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    I Tc;v3,Tc;!3 :
"The Uu Oa Um' Box"
' A iterance Tim ' '
vrlc. .. . ....
.Twlo Jssh prnrat7'
."lki IUiu of tb our'"
.. v.. ."Polly and 1"
............n, V OWtMlll
The Bcottlsh RIt Social club will be
; "at home" jto their number and ladi
on ITrlday eventng, November It), at the
Boottlbh RIt calhadral thla being tUa
fii'et of .their new serle. of .entertain
meats for the winter. Tha patronesses,
will be Mra. H. 8. Rowa, Mra. Robert
l.utlce, Mra. Richard Martin Jr. and Mra.
C. C. Newcaatle.' Tha entertainment
will begin at f o'clock, and. prom
ises to be one of the delightful event of
the season. .
The New York atate society will cele
brate evacuation day at Rlnglei-e hall.
Alder and Sixth atreeta tomorrow even
in . An interesting program haa been
arranged. Judge George will deliver an
address appropriate to tha oeoaaloii and
several musical numbera will be ran
- red. Aa enjoyable time is expected
o ii n wriuri, wnemer mem Dor
of the society or not, are cordially n-
A How about 1 that Thanksgiving eultT
Did you notloe that we were making to
order suits of a rery fine black unfin
ished worsted or a fins blue aero (reg
ular (40 values) for only HOT Better
take a look at the cloth, Jione better in
the city; fit absolutely guaranteed or
no sale. Armstrong, the Tailor, Raleigh
bldg.. Sixth and Washington atreeta,
Upstairs. ' -t . ., -
- The" Baptist Youn Peonle's Union Of
Portland will hold a aunrlse praise and
prayer service Thanksgiving morning
at the Second 1 Baptist church. East
Ankeny and Seventh streets. . The hour
set Is 7 o'clock a. in. An enjoyable and
profitable time is anticipated. Hot re
X reehments will follow (be service. . Ev
erybody Is Invited.
Do you hear the bells a-rlnglngT Bet
ter have a aitting today, between 1
and t. We will make you a photo that
-will gladden your heart if you will Just
give ua a little time to touch it up
nicely. All Christmas negatives should
ha made without delay. B. W. Moore,
expert photographer, Elks' building,
Seventh and Stark.
I'lant Bibson's Roses Roses may still
be planted to good advantage. They
will give quicker results if established
before spring. Our selection la large
andqualtty unexcelled.Wrlu or phone-
Tor catalogue. Office and nurseries
1110 Mllwaukle avenue. Phone East
Hi. The Slbaon Rosa Nurseries.
: Mr J. M. Swlrsky of l0tt Seven
teenth - street wlU take her departure
today for Chlco, California, to spend
Christmas with her parents. On last
Wednesday evening - Mrs.- Swlrsky gave-,
a party to her friends, ' which was
largely attended - and - greatly enjoyed
by those present "
correct aiyiea ana prices rignt, up-to-date
goods, genuine values, prompt de
liveries, a complete stock of all the lat
ent materials. This I out platform:
. : uiHftt ma J puii tni in uvun iu vruvr
for $-6 no more, no leas. Satisfaction
anteed. Unrqu Tailoring Co- $0
Stark, near Sixth.
W. P. Elmore, mayor of Brownsville,
Lea been secured by th Bunday club of
'tb T. M. C A. to deliver an address at
th men' meeting thla afternoon. Th
meeting will begin at 1:80, but will be
preceded by a half-hour concert by the
Y. M. G A. orchestra and a solo by Mis
Ermine Hubbard.
. winter r lowering uidb atari . a
-few pot ,af flowering bulbs for, winter
bloom easy to grow, handsome. Inter
esting and Inexpensive. Our handsome
ly illustrated and descriptive catalog
telle alL Phone Main 47S or call. Port-
-tand Seed Cos, Front and La,
Diamonds, watches and ' Jewelry on
easy paymenta at less than elsewhere
for cash. M'e give you possession when
making first payment, demand no se
curity, charge no' Interest. Marx A
Bloch, 74 Third Street
& K. S. Wood will deliver an address
before 'the Socialist- party tonight in
their hall In th Allskr building. "What
la Anarchy?" will b th subject An
open discussion will follow th address.
This will remind you that now Is the
time to have your hair mattresses reno
vated and returned the same day. Phone
Main 47. Th Portland Curled Hair
Factory, H. Metsger, proprietor.
: Have exclusive sal of west aide
warehouse site. 12,10 aquar feet front
Ins ; on three atreeta, with ' trackage.
J. H. ralrbrookvi U0 -Second - Street
phon mo. . 4 ;
Tour eyes examined Free. We' are
,atlll selling eyeglasses at 11.00. - A per
fect fit guaranteed. Metsger eV Co.,
Jeweler and optician. Ill Sixth street
' Th contending claim of Bacon and
Shakespeare to . the authorship of
Bhn Iimiim m'm rrtttnna.lll k,
t th People' Forum tonight . J. D.
Th Most Appropriate 01ft I
Airo vi sm .
An kind, any style plain, elegantly
engraved, large or small, low-priced
or expensive solid gold, gold-Ailed,
sliver, composition, gunmetal
watches for men, watchee for wom
en, watches for -boys, or beauties for
girls.'. ToU cannot. Indeed, conceive
of anything a Jeweler sells that la
not sold here, and at 1en cost than
you Imagine yon can buy such fin
goods for.
Try Out Sxpert Opttolaa.
The G. Heitltemper Co.
"XrOwest Prieed Jewelry House for
rin woede."
LS - I -
A Hundred-Million-Dollar Piano
Story -That It Not Very Sig
nificant After AIL The Rec
ords of a 'Local House, and a
' Noteworthy Shipment of Chick.
V. erings. : u. v '. .
In July Ut year the shipment of a
single monster carload or vniciterings
to Ellera Flano . House, Portland, ex
ci ted much comment, not only in the
dally press, but In the -'representative
mualo Journal of the United States, a
well, for It was atatea tnat .u one
carload held the most valuable lot of
pianos ever made. In on ahlpment to a
dealer. ' '''
Thla week, earoely a year later, a
shipment of four monster carloads of
Cblokerlng pianos, altogether lit .000
worth of uprlghta and granda, ba be
come necessary,; and will be received by
Ellera Piano House her. Thi 1 prob
ably doubly th largest, and moat vejo
abls ahipment of any .on make of
pianos ever handled In th west, yet
KUers Piano House aspects to aell ail
of these pianos before the holidays, and
In addition to all of these Chiekerlngs,
there will be half a hundred or more
carloads of other fin make of piano
to be sold by them, a well.
Thla la thoroughly Indicative of th
growth of the west. In commercial im
portance, and also of the prosperous
condition of our community. Ellera
Piano Houee will ll thi year more
than two and one half million dollars
worth of piano. nd thla record la very
algnlneant when it Is eonaldered- that
th entire Pacific coast ha a population
of much lea than that of Greater Mew
Tork. ' -
Alongside of this ahowing. the boast
ful statement of New Tork piano fac
tory of having aold a. hundred million
dollars' worth of planoa since the com
mencement of Its business 10 yeara ago,
lose much significance. .- '
An advertisement to this affect first
appeared In some Texaa papers, and It
ha been publlabed by various dealers
lsewher ainoe. appearing, in our local
papers aa a wonderful record. First of f,
the factory publishing thla statement
although boasting of a world s market,
haa never even yet reached thla total
J" J""' "'J" c" Lra is not at all con- tlon rult because the Paclfio Bridge
lY--swTonderful at thla day and age.TtTOnTM BO rtMTO nd , T"nt-'
TV ZZa, L! f.ctorv has made eontracta without consideration of
la sales, although a nunarea mmion -"
But If any American factory has made
and exceeded such record. It I the old
time-honored Cblckerlng or Boston,
which piano Is old only by Ellers
Piano Houee, It stores and aecredlted
representatives. v .
In addition to this Ellera Piano House
represent two -other great American
piano factories whose annual outputs
far exceed any other, namely. Th
Aeolian nd Weber Pianola company,
whoa sales are more than 110,000.000
each year, and th W. W. Kimball com
pany, Chicago, whose annual salea also
exceed that amount. The Kimball fac
tory, although the youngest of airblgh
grade American piano makers, haa now
produced nearly 110.009 planor-wiich- Is
more than twice a many upright pianos
aa haa been made by any other Ameri
can concern. - Th Ellera stores aell
nearly 1,000 Kimball piano each year,
to aay nothing of th beautiful pipe
organs and ale parlor organs produced
by this great American enterprise.
Stevens, who la credited with being on
of th best Shakespearean scholars on
tho const, .will uphold. Bhfceajere'a
side, whll O. Thompson will represent
lng. tha evening Steven wuLL,h J hovwllJJi
recite twe eel set ions from Shakespeare.
An open discussion will follow th de
bate. The meeting are held in the
Selllng-Hlrach building at Tenth and
There will be a Baptist Sunday school
rally In the Whit Temple Monday, one
session being held at S o'clock and th
other at T:t0. . All th organised Bap
tist young people's classes In the city
will be present Th principal speaker
will be Dr. Herbert Judaon Whit of
Taeoma. - Discussion of live Issue will
follow th opening of a question box.
Reports of all the Sunday schools In the
district , will be made. "Get together
and boost 1 the motto of tb rally...
. Th usual Bunday "at home" will be
beld at the T. W. C A. rooms thla after
noon from t to i o'clock. Rev. Henry
Marco tte will deliver an address on
"Self Assertion." In addition there will
be musical and literary feature of a
semi-religious nature. . v -
Today A. C Gage Is advertising for
sale en- the real aetata page one of the
best farm in th state.-Bee advertise
ment under "New Today."
""Socialism Practical Christianity."
Lecture by Rev. Fisher at Allsky hall
tonight f o'clock. Music, plscusslon.
Free all welcome. . '-. x
Shoot down town today. ' January
Munsey. Ladles' Horn Journal and Tt
leading dallies at Carl Jones, Fourth
and Washington. .. . '
'Steamer Jessie Harktn for Camas,
Waahougal and way landings dally ex
cept Sunday. Leaves Washington street
dock at 1 p. m. -' . . ,
Salespeo'pla ' thoroughly experienced
wanted In all departments. Olds, Wort-
fman-eV-KIng , ,, , . ,
L. Acme Oil Co. sell the best safety coal
oU and nn gaeojtne.-ar'hoae East 711.
' '
Dr. O. M. Well. rwWVc57 East
Burnslde street Phon East 16. .
For Quality, Quantity end Qulckneee.
go t Morris" restaurant ...
' Watch j Wooater t t I I .'
The Bnmorlst, at th Whit Vempl
: i Wedaesdayjflght.i ' ,
Johir Kendrlck Bsnr, -the -anther of
Th Houseboat on the Styx. former
editor of Life, Warner" Weekly and th
Metropolitan Magailn. I to give, the
second number of. the V. M. C. A. Star
cours next Wednesday night at th
Whit Tempi. - '
Mr. Bangs believe that humor le es
sential to all phase of life to courage,
adaptability, eucceea In short, to all of
them. As a purveyor of humor, he
feel that he haa inlaslon In th;
world mrstnnl-otH--leetlny. Des
tiny. Id mind ef Mr. Bang. 1
merely th subterfuge of the discon
tented. - Humor, he say's, la th lubri
cator of'lh ofttlme grating wheels of
everyday life.
Reserved seats rsn be secured at the
T. M. C. A. for single admission or for
the entire course; the other numbers are '
th Kogers-Urllley recitals, Jacob Rile, I
Newell Dwlght HUH and the JDunbarj
Concert company. ' I
.. .1 I,',
Property Owners Prepare to
'Wage' Bitter War Against
High Sign Boards.
. ,
Grind : Avenue People Cry - Out
Against Robbery in Street Improve
r ment AsseMtnents Other Interest
- tag New From Acrotg the River.
' War t to be waged by th property
owner and tax payer of th east aide
against th persistent effort of th
signboard - painters -to-diaflgur th
main avenues of th east side. -Several
prominent business men have declared
that th large- advertisements must go,
and campaign for this purpose ha
been Initiated by them. Grand avenue
and East Morrison streets are defaced
kin disregard to tha ordinance which pro-i
vtales that none of these sign ahail ex
ceed 10 feet in height
Th Oebora -hotel on Grand avenue,
owned by Jamee H. Taylor, I sur
rounded by signboards. On two sides
of th property are two board tt feet In
height Mr. Taylor, remarking In a sar
castic -ton what an appropriate loca
tion tte had for a hotel added, "It look
much . mora like ' aom cheap mining
town in the deserts of Nevada than th
Ros City In which ao many of us pride
gome action I to be taken shortly,
asy east aid business men, that will
eventually result In an ordinance belni
naoted that will abolish these unsight
ly "ad now and for all time,. They
believe that they wlU be Joined by
business mon in ether parts of the city
In their-campaign -Against tb. sign
board. - - Think ThyAre Bobbed.
Another one of th multitudinous
troubles now afflicting the Grand ave
nue property holders, le the fact that
they believe they Are being robbed by
th contractor or aom on else In
th matter of street Improvement They
aay that th price of $1.03 a running
foot 1 excessive, and that the condi
coat by th city abthorttlea. . The prop
erty owner who possesses 100 feet la
compelled to pay about 1400, they aay,
for the Improvement and, what is more,
this price is extracted from property
holder along each aid of th street
r Aettvtty lav St. 'oka.
St Johns is soon to be the ecene of
great activity, when the erew of rail-,
road builders 1 put to work on th 10
foot cut of th Portland at Seattle road.
Already a few men are there, i
- An enarlne haa been installed to do
th preliminary work. A hydraulic ap
paratus will be used to perform a
great part of the undertaking, and th
work will eonsum a year. l
All week men have been at work
clearing away atump from th right of
way and the work is being prosecuted
will, all baste possible. Pile drivers
have been stationed on th river where
the 11,000.000 bridge I to have lte east
approach. A long fill will be made
with the dirt taken from th cut from
th river to the end Of the bridge. Th
piles here are being sunk 110 feet be
low trie level of the river.
S khoW-TTBUrina
enormou "Irench across the Denlnsula
and St. Johns wlU be known by th
nols It make. .
Xxoltlng Bnnaway. '
housefnrnlshers on East Morrison !
street broke away yesterday afternoon
and etarted for th west side via the I
Morrison street bridge. On of th 1
horse became frightened whll the!
driver, was attempting to remove lte
nridi and started, th other bora
keeping up the pace.
Th street waa crowded with vehicle i
and cars, but the team safely dodged!
all and etarted across the . Morrison
street bridge. Th wagon haa a heavy j
furniture delivery and the break wer
set ao that la going up th incline onto ;
the bridge the horses were compelled
to slow up until they wer easily
stopped, otherwise- eerloua result
might have been the outcome.
' Beat Sid Bote.'
Work on the new Markell block I
progressing and nearly all the debris
from th old buildings has been re
moved so that th foundation work can
commence next week.
Th Kewhall uildlng on Grand ave
nue I about completed, only-the In
terior and fixtures are to be added be
fore It can be occupied.
Rev. Oarver, field worker - for the
anti-saloon league, lately of Pendlaton.
haa decided to locate In Portland and
will build a home at Kern Park on the
Mount Scott line.
The Bite Bank building at Williams
venue and Knott etreet la under way
and the first atory la neerlng comple
tion. Progress wae eomewhat delayed
by the recent ralna.
Z Portland Democrat dg; notjretknow
whether they will be able to feast
William Jennings Bryan and shake him
by the hand. . It having been heard that
Mr. Bryan would visit th Pacific coast
during the coming Winter, th local
Democrat decided It would be the right
thing to arrange for a reception to the
distinguished visitor should he come to
Portland. Accordingly. Alex Sweek and
Who Sing at th
"White Temple"
Oormev Twelfth end TayJor Streets-,
Thanksgiving Night
"Stands at the head of Oratorio sing
ers. She haa a wonderful, voice. Th
usual admission I reduced on half
so everybody can hear her. .
Seats Reserved, 75c and $1.00
Oolnmblo wooue Kills 00 Oor. Tt
aad Mark. Psoas at, 404S.
qj Early
than ever. We
TJiat means goni
Will hold any
ChUT Unks, S3.S0 i flennlns
... ..." Blaaxoad.
.Thla atoael,
Bronze & Brass Candelabra Electric
and Candlesticks, antique and artistic de
signs, and at popular prices. , , ;" V
, Pyrographic Outfits
,We bought ouf s before the advance in plati
num, and our prices have not been changed.
Every outfit tested and in perfect order be
fore delivery. , .'' ' :
All Burntwood Requisites
Just the desired articles; beautiful and use
ful rift, in lasting form. Nut Bowls, Collar,
Cuff, Clove, Tie and Handkerchief Boxes,
Picture Frames, Tabourettes, Easels, Mir
rors, Paper Racks, Ink Stands, Card Cases
we can't name them all.
. Art Calendars
1 Gibson's latest creations, Tuck's Newcomb's
water colors, photogravures every one a;
work of art all prices 25c to $5.00.
Sheahan's Passe Partouts
-Over 4,000 of these popular subjects, -15c,
25c, 40c and 65c. . ...
- Simplex Typewriters
A child's delight a perfect writing machine
in reach of everyone, $1, $2.50, $5. 'r'
Phone Private Exchange II 9 Trunk Lines 20 Extensions to Every Department
Sc. 100, 150, SS " T ' ' "
11.00 EACH.
xmaxon Axy mtamx.
John B. Ryen. chairman end secretary
of th Democratic State Central com.
Mttae4erdr-telegrphe W Jgr.-j
Bryan asking him if he intended to
visit Portlsnd. and If It would be ad
visable to make preparatlona for
public reception. As yet no answer has
been received, but It Is expected that
en will com during th first part of
th week.'
A New .Enterprise
The MarUn Furniture company will
open their new store about December 1
at 1(0 and MS First etreet. with a com
plete line of houeehold go-oda, furniture,
carpets, stoves, etc., and. In fact.- they
wUl be able to furnish your house from
lop le bottom. They will carry aU the
la teat style and pattern of everything
In the hnusefurnlshlng line. Mr. J. C
Martin., formerly with Oadshy Son.
will assume the management of the
new concern, and, with St years' ex
perience In the furniture huetneaa, both
here end la Chicago, will be able to
Christmas presents sre being bought early this year.
tne taray purcnaaer wiu nave a email a.opment to
Vi'e-liavo j lumi.eee etsvk no-wend have marked our"
want our friends to get In on the ground floor.
wait, oui oegin now. .
Small Deposit
article until Christmas.
Pay a little down
lect your present - , '
WiTOni For gentlemen we have gold-filled timepieces at 111.60. 114.60 and up. We have the small thin watchee e.t
126.00 and up. Tot the ladle we can sell you- gold-filled watches
at ID. to up. 8oUd-gid timepiece M low. as 117.60.
SXAJIOsTS sUnraa for ladles and gentlemen, starting as low as
I1J..0. Larger ones at 126.00, J3&.00, 160.00 and up. ,
"CXTTT XJOTCS in gold-filled ss low ns ft. B0; solid
gold from 2.00 to 160.00. ' Shaving Mugs, Collar Hut-' '
' ' ton Boxes, Cigar Cases, Match Boxes, etc., for. gen
tlemen, at prices ranging from 11.(0 up.
Fifth Street
Perpetuated Palns
. "Make the home beautiful everlasting,
never fading, inexpensive, 35 to $12.
For halls and large rdoms we have 8, 10 and
12-foot tree palms. --rr
FinestJn the world ;
AO-days' trial! 'four
styles. Every onea
beauty; a clean
cut with Gillette's
$5, $6.50, $7.50,
... .. . -
Week Beginning Nov. 26
please the moat fastidious tastee Hon
est dealing 1 their motto, and cordial
treatment to all. Th stores have just
been remodeled In th moat modern way
for the furniture buslnees, occupying
the whole building at the above num
ber. ..... .1 f
25, 1806..
7rr ,
That mean
select1. from.
goods tower
and e-
Shaving Wnr, with Brash,
S3JO . ;:
Pocket Lamps
A Tin DUmoad, fllaM
Vest, coat and overcoat. Safe, convenient
and a protection at home or abroad.
Ingersoll Watches
Nickel, gunmetal and silver -accurate time
keepers everyone, $1, $1.50, $2. .
Kodaks and Cameras
. All that's new and good in- photography
we have, and skilled men who can show
you . low prices for all purses. Buster
Brown's-for $1. Tourist machines $50.
Will add comfort
and pleasure to the
invalid or convales
cent; it willsave
weary steps for the
nurse ; always use-.
ful in every home.-
Coinjj;, Coins Fast
No wondar th ladles' coat ace going
so fast If you only look at the style
and qtmlttte and then hr th price
von will not wonder at lt L Taia's
i'.uyal. 7I Washington street.
Y'" I.;'
i "CA1- I o
A carload of aoeanned bnoelet' la fcelng
J""' r the "TKHHIFIO it A TEH TiXa-
Thla tntiquatad "B.Q Tow" eiatMtreeltv,
celror.t-d to its rotten service as bl iat.s
UMMl la ... k .. L , ... .w- I .
Roue. On-the-ult, . Uael.t.te Route. Tlwe
W DUt One .O.W.r tu fna.e . .n
orlirtiiattng from the Kaorker'. Camp. I
COMPNr" tut lis MO.VKIC to luipro.. lte j
OH N BKHVk'b aad or it bunsrj-looktug 1
alr.Unira eaoagta t be ewirteoas te lu satror.. i
and atuilr the art of att.odlDt te 1u UW.1
B18INK88. thr. arouM mt 1 fc .nun,,.!
... a lew leienooae sowcrltteni wb.n the
HOMK Snea im ai.i. thi wnfli.ii
1KH1-I8W! THIS KNOCKKa, aad each aT.r-
"' vTiftiaaiiDs irora ear eoorea, wits ee
wllboat eauet, will find no sTBeatetaera te
h' ?r, i.AW-AHiintf, Lolig-ivovisio
Ct'lK M iJTi ixr .
It I ain the people here op. eerrectlr thati
almoat aiianlmntw popalar vote Portland folk
save the Autmn.M.. h .iM,riM Am-m Mmii
I Indicate tha WEAR PliBLIC caa't aaewb.'
the RUEF.CB" lerrlnc Itates Telepkooe Con-1 to warrrlfif aboat, becaaM If th. Auto
matic fat no- ruod aiuf the .t.Mklw.lrtM m
better, nperatloa aad rwtdenee will tell bettairl
taaa arsumeut. -
The tact la. and I gueaa moat pennle knew It,
the Terrible Hatea. 1'aelma, All-la, Oerr
Uead, Woodpeckared-Pole Telephone Article
la ap agaluat tue He.) article, and Beet re
aert to anibiwh Vtrlh,Kl. jhtnea their 'TN-
C-OVDITIO.NAJ. Si UKKM'KK " Anrwar. the'
One Telephone XOtl, HITH I't TO," re-)
sardleaa of tbelr talk or mine. - This does so
iutereat the Public; what people want la "Tele
phone Service" and eoarteoua treatstest the)
beat for the leaat emonnt rf tanner. They
are sick and tired ef thla "BRLL-COW" Cos..
lalr-lt-or-let-lt .km., rnl.r-rula aervtre. i
Tbla le a free country, lloneet man ba v '
the rlcht to live and sell their wares. I ealT
tbeee aeenrltlea and svlleva In th,n. and be-
U1.. in the company and people hark ef them, '
wiin au my emu en sinea ee that 1 fterebv.
arree with each parcnaaer I have sold a
Portland bond to. It IS mon the after opera t Inn
and general aervtre Is given yon are dlaaatls
Ded er dl.appntnted with voir tnveetmeet. I
WIIA, RfTLKN YOt'R MONET, toeettMr wltb
per cent compound Intereat. I ant perfectly
able to to , aad defy aay a tat. meat te tbw
Preaident American National Bank,
Dlreo. California, representing national a,
earltlea Company ef Loa Awirlas. Callturau,
In Bond Oepartawnt, Lefajratta Block, Port
land, Oregon. , s . .
The Woodpecker
A - woodpecker perked -- -
Oa a telepwone pole, -Be
necked away
Till be pecked a big bole; 1 -
That's no thing. . : ' .
. He kept It ep
Tbla pecking way.
Tin so peeked i
The same old way,
- Aad that's Bothing.
. Tbea he lew to the bare
Tbla woodpecker bold
. Tw abarpea eta bill
- to I am told,.
But that's sothlsg. :
rTow when he casw hack
Te peek some o there.
'Be tackled a pole
That wasn't his rn there.
tlU that's aethln.
Be eecked and be pecked
Till bis blU got sore, .
Tbea back to toe bars.
for be pecked ao aa
, That a soaMtbbtg.
The last pel. pecked
Was a "Home" and alive.
There's a difference la poles
" Where woodpeckers thrive. "
And that's everything. '
-' . HOKAU
And the Knockw ae sr.1I '
May knock at bla ewa.
But a "ran" at year aslghher
u saocauig
Tla not even
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This "Woodpscksr" way.
The World Invea a Boosteri
, IS ttt World have Its way.
Boeds, lefayetts Bldg., rortUad, Or.
Fair Fighting
lbs Carsegle bet fund waa te Ksius K.
Coombs e Midway,. Kentucky.
ttoosBhs and klchsrd tiodsun ef the Bam
tows were polltk-al rivals. The contest Be
twoes them developed personal enmity aad
taa people o4 the tewa. touted Cot a aistul
duel, st any time.
Godson wsa a lawyer and Inventor. One
day last spring be descended into a vsalt le
venalr a eaauaklue machine. While there ba
waa h. jho faat.s ef the t
i Hr . a .1 , k i. uu . vnw an,
mtnhole at tn. mp. innae waa qiseovsr.4
OodBoe'a eeedltkna hesitated a ge dewa tut
tear ef the foul gas.
Ceemha heard e tindana's "ht. The tor.
ser waa In pee health.--Buffering
anlnal afT-ctlon. his phyelrtae bad
him asalnst maklne any violent saertlnn.
NevertbeWea. loumhs ran tepidly ro tbe
snnt. lie pushed aalde those whs aoneht ts
restrain him. by saying that Gdoe mal- be
dead by title time, and descended.
Three tlrn-e did the eetnt lnvaUd brine the
body ef the enconactoas man hie asadlf
enemy op the Udder. Twice the peeple st
th. tee let It fall. The third time tn.r se
cured Undone ami alee, drew out I'onsihs. woo
fell fainting serosa tbe bedy ef the aaaa be
bed saved.
Tbe Carneele trof"-s did well when tbey .
awarded tjaoaaea-a. ai.da I asstgl-AOO.---
dearest eaaaty at each a fearful rta of ki
This waa the ventr te rn.nT snch Inonlrteet
"I AI.WAVfl lVRI A AIH ri'4HTa
Thers'a a let of manliness la Coomb.' ten- -ens.
end It revests a leedlns trait ht the
An1oa.oa bkwd. whlab Is ashtlas bleed,
Ths white aaaa, wberenr yo dad klm, like
fear debtor.
Ha who ss.tta eyes and Sbsve Beerl Is m
spected even by He nsret while be whe
alHi-a belnw the belt, shesid he .s down,
- -htiMne h.M.1. W heis hit OS.
A vlrtort tiat te " y - r
sort ef vietery InnesdV
la nut tlctuty
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