The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, November 25, 1906, SECTION FIVE, Page 48, Image 48

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ITTLE .dropa of -watr" fl-
Uvrred tn hue chunk
playl. hroe with Xha flr-
i ... matlo altuAUon tn Portland
th paat week. Companies, aoenery, ad
Vane men and atari wtra stuck In the
mud tn the sound country. Borne of
there didn't get. la at all; iom cot In
without their scenery; others drifted
through the town without time to stop.
.' The Helllf was the a;reatest sufferer.
Monde y.nisht. when Florence Oear waa
to hare appeared there in - The Mar
He of Kitty,", the theatre was dark,
Jor Mies Oear and her company were
somewhere In the flood district. On
Tuesday nlf ht we expected to see The
Plan of the Cross" We did not On
'Wednesday night, however, we did, but
we saw the Nero play with Booeevelt
scenery and the effect was startling,
v Robert Edeson In "Strongheart." ap
peared as scheduled,' but-he played hla
fopenlng engagement Thursday evening
with house scenery. However, the show
' Is so good' that the scenery doesn't
really matter. The scenery for "Strong.
, heart' was expected to materialise Fri
day night but the big hand of Jim H1U
willed -otherwise and the floods . still
claimed it "BtronghearV"' however,
was the bill ef the week and more than
nade up for the otherdlsappolntments.
The next time Robert Edeeon comes to
roitlend he wilt have-patrona eaosgh
te play to for a werk.
" . ;
It was av great week at the Baker.
.The bill was "The Middleman," wUH
John Salnpolls In the title role. Sain
polls wss the life of tho production. Hla
artliitto work, called forth much ep
plaase.. It was tho best thing he ha
done so far this year. The otbera of
the stock company did welt .Howard
Roasell had a role that suited him and
delivered the goods, Ionald Bowles
played In his usual dashing manner.
William Harrla had a 'lit" that stamped
Bim'ss-er-ciever enaracter actor. Wil
liam Oleasen and wiuiam Dills (the
Baker is ..William factory) came up te
the uaual standard, and on the: other
Ids of the sex fence Lillian Lawrence
end Frances Bloason carried away the
blue, ribbons. "The Middleman ' waa
tilt artistically and In a scenlo way, and
played to gooa Business.
At the Empire "Peck's Bad Boy"
amused the crowds and proved' to be
ns of tho most popular attractions that
have visited the up-town theatre thla
year,"' -
, At the Lyrlo "The Hlgn cf ths Four
We given, and given In manner that
put to shams the recent effort of Theo
dore Lores and his company at the
llelllg. Frank Fanning. Herbert Aahton
and Mrs. Orlfflth carried off ths honors.
At the mar "Folly and!" was the
tlU and kit the audiences In good
feuoiw. , arna, Faltoa wa. Ua "
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Wax FTOMAK In "The Man on the Box" at the Helllg, Sunday, Tues
day and Wedneeday nights, with matinee Wednesday.
HARRY BERESFORD In 'Tha Woman Hater" at the Helllg, Thanks-
giving matinee and night. '
"PEOOT FROM PARIS" With Arthur Deagon, at the Helllg, Friday
and Saturday nights, with matinee Saturday. -
"A TEMPERANCE TOWN" At th Baker by the Baker stock company,
all wee k with nrntlneea today, Thursday and Saturday.
' "UNCLE JOSH SPRUCEBY' at ths Empire all week, with matinees to
day, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.
"WB't'NS OF TENNE8SEE"--At tha Lyrte by tha Lyria ntock company,
. all week with matinee each day.
"A STRANGER IN A STRANQB Jj AND" At the SUr by ths Allen
stock company, with matinee Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sun
day. . . '
VAUDEVILLE At tho Pantages and at ths Grand, all week, with mati
nee each day.'. -..
HEILIO Maude Fealey ln-?rhe Illusions of Beatrlca," Deoember J,
and 4; Jdaxlna Elliott tn "Her Great Match." December T and t.
BAKER All next week, "A Social Highwayman"; tn preparation, "Tha
-'-Merehant-o-enos.', . , .'
EMPIRE All next week "Qulncy Adams Sawyer." Coming, ElnnB bui
LTRIOA next week, "ThsTwagea ' Sin"; to preparation. Tna Heir
Apparsnt" ''-. ' ' ' i
notcher for the week with the support-
MMMnan nlevlns weU.
L The PanUges turned out an excellent
vaudeville bin. . TM urana ri-..
th old bill because ths artisls who
hould have , opened ths new ona were
tuck In ths flood district
".: , '
I- This week Is going to be particularly
good If nothing happens to th contrary.
It 1 announced that th traveling com
panies will be able ta get tn On sched
uled time. Max Flgmaa will open th
week at the Helllg tonight lay off Man
day night to give Leoncavallo a chance
to distribute a few notea of music, and
then tesume Tueaday and Wednesday,
presenting "Th Man on tha Box," a
dramatisation of Harold McGrath e pop
ular novel. Flgmaa Is an artistic actor.
The beat thing he ever did prior t this
year waa tn "The Marriage of Kitty."
John Cort has apparently dons well to
star htm tn a good comedy. . .
Harry Beret ford will coma to as
Thankaglvlng matinee and Bight In "Th
Woraaa Hater," which Is smld to be a
scream. Bereiford is a scream himself.
Ths show ought to be worth, tha pries of
"Peggy from Pari" will fill out ths
week at the Helllg. The George Ad
eoaUo opera la sot a world-beater but It
has a laugh In every Una Just tha same.
' Ths Baker puta on Hoyt's "A Temper
ance Town" this week, a play that la ap
propriate to Thankaglvlng. Mlsa Anne
Singleton, tha new seoond woman, will
be seen for th first time before a Port'
land audience.- All the favorites will
have good parts tn ths bill. Scenlo tt
Tects in going tabs great. -II aught- to
. Tha announcement that Ralph Stuart
eould not come to tho Baker aa th new
leading man created disappointment
among his many admire ra, but the an
nouncement that Ernest Hastings has
corns In his place Is hailed with delight
by others who know Hastings and ad'
mire hla worn. Hastings win open a
week from today ta A Social Highway
At the Lvrlo this week the bill will ba
"We'uns of Tennessee." The east baa
been enlarged for the production.
"Unclo Joah ipruceby" will bold forth
at the Empire. It is said this revival
la tn the hands Of a eapame caat.
"A Stranger tn a Strang Land" is
llled for th" Stsr. Forrest Beahory
will do tho "atranger." .
. Tha. vaudevUlo housea will (Prlog
good bills, having been able to get
actors out of tho .flood. '
Next week there will be two stars at
th Helllg. On of them Is a John Cort
tar and a young one Maude reaiy,
who will be seen In "The Illusion of
Beatrice." The other Is Maxln Elliott,
who will nlay "Her Great Match."
Several attractions of considerable merit
are booked to appear In ths nesr futura
Th stock companies are also prepar
ing for great thlnga In the near future.
"The Merchant of Venice" is aireaoy m
preparation at ths Baker and other bill
of Ilk magnitude are being planned.
Th entailer companies are settling down
for a eeasonr of good royalty nine. 1 n
prospects are encouraging to aay the
least . - .
Lf I til U r. - W1TTI rv(jr rJCUM W tillS -
HTfrnKJLIG m&VWE.7 ',
Ity: A village in Vermont. Timet
Somewhere about Thankaglvlng. lilt
Aot I. Back yard of ths parsonage,
"The Temperance Crowd."
Aot n. Fred OaJchurafe saloon, rrha
Rum Crown."
Aot III. Dlnlngeroom at th parson
age. "Tho Thanksgiving Dinner."
Act IV. Outside the church. "The
Thankaglvlng Sermon." - . , ,
Aot V. Interior of the eourthous.
"Tha Trial of the Rumaeller." :
Max Flgman Tonight. .-.
By all odd, on of the most Impor
tant aoclal and aramatlo events of the
season will ba the appearance of Max
Firman at tha Helllg theater. Four
teenth and Washington' streets, tonight
at :1B, continuing next Tuesday and
Wednesday nights, November IT and It,
with a special price matinee Wednes
day, supported by a splendid company
In the great New York comedy suoceas,
"The Man on th Box," dramatised by
Grace -Uvtngnton FornR from Harold
MacGrath'a book ef ths same name,
which had a tremendoua vogue.
Mr. Flgman ta one of the most prom
inent members of tha - American - dra
matlo profession and although ha has
not been long known as a star; has
been Identified with many of the great
eat successes of ths New York City
stage and has never yet scored a per
sonal favor. His oxperlenoe has bean
broad and varied, starting with com to
opera nd musical comedy, -developing
Into comedy, serious and psychological
dramas. His past achievements long ago
entitled htm to atar but he ha a modestly
withheld until ha found tha proper ve
hicle and most satisfactory- auspice.
He ,ls now under, the management, ef
Mr. Joha Cort for a term of years and
will be supplied with a new play by a
successful author every season. Mr.
Flgmaa brings with him an excellent
company and a ' perfeot ; production.
Among ttia players arsba charming
actresses Helen Holmes, Miss Beatrice
McClure, Miss Clara Louise Chapmen,
Mlas Cets Woodland 1 Bennett and
Meaarav Morgan Wallace, Wilson
Forbes, John C. Brownell, Frank H.
Ralnger, George Centre, Ernst P. Orr,
Reginald Fife, Marshall Franklin,
Edward Johnson and John Pearson.
Max Flgman could not have had a
play written to order that fits him and
hla-style. so well as "The Man on the
Box." He has scored heavily In the title
role and is playing to enormous houses
everywhere. The story of ths play Is
founded on a Joke and Is full of gen
uine comedy and heart Interest It re
lates that Lieutenant Worburton- has
seen a young lady on tha ateamer while
returning from Europe who has won
his heart "hut to whom ho was unable
to be Introduced.- At homo In Washing
ton his sister urges him to accompany
bar-to-the Embassy . alltbuthe de
clines H conceives tha Idea for a
praotloal joke on hla slater, and ar
ranges with tha family coachman to
take hi place on the return fronf the
function, with tha Intention of driving
at reckleae speed, making his slater be
lieve that th horses ar running away,
and than finally stopping them and lift
ing his sister out of tho carriage and
while tn the.-coaohman's livery Implant
ing a hearty klas upon her oheek. H
carries out th program until tha car
riage calls are made, when he forgets
his proper number and by mistake get
for his. "fare" two young ladles, one of
whom - happens to ba tha young lady
who haa won his heart Th horses do
run away with him, but ha stops them
and dellvera tha kiss aa he planned, be
fore h realises the mistake, Tha con
sequence Is a police cell for the night
with eharges of reckless driving and
abduction to face In tha morning. With
thla foundation a oapltal comedy ' has
been written that is worth going mile
to sea.
Seats ara now selling for ths entire
engagement Box office open today,
This Week at th Baker.
Beginning with today'e matinee and
.continuing all week tha bill at tha Baker
will ba Hoyt'e famoua aatlre, "A Tem
perance Town." ' All tha favorites' will
be In tha east Mis Ann Singleton,
the new second woman, will open In
thlg bill. Special attention haa bn
given to th scenlo feature, and Direc
tor Salnpolls has taken especial pains
to cast tha production well. It Is a
scream from ths first curtain to the
last There la a laugh In every Una,
and once in a while between line. - Th
play Is appropriate to Thanksgiving
week, depicting, aa it does, a Thanka
glvlng time years ago, -
Lillian Lawrence, Donald Bowles.
Howard Rueaoll, John Salnpolls, Miss
Singleton, Miss Slosson, William Dills,
William Harris, William Glaaaon, Mrs.
Gleaaon, Mlas Terry and all tho popular
members of the popular stock company
will be seen to advantage. . . ..
"A Temperance Town" la intended to
ba a mbre or less truthfuV presentation
of certain phases and Incidents of life,
relating to tha sale and use of liquor
In a small village In a prohibition state.
Thauthor-ha endeavored to give all
aides a fair showing, and has not mis
represented th prohibitory laws of Ver
mont where a man named Kibllng waa
given a sentence of something Ilka 10
years for celling about TO glasses of
liquor, less than most respectable hotels
sell In a day. '
Patience Hardman. .Miss Eva Van Cleve
Mary Jane Jones. .Mrs. Mlna C Oleason
Roxana Mlsa Ethel Terry
Squire Belcher.. John Salnpolla
Kneeland Pray James A. Oleason
Dr. Caldwell Sawyer. ... .Wall Is Roberts
Rev. Ernest Hardman.. Wm. L. Oleason
Will Peaks.... W. a McCulloy
Ruth...,;. Mlsa Lillian twrenc
St Julian Jones Howard Russell
Uncle Joa Viall. ....... William Harris
WUltam Putnam .......... Leo Lindhard
Was. Perry Thomaa Wilcox
Arabella Dee. Mtss Anna Singleton
"Oentlema Jack Worth. Donald Bowles
Launeelot Jonea William ptlla
Fred Oakhurst Robert Howard
Qua of tha Croesman children
, ....Little Adela Banka
Sheriff ...........Thomas Harper
Mlas Ayr.,. Miss Etbsl Jones
Miss Jemmlma Wlgglesworth
Miss Volborg Algren
Judge Doe. .............. .William Harrla
Learned Sprlgg Left Lindhard
Frank Hardman Thomaa Harper
Foreman of tha Jury Harry Hayes
Will Hutt..... ...... Louis F. Gulmond
i .VUlajeri, court oXflolale, ato. Local-
"Uncla Joah Sprucebjr" at the Empire.
The holiday week attraction at tha
Empire wlU be "Uncla Joeh Spruceby."
which will open with today's matinee.
It haa been several seasons since thla
great favorite haa visited Portland,
and a royal welcome will no doubt be .
awaiting tt There will be matinees -aa
usual Wedneeday and Saturday, and a
a grand special holiday matinee Thurs
day. Thankaglvlng day. No one should
mlas seeing this sterling rural play.'
The realistic sawmill acene tn "Uncle
Josh flpruceby"," the down east play, .
comes nearer to the genuine article than
any of the many stage effects now be
fore the public In fact so real is the
l-lnoh busssaw that one ef the actors
of tha play had Ma right hand cut off
at the wrist during a performance last
seaaon tn Illlnote. Mo play nowadaya
ta complete without adtnathrng In .the
way of mechanical effeota. "Uncle Joah
Spruceby" lays claim to one of the most
novel scenes of any piece on the road
thla season. A ' full and entirely prao- .
tlcal sawmill Is placed 'upon the atage
and appropriate eoenery te need to make
a superior stage picture. When the
heroi ne . UTesoued from "lief " perHOu""
position at the climax of the aot the
hearty applause glvea evidenoe of the
appreciation of thla acme of atage real- :
Harry Beresford on Thankigivlng.
"The Woman Hater," tn which Harry
Beresford ta starring thla aeason, ta so
full of ludicrous situations that no au
dience can fall to be convulsed. Held
aa a woman hater, Samuel Bundy, to tha
astonishment of hla friends, pqta aside .
his aversion to tho ladles and selects
Mrs. Joy aa hla bride-elect lie ' ba-.
cornea so Intoxicated with his new
found happiness that In his exuberance -Cf
spirits hs becomes entangled with
other ladles. Before he realises what
baa happened he flnda that he la en
gaged to three. Of Course, his posi
tion is one that requires strategy and
even daring. Besides his own troubles
he Is mixed up with the love affaire of
hla nephew, Tom Ripley, and on top
of that hla friend. Professor Horace
Mulbrldge, Imposed upon him the duty
ef helping him out of a secret engage
ment which- he. haa entered Into with
one of the very lad lea to whom Bundy
had suecaasfully proposed. It la plain
ly evident that Bundy baa his hands
aa well aa hie heart fall, and he Js kept
busy explaining with artful false
hoods. The whole affair has halfway
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