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(Oeayilgkt, mo, by W. K. Hunt) : f rom n l '
(Cesplgkt. IK, kr W. ft. Bearstt
' N the Grange there la mournlnc and
woe. Horror haa (alien upon it
aoraethlnC ' bordeiinc on diegraoe
-and -aotble nowopaper notoriety,
rN toe Grange there la mourning and she, wringing bar bands, "with all the Unction and refinement and I fee at the girls." I . XJ I Mil fmffjf WWW - MulTvrt-i:i.ZAZr t w"
wo Horror haa (alien upon It I 111. that my flaah tea (alien belr to. least hoped for iomi eatlefefltory re- t'There. mother." aatd Sir Alcana. I , , -W I U 1 1 1 P'Ui ' - I th.7.nti.w TawE. I
, and -lady Hnwmd.tnTCfcUutHlhaLof.u.imt then tnw dowr npewranoaTtoth
dignity and oosmetlcs, placea both el
bows on t tie lame ana aooa atone;
Breakfast la forgotten, tba roll and
-the- tea at and -the- egga are growing
- cold, and attll her ladyship aobe un
, restralnedly unbecomingly.
' "Oh, Algernon: It caiCi be true! It'a
impoealblet" trailed aha, alludlnc te the
, contents of the letter wbiah Sir Al
. ger&ao is resting wlllucgntrac ted. irow.
Lord Algernon, the eldest eon of the
, house, la about 40; tail, broad and eon.
eplcuoualy, but not aggressively, well
groomed. In manner, like all English-I
man, be - la reserved and oourteous
while about him there la a subtle but
permeating something whlrfh endears
. him to all with whom lie eomea In eon-
.tact - i.: V
Just now his brow id cloudy while ha
raada the news which baa enervated his
mother. "Yes; It lajnconcelvable." aaya
, he, "but then things alwaya look ao
raueh mora aerloua when la writing,
and aa the child la almost here by this
time don't you think It la kinder, better,
.mora eharltable la every 'way to delay
.Judgment and even opinions until aha
can apeak (or hereelft Oh. cheer up,
mother," aald be encouragingly, "after
all It may enly be' childish prank, and
there ara alwaya two aide to every
question, and aha la young, vary young."
"Two sides Indeed!'' exclaimed Lady
Howard wrathfully. "Did you ever see
anything Amerloan with less than a
hundred and youngf ,Why, at her ace
I was a mother, whereea now aha la
eondoned for being expelled In disgrace
ICOt'LD never attract field mica by
playing on tha violin, and only the
ether day on tha road near my house
at Bale I noticed that a goat mant-
feated algns of wishing to stop before a
grind organ. Ita master pulled the
string by which It Was led, but It tugged
"at It so perslHiently that at laat he
atopped, and tha goat, listening with
. evident ' attention, turned its head,
wrltee the Countess Martlnenge Ceaar
esco In the Chicago Tribune.
From ancient time certain divine and
human personages have been aupposed
to peesess peculiar,- powers over shy and
savage animate. Bacchus had a predi
lection for panthers. Perhapa all the
stories of gods and animala originated
Ji .J.b, almple. belief that gods, llka-mcn.lflfJthj.-Cat spccies-ln which wagging the
had a weakness for pets.. In Hindu
, mythology Ounsdhya attracts a whole
forastful of beasts by reciting his poems
te them. Music haa real Influence oa
animals; It la probable that the. sweet,
(lute playing of the snake charmer 'is
an ajd In obtaining dealred results.
Power of Orpheus.
The power wf Orpheus: to substuc "beasts
was one reason why tha early Christiana
' took him as a type ef Christ. Of all
tha prophecies which ware believed te
refer le the Messiah none so captivated
the popular mind aa those which could
be Interpreted aa referring to his recog
nition by animala.
. Thomas, "the Israelite philosopher,
Author orihe pseudo Thomas, which Is
aald te data from the eecond century,
appear to have bee a Jewish convert
A curious feature In these writings la
the carclty ef anything actually, erlg-
from aohooU "Oh why, why," continued
aha, wringing bar bands, "with all the
Ilia that my flesh baa fallen belr to.
waa I ever persuaded Into adopting an
son. Captain Curtla Howard, enters the
room, and seeing hit mother's 'state of
excitement ha aaks In amased tonea
what In heaven's name baa happened.
"Happened!'' exclaimed Lady Howard.
"Why, lt'a that girl a gain I Soma peo
ple who ara- not well-born occasionally
achieve good breeding, but In this In
stance i.t seems Impossible to ayen
thrust decency -uponr thlaer niece of
mine the nest time one ef my brothera
or relatives decides to run off and
marry, I truat be may Invade anything
but American.
T don't. In the leaat know what you
ara talking about, nor am I clever at
guessing, but what I do know la that
111 breeding apd 'indecency' are worda
which,-from-no standpoint of Justice,
could be connected with Evelyn. What s
aha supposed to have done, any way?"
asked Curtis atanchly, and with marked
emphasis upon "supposed. "
"Oh, only a trifle." aald Lady Howard
aneeringly. "Just gotten disgracefully
expelled from the moat aristocratic and
select school In England, tbat'a all I"
"Well, what forr- asked Curtla. par
slstehtly, to whom Evelyn waa the env
bodlment of every possible fascination
and virtue. r r ,:
"Just hased tha v French professor,
through mistake, after having Aral
donned his or pantaloons," aald Lady
Howard, modestly lowering her eyea.
"However, It'a not to much tha oauee
but tha effeot of the eacapada that la
so likely to humiliate us, and from all
placea to ' ba expelled from . "Qunston. '
of Animal Intelligence
lnal. Tha - moat original atory te he
found Jn them Is that of how when tha
boys -of Naaareth made-clay sparrows,
little Jesus clapped his - hand and
caused his sparrows to fly away, Thla
pretty legend penetrated Into the folk
lore even of remote Iceland.
The little child of Isaiah's prophecy
waa the cause of troops of wild beasts
oeins cqnvoaea 10 a-uena ins imam
Christ "anions acted aa guidea for tha
flight Into Egypt and It la mentioned
that not only did they respect the holy
family, but also tha asses apd oxen
whloh carried their baggage. Besldea,
tha Hons, leopards, and other creatures
"wagged their tails with gra.t. rtver-
enoe," although all these animals are
tali etgnlflee tha reverse of content
Romance of tha Unknown,
This la the subject of an eld English
ballad. First tJ" cme was tha "lovely
lion," .king of all wild beaeta. Bad
rbymea they are, nor, it la aald, la the
aenae much better. Tet hundreds of
years ago In English villages, where
pechapi only one man knew how te read,
this doggerel served the end ef the high
est poetry; It transported the mind Into
an Ideal region; It threw lnte the Eng
lish landscape deserta, Hons, a heavenly
child; It stirred the heart with the re
mance of tha unknown; It whispered to
the soul; "Afar la a fairy land, and be
yond Is the .boaotn. of Ood." . r
A single passage In the New Testament
connects Christ with wild animala; In
Balnt Mark's goapel . we are told that
after his baptism In tha Jordaa. Jeeua
was driven by the Spirit lnte Us wUder-J
Tha very Institution braathea aoclal dls.
Unction and refinement, and 1 bad at
leaat hoped for some satisfactory re
sults, from such surroundings, even Jf
from sDSorpllon only." And what arnJ
Jus: then horse's hoofs ara heard oa
tha gravel. Curtla promptly disappears
and In a few momenta returns, leading
tha accused, who by no means looka a
culprit, dejeoted or even repentant, but
amtllng. lovely and radiant
The occupanta of tha room turn ex
pectantly aa Evelyn enters, but there la
no warmth or eagerness In a thotrwoN
coma. . '- - ' " " '"' '" -
Evelyn stops suddenly In- tha canter
of the room, her brows pucker., aa If In
amasement. then her face cleara aa
though by magteand -a-emiia seems to
literally ripple over her face.
"And ao, after all, you did fat Miss
Ould s -letter T" . aha said to tha aunt.
"Now, what a pity to have worried you
ao tfhnecesari)y," conttnued she, In Sym
pathetic tones, "because finally matters
were more than, satisfactorily - settled
"I would think tha aama feallnf of
consideration which would prompt your
keeping me In Ignorance of , your er
escapade, would have regulated your
conduct In the flrat Instance.'! aald Lady
Howard, wltheringly, "and of all piaoea
to ba returned from, tlunston,' where
only tha elite ran go, and Mlia Ould!
bow can I aver face herT"
- "Return (ram 'Qunston,' Indeedl Why,
aunt, you apeak aa though I were a
package of tea, and aa to tha embarrass
ment on your part when meeting Misa
Ould, why, the boot's quite on tha other
foot. Tablea turned, you know. From
sneer mortification Mies Ould has now
gone Into solitary confinement, after
nese, where "He waa with wild heasta,
and tha angels ministered unto him."
In the east the Idea of the anchorite
who leaves tha haunts of msn for the
haunta of beasts was already fabulously
old. Many tired brain workera have re.
eouree te mountain ascents as a re
storative, but these ran rarely ba per
formed alone, and high mountains witA
their Immenss horison tsnd to over
whelm rather than to collect the mind.
But te wander alone In a forest . day
after day, without particular .. aim,
drinking In the pungent odora of growing
things, fording the Ice-cold streams,
meeting no one hut a bird or a hare
thl Jyi, leave memory aa of another
existence In some enchanted sphere. We
hare-taeted an -twatery "thatr el l lsah
not give.
Wherever there are solitaries there are
friendships between the red use and the
Wild beast i
All sorts ef stories ef Hons and ether
animala that are en friendly terma with
tha monka ef the desert have come down
to ua In the legends of the saints. Bt
Francis ef .Aaslsl consistently treated
antmatr as creature endowed with rea
son. Birds In great quantities had
alighted In a neighboring field. .
Preaching to tha Blrda. , '
"Walt a little for me here upon the
road," the ealnt aald to hla companion,
' I am going to preach to my slstsrs.
the birds." The. bird etretched ,ut
their necks, fluttered their wings, opened
their beaks, and looked at the preacher
with attention. When ha had done he
passed- In the midst ef them and touched
them. Wits hla habit, and not one ef them
l auita, rrom auon surrounainga, s yen ji i -bo you- see, tere te enetasv- ewe.-wrotrr --: i I SVSs8"1"
having apologised to, and relntt4 all
tna gins." . ,
t'There. mother," aatd Blr Algernon,
"Bo you see, thera 4 a nether- side, attar
"Let's have It, Evelyn." aald Curtla,
'Weil, tell ma Just how much you knew
and then I'll beg I a where you leave off,"
"We don't knew a dog-gone thing, ex.
eept that you have given . tha French
professor pneumonia."
"No such thing,"- Interrupted Evelyn,
"Ha- compromised en 'la grippe,' and
wasn't. aitogathaa my .fa.uiv"y war It
waa simply a case of him or ma, and I
retired In his favor, that's all, and Jf II
had been any ana else, Illeg - Ould
wouldn't, baya fotten. ao BJt-(lrd'ngry
anyway, but she's awfully f weet on him,
you know, and"
' For the land's sake, "wrinkle your
brow,' 'scratch yeur head.' 'concentrate
your thoughts' and -explain - what - has
really happened, for thla strain la tall
Ing on my nervea, aald Curtla.
"Well, ef course you know It waa a
basing episode,", said Evelyn, smiling
aa though proud of tha aenaatlon she la
creating. "Tha aenlora had soaked 1
mean duckeJ all tba junior but me,
and" - .
"Yea. and your asked Curtla.
Well thanks ta tha Imaginative mind
and being a bom Imitator, I bad for
weeka - managed, y mesas .."both "fair
and foul," to aluda and circumvent tha
haaera, but laat Monday night was the
crisis. Things teemed ta be dosing In
about me. tha bath tub waa already
filled with cold water, tba aenlora con
cealed In tha next rooms end plans were
laid to Invlegle ma to come to that floor
but Maud Randolph, one ef the Jun
iors whom I had befriended, warned me
'" .
stirred till he gave them leave ta fly
away. .
Schopenhauer mentions with emphatic
approval tha Indian merchant at the
fair of' Astrakhan, who, whan he haa a
turn-of good luck, goes to the market
rilace and buye birds, which he seta at
Iberty. The holy Francis not only eat
hla doves free, but thought about their
(At thla point 1 chance to aee from my
window a kitten in the act of annoying
a large snake, probably an ltongo. Jl
requlrea a good five mlnutea to Induce
the kitten to abandon Ita quarry and to
carry tha anake to a safe plaoa among
the myrtles. Thla being dona, I resume
my pan.)
Who can doubt but that these men
whose facultlea were " -concentrated en
drawing nearer to the eternal, vaguely
surmised that wild living creaturaa had
unpercelved channels of communication
with spirit hidden rapporta with the
.fountain of 4lfe-which man haa Ipaj er
never possessed t w no can doubt that
In tha vaat cathedral of nature thay
were awed by ."the mystery which la In
the fare of brutesT"
Besides the need of love and the need
to wonder, some of .hem knew the need
te pity. Here the ground widens, for
the heart that feels tha pang ef the
meanest thine that Uvea doee not beat
only In the hermit's -oll or under the
eackoloth of a ealnt , ,
BoatatUng Dropped.
"Tour English friend dropg hla h'a,
doesn't hef ....-
''Tea. we were talking laat night
about, love, and he aald It wis a lost
- Penand f a eherter day and aa s4ited
ware erale kaee beee preaeetea by the flnnes
and tralastea to the feennylTanla railroad,
wtilrh. It Is deelared, maintains a If near
vmrklnf , sad kas ae leas taaa 14 iftareat
aaae eiales. . -
just In time, so we told Professor Toung
that Misa Ould wished to apeak to him
Immediately, then my friend rushed off
through a aide hall and- mysteriously
confided to the hasere that this time, by
means ht disguise I had, appropriated
the professor's elothea
"The llghte ware low, the hour close
upon midnight when the waiting !rls-.
ths ftaaara, aaw. me. aa -I hey-supposed,
tipping toward them than at a signal
they pounced upon tbetr victim and
rushed blm lntq the bathroom, at an
other signal flown want his-perfumed
dignity " Into odd water and auch
screams I 'aore blue!'.' "La boor Bleu I"
young ladle-e-es ' vat doea thla mean?
desist desi-st I tall you.
- But the clrla, thinking -that their vie.
tlm waa atill Impersonating Professor
Teunc. were merciless, and not until
the Struggling form had ceased to strug
gle were the lights turned on. when
there laf poor "Parles-Vous" toe numb
to even gaspby thla time Miss Ould,
heating the screams, eomea hoochy-.
eoochylnc down the hall and
"Did they retreat r- asked Evelyn
scornfully,, ia answer ta question, from
"Why. "rapid transit1 wasn't a patch
te their movements -you couldn't see
them (or dust while Misa Ould, In her
red wrapper, followed Ilk Tba B unset
Limited6 - ' i
"Well, for the life ef me, I ean't see
why you oame In for moat of the
blame,' aald Sir Algernon Incredulously.
and In tonaa aa near ' laughter aa he
thought hie mother's pittance would
(Centlaeed from Flrat fag ef thla
- peetion.i , - . .
bath of. allaartn, will emerge with dif
ferent colors a fact that, waa men
lloned by Fllny.
When Mr. Ferkln adopted in hi dye
factory business the discovery ef twe
oerman agiantiata thai an artinciei
eould ha made from -the eoal-tar
product, anthraoena, the dyeing and eel-
loo-pal n ting induatrteg - underwent a
revolution. ' '
Prevloue te that time anthracene, like
coal tar, had been coneidered a worth
less thing. Boms of It waa gold at a
dollar er ae a ton for use aa cart
create. .In a M'tlt whlleheweveiv-li,
wag Bringing iooo a ton.
At one result, the cultivation .of the
madder plant, onee an Important ' In
dustry, haa dwindled to practically
nothing, , la lift England Imported II,
00 tone er more at a east exceeding
fMiO.OOO, but 19 yeara later the im
portation had ahrunk te to tone, rep
resenting leea than 119,000.
till another valuable produot ef aoal
tar la phenol, or erbolla acid, which Is
almost Indispensable In the medical
world becauae of It antieeptlo and dis
infecting properties. From It cornea a
aeries - ef coloring m altera, ranging
frem the bright yellow of picric add
to reds, orange, browna, and ee on.
Aniline, which furnished the dyere of
the world a new baala upon whloh to
work, waa obtained originally from the
Indigo plant . All th aniline new used
for ithe production of tha Innumerable
colore of dyeing material I a derive
live of henalne.
Twe yeara after Perklaad opened
v Rainbows and Riches From Refuse
18, 1903.
allow "couldn't you have pleaded 'elf
preservation T " '
"Tea, but apart from that I waa
"cautht-ln-the-act' err-L-mea'n In the
professor's breeches,' aald Evelyn, to
tally unabashed, "and In my mad rush
to aluda the haaera I auddenly turned
a eornar aod went headlong Into Misa
Ould'a ar "central division.' "
":Tou" tall like a penny niuatrafea,'
aald Lady Howard wltheringly, and who,
in . justice, it may be aald. bad ao
schooled herself to dislike Evelyn that
bar present glrllali description wai
tally unappreciated, save from the
atandpolnta of vulgarity. "And may I
ask," oontinued her ladyship, "how Miss
Ould, a lady of tha old regime, could
eo generously overlook each hoydealah
conduct It is certainly a most flattering
tribute to her friendship (or me"
"I think In thla lnstanoe." aald Evelya
calmly, "that her generosity waa aolely
baaed upon self-interest for there were
subsequent developments In tha case
whloh (orbade even a lady of 'the old
regime' defying a hoyden.'" ". ,
"Now for the "bonne bouche!" cried
CurUa; 'let's have It. Eva. .What ld
tha old atstar dor
, "I think," said Evelyn" Innocently and
winking myaterioualy at Curtla. "that
this la a time when even the old regime
needs ableldtng It la really kind to
remain ellent, you know, and then, too,
perhapa ah can't help loving the pro
feasor" i - . i
"Oh eoma back to earth and tell ne
how you got your reprieve." aald Curtis
In exasperated tones. -
new paths 4o wealth" through hie dla-
eovery, Ms former chief, professor nor
mann, produced the magnificent color
known aa magenta, or aniline red. Pre
vious ta that . time magenta waa very
expensive) It was used in liquid form
and soat fit a gallon,
After this discovery came a number
or othere in rapid auoceaaion blues,
violets, greens, yellows; all the hues of
the rainbow, in fact .
Surprising, Indeed, la the amount of
coloring than can be obtained rrom
eoal-tar product. About It gallons of
the tar come from ton of good oannel
eoat, Thla will yield one pound of ben
tljie. one .pound- of- tolttene, one and a
half pounds of carbollo add, alx pounds
of naphthalene and half a pound of an
thracene. , ,
The fine blues, violets, greens, yel
lows and orange come from benslne;
magentaa and brilliant bluea from
toluene) reds, browns and pinks from
carbollo acid; red a, yellows and greens
from naphthalene and Turkey red from
anthracene, ; .
A alngle,pound"Jbfrcoarwni yleldah
ounce and a half of tar, and from thla
It la possible to obtain dyes that will
color flannel, three-quartere of a yard
wide, to the following lengtha; Turkey
red, 4 Inches; magenta. Incheei acar
tet, IH feet; orange, I Inches; yellow,
I feet l Violet 1 feet.
In England alone, the home ef Par
kin, ever 10.000,000 tona of coal are feed
annually for . gas-making, ao that, the
extant of ths dye-manufaoture Industry
can be Imagined.- '
'The who?" asked Sir Algernon.
"Tha Aesthetic -Misa Ould. our prin
cipal, you know, and just before . th
appointed hour the girls called a met-
Inc. when It waa decided that we ahoulj
appear before the 'tribunal' one by one.
Instead of collectively, ao that each aen
tenee would be Interrupted. For some
reason X headed the list, and when lesr
tnsMha room a senior said Impressively!
'Now, no smiles, because even on ordi
nary occasions tha Aeathetlo doesn't like
them, and today our only hope of aalva-
les In-being -Intense;-m-irvou
shudder If you like, a few teara of Joy
over "Parlet-Voue' recovery, but above
all things appear allent repentant, sub
missive; then aa tha sermon eonttnu?
look kypnotlssd, rapt lifted far bova
tha earthly things of Ufa.' " t
Tea. -dearr and then yoa went down-
atalra," questioned Blr Algernon en
thralled.' ''Tea, X went down all saturated with
tha proper (eellnga, ,but Unfortunately.
I waa a few minutes ahead of time, ami
being only an 'American hoyden,' an.l
unaccustomed to aeathetlo atmoapheret
and 'old regimes,' X made the terrible
'faux pas' of entering the publlo drawing-room
unexpectedly. I mean- without
knocking, and there aat Mlaa Ould an,1
t aaw ahem! ralaatated tha glrla for
ever and aye."
"By Jovel waa the aeathetlo on her
"No. replied Evelyn ewaetly. "There
waa nothing more abnormal about the
situation than an 'Ould' head on young
shoulders." ... ' ' '
the temple of medicine. Ita derivatives
are being extensively used te cure hu
man Ilia. - 1 ;--r
' For Caauaglng fevers, antlpyrlne Is
sff active and ta- cheaper' than quinine. -It
haa been used with success In treat
ing typhoid fever and Influence.
Thallium, another eoal-tar drug, haa
especial potency In mitigating - yellow
fever; , phenacetine le used for head
aches,, colds, neuralgia and whooping
cough. ' ' ' '
ajulphonal la popular with travelers. -especially
those In ooun tries ! where
hardships and fatigue are the common
lot If producee a deep, quiet sleep.
lasting -eovon er - eight hours; front f
which the person awakes refreshed and
Cause for radignatloa. ,
. From Smith's Weekly, , '
The train wae about te depart when a
atout eld lady ran onto the platform In
haste. The obliging guard pounced upon
her, fairly lifted her Into the carriage,
and as be- a lammed . tha door the- train
steamed out of the station. The first
atopplng place waa 10 mllea up the line,
and when the train arrived the guard
observed tha old lady stepping out of
the' compartment In a etatc of boiling
"You nearly mlesed It num.' he said.
"Missed III You silly ass!" fumed
tha old Udy. "I didn't want to come by
It at all I almply wanted to poat a let
ter In the late fee bog on the train.
And new, perhapa. you'll tall me who le
going te pay my fare back. Talk about
the Intelligence ef man, I'd rather have
a donkey to deal wlthl" ... ,
- Thla enoa deeplaed and rejected eoal
tar haa ala become a oorner-stons In
...... -...,.'.;,. y. - v.
..... fr p