclflo for naln Dr. Thomas' ne.
lectrlo Oil, atrongeet cheapest liniment
ever devised. 1 A household remedy In
America for tS year. . , .
Metsger fits your : eyes for . IX
Washington street, corner Seventh.
formerly at 111 Sixth street " ,
. .1 1
. t 4 ill ' '
Handsomer" patterns better
styles than ever. ;You will
sec the skme patterns in
other stores at $15 and $20.
The difference is principally
in the higher rents and larger
profits of the other fellow.
No candidates were Indorsed at -the
meeting of v the Hebrew Independent
Improvement aaeoctation. held' lat
taight at Artlaana hall In South Port
land. ' Instead a v committee was ap
pointed to indorse candidates after the
primaries, and It was decided not to
lend , the indorsement of the organisa
tion to any one before that time. The
aaaociatioa was called together In the
firat Instance auppoaedly aa a Devlin
movement, but the ' friends of Louis I
Zimmerman heard of the plan and were I
present In sufficient : numbers to neu-1
trallse the Intent and put the organlsa I , -, : -
tlon uDOn middle around. The commit. md T thf resignatloa of Dr.
tee appointed consist of the following
2 Stores-Third & Oak
K. Abrama, chairman: PhU Rogoway, N.
Konlnberg, A. Tolstong- and M. Cohen.
Rev. E. F. Zimmerman, formerly pas
tor of the Methodist Episcopal church
at Ashland, Oregon, has been elected
temporarily to fill the office of super
mtendent or the Anti-saloon League,
Paul Radar. Under the direction of the
headquarters; oommittee the finanolal af
fairs - of the league are being rapidly
adjusted. . The books of, the league are
now la the hands of aa efficient' .ac
countant aad are open for inspection' at
any tint 1 . .. , ;
v Cant look well eat well sr fMl wtl
with Impure blood feeding your. body.
Keep the blood pure with Burdock Blood
Bitters.- Eat aimply, take exercise, keen
will have long life. ,, t
Preferred Stock Canned floods. ,
Allen Lewis Best Brand.
i . f .. .-V. - 1 ',
-.Ini the matter ef the city of Spoken,
against, the : Northern Pacific . Railway
company.. known aa the "Spokane, rate
case." In which evidence, was recently
taken at a anting of the commission la
Portland, arrangement have been made
for. Anal arguments by the attorney e
representing the various v interests af
fected. , JT. N. Teal... attorney for the
transportation oommittee , of the Fort-
land chamber of com mere has been no
tified that the commission has set June
I IS as the date for. beginning the argu
ments, at WashlngtotD. C. The brief e
for complainant muet be ' , filed ' and
served on or before June 1 Briefs for
defendants must be filed on or before
June' M.Y. ;;-v.;;-:;.y : t
t:M, v.-.r :
The new Congregational church at
University Park will be dedicated next
Sunday, April !, at I p.-m The dedi
catory . program will be as follows:
Doxology and Invocation; anthem, choir;
scripture reading,; Rev. Daniel Staver; ,
hrmn: greetings from ' the churches,
Rev. J. J. Btaub; greetings from local
churches. Rev. D. A. Watters; "The
Church and the Toung People," Rev.
Vernon Cook; hymn; offertory; baritone
eolo, . Mr- Charlea Oloe sermon. "The
Church of the Living :Ood," Rev. Paul
Rader; dedication, -hymn: prayer of bleae.
ing, 'Jfr. E. 8 Bollinger; responalvi
reading, paator aad congregation; hyms
and benediction. . . , , .
: Preferred Stock Canned Ooods. .
Allen dt Lewis' Best Brand.
v;;t'.v, i i i i i ' . """'.
Fred -T. Merrill
for councllman-at
of Ma
The "HARVARD DENTISTS', well atid favorably known-throughout the.East as one of the largest and most successful organizations; of : Dental
Offices, embracing a great many ;of the mostpromm s '
t r
4 i."V '
And will continue the institution under its present name at its present central location, at the northwest corner of Washinon arid-Sixth streets. ,Their aim is to;make it one of the best equipped
' Dental OflGces in the Northwest The new manafirement has already ordered the latest aoDliances and incrcdients for doing hieh-classuwork at reasonable orices. 1
a! mmaimI ' n . tA.Aectlvr : Uhhm. . A tnr nA' tliir A ftrt4-i f4t 1vliA ii. ' I v ' ,'. ' finm O . Vk a. Din'
No More Fear of the Dentists -
j Two , efood reasons why ; persons in every
station of life sfiould. patronize this institution:
3. ..; First-7-You will meet here no .young, and
untried "dentists with his new diplbma," his only.
laurels fresh upon him, but instead,-. the--well
, j - .l t . r j 1:1' j."
. airecica micrcsis a master oi iiic ucnuu m
for every, required cae. ...... ... ...
, ;The new management will give $l,0p0;to,
' any charitable institute for a tooth that -an
operator fails to extract without pain or -bad;
resuiia. , , - r .
And ; those'-affected with heart weakness r
can now have their teeth extracted and filled
with the least pain whatever. -, . tm "
The day has come when- people demand
something better than the old method of -ex-.
tracting teeth. There are improvements, in .
. every other line, and, it stands to reason wej
should improve nr Dentistry as well, so as;tox
keep in pace with the times and with sthe-great ''
advances that are being made. Wet in spite of -all
that can be; done to preserve thej teeth,; it
v sometimes happens that they reach a ' decay
that makes their removal a necessity.. Bung
ling work by incompetent dentists and neglect
of ordinary rules oi hygiene frequently lead to ,
5ucn a staie oi impairment oi xne tootn max us
extraction is necessary. When this is the case
; there, should, be no delay, ;as the presence of a
decayine tooth is a constant menace;
But the dread or pain has kept thousands away
trom tne dentist s office .week after week and
V month after month, until the whole system has ;;
; suffered irreparably in consequence! The use "
of .'chloroform and" similar anesthetics r came '
H into practice many years'ago and mitigated to ,
.. some extent, the tortures of the dentist's for---I
ceps, but this was found to be a dangerous ex- ;
i pedient, and the old drtad of visiting the den-p
tist remained and,' remains to this day in the;
f minds of many.'' But there is no longer any' 5;
treason , The doctors in charge of the
Chicago Dental Parlors have found 'a means
of rendering the operation of extracting teeth
as painless as the removal of a shoe from a
foot and they. do it without the-slightest dan
gef;to ithe, most delicate patient, -and without
WHATEVER: The anesthetics "used by the
operators ,at-the Harvard Dental Office are en-,
tirelyt : harmless, and i yet j so effective 'that it
'would 'instantly allay! the sharpest pain. It is
. applied to.' the gums . and its ' effects do not5,
extend , 'beyond the immediate location to
: which it is applied ; at that point',' however, the,
'i jtemporary suspension of 'sensation is complete.
.'-v'PlTB-'WbRK'Rubber Plates .:
We guarantee-that 'our, plates1 willnot fall :
.ivdown or : tip,T and that you : can? cat with them. ,
; We 'fit plates perfectly', where -others dentists
. utterly :f ail. i.rt :
t;: . Qur : Palate-Lined Platw '
. Are jespeciallyadapt'ed tb public speakers
and r singers,', and 1 do not interfere with the
sense vof taste. They, are the most natural'
plates made.,: ;: ' . ,4;., V
to have their work4ooe and pajr cash we make. arrangements, on tne instaumenjt plan.
' -' . : - -- ' - - ' j, : J-'' , v. -'.'I '
Raleigh Building, Northwest Cor
ner Sixth; and - Washington Sts.
Our Rubber Plates "
. , r Are made from the best material obtain
t able, and for strength and durability have no
equal.';- vr t y;Xf52
7', . .Our Zylonlte Plater . V. 7"
Have won for us a reputation which makes
us the envy" of our competitors. .We make a
specialty of restoring, shrunken : features. IJo
more hollow' cheeks arid flabby-lookinpf
wrinkled upper lips. Science and art aid us inj
giving you a youthful afSpearanceJ - . " '
? - " ; Our Alumlnua Plates, ; .
Are . almost as : light ks a feather, yet as
strong as iron Tunequaled for fit and comfor
, uoia ana uoia-Linea Plates .
v p0f those , who can afford them and want '
the 'finest things known to the dental profes
sion we recommend our. gold plates. ' Nor one
can excel us in this line.,, They are as good as -
' can be made.' . , 4 ' - , -
AU ear operators are middle-aged, gentlemanly doctors Of from--'
10 to SO rears' experlenoe, each aa expert la hla apeolal line. .
i On work Is all guaranteed and kept In repair free of charge
for 10 years. It therefore stands to reason that we serve oat
; owa purpose beet as well as that of ear patients by employtaa "
the most sklUedj men la the professiea. t T.
Crown and Bridge Work a -Specialty .-