The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, November 18, 1906, SECTION TWO, Page 28, Image 28

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The Meier d5 Frank Store
Great Annual Thanksgiving Sale of
Portland Agents for Butterlck Patterns and Publications-Agents for Co'umbla Yarns
Embro dtry Work and Stamping Done to Your Order at the Very Lowest Prices
The Meier C Frank Store,
Great Annual Thanksgiving Sale of
Women's FineUndermusIins
This very important Thanksgiving Sale of French hand
mad and hand-embroidered Mas in Underwear should
interest scores of Portland's best buyrt-rSeconTFloor
ii". r sm
Women' French Gown Mad of
finality French percale. low round
necks, hort and flaring; sleevesrnand-"
embroidered scallop around neck,
drawn with linen tape and hand-embroidered
yoke effects. all aires.
Great value at these low price
Regular $4.00 Vals. $3.98
Regular $5.00 Val7$5I75
Women's High-Claw Hand-Made
Gown Made low neck and lone
sleeves, yoke effects and ' bishop
styles, . hand-embroidered, beautiful
' style, at these special low price
$13 to $13 Vala $9' 98
$18 to $23 Valoes $13.98
Women's Hand-Mad Drawers
Made of fine French percales with
hand-embroidered flounces, large va
riety, at these special low prices
$4.00 Valnes $2.79 Per Pair
$5.00 and $6.00 Valnes $3.98 Pair
- FrenchTHand-Made Chemise Hand-embroidereOront, scalloped"
Great special value at these prices
$4.50 Vals., S2.95 Ka.
$7.00 Vali.. $3.98 la.
seeks, drawn with ribbons. ,
$1.75 Vals., $ 1.29 Ea.
$2.50 Vals.. $1.98 En.
Specials in the Big Basement
Bins and Whits eml-Voioelala
Turkey SetsConsisting of It
T-tn. plat and 1 II- A 1?
to. planar tt vilua..
Blna sad White Turkey arts 11
-In. plates and 1 li-ln. platter.
Regular tlS.SS value, 7 Q(
special aal at
tarre-BUie Decorated Vesai-Peiee
lala Turkey natters fKAn
.-. Values up to $1.60. ......
r-Pieoe Panoy Sfe4 Palates
CUne dame Beta (19 oc
. Regular ii valuea... W
lS-Pieee Mand-Ps luted Oasme Seta
Reg. IB7.60 val- M.ff A 9
uee, special, set... ."'
lOO-Pleee XavtUad Chin Blames
eta Fink roee decoration;- sold
on knoba and han- St "J ST r
dies, t Special value. V
10) . Pleoe ' Sje as 3 1
above for
One Olaea gaily Mahes CI AO
at, each . .. c... S'jr
Out Olaea Boa Bom sl OA.
Dishes at, each
Out Olaes OUvs . Sf 1 QA,
rick la Dishes at. each.
89.83 On Olaes Timers ?fL
Gnats, each .... W
SC-00 Oat Olaes acay0a 9 A AO
malae Blahee, each. . . . '
BS.T5 Oat Olaas Celery S7
Planes, each
tSOO Oat Olaas WaWs C J. fLQ
Bottles, each '
SS.60 Out Olaas Cams- ST sz 1 A
tloa Taaes, each
IB Oat Olaes Ml CM Q9
Baskets, each 1
t-pieoe Silver - Plated- CO'oi
Water Bote, eet O..T
flO Sllvec-riated BeUsm 2 J97 SUveiriated iu - 1 0
moBdSetayeet feSO
Sollve-Plated Perm 4,49
f a.OjlU-rr-riated' CamV f
" Great Thanksgiving Sale of
Women's New Neckwear
-7 s.--wiir; p
' . Special Lot of Venlse Lace Collar
and Cuff Seta Made of finest quality
Venise lace, with both round and
ointed collar and fancy cuffs, white
and ecru. A "fewmade np-ht-Bstiste
ndBaby Jruh, other in heavy linen
effect ao much in demand at the
present time great bargains
85c Values, at 63c a Set
$ 183 Valttesrt 73rSet
'LL $2.00 Valoes, at $ 1 .30Set
Women's Chemisette Sets Con
sisting of fancy chemisette and half
sleeves, just the thing for wear with
short sleeve and "Peter Pan" waists,
fine quality lawn, tucked and Val.
lace. On sale at these low prices
$1.25 Values, at 79c Set
$ 1. 75 Values. ct$ 1.1 9 Set
The "Doll Show" Winners
The Lucky winners at the "Doll Show" are given below. By calling
at the Toy Department, Third Floor, we shall be pleased to deliver
them to the fortunate ones. Exhibitors will receive their special prises
when calling for their dolls. We wish to thank one and all for the
interest and enthusiasm shown - . ' v" -
1ST PRIZE Beet Dreeeed Doll, fcHllan Mttchen, 10th and Myrtle.
ID PRIZB Beet Dreeeed DolL EHlsabeth Hulme, 114 Seventh street
ID FRIZR Beet Dreeeed Doll, Genevieve Butterfleld, 111 Kearney.
1ST PRIZB Lreet and Beet Dreeeed Doll, Frances Baker, 74 QUean,
D PRIZE: Iju-neet and Best Dreeeed Doll, the Nurse's Residence, Third
. and Montj-omerr. i
1ST PRIZE HmeUeet sad Best Dressed Doll, Slabel KsKlvbon, TTI
Northrup afreet.
tD PRIZB Smallest and Best Dreeeed Doll, Isabells Maoleay Portland
ID PRIZE Smallest and Best Dressed Doll, Charlotte Laidlaw, 4(0 Hol-
laday avenue.
1ST PRIZE Moat Orlrlnal Dreeeed Doll, Ethel CTBrten. fit Qnlmby.
2D m7.V, Moet Oriflnal Dreeeed Doll, Cornelia Lelck, 1021 Corbett
1ST PRIZE Moet Comical Dreeerd iMll, Mabel Chllders, (07 Everett. I
Great Thanksgiving Sale of Women's
ill Hfe W) -
: iMi all.
The gTea'ttst values in, women's ready-to-wear, apparel in the
city. 100 women's high:grade Tailored Suits, made in mili-tary-styler;;
pony "TesTsj-lifteli "OT-Temi-fiHea jaclcets "and"
' bolero blouses ; handsomely trimmed with velvet,1 gimp and ,
buttons; plaited skirts ; checks, fancy mixtures and blacks;
. all this season's very latest .styles ev
UCUiai sjfJJ JUU3 TT
Special lot of Women's and misses' Tailored Suits, in Norfolk,
pony blouses; and; Prince Chap -Suits in tweeds cheviots
and homespuns; velvet.and braid-trimmed; checks, plaids,
fancy mixtures; all sizes; a very g e a ex ry
large variety. . ' V$T At T) H.
Regular $20 Suits
double-breasted effects, black and white checks; y sf
velvet collar; all sizes. Great special values, each sl J
100 Women's Loose Tourist Coats--Three-quarter length gar
ments; made fly-front ; black and white mixturesi with vel
vet collar and cuffs; also fancy plaids in double-breasted ef- .
fects ; velvet trimmed collar and cuffs ; all sizes.
Regular $12.00 coats ; on sale at this low price
( . -
Evening Costumes One-Third Off
Regular Prices
A Thanksgiving Sale extraordinary of magnificent Evening
and Reception Gowns Superb costumes, the best efforts
of the leading Parisian andNew York artists Black lace
and chiffon costumes, white etamine gowns, pink silk
gowns, fancy silk gowns, champagne broadcloth costumes,
crepe de chine costumes, pink chiffon. Dresden chiffon, lavender-princess,
canary broadcloth costumes Beautifully.
made and trimmed High class apparel for all occasions
Values ranging - from $100.00 to $300.00 on
sale daring the great Thanksgiving Sale at 3
$62.00 Evening Gowns $44.85
Special lot of 45 Evening Dresses and Princess Gowns in
taffeta silks, liberty silks and messalinc silks Pink, light
blue, gray and white Elaborately trimmed in lace ' and
fancy tucking High or low necks, silk lined throughout, all
sizea-Costumes selling regularly at $58.t Jt A C
to $62 ea. Your choice at this low price V e O J
$ 1 2.50 Sak-Waists for-$4.85 Each
Great Thanksgiving Sale of Women's Blaclt Silk Waists In .taf-'
lets silks," black crepe de chines, black messahne-silks,- black net -waists,
fancy trimmed yokes in lace, silk embroidered, velvet,
French knots, medallions and 'tucks. Sizes" 34 and .36 only;"
waists selling regularly at prices from $8.60 to $12.50. j A ''' Q C
yourchoice at4his marvelously low price, each...,. V'-'''
800 Women's Long .Flannelette Kimonos--Fancy stripes; figures
and dots ; red, gray, navy, black and white. . All sizes. CO
Large variety. Regular $1.50 and $1.75 values, on sale
pjr Sfecial 1M"Wonien'irFu- S'carf8 Blended French'
-f- "ia-Coneytlong doubfe fur; two ornaments In the -cluster
with cord; six tails at bottom. Regular $6.50 5" -
, values, on sale at the exceptionally low price, each.V
Great Bargains in Drugs and Stationery
Premium Fountain Syringes Btit frsds QO
white rubber, 2 and i-quart, S1.35 Ttlus...fUC
Empress Water Bottles Absolutely guar- FQf
, anteed, regular SI values, on ssfe at. ....ft 7C
Nickel-Plated Coat Hangers at, each 4e
Wright'e Antiseptic Tooth Soaps, cake 124
Superior Bay Rum, special at..... ....X9
Lustre, for woodwork, piano, etc.. bottle..... .39)
35c Whisk Broom on sale at, each .......2Se
Rice Powder, great special value, box 8e
10c Cake of Green Castile Soap at 6e
Linen Paper By the pound, best grade,, blue, O
white and gray linen, 15o value.. OC
Eaton Hurlburt's Stationery Fine Box Pspers, all
colors and tints, values up to 75c, on aale 1Q-
at this special low price, per box.... J7C
Carter' Black Inks, great value, at .....S
Carter's Fountain Pen Ink at, bottle ...19
Visiting Cards, 50 in package, package.. 8t
Fancy Paper Napkins, all colors, dozen... 3e
Linen Writing Tablets, best quality, each Te
All. Lines of Stationery at the Lowest Prices.
The Entire Stock at Reduced Prices
The finest Tabls Linens the Old World pros' nee s will be
found on sale at surprisingly-
low prices.
The entire stock great-
:::: '-..-tui-h
ly reduced during the
Annual Thanksgiving
Sale now in progress.
Hemstitched Damask
: Table Sets Cloths 2
' yards ' long, with , one
- doz. napkins to match;
- regular $6.60. values, on
Hemstitched Damask
; Table Sits Cloths 2Vi
, yards long with one
doz. napkins to match;
- regular $7.50 values, on
sale at spe-
, cial price
Hemstitched Damask
Table Sets Cloths 3lA
yards long with one dozen napkins to match; OA
best patterns; regular $9.00 values,"on sale. at. V sOfr
Extra Special Value in Hand-Embroidered - White Linen
Teacloths 36 inches square; handsome styles; great assort
ment grand bargains at the following prices:,
$3.00 values, $2.44 each $100 values, $3.26 each
$3.00 values, $4.08 each $7.50 values, $6.45 each
- All-Over Hemstitched Table Sets Napkins, traycloths, tea
cloths, doilies, scarfs ; entire stock at greatly reduced prices for
the Thanksgiving Linen Sale. All table damasks, napkins,
sets, cloths, etc Mail orders promptly filled. . - v
Great Thanksgiving Sale of '
Fi n e Gro ceri e s PSchance 4
Pint bottle Boiled Cider.. 20 ;
Quart bottle Boiled Cider. 30e '.
100-lb . sack Dry Granulated
Sugar on sale at S4.80
20 lbs Dry Granulated.. fl.OO
Meier & Frank's Famous Mocha
and Java Coffee, the 40c
grade, on sale at 24)
1 lb Royal Baking Powder. 40e
,10 lbs Yellow or, White Corn
Meal on sale, at, sack. . .2S4.
10-lb sack of Graham or Whole
Wheat Flour on sale, at.23e '
2 can -Amazon Peaches.. .25e
3 cans Carnation Cream... 2Be
3 can Pioneer Cream.. ..2B
2 cans' Minced Clams..... 25e
2-lb can Tiger Pineapple.. 184
2-lb can Table Blackberries 104
lrlb car Assorted Jams, 3..25
Fancy Bleached Seedless Rais
ins, 2 packages for.. ,...25
Fancy Maine Corn, 2 cans 25e
-Itfcinds-of MaplegSyTnp at
the lowest prices basement. '
All kinds of Canned' Goods at
saving prices basement
Postum orFigprunepkgOe
2 pkgs. Toasted Corn Flakes on
ale at ...35
3 can Van Camp' Soup. 25
2 can Mustard Sardines... 25
20-oz. bottle Queen Olives 45
2i-b pkg. Layer Raisins. 60
New Citron at ..30
Lemon or Orange Peel... 25
Mb basket Washed Figs. 25
Van Camp's or Blue Label Cat
sup at, bottle
art Welch's Graps Juice 0
& B. Malt Vinegar.... 28
Snider Cocktail .Catsuo.'.20
?uart can Ripe Olives.. ..30
packages Vitos for 85
Baker's Unsweetened Choco
late .....35
-lb can Baker's Cocoa.. 20
-lb can Ghirardelli'a Cocoa on
aie at ,.zuf
J4-lb can Lowney's Cocoa. 20
1906 All Milcher Herring f 1.15
2an Custard Pumpkin.25
1 and 2-lb can Shrimps on sale
at .IO and 20
Two J-lb pkgs. Seeded Rats-
- Great Thanksgiving Sale of
Women's Knit Underwear
Women's Natural Mixed Wool
Vests and Pants Good,
heavy winterweight; .high
neck and long sleeves; per-
feet- fitting- garments ; sizes
4, 5, 6; best 75c values, on
sale at this special Ag
low price of. ........
Women's Swiss Ribbed White
. Cotton Vests and Tights
Good, heavy-weight; silk
finished front ; crocheted
neck; sizes 4, 5, 6; $1 r J
values on sale at.....C
"Munslng" Unioa..,Suits for
Women- Mercerized cotton;
white ana iiesn color; win
ter weight; high neck and long sleeves.V
. $3.50 values on sale at this low price, each.
Women's Light and Heavy Weight Cotton
High neck and long sleeves; all sizes; best
Corset Covers
65c values.. 49
Rev. M. A. Matthews Says Wis
consin Man , is Sincere
.. ,' ".an3 Courageous.
6sys Most of tiie-SenatOTs-Are Con
trollsd by Cspiulists and Provs
Traitors to the . Interest of the
Coon try. , .'
Itev. It.' A. Matthews, the noted Se
attle eJercrman. who Is flood bound In
Portland, eald yesterday that the United
iitatee eenate Is s hlndrajiee to the a-ov-
ernment Dr. Matthews made the re
mark In the conree of an Interview In
which he praised Senator Robert M. La
Follette of Wleconeln for his courageoua
stand on the trust question. Dr. Mat
thew said: ' '
The pApJe cf.Mh United ' States
should keep on flrhtln- the trusts of
this country until they have driven
them from their power In the United
States senate. The senate, far from be-
Inf. of seeletanrala a sreatlngranee
to the government. Moet of the sena
tors ars under the control of the capi
talists and serve their ends. Until this
olasa of senators Is removed from the good can be expected
from It (
"America Is for Americans, and when
you stop to think the national elections
are decided by the ballot In New York
state, and when you go Still further and
remember that In New York City there
la a seething mass of foreigners num
bering more than J00,000 men, whose
votea are bought at every election,' you
oan see who really decides ,the elections
la this 'country.
WonlS snt Shan 1st
"If I had my way I would pat In Irons
every man who eome to this oountry
and utters one word sgalnst the flag,
or belittles our form of government, and
keep him In Irons so long as be 4s In
America. Send him out of the country
and let him benfoen bis fate and pour
out his Urad against the laws of this
land upon the shores ef bis own mon-arch-rdden
"We must work for purer polities and
purer men In politics. There are men
in Seattle who would give any man In
Washington any atate office be wished,
so long as be could control the state
"I regret very much that I wa un
able to hear Senator La FoUette last
night He Is honest and fearlees and
we should eneoureee tlm to the ut-
mSsCTt w lmd iiidis men Ilke-hflirflU,;
tne senate, tnat poay wouia serve rne
people and country as our. fathers In
tended It should when tiey framed the
eonetltutlon." . - ,
Dr. Matthews Is staying at the Port
land hotel and wlU leave tomorrow
morning for Seattle. '
. What He Thinks.
K. M. Wilbur, the veteran real estate
man, who has been In business In Port
land -I t yeair-heJuatretnrnetf-Trijm
a trip with his wife from his old home
In New Brunswick, where he has been
on a pleaaure trip, and ears Portland
looks good to Mm. Mr. Wilbur vletted
many eastern cities, among them Boa
ton, New York, Washington, Chicago,
Omaha and Denver, and learned by talk
ing with many real eet ate men In the
east that Portland values In real estate
are exceedingly low, much more so than
any other city h visited of the same
population. . . - . -
- .
Noted Pianist of Younger Gen
eration to Be Seen Here
Soon in Concert; '
, Gabrllowltsch, who 'has Just been
creating a big sensation In the' East
whore he opened his tour November I,
Is soon to be heard at the Helllg under
the direction of Lois Bteere-Wynn Co
man. It hab been said ythat wherever
he plays, he conquers, snd those who
were so delighted with his marvelous
playing here threyears ago jire deter
mined not to let the opportunity slip
of hearing him again. .
When a man like liana Rlohter, fam
ous among n conductors and . musicians
the world over, becomes tremendously
Impreesed with a pianist's-playing at
first hearing, small wonder thst Or
dinary muslo lovers are enthralled by
the muslo of Oabrllowltach. The story
goes that, while still unknown, ha found
Hans . Rlchter walking . Impatiently
about the sslon.
'1 will glvs you Just five, minutes,"
sald the Bismarck of conductors In his
crustiest ton. "You are: a Rubensteln
protege Snd Leschetisky pupIL I
know all you young planlstsr plsy me
soma r Bach." - So to th piano went
young Gebrilowitsch and played some
For 4( minutes Rlchter sat perfectly
quiet, then when Osbrllowltsch paused,
he asked him to continue. The resull
of his Impromptu rehearsal was that
ha was engaged then and there to play
AtsennapJilll3arBi.onlo concerts
and later for his London appearances.
This present season, ths third tour
fof ths Russian artlnt. he will plsy with
all the big orchestras in the East, and
the demand for his appearance In con
cert .has been simply tremendous. -There
Is -no doubt but that ths concert hers
on Wedneeday, December 8. will b one
of the great big events of the season,
for already there Is much Interest and
enthusiasm over his coming.
lThs youngpeople of St David's
church are rehearsing a play to bs
given at Rurkhard's han. East Hum
slds snd Grand a venue, .next Wednes
day. Ths play they have selected Is S
three-act comedy, , "The Elopement of
Ellen." Miss Lucille Kennedy, Miss
Eleanor' Oansmlller, Miss Marguerite
Backus, James Morris, lames Outran.
Walter Backus snd Leo Ryan are
among those In th cast The . play,
which will last about two hours, will
be followed by an Informal dance. . .
m .
Building permits.
Ths following permits hava been Is
sued: ' Frits Abendroth, two-story
dwelling. Trinity Place, between Waah
ington and Everett, cost $4,000; Clyde
Cooper.' one-story dwelling. Moors be--tween
KUUngaworth -avenue , and Pearl,
cost 11,800; B. Klssllng, woodshed,
Grand avenue, between Belmont and
East Yamhill, cost ISO; O. H. Blair,
one-story dwelling. East Twenty-sev
enth. between Mildred snd Surman. eoet
1200; B. W. Nelson, one-story dwelling,
East .Eighteenth, corner Surman, eost
1200; R. Brown, two-story dwelling.
East Yamhill, between East Twelfth
and East Thirteenth, eost 13.000; C T.
Patton, -one-story dwe'illng, Blandlna,
between Michigan and Missouri avenues,
cost $600.
, , Cold Weather at Hand.
Oct your fireplaces equipped for ths
en weather. Before pnrohae4ngsee
Ths M. J. Walsh Co's fins line of and
irons, spark guards, wood and coal
grates, fire sets, fenders snd folding
screens. Repairing and all kinds of
rata Nninli furnlahad. Salesrooms
111 Stark, between Fifth and . Sixth,
phons Main ss.
Auction Sale
Of Japanese and Chinese curios,
consisting of old Bronze, Sil--ver-Cloisoiinejiew
JBrass.r Sat
: sums, fine decorated Tea Sets,
Lacquered Ware, Ebony
Carved Furniture, Embroidered
Screens, Oriental Rugs, etc.
Owing to the overcrowded con
dition of our small store, w
are compelled to dispose of our
great stock at auctios. The
public is cordially invited to at
- tend- this sale. - Unprecedented
bargains are certain to be had.
SALE AT 30 AND 7:30 P. M.
Andrew Kan & Co.