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Some of the Pennies for Winner of The Journal's Skidoo Puxile.
Ths skidoo' pussle " J. V. Thorn
ton writes from Cottage Grove, "is o
easy that tiute to take the rnrney from
Now, that la a pleasant. good-na-
- tiirni my o( getting prise. Mr.
. Thornton J conciseness, and the genial
war ha sxpresaes hla regret at the sus
. ale editor simplicity- would go a lone
. war toward tha lot per cent for the
, beat solution. A kindly liner like that
, make the pusxle ecJtor very happy In
i deed, and what's thleT
H. C. Green of Hood River writes:
How can you Imagine a number which.
,1 when divided by aay I leaves a remain-
der of 1, and at the earns time when dl-
vlded by. say. I does not either no even
' or els leaves a remainder of IT The
-number does not exist that leaves a
. remainder of 1 when divided by 1 to 22
ylnlualve. If it does I'm front 111s-
- aoort' - Show me, for my nam Is H. C
Ureene." . , ......
y Well, there' goes the sunlight for the
day. Mr, Greene has almost knocked
the Joy out of living, and if it wer not
lor this answer of W. M. Candy, the
pussle editor would Tt very sad. But
-Mr. Candy says: , .
"The solution f yoar skidoo prob-
; lent is: rind the least common mul
tiple of the numbers 2 to 22. inclusive,
and add 1; this gives '222.722.SU pen
. ais."
. Now WU1 Mn Greene be good? '
, Closing the Oevtee. , .
Her Is a rather Important announce
ment: The skidoo problem has brought
in from 76 to 12 letters a day sine It
as started; this makes It the most
popular contest of the sort that was
ver begun in a Portland -paper; but a
limit has got to be put to the time for
receiving answers. The time Is: '
'. Sunday. December .
'; :.' ' This means that replies received after
? that date will not be counted. As sooa
v as possible after Decern ber very
1 probably on Sunday, December II, the
- names of the winners will be announced.
. The temptation waa great to close the
: contest en December 1. and announce
the names of the winners on December
; 21, but the number 22 has cropped up
z ma often ia tbe skidoo column that tha
" UU was advanced a week. Don't for
( get that the- prise is for to best soU-
Won. Get tn your answers before De
cember t. Here are some callings from
today's msll-v . , . ... - -
' What frank Xestef Thinks,
The deluded people who send in 121
for an answer are incorrect; 62 -will
not divide by 6 so ss to leave 1 over. I
do not think that this Is a mathematical
problem. The1 correct anawer la skidoo
-i-2l. f or you. KRANK HESTER.
.; ,. . - Astoria House.. .
,' This x w, -Ajurwajr.V
Tha collector haa three pennies and
the boy put them ' In three boxes, one
penny-in each, which would be aa odd
number of pennies and boxes.
H . P, S.. 1617 East Oak St- city. ,
Tweaty-ThreMky, Tty Say. 1 -
. Many of those vTho have Joined The
Journal Skidoo- elub-p-th only rules of
Initiation consist of sending in aa an
swsr to the pussle hsvs an idea that
23, so universally acquainted with the
term. Is the correct answer. Possibly
even probably It ts; nothing Is Impos
sible or Improbable with the akldoos.
Here are the names of those who think
there wer 22 pennies in the boxes:
John Nelson. 1182 ' Drummond street;
Fred Huber. 270 Sellwood street; H.
Calof. 211 Mill etreet; William Lam
born. 641 East Twentieth street; Alice
E. Johnson. 4t Mechsnlot street; Clabe
Morris, May field; Jennie Winter, 214
First street (Miss Winter Is only 11):
Mrs. 11. D. T., Eat Sixth street, north
IL T.. city (who wants the 1.000 bright
new pennies at once); lola M. See. 3
Alblna avenue; H. E. U. East Sixth
street;. Maud Dally, 414 East Pine
street; J. V. Thornton, Cottage Grove;
Miss Millie Cochran, city; Brick Morris,
Mayfield.. '.
All Make Wim a Ssoeksfella.
Some of the Skidoo club member
have given anawers that run from mod
eat mlUiona Into figures thst the mind
of the ordinary man falls to grasp
readily.' But the solutions may be right;
if there I anything in ambition and
industry they should be right. --
W. M. Candy, city, says: 222.72.6(1
pennies; Harry - Cummlngs, Forest
Grove, v4I.(7,0O.46.S!7.14O;- Vie Ham
mer, 1041 East Washington street,
T.116.776.12I.6(6.412.1; Frans Krsx
berger. Macksbarg. .42,217.816.7.221.-
' "
p smsi as mm mm , lai.i i. , , , , w , ,nn , , imainn .i i i i ssi s
ii AMris-i frn
- rus ; .;
Is equipped with' -modern - facilities, - is -pro-
gressive yetlconservativelsafe, and in every:
way substantial. Such is our standard, and
our rapidly increasing business is evidence of
public appreciation' of our methods. It is our
purpose to be a -Trust Company - in -all thd ,
words imply. i
In our Trust Department we are already,
caring, for large and varied interests and are
making this a special and important feature
of our operations. We shall be' pleased to con
sult at any time with those contemplating the
services of a reliable and competent trustee.
- In our Banking Department we pay. 4 per
cent interest on time deposits, current rates
on savings accounts, issue special certificates
. for deposits for indefinite 'terms, receive ac-r
Igounts subject to check;, e f f ect collect ion spn,
where. 'We also solicit accounts of ' outoi
town banks and bankers. '
' , Correspondence solicited- touching any
phase of our business. ? ' . - "
. Capital $150,000.00.
-X- FRAXK -WATSOPf .... ..v.. ....... .Prssldeat
R. U DURHAM.... ....An Vice-President
VT. H. FEAR..... a .... . .Secretary
S. C. CATCHING Assistant Searetary
0. W. J. M V ELLH A CPT ,.y ......,. .Ceshler ,
rw People Know Mow Useful It Zs ts
sTtoesiiiay Kealta aa Seaaty.,
Costa sTotalas' to Try.
LrXewlr' eveiybudy knows that "CTiar-
eoai is tne sareat ana - moat efficient
disinfectant and purifier In nature, but
few realise Us value whan taken into
the human system for the same cleans
ing purpose;
Charcoal Is a remedy - that the more
you take of It the better; it is not a
drug at all, but' simply absorbs the
gases and impurities always present in
tbe stomach and intestines and carries
them out of the system.
-Charcoal sweetens the breath after
smoking,' drinking or ' , after eating
onions and other odorous vegetables. ...
Charcoal effectually clears and Im
proves the complexion, it whitens tb
teeth and further acta as a natural and
eminently safe cahurtla. ..
It absorbs the injurious gases which
collect In. the stomach and bowela; It
disinfects the mouth and throat from
the poison of catarrh.. .., . .
All druggists sell charcoal In one
form or another, but probably the best
charcoal and the moat for tha money
Is In s Stuart's Charcoal Losenges; they
sre composed of. the finest powdered
Willow charcoal, and other harmless
antiseptics In tablet form or rather in
the form of large, pleasant tasting
losenges, the charcoal being mixed with
The daily us' of these loseng will
aoon.tell.ia -a saaaA4sprovet centft
tlon of the- general health, better com
plexion, - sweeter breath and. purer
blood, and the beauty of It Is, that np
possible harm can result frqm their con
tinued use, but. on the contrary, great
A Buffalo physician. In speaking of
the benefits of charcoal, ssys: "I ad
vise Stuart's Charcoal Losenges to sll
patients suffering from gss in stomseb
and bowels, and to clear the complex
ion and purify the breath, mouth and
throat; I also believe the liver is great
ly benefited by the daily use of them;
they cost but twenty-five cent a box
at drug store a, and although in. some
sense a patent preparation, ' yet I be
lieve I get more and better charcoal .In
Stuart' Charcoal Losenges than in any
of th ordinary charcoal tablets."
Send , your, name end address today
for a free-trial package and aee for
yourself. F. A, Stuart Co, 66 Stuart
Bldg.. Marshall. Mich. ,
484,714, 00,140.000.000,00I; E. C Barber,
162 H Grand avenue, and E. A. Black
bury, 16 Grand avenue, say, 481.00.
211.111,087 pennies in each box; E- Brat.
seL Arleta, 1.115.848,808.741; Ernest
Roberts,--814 Corbet t street, 1,124.000.
717.777.407.480.001 pennies; Nsva Tan
guary, 244 Broad street, Montavllla. pennies la each box; H. H.
Pomeroy, 124 Grand avenue. 41,00,
221,122,087 pennies in each box. -
Sosa Brief Answers. ' -There
were 21 pennies In each box,
making 481 in all; 482 divided by 2,
equals 241 one over; 482. divided by
22, equaia 21; no remainder.
602 Morrison Street.
My answer Is 2t pennies, 12 pennies
in each box and 22 boxes.-
181 Exeter Street. City.
Take two boxes and pnt all th pen
nies In one box and then take them
out and put them all In th other box.
That will be putting tbem In boxes.
' - - - - JT p J5. "
161H First St., Portland.
' There were three pennies; he put
one penny In each box and ased three
boxes. . M. R., Independence.
1 - 4mawr of Varloaa Sorts. .
Other answsrs were . received from
Eleanor Adams. 7 Russell street; Nel
lie Shipley, 161 Sevier street; Frank E.
Baker. Waldorp; William V. Dolph, 242 '
West Park street; Lon Bailer JqncUfla.
mi ... iivji-nii:.-".. mi
viiy. vr. c. nuimmiim Aiuuy i nomas
LEajlBirgn. Albany; Jessie MiHety-Tlt-
Kaat Twentieth street; Victor Melville,
La Grande; S. W. Walker, Belmont St.;
O. C Davis, 66 North First street; C CL
Ewert, Kernels; J. P. Weinman, Weaton;
O. T. Porter, Albany;-James McKulty,
702 Thurman street.
4 After wandering . about th -4
-4 , waterfront for several . days, . d '
d lonesome and apparently with , e
-nothing to eat but what UtUe
scraps be eould pick from tbe !
d . gutters, a monster St. Bernard !
d - dog baa found a temporary home ) I
la the offices of F. Bothefuhr
Co, Third and Ash streets. He
d ha found th treatment ef
' Manager E. A. Tyroll so kind
e that ho refuse positively to be 4l
d either coaxed or driven away. -4 I
4 It Is evident that tha dog I a 4 '
4 atraagsr, having either tramped
4 into the city ovsr th country dj
4 road or rod aa stowaway on
one- of ths many coasting steam- d
era. Hla collar bears the In" '
d scriptlon of 1. 8. Ackerman. d
241 Jackson street," and this
d leads Mr. Tyrol! to believe thst
d he haa strayed her from San
4 Francisco. -4
d "Th dog ha been ber for , 4
d three dsys snd be I such a
- noble fellow thst I bsven't the
heart to drive blm away.T said
. Mr. Tyroll, "but I aan't keep him
I ', because he can eat hi own
d)-, weight in beef every day, and he .
weigh about loo pounds. I bop
the owner will call for htm. and
i I am sure he will If h learns of
, tbe dog's whereabouts."
It is believed that the dog lot
Us master In the Sen Francisco.
. ssrtsqiisks ana i
north with a crowd of refugees.
rj . He showed slrns of soma rough
living and suffers slightly from .
i rheumatlsnt. . .
(ftsevtal DIMrk te TH 2asrnaL
Ca a tie, Rock Was b .No v 2 4-Ma y
Buland received a check from th
rhamlMr ef pommerre of Portland this
fnwtrtns-fnr lt.H.-i-for thrTloodVuf-"
fere re. This will be greatly appre
ciated and will be expended by the re
lief committee in providing for those
who hare lost their household effects
snd clothing, and also for food where
it may bo-aeeded by famine otherwts
unprovided for.
' (Sparta! tXupatrft te Tb Jaerml.)
'Vsncouver, R C, Nov. '24. -News of
alarming earthquake shocks In Germs
New Guinea, followed by tidal waves,
which devastated nstlv villages for ths
'nt Ufa. waa reretved hv ths steamer
Mlowera this momtng.
Captain Prejawa, ef tb German chip
Mall Orders
Promptly Filled
. At Sals Prices.
. , . .Window r' ;"
' Mad ts Or.r
At Lowest rricm
Wo Do-Pictar -r airia. -
350.000 Holiday Handkerchief Bargains for Men, Women, and Children
Those who remember our great Handkerchief Sale of last year the most sensational ' Handkerchief Sale
ever held will be prepared to appreciate this Great Annual Event which" starts": tomorrow ; morning. We
have planned this sale since last January, when we placed large import orders with the , leading old-world
makers in Ireland, Switzerland and France. And so we have hundreds of thousands of handkerchiefs,
heaped in billowy profusion worthy in quality, daintiness, fineness and beauty of the high standard set by
the House of Lipman-Wolfe. While the standard of quality is maintained, WE QUOTE THE MOST
The entire center space of the store, as well ss the counters fronting the Washington street
entrncc re given up to this sale. Twenty-five extra salespeople to wait on you. Your supreme
"( opportunity to buy for Christmas giving. - -r ' : , -. ' .' -
v 'h' 12c 'Kerchiefs 7c :
Embroidered. Hetnttitcbed and - Lace-Trimmed
Handkerchiefs, regular IZyic values, '".' -Hp
fijr . . . I L
Ladies 20c 'Kerchiefs 12c
Scalloped and Hemstitched Embroidered Hand
kerchieft, regular 20c value, . . J 2C
25c 'Kerchiefs for 15c
Scalloped and Hemititched,
Swisa Embroidered and All
Linen Embroidered Hemstitch
ed Handkerchiefs, 25c Ca
.value, for .....Iv
Ladies' 75c 'Kerchiefs 39c
All pure linen, hand-embroidered, scalloped and
hemstitched, large assortment, regular OA
7Sc values, for..'...........................07l
35c 'Kerchiefs for 21c
Scalloped and Hemstitched
Embroidered and All - Linen
Hemstitched Embroidered
Handkerchief, 35c ip
vahies, for .L
35c 'Kerchiefs for
AM - linen, hand embroidered
checked and cross-bar; also
very sheer plain cross-bar; all
with' 5-4 -in hemstitch,
reg. 35c values..;...
i t
; Ladies' $1 'Kerchiefs 48c
All pure Belfast linen, hand-embroidered, scal
loped and hemstitch ed, values to $1.00, -
........... tuv
'V. ... fr.:: ' i w .
Plain Hemstitched Handkerch'fs
8c; Ladies 'Kerchiefs 4c
Full-Size Soft-Bleached Handker
rchiefs for ladies, i-inch hem- Mp
stitched reg. 8 l-3c vaU- for 4v
20c 'Kerch'fs 12c 1 10c 'Kerchiefs 6c
15c Linen 'Kerchiefs 9c
All pure linen,
in. hemstitch, cheer
and heavy, values to
20c, for . y)p
All linen.' plain hemstitched,
good quality, Ji-inch hem- (p
ft itch, reg 1 5c val., for. ....!
25c 'Kerchiefs 16c
Ladies' Plain White,
Checked and . Cross
Barred 'Handkerchiefs,
hemstitched, Cp
reg. 10c. val., for... uv
50c Linen 'Kerchiefs 27c
Extremely fine sheer - and heavy
cambric, all pure linen, 14 and
-inch hemstitch, values to j
Extra fine all pure liri
en, sheer and heavy, i
and i-inch hemstitch,
regular 25c vaU
$2 Box 'Kerchiefs $1.50
Soft bleached, all linen, and
J4-inch hemstitch, six in a box,
ready for use, value $2 1 CA
a box, for......... jwlesly
Ladies Initial Handkerchiefs
12c Ladies' 'Kerchiefs 6c
Ladies' Ha'nH-Embroidered Initial
Handkerchiefs, tinlauoderrd, ,
Inch hemstitch, regular 12ic-
value.' each
25c 'Kerchiefs 17c
l6Kc Ladies 'Kerchiefs 11c
All . Linen Hand --Embroidered -Ifiitial'-Mandkerchiefs.
'i-inch hem'
stitch, pi a or with wreaths; I In
..... IIU
All linen, hand - em
broidered initial, plain
and checked, values to
reg. , 16 2-3c val., for
35c' Kerchiefs 21c! 50c 'Kerchiefs 27c
All linen, hand -embroidered
initial, J4-in.
hemstitch,' 6 in a box.
value 35c each,
mm mr- ' J
All pure linen, hand-embroidered
initials, plain
and with wreaths, 6 in
a box, values to, lir.
50c each, for,. : ,
$2.00 Values for 98c
-All pure linen, '. hand-embroidered,
scalloped and hemstitched, put up in
a fancy box, values to $2.00, for QOa
only . r. . . v . . . . .U01
65C Armenian 'Kerchiefs 47c
Armenian Lace-Edged Linen Handkerchiefs,'
with drawn-work - corners, also novelty em
broidered in Trench effects, with -inch A7p
hemstitch, values to 75c, for 7. 7. 7.
French Hand tmDri-KerchlefUB
A beautiful line of French-Hand-Embroidered
HandkerchiefsT all new patterns, at greatly, re
duced prices: f.t
$1.25 values . . . . $2.00 values . . . .!
$175 value. :..fl.-t7 $2.50 1 values.... fl.98
-1 . $3.00 values. .,.f2.3T
fancy Box 'Kerchiefs
.. Fancy Boxes with six Handkerchiefs in each
embroidered, scalloped and hemstitched linen
and' Swiss: ',',':''.
$1.25 boxes.... 7V $2.00 boxes.... f 1.48
$1.50 boxes.r..f 1.14 $2.50
Children's 'Kerchiefs
Children's Plain White and -Colored Hem
stitched Handkerchiefs, regular 50c Olf
value, lor : : i ..... fcv
Children's AH Pure "Linen Handker-.7 Q
chiefs, yi-in. hemstitch, val. 15c, for. t
Children's Colored Border Handkerchiefs, in
tancy boxes, values ot Ale a box.
Children's Colored Border Initial Handker
chiefs, in fancy boxes, 25c values, a . . IA.
box .......... . ...... . . . . . . . . . . r.77.7 1 JU
Unlaundcrcd 'Kerchiefs
All fine linen, beautiful
hand-embroidered de
sign in 4 corners,
inch nemstitcn, 17a
25c vaL, for.
All Linen Hand-Embroidered
chiefs, J-inch hem
stitch, vaL 15c p
each, for lib
65c Clocks for 47c
Children's Plain White Hemstitched Handker
chiefs, 6 in s fancy clock-shaped box, - 47f
65c value, for............. ......til
'75c Autos for 57c
Children's Plain Whits Hemstitched Handker
chiefs, 6 in s fancy automobile box,
75c value.......
Men's 'Kerchiefs
Men's Fine Cambric Hemstitched Hand!
kerchiefs; special, each. ,,.L
Men's Pure Iriah Linen
Hemstitched Handker
chiefs, y. or t4-nch
Men's Extra Fine
Cambric Hemstitch-
Ifc : 25r
Men'tPureIrishLinenlIemstitclied t i M A
Handkerchiefs, six for..... .... . . . ... . le4U
Men's Pure Irish Linen
Unlaundered Initial
'Kerchiefs, hemstitch
ed, all letters, C A.
three for ...IUU
: Men's Extra Fine
Pure Irish Linen
Hemstitched Hand
kerchiefs, , 0 1
cu iisirtu
Men's Pure Irish Linen Unlaundered C f lift
Initial Handkerchiefs, all letters, 6 for.''""
Men's Pure Irish Linen;
Hemstitched Handker
chiefs, laundered and
nicely boxed,' alt ini-
.Men's .. Pure Irish.
Linen .Hemstitched
. Handkerchief s.laan- .
dered snd nicely
boxed, all in M(
itials,6 for. 4 LIU
10c Colored Kimono Handkerchiefs, very
SDecial at ..
Men who mistreat animals tn
sea tu gt rpaneSrpropeTlv punished.
Blar, which reached Sydney, anstralla.
brousht the report that when anchored
near Flnchafen his vessel rolled heavily
and vibrated considerably. Investiga
tion showed ths shock wss 4m to seis
mic disturbances.
, While steamlns along the New Guinea
coast Captain Pre jaw-, noticed fissures
In the taountatn sids.- Some were fully
two feet Ions and 10S feet deep. Houses
snd boats wsre carried away by a tidal
wave and the coon try waa devastated
for rallea
. At-Chiassf Island. In 'the Dampler
straits, a tidaT wav " wrought great
havoc, hardly a native hut being left.
Thousands of natives perished. ...
Our reputation for' Suing eyes has
been established for years. Oar name
has come to mean srlentlflo . accuracy
and frank counsel. Our first concern Jt
to maintain this record. .Tour eyesjle
serve the best. ',.
Oregon Optical Co.-
in rearth' V T. M. ft A. Kag.
mniaini Aoto Car Co.
: ' are now, open f or business at . :
Sixth and Everett Streets
WATTXD sflsatewxMlee
f mrrmki retoalbt.
Mint, trla saS BMka
hi- eae ef tha Ut-t
tjle, ap-HMUte en;
we tbe UriMl,
tint nqiilpse reetarr la
the wet; serte of all
ears e order ea
bnrt sotlee; tnolbove.
() Smeta, fsiera.
rut ip4 labe. lemp
kraeketa aatf tore ttm all
Slakes e aetns; antne
. bfrngliff aa4 enlS a ema
stiaelne. rallaaa Aam-
- Cm i'.. S e4 CeavetC-
10,000 Feet of floor Space
W ' sieVafld' ye-or" oU 'aasT
Into eae ef tae Utest
. eUle-dooT asv-Sv- .
date ears.
. ' '.'..'
BebmUdlag, Bepairlmg,
ratatiac aa TrlauiUa'.
1 '-V:
rOR S A LB Sev
eral second - haad
automnblles at a
" here's In. One Olda
sutomoblle, run leva
than J.SOS miles. In
terfet order, price
1504. One fine sin
gle - cylinder run-
. about, . with full
leather top snd
. $250.00
- Sodlss, Tops, Teasers,
k Vaahea, Zasss Braekets,
Baamlag Boards aad a lass
ear aad all ferts
to omsssv
Pullman Auto Car Go.
A. D. Perkins, President
68-70-72-74 North Sixth St., Cor. Everett.