The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, December 02, 1906, Page 2, Image 2

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I I aT III -VI' m n .yllllailV-aT T. j Se-BSBssssaBBw - .
Prudential Ufa Insurance Presl-
, dent' Will " Be "Succeeded
by Governor Stokes. ;
'Stokes to Resign Governorthlp HU
f Successor -Will Be President" of
Senate, ' to Which Position Colby
' Will Be Reelected.
(BpeHsl niapal'-s tVn4 Wlra te Tb Jo.t1
Trenton, N. J, Pec J- It w under
stood araonff the politicians that Gov,
ernor Stokes lias won the fight for
election as. United States ; senator to
succeed John F. Dryden.
The only difficulty that stands In hta
way ha been, solved by a plan that will
. .
.-. i.. i, -v , .
! - v A
Independent Oil Operator ;, De
clares Railroad Are Forc
ing His Ruin.
Details Brought Out in Lackawanna
Investigation Shows That Trunk
Lines Give Standard Rates That Kill
Competitors. '
Senator John F. Dryden. ,
startle the state and produce a totally
unexpected result. It will make Ever
ett Colby, the belligerent reform aena
tor from Ease county, governor of the
state. . '
In order' to Vecbrae constitutionally
eligible for United States aenator. Oor-
ernor Stokes , will have to resign his
present office. Hla successor under the
New Jersey constitution will be the
president of the senate.
When 'the senate organizes In Janu
ary It will elect a president to succeed
President Bradley, of Camden county.
The present combination la to make
('Special Dispatch ey Leased Wire te The foarealt
New Tork. Dec. 1. Declaring that be
would be forced to abandon the oil busi
ness which he had been 1 years In
building: up tit Brooklyn unless the gov
ernment could afford htm protection and
relief, former State Senator David F.
Davla made a strong- plea todar on the
witness Stand" to' the Interstate com
merce commlason to force the Delaware.
Lackawanna A Western railroad to con
tinue to receive his tank car oil ship
ments at their Brooklyn terminals. He
renewed the charge that to the best of
his belief the railroad company had
been Influenced by the Standard Oil
company to refuse his shipments.
He declared that he had been called
on the telephone in January, 104. by
an employe In the Lackawanna general
offices, who said: "I want to tell you
that the etandard Oil Is after you. They
are urging on our traffic department
the enforcement of the trunk line agreement-,
prohibiting the delivery of bulk
oil in tank ears In New Tork City."
: commissioner prouty asked If this
trunk line agreement regarding oil did
not shut out practically every Independ
ent dealer except the Standard Oil.
which piped Its supply from Bayonne,
New Jersey. The railroad attorney sug
gested that there was nothing to pre
vent the Preston Y Davis company from
establishing Its own terminals. Com
missioner Prouty declared that the firm
did not have the money to build Its own
Senator Davis testified that Brook
lyn conwumedj 100,000 gallons of oil per
day and that the Standard Oil furnished
per cent or It. He said that his firm
furnished but from 1H to t per cent
and that owing to the piping they had
to pay the special agents of the Stand-
i ard t hey 1 were sometimes furued tu uu
erate at a loss. , y
Two Million-Dollar Postoffice for
Portland Four Other ..
Towns on List. 11
Welcome -ml J I I W V I r-y XW D!!vered
to -sm'm v j 1 KM r Vvi n Wi7rrlM when
III II I aV 'I.I I t 1 v VVV'I II ' : I II I -V II II I I 11 t 1 1 1 III - TOW ' . .1111
r"? :wm(rm w --w ,,,y,,, ,nww1 oc:u.a
:' ' s , . . , BrlgBft Ughta, Brlgbt ruraltiue and bright sales- ' v , ' ' ' " ." '
lv9r..... 'IllkJZtkrprfU' .Iji ij - people to wait on yau, and show you. every court- -' ' r ; f 3 : fi
" a ' " Hi'ljl iBIOT' 7 T I"'- esy. We. have Just InsUUed a lot of new - - 9 , .. i.. - l I 8
. . I 2ii I j(Jr . - . '.".:, "Neumsf lights, the latest thing out in the way : . it , ' Y - , tr ' S
rt - f of electrlo lights. No dark corners here no dleap- . . frV . -i V
' Yi'i'il'T . - Ica- i polntment after you get the goods home, idl the zZ (S J JlH'tf. ' Vb X t f
AT Jf ' ' rln ' t ' I r-S1 ' I colors, or any Imperfection, shows up Just the ' efrr .-rTf. C 'illll t- J '
111 V Mil 6 n I '' v same here as In bright daylight. Come and see . . vJO , l IJ J A Afc0' C C
I 11") ' sf M' V ii 1 f '" ill " '. the vast stray of pretty things suitable for Chriet- ' .. . k-T'JU U, I
it Ii ,t7 eill.V I l 'w. mas giving. Bl.OO 1WI1I 1VTI AWT , AM. ; ILiL -i I"
IW.fl I tl lUqslre ae store fol. ee mure s . . itLv?I: ,KJA. V I n
Oil ' ' . .loo. for tee Srst of their- . .'I ,.vl
II x 1 ' IllMJ eoatlsuss th. sems year h- Ml
I II sssble Iron, te which the sbt 11
II -
county, of Essex president of the aen
ate.- - ,;. t-
Then." ccorainsr'"to " this" program
Stokes win resign the governorship and
Colby will be Installed in the legislative
chambers; Thus made eligible for the
senatorahlp, Stokes wilt get ilia promo,
tlon v to Washington, which he nearly
won sis years ago, when Senator John
Kean came to the rescue of the Pruden
tlal president and gave him the vote
from Unloi county with which he won.
' Xn &ow Esteem, '
' ' Froai .ths PlttsbDrg Post.
' "Lead Dt a boodred. old sua."
, Xsa't do It." -'
TU pay roe S per ot nterset."
"Ssy, if I tbsoskt you'd pay s pef cent of
mo principal i d st yoo nsvs toe sxiaey."
Samparilla is anqaestiona
bly the greatest blood and
. liver medicine known. It
positively and permanently
cores every humor, from
'Pimples to Scrofula. It is
'the Best :
i Blood Medicine,
(Washlngtoa Bursas ef The Joeraal.
Washington, .Dec. 1. K)n the opening
of the session of : congress Senator
roitoa will latrodoce a bill providing!
for the purchase of a site and the erec
tion of a new "postoffice , building at
Portland, to cost 12.000,000. He will also
Introduce bills for public buildings cost
Ing 1100.004 each at Albany, Oregon
City, Pendleton and La Grande. As
there will be no public buildings bill
passed at the fuming session, Bnator
Fulton does, pot expect to get his bills
through, but wknta to get them under
way so that they will be well under-way
at the subsequent session.
Special Dlspatta ay Leased Wire te The Joarasi)
Omaha, Dec. 1. Efforts were made
by the defendants In the land fraud
cases. this morning to show that secret
service men intimidated entrymen. Wit
nesses denied this and said they did
not Intend to settle, but defendants of
fared to leaae at ISO a year and to pay
300 when tne lands were proved up.
They told them this method of leasing
for graalng purposes compiled with the
law demanding Improvements. - The tes
timony showed that the defendants paid
the sxpenees of entrymen In IB roves st
the land office. . .
Handsome Rocker $7.50
"omes m weathered or golden oak.
beautifully quarter-sawed and polished;
the prettiest rocker we've seen In many
a day; one that would make a most ac
ceptable Christmas present. $1.00 a week
and we'll set It aside for you.
Monarch Malleable Range
Reqatre ae Bore ral, ee ature
time sod no bmts Isbor to de
tss work srter 10 or IS years' -m
tbsa tkey do at first. The
satlstsrtloa thoy giro Is not
loo. for tke Srst joar ef their-
Sat eoatlsuos tao ssms year
lftr year. This eoperlurtty Is
iccosatod for la the see of stsl
Icbls Iron, te which the sheet
steel Is rtveUd. aot bolted.
)nly In this wsy esa abeoloUly
ilr-tlght Joints be Bade. Ordl
sary rasgM sre Bsde of east
eoa. Such rangre are f
wasters, sooaass It Is Impoo
lhl. to Bake tlshfc Julnts with
' out tha use of auiTe pattr. IB
Sunllsht Airtight
Heater $9
en . ; - . 7 -
time the patty aardene ana rsiis
oat; outside
hMtn1i -r Oram
ssd It takes twice ss sock fu
to keep up tns ere.
leaks la.
sad Joint.
S:- Ofl
Kitchen Cahbiets $13.50
Made from white' pine and ba
Parlor Set $34
The set consists of three pieces, the settee,
arm chair and amall chair. Brocaded ve
lour covering, over the beat quality oil
tempered . springs. Pretty panels In the
backs of genuine mahogany. This Is not
the cheapest set we have, but a good set
of "Sterling" quality, at a bargain-counter
, price.
Brooms 15c
Regular alio and good quality.
At this price we can sell only
one to a customer, and will
not promise te deliver.
1 "rfff :
--r .,
m wtw
w , ' '
Carry It about from
'room to room. Turn
wick high or low
there's no danger.
Smokeless device pre
, vente ' smoke and
smell. Easy to oper
ate as a lamp. All
parts easily cleaned.
Brass. oil fount,
beautifully embossed.
Holds 4 quarts of oil
and burns hours.
Gives Intense heat.
-Handsomely aik
plated.-TJsefuIr rell
able. ' Every heater
warranted and usu
ally sells for $1.60.
Sale of Sofa Pillows
Filled with the best quel- Owing to the unpreoedent
Ity silk floss In a score or demand for this heater,
pretty patterns. Heavy i. ,, la
woven tanastrlea. with P" J1 ""a
large Ussels on each eor- eut, and we are offering Jn , that ke , oIaall
rier. Cushions measure its' place the regular $10 with a moist rag. Has flour bins, eut-
lfxtl Inches. Some are u h m heavy east- lery drawers, spice boxes and mould-
Jfl" ln. V 2. "" steel too- and bottom. Body ln board It is over T feet high and
Dutch windmills and fusmy lop n notions, oay g4 inches.
Uttle boy, with "their wood- Is made from1 the beat qual- ' Ul' . 'ocbee. M
- en shoes, and . others are jty of rolled steel, with an Xltoken Oabiaet $17 M , ,;
flowers." all in eolors true .. v xtA ' it. . i.Miaji i'wHk
tv t t. :ir.v":::,rr.:-whrt. wo top: nirhaif. work
and much less than half tha number
of steps in preparing , meal if yea.
Sofa Pillows, covered in outsias ooay. root
different . patterns of ere- rails, panels and legs are
own one of these cabinets.
1 I If. TJ XJl TS I , i I -
( Chndt ', ' V -fi ,-! :.J ;
uatnvstttn ' : Rocker . xSSll
Massive leather Chair $48
Just as pictured; upholstered In
genuine black grain leather,
hair filled over the beat oil
tempered - steel springs that
money-can-buy.- A handsome
chair, and - comfortable sit in
it once, and you'll never want
a aat tin. Hand stitched and
Screen, Imported tapee-t tutted; a chair that will last a
try panels ....f 11.50 lifetime, ei.00 Week Says X.
Three panels, polished
oak frames draped with
sllkollne ....t...$a.BO
$10 Weathered Oak
Screen ..... .fTSO
$11 Weathered . Oak
A pretty Uttle
Rocker the baby
will feel proud of..
Strongly made of
hardwood In gold-
- en oak -finish
die shaped , wood -seat,
and worth a
little more than
the price we ask
Roll Top Desk $18
Made from solid oak with stamp draw
ers and locker in pigeon hole ease; auto
matte lock on eliding" curtain; sliding
writing JeaX; drawere on one aide only.
BoU op Beak SOT - - f
for It.
The- deek -pictured - above. Solid
drawers on both sides; sliding .writing
leaf, book d raster, letter aad stamp draw
ers; top so inches wiae. ,
" Plat Tow
9eak $lB.f
. Solid
r quart er
sawed oak;
on one
, side: anda.
' 4t-lnoh top.
Ml O
(ftpeelal Dlspstre br tveassd Wh te The Joarasi)
Kansas City, Dec 1. Benjamin Jau
don, deputy game warden, swore to a
complaint today agalnat the Emery,
Bird, Thayer Dry Goods company, the
George B. Peck Dry Goods company,
and B. Adlar and company, charging
those firms with violating the state
game law by selling, or offering for
sale, plumage of certain birds. The
complaints were drawn in the prosecu
tor's office and sent to Justice Rtoh
ardaon's court, where warrants were
W. B. Thayer, of the Emery, Bird,
Thayer company; Gu stave W, Bachman.
manager of the George W. Peck Dry
Goods company, and Bernard Adler, of
the Adler Millinery company, were ar
raigned in Justice Rlchardaon'a court
at 2 o'clock and pleaded not guilty.
They were released on their own re
cognisance and their hearing aet for
next Wedneaday morning.
("portal Dispatch te The Joeraat)
Washington, Deo. 1. Prospective
United States Senator Jonathan Bourne
is expected here tomorrow. ' It Is ex
pected that he will remain for a week or
more taking notes of senate proced
ure and taking part In the proceedings
of the Rivers snd Harbors congress.
x - -'
(Special Dispatch hy Lessed Wire to The Joernal)
New Orleans, Dec. 1. When-, the
steamer Concho 'was 111 miles off
Southwest, pass the wireless operator
flashed news of the birth aboard the
veaael of a son to John Trippers wife.
The couple sre en route to San Fran
cisco via Galveston. The baby was
named Concho Light Trtppet In honor
of the vessel end the physician.
ISpmUI Dlspstck by Lsesed Wire The JoemeD
. Birmingham. Ala., Dee. 1. Gordon
Dubose, former president of the First
National bank of Eaaly, Alabama, was
today sentenced to five years for -the
misappropriation of $41,000 in specula
tion. . . '
Handsomely furnished, alegsntly eqelppsd.
Snproot, Sto Blootas' walk from heart of
sbopplDg snd business dlatrlct. sll large,
airy, oatsldo rooms, steam nested, electric
lights, telepboa. la seek apartment, etc.
Larse efflcee. lounging, smoking, writing,
lsdiee' reception parlors. Booms rsssresd
by mall or telephone.
Private eaaiVus meets trains aad steamers.
Room $1.00 to $3.00 a Day
pselal Bstes te Com menial ales. '
A. AXMSTSOXw, Proprietor.
Bevtbsy Bitter.
"ratter. said Be a a tor Coras' little sen,
'what Is a motuet friend f"
"A matnsl friend," the senator with some
slight bltternees replied, "Is a mss wh. al
wsrs tells you la sdessrs what Bagsatne win
aekreke roe la ant swath's tssoe.'
Drug Co.
Manufacturing', Zmportlnf aa
Wholesale, ttk ft Xoy. raas,
' Greater floor space, larger stor
snd more convenient shipping fs
cutties than any house on tn
coast. ,. Private switching tree
to our door from terminal ground
snd all transcontinental rallroa
lines. Direct Importers OI gu
precipitated c
f(om England,
camphor and menthol from Jape
i an
proprietaries frurn France, hyp
chalk and sundrle
fine perfumes an
ohemlcaie fro:
Germany. Haarlem oil from Ho
lana. iiuyere oz Oregon neesws
casoara bark, grape root an
erude drugs of the northwest.
eoda snd heavy
Kentucky Opposes Child 'babe.
Paducah. Kentucky, is organising an
anti-child labor organisation.
Wages of sthoemaksTS.
Shoemakers in Austria get $7 a
while in Lynn. Msss they receive $1
Diamond Jewelry
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ra Tim ajtp fivaob
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Solid Silver Gifts
SUmped MSterlina925-100;rine--t-J
MAIL ORDERS attended to with promptness
and care.
. GOODS RESERVED NOW will give choice of.,
selection. Delivery later on.
MAIN 1025
, r . -
Rookwood Pottery
Corner Third and .Washington St.
Sole Agents fo Oregon for .
' Patek Philippe Watches
Tiffany Favrile Glass
Below we enumerate useful ideas for the home from
our extensive stock The patterns are exclusive and
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Single Candlesticks . . , $ 650 to $15.00 .
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1 '