The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, November 25, 1906, Page 11, Image 11

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Go ' Through .th Jnterecholastic
Series With Absolutely "
'. : Clean" SporeV T 7 -
beat high school
twenty-one to nothing
Splendid Came of Football in Which
Taylor, H. M. A.'s Clever Captain,
and. Lewie for P. H. S. Are the
Start Detaila of Match. ,
; Twenty-one to nothing! ' ' ',
. That tells something of the greateat
game pf intercollegiate foot bull aver
- seen on Multnomah's field. The match
s f between Hill Military academy and
Portland high school, .
But the score Is 1 far from telline
; everything -of the eame. Hilt won by
superior team work, fine Individual
-f play some luclr. and splendldsplrl; and
kept clean a record that shows no ad
versary's ball behind Us foal line this
'.year. Paclflo university, Marshall
Wells, and Columbia were smothered
before yesterday's came. ' .-(,
i High school'has a team that every ad
herent of lbs brilliant red should be
; proud of; H'l a fine body of lads
qul-k. clean, courageous; but fortune
' was against It At the kick off. which
hi eh school chose, the ball sailed ever
Hill's - forwards Into the srme of
' Knettle, who made a 3S-jrard dash Into
swift, terrific tackle by Lewis, who
, I crashed to the ground daied and breath.
' leas, and ' with a badly lacerated ear.
That hort high school. Lewis at him
self Is an impregnable barb-wire In de-
. tense swift, steady Implacable bat
tering ram at of fenae.
, Blow to Xlga ehooL .
It took him nearly the first naif to
, , v recover, and his loss was felt, as he
was unable to give the signals. In the
perond half he was as near Lewis ss a
badly shaken up Lewis could be; but
- signaUtog is a science, and It Is not
v often . that two men on one team are
1 ectenced that way. ' . , , ,
, For high school, Hlckson among the
. "other clever boys, may be-mentioned;
' when his tackle failed It was an aecl-
dent. Hill's lads had steam, power and
' speed; knew when to use one -or the
other, and smashed, bucked, punted and
skirted with -a steady Irregularity, that
. . demoralised their, adversaries. Captalu
Taylor was the swift. Irresistible me
teor who, with the aid of a splendid In-.-.-irfeenoe
performed some feats thst
ere noX often seen on a. football field.
MiicKwan. the little quarterback, made
-; ; new record for clever work. Donaaon,
a brick house In. offense and fast as a
rocket In Uckllng; Hill, who sailed half
; a dosen times through the line for
, gains; Oleeion. with a Charley horse
.and indomitable courage and speed;
Hayes., who - gave up his spectacular
'hanc at fullback to play guard;
i Knot tie. who played - a rattling fine
,gan)C all are deserving praise, but not
it ; so. much aa tne rest of the team, wnose
. every .metnoer juaunea tne raiin inai
Coaoh Kerroo had In hlro. , .
."' aaty aad Zfolea. '
. ' The grand stand , looked like a rose
.v- and cosmos garden, end sounded like a
phonograph 'parlor. To find sgaln more
:: 'tiretty girls gathered In such a small
space, would be hard, when one saw
the sorrow on the fair faces of high
' i school's TrlenSs one was almost sorry
' that the score wss ' not nothing to
; sf the netalle
Smith for High School.' kicked off
poorly. The ball went low, rolled about
18 yards and was gathered In by Knet-
tie, 11. M. A.'e big left guard, who was
'downed by Captain Lewis. It took two
aod aTtiTlf minutes for Lewls-to-yecover
from the tackle. The eadets made five
yards on ftrst down by Taylor's straight
buck. , On the next play Taylor made
;. seven yards around Smith and first
down. Oleason then made 11 yards
' through" Smith, and ' before ' the - High
; Schoolers recovered from the shock
I Taylor tore around Hlckson for 10
'yarda. Taylor made IS yards more on
j a delayed pans around Smith. On the
rnext pity High School took a momen
. tary brace and Lewis downed Oleason
1 for a loss; but Lewis could not stop
'21111. who made six yards . over. .Rosa,
f-end-Oleason got even by adding five
more.. Taylor hit Hlckson Tor another
' six-yard gain, Gleason made three more
: end Taylor, aided by good Interference,
tore around Smith and over the line
-for the Bret touchdown after I minutes
! and 10 seconds actual playing. He
t missed the goaL Score, H. M. A. f , P.
1 si. s. a,
; . .A Ktee -Ho Off. 1
.Smith's second kick off. a good one,
! was caught by Taylor and carried back
l It yards. , MacBwan's signal rang out
. t cool and clear, and Fullback Hill hit the
, Hlxh School i line for clean six yards
! gain straight through center. MacEwan
' 'tried a forward pass to Taylor, who
caught the ball, but could ndt advance
It, but the pass itself netted seven
yards end first down. Oleason made
' five yards around Hlckson. end H. M.
A. wss penalised 15 yards for Illegal
use of hands. The cadeta lined up for
a punt, and Oleason gained four yarda
on the fake, and Taylor punted It
yards toi Latouretto, who advanced two
yarda and was downed by Merchant.
Latouretto tried a quarterback run to
the right but was. smothered. Lewis,
the coolest e.nd best player on the High
school-team, booted -the-bort for ae
ftrat of his short punts, P. H. S-'s only
successful play, and gained it yards by
the trick. . Baldwin tried an end run
around Loomls, and was .downed ' with
no gain. Ob the next play High School
fumbled, 'Loomls tried for the ball, but
Taylor Immediately registered 1 three
yards; then Gleason tried a double pass,
but Lewie brought him down for a loss.
Taylor punted for 40 yards and La
touretto caught the ball, but advancod
only three yards, when Merchant downed
him. On the first down High School
fumbled, and lost 11 yards,. Latouretto
recovered the loat territory on the next
play with a quarterback sprint, but P.
H. 8. wss penalised IS yards for hold
ing. High School tried a double pass
and H. M. A. wss fined five yarda for
being offside. Lewis mads five yarda
outaide of Cort, and then tried another
of his short punts, which, however, was
purloined by Merchant. ,. ,
Taylor atakee eaasL,
. Taylor romped around Hlckson for J
yards on the first down. Then Oleason
gained Ave yards on a straight buck, and
Taylor planted the ball on High school's
one-yard line on the next play, making
flrst down. High school tried to rail,
but Oleason. H. M. A.'s plucky little
right half. ". tore straight through the
line f"'"" second touchdown T ha
goal was missed. Score, H. M..A., 10,
P, IL 8. 0. , :.:;., . .
' The third kickoff wae gathered in by
Loomls, who advanced 12 yards. Olea
son then made four yards straight
through; Taylor failed to gain this
was his only failure and-punted II
yards to Hastings, who wae downed by
Merchant High, school lost on a dou
ble pass, ruined by Carr, H. M. A.'s
sturdy tackle, who broke through and
tackled his man hard, but tn doing so
received a terrific jolt In the face. Then
Lewis punted short to H11L Taylor
gained 10' yards and H. M. A. was fined
15 yards for holding. Oleason gained
six yards on the next down and again
H. M. A. paid a It-yard penalty for a
misplaced embrace. Oleason made a
St-yard run around Smith, but bumped
his sore knee hard. Taylor punted and
Gleaaon downed High school, which on
the pext play gained one yard through
right tackle, then had a " forward pass
brought . back and gained 11 yarda on
a ahort punt to Lewis. - On the next
play Lewis attempted to repeat, but
Taylor snatched the ball and gained
four yards straight .through. Oleason
was downed for no gain by Lewis and
Taylor punted 40 yarda to Latouretto,
who waa downed by Bradley. .
XlgB ohool Tries Wie Shift.
High school tried a wing shirt, but
Bradley , beautifully dumped half the
High-school -team and the-nrst half was
over., Score, H. M. A. 10, P. H. 8. 0.
Dowaaon booted the ball far to Hast
ings who ran, back 10 yarda.. High
School failed to t gain on flrst down,
then tried a short' punt, which MacEwan
missed., and High School recovered.. On
the next play Meier failed to gain.
Baldwin gained five yards on a fake
kick and waa downed." Latouretto tried
Merchant's end for another quarterback
run; no yardage. M. M. A.'s ball. On
the first down Olesson fumbled anf
High School fell on the ball. . Hsstlngs
tried to circle Cort, but collided with
Oleason and made no gain. Lewis
ssaayed another ahort punt, which was
promptly retrieved byBraUley. Taylor
got everyone yelling with a It-yard
sprint, and Oleason1 tore off two yarda
on first down, Taylor added three on
the next and punted to Latourette, who
was downed by - Cort. High School
gained It yards on a short punt, but
when Lewis tried a repeater. Knettle
broke through, blocked the kick and em
bracked the pigskin. Tsylor rammed
center for three yards. Hill added six
rfnd Oleason made first down. - Tsylor
hit Smith for six yarda and Hill mads
Mra Haw. .tMl.VI th.ftii.h MAtw Tav.
flor maae u yards in three downs alT
by himself, then took the ball over the
goal line. Score, H. M. A. It. P. H. 8. 0.
No goal. ' '
; . Taylor aad XVoomla Shlse. j
Qn the kick off .by Smith.: Loomls
caught the ball and ran It back It yards,
scattering the P. H. 8. tacklers right
and left. Taylor then took the ball for
the first down and went It yards for a
touchdown.' aided by splendid interfer
ence by his whole team. Taylor kicked
the goal this time. Score. H. M. A. II.
P. H. 8. 0. -
Taylor advanced the boll 15 yarda on
the kick off, then added "13 more on
first down; Oleason fumbled, hen Hill
crashed through center -for six yards
and Taylor punted. - Lewis tried a
fane delayed kick, which rolled .along
the ground and ; wtis gathered in "by
Taylor. Wang. High School's .plucky
left end, waa hurt In this play and
Pabney relieved him. Hill gained three
yarda straight through, Oleason added
five more and H. M. A. was penalised
IB yards ones more. Taylor punted and
Hayes downed Latourette. Lewis gave
Hill another kick, and the eadets gained
two yards on first down; Taylor badita
kick blocked. Then Lewis punted on
flret down, and Ford retrieved cleverly.
Baldwin gained three on flrat - down
and lost five on a fumble. Lewis' It
yard punt was caught by MacEwan
and run back II yards: Taylor gained
two yards around Smith, Cort added
three yarda and Taylor punted. Brad
ley downed Hastings after two yards
gain. .Lewis sgaln tried a short punt.
which was Intercepted by Donaaon.'
What ScIpIiLT Doe;
For the Human Body In Health and
:- Dieeaae.' '
costs .vonmra to tt.
r The mention' of sulphur will recall to
many of us the earjy dayf . whel-pvr
mothers and grandmothers gave us our.
dally dose .of sulphur .t and ' molasses
every spring and fall. - "'. r
It was the universal spring and fall
"blood purifier," tonic and cure-all. and.
mind you, this old-fashioned remedy
was not wtthout merit.
The Idea wss good, but the remedy
was crude and unpalatable, and. a. large
quantity had to be taken to get any
effect. - ' ' ' . -r "
Nowadaye we get al( the beneficial
effects of sulphur la a palatable, con
centrated , form, so that a alngle grain
Is far more effective than a tablespoon
ful of the crude sulphur. -
In recent years research, and experi
ment have' proven that the beat sul
phur for medicinal use Is that obtained
f r6m Calcium , (Calcium Sulphide) and
sold in drug stores under the name of
Stuart's Calcium Wafers. They aro
small chocolatd coated pellets nd con
tain the' active -medicinal principle of
sulphur In a Highly concentrated, . ef
fective form. .
Few people are aware 'of the value
of this, form of sulphur In restoring
and maintaining. - bodily vigor - and
healtlu- aulphur acta directly - on - the
liver and excretory organs and purifies
and ' enriches the blood by the prompt
elimination of waste material.
Our' grandmothers knew this when
they dosed ue with sulphur snd mo
lasses every spring and fall, 'but the
crudity and Impurity of ordinary flow
ers of sulphur . were often worse then
ths disease, and cannot compare with
the modern concentrated preparations
of s,ulphur, of which Stuart's Calcium
Wafers ts undoubtedly .the best , snd
most wldoly used. "l
"they sre the- natural antidote for
liver add kidney troubles and cure con
stipation and purify the blood In a
way that, often surprises patient and
physlolan alike. j- ,, . .. ...
Dr. R. M. Wllklns, while experiment
ing with sulphur remedies, soon found
that the sulphur from Calcium was su
perior to any other form. He says:
"For liver, kidney and blood troubles,
e-peelnlly when resulting from consti
pation or malaria, I have been sur
prised at the results obtained from
Stuart's Calcium Wafers, In patients
suffering from bolls and' plmplea and
oven deep-seated . carbuncles, have
repeatedly- seen tham dry up and dis
appear in four or five days, leaving ths
skin clear and smooth. Although Stu
art's Calcium Wafers Is a proprietary
article and sold by druggists snd for
that, reason tabooed by many physi
cians, yet I know of nothing so safe
and reliable for constipation, liver and
kidney troubles " and espec1ally-1iraH
forms of skin diseases as this remedy.
At any rate people who are tired of
pills, cathartics and so-called blood
"purifiers' will find In Stuart's Calcium
Wafers, a far safer, more palatable
and-affective preparation.
Send your name and address todsy
for a' free trial package and see for
yourself.-- ---- r.i . - .-.
F. A. Stuart Co," 17 Btuart Bldg.,
Marshall. Mich.
H. M. A.'s star center, who had dona
wonders. Hill smashed through cen
ter for nine yards and Taylor made a
12-yard run around Smith, Oleason
gained two' yarda, Hill nine through
center, making first down. Hill again
made four yarda through light tackle,
and Oleason three straight through;
then the whistle blew, and the great
final game for - the lnterscholaatlc
championship ' of Portland i waa over. -
Score: H. M. A., II ; P. H. 8., 6.
Length of halves. It miautea. Ref
eree: . Percy Blanchard, ; M. A. A. C.
t'mplre: J. A. Horan, M, A. A, C.
Head Linesman: Mr. Thorns, P. A.
Timekeepers: H. H. HrdmatuMA
X"CTlina X a'AlcXlpInTM.", A. A. C.
The line-up:
H. M. A.
KnetUe .....
Dons son
Hayes RO
Cort .....RT...
Bradley '.. '.RE,,
MacEwan . . . . . .A B. . . . . .
Tsylor (Capt) . .L H B. . ..
Oleason ...... .R H B
Hill ............FB
Position. P. It 8.
.LE... Wang, -Dadney
.L Q. . . . . - Ross
. .C... Oerspach
Lewis (Capt)
.... Latourette
.. Meier
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Thursday Morning.
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Rev. Arthur Leonard Wadsworth of
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the Paclflo Baptist, will leave for his
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