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    NOVEMBER 18,-1803. , - ' , - I
(Continued from Psga One.)
shingle mill. The waterworks system
' ' is out of commission. If It were not
pathetic. It would bo amualng to eee
""""rplenrunfflflg-ahout-to ths-few-welia
in town lor un - "-
1 Steps have been taken by Mayor Bu
land to imme for tho relief of any
who may needasaiaiance. ,
Terrible HaToa Wroaght Along Banks of
' " oowllta Worst Over.
' ' iKnli TMnati!k ta Ttoe- JoaraaL)
. Cti.mi. Wuh. Nov. II. Tho worst
la over. The Cowltti river la falling
. ' and now can bo aoen mora plainly man
ver tho terrible , work .of destruction
' of tha paat few daya. At Kelao the
river haa fallen about three- feat, but
at Caatla Rock It haa gone down fully
. eight feet Thla can bo accounted for
by reaaon of tha Columbia river's hav
ing bean much lower than, tho Cqwllti
and carried away tha water faater near
thm mouth than farther up tha stream.
During tha full flood"tr. Cowllta
wao piling Into tho Columbia river aa
, though It bad boon falling flva or alz
. reel over aneer oaus.
Biver'e Channel Through Town.
The river haa aubalded enough to
, show In a meaauro the terrible havoe
it has wrouo-ht alone- the banks. At
Caatle Rock 4oToueea 1.av4rbeen swept
' nwn tbe ilmm and the river haa out
a new channel through the principal-
residence part or the town ana aimoei
tern the new.schoolhouse from ita
foundation, - -
Nearly every lot In the town ahowa
some evidence of the flood, shingle
bolt, sidewalka. loga, roote and tele-
, graph p61oa and wires are heaped In
. piles where a few daya ago were the
" green lawne of tho residences. Every
thing la -covered with eand and debris,
. great holea are torn In the ground and
upturned buildings are ecattered along
the river from Caatle Rock to Kelao.
Oowllta Yalley Bnlaed for Years.
" Tha Cowllta valley, which before the
flood waa the moat fertile valley In
the otate, la now In part covered with
- sand, gravel and debrla, and will be
practically worthleaa for many yeara.
The people are bearing up under their
affliction .with .great fortitude. ,
The loaa la estimated today at a flg
re bordering on 11.000,000, '
The logging road of 8. J. Beck at
Oetrander haa been greatly damaged
and hia locomotive la also burled under
" a pile ot logs and lumber. - '
" Trala Through o Ceatle Book!
' The Northern Pacific train waa able
to get through to Caatle Rock today,
but part of the track, had to ,be rebuilt,
aa the current had waahed out aome
. of the old grade to the center of the
old track, and at other places the grade
is cracked along tho sldee as if an
aarthauake had torn It asunder.
Down through the Cowllta valley
' ' stock Is Buffering considerably by rem
on of many being surrounded by water
on email hummocks of ground with
cant pasture. A fear aeema to have
elsed them and they huddle together on
mall knolls with scarcely room to
stand. At one plaoe, like Ararat of old,
the old Union Paolfio grade stood above
the flood literally covered witn horses,
- cattle and swine, while all around for
', nearly a mile the turbid flood went
rolling by.' . ...' ..
Sometimes an, amusing Incident dls
"fl - . ...-i.-aj
What Sulphur Does
For the Human Body in Health and
-Disease. ; .
' '
costs b6txibo to TBT.
The mention or auipnur win recau o
many or u the early aaya wnun -our
mothers and grandmothers gave ua our
dally dON of sillphur and . molasses
every eprlng and fall.
- It waa the universal eprlng' and fall
"blood purifier," tonic and cure-all. 'and,
mind you. this oltl-fashlohed' remedy
was not without "merit '
The Idea, ,waa good, but tha remedy
t: waa crude and unpalatable, and a larae
quantity bad to be taken to get any
of feet. '
Nowadays we get alt the beneficial
effects of sulphur in a palatable, con
centrated form, so that a single grain
la far more effective than a tablespoon-,
f ul of the crude sulphur.
In recent yeara research and eiperl-
ment have . proven -that tha beat aul
phur for medicinal use Is that obtained
. from Calcium (Calcium Sulphide) and
sold in drug atorea under the name of
Htuart'a Calcium Wafers. They are
email chocolate coated pellets and con
tain the active medicinal principle of
' sulphur -In a highly concentrated, ef
fective form.
Few people are aware of the value
.. of thla form or sulphur , in restoring
and maintaining bodily vigor ., and
. health; eulphur actn directly on the
, liver and 'excretory organs and purines
and ei riches tha blood by tha prompt
elimination of waste materia).
Our grandmothers knew this whan
- they dosed ua with sulphur and mo
; laases every spring and fall, but the
crudity and impurity of ordinary flow
era of sulphur wre often worse than
"the d!aser and eannoteornpare rwttn
the modern concentrated preparations
of sulphur, of which Stuart's Calcium
Wafers is undoubtedly . the best and
most widely used. ...
They are tha natural antidote for
' liver and kidney troublea and curs con
stipation and purify ' the blood In a
way that often surprises patient and
. physician alike.
Dr. R.'M. Wilkin, while experiment
ing with sulphur remedies,-Soon found
that the Sulphur from Calcium waa au-
rvrlor-to- arry5 other-form. H
"ror llvjer, kidney and blood troubles,
specially when resulting from consti
pation or ' malaria,' I have been sur
prised at the results obtained from
- Stuart's Calolura Wafers.-' In patients
suffering. from bolls and pimples and
even deep-seated carbuncles. I have
repeatedly aeen them dry up and dis
appear In four or five, days, leaving the
, slcln clear and smooth. Although Btu
art's Calcium Wafera Is a ' proprietary
- article and .sold by dvuggiats ' and for
lhat reason tabooed by many phyal
rlana, yet I know of nothing ao safe
and reliable for constipation, liver and'
kidney troublea and especially In all
forma of akin diaessea as thla remedy.
At any rata people who are tired of
pills, cathartics and so-called blood
"purifiers" will And in Stuart's Calcium
Wafers, a ,far safer, mora palatable
and effective preparation,
td vour name and address . today
for a free I rial package and see for1
ynnreelf, ' ' ' .
V. A." KMiurt CoV Stuart Bldg.,
Marshal). Mich.
pela tba gloom and eauaea people' to
amlle In the midst or their ruin. is
terday a log went floating by Kelao
with a rooster and two hens perched
upon It, A man put out to rescue them
and aa he pulled up alongside the
chickens Jumped aboard and the rooster
bopped on the boat, flapped hla'wlnga
aadcrowad -lustily Tody. ha. hAS U0
freedom of tho town.
The steamer Oeorgie Burton Is lying
at Kelao and tomorrow will attempt to
atem the flood as far as Olequa to
north and will also bring the Portland
passengers who have been stranded at
that point for several days. It Is safe
to say that rains will be running to
Seattle. .by Monday night- - -o
rartsat, List of Losses.
Those who lost their houaea also
irt fn their helqngingm. for the reason
that ' they did not expect ins now i
enter ' their - houaea, and so remained
until thev had barely time to save
The following- la a partial Hat of the
losses at Caatle Rock. Mr. Warner had
just completed his houae and bad not
moved into It It . was Swept away;
value 800. Other louses were aa fol
lows; W. A. Williams. $1,000; Mr.
Brewer, .$1,100; C Fowler, $1,100: E.
W. Bert, .000; Dr. Morton, $1,600!
Chester Bemia, $1,000; Mra. Summers,
$800; George CUuameyer. $2,000; John
W. Scott. : $800; Guy Bee be. $1,100;
Jamee - Alper. $500; Bod Tunatall.
$6,000; H. H. Johnson, $800; Mr. -Cunningham,
$800; Mrs. C. Everett, $800;
8. Hodge, $800; John Martin. $1,100;
Mr, Tennexhlll, $700; Ben'Crane, $00;.
M. Shumske. $1,100; John Preuschoff.1
$900; S. Otts. $210; John Heaneke. $600:
Mra. Greenwood,- $00; " Mr.' Caldwell.
$260; Fred Hatch, $1,200; Harvey
Btaley, $500; Black Diamond mill, about
$20,000, building and machinery; George
Smith, 40-acre hop ranch Juat below
Caatle Rock, ruined, $6,000. Tho river
at this point changed. Its channel and
about evenly dLvided Smith's ranch.
Mr. Cook, county eommlsaloner-eleet
loat his house, barn and stock, amount
ing In all to about $10,000. Mrs. Moore,
who . had a hpp ranch near Olequa, loat
everything.' Including laat year's crop
of hope. Her estimated loaa is $60,000.
About half, a mile of the county road
just below Caatla Rock haa been waahed
Nearly all tha atreeta of Castle Rock
will have to be repaired. The damage
to the new school building at Caatle.
Rock Is about $1,000.
There has been no damage at Kalama.
Kelso Plooda Subside aad Work of aVe-
oildlng to Begia at Onoe.
(Bpeelil Dispatrh te The Joaraal.)
Kelso, Wash., Nov.. 17. Flood condi
tions today are much Improved. . The
sky Is clearing, rain has ceased, and
tha river Is falling rapidly. It haa al
ready gone down about three feet from
high mark, water la no longer coming
out of the aewer manholes In tha lbwer
town, and tha water In tha atreeta la
rapidly draining off. Steps are already
being taken to repair tha damage and
to begin mUl work.
The Kelso-Catlln bridge, which waa
completed just a year-ago laat Octo
ber at a cost of $15,000, is all gone ex
cept tha approaches and the steel sus
pension- cablea, whloh can probably be
recovered. The wreck of the bridge
wm captured In the Columbia and la
now tied up at Stella. The stockhold
ers of the bridge company had a meet
ing the day tha bridge went out, and
atepa will be taken to rebuild It at once.
The Metcalf shingle company la the
heavieat loser her. Air-ita .loga and
shingle bolta, together with all Ita
booma and pockets and a great deal of
the piling, were awept away. " Only one
small pocket of bolta remains. About
0 per cent of tho bolta and loga have
been captured In the Columbia and are
held in Coal creek alough. It will re
quire two months' work on tho booma
before the big shingle mill can resume
work. .
TJhe Cowllta Vallejr I,umbee company
also Tost several hundred thousand frt
ofTogaT"uThas recovered a goooarflTngTRS 'bTgTfeeT"brtari: at Albany scroti
of them In the Columbia. The mills In
Catlln ere under water, but have not
suffered very heavy damages.' :
Service Betwooa Portland and tha Soond
Starts This Morning.
Mall service Interrupted by the floods
.III V. m. U ,11 .1 1 -,. l a. 4, A.. -
i wnen the Northern . Psclne Is able to
take Seattle-bound mnll out of Port
land at 7 o'clock in the morning and
return Portland-bound mail from Sound
polnta In the evening. It has been two
daya since sny mail haa reached 'the
Portland office from Seattle and Tacoma.
The Portland office, however, haa sent
out all mail as fast as it was made up
br the mailing clerks, but -this -has been
held at the points where trafflo waa
broken. It will therefore be able to
reach Ita destination a little sooner
than If It had been held In the Port
land office until the tracks were opened
or service resumed.
The eastern mall over the O. R. N.
and the mall from the south over the
Southern Pnclflc has been interrupted
but little by the floods. "Postmaster
Mlnto has kept the tables cleared of
mall scheduled over these lines ao that
there haa been no delay. The Sound
haa been tho only district from which
there haa been no eervlce. and while
tha amount of mall will be heavy the
Portland office will be able to handle it
without disabling the service In any
way. '"' "
Angry Waters Which Bweep Country
Are Beginning to ubeide.
1 Flood " eondltiona have reached . their
(Umax and the angry waters which
have been sweeping th country In all
directions arebeg!nn!ne; to . subside.
Train , service, though crippled by
wrecked bridges and sodden tracks. Is
being resumed In all directions, wlrea
ar being put back into commission .and
normal conditions are . beginning to
Struggle back on every hand.
The Northern Paclflo will begin to
move passengers snd r.sll this morning
at 7 o'clock, when the first train since
tlie flood wrecked its tracks between
Portland. Seattle and Tacoma will leave
the Union depot bound for Castle Rock.
Tom that point .the company will .ope
rate the steamer Kellogg, Undine and
Burton, which will run to a point aome
ie miles above where transfer will be
made to the rail lines again for Ta
coma. ' -
Xxpect Big Bay's Work.
Tt la expected by Northern Pacific
traffic officiate to handle I00people
during the day. If alt passengers wish
ing to go to the sound can be carried on
the first train. It will be the only one
run out of the city for sound points to
day. If, however, the first train is not
able to handle tha traffic, a second
train will be run .out at I o'clock and
nn each hour aftnrward until all the
floodbound people eager to go to Seattle
or 'Tacoma have been shipped out of
Portland. Sound passengers trying to
reach Portland will be brought back by
the boats and trains In ths evening.
O. R. A N. traina are now running
reasonably close to tha echedule, though
It la not possible to maintain any defi
nite time owing to the condition of the
tracks and. th necessity for rinse and
careful watch fur slides In the cuts
and canyona along the Columbia river
lata glide area YUato.
' A email slide fell In front of pasierr-
ger train No. on tho O, R. 4 N. bound
for the eaat last night at Vlento, near
Hood -River., but It waa cleared away
within JO minutes and the track onoe
more opened to traffic Reports Com
tag to O. It N. offlolals show that
weather eondltiona. near Bonneville and
at all points along the O. R. A N. track
are favorable. Kaln haa ceased, the
water-Taegtnntng to isuede in the-
swollen streams and no further trouble
la expected unless radical changes la
weather conditions take place at
early date.
Southern Faclflo trala service la also
being maintained to the beat advantage
possible; The demolished bridge at Jef
ferson serosa the Santlam haa cut the
main line In twain, but engineers are
waiting on the banks for tha water to
fall aufficlently to enable, them , to be
gin the work of reconstruction. In the
meantime trains are being , taken" over
the wesTaide lines and transferred
onto the maid- Una south of the break.
Crest of Iflood Beached. .
The weather bureau reporta the oreat
of tha flood, as having been reached,
The river' at Portland was 16.7 feet
above low water mark at 6 o'clock' laat
evening, and Indications point to no fur
ther rlae. The observatlona taken lead
to the report that the watera will be
atattonary during today, but will fall
off slightly tomorrow, while on Tues
day a marked . decrease In the Volume
will . be noted. . The recession of the
Willamette ahowa that all tha amaller
streams of tha upper valley have reached
their hlgheat point and are now begin
ning, to shrink back . ta their normal
Washington conditions are favorable
for the abatement - of the flood. The
cold weather has caused tha rain In the
mountains to be changed to snow, while
In the lower altitudea the weather has
cleared and the streams are beginning
to fall. If the Northern Pacific's char
tered steamers are able to stem tha
floodrqf-ths Cowllta river today tha
floodbound paasengers - in the ..4 stalled
traina will be taken on to their desti
nations at the aame time the Seattle
bound passengers who have been held
In Portland axe being transferred across
tho break in the rail lines. Traffio men
are beginning to see the end of the
trouble and make the assertion that all
trains will be running on schedule time
within a few daya, -
The following report Issued by
Weather Observer Beala shows the Wil
lamette valley conditions during the
nine hours ending at 6 o'clock yester
day afternoon:
River eta gea. 6 p. m. Paclflo time.
November 17, l(0:
Height Change In
Station. In feet laat brs.
Eugene .
Albany, v . . . . , ,
. -I- l-
- 0.7
H- 0.4
'111 remain
Portland . . . ..,
The river at
nearly stationary ' Sunday.
It will fall
slightly Monday
and more rapidly
Willamette Blalsg Two Inches Far Son
Bridge Approach Menaced.
tSpectal Dtoaitcs te TO Journal. )
Albany. Or,, Nov. 17 The ralna con
tinue and the whole country la Inun
dated -with the flood of. water that haa
fallen. Combined with extreme wind
atorms that have blown down treea and
fencea all over the country, conditions
are in a ohaotic state. On the Corvallia
ds Eastern line, running from this city
to Detroit, it waa necessary to cut out
85 treea that . had fallen' aoroaa the
track before the train could reach Ita
destination yesterday.
All work haa been suspended at Jef
ferson alnee the recent rlae In the river
and the work of reconat ruction will be
delayed Indefinitely, at -least -until the
Santiam reachea a stage that la normal
and remains there at least a week. Tbe
Sanderaon bridge, which la tha moat
Initi'ittsni brlrise-in th
the Willamette, la In danger of having
the approach deatroyed on th aouth
aide of the river. The action ot the
water la gradually undermining the pil
ing and should a huge, drift be thrown
up agalnat It by the action of tbe swift
current this no doubt will be taken out.
The Willamette is rising here at the
fatr of two- inches an hour, an should
the extreme condition prevail longer a
much higher stag will be reached.
The Albany Boat club'a boathouse la
adrift - somewhere .between here .and
Portland. On account of the unexpected
rise of the river the house, being tn
an exposed position, broke from Its
moorings. This waa the clubhouaa for
a number of enthusiastic canoeists, and
waa the center of boating activity on
tbe river. , " . : ;
A general .rough house waa the or
der at the police station laat night at
11:10 o'clock, when Officer Kay waa
attacked by Mra. Thomaa Wllllama,
who, armed with an umbrella, put up
a formidable battle. The efforts- of
three other officers were required to
rescue Kay from immediate annihila
tion. Mrs. Williams had been taken Into
custody with her husband by Officer
Kay, who had Invaded the saloon of J
James Iouglass at 44 Vs Third, street to j
arrest Harold Anderson, a boy' of - It
years, who waa drinking with the two
in th place. . When they reached the
police - nation Mra. Wllllama alleged
that Kay had treated tha bow who la
her nephew, roughly, and both aha and
her husband attacked the officer. The
boy was. held aa a minor and the hua
band for Interfering with an officer.
The woman waa discharged. Monday
the proprietor of ths ealoon, Jamea
iMuglassi-wJU answer chsrgss
(Special DUpatra te The Joorntl.)
Spokane, Nov. IT. F. C. Robertson,
chief counsel for the defense In the
Sloane case, njrung a surprise by a
motion to quash the' present Jury panel
on Jthe ground that Juror M. White
was aflmlflCortatha--jury room befora
being aorn. Mr. Robertson substan
tiated the motion by an affidavit from
Attorney Grey to the effect that White
had been called to the Jury box-Just be- j
fore the noon- adjournment and had in- '
advertently been aent out with the
other lurora wlfhout being sworn. The
prosecution at 111 has two and the de
fenae four peremptory challenges, mak
ing It probable that the Jury will not
be completed for the next two or three
daya". '
Turned Wheat Into Whiskey.
Patrolman 'Phillips "arrested' O. Rood.
a deckhand, last night, and had him i
locked up on the charge of drunkenness. :
Patrolman Phillips aays that Rood and
three other men. who escaped, had dis- j
posed of several sac lea of .wheat to a I
aaloon man in ths vicinity of Front
and Alder, atreeta and that tha grain
had been taken from the steamer Joseph
Kellogg. Rood 'alleges the wheat waa
sweeplnra (list had been gathered on I he
I uv.1, buu tiia. uw m fuuif v nv wrong.
l. a . . .-. I .11. . .
Missouri - -Contribute 7- Present
-' Circumstantial Evidence)
Against Mayor.--
(pedal DUpatek by Leaeed Wire te The Joana!)
Joplln, Mo., Nov. 17 The banking
Interests 'In Joplln announced tonight
that tney will aid tn the Inveattgatlon
undertaken by Mayor C W. Lyon rela
tive to the suspicion that $1,000 of the
$3.000 contributed here to the San Fran
cisco earthquake fund- never reached
the proper committee. Thla they will
do by ascertaining who cashed the
drafts and under what circumstances.
If possible.
The entire alno mining dlatrlot ' la
aroused' over the discovery. In connec
tion with the stories of the graft that
are. coming from San Francisco, that
tha first two- installmenta, of $1,000
each, of Joplln'a $3,000 contribution
were acknowledged on headless and un
dated stationery by Mayor Schmlta and
were never acknowledged by the relief
committee, while tha third $1,000, ac
knowledged alao by Schmlta, brought
an tnatant acknowledgment from Pbelan
and Merrick or the oraoial commltea,
this later communication stating that
it la tha only receipt of cash -contribu
The first two contributions brought
no such response.
AU three were sent to Sohmitm
(Special Dispatch by Leased Wire te Tbe Joeraal)
London, Nov. 17. Reynolds' News
paper today states that during-thla
week "a dlvoree - will be - entered - by -a
well' known peer whoae nam corre
sponds to 'that of a northern county!, and
If contested the case win throw remark
able light on modern aqclety.
, Tbe co-respondent Iri Sinderstood to
be an American millionaire, who Is re
puted to have spent a quarter of a mil
lion sterling on presents for tha re
The affair reached a crisis a fort-
night ago, when, quite i unconscious of
the possible danger of her action, the
laay indiscreetly wore at ths annual
county ball tha magnificent diamonds
she had reoelved. from the millionaire.
As a consequence a demand was made
by the noble huaband for an explana
tion of how she became posaeaed of tha
jewels, whereupon 1 there followed a
breakup .of. what had hitherto been be
lieved to be a happy family. It la be
lieved that wrlta will be aerved on the
parties concerned, during this week.
Reynolds' adds parenthetically that
the departure Thursday of the Ameri
can millionaire In question on a lengthy
crulae,. will, -now, perhaps, be more fully
thlam Fan-ell, elevator operator at
night by Patrolman Barter on a war
rant charging him with ualng profane
language. The complainant In tbe case
Is A. L. GotUleb. a Chicago lawyer.' who
is a guest at the hotel.
Gottlieb's atory, he dealred to go te his
apartment yesterday afternoon. and
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rang the electrlo bell several times.
After waiting a short time and the ele
vator did not atart, he again, pushed
ine annunciator ounon.
When the cage In charge of Farrell
finally reached tha office floor, Gottlieb
allegea that the hotel employe became
I very abualve and addressed several vile
I and obscene epithets to him. Aggrieved
Terms to Suit
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269-271 Morrison
by auoh conduct, tN Windy City lawyer
hied to police hesdquartera and secured
the 'warrant. .. Tha case will be tried
Monday morning by Judge Cameron,
Oregon Kea Made XaQ Clerks. -(Washlngtoa
Bursas of The JeerasL)
Washington, Nov. IT.- T. M. Hobson
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184186 FIRST
of Balem, p. EL Mays of lieonatlM and
Roy D. Maxfleld of Portland were ap-
pblnted railway mail clarka today.
- j -rsminIn Vote. -- ,
Prom tha Chicago News.
Women' will do as much for letv ;
men will for money. .
Chairs. JWell quote special
. . , ' 1 ; - f .