The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, November 18, 1906, SECTION FOUR, Image 43

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.-'V ',. -
tin 111 ' " I II J III I li.VV
i r i 1 1 rr 1
, "Vw Urk. I'm afraid." Th child
i J lah laca looklna through tha
garden grew very wistful Perk shook motherless chlld -living win ;
his head, heaved a big algh and keeper and a nuree Id a
at one of fjs targe, white-gloved hands town house, -whose , mP.t
In preferySa to meeting the mournful ' echoed back Solitude, and Into J'0
"I'm afraid ao, Miss Kitty: yow aaa.
It'a tha third. ! it tha fourth time?
Tha brown eyes alouded over. Their
owner looked down at tha mall white
puppy cuddled In her. arms.
."ira-lfa tha fourth time. Parka."
Again Parka haavad a elsh. and OOl-
tahed a button abatraetedly between his
thumb and fAraflnirar.
a van i ao ueau inn fiir auirt -1 --,
w can IT Mora aaueotall aa Colonel
naagery aaw it," pa aoaeu, wun uouui-
ful fntfrrltv
"No. I a'noaa not," aald Kitty, mourn-
fully, winking back a tear that would
rorce iia way
effort a to keen
way up, despite her braveat h(rllly proof against hta endear
keep ft bank: "but. Parka," a Jl, ,1 ih. Krumblad at bar
hop llghunlnj th. aadnaaa of L"!.Ti!:h!n.d haVr and tumbled
' aleam of hora llKhtenlna thi
her voice, "if they knew be waa only a
. puppy, ana very mau tor nit agar --
Pvrka abook hla head.
-"Uon't behave -aa how It- would make
any difference, Mine Kitty, though ho
ain't above alx tnonthi l, la ha?"
Bob gently wagged "hla atumpy tall,
, and opened ona alaepy aya In honorable
proteHt the other waa crumpled UP
, agaluat the pinafore of hla little, mla-
trras. v . -
Klttv alsrhed heavily. ' ' i
"Seven months, three week and ttva
. Amvm lnnin,FAUi V
inv w.uaaw ft iMiituii, aMV va
waahtngton, aba could gn"! chair and mounted tha Ubla aa
from tha truth, taowavary f"",. or imttrii
not awerva
The blg-poHceman looked down at
her, with aympathy expre.aed on
every feature.
Pupplra writ ba pupplea to the and
of the chapter.' and he knaw that
there la no going againat ncture. but
ha did wish that cither Bob would
bow to (ha inevitable, and not evade
hla musale at every turn, or that tha
majesty onhcngwrwBfaKTflgc1araaavor to taarTfrthaHatad thin:'
He took a turn or two up and down
the pavement while the, child preaaad '
ber forehead againat the railing and
waited for tha oracle to apeak. There
. waa no greatneaa of whlcb aha did not
believe Perka capable, and certainly
. ' the worthy man's moat marked char
acteristic waa love for children and
animals. Ha had often noticed tha
child flitting about tha garden of tha
dingy ao.uare. And had marveled at
Trapping Wild Animals
' ... '' "
"V hat's this?" says Mr. Stripes, tho tiger. He walka slowiy round, aeea
his own reflection In the looking glaaa. thinks it's another tiger, and ortihl
bung! he Jumpa through tba looking glass, down comes tha lid of tha box. and
Mr. Stripes la a prisoner. , . . , ;
V WRITER in tba Plsybo jrl'res
A boy and girl readers a faaclnat
A Ing account of how the Hons and
tig" which you ses at ths Zoo
and the circus are irapv.
ber aunt s hand, was looking very Urn
Id and Beared. . .h.
"No, auntie, I'm not frightened, shs
said; "but 1 was wondering .
"Well, what dear?" .
"I waa wondering how they caught
these big wild tlgera." '.. ni.
Tbafs a very sensible question, in
tile, ao 1 11 tell you how thrV.
Tou know that tigers ttvs In India,
don't you, in Ihe Jungle?" '...-....
"What a the Jungle, auntie?"
-a thirk fnraat. mv dear. Well,
When the men who catch atiima's want
tikr the7 go to a clearing-that la,
Soil of th Tjunalo where there re
fP.?and there they build a kind of
"Are you frlgnteneo, .-. . ready. Up comes Jacki. gambol n5 th m' .mm ,.
Aunt Jane. . and f risking, and he sees the Ja" yna" ' cnIld
Th. had 1n entered th. tiger nous 'h.,T' .u..?. ..... m,;.. her love on a dos: .k. urn. atrl. homing i-,"-."".-' .'"'". .""" i nn . ..r
huge box., made of heavy .logs, very
strongly fixed together, with a lid that
t Shuts with a spring."
"Like a mousetrap?"
"No: the box lan't ths same shape as
mousetrap, but the lid works in
. something th. sama way. Then Inald.
they .put a larg. looking glaaa, fixedto
the spring, and open .the lid wide, pres
ently Mr. Stripes, trie tiger, cornea by.
and ha sees this strange box In ths
middle of ths clearing. 'What's thla?
says he, and ba walks slowly round It
for tigers are very careful nd pres
ently he Just puts his forepaws on tha
top of ths box and looka over the top.
There be sees his own reflection In ths
looking glass, and hs thinks It must be
another tiger looking at him. Now,
'- you know, tigers are very quarrelsome
-they sro-always fighting and wh.n
I'-. Mr.' .Stripes sees wnat ne tninxs is i
another tiger in thla box, over th. adg.
be Jumpa, crashes into tho looklng-
-glass, and bans! down comes the lid, ,
and he la caught without being hurt
In the least." . ...:.
. "Can't ha get outt"
"No; you see there Sr Jieavy weights
, on the fid and he can't lift It So, you '
see. Mr. Stripes Is caught Juat through -belns
inquisitive and quarreleome."
,- "Dothey catch all wild animals Ilka i
that, auntie?"
"Oh, no: they eouldn'tr Ths hippo- ,
pntamua, for tnstsnos, is captured quit
.differently."1 . , ' .
' "How, auntl.T"
"Like this! A deep pit Is dug In ths ,
" "gfound and covered over with branches '
and leaves, earth and graaa, until you "".
' would have to look carefully to sea that ,
there was anything ' there but ths
Winnie wss listening with wld.-open
syea. v,.--
"Mr. Hippo comes blundering, alone;
such a great, heavy, clumay old-erea'""
tu re he Is. VVlnnle and he doean't aee
thlshtdden ptt" tn his path he goes
stumbling right over It. The branches
break under his weights Jhe whole cov
ering gives way and head Viverheela he
goes down to the bottom of th. pit"
, Winnie laughed' merrily.
"It must be funny to e a hippopota
mus turn head oyer heela."
"Yes. I should think It would be. And, . '
"' ynti see, It is ail bora use be doesn't look
where he Is going." -
'And bow are .-nonkeys caught
auntie?" ' ' ..'
"In a very, queer way. dear, rod
He ioon made friends
. i A a tha full.
sh. did, wbtn the milkman ave .
To the
for her- very own.
puppy cams aa a verltabla gleam or
light. Iolla win all very wU, but
Hob wae atie to taisi wun n 1
ear a and Impudent, aoutty "..
, Bob waa company when twilight re",
and old nuraa doaed in her Chair. Bob
could play a capital game of hide-and-aeek.
end In h a society Kitty
tasted eome, at least of tha Oye of
.' She thought him th moat Jalented
1m hj klns-dom. and even nurse
plnalora, whan Bpb.had worked hl
will. 1
"ob-wo-llk iaatJ)tharum
acarum. aon. and at tlmea ha cauaed
hla mtatreae oonalderabU anslaty." He
had one very weak point, and that
waa an utter contempt for tha mum
cllng order. Tba flrat time Kitty ahow--kim
tha muni ha anlffed at it con
:4Atemptu0uely and ahook It rom ald i to
alae, aa u unocr mo niv
be waa worrying a 4L
reach, but Bob jumped
Then K.tty put " V" mnA wn
hta'Ilirin-tno-attetwpb awouiuuwv
bun atlll to have it DUt on. SO Kitty,
in daapair, picked him up and took
him out to Perka, tha policeman.
Bob adored Perka, too, but familiar,
ity in thla inatance failed to breed,
contempt. Puppy though ha waa, ha
felt the power of tha law, and allow. ,
d Parke to put on the muaale.
Than ha careered madly acroea tha
trip of graaa, and rubbed hla noae
againat a tree trunk, putting up hi .
nawa now ana inn in m ,tiq u-
irittv hunt Into teara aa aha looked.
and then turned for comfort to the
sympathetic Perka. .
"Poor Bobl Do you think he'll over -get
over It, PerlrT"aho sobbed, "Oh, -I
do believe bell dio of a broken,
-I don't think as doga oyer a that"
replied Perka. ...
Kitty atill sobbed In bar pinafore,
and Bob kept on hla mad career, re
gardless for onco of her feelings. "
know, monkeys are vary, very greedy,
and it'a all through that that they get
trapped. The men take a number of
small J re and put some nuts Inside
inein. inese are cnainea to posts stuck
And hs puts his hand in th. Jar and
ois a sutuui oi nuts as be
possibly can."
. "Oreedy thlngr "
"But then he finds that while It Is
very easy to put hla ope.r band In th.
Jar, now that It is full of nuts hs
can t draw it out again. Bo there he
Bits trying tc decide whether he'll
hold onto th. nuts oh, h. doesn't
want to lose those nutsi or whether
It wouldn't be better tn ii -
and get rid of the Jar. And whila h.'a
miklnr un hta mlml V. . M..
along and Jack. 1. cauihW H uLL -
being greedy." w-ua..
"Auntie!" .
"Yes. winnlsr
"P'r'aDs it's a rood thin a- th.. a
catch greedy little boys and girls?"
"Perhaps It Is, dear. Would you ba
caught, do you think?"
. "I I don't1 know.'' answered Winnie.
"No, Blrse!"
IN a recent discussion on Juvenile
crime Charles Richmond " Hendor-,
son, professor of sociology, told a'
story of a youngster who waa asked
whether he knew th. meaning of "re
generation." "Ves," responded ths isd. "It moans
to be born again.
", roula "". 'J to bs born
- gln?" he was asked.
"No, sireel" exclaimed . ths boy:
"I'm too.mucn afraid of being born
rirst arrange tho string
IT If. really quits a trick to bs abls
. to break off a length of stout twins
or sewing cotton. .. ;
If you watch an experienced wrap
par In th. shops, you may find him eta
AvaA firmly In tha rraund. ami ftvArvthfn
w . ' I ' : . t - v acr - 'n 1 1 r i :?a. k a-uiaitijs:i.t-.'!L-.!i I.--. ni-a 3 ft 1 1
"He'll get over It never fear, Mlaa
Kitty. He's auch a sensible little ehap
for hla age he'e bound to tha
force of It noon." ,
Aa If to give Parka tha lie. Bob Just
then performed yet wilder feats, going
round and round In a el role, then de
scribing a figure that might have repre
sented an Isosceles triangle i finally, in
a mad endeavor to stand on hla head,
he rolled over and over, and lay panting
at tha foot of the tree.
'Even Perks began to doubt the dog's
sanity. , , , - . -
"He do take it terrible "ard." ba said.
Kitty nodded sorrowfully.
"I 'apect baa chinking of the bo nee."
she aaid.
"Boneaf" queried Perks. "
' "The milkman bring him a bona
nearly every mornlng,'r Kitty strangled
the aob in her throat; "ha aaya for his
mother's sake not the milkman's moth
er, but Bob's and Bob always ate It
under that tree. No wonder ba feels U
dreadfully. Parks." ,
"No wonder, ln3eed7mTas,' responded ;
Perks, with deepest sympatny, eyeing
the gtill recumbent Bob; "now you Just
- take him home, and lot him see ha
won't wear It Indoors. That'll soften
the blow; and tell him he must cat his
Danes on xne mat inaoorsr-
He wouldn't believe me If I did." said
Kitty; "father won't let him. Bob bad
a very favorite mat that he liked even
better than tha grass, a nice wooily one
you know the sort. Perks at the foot
Of the stairs, and one day father didn't
sea Bob there, and nearly fell over him.
He waa very angry, and aald Bob waa
.never to eat bones In the houaa. So If
he oan't have them anywhere he will be
miserable. Do you know. Parks. Bob
alwaya growla when he hears father
-tnovica-about always. Why da you
suppose ha doaa ltVr
bhe fixed her large brown ayes Inquir
ingly on Perks' . face. Us shook his
"Seems Queer," ha said, reflectively;
r"can't to.aglmvPm- aure, miss,"
Kitty sighed.
Neither can I." she said, "but I wish
he wouldn't Oood-mornlng, Perks; ,1
"perk'. watched the llUls flgurs cross JiijlSSti
th. .trip of grass. toUowed by th. now. 'i-S.-T" Y.TIfci'h-'S'LS
tfthaatjinad BuL.
"Don't I knowl" h. ejaoulated, as h.
resumed his beat, "more power to you.
Rob. my boy. for crowllng at th. old
heathen. It makes my blood boil to aee
y leaae. it s cruel
to put .vary bit of
thoush I don't ear
batter very often than
humans, atill it don't seem right. Ptor
little laaal"
Parka had several lasses of. his own
at horns, and felt that b. ought to
know. - ' .
An elderly man, with stooping shoul
ders and fast whitening hair, and that
absorbed. Inward look bo often worn by
aclentlsta, hurried past at that moment
Ha carried a heavy volume under one
arm, and waa too preoccupied to return
iWSil liM.ton. .
Tha other dwellers In tH , sous,
ways greeted Perka In a friendly
uare al-
nd It waa only for Kitty's sake that
Perks saluted ths eminent scientist bar
And now the time had come when
Perks could shut his eyes to Bob'a In
iquities no loniter. Bob waa a flagrant
ainner with regard to hla muxsle. Ho
would frollo gayly through the gate to
the policeman a very feet and even
though Perks might turn his back. and.
metaphorically, cloae . hta eyea, until
Kitty hurried Bob away, the dog would
Insist on obtaining recognition from the
11 nib of the law by circling round his
feet uttering light-hearted barks such
sa only the unmuxsled dog is capabls of
And today Perks knew hs must shut
Mb eyes no lo'niter. Bob had risen that
mornlns In saver mood thsn usual: his
puppy blood waa up. and he was ripe for
mtschlef-Aa old Mlaa Forbea croael
The Tricks of Tom
on your left hand, as shown hsrs.
ploying ths asms method as described.
Take th. twin, or thread and wrap It
around your hand and fingers, aa Indi
es iea u tae picture
the road, he darted out and caught tha
skirt of her gown between his teeth, in
a good-natursd. desire to aid, ox teisrdV
ner progreaa.
Colonel Badgary earns to tha rescue,
hla Anglo-Indian blood at boiling point,
and as Perks met tha fiery glance, ho
knew thavaffeetion must give way to
. Ha handed Bob to his mistress, and
felt like a criminal as ha took out his
notebook and Inscribed therein tha
name Miss Katharine Oalbraith. Tha
colonel went on hla way mollified, and
Parka, aa before recorded, abased him
self to Kitty.
It was a hot breathless day.. Tha
sun shone fiercely on the ajarden of the
square. The patch of graaa waa burned
brown, and the painted seats were blis
tering In tho sun.
But Kitty hurried across, with Bob
tucked under bsr arm, to' where Perka
stood waiting near tha railings.
"I'm afraid I'm very late," she aald,
breathless with baste, , and apparently , ,
oblivious of the heat, "but, you sea.
ferns, i tnougnt la better put on my
best clothes; and I don't know how It .
is.hQf besnrotfier take hiucH" longer
to put on than ordinary ones. Why Is
it, I wonder? And then I had to collect
my money.. Hew -much do you think -'
they'll fine me. Perks? Does it go by
slse? ..Bob is such a miter'
'ItJWhf jbut I'm afraid It don't,
MIhs Kltty.' -
They had started try this time, and
though there were few people about, :,
those few turned to look, with soma.,
amusement at the frugn policeman and
hla email companion. Kitty's face wss
rosy-red ' under her wlde-brlmmed,
: flapping hat and her eyes were shining
with excitement
8hs - held - Bob tmderono ahu, -his
hind leg dangling behind. The Indignity .
of tho mussls. In addition to this mode
of conveyance, proved too much for
-n(m. ;
He growled softly under his breath,
but he waa in deep disgrace, and Kitty
took no notloa.
Shs Knew that she. too. oua-ht to feel
sad, but somehow there was a tings of
excitement in the air, and Perks, off
lowed her charge to accompany Perks
In preference to going herself. Th.
way to th. court was not long, but it
wss desperately exciting. . -
There were th. shops eHopg that wore
not of ths highest order: In fact, very
third rate, but none the less murvelous
-In Kltty'a eyes. Nurse waa old and ner
vous, and sought th. untrodden ways
when taking her charge for a walk.
Kitty wanted to atop and look at averv-o
thing, but Perka glanced at his watch,,
and applied his frequently spoken ad
vice for ones to himself, by saying they
must "move on."
They met several dogs, at which sight
Bob raiaed hla head and growled avnln.
Ha forgot tor tne moment mat nsnuns
days ware over with the advent of the
nniiu hut whan this waa borne in up
on him, melancholy again marked him
for her own.
Here they were St last! ......
Kitty's heart grew heavy: she held
Bob more firmly and clutched her coins
In the other hand. ...
They were only Juet tn tune. Perks
said. The Maalstratea' .'room waa far
hotter even than the outside world';
Btuffy and duaty and grimy, and the
Magistrates, having gone through a
great many cases, wer. hot and tired
and rather croaa. - "
They thought their work waa done,
and frowned when Perks sppeared with
bis small delinquent .
The aunehlne that filtered through ths ,
dusty windows circled round .Kitty's
bright hair and eager, frightened eyea.
She clutched PerkB tightly by the coat
aleeve with one hand and under ths
other arm held Bob, who sniffed In a ..
truculent manner, aa If hs objected to
the stmoephere of police courts. Kitty
saw everybody's ayes fixed upon her.
and the room swam in a mist before her ,
frightened, gas a, but tbs touch of. Perks'
Then givs It a smart Jerk.
Then r lose t up your left hand, and
with a quick Jerk pull on th. twins Wltn
your right hand. - . .
After a little practtc's, you will, find
yourself easily break I nx the twin, with
out hurting either hand. '
sleeve and Bob's rough coat gavs ber
Ona of tha Magistrates looked stern
and careworn, and the kindness In his
eyes was too deep down for KHty to sea
It; but tha other, who was much older,
bad a merry, cheerful air that went
atralght to her heart -
He put up bla eyeglass to survey bar.
Ha knew Perks, and spoko remoa-strattvely.-
. - ,-' - .
"Now, Perks, what's the meaning 01
this?. Lxst, stolen or strayed?
T HBoBTeAifs'iasTlira
Perks lifted Kitty, Bob and all, on to
a vhaur, and tba stood Uteido Uiem,
without moving a muscle.
. "Branch of the muscling order, your
' worship. I-ady wished tOjalvavl:.
-dence, and pay ' her own. fine."
W hereupon Kitty.- dropped her
on Perks' sleeve, and unclosed the
hot hand that contained the coin.
"Please, I'm truly .aorry, and so n
BBob. bv thla time considerably bored.
had sunk into a Jose, but at the Bound
of hla name he ouenetl his eyes and
If to refute the last Item of evidence.
Thtre was a pause, xne emer mm-
ustrate was nonplussed, and glanced
-at-- i'erhs. for aselstance, 'but Perks
looked stolidly 'In front of him, Ilk. a
dummy policeman In a snow.
"I'm afraid Bob muat be a naughty
dog," romarked th. younger magistrate,
a smile banishing tha sadness from hla
face tor-a moment-
He s not reaiiy, am mu, mr-
' 4i ahvness In Bob's interests.
"It's only that, though he's bo clever
. Jn other ways, ha can't understand
.Historical Puzla.
Hers are two historical events, rep
resented plctorlally. Can you tell Pour
Evans what they arst .
J " Beheadings. - . ...
t Something that falls from ths skyi
behead, ms and 1 id at : ths preeeut
time. . . .
I My whole la a name; behead ms
and 1 am a bird; behead ms again and
1 am a boat
t My whole Is something you sat;
behead,, ms And- I am something you
did. ..'.. - -. t J
Jumble Words.
(Names of countries In Europe.) .
1. UIIl lU'Ul.
2. Imnaouur. , .
s. bnlhetenrda.
4. Dnalcrt
t. Atssur.
. Alrsev.
s. Beheadlnoi.
L I am a plec. of furnlturei behead
me and I am a covering fur th. head;
behead me again aud i am th. atmos
phere. '''..'. " ' A
. 1 am a conjunction; behead m. and
I am worn on the head; behead ms
again and X am a prapuaiuon.
" Drop- Letter Puzzles
(Cities of Asia.)
t . a ' - - a - -
J. I - a t - k.
i. P - k n. ' . ;" jt;
i - y - - r b - '. ' .'; '
.T---h-m-. ' .
Literary Conundrum
J. Why was RIdef Haggardt
I. W hy la Sarah Grand?
I. How long Will bamuel Lover?
4. When did Mary Mupcs Dodge?
a. Why did Lewia Carroll?
- 6. Why If Oeorge Canning? ' ' -
. 1. What klied Maxrlat-laeecher Stowst
Irrop-Letter Puzzles.
(Names of rivers.)
' p o m O.
H - - - o n. r
It - a - a,
t - o.
of Ot '
" ENIGMA. . .
I am composed of twelve letters.
My drat la In go, not In home.
My aecond Is In gale, nut In fresh.
My,third la In Jon,, nol "in pound
My fourth la in Kdiio, not In May,
My tlfth la In run, not hi walk.;
My alxth la In stone, not- in brick.
My seventh is in rum, not in wins,
My .Ighth Is In buy, not in sell.
. My ninth Is In use, not In keep.
My tenth Is In park, not In square.
My eleventh la lit teach, not In learn.
My. twelfth la lu enter, not In leave.
,t My whole la a city In Europe.
1'h tnaals eta ordo oto osno yb iafh
why ha should har to wear a nuula.
It la hard, lan't Jtf -
"Vary bard," agreed tha magistrate -
Kitty's face brightened. .
"1 knaw you'd understand," ana ex
claimed, delightedly, 'and I'm so glad
I oatna with Prrkl to 'BDlaln. Bob 18
really not a bad dog, and I know he's
truly aorry.
1 mat tha money out crt
my money box
t. erka dldn't know how
much It would be.
bo big .doge pay
thao 'HtUa
onea?" . ,
Bha bald tha money out on her palm.
The cheerful maglstrats put tip hla
eyeglass and peered at it gravely,
suppressing the twinkle ou of regard ,
for her feelings.
"How much have you there r ba
"A shilling, a sixpence bold out your
hand, perka, please, and X 11 count 11
a shilling, sixpence, two threepenny
bits, a ponny and tbre
How much la that?"
"I I'm really afraid I have lost
count-' his worship bent forward to
look at Perks' outatretehed hand. Bet-
iiST - ult vrfrr over the -iieuskn,r
inu said a smiling, two sixpences "
"One sixpence." corrected Kitty.
"One sixpence, two threepences well,
that Is two sixpences." His worship
spoke triumphantly.
Kitty looked at him with a perplexed
- frown puckering her brow. - - -
"A sixpence and a threepenny bit are
quite different" she remarked severely,
taking Perks' hand, and Indicating in
coins in question, "now, aren't they?
Oh, quite!" His Worship felt that he
was "noiat wun ms own petara, vy
beins put Into his own witness-box. sou
know tbat be did not come off wsth fly- ,
colors-"totally. different! Whati
m ii . V. .5 '.
"'.'."""" ''.'."""'r;,"""r
llllll, BIIU
aald Kitty, "It ends with
"That's all.'
-three half-E
His worship glanced appeallngly at his
colleague, who had been aurveylng ths
scene With interest his careworn eyes
rarely leaving the child's eager little
- fare. - 1
Her brown eyes, such large, velvety
yea. touched a heart string somewhere, .
making it -vibrato painfully.
He waa evidently of no use whatever.
Polly Evans Puzzles and
nad hesctnp, ym yegslnt wtih sutj a
baugL '
Nad oaeats ym tah nl bet der reap
Kh a gouxh dol know nad eb
setsea em.
I am composed of five letters'. ' ..
My first la in waa, not In wars.
My aecond is In Henry, not In James,
My third Is In Spain, not In Ort-eca,
Mv fourth la In Harry, not In Will.. ,
My fifth Is In kitty, not In puss.
" My whulslstha name of a klndof
... , I ... .a .
Answers to Last Week's
' , Puzzles and Problems
Picture Puzzle.
' The answers are: L ROOSEVELT.
11. IL'KKUY. .
Thu fifteen words la th. list were,
-'1. Jtlnns. I, Organ. . Oriel. epade.
a. EaseL . Vases, 1. Eight t. Label.
jrrrapmsBamswa I
BaaSBl -
Perks? par,, rtooa there wh out.
stretched hand, looking Into epaco. Tba
alerk. tha only other Inhabitant of the
dueky room; was smiling ovar tha novel
scene, and - gKtherlag up bla papt a
' nreniirtiipv.i ri ... . . a n ,
Preparatory til daniiom1 A nnllninli.
stood just outside tha halt-opaa door; -a
bluebottlb By bussed noisily In a dlatabl
window, and Bob's breathing stole upoa
4 the air. No hops lay anywharol . '
i ills worship's brow was suffused with
embarrassment , "
-'A shilling.'' ho murmured, "two si
poncee i nuu two tnYeepencee' '
. he again broke down under Kitty's rb
1 lentiesa gaze, feeling as he bad never
- felt alnoa schoolboy escapades. Ha won- -.
derad sihethar tho bvswng really cams
, from the window, or if It were only to.
his own head, Kitty broke the silence. ,
"Perks can count" aba remarked, with,
an Irony which his worship felt was
rlcbiy-ei'liad.-'.'caa't-'- you, - Parks
Tell him how much It somes to.' 3
"Two shillings and twopenesj hatt- -penny,
Miss Kitty." . ;
Their worships roae with ono lnv
puli-khir"aWihtssedth"e oourt "." T ' """
'i'toe clerk disappeared. Tho ears
, worn Magistrals patted Bob's towio4
bead. .,
"Keep your money, child." As BoWs
very aorry, ws will forgive him thsa
time," he said, smiling so kindly lnlo
the brown ayes that Kitty smlle4
down at him In' return from her els- .
vat ion, avae..aUwwod. heraaif ha bo lltU -ed
down. .
Hhe did not seo a spasm ckssj the)
sad face beside her. but tho othes) .
Maglatrata saw It and wondered, - -
"What Is your namsr" asked bis)
Worship of the merry countenance
, "Kitty Galbralth." J
The younger Magistrate started vla-a
lantly. 4 .
Ha draw Parks aside, leaving his) '
cheerful colleague to reinstate hlra
self In Kitty's pood (opinion. "Wberei
dot)s she live. Perksr1 fas asked, hla
face lull of deeper Irrtereat than that
case appeared to demand, "and how)
comes It that the child is out without
,' a nurse and in a Polios C": trt of all
places? What can her-pooplo bar '
thinking of?" . . -
. "Kbe has no mother, your Worship,
and, begging your pardon, her fathes
thinks no more of her than If aha was)
a stock or atone. He's Professor Jede ,
dlah Galbralth, your Worship; quit
a big gun, as I dars say you've beard.
I brought her along today aa much) "
for a change as for anything else. I
waa a bit late on purpose. 1 If hea ,
' father knew about tha fine ba'd make
her give up the dog, the only living
'thing she has to play with.
His Worship sighed. '
' "I am glad you brought her. Perks.
I know her mother, and saw tho re
semblarice at once. Thank you. Perks." .
And Perks, looking down, saw a
sovereign placed within his palm.
That memorable visit to the Police
Court opened ourt a new life to Kitty
and Bob. . j -
His Worship called on the professor
the following day, and now it le one
of the commonest sights of the square
to see Kitty and Bob and hla Worship
jolnr Dff far a visit to fairyland, and
Kitty tbanka to her naughty but be
loved dog la a happy little glrL By
the author of "The Pendletona." .
; Onljr Kitten Jules. i '.'"
FOTR-TEAR-OLD'Roy had great pleas
ure In hi red mittens, though they
soon got wet through la handling the
flrst aaow of the aeason.
. "Why, Roy," aald his mother, aa hs
warmed hla hands by the kitchen
' stove, ".what alia your hands?"
Hoy toon a caret ui aurvey oi bis
stained hands, and repUed In aa oft
banded manner.. . ,
"That's Just mitten Julce."
.Set In Her Way.
DOT took her city cousin out to tho
- hen-house to get the egga, but the
speckled hen waa on her best deter
mined to set and Dot did not dars to
take her off. . . . . -
We can't get these eggs, Bert" shs
t . .. 1 A i3 .L! . . . .1 ... w
and aha is ao cross, I'm afraid of bar.
. Llttls Chronicle, r .
. Tapir, 19. Tiger. 11. Umbei. tt
Klflo, 11. Knave. 14. Eagle. 14. Teats,
Meta"Ti- '.'
Crewnj rown; Drown; Brown, "
' ; Printer' PL . ;
Old winter la the man for me,
fctout-heai sound and steady; '
Steel nerves and bones ot brass hath
Com. now, oome blow, he's ready!
; -. In 1 gm a. -
On ni, son Bob. WnoleJiostua.
' t I'otersao. 1 Chnptsnk. t. patus
ent 4. i-1- 4 VVicoii.lco. g. puo
Biuka T. I'atopeco.
" ' Crop-Letter, Insects.
1. Moth. 1 Wasp. I. Belle. 4 1.
cul. s'pld". Hornet. 1. 'a t w ,
I lirsgonllv. Murndlitbae, 1 1 llt .
ot 11. Butterfly. 12. aterpluay. J
losqulto, it, Cockroach,
4 ' .. r
- w-'vv