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    50 -:'
' 1
; t- The Singer to Her Audience,
: x r-urtla UMrian Pass.
I WM Esolde body and soul end vole
I gave myself to bo Isoldes self
la t all abandon. - . But Iaoldo died
Wltlutbat last not ot ' lev In death.
,' Th truest of you fain would make no
sign ' '. -"
Bat ono deep silent breath, and slowly
Feel me Isold till. .
It cannot be.
' I am th woman now, and nee your
praise. . .
Lot m sin back and Nit la your ap-
. plaua.
tJpbear m on It ware that wall and
rise :
And break re shout of praise lest I
- should faint
.m k.-w -o f.r tn b myaolf '
after Isold lest 1. too, stiouurair
Falling from that last not of death In
". . . love. , -" " "' '
Th Paciflo Monthly..
J - ; ':
FROM thla 'week on th calendar I
full of event Interesting, t mu
sicians. Th Leoncavallo con
cert Sunday and Monday nlghta
open a rle of Important recital and
concert that will last without a break
Into the ' new year. Bbanna Cummins
will be at the First Baptist church
Thanksgiving night, November 4. and
with the flrst of the next month there
will be the Gabrilowitsch concert at the
. Helllg on th fifth. Mrs. Walter Reed's
presentation concert at th 11111 on
th sixth and th Josef Rosencrant re
cital at th same theatre on the tenth.
The MacDowell concert Is still .being
"talked of for some time near . these
dates and will probably be given at a
- private .hom between th - tenth and
the fifteenth. ; . : :
' The University of Oregon Ol club,
which gav such a delightful concert at
th Marquam last Thanksgiving night,
ha had to postpone Its annual Port
land oonoert to January 4 or I. because
of Inability to secure th theatre for
the usual data. There I much regret
felt about this among Portland, aa well
i m university people, because th con
cert ha heretofore made a dashing cli
max for "college day" after th big
football gam on th Multnomah Sold.
Tb merit of th organisation, however.
Is so pronounced and-th Imaxesslon left
by their work last year was ao favor
able and lasting that Professor Irving
M. Olann and hie clever aggregation will
not fall to draw a crowd at any time.
The Oregon student are rejoicing tn
tb return to College of Robert Roun-
- tree, th clever comedian, who waa such
a fun-making factor last year.
. '"'. 'i
It Is aald that th dlvln Caruso, th
matinee Idol, ha found his match. Tea,
some even aay that n has met his
Waterloo, or will have after AJleessndro
Bond's A rat .. appearance In ' America.
-Bond -ha been engaged by Hammersteln
" for tb new Manhattan opera company,
j and those who know say that this la one
' of th worst blow Hammerstela has
- struck against his rival Coniied.
f Bond has never before visited Amr
' . lea, though bla successes have been re
, corded In almost every city of any not
.: tn Europe. At the age of 2 he entered
' th Rossini conservatory and " made
- .such rapid Improvement that three years
later he waa appointed solo tenor at the
Church of SL Maria, in Lareo, on of
th most prominent churches of Italy,
where th musical standards are very
Jiigh. There wer many competitors for
the position. His fame as a soloist
spread rapidly and every 8unday crowds
thronged to th church to hear th "an
gel's voice." After six year of train
' ing at th conservatory he completed hi
, studies and was' engaged to sing the
leading tenor hoi In Verdi' "Falstaff"
at th Royal theatre In Parma. The
audience at thla theatre are considered
among tn moat Intelligent and critical
in the world. Ill triumph waa mstan
taneous. II waa then engaged to sing
the XIUeToTeTn-tPa Dal Veiu tUaatre In
Milan, and from there he went to La
Real a, th great Seal a. dreamed of by
. all European and American grand opera
By apodal Invitation of th Italian
t government Bond aang recently for
th Vesuvius sufferers' benefit and th
- glory of .hi nam drew crowds. In
recognltlpn of his kindness th king of
...Italy conferred, upon him th title of
Commendatora deua corona , d Itajy,
This is one of the highest orders given
to illustrious Italians.
; Tb enthusiasm over Camilla Salnt-
taens first appearance in New Tork
, waa so great that Walter Damrosch
' and the New Tork symphony orchestra
immediately announced two special eon
v eerts, for Thursday afternoon last, and
'. thl afternoon at Carnegie halt
- It Is easy to nnderstsnd the - royal
reception that was accorded l)ln on. hts
first appearance In New. York and In
America. ' A feeling ' of veneration for
the man who passed 71 last month and
who ha' "occupied tn "highest "rung of
: ths ladder aa composer, pianist and di
rector, touched the audience and a he
. was escorted onto the stage by Profes-
- snr Samuel Ban ford of Yale, th orches
tra Jumped to .Its feet, and sounded a
.- lusty fanfare. Mr. Damroseh waved
bia baton and beamed proudly and th
audience rose ss one and waved hats,
handkerchlefa, programs and applauded
long and lustily. And though the grand
old man of France bowed and smiled
' ther ware tear in his eyes for lie did
aot Know- before -bow warm-a- friend
was the American public...
The critic In the Musical Courier apt
ly words the feeling' of greatness
Balnt flams must have Impelled when
H says: "A . a pianist one must per
force apeak of Hatnt Baea in superla
tives' No allowances wer made for
tils g by the critics for none was
""found necessary." The only evidence of
age was th repose, maturity-and mu
sicianship, they said. Ther waa i a
i sens of security and the only sur
prise' ws that with such planlstlo
equipment be waa able to fight off the
temptation! In youth to. devote wtmself
' solely to a virtuoso career. .
' An ' Interesting feature recently in
musical Herlln was the concert appear
ance of th wlxard Godowsky. following
so eloeely on the concert of his old
teacher, Balnt Saens. Both wer great
I fair tn Herlln and both performancs
ae with tb greatest aucccs and n-
thuslssm. , There waa a touch of pathos
In Salnt-Saens' triumph for It was hi
first visit to the city since 10 year ago
when he was mat with hoot and deri
sion. The scandal which made that
Philharmonlo concert In ISM a memor
able on was oaused not by; tb play
ing of th famous Frenchman but by a
book he had written urging hi country
men not te be too much Influenced by
ib.ejp.ew German prophet.Wagner. This
exhortation waa Intended" a -pi ear t
Frenchmen to preserve their own Iden
tity, but tb Berliner, who had al
ready mad th Beyrouth master their
Idol, felt It a direct Insult and thought
he waa decrying Warner, The warmth
Singer at Mrs. Reed's Concert.
of h later reception in Berlin brought
tears to th old man eyes.
But critics say that his pupil, Go
dowsky ha soared to height unattain
able to th master, piano genlu though
th latter la. Godowsky has returned
from a tour of Holland where he played
If time In II day and yet he was
perfectly fresh for hi Berlin appear-
i ' . , r i r y
An amusing story is -told of an la
censed conductor who cam over on the
Pretoria recently. .He conceived that a
terrible Insult bad been perpetrated on
himself and Wagner, and ven th honor
of being - classed with th Immortal
composer did not salve th wound,
It was in th midst of his bsst con
cert and he wax wildly swinging hi
arms to bring out th beat of a brilliant
Wagnerian seleotlon when there was a
sudden burst of melody foreign to the
orchestra and even to th chip. Th
passengers stampeded to th deck ex
pecting to see a vision of. a tropical
island with blrda Swinging gaily to and
fro in the branches. But It was found
that th forward hatch had been left
open and 2.000 canaries wer raising a
song of thanksgiving for th sight of
th blu sky. : Only the Herr Director
failed to be charmed, and, to add Insult
to Injury, the musie suddenly ceaaed
and a Ion green parrot cocked Its bsad
and screeched, . "Mebbe that'll bold you
for" a "while!'1 'The conductor fled and
waa not seen again till Just before the
concert the next day. when he waa
caught surreptitiously locking down th
forward hatch.
. 'WW.-:.-. .v '
Dr.' Karl Muck, th Oerman conductor
who has taken charge of the Boston
Symphony orchestra this year se sue
cessfully, is an enthusiastic traveler.
He is considering making a tour of the
world In th spring on bis way back
to Germany,- crossing the Pacific, and
vlattlng Hawaii, the Philippines . and
Australia. However, be hesitate be
cause Paderewskl went that way three
year ago, passing through the Red sea
tn May. and ha said that ths memory
of It is a nightmare to him because of
the heat .
It 1 told by fidcnds of Dr. Muck that
he accepted the Invitation t Boston
largely because of hi lifelong ambition
to visit South America, the land of
wealth for Germane.. He waa uncertain
a to tb exact distance between Boston
and South America, but it la aald that
ha ex nee ted to be able to run down to
Rio Janlero over Sunday a a relaxation
from the trials Of pleaalng the exacting
"Hub" audiences. . To Portlandera who
have been east and been asked by New
Yorker if they-run-down la San Fran-
clsoo and back In a day to do their shop,
nine it seems quite natural that Euro-
penmr should-expect Boston to-be a
suburb of moot Brasiuan cities.
Since signing up with Hammersteln
Bond has received from th manage
ment of the Bueno Ayr opera an or
fer of $100,00-for to appearance In
the spring of 1007, but h had to refuse.
He is looking forward with pleasure to
hi spix-aranc in America, where r
many of hi countrymen and" woman
have attained glory. He la to make his
debut in New York In "I PUrltanl." an
opera that 1ia not beert'-sung trr-the
metropolis for many years, because
there waa no tenor to sing-the difficult
music It I aald that Bond is the only
one able to sing ths acor without
transposing a not.
' '
The local 'favorite wer heard to
advantage Thursday evening at the ben
efit concert given at the Soottlait Ri?
cthednrt or the Baby home. ' Th largo
ballroom was packed 1 the .doors and
many were standing outside la the haili
to listen, and it msyjlisve been thlr
enthusiasm that Inspired the linger to
unusual effort. Mra Walter Reed was
especially spoken of as singing her very
best, snd her numbers were received
with unstinted applause. She . ssng
"Th Mill o' Skye" (Vldor Harris) and
th "Woodland Croon Song" (Clutsam).
Which she does so well. One of her
encores was the dainty song,, "in the
Coming of th Spring," which she sarg
o pleasingly at th Waldsmar LinJ
eoneert. Mrs. Rosa Bloch-Bauer sang
with her usual animation and her beau
tiful clear tones met with th usual
admiration. Her songs were "Look
Down. Dear Eyes" (Lambert); "Mother
o' Mine" (Tours); "Madrigal" (HarrhO.
with a pleasing encore. J. Clair Mon
telth opened th program with "Sweet
la Ttpperary" ( Fisher , ,"I Envy Thee
Bird" (De Koven) and th Toreador
ong from Carmen. Miss Leonora Fish
er was' th accompanist. ' Waldemnr
Lind closed th program with two ex
cellent numbers. Ole Bull's "Nocturne"
and Bauret's "Farf alia," - William Lee
Oreenleaf gav 4 wo readings. ,
-, Frederick W. Goodrich" writes" as fol
lowa regarding th Portland Philhar
monlo society; 'I It not time that
permanent choral society should be flrm-ly-eetaeJlshed
ia-PortUndT-The-nucUua .
of such a society already exists la the
Portland Philharmonic which was
founded last year and managed to come
through- It first season with a very
fair measure of success. - Th first
m saw
& S3 V1PA yzzd:
on of any society 1 of necesslty-n
experimental on and many lessons are
learned at that time which prove to be
of great benefit In future working. W
want to try to reorganise th society
for the present Mason and appeal to-all
former member and friend to attend
tb meeting to be held at St- David'
parish house, Eaat Morrison street, on
Wednesday evening, November 21, at
1C o'clock. The joining of such a so
ciety aa thl will not do barns to any
vocal student, but on tb contrary, will
help hlra .to -learn to appreciate the
beauties of choral, music. Seattle al
ready possesses a large choral rvm-
claim to be a musical canter, b left
behind her sister city T ;:"!
' ; , ' r. ' : f
St Lout I rejoicing In th new that
Conrled ha relented and will again takt
hi Metropolitan opera company to their
city. Last year th experiment was so
unsuccessful financially that the mana
ger refused to visit th city again. . 8t
Louisan say that nothing different
could be expected In holy week, for they
are no mora prone to go to ths. opera
at that time than New Yorker. Th
engagement will be a short on of two
nights and a matinee and a. guarantee
bf 110,000 will be made. Probably the
company will be brought farther west,
for th losses sustained In th San Fran
cisco catastrophe laat spring must be
maae up tnia year, ana row a time th
manager thought the company could not
be brought near the west.
Th sum of 118.000 ha been recently
subscribed to a fund for the Institution
bf an organisation of vocal teacher In
ewYork tatt Th plan la to raise
th standard of th profession and any
teacher In the state who la recognised
a competent and who ha passed a test
Harold Vincent Milligan, Organigt
nrr . --7 vr wtvl
W ,
examination will be eligible te member
ship and will be subject to n expense
av a member. It la alao planned te
organise under it auspioea a school for
the Instruction of unusually talented
pupil who are unable to meet the cost
of tuition and the beat 'teacher will
aid them. Identification with thl o
oiely .1 expected, to . glv. ..It member
a certain atandlng In th profession and
to prov their competency and reliabil
ity. Th movement ha sprung out of
a recent agitation through the paper
uonoernlug-tho- larger-number -of "fake"-
voloe teachers. Madam Anna E. Zleg
ler haa th immediate supervision of th
movement in . hand. Gradually the
quack vocal teacher will have aa little
standing la the community a th Quack
phyaiclaa. . . ' , . . .
. w.
Th following program waa gtvn at
th laat meeting of Mr.- Walter Reed'
Tuesday Afternoon club: - "LOve'
Way" (Terra old). Mlaa A Lotter
T Tell Thee How I Love" and "In
My Garden" (Llddle). Miss Ullyn Glen
denning; "Harbor of Dreams'' (Coverly)
Miss Ella Dewart: ''Love In the South
land" (Caufleld), Miss Esther Leonard
"The Tempi Bella" (Finder) and
"Until" You .Came'' (Metcalf), Mra
Byron B. Millar. Miss Mary Armttatead,
Mlsa Wtnnl Lewis and Mlaa Bemic
81m joined th club last meeting.
Rudolph Gam, who It Will be remem
bered was her two season ago with
Madam Sembrich, 1 making a tre
mendous hit In Europe and waa given
an - ovation recently In ' Berlin. . HI
hearers will remember his polished and
him enthuslaatlo recognition at a con
cert where ha was not starred but
shared the honor equally with the star.
He wa alao found to have a charming
personality and several prominent mu
sician bar mad hi acquaintance.
Th steamers coming from Europe
these day bear many celebrated figure
In the musical world,, who are. coming
to America for their operatlo tour and
eoncort engagements. A notable com'
pany waa booked to eatl November I
on th Kaiser Wllhelm II. including
Caruso, Gerald Ine Farrar, Burrlan
Scottl, Van Rooy, StracclarL- Rossi and
Berta Morena, all stars for th Metro
politan Opera company.- From Franc
on La, Savol there Bailed on th tenth
CavallerV Roussellere, Plancon. Journet.
Soubyran, Bessie Abbott, Chalmini, and
th new French baritone. Slmard. Sure
ly ther should be some Interesting sa
loa concert on board these vessels.
-:. ,. - . . w-
' Th 'muale for th services at- th
Whit Temple Sunday haa been ar
ranged aa follows: Morning, organ
voluntary, "Prayer and Cradle Song
(Gullmant); quartet, Far From My
Heavenly Home" (Hamer)r selection by
Tempi Girl chorus, under direction
of Mis Lawler; aolo. "Give EarJ to My
Prayer, O God" (Berwald)l poktluda.
"Thome" (Hesse). Evening: Organ se
lection. "Offertory in A Flat" (Read),
"Prelude, - Op." IS, No, I" - (Batiste)
chorus, "Savior Again to Thy Dear
Nam" (Llewellyn); quartet, "Jean, tb
Vary Thought I Sweet" (Hosrher).
Peplto Arrlola, a ; t-year-old eh lid
pianist, 1 creating a sensation la Ber
lin and 1 hailed a -tn reincarnation
of Mosart." He waa discovered by Ar
thur Nlklsch, th celebrated teacher.
and la till atudylng with htm. HI
touch 1 aald te be Ideal, firm and yet
light,- and th piano en which be playa
wa specially constructed ror mm wun
key narrower than usual to fit . hi
mall hand. His teacher plana to allow
him to come before th pubiio during
hi yeara of tuition only at rare Inter
vals, to encourage htm and enable him
to show th progress he haa mad. "
ry, :
That Schumann-Heinle devotion of
her talents to tsoml opera for a year
did not detract at all from her popu
larity, but rather ahowed th publlo
how much they could mis bar la tes
tified to by her engagement list In
comparing her with tb other celebri
ties' she 1 found to double th en
gagements of all but Rosenthal, and
even hi ere fewer. r Beginning with J
October 20 to November 1 ther are
only five evening not taken for con
cert through Pennsylvania, Ohio and
New York and th lake atatea,
ff- ir ....
A new novel' of some Interest anent
th recent agitation In New York about
quack vocal teacher I "Th Charla
tans." by Bert Leston Taylor. It telle
of an ambitious girl who Js subjected
to these metropolitan quacks and Is res
cued Just In time to sava her voice from
utter ruin. , There are a number of
amusing Incident In th book which
plainly refer to present musical condi
tion la New York th standing of the
newspaper critic, th musical stand
ards of th metropolis, and th rivalry
and enmity between large concerns.
- .:- - -- .- -
Carl -Denton' program of organ
mualo at Trinity church today will In
due th following: II a. m. vorsplel.
from "Lohengrin," . Wagner; Grand
Choeurln In F., Theodore Salome. 7:20
p. m. Allegretto in A., Merkel; "Wachet
' Picture are shown today of Mia
Kathleen Lawler and Miss Vlda Reed,
of CalvarjpPreabyteriati Church.
who will- alna at Mrs. Walter Reed'al
pupil oonoert December ( at th Helllg.
Mis Lawler ha a pur lyrlo aoprano
which la under perfect control and la
aoio soprano at the Flrat Baptlat church.'
She will . alng - Dell Aoqua's difficult
"'Chanaons ProvencaJee" at tb oonoert.
Mlaa Reed' vole - la a lovely young
oontraito with much, of the quality. of
her mothera voloe. She .will Interpret
4 dainty group of aonga.
.. .
An Invitation reeltal wOl
bu uavia a Kpiaoopal church on Tues
day evening. November 27, at 1:11. by
Mordaunt A. Ooodnough, pianist, and
Frederick W. Goodrich, organist Th
program will Include work by Meyer
beer,- Bterndale-Bennett, Kreba. Dvorak.
Lad man. ' Mendelssohn. Dethler, Tchal
kowsky. - Wiegand. Raff, Sobytte and
Gullmant.- John Claire Montelth will
be th soloist and will alng song 'by
Dudley Buck and H. R. Shelley,
" . w ,.'.-.
Mis Meta C Brown will be th solo
ist at Haruld Vincent Mtlltgan ninth
organ recital at Calvary Presbyterian
church thla evening at 7:20. Thla Is
Mis Brown' first appearance her
sino her return from Dresden. Ger
many, where she spent two year In
study. She will alng thla evening, "He
That Keepeth Israel," by Schloeaer. Mr.
Mtlligan'a numbers will Include "Toc
cata and Fugue la D Minor," Bach;
"Largo," Handel. , -
, Th muaioal program for today at th
Flrat Unitarian church will be as follows:'-
. ,...("-
Voluntary, "3ut ,NMhtrVl--Brxtt4
Anthem, "God Shall Wipe Away All
Teara" . . Field
Gloria ..................... Beethoven
Respons Schilling
Duet (soprano and tenor), "Lev Dl
vln" Stalnar
March Funch ..Clark
Ann Beatrice Sheldon, director,
Albert Rosenthal, a young 1 cellist
from San Francisco, Is creating much
favorable oomment In Germany. When
he first went to Europe to study he
said he would not return to hi Saa
Franelaoo hom till he had won .a nam
and fame in Europe and when concert
engagementa com to hia unaought at
tna age or si be seems on a fair way to
do thla. His modeaty and ambition are
spoken of a two predominating charac
teristic... '
Frederick W. ' Goodrich haa arranged
the following program for 'today serv
ices at St David' Episcopal church".
Morning: Prelude, "Romance" (Lalo);
"Communion Office la C" (B. Tours);
offertory, sole by Mra Grtmd Rhode;
poatlud. "Marche Solenell" (Mallly).
Evening: - Prelude, "Berceuse" (Del
bruck); offertory. ' "Slumber Song"
(Schumann); poatlud In D minor
(West). ,
Word eoms from Pendleton that Mra.
Anna Selkirk Norton haa met with great
favor there. - She la to glv a - recital
under th auaplcea of th Matinee Muai
oal club nsxt Wednesday, and Friday
aha aang at a musicals given by Mra.
Sallman la Walla Walla. She haa sung
at a number of entailer affair, but haa
given a recital, yet ah haa most of
her . tlm taken op for Instruction al
ready. '.
Hall, th noted young violinist
who ha eome to auoh prominence la
th laat few yeara, plan to devote moat
of her earning to tb muaioal educa
tion of her 17-year-old sister, Evelina.
She ha taken her to Vienna and re
mained -art th her through tb antranc
examination. - Mlaa Eveline ha don
good work as harpist and pianist but
her -aiater- hope - to make a elnger of
her. - ' - " '.
Mr. Louis ' Mead haa Joined Mrs.
Ro Blooh Bauer's Tuesday afternoon
claaa. Laat week Mrs. George Davis
entertained th olub with' a splendid
group of songs "D'Etolle" (Bamberg),
Madel. wis bluts" (Nevln) and a
Godard aong. Miss Harriet Johnson
gav a Schubert group and th class b
s "ff'frw-
r" qnetat .art fin
Richard O. Luochesi haa been p-
eially engaged by the Ricordl oompany.
editor f Musle and Musicians,- Mllsn,
Italy, to writ a detailed article en the
Leoncavallo musical event Ml Portland.
Mr. Luochesi 1 also the regular corre
spondent of II Mondo Arttatlco of Milan
and Nuova Muaica of Florence; and thus
Portland muslo la spoken of la musical
The house tn which Lillian Norton.
known aa Madam Nordtoa, wa born
ha been, offered for sal by Alexander
Forsyth e, Its owner, a former New York
diamond merchant, who haa . proudly
shown th "hlstorio place" to tourUta
for some year. - The house la about
two mile from th villas of Farm-
Ing ton, Maine, and la considered by the
neighbors a landmark ana nistono spot.
Adell Dillon, a Los An gel e girl. Is
making a success In Milan where she
tallan onera. Ther aha
1 known aa Adclle Dili! and It 1 said
that her charming work alone saved the
day for the opera "Linda dl Chamou-
nix." which la commonly considered too
old an opera to be successfully gives
ther any mora.
"-"- -r. W '
. Mra. W. A. T. Bushong returned.
Thursday from her eastern trip and will
resume her work today aa alto In the
First Congregational . choir. The five
Sunday of her absence the place waa
filled very ably by Mis Rose Coffey, a
pupil of Mra. Rose Bloch Bauer, who'
la an apt alght reader and aa intelli
gent singer. . " "r -
Samuel cnieridge-Taylor, th com
poser of "Hiawatha" Wedding Feast.
who 1 to make a short tour of th
United States and Canada during No
vember and December, is of African de
scent, his father being-;- a native of
Sierra Leone. Hla mother is an . Ertg
llBhwrmin; nt-tie'wa born-in- London
on August IB, 1871.
Albert Jonas, th Spanish pianist,
who lived for some time in Detroit and
Ann Arbor, haa met with great success
In Berlin sines taking up hla residence
there a year ago. This season ha will
play ' In'" moat of the European music
centers. "
Emlllo de Oogorsa, the baritone who
so charmed Portland a shbrt time ago,
will sing in Boston November 21. aa
hrllowltschl the pianist, who will be
her. December 8. played in. Boston rea
terdsy. .
" ,'. ''-'- - w - - -
Anna Week of Spokane, a young con
tralto of charming voice who studied
with Rose Bloch Bauer last year, has
gone to New York to study with Etta
" . ' - w w "' - '--" ;
Miss Anna Schlatad, a promising
young "pianist of Astoria,' has oom to
Portland for the winter to study with
W. Olfford Nash. . . .
w w
Th men' chorus will sing 'by request
this morning St th OrSc Methodist
church services and Mlsa Lytle will
Ring "Holy Father." by Millard. Thl
evening Several special number have
been prepared by the cbolr.
Th . tMtiatnal . nf " ItiA
Woman's club wa entertaljed by Mr.
John Toft In her usual charming man
ner Thursday afternoon. Mr, T. W.
; d Light. Is the magnet that draws trade.
The bright store is the "hypnotio eye" of
- business. People can no more resist the At
traction of a brilliant, Electrically lighted
store than they can resist the clarion call of
.: a brass band. ...v.? ' : ' . , 'rr:,
Is your competitor with the Electrically u
illuminated show windows, bright interior
and sparkling Electric Sign getting an ad-
, vantage over you? The moth never flutters
around the unlighted candle ! Up-to-date '
stores nowadays consider shop-window v '
lighting- a Hrrece8sityr-whetherj&eyr
open after, dark jor not. Competition forces ;
modern methods. '
-"','.. . ' , ; ' - . 1
A show , window brilliantly Illuminated ' .
' with Electric light will make many a sale . ;
"the night before.' Electric light compels :
v attention, makes easy; the examination bf J I
- your; display, shows goods in detail ; and ' -fabrics
in their true colors. J
'" And don't neglect the Electric Sign. v It
is soliciting ' ."tomorrow's'' business every
moment it is lighted burning your name in
M the public mind. It is a solicitor that never
; becomes weary never stops work costs
Utile.-: - ; - ' . '
- REDUCED RATES in effect for cur-
rent on meter basis. .-' ;'
: ; For information call MAIN 6688. r
Porfiland General
Nordby of TTt Eaat Salmon street will
entertain the "department next Thuraday
afternoon, November IX, at I o'clock.
"; : ...;.' :.;
Customer (to department tor plan
la t) Do yon play Chopin T '
Raa-tlm Pianist What' the tun
' It t Musical Courlsr. '
.-".WW t
Th Musician Sam old story. If
thl "ere bloomla' forrln competition wot
kill our perfession. The Sketch. .
- . w w - .
Mia riorenc Day, pupil of Frederick
W. Goodrich will appear In organ re
cital at Etlera' new hall shortly after
Christina. :''."'"-
" t
. Miss Alice Juston sang Abbott's
"Alone With Ood" very effectively laat
Sunday morning at th First Unitarian
church. , ' ".
There are saaay Want Aaa ta today
toamel that win tatereat yoa.
- iiwum
Here It Ths Prcsf-Resd
BICIf J. DDTKB. tm Main St.: Maem City. b,rtN: n beeaflt 1 remrwl from ntOPS
eannot be told. Iwaaailerlppltd npwlMi Kbunutl.m lor a rwaad wHlrh Um.I
nnt . good Btanjr aollara In all wt to ro&la health, kaloonld Snd BOielKf artw
oomm.ivcuis tla.of -DKOPS "I .utMiMHul to work In . abort tlm. and h.v, no4 kl
tUf Mao.. 1 sitm -i-PROPS" tboieash Wlalaad aw Mn Ua plnltd vlll ll rwiw!
I eta aai alwaa wlU noomuxad M." mn-owmiMBtun
' . V. snasBTT, Pntnp, lad., mtMi "Teer-I DkOrVhaaeorad mt'et RhmoMMni Am
iaaTtnptanioflkdlMMabaiitn. T laothar had b-n dowa with tha MaTMjWtn
lnTr montk. hlrh tlm..h bad. ILh .mie, uidcna. Sow ah. ka.
thrown Mil both aad o wliara tb. piaaao wllbotil aitber at Ultra. Ska la 71 Taaraold mZS
waseora of U. br "t-CHOrm."l ahaU sem ba irl thou tjoa " "nlldr lanr hoilT
.no. vn,mii I, iLuanian, v.w, .. mwJI "I nmnfffrH With Bhtmtnatfeea
for flfty jian. Wbm Mat to rna tor a botll. of Dnors- kad haa ana" ill rwr fnn?
antha to dM mr uaM aloaa. 1 Sard on. bottl. at jtnt raniad. and fait btar Thai
eooad bottl. I and atoppwa U the pala. Thra bottlaa at -h,ro- aid mZJ
art casRuoa. stars oae,ra.,nM! a-irairarad tarrthlT with I Idnor TraabM fnman
and at a.i.f im thaa two bottl. efV-DRon-1 am sow antlr.1, "ii!JJd iXSlCrTl
tb. prla lor mr aura. I ana Id ao Sad anrthln that woald lra math, allihuwl rllf ontn
1 UaallkU ramad.aad Iwnniamiad It to .7bedr aaa prauail oar far lldair PiliU!!
Rkvumatf am for naarlr fortT van. I Darehaaad a hottla n mu i.Li,nAb..i Z'TlTj
w. bewbIdict. rmnlrrnrt. HI., wrltaai -1 ana IB
tiimlVbo.riT" " ,nmm " sM,y raawrltaaU Iwill taU
S-DROPS" wlH Cur Rheumatism, Neuraljta, Kidney Trouble!
La Orlppe, Lumbago. Sciatica, Oout, Asthma, Catarrh, Neoralzlo
Headache, Eczema, Scrofula and Other Kindred Dlaeaaes.
'DROPS" can be used any length of tim without acquiring a
"drug habit," aa it U entirely fre of opium, cocaine, alcohol, i-ndsntim
and other similar ingredients. ,
f3 If th
NOTR l-arye 0lr Bottl "i-OPOPS" (Jo Deees t Pee K.I. a
Xat Xdk to Work. "
Waltr- Hop fa Technical World.
"Out of SOt "gainful . occupation s"
enumerated by the census of th United
State ther are only eight la which
women do not appear. From four out
of these eight occupation woman are
excluded byJaw, At th. presents tlm
ther are over ,000,00t women at work -In
various trades and occupations la th
United Htates. In 100, of every five
American woman ever 14 years of age,
on was going . ouUld of . her - family -duties
and taking part la th gainful
work of tb working world. At that
tlm ther - wr " 40 women civil en
gineer, 14 woman mechanical and eleo
trlcal engineers and three women min
ing engineers, besides 14 women veter.
Inary surgeons. .
Sport Mot. .
From th Philadelphia Bulletin,
Th Iron In a fighter' blood must b
crap Iroa. -
"J-DROPS". g ga internal tod axteraal
ramady. Applied externally it give quick
relief to th sufferer, while a car is being
affected by it as internally. When yon
are suffering with Rheumatism. Id any form
use - o-ukvks." it doe not matter
whether you hav Inflammatory, Muscular
or Articular Rheumatism, this remedy, if
nsed as directed, will give almost instant re
lief and effect an early and permanent cur.
It rid th blood, tissue and Joints of th
uric acid and other poisonous matter which
causes those intense rheumatic pain. This ia
th only way ia which a cure can be effected
-S-DftOPS" haa been the mean, of ra
. storing to health and strength thousands ol
' people who wer suffering with Rheumatism,
Gout, Lumbago, Sciatica, Neuralgia, Kidney
or some oiner paiuXttl ou
Ths Textbcr.hli
above testimonial hav not convinced
I yon of th curative power of '0DROPS"
J w ask you to send for trial bottl and test
'It yonmelf. W wiU gladly sead it to yoa
awl FRFH Ml Wlnarl '
t 1