The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, May 03, 1907, Page 13, Image 13

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JSay They Will Not Pay JJcense
to nanme Canned. Salmon
Warden Is Quiet'1
t Prlnetpa market featorsa todayV ' V
f , Troubls brewing to salmon. ....
i Hue market further depressed.
i ".wiBrriea a ra ma.r
? ' DlTlWMI
l ' Strata H..n. . . i
aageies eaDDeye ra.
I FtBCV DTlO Mill Vn. iwnlta.
1 1 Shipments el. apples from Mount Hood.
,j un tsiuss art lower.
Trouble Srewina? ia SJmM. ;
Thf to, much trouble la etore fog these who
J chared . with ooucttiif a licexw for the
me or , salmon In thla ai.t. .w..,(i I.
I II "' wiwri ui law provides met every
1 ?? w?. blndle salmon Boar pay a license.
I i.-?' J.!0 diiUncUon, ta to .whether the
CV," J t,t- salted, pickled
! 17 SX&L' tn UI men contend tbet
; U this ta the ease there ahould be no diacrlmi-
um o Bandlere
1 aroduci and thou fh.t k..ii
1 eboslA : pay the lloaaae that eellers It the freah
eannd aalmon
1 f '' ' ,-.
, . ina nope ar eenrlna' imt. llha aa fhl.
aakj fl.h dealer of this elty. ratr sent the
"'" TOmmwucation to B. o. Vaa Doaett,
jauiter fUh warden.; bat aa yet baa received
je anwers.,..,.. , , . ;-r. ,. . .-,
( ' ,nr aave aotlced la the amended aeetton
f Matin ta Ma ftn.iM. . m.k u i
3 It reads tO invnn. aalllM hImm ..nVll rtliow, 4.8J4i bft sranulated, IS.42Vi. .
fehad ara the onl n.h
' ! Mlman and atnrcaon takan tmm tha rohtmhl
. : .
mm tha rtahtmhlt
, I river, tt eppeare to a. aa though the law m
, Intended to feree enyeae eelllna abad and smalt
; to take out a license. We would like to know
i front yoa. at your earlteat eonTenleaoe, whether
t Ja intend an fore ins the payment of a license
liur aanaiuig ueae named vartetles., .
i w"aats a Sasar OeaL '
,, "f "Another thing la connection with' thla pay
. , Bieat of a license which we notice, and that la:
jtfaa eeetloa does 'not specify whether anyone
'i bandllng frasb, amoked. ealted. pickled or
, canned eaimea. It eeeme to oa aa long aa it
atstea onlr salmon, that (Topers ere obliged
to pay a license as well aa flab dealers; that
ai te- asy. providing tbef handle salmon of any
. kind. Mew It flab dealers are obliged to get
; ant a ucease sna ara prosecuted tor sot doing
; as, why do roa make aa azeeptloa la favor ef
the grocery trade t . ; ,--.
..J "We-weBld-Uke tbls-4bmgelesred.- aif at
, oncf, ss we propose taking thla matter np to
the BIgbeet poaalble authorities la the SUM,
Oreesrs'' AaseeUtlaa Will Tight.
., If the maater flab warden latenda to enforce
:the law atrlcUy to the letter be will find a
! very big .fight ea his bands, according to gro
t eery men. mr aay they nsve never paid a
licence for nsndllng of eanned product and don't
f auiwu w nia uu. uuv. ...v. .r.;
" Cherles B. Merrick, seeretsry ef the Oregon
, Betall Orocere Merebanta' asaoelstlon. snd
alee editor of the Betall (Tracers' sfsgaalne,
aays: - v, r.. ,:-v., , ,
"Before we will pay a license for the hand
ling of eanned salmon we will fight. We don't
.. think -there was sny Intent with the framers
of tha law to compel handterrof canned salmon
(a pay a.-license and will wage the flgbt te
the bitter end. Of course we won't pay. I
. . . . i ... -
J .
nerer nearu ox a law eompauins gnanra ri
license for ths Handling or, oannea saimoo,
(Ml in many cities run oeaiers arf xoraa a
( pay a rea to banate iresa nan." , '
- " Brief Votes ef the trade. ' "V
irauUtton of light leather In the east.
gtWarkeiis,ler with come ealee a frse-
ftion Xr. general market unchanged., ; Be-1
J eelptS llbersL Brorage heavy. .
Creamery borter weu ante to noia ra owa
-at thle time and price Is stationery, .
X Strawberries from California are ta larger
'arrival and price It down. Orsgons coming
'more freely and In much better condition.
' Another car of esbbage la from Los Angeles
this morning., condition gooo, .
Poultry prices are very high. Sales af fancy
" bene as high ss 17V4 snd 18c.
Rharf ran ia heavy snd nrlcs is lower.
Strint beans are ta better arrival, from Call.
. fornix. . rnce at swe po..
rtraaaad meats sre holdlna . tbeir Own with I
receipts ana aemsno jusx eosui equai. - uwi i
ia fog fancy. j ' ' 1
' Potato market Is Stronger with tha adveseed f
eastars values. .- . : I
' Ths trade pays the following prices to Front
'.. Prtci'Lld ahlDnenare less fegnlsr
w ,
'WUIMIWeWB. ' .; w'V , I
Aanla. VI Ail. Atasff FlIfL I
r GRAIN BAGS Calentta, 00. Urge lots; .as)
lots. joe.
TTDa-. tirliih rai' red Rnaalan. THei htae.
'tm, 80c; valley, 77678.- . . - . -.
COIN Whslc a$ei sraeksd. $24.08 psr
BARLET New Peed. $21.00e2.00 per tea;
. tolled, f2S.ontlx4.uu; orewiag, su.wjao,u.
nva at RA ner cert.
OATS New Producers price No. J whlto.
$27 60ia28.0O per ton I Igrsf. $28.80ar,IJO.
PI-OCBEa.ieraiOregos P'r fjWi
., etralgbtc$3.76; axp $S.88j -altar, $8.80
6.00; frabanva. $80; whole wheat, $8.78;
. '.'.t'on r- S i,a.
' mSl&VrSSS. eonntrr . 820 80
' $10 60: Chop. $14.O0ffl.O0. . j
MAY Producers' price Timothy, Willamette
' Valley, fancy, i4.w"io.w; oruiparr, .u.wu
14: ..-.tern Oregon. 820681.00; sU aiod
10.60; clover, 0-w.vw . S'"" wn.wvi
tbeat. 68.00.
Butter, Eggs sad Pom! try,
t BUTTER FAT f. e. b. Portlsnd Sweat
cream, 21c; sour, le.
" v BUTTER City creamery, 22tfe; aecoads, 20e
20c; i store I
v outside,' faaey, uw,
IfiftWe. ' I
aofl,inu. ...l.a e,. r, I
()( Bxcrs lanry, unum, aariy.
E New ruu cream, lists, , ioci i
frrl'S'v'uIS- chicken.: ISUeV .e ,k.
America, 17c. ' . ..h.. I
fancy bens. MHdJITe pel lb ; roost.r, old 12c
14e Per JO., eprioa u--aa, v lanv rm
n. m lb: turkevs. 17o per lb for old: sanabs.
w-v - -. .. . . ,. ,o. - ii. . .
62.00 per dot; pigeons, $1.00 per doe. Dressed
poultry """""'" . .,.
Hons. Wodl sad Hides,
HOPS 1008 crop Prime to choice, Se
Jlnm to prims, BWic; medium, 8i6Hc; con- I
tracts. 1007 crop, IOC,
wool 1007 oi n vaiiey. 17O30S1 aasttra
aw. laesioa. 1 1,--' , I
w,.?r.r. .mm baMii . ' . - 1
MUHAIK new iwi-wucaoTlE, 1
SHEEPSKINS-Sbesrlng. tSQSOe; eaeai abort I
wool, fcegj'upr meaiu-s wosa,'. auf: .-acai 1
eng wool.. iocoai.iw esea. - 1 ...
ong wool, 76c4)$1.00 eeeb. ' j I
TALLOW Prime per lb, SMOdei No. 2 and
,....T,T. f,.n- a. e i w.. I
1niH.a ..aa-, .w wmw T"-f
"".SV. - ,a ik. t.
18c per ib; dry kip. No. 1, 5 to 16 lbs, 1618c;
dry calf. No. I. under 8 lbs. 20c i aalted hides,
steers, sound, 40 lbs a ad over. 80Hct cows,
820c; stags ' snd bulls, sound, 6 a 7c; ; kip,
IB to 80 lbs, 0c 1 calf, sound, undsr 16 lbs, 11c;
green, nnssltsd, le lesej culls. Ic per lb less;
Coras hides, sslted. tech, $1.00ft2.0t: dry, esch,
$1.00(91.60: eolt hides, 25350o; gost sklna,
common, eech. 10016c: Angors, each. Socks
$1.00; sheep eklnc 2531. BO
. rrnlta aad VegetaUes. -- ' '
POTATOES Buying price eaetera ' Mnltno
mak ud Clsekamae select, fl.BeOl M., sell-
ancy, ... 00 ; oni iua( 7. juuuiiiaj ..wij
adfTi ea.tera Oreson. I
eaatern urecon, si.oomi.wu: aamus.
sots. tl.T6O3.0Of sweets, $0 per lb; new poU-
-toss. je per lb. . .' ,
OWIONS JODDing price no. a vrcgim, fi.i
atom. 11. e ai DAtit no- Taraa. fia ner lbi I
T.7;r',.;.. -h-rr .r.-rA "i
DAirrj...'. si. rHtMi.. ki.1
wIm" KntonV. 82.78! fsncv Willamette
..I lev and snnthers Oreson. 81.60(4100. .
cresh froitb orances. . new navei, sa.ou i
' - - - . a
08.70; Medlterrenean sweets, es-zuw,?".
tangerines, $1.26; bananas, 6e per lbt
leroona, $4.00(14.26 per . box) limes, Mexican,
$1.86 per 100; nlneapplee. 64.004f6.00 per dos:
grsps fruitt $3,251 iU-awberrles,. $2,806X75
gr crate of 19 .boxes; cherries, $ per 10-lb
' TEOBTABtJCS Turnips, new. BOcCS! eaekl
csrroU, 75ctj$l.O0 per sack; heetc $1.78 pet
tack; parsnips, 11.00411. ; cabbage, 8393J16;
: tomatoes, Mexican, $17Aftt2 riorlda, 4(4.60;
; : tometoea, Mexican. $1.7Aftt2 Florida.
V naranl-, ,80c$i.l; string besns, 18c per W
:' wallflower,: hSSOiM dos; peac 6Vr
' borssradlsb, 8c per Ib; srtlchnkee. :,78civ$l.l
's ISPf
per dos; ... suanner 'i'iu. per una; i
srsnberrlec $10,004,11.00 per barrel; i
, soroutc ( ) per lh; ssparagua, 12Hc;
dosi . suanner ta.OO per box;
. rhubaro, fff!IC per in; green ouiona, iw l
rtorlda sea Vrpers, 25c per lb; spioacu. $1JU
" Br Everting A Farrell. ?
The market on egga.ia very in-;
active at, 18 and18 cents, and '
Iwer it not for th fact that; .
good many wer being: stored. It 4
would be vary difficult to lelean f,
up stocks. It la likely that thsr e little if any changiin
the near future,. a
' Butter la weaker, and lower at- ;
,81 and tHA cents for creamery
and 17 'and 1 ceiits for dairy, f
Poultry is praoticaiiy un , w
changed, although buyer ar not . ;
aa anxioua for hen at the record ,
price , which hava lately pre.v
vailed. 1 8prlng. are very firm. "
and the trade vfs , notcgettlng f
nearly as many aa are required.
Veal la atm In aeller's favor. :
eaDeclallv for fancy small, and -
i the same U true aa to smaii ana v w
e . meaium noa, ooc -w
Vail aorta and mutton.; TJ,r
. Hides ara In rather poor ro-
quest and aOmewhat lower than .
I bav bf n for ft long tlm '
e5 4 f
pr boi atad Uttaee. ' oe dos koilHmee,
ta J box; nrambtri, 1121.50 dot; ladUbea, IOC
bunebM: HiDlaat. ItOa Dti lb.
vki.i rKuira .anpiM,
T.porld. ' HO
1 e p.. )b) IDrioota. lSUUJOc pr lb: peaebM,
-rlM te 40. kec: U drop oa eeeb i-W email
auet flra. Califoni a bl.ek. efl per mi
I W-1 P frda. $1.4001.00 pet 1-M boa.
l . ' . reoertea, Hsu, St ,
I c.iifomi . Hawaiian Cobe,
I 5.m powderM. fe.TSVit bury,' 0.8IHi dry
granal.ted, 6.62)i; ' Star, 3.4HHs cont. A,
5-.62V4; extre B. 4.42Mr gollra,.a M HI
rant la K.i ivm . .m ra4T Tfaiara au
I Z ZJ - - ' . . V . ,
extra C, 13.014; golden C, 4.S2U D yeUow,
beet granulated, W-UHl barrela, lOrj
half barrels,. Mfi boee, i60e sdrsaoe en sack
baals. -V - '' ' '
I A bora sr Ira. sre 10 Sara set seek aaota-
NOKRT. M.M aa arata, . '
norrem Parkaaa kraiuta. I1II.IMl.e8.
VilLT Coeree Half pound. 100a, 111.00 pet
ton) 60s, fit) table, dairy, BOc, gU.OOt luue,
IU.TB; balae, 12.00; Imparted IiTerpool, 60c,
liaoo; lOUs. $17.00; 224 fiaoO; extra fine,
bble, 3s, e and iW4.60Q5.40 Llverpaot
Inmp rock, $20.60 per tost 60-Tb, rock, $11.00;
WOs. $10,60. . ..
Abore prices apply to sslee of leas tbaa
ear lots. Car lets at special prices subject ts
fluctuatioas.) ;;, v,
BlCkV-ImDerlal lapaa. Ho. 1. c Ke. 1
Jc; Mew Orleans, bead, fci sjax, 6c; Creole,
BAKS-imall white. tS.Ot large White,
ls,ar pin, $8 Sryt,a.f6T-Ua-aket
ki.xlmn reda, 4c . v .
NUTS Peanuts, Jsrobo. SHe per inivw
ginla, ty,e per lb; roasted, lOe per lb; laps-
staaasi Of 4JI erxrv UVI waasaaisewe -
per ft; teneb, 16c per lb; pine nets, 144)ise
nee ini nicaorv nnu. lue ser . ioi saaauiiiia.
eastern, lttjlfle per Ibj BraiU nuts, lfte Jt
I lb: filberts. 16e per lb; feaey pecass, l82d;
f. iteats, JTielf and rrevtaioas.
rHKHH MeAT front Street Hoga, faney,
IViQiM per lb; veal, extra, et)8tte per lb;
ordinary, Ttte per lb; poor, ec per lb; mat-
ton, inner, nw pec in; epnag una, lswiee,
with pelts, per lb, i. - v - .
HAM. BACON. ETC. Portland seek tloeai)
nam, la ti 11 lbs.. Ids Der lb: 14 to IS lbs.
lOtte per id; u w in, tOc; nreasiaai i
bacon, 1S21C per ID; picnics, ii par lb;
l collars roil, lms iwr iu i rvauiar aovi
I . . ' - ,T . . . -ti-. , v .
nar aort clears.
. .n.M l.rt. iivtc oar lb! amoked. 124e oer lbt
i . h.,,:. nnamSir.d liu! amak.d liua lb!
i b, . tjttlol, butta, to ta IS Iba, nnanxked. . Se
I par lb; smoked, Be per "1 iclesr bellies, as.
smoked,. 11 We per lb; amoked, llo per lb;
,b u ,b jjj, untiiaei per lb;
p.f ,b, onBOlnd, 10a. Se
I Oolumbls river. 1-lb
t.lla, 81.80; B-lb tails, 12.78; fancy 1-lb fists.
81.00; U-lb rsncy flsu, $1.16; fancy l ib ovale.
82.761 Alaska tails, pins, aoitfvuc) rC i.&o
BomlnaL 9s. tsll. 830.
riSHBock cod. 7c per lb! flounders. 6e nee
lb; ballbnt, bc id; stnpea nssa, i2e in; estnah,
loo IV aaioiuu, uni iwiumuia euuitxja, id;
steelbesds. 8e toer lb; herring. 6o per lb; soles.
6c per lb; chrhnpc IPC per lb; perch, 6c
ins ma. ic per in; romcoQ. ts Der
lobsters, loo per lb; fresh mscksreL 8o -per
lb; . crawfish, 20c per doe; etnrgeon, IQe
lb; buck bass,
'per lb; Columbia river
amalt. 8e nar lb: shad. 4e ner lb- raa shad, fla
per id; snso roe, toe per to.
0X8TERB Bboelwatsr bay. pee gstlea, $180;
per lOO-lb seek, $440; Olvmpla, per gaUoa,
?. P """'a. "! .injoj ag
7 J, .1 v- ..
. CLAMe-Hsrdsbell. per : boa,; $3.4
iuiim, z.w per vox iuc pr aom.
Bank of California Props 3 In the
BJd Price Today.
Bank ef California Inst $S la the bid price
today ssd Bankers' ft Lumbermen's gained 60c,
Wsshougsl Extension the same sum. Mammoth
joat Ue, Standard 4nodated gained fcc. Io
gotnt d' Alans list Coppee Vlng Joat HC
lUppr Dtf whlla Snow.term gained He.
e bsadred Manhattan flrawa Point
aasoetatea uu lost ouc, roticie gained He sn
1. V;'? W.ff',.
Offlolal prices; ,
Bid. - Asked.
Bank of California...........
Bankers' ft Lumbermen's..,..
Merchants' National ........
ISM.OO $363.00
Oregon Trust ft Ravings. .
IV). 00
rortiana iraat uo..... .....
United States National......... 200.00
Associated Oil ................ 80.80
: 40.60
iiotne leiepnone i. BO.00
,..,. .
pvi.m ,i.pawn,,,,,,, ,.,,
rugsv aouna xeiepnone... ...... . .....
Manhattan- Crow Point.'. . ..,. . . ,v
; .23
Wasbougal Extenakm ..........
Yaonina Bar Telephone........ 6.28 .
' 0.00
, -IS
uregon city situ Lumber.
Alaska Petroleum ...........
British. Columbia Amal......
V - ecsaia ..............
i'-l. BvXU I11VIU oa t e tlVllSlSattls.iea
ornmg ...... ...r.n.,.., ,03
standard, consolidated -.'...;;;.i.;.o
TanAn.. a, 1 .. ..-
v-. ...,..,.....,. .ot
Bullloa ...........V........... .OT
r .08
.18 .
Copper King 15tt
mppy uay ................... ,04
.04 Vk
Chlcage kty S. Primary receipts .
. - . -Aoaay gear ago
. , J Bush. Bu.h.
Wheat ..................... 811.000 82S.O0O
Corn ........... 438,000 47S.O00
shipments: ..
Wheat 3M.000 . 208,000
Corn 430,000 .: 829.000
Totnl clearancea: Wheat 8,000 bushels, corn
258,000 bushels, oats 76 bushel, flonr 66,000
barrels, . .
w a a . tr. at j-aavr .a t s
- -Open. . Closs.
May 2. Gain.
May '. Sa TVid Oa TSd
6a 7d
IJuly ........ 6s 14d , Bs 9&
6s 8
8a Td
"" - ., , - ''
,.Ku. a. tua aa fvx
Vsw Tork Wbest Ksiket. y ,
New Tork, Msy . 3 Close: , Wheat. : Mar.
02c, nominal. . ' '
' " St. - lonU Wheat Varket -..
St. Louis. May 8. Close: Wheat, May, TPUe
Wd. .,-..
a.'?- New Terk-tendoa Sliver, . '
New Tork. May 8. Bar silver. 5?4c: Log.
don, 8016-ldd.
Wizard Burbank says children should
be raised like cabbages, ; Havsn't we
.,,), .vvaa.a.r.aat nuinlat .
snougb. cAbbage-bead paopia j ,
Small -Amount of Wheat Avail
; able for the Heavy Export ;SJ
' 1 Demand for Flour.' ' .,
e ' e e
A rnost 'peculiar feature of the
present wheat situation la tha
Belling by , Kttssla despite tha ;
Heavy buying by tha, same coun-
try on aooount of - this famine.
Sales ara being made from one.
part of : Siberia wbila tha other
extreme is starving. However,
; t Is cheaper for tha ona selling .
to let go than to ship to the4
; Other side of Siberia on account
of tha enormous freight oharges,-
'..-.. vi'' -t ' . V. '''.'
e '
chjcaoo whbat Titrss..
. . Mar I. May I. V"-'
May,., ..,.,..$ .V $ 1 f JOOf f .19
Peeember ,.
-, 0aln. --:V
. .nTA
' At this time there are not mora than 1. 000,.
000 bushels of wbest In all bssds la - Oreson.
Idsbo snd Washington. Practically every bnahel
or una is in ins nanae or a lew urge miuere
and exporters snd prieee show a sbsrp advsnce.
Biueatem Is np to 60s and there Is little ta be
had at that' figure. . .
Oriental flour demand Is evea gresraa than a
week ego. . The price has advanced S9a to SOs
a barrel af late end ta at 111 going np. Millers
sre turning dowa orders every day became most
of them hare already eold ell the flour for
which they have wheat to grind. '
Chicago shows a fractional decline ea Hani
dation and the coming out ef ".top" orders.
Liverpool opened wltb a gets but cloeed Bar
changed. Latest report, from the esuthwest:
Omsha nosa a to T inches er enow. la- una
part of the state It Is very eold.
Kansas City 4t ta snowing and raining aU
ever the etate,
Ohio state grain report shows wbsst eonalncQ
at T4 per cent as against 10S per cent a year
ego, , , , .
Kansas anoaipg ana raining nu aver xoe
state. Oraln freuing la some eeetlona. .
Official Chicago prices by Overbeek, . Starr
Cooke company; , - ,
, Opea. H tgl
May .......... M'A 2.
July M 8SV
High, &ow- Close.
Bepteaber m.
se , se
49 60
60 v 60
UU ! 604
jniy .....a....
Beptembea . ..
4 4T 44 ;
48. y 41V J48.C
86H' '86tf . $0
May ..........1BT 18T0 1WIT
July IMS IBM 1A03
Boptembec .m..10$ lot. ... 06
' -.SWA
, 8WIB
S82A ,
UK1). '.
Mar ...a-.., . 1 870 . 870
i 872
. .'.vV.
Beutembes ..... 896 ' 605
Mar .......... sflO- ' 800
July w. J...... 8TT 877 ,
Bepumber ..,sas eao .
Liquidation Responsible for dosing
Losses After Early Gain.
The ' New Tork stock market was strong
eerly. but liquidation later In the day cost most
of the initial gsins. .
) Official quotatJong by Overbeck, Starr ft
uooae company;
imaL Copper Co..,...
Am. Car ft Pound-, earn.
no preferred.......
4MM ..4
Am. cvnoa uu, cuia . .
Am. Locomotive com...
Am. Sngsr. com........
Am. Smelter, com......
Anaconda Mlnlns Co....
Am. Woolen, com....
Atchlaen, com,,.....
Baltlmora ft Ohio, com.
Brooklyn Rapid Transit.
Canadian Pacific com..
central Leather, com.
e e a - 1 a
do preferred..,.
ChL ft Q. W., com...,.
ChL, MU. ft St. Paul..
CM. ft N. W., com....
Cbssapeake ft Ohio....
Colo, Fuel ft Iron, com. .
Colo. Southern, com . .
do 3d preferred.
vetswsre nuiisou. , ,
Denver k, u., com,,
Erie, com., ..'..,,
do so prererreo..,..
Illinois uouai ......k.
Louieviue Nssnvuie.
Manhattan Railway ...
Mexican Central By....
M., K. x., com.,
do preferred......
Distillers ..........
Great Northern
reoersi rw" .......
Missouri Pacific ......
National Lead ........
New York Central.....
N. T.. Ont. ft Weatera..
Norroia west,, com..
North American
Northern Pacific, com..
Psclfio Mall S. B. Co...
Pennaylvanls Railway...
p. o., l. ft a co......
Pre ed Steel Car, com..
Reeding, com
Rep. Iron ft SteeL com..
Rock Ialsnd, com
St. U ft S.P., 3d pfd..
St. L. ft S. W.. com....
129, 1124
Southern .Psclftc, com.,
do preferred..........
Southern By.,'eo.,:.i;
,do prarerrea.u ',,..,..'
ennesaee Coal ft Iron..
Texas ft Pacific. .......
Union Pacific, .com.?...
do preferred. .........
U. 8. Rubber, com...,.
V, 8. Ste Co., eom.,..
do preferred, .........
Wabash, eom...........
do prererrea.
Wlaconeln Central, eon.
do preferred.....
Virginia Chemlgal
Total ealee for the day, 826,000 eharss.
Call tnnnev closed at 232U Der cent.
Pennaylvanls Railway, ex-divldend of $
per cent. :
Tenneasea Coal ft Iron, ei-dlvldend of 3
per cent.. ..- ,;.(,
New' Tork. Vxy 8. -Cotton futaree:
Low. - S. 2.
1048 JOSS 105.1
- ... 1058 1068
1083 lOfMJ V lOflfl
March . ,
, IMimi . IUIV
May ,.....,...10.12 : 1033
1014 1013 ' 1024
June ......,, K28 1038
July ..........IWS 1041
1020. 1018 v 1020
1020 1020 103S
August ....... loza .... luza
Beptember ,...1016 1018
1008 1010 1020
: 1007 1000 1018
October .......1036
1039 ' 102T 1081 1033
November ....1038
1033 ' 0SS . 1080 J084
,.103;r 1048 1084 : 103T 1087
Olesrlngs today
I. ....... ..;'.$1.14fHftB3!S
do year ago..,,......
...... SWMol-W
Csln today
8 844.20O.$8
" tOD UK 79 1
Balance iouay ..,... ...........
871166.08 I
do. year ago....... ..........
' Tare in Eakhsnro Bates. ::: l'"
Kew Tork, May 3 Sterling: Demand, 4984; 9
60 daya, 483; Hamburg, 05 1-16; Psrta, 61TH-C
Antwern. 61614: Enrich. 6181a : . Stockholm.
f u 6-i; leaaa, xo02i, . v.fv, ?;,:. "'4 1
,8b ; .onu
47 MA .O0U
-. .
I Secretary Merrick of the Retail Grocers i?ays
the State Organlzaorii Will Rght'th; New
Salmon Law If Its ' Enforcement Is Tried.
Quotations for Mining Shares of
Ail Districts Mostly Lower
' : In iSan Francisco. '
Red Ton ........10
Mohawk ..r ,
Kendall '
Blue Ball 1
Blue BeU ........ 1.
Ulbernls ......... f
O.. Wonder ....... 2
B. B. Cons. .....
0, Bsnd Kxt, .4., t
Red Bill
Tellow Boee .....
Jambo Ext .
Booth '..'..;,..., t
Kerada B9T : 1
Pills ............ I
St, Ives', ;.
Potlatcb ....20
Ooab. fYactloa.. 6
Oracket Jack .... I
. flck Bit ,. A a I
flnowstorBV ',.. 1
Maine ........... 1
Oreat ' Bend ..... 1
Cotnmonweeltk ,,. t
Eameralds ....... S
Mobswk 1st. ... 1
VSrnel . ......... ?
AtUnta ....:
B. Top txt. .".,. J
a.. Bend Annet 1
p. Mohawk .,o..l0
Loa PlUon .1
Ia every district af Nevsda mine shares
vmrinna to tumbta la Tsloe am the 8 an rraa
elseo exchange. , Trading Is at very srnsu voi
sms and few gaina were mads ta auoUtions.
Mohawk to the Ooldfleld group loat 60s and
Nevada ta the Tooopah lost tha asma sum.
Bsd Top lost 10s and Combination rraoctloa c
Officisi 'bid Prices by Overbeck, Btarr
Cooke eompsnyt
Sandstorm 6Se. Bsd - Top $4.00, Mobswk
I17.00A. Colombia Mt 82c, Jumbo $4.10A, Jum
bo Ext. 12.12V., Vernsl 28c, Pennaylvanls 2c
Ooldfleld U. Co. $1.66, Kendall 41c, Boom O40,
Blue BuU 42e, Adams 17e. Bllver Pick $1.06,
May Onsen McA, Nev. Boy 18e, B. B. Kxtj le,
Blue Bell fie. Dixie So, o, Columbia TOcA,
Blbernle lOe, St. Ives $1.82tt, Conqueror, 18e,
Blk. Bock ae. Lone Star 28c, O. Wonder So,
Potlatch 40c, Oro 84a, Kendall Ext. Se, Sandat.
Ext. Te. Msvne 12c AtlanU Tie, Oreat Bend
eoc. Empire 18a, Bad Top Eat 43a, rioreuee
tS.STU, Ptam'f, B. B. Con. 8e, Q. Delay
81.68, Laguna ll.OOA, Common wealth 82c,
Comb. Pract. $4.10. Or. Bsnd Ext. S2e, Or.
Bsnd Ann. ISs. Mlllatonn 40c A, A, B. Bo
nansa, 10c, Kewanoe $1.12V, Eamefalds SScA,
Portland 80s. Cracker Jack , frsneis Mo
bswk I1.40A: Bed B1IL 6 So, Moaswk Ext. tea.
Lou PiUon 160, B. Pick Ext. TC, 7. nose juc,
Oo. Mt. Ext. Sc. Ooldt Cons. TSa. Diam'f. Tri
angle sic -. - " a... .:
Onhlr $2.80. Mexican 66a. Oonld A Carry 25c
Con. . Virginia 80s, Savage 80s,- Hale Nor
eroaa 66c Belcher 48e, Confldeni 80S, Sierra
Nev, 48a. Eicbequer 67a, Union eOcA.
. OrtelnaLlSo. BuiltUV..X.-le,-4bmt. Bullf.
Se, hat. Bank 3e, L. Harris 8c, Amethyst 88c
Gold Bar 83c. Btelnway 8, Denver Buf. ana.
hit, Dminif uun vd, a7,i. v vw, mvm..
Ohio Ext 10c, O. Scepter Me, Monty. Mt. lc
R. Data IScA, Tankee Girl 8c Nugget ee,
Tramp Con.. 87c Victor 11c Banner dog, 8un-
t lleA, Xldes BOcA.
nun ' w si a ao a njv.n ea as
Ext. $8.10, KseNamara 46c, Midway $1.45, Ton.
e".iw, v. M ... W.'V. I, vm , .uu
Cons.. 10c, Bescns lac. Ton. ft Calif. 12c Gol
den Anchor 80c, Jim Bntlsr $1.0m. Ton. Oaah
Boy 8c, Ton. , Home locA, Boat Ton. 12c,
Monarch Pitts. 16c, Mont. Mid. Ext. Wc,
Ooldea Crown 12c, 5. I, Ton. Cons. lOeA.
Manh. Coos. Bo, Manh. M. Co. ltvA, O.
Wedge Se, Berlee Hump 8c. Dexter 19e, I Joe
8c, Orescent So. Comblnstloa 4c A, Orsnny Sic
BayCity Market
Prompt Delivery to
AFullLineFirst-CIass Meats
Spring: Lamb, direct from the farmer,' never In cold storage.,
Home-made Lard Bacon and Hams, Corned Beef also mil
line fresh Vegetables, Fresh Eggs and Butter, Fresh Dressed
... Chicken t ' f -
The very choicest can be had. Call up Main 88S(X Home
Phone A2830 ,y
36 Ysar In Portland
. VAT TTS TOM OtTJtXS A Cure with Ua Means a Life Long Cure
We offer not only TsUBB ConaulUtlon and Advlcs, but every eaa
tbat comes to us w make a Careful Examination and Diagnose with
out charge No ailing man ahould neglect this opportunity to, gat export
Opinion about his trouble - -: .;.! -
It will not ooat you anything to call at Our offlo and consult us,
and by ao doing, it may save you much time and monev. and if wa can.
8 not cur you w will honestly tail
any financial obligation to ue - -
OVm STSTZX 01 TSMATVKQ is superior to 'any in this oountry,
snd our cures sra the result of theaa met hode We-never fall to effect
a cur In any ease we take- If you suffer from neglect, from want of
money or from unskilled practiceher -la an opportunity to get the
services of -a skilled speolallat, a graduate phyaloian, with years of ripe
experience In treating complicated and special disorders of KEY OHXT,
It will cost nothing to talk to us, and may be the means of restoring
you to health and happiness. Why not call today T Our offices are very
private You ae only th doctor. . . ;
Our fee being so low .it enables many who ara afflicted to vroeur-
the highest sclentlflo medical -assistance - Terms made to suit If aCM
sary, so that anyone need not go without treatment ' ) ; J
, Hours:, t a. ra. to S p. m.; evenlnga, T to 8:80; Sundays, I a.
Mustang 20a, little Orey-. tOeA, Cewtoy 40.
lank. 18c Broncho' 10c,
Jump. Jack
Pinenut 14e, Buffalo 6c A, B. Dog 0,
X. Uorse 6c. Indian Camp 0c
, Indian camp we. i ; ,'
Various dihtriotb. - . .
ralrr. SlWsr King 41V A, r.lrv. Eagle le,
Nevada Hills $4.20, PltUburg SUver Peak
$1.82 Vi, JHo. Star Wonder, lie toglc'c Meet S4c
......u .. . .,..,..-... ... :..-"v. ,
$& its?
Portland Units Stockyards, Kay aV Uva.
stock receipts: 1 -
- Bogs. Cattle. Sheep.
Today ............... 44 . 840 , 106
Wek a SO .....i.,... ' 29 ;r. 218
Year ago ............ 113 v IS ;,, 230
Previous year ........ JuO v, ... ;' $78
A shortages remains . in ' supplies sf both
sheep snd begs. All value hold very firm
around top figures. Cattle run was Improved
today, but Sll arrivals moved off wU. Today
71 horaea came In.
tA year sgo today; Begs flrns, 10 apt asV
tie snd sheep es.y, but unchanged.
, umciat annuel uricea. -
, eaetaVa Oregon. " tTjOOfJT.t" I
ewcaera aqa issaers, gi.w unina I a IS, ST.UU,
aiue asi eastern ursgon steer
$.26) beat cows end aVrriav $4.0004
Cattle Beet eaataa Oregon eteen, $50a
S.26) beat cows end hre, $4.0004.26; alock
era and feedere, T4.00ia4.2S5;bnlto. $2.60. -,
Bneep Mixed, ) laaiha. T8e. .
Chicago Receipts Larger Th&n Tear
. . 4go Others Ilold. .7"
. Chicago, Kay 8. livestock Heetntat
iocs. , cartis.
Chicago 10,000
Kanaas City ....... $.000
1.000 (
Omaha , 8.000 1.000
Moss ara steed with rim left arar. Ra.
eelnts a yeer sge were 17,000. Mixed, $S.$0
i.atue etresg,
sVhssp fitesdy. ": -
irnxj itatis wmxvxrt MIM.
New rork. May t Oevernmemt beads t
. , Data. AM AaVaS
Twos, registered .......... loos 104 ; 104 V4
ao coupon 1W 10 104V4
Threes, registered 11$ 102Vt 108 U
da eonooa .......... mis iaoiZ ini7
Threes, small bonds ., 1918 loatf
yours, asw, registered a... 1025 120U J80U
oo eonpon . ........ ...i., .1026 180 I81
roars, refl.tored, Old ;i,., 10OT 101 U 103
do ooupon WOT 101 J 103
Pours. Phllinninee ........ ibis insiZ . .
Twos, Panama, registered.. ..... 104 ,: 108 r
ooconpoB ., 10. 108
Do You Appreciate the Best?
Ia our line you Will find tha hisrhsst
OuaUty combined with liberal maaaura
and courteous treatment at right prices
inai wui neip msjia your Sundays din
ner mora pleasant, wi always bars a1
nlc4 freeh "assortment of fine fralt and
rrean green vegetables-of all kinds, ba-
iobs ar rrost xjr rjuiar gooaies.
, wbi in tomorrow and try ua, , -
Lavvler 4 Co., Grocers
' Me wnxxAMM m.'i-::''-:,
Dr. flanderaoa'a Compound $svtn
isd Oottod Boot PUls. The beel
and only reliable remedy for DE
LATED PERIODS. Curg the most
sbatlnate eaaee la B ta In Saea.
Price $2per bos, nailed ta plain wrapper.
Address Dr. T. I.
riasiua. iai nrst street.
Portland, Oregon.
AU Parts of West Side
Wo want to impreaa upon
svery weak; .man tbat wa eaa
make : blra ' strong, Tlgoroue
healthy. , alert and free .rrom
evary taint of dlseass. and
wesltnesg. Ws hava . limited
our Speelaity la praettos ta
only a few. of tha more lm
portant disorders so that wa
could understand theae thor
oughly. . Our ogpariencs along
this Una for twenty-flva yasrs
quallflefe ua to aay poaltivaly
that such troubles aa.snght
Xmlsslona, Xros TUrotv Tari
aooeia, xydrocala, Ooakmotad
Sisordara, Coatejrloaa Blood
Poison, S trio tore and "Wea
nass" can ba curea perfectly
so aa to stay stiradu. Of
course, ; ws : usa -. different
methods than tha ordinary
physician. Most of theaa ara
original with ua J and war
davlssd for Just suoa cases aa
tha ordinary eoursea of treat
ment ran to reacn.
you so, and you will noCb under
. - yi,'-?. .? ,c :-;.
m, -t It
, Breaking
-r Thorn Co. Opens Treaokes Alaatf T..
A'' :mT Stzwes fot Coadralt tnm iir:l:
, t cwtrtajxaiidiiig'. : , :
:'' -?-f: Closely ioUowlns:.".''tha:'anounoamntu;i
r ef th purchaae of Its sites for th new , :
'y. central telephone exchange and ' th .vv
' . north aid branch ixchang. th Ind v
' pendent Telephone Co. has begun actlv :
construoUoa work for th Installation .
;. of th new automatlo telephon plant v .
A large fore of men wenfto work ; v.
. Wednesday opening up Harney street ,
.from Nineteenth east for th ditch In
which to lay th Initial Una of conduit
: leading from th contral building Into
th business distriat, 'Th trench la b-
Ing opnd on th north, aid of tha .
: '.atrt naar-th sldswalk. '- p.tlt-,
- .- t
A novel reatur connectea witn 1 xn :
t construction work i is th , marking ' of '
th open trench with a row of red t
pennants, each bearing In whit letter.
th wort's "Independent Telephone Co." ;
It Is not only a clever advertisement
ailing attention to th progress of
work la buUdlng th nw plant, bat it
. also suffices to Inform curious specta
tor and save th asking and answering .
of innumerable Questions- World-Hr .
; aid, Omaha, Neb,
' . son Bona aromxiaAx, ea. ,
Be a FerfectiVuaira
With No Dock Pains No Nervous
nessNo Waste of Power No
Loss of Ambition But With Plen
ty of Lifo and Energy and tho
Vigor of Youth. :'
To b strong and manly 1 tha aim Of every
strong man, and yet how many w find who
ar wasting th, vitality and strength which
nature gives them, instead of developing
Into th strong, vigorous, manly young fal
low that nature intended them to be, they
find thernselvea weak, stunted and despondent
no ambition t do anything. They .atruggle
aimlessly along, sooner or later to become rlo
tims pt that dread disease, nervous 'debllityj
thtir finer senslblUUes blunted and their
narvas shattarad," yT--r:-'-i ... .. 'I...
I Cure Men's Diseased
Z hav treated hundred of man who have long
guttered a gradual decline ef physical 'and
mental energy aa a result f private ailments,
and hav been lntsrested In noting tha marked
general Improvement that follows a thorough cur of tha chief disorder. If y
suooess la curing difficult cases of long standing has made m th foremost
specUUlst'treating man's diseases. This suooess la du to several things. It la
du to th study I hav given my specialty; to my having ascertained the
enact aatur of men'a aUmenta. and to the original, diatinotlv aad thoroughly
solentlfie method ef traatment I employ. k
To tho la doubt aa to their, true condition who wish te avoid th serious
suits that may follow negleot, X offer free consultation aad advice, either
at my office or through eomspondenc. If your case is one of th few that
ha reached an lneurabl stage,. I will not accept It for treatment, nor will
S org my serviced upon any on. X' treat eurabla easea only, and car aU
cases X treat,
, .. .... t-
In Uncomplicated Cases
Fee Is
YouPayWtieii Cured
nxoxRO Bxoojt roxsov.
Ma dan serous minerals to drive the
virus t th lnUrlon but haralMs,
blood-cleansing remedies ' that ' re
move th last poisonous taint, .
Absolutely palnl treatment that
cures completely in one wees.. jn
vestlgats my method. It Is ths only
thoroughly scientific treatment for
this disease being smploysd.
My oolored chart, showing th mal
anatomy aqd affording an Interest
tag study In men's disease will b
gtvta traa pon appUoatlon,
Consultation and Advice, FREE. Cc'l or Write Today
Stounre S. SS, to t KSk 9onnytA40 tA) :''':'
rssd!i" J'womamxm:vtKm'waam raooxTVoBTftAxu oxa. ' .
rattsnt UvUg t ef th y aa omlag te Portland f m trrMtmaxrt wQ)
fpjriUsbed with fla toem fe f ehaxg. chok youy mkS
SImoi to shi
Uusoular lasuffloisnolss, which aye
usually traored by most eptometrlste,
ere especially and earefully considered
by us. i -
Our system sf eptioal muscular treat
ment insures your perfect comfort It
does not follow, necessarily, that yon
will have te wear classes.
Ii will require but a vry few minutes
of your Urn te call snd talk the matter
over with us.
fijunsell Optical Co.
iva Basse SsuassU, Bfiaetloals,' '
Kaoleaw Xutldlag, Vortlaaa, Oregon.
The only Chtsea woona avedieat
doctor la thle elty. She has
cured many afflicted Buffer"..
Cured private and f.mal 0 a.
eesee, else ssthme, throat a ..d
lung troubles; stomach, bl.du -r
snd kldusy ssd dlneaaes of sil
kinds thst the faum.aj flash ts
heir to. Cared by Chinese herba
and roota. Bemedlea h.rmiwa,
lie 0Ter tlovia. Foneat,
- EXAMINATION 4 1 lii ?.
88 Ci.y Street. I orn-e t 4.
kiia'V.,jfc aiaa.
-X v--rr'.--.t-
-iff,-. ;r'l
3,j.'it.yV:': v':.,..'''
... .f: .' .-'''..'i t -'i.V
.,".'"".,6 !' ' ".; f
: :. -V ,
.Teuvw probably been - treated far
s-eaJle weakneaa aad helped tem
porarily or not at all, and th,raso
Is) Wry apparent when cause of loss
or power in men is understood.
.Weakness la merely symptom ef
enronle Inflammation ef th prostata
gland. which : . my treatment re
moves, thereby permanmtly restor
ing strength and vigor.
Tou eaa depend upon a ejulck and
thorough our by my treatnient A
quick cur la deairsbl becavs a
alow eur la apt te be ne cure at all,
aad . chronie development will eom
later. I euro you beyond th poesU
bUity of a rslaps tjai ta, halt th
usual time required.
Often th condition appearing to b
th ehlef disorder la only a reflex
ailment resulting from some other
disease. Weakness sometimes come
from varicocele or trioturi akin
and bone disease result from blood
poison taint, and physical aad man
tal decline follow long-standing
functional disorder, . My long x
perteoo in treating man enablaa me
to 'determine the exact conditions
that exist aad to treat eeordingly,
thue removing very damaging causa
and Its ffeote. , .
Komeoa vtneta .
An Elephant on His Hands
1 what he often finds when he attars
away, from Avery A Co. to try what
other houses er advertising as bar
gains, end he has to either throw It
away or use it Take your rhoiro.
Anything purohased from us I 1;. a
good friend you like It better it.
longer you us It.
Avery . Go.
.. 48 TSZSO ST,
rr-3 "
" :9M, STATSOS. '
Th SaMdlng Spc4lkllg.