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Journal Circulation
Fair tonight and Saturday ; north
, erly wind. "'.'. ...
VOL, V. NO. 225.
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San Francisco Execu
tive. Back Tfom Eu
- rope 7- Enemies Are
Denounced -:
t, ' Uoarmal llpecUl tW.) :;:
- New 1 York, .Nov. JJ The steamer
- Patricia with Mayor Bchmlta of Han
Francisco was sighted oft Firs island
at ft o'clock-thla morning. The vessel
reached quarantine at a o clock. Quart era
' had been reserved for' Mayor Bchmlta
at the Waldorf-Astoria. - i -
truth In the changes. sgalnst blm and
that he Intends to batten to Saa Fran
' Cisco to clear hla name. .. .'
The Sews of the Indictment against
I. him In JSslo. Francisco wi( broken by the
Mniunir m n CI the mavor. UDOn hla
scanning a bunch ' of clippings ton
- talnlug- newa of the indictments , Mr.
Bchmlta said: - .- --;.'-,
: av j-esraoa wsiesgs. ,
'"It la a political revenge, an un-
sorepulous,- venoms ua,-political "-charge.
tllla of truth in any one of the ohargea.
They t are the dirty weapons of dirty
Mlinolana and you can. bet that I WUi
loae cot time la aeulna back to fiaa
Franolaoo and having It -out with the
newa la very sudden I am not greatly
' surprised at the action of my enemies,
' The party I had. in the defeat of Die.
trlct Attorney Laogdon la well known.
I fought him to the beat of my ability,
friends have retaliated." . ,
Benin lis aaia mat nil rip rtaa nu
' been taken for a rest to recover from
- hla ahattered nerves as a result of the
trenuoua ssnoaiaTV-and that ha had
thing. Hs continued:
--Oowftt am Xaqulry. . t
"I intended to remain abroad until
' Deoember. I expected to reach Baa
Francisco abou the firat of the year.
My friends bad planned a big reception.
When 1 heard - the charges that ware
being made I decided to hurry back to
, face my accusers. I intended to have
an inquiry when I got hack an Inquiry
' Bchmlta and wife went directly to the
Waldorf-Astoria, where they- wilt re
main a day or two, meantime conferring
with a number of friends, who met him
.here. - The party. will then start for
Ban Francisco.
Bchmlta will - probably - not be sub
jeeted to the humiliation of aa arrest.
When the Patricia docked In Uoboken.
: Herbejrt Bchmlta. brother of Mayor
Bchmlta. M. J. Walhelmer and Private
; Becretarv Keen greeted the - traveler.
The party entered automobiles and hur
ried to the hotel. . No effort was made
' to arrest the mayor, though two men.
: supposed to bo Ssa Francisco offlcers.
who had called at the customs office
,T early, followed Bchmlta . closely . in a
row Sumdred and Forty XKliars a
.Week raid to Ooadttctla Brra.
' (loarael peetal genke. .
' Ban Francisco. Nov. at tienaatlonal
: evidence waa given before the grand
j Jury by the proprietors of the notorious
v resort at Til Pacific street.' which re
: veaJe the fact that 1440 waa paid week
ly by there to a rlty official for the
i privilege of conducting the dive in do--
Samoa of tae law .and that la.eslte. ,of
(Continued on Pago Two.)
f eeee
A Beautiful.
Stick Pin
This offer good
one . wccV only
Richest Woman Financier Cele
brates Her Seventy-Second
Birthday-Pre'dict$7rhat1 Na
tion Is on the Verge of Great
Revolution. . , , .
Peaisel gperlal garrleat .
Boston, Nov. ;JI. Mra."Hey'areen,
the richest woman in America, yester
day celebrated her seventy-second birth
day. 8ha la spending the winter In Boa
ton, residing at a boarding-bouse'' in
Rowland street, Roxbury, with her
daughter. Her object In coming hero Is
to secure a tenant for a house of hers
that has Ions been vacant. ... . .
Mrs. Green predicts that the nation
la on the verge of airrea.rtOirtlcartap
heaval. that may end In' revolution If
the power of the moneyed classes la
not curbed. She blames tfqata aa be
ing the cause of the present popular
discontent and asserts that, when the
people "understand how thslr chances of
making a living are being tak,n. away
by the monopolies, popular revolution
will follow.- . -' . ' v .
Jn addition to securing a tenant for
her house, Mrs. Green is occupied with
several lawsuits in Boston. Bat law
suits never worry ner. When they have
been disposed of she probably will go
to Texas to- spend the remainder of the
winter. She has f vast Interests In
Texas and moreover her eon, E. H. R.
Green, lives there." and Ned," 'as sh
fondly calls him. Is the Idol of her heart.
rree !
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six words to the. line-
a.' . " a"
r' r m-r
Prince- Ebcrwyn and ' rfia Humble
: , ...Fiancee.' ," . .
Kaiser Indignant at Degradation
of Noble Blood ' by Proposed
Marriage of Prince Eberwyn to
Fanny Koch, Daughter of
Shop-Keeper of Berlin.
(Joerasl Seeclal Serriee.)
Berlin. . Nov. II. No- sooner Is the
Prince Albrecht . and Dancer Marie
8ulssrs scandal out of. the way than
ths - emperor- la - enraged - and - Berlin
amused by another affair of the royal
heart In which a prince of .the realm do
libera telyi, proposes to forfeit a million
a , year by marrying a tradesman's
daughter. Strenuous punishment Is
contemplated by the kslser for youths
who degrade the royal houses of ths
empire. , , t - "
The announcement is mads that
Prince Eberwyn of Benthelmstelnfurt Is
engaged to Fanny Koch, ths daughter
of a shopkeeper. The kslser st a family
council requested that ths ll.000.oao a
year inheritance left the prince bo for
feited In case he did not "behave,' snd
cancel the engagement.
The young prince replied that he
chofle love to wealth snd will have te
make his own living after hla marriage,
J (keerlal Ptepetca
w The lmtl)
Nov. It. Nell
aallston. lont
Dougherty, postmaster and a prominent
merchant in thla city, has committed
eulclde by shooting. Us whs II years
old and Is survived by his wife, two
sons and a daughter.. - i -
Pearyinrf Grewfleturn
From Perilous Trip
to the larthest Point
Toward the Pole
Met at1 Sydney; by Wife and
Friends and Accorded Recep
r. tion by Natives' Failed to
Find North Pole but Made Best
Record of Any to Date.
(Journal Spaclst Service.)
Sydney, N. &. Nor. Commander
Robert B. Peary, hla ship krfd crew ar
rived from the farthest north this morn
ing. Mrs. Peary was the trst to greet
thj explorer, who waa tendered a re
ception by the natives snd his friends
from ths Cnited States.
Peary went-farther north than any
man ever did hefore, but ne has-failed
to reach the north pole. Peary brings
to America, the honor of holding ths
record of the "farthest north" and to
himself the credit of having performed
what will probably be balled by the
entire world, when the complete, story
Is known, as the most wonderful feat
of Arctic exploring in history. ;
. West Fartksse STorta.
Peary, In 102, want to It degrees IT
minutes north.- Thla time he pushed
hla way to IT degrees minutes, boat
ing hla own record by I degrees tl
minutes, . and - leading the Duke of
Abrusal by.iaoout 10 miles, the Italian
expedition. reaenmg degrees' st
misuses. Z. .
Commander Peary's Polar steamship,
the- Roosevelt, left New Tork on. her
long Journey In search Of the north pole
Julv 1. l0ft. f-
' The Roosevelt was built In Mains and
oatne down to New Tork, whers she wss
refitted before starting. The vessel, for
which funds were furnished . by ths
Peary Arctic club of New Tork, was de
signed by Naval Arohltect William B.
Wlnant particularly for Arctic explora
tion. She cost about 1100,00. The
RooseveU "Eaa a cHW of 10 lueiii under
Captain Bartlett. , . . , ' i
Hardships Bnoouateved. '
Ths greatest hardships - were (en
countered during the two months, from
February 12. when he left the Roose
velt, frosen In at Cape Sheridan, to
April 11. when he planted his flag on
the summit of an tee pinnacle In lati
tude IT degrees, I minutss north. On
ths . way back provisions were nearly
gone, and Peary ana hla companions,
blind from ths glare of the snow and
from the Ice particles that' a steady
gals, drove Into thslr faces, fought
thslr way back to the ship.
Respiration Kept It Wound Up
""AirtheTimeandMt Loses-
- Just Three Minutes. .
(Special Dispatch te Tse JmtuI)
. Kelso, wash Nov. ll.tKor
years Axel Olson's watch reposed
the stomach of a cow. It kept running
au that time.
And la the seven years It lost Just
three minutes!
Axel says ha la telling ths truth, and
ha has ths watch to show for It. He's
a rancher on the upper Coweeman. and
ho came to Kelso yesterday with a re
markable tale.
, One day seven years ago a playful
young calf found Axel's coat and vest
hanging on a post' In his barnyard.
The calf didn't" coma from Harhnar but
the vest looked palatable so it chewed
away at ths garment until ths pocket
was cut through and the watch slipped
down its throat. Then the calf Inno
cently sauntered away and Axel couldn't
find hla watch. He didn't notice the
telltale marks on the vest snd supposed
It was stolen. . - -
The calf grew Into a matronly mUch
cow. and still the watch stared In lis
Lsst week Axel slsns-nterea ths cow
who hsd outlived her usefulness. A
glitter In her stomach caught hla eye.
It was his watch!
Hs wss stlU mors surprised to see
that the minute hand was running as
if nothing had happened. The time
piece was really unharmed, though the
esse wss tarnished. Ha accounts for
the phenomenon by saving . that the
watch was a stem winder- and lodged
In the respiratory tubes. Every time
the calf breathed the stem turned and
Um wat waa-kept wun4up all thc
seven years. -
Now Tork. Nov. U. Walter Finney,
who ' says Ood commissioned him to
scourge the people by Are. wss arretted
today, suspected of causing the scores
of incendiary tree In 'this city recently.
-'11 -"!".. .- ''(.' ' "
'11 vV-'-"
- li . . ; - y:: : I
; )' 1
-Meiijr n..!!;!!. p-w.wm.
Judge Cantenbein Cuts Marital
Ties. Faster Than Clergymen
Could Tie Them No Mar
riage - Licenses to - Offset the
- Decrees. .' I :i ,
Eight decrees of divorce were granted
la 4 minutes by juage Qentenbeln In
the wtate circuit' court thla morning,
each trial requiring a little less than
alx mtnutea. Seven 1 of ths decrees
were granted On the ground of deser
tion, and one because of cruelty.
At the marriage ' license desk In
County Clerk Fields' office downstairs
Deputy "Cupid- Rose sst and waited
In vain all morning for a request for a
license. None came to him. None of
the divorces were contested, and only
the two necessary wltneeses were ex
amined In each case. Deputy District
Attorney Ous C. Moaer waa preaent rep
resents f the state.
Because his mother-in-law told his
wlfs Of a number of things that he was
supposed to hare done before their mar
rUga, Wt K-HIf gins' Wlfg left hint snd
went home to her mother. Such Is ths
testimony given by Hlgglns before
Judge Gantenbeln in the stats circuit
cour' this morning at Una-trial of his
suit for a divorce.
Biggins said that when his wife heard
the alleged story of his oast record she
rwaxed exceedingly angry, and whan lie
went some one night he found she had
gone. He went to his mother-in-law's
house to rind her, ho said, but waa re
fused admission, and was Informed
that bis wife would not return to aim.
Asked If It Was Trae. '
' "Were ths things your mother-in-law
said about you truer - Hlgglns waa
asked by his attorney.
"They were partly true and partly
exaggerated." be aald. . '"My wife's
mother never liked me anyway."
Hlggtna stated that he married at
Los Angeles In December, lift, and that
his wife deserted him In June, lfoa.
J. C. Moreland appeared as his attorney.
Hlgglns waa allowed a decree of di
vorce. - Frances T. Roberts said that her hus
band, Horace O. Roberts, wsnted her to
support him snd when she refused left
her Id December, 1101. They were mar
ried at Kinsley, Kansas, In March. llftO.
Mrs. Roberts wss allowed a divorce.
Attorney. Oeorge F. "Martin appeared for
her.. -'t .
n F1"iincicflln Jh World.
Mrs. . Potter Palmer, With Real
j LJvej! Prince and ' Princess In
Her Party, Arrives and Leaves
' Her Private Car . for Drive
Through City. , ...
Mrs. Potter Palmer, who ."leads so
ciety on Lake Shore Drive, In tho north
end of Chicago and runs the, Palmer ho
tel on State street, on ths sooth side,
arrived in Portland this morning after
a week's tiring" holdup In Seattle be
cause of ths floods prevailing In the
Sound country. She travels In a pri
vets car and la accompanied by the
Prince and Princess Csntaxuna. her son
snd his wlfs, Mr. . snd Mrs. Honors
(Continued on Pegs Two.
f. '
-Thisls Go d dMeMS i I
The circulation of last Sunday's Journal was the greatest ta Ita his
tory: mors copies were printed, dlllvered at homes, bought on news
stands, trains snd on ths streets than over before. This is Interesting
to you snd very encouraging-to ua. It ahows that what we are trying to "
do to make The Hunday Journal the best paper in the west has- ths
hearty support of the people of the Oregon- country. '
The Best features
that can be found appear In The
tof Fashions and Health and Beauty Hints are written by experts! the
"Workers" department is contributed by people who labor with hand snd
brain; the color pages tell stories of human and immediate Interest; the
T games, tales and puaxtea for boys and girls are by people who know how
X to Interest ths little ones. . Of course, Th Sunday Journal's
I Comic Section Is the Best
t In ths west; The Journsl had Its etiolcs of all the finest funnies, snd
popularity of Its humor pages proves that It chose wisely, la every
e department of current matters Ths Sunday Journal leads. . It prints .
air the news that's worth knowing;
drama, art. music and literature ars
leading features this week Is the second
letters by. r , .
Dr. Stephen
P f Nlf T
UinrrJ Qftnifni t LIaIsI
Onto- Job Until He
Is Ready to; Leave
Executive's Chair
(Jeeraal Special Barries., ' '
Washington, Nov. It. The strenuous
lion would fain lie down with the Ms
Too . Iamb, - la ths strange goaalp on
Washington Hps. comlnsr from sources
close to - the administration. After
fighting almost to- a finish snd praotio
ally for a knockout the vulpine senator
from New Tork, President Roosevelt
doesn't seem to want much when hs
asks Mr. Piatt will he please just ksep
that position and look perfectly natural
until hla term expires, March 4, 1100.
Terms Xxplrs Same Bevy.
aa on authority. President Roosevelt
hopee may prove a moot merciful one
for him, this expiry falls on the self
same day as that on whloh hla own
term ss president of ths United States
It Is known to be ths hop of ths
president te-servo his -- state - and. . his
country la ths senate-- -
Thomas C Platt'a domestic' troubles,
baring apparently laid the last straw
atop of his burden of bodily Infirmities
snd political discomfitures. Jtois possible
resignation threatens President. Rooee
velt's program.
Am .nMAitnMil mmrilmr f h 1 1 nh tf
resignation seems to have been re
solved upon by ths senator on January .
i. Should It be tendered at once. OerC
erner Hlgglns, with whom Piatt I. at
mortal enmity, would, of course, fill the)
pi ice jwuhoaa.of hialrlends. This,
shsll not enjoy; hence he withholds his
resignation until the Inauguration of
-Hughes as governor and the convening
of ths state.
then elect a successor to fill his
expired term.
And her Is ths menace to Theodora
Roosevelt's senatorial ambition. Let
the legislature of New York elect ae
matter whom so long as the) place) Is)
not held by Piatt, It must bo bold by
a man who In ambition at least will b
the peer of Roosevelt himself, and be
would have two long and busy years
la which to frame up a second tana
as his own successor.
Piatt, being an utter impossibility,
would be entirely harmless: hence th
deslrs of the president that Piatt may
slther not choose tev resign- after-all
that he may bo induced to hold tbe
place till 1000, n matter bow xaeny
an ti-square deal votes bo may sasS
(Josraal Soeelal SarvJee.)
' Montgomery. Ala-, Nov. 1. Tnw Imvm
requiting street car companies to fur
nish separata cars, labeled, for negroes
and whites, went Into effect todsy. Tho
local company has refused te obey snd
ths systsm Is tisd up on account of the
crews being under arrest ror running
cars without the- "Jim Crow" alga. Gen
eral Manager Ragland and ether offi
ce ra have also been arrested.
Sunday Journal. The woman's psges
Its society record Is up to o':
discussed br expert. Amn the
In ths series of liier.etli: 1
(Continued on Page Two.),
' , . ' . . . '
-j ..... . ... !;, ..
.1 -A
... r,,r.