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Willi. Mi L J L.
II lilln
WlW-Wj WWW Aft
euocii of coses
, ? , S I' , 14 f , I
WSii 15 cepiis wis
Improvement Association Com
mends Councilman's Efforts
to Get Sullivan Bridge. :
A' treat deal of uneasiness - has x-1
luted among the member of the East
Twentv-elabth-Street Improvement as
sociation arising- out of the disapproval
Vy the mayor of , the ordinance provid
ing-' for., the, construction .-Of rein
forced concrete bridge, across Sullivan's
milch on East ; Twenty-eighth street.
The club ha Jbeen Instrumental In pro
moting this needed Improvement ana
vas much chagrined when the announce
ment cam that the mayor had rerusea
to nien toe-ordinance.
Councilmans Frank Bennett, however,
fissured the association last night that
a new ordinance was being prepared to
met the wishes of the mayor and that
little delay , would ensue. ,The mayor
thought that the provision of the or-1
' finance were extravagant i and .asked
thnt some of. the expenditures be ear-
tailed. - ' '
In order to show lta appreciation of
the efforts of its councilman in secur
ing the passage of the former ordinance
commendatory resolutions were passed
ny the association.
, Frank Motter was for the third time
elected president Of the association last
rijrbt to serve for the ensuing year.
Other officers were elected as follows;
V!re presfdent, W. B. Ball; secretary,
TV. I Gardner; assistant secretary, Jo
seph; 8. Hutchinson; treasurer, F. W.
Arise,-' - - i
Festive Bovines Make Faces at
Residents of Lents Notwith
standing Posted Notices.
William Settlemler, a pioneer of 1149,1
died yesterday at his home In Mllwau-
kie of apoplexy at the age of 78 years, i
Death came unexpectedly, although Mr.
Settlemler , had been 111 ' for ' the past
la asking the voters , of .the Fourth
ward to elect him to the oouncll to suc
ceed himself, George X Baker , feels
that he, Is Justified In saying something
about what he stands for ma a repre
sentative of the people in the city's law
making .body. In the first place, his
Republicanism has never been question
ed. He has always been loyal to his
party and will continue to be. He has
month. He .was long a resident of Ar
lington before coming to Mllwaukle. He! always been f, progressive eitiien, fa-
P. Gould, Portsmouth; Mrs. Qalbralth,
Canyon City; Mrs. Alice Atdrey, Sell-
wood; Hattle, Fay and Bert Settlemeler,
Miiwauwe. - ' '
yancing the city's Interests. Daring
The problem that has arisen In Lents
regarding the enforcement of tin stock
law Is as far from rotation as ever. De
spite the fact that noticeswere Issued
to the effect that on and after May 1
the law would ' be rigorously enforced
and a poundmaster appointed to enforce
the law, there are a many cows on the
streets of Lents as ever, . And some ay
that they have counted a few more.
' A. IX! Shepherd was reoommended for
the appointment ss poundmaster by the
Lenta Push club, but after thoroughly
investigating; the law, Mr. Shepherd an
nounced that he could not take 'the po-
ltion because he found that he would
have to assume the entire responsibility
In the event that he-took up any cows.
As a result an entirely new procedure
must be adopted. It seems to be sim
ple and yet effective. The law provides
that the owner of etock running at
large' may be notified three times by
any one through .. the Justloe of : the
peace or constable, or other proper au
thority, and if he then does not take
the stock off the street - he ' mar be
prosecuted by anyone properly filing
the complaint No officer is needed. ,
It is the intention to try this proce
dure and make a test case of the law,
for the people are anxious to prove the
law effective. It is asserted by resi
dents of Woodstock that they have had
no trouble in enforcing the law, which
Is the same one that was enacted at
Lenta. But the residents of Lents say
that It has not been enforced . outside
of the city limits. ' - , . ,
the term . to which he -expects to be
elected he will devote , especial atten
tion to street and sidewalk repairs In
out the entire city. ' He will favor gen UIP fll fl PllltlO DIIT IMCO
:.,Wii?v IMo BUI UUlU
town business section or In the residence
districts, ' the pavement of as many
streets as possible in the shortest pos
sible time, the general development of
the city to all lines to the end that
Portland may become the metropolis of
the Paclflo coast'-.'"-
' . With Prices on. the Square
12 pounds
Soup Bone
5 pounds v
Short Ribs
8 pounds
Beef Stew
8 pounds
6 pounds , ,
6 pounds
Flank Beef
6 pounds
Corned Beef
3 pounds .
Round Steak
3 pounds
; Hamburger
3 pounds
'; - Bologna
4 pounds
Choice Roast ,
6 pounds 5
4 pounds
Pot Roast
! The Teameters" union has declared
half holiday Saturday In order to give
;' the i members an opportunity to go to
; the polls to vote at the primary eleo
; tion. The teamsters' will quit work
. promptly at noon; which practically
. .ineana the .closing of all business and
i freight houses In the city Saturday af U
Council of Jewish Women Unan
imously Reelect Her to.
the Position.
Among. Others Q. 3. Thomas!
! Has Three-Cent Piece Which,
Lacks a Date.
5 pounds r
Mutton Stew"
4 pounds ;
Beef Steak
3 pounds . ;
, . s Liver Sausage
2V2 pounds
Pork Chopsr
2V2 pounds
Lamb Chops
;These meats are fresh killed, government Inspected and protected from dirt and
grime of the street by double glass, and you can rest assured that you are get
ting the very best meat in the north-. - a 7k7,r,
west yrhen you buy your meat of 1 1 r. ri I VV LvLJ
if you suffer from rheumatism or oains. I Ben
I bring I dency for a year, was unanimously re-
Electlon of officers was held yester
day afterndon by the Council of Jewish
women at the annual meeting. Mrs.
Selling, who has held the preal
for Ballard's Snow Liniment will
quick relief, it la a sure cure for I elected to' that oositlon. and the -same
strains, rheumatism, contracted muscles I
&P.4 paln-and within th reach of 0f th vlee-tvMnlfiint- MIm Riia Htrsirh
C R. 'Smith. 1 um. m-j-Ai. t if .
Eallard's Snow Liniment in my family wlr,cn- -lM eorreaponding aecretary,
for years and have found It a fine rem-lMr8' Morris Goodman and the treasurer,
edy for all pains and aohea , 1 recom
mend it for pains In the cheat" Bold
by all druggists. . . . , , . .
t V. , 1
It's the' lasting goodness o!
Columbia ' suits that makes
every patron a permanent cus
tomer ot . this , tailor shop.
Permanent customers, each one
doing his willing part in add
ine to the' prestige , we enjoy.
and a rapidly, increasing trade.
already larger by several times
than done, by any other similar
institution , in - the west - make
this business the most success
ful tailoring enterprise ever es
tablished on the JPacine coast.
Success is never achieved with
out merit and merit alone is
responsible for Columbia sue-
cess6-- ' i!'sv ' k' " I'
Colcunbia noeess Is nr"innri
anoe of satisfaction. Onr promise to
itional . gnarantM - that .
erttloal pref ereaoe shall be saUsfled.
And Columbia Tailorinz Saves
You MONEY ' -r
" , ' SuitsV ?'20 toV40 '
Trousers, $4 to $10
ls' BaUdisg Btrenth and gtwrz
Mrs. Guitar Simon. Mrs. Leon Hlrsch,
Mrs. Julius Lippltt and Mrs. Fred Seller
were elected members of the board of
Beports were heard from all the
standing committees which have in
charge the settlement work of the
Neighborhood House, a work which has
far outgrown the hopes of its most can
gulne founders. - The work has been in
corporated under the laws of the state
and is carrying on a broad and non-sec
tarian charity though supported entirely
by Jewish citizens. , '
Mrs. Selling- In her' report touched
upon the immigration question which
this year hat so largely concerned the
national -council and all the sectional
chapters of - the council. The threat
ened exclusion of 'Russian and Rou
manian Jews by the exclusion bill be
fore congress aroused the B'nal B'rlth
and their efforts -were .upheld by the
, . ,
The Portland council has sent an ex
hiblt of industrial work of the classes
of children taught at the Neighborhood
House to Jamestown as a part, of the
national council s exhibition.
The pure food movement was indorsed
and (20 was contributed toward the
fund which is being raised by the state
federation as a scholarship fund for de
serving young women.
Miss Amy Seller of San Francisco.
who has recently returned from Europe,
where she has been studvino- mutrfn
tertalned the council with two brilliant
John Vogeo Of 409 East Twelfth
street is the possessor of some rare
coins. The oldest is a Canadian penny
from ..the Bank . of -Quebec minted , In
Mayoralty Candidate Sings Gas piece. hair-cent of u. & a. .mintage
or aoi is a copper coin resemDimg
flye dollar piece with the same figure
head. A rello which he prises is a
piece of federal money of the kind that
Iwaa In circulation during the war. It
Is - of brass and about the else of
penny, marked on one aide "Army and
Nary," and on the other "The Federal
Union: It must and shall be preserved.
There is no mark ot Its value. ' :
Song for Senator's Benefit
at Republican Club. ,
Practically every offieeseeker. In the
Republican ranks 'was present at the
meeting of the South Portland .Repub
lican club last night when It held its
final rally before the primaries in Ar
tisans' hall. Front and Olbbs street
Many Rare Articles From World
Wide Points Are Being
i m mm amw Alt.... I
gcuncuilir WM I1DU 10V XeaSl. ft,..!...! a Th. T,rn1 mitrinm
The art' nd ewcfu txhiblt opened
v ' ' Ancient Modes , , !
Have no place in these up-to-date times,
xne particular man realises., this an
Is aa fastidious about his dress as about
his dinner or his cigar. That Is why
the particular man wears Schaefer's
korrect Klothes. Schaefer's smart gar
ments stand 'the closest inspection of
tne most raatiaioua There's style in
every thread, every button, everywhere.
Don't be a relic. It costs no more to be
stylish it you seleet Schaefer's korfect
jclotb -
' "J.C SCHAEFER ft CO., .
Rooms 10 and 11, Raleigh building,
823 H Washington street. ,
Rev, Thomas E. Sherman, son of
General Sherman, arrived. In Portland
today and will deliver a aeries of lec
tures on Sunday and Wednesday evon
ings during the entire month of May,
at St Mary's ; cathedral, Fifteenth and
Davis streets. " ,.
The general subject Is - "The Phil
osophy. of Religion," and the subdi
visions and dates are as follows: May
8, "The ' Soul's Bridegroora": May ' 8,
"Man's Place in Nature"! May 1. "Who
Is Christ?"; May 16, "The Rock of
Faith"; May 19. "What - Abbut the
BJblef"; May J 2. "Woman's Worth'.; May
E. "Why I Am a Catholic": May 29,
'The Road to Rome"; June t, "The Di
vine Banquet"; June 8, "A Real Rem
dy for Evil."
e ' Dillard again has the honor
for shipping the first; Oregon
strawberries to this market The
season's first , arrivals were re-
ported in oy Page A Son yester- 4)
day afternoon, The . shipment '.
consisted of one crate of the
- regulation; Oregon else, boxes be-
4 ing full weight - The berries
were fairly ripe and sold to a
4 -Fourth street market at 30c a '
pound. Regular shipments from w
local points are expected to be-
gin during the coming week..
campaign by saying nice things of one
John B.r Coffey, candidate for mayor,
took a little fall out of Senator S. C
Beach, who fathered . the resolution
adopted by the Union Republican club
on .. Monday night expressing disap
proval of Coffey and Parsons because
they would not pledge themselves to
support the ticket nominated' by the Re
publicans atJthe primaries. Mr. Coffey
stated that prior to his election Senator
Beach had pledged himself to repeal aU
perpetual franchises and had - then
voted against ; his pledge in the legis
""SI . . . jk ..-.n
list of old coins that he owns and ?5J?"aa w.m " "u"r,"uw,L.i 1
wlshe to know their value to coin col- nJ??ieu" " '"W'tZ
lectors. Among other coins he has a J?1" 9mt?J2t&Z
Spanish dollar of.lM5. a number of th Arts and Craft, society at Copley
United States copper coins dating as In B:tonVth "mLn,' JT hnmif
far back as 1818. two Canadian pennies collection from many Portland homes,
of lilt, a wlhrer dim of 188 and a including rare articles of handiwork In
three-cent sliver piece without a ate. i jwwry,. r-
ana omw cumin in.ui . ;
V. .1. ..- Mfl.. 1,. '. tHM& ' Ifl
MAIiii AAlAIIPn IIIPAV J ( .. u w : www 7
i;UMMIMU tn WCo Hshowlnc a few choice paintings by con-
nnnnn 1 sairv nrriAr temporary American artujw, in oraer
TIUUO LMIMU Urr IVC that all may see the exhibits the build
ing will DC opened wiuoui cnarge ior
e.t.m nr . fav t Oovernor Chim. aamisajon next Baturoay evening xroro . Mtrdir received the follow- o v a om . mwuwh
a j.- S. Wl N Cli ESTER g
if .Candidate for Republican Nomination for ', h
. ,v. PUtfonn: ' - Kr' "' V, N
Not backed bv nv Political Machine H
T ' " Nor b7 any Gambler' Trust m
Indorsed by the Municipal Association
I forTclean GO
mure by rerusmg to lend aid to repeal , ?1 1 . IZ atVtl i T,i t to 8. The building Is open dally from
his remarks by a lltUe couplet which .,1Tnmnn h.r .?. itl centa, except on Thursday and Saturday
Senator Beach' may rant as be will.
But the smell of the Oas company will
oung to him sun."
Mr. Bevlln and Mr. Zimmerman also
addressed the, meeting, and explained
their attitudes on public questions. Be
sides' these speakers, various' aspirants
for council positions, city attorney, mu
nicipal Judge and the rest repeated the
remarks which have been made in every
part of the city during the past few
weeks,- t - .,- ... .-.-- , v
having been summoned there as-a wit
ness In the Benson-Hyde land fraud
case: " "Have gone over uregon f lana
matters with commissioner of the gen
eral la nd off Ice and h ave prom lse , of
immediate, action on lieu selections."
It seema that mere has been an un
usual delay in the issuing of patents
I to Oregon applicants for lieu selections.
centav except on Thursday and Saturday
afternoons, when admission is free.
i .1 i
Metsger fits your eyes for 11. '343
Washington street, corner Seventh,
formerly at 111 sixtastmt" rt
Frefenred Stook Canned Ooodav
Allen ft Lewis' Best Brand.
Just as soon aa the council announced
its Intention to build a new city Jail
and. emergency hospital in the neigh'
borhood of the park blocks In the north
end prloes of quarter blocks In the vi
cinity went up 1 18,000 in a single night
This statement was mad to the council
yesterday afternoon. It la not likely
that the higher price will be paid to any
of the property-owners, however, be
cause the Jail and hospital should be
centrally located.. On -this account the
matter was referred back to the ways
and means committee, with Instructions
to advertise for bids for sites.
T. Merrill for councilmab-at-
' V
, ;f . i, ' , . . ,
The People's Warehouse; conducted by
Leon Cohen at Pendleton, the largest-'
department store lneatrn Oregon, can
be credited with the insertion of the .
largest advertisement ever placed by
one establishment in a aauy paper tn
Oregon. In the East Oregonlan of the ,
80th ultimo, appeared an advertisement -
occupying four full pages of space of ;
this enterprising Pendleton store. The
advertisement is so constructed as to
say what it means and mean what it -
says, affording every con riaence to too. ..
reader that the Store will meet every
promts mad therein, thus adding to
the store's reputation for fair dealing.
Such advertising pays, the fruits there
of increasing as the confidence in the
advortlser spreads. '
parly Morning Pedestrians Dis
cover Pile of Shavings Blazing
in Cochran Block. :-
A serious conflagration was ' narrow'
ly averted at St. Johns early yesterday
morning when a pile of shavings and ex
celsior was discovered on fire in the
Cochran block, which is being remodeled.
The nlane !a anttralv mn j n I
bought that some person hostile to the
establishment of another saloon In St.
Johns endeavored to set fire to the
building. But the fire was discovered
near the street, a very unlikely place
for the operations of a firebug and an
exceedingly likely place for an : acci
dental blaze that might have been
started by some one carelessly tossing
a match into the tinder-llke heap of
shavings. , .
The building Is central! Incut. anA
had It not been for the chance passing
of late revellers there would have been
nig lire. ' The blaze was Aiinnvr,A
about 2 o'clock yesterday morning,
George B. Baldwin. United States eon.
stil at Nuremberg, who died recently in
New York, was one of the moat (ntim..
friends of President McKlnlnv !
nominated McKInley for his first public
"". "J- proiiecuting attorney. ,.
ree from grit and aci.d. Pre
vents accumulation of tartarl
Will not injure the enamel of
Grand Souvenir Opening
rRIDAY LVL, 8:00 until 10:00 o'clock
: a t .
New Last Side Department Store
388-390 1L. MORRISON ST., Near Qrarid
Three Blocks Last of Morrison Bridge- .
: '1t';. i 0 ' ' ' rJxl '"! r (,r
A Cordial Invitation is Extended to One and All :
EVtRLST'S ORCHESTRA: Will be in attendance
A Free Distribution of Opening Mementos v
, Valuable Souvenirs for Lveryone An Unlimited Qgantity
Dainty Gifts ' Worth Coming Tor f; SometKing You Will Treasure for Years
"V : ':v: :;: r ; , -; - 1 ' No Goods will Be'on Sale : !-; -7v , 1 " -f V ; f '
But, An Old Time House Warming is Anticipatpd ; '
he teeth. Ask your dentist