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Portland's Leading Store -First
In Everything
Sth, Sixth and Wash. Sts,
- Ell Ifel III
Si :.
hi i r.rvM
In the Jewelry
Shops '
Suggestionsfor Gift Things
. Special Values Annex Sixth St.
First Floor.
" $5.00 Brush, Comb and Mirror Sets
for 13.00 Monday we place on i
sale 25 handsome . Brush, Comb1
and Mirror Sets in white boxes, in
finest silverine metal, which for
durability and finish will equal the
wearing Dualities of sterling silver;
our regular $5.00 value. Special,
Monday only ..V. .. . . .. .'. , .? 3.00
Sterling Silver-Bib Holders for
Wc Pretty sterling silver Bib
Holders, with chain and two beau
tifully etched clasps; our . regular
1.00 values. Special for, .....69
65c Gold-filled Glove -Buttoners for
4So 'Fine quality , gold-filled Glove
Buttoners in plain, beaded and em
bossed handles; our regular 65c
yalues. Special for .........45
. Sterling Silver. Baby Brscclctsin.
adjustable wire with etched de
signs, each .,w-."."i"ii:.T5e
The Things
Are-aelected byaJayeroLexpert
eorreetrnd. more neycost4eatnan, men .ar t wont w pay euewnert
Examples Special, Monday: .
; Annex First Floor.
Men's $1.00 Golf Shirts for 74c Men's Golf Shirts in light, dark and
plain colors r winter weight; two pairs of separate cuffs; our $1.00 value.
Spec1arSale-Pricereach-T7r7rrr.T7r7TT;Tr. . 7. r. . .T4
Men's 75c Wool Underwear 55c Men's medium weight natural gray
wool Underwear; best make and finish; our 75c value. Special Sale
Price, the garment ...i. ....... . ...65
Men's 65c Outing Flannel Night Shirts 47c Men's outing flannel Night
Shirts,' in assorted stripes, all seams felled; made good and long; our
65c value.- Special Salt Price, each ii u4T.
Men's 25c Cashmere Hose 15c Men's seamless Cashmere Sox, in Ox-
. ford gray; our 25c value. Special Sale Price, the pair... .....15
f Men's 35e Foulard Handkerchiefs 29e
lard Silk Handkerchiefs, m effects of
figures; our 35c value. Special Sale
Buy the Wc
A Tempting Special in the Art Needlecraft Shops Annex Second floor
. White linen Doilies, Japanese hand drawn work, insertions and hem
stitched edge, sizes 6, 9 and 12 inches square; regular price 40c Spe
cial at . .....29
I Lace Curtains
Fourth Floor.
Handsome Lace Curtains in Brus
sels, Arabian, Rennaisance, etc.
but one pair of a kind Very Spe
cial Sale Prices, as follows:
Our $ 2.75 value. Special at, the
pair -r,
Our $ 4.50 value,
pair .............
Our $ 6.50 value.
Our $ 8.00 value.
" Special at, the
'Special at, the.
f 4.25
Special at, the
pair ...S5.25
uur s y.uu value, special at. the
Our $lb.50-vaUr -Speeial -ett-th-
. ... SK UK
pair .i .................. . ,,
Our $14.00 value. . Special at. the
pair .., SS.75
Our $16.00 value. Special at. the
pair f 10.25
. . ?. TION. .
Club Pillows
i Annex 2nd floor Art Rooms.
Now s the time to make embroid-.
ery. work for the Holidays. Sur-
finse vour friend with, a club pt
ow, if he's a member ot the Mult
nomah, Orgon Yacht or Portland
Rowing cIud. We have pillowi,
stamped on fancy art denim or
ecru linen. Special at .37
Embroidery lessons ' given free
every, afternoon. -
who are in
buying. It
aHy intereatlng . eveotud onejgr, which , this store
has splendidly prepared
' re home, and every one jubilant at the success
which has attended theicefforts in securing remarkable bargains
in the most desirable and seasonable goods right in the face of
a rising market on all commodities used by the human race in
civilized countries. These we have added to our splendid regu
lar stocks, forming a combination sure to make this week's
"THANKSGIVING SALES" an event of extraordinary activity.
Table Linens
First Floor.
A bright, erisp new Tablecloth
and Napkins will add as much to
the enjoyment of the Thanksgiv
ing dinner as well cooked, savory
viands. We will sell 'em to you,
quality for quality, at less price
than any other local store. Judge
THIS store by its LINENS. Bear
in mind that, during the Thanks
giving sales, EVERY PIECE OF
table Linen in the
house stands reduced.,
Extra special this .week;.;
FineJ)amsk Cloths and Napkins.,
Table Cloths:
Siae-2-by2 yards.Priced at,
each 93.15
Size 2 by 2i yards. Priced at,
each . ..........f 4.05
Size 2 by 3 yards. Priced at,
each 4.95
Size 2tf by 2yi yards. Priced at.
eachT: .i....5.40
Napkins to Match. Priced at' the
dozen .....f4.60
$35 Table Napkins for $2.37300
Hozen fine Irish Damask - Table
,-Napkini; . handnnme patterns-size.
i Dy i incnes; our vaiue.
Special Sale Price, the dot.fa.ST
Men Wear
judgment -and-criticat taste. They're-
The newest thing in colored Ftra-
gray, wine, blue, etc., with dots and
Price, each .29
Doilies at 29c
Women's Petticoats
An Important Sale of Dainty Mus
lin Undergarments Annex, Sec
ond Floor.
It starts Monday A great sale of
Ladies' White Petticoats Ladies'
white petticoats of fine cambric,
with deep lawn flounces, trimmed
in rows of embroidery or lace in-,
sertions,"" plain -" or hemstitched .
tucks finished at bottom with deep
embroidery or lace edgings:
Reg. prjte.,. $1.50 $1.75 $2.25..
Special ;..1.1T 91.29 91-69
Reg. price ..I. $2.75 $3.75
Special ..91-98 2.4
See Fifth Street .Window Display.
Knit Underwear
' First Floor. .
Women's $2.50 Union Suits $153
White cashmere ribbed extra size
union suits, winter weight, long
sleeves, ankle length; regular val
ue $2.50. Special 91.93
Women's $2.00 Silk Lisle Vesta
$1.55 Cream, pink and blue silk
lisle long sleeve vests, Swiss rib
bed; rea value $2. Special. 91-55
Women s 65c. Union Suits 49c
Cream and natural cotton union
suits, medium weight, long sleeves,
ankle .length; regular value 65c.
Special.. 49
Women's $5.00 Union Suits $3.98
Silver gray full fashioned all wool
union suits, long sleeves, ankle
length, half open front; regular
value $5.00. Special .......93.08
Triune of Building
Vast Thanksg
Sales ),T1S
Great Thanksgiving
a timely boon to thousands
the midst of Fall and Winter
becomes consequently a spc-
Our expertiarmy oi buyers:
Leather Novelties
" Annex First Floor.
. Women's Leather Pocket Books
Worth From $1.75 to $2.50 for 75c
Combination coin and card pock
.' et books in a variety of fine leath
. ers, seal, walrus, morocco, alli
. gator, etc., plain and with sterling
. silver corners; values from $1.75 to
, $2.50. Special ...T5
$1.00 Card Cases 69c Reaf aeal
and walrus leather card cases in
black, brown and tan; regular val
ue $1.00. Special "69
$1.25 Leather Cigar Cases ?Sor
Fine quality walrus leather cigar
-cases in the new book form; Teeru
lar value $125. Special...... 98f
Women Who Depend Upon This Great
"Style Store":' Always Correctly Attired
I M m r liT : W -' r. 1 fWYtf v r A 1 Jlhwl
' to tne more stately 48-incn coat Backs tight or half-fitted.
Materials of Cheviot, , Broadcloth, Serge, or stunning fancy mixed ; fabrics in mannish
styles; rich cheviots in either, the plain, wide-wale, blind or diagonal ... weaves. Plain colors and.
smart mixtures in a womlerful variety of patterns, including beautiful plaids, checks, hairlines, broken
plaids, stripes and figured effects. Every color combination is expressed. Plain tailored models and
trimmed. AH products of superior workmanship and master tailoring. The trimming schemes are
worked out with rich velvets, handsome braids, fancy and plain buttons, etc. The skirts are both
plain or plaited, choose as your taste dictates. Values range from the best $18.50 Suits in the city to
those that are remarkable values at $38.50. Tomorrow you may choose from the great convention of
tailored Street Suits at ONE FOURTH REDUCTION from regular prices.
$18.50 Suits for.. ........ .91S.8T $30.00 Suits for...... ..... 923.50 $32.50 Suits for.....924.8T
$20.00 Suits for. .915.00 $25.00 Suits for. ...........918.75 $35.00 Suits for..... 926.25
$22.50 Suits for 916.87 $28.50 Suits for. .....921.37 $38.50 Suits for... .928.87
Best $12.50 Silk Petticoat in Portland $9.79
In a special sale toniorrowt- We again demonstrate our supreme leadership in Value giving by offering
Monday the greatest bargain without exceotion ever offered bv anv Pnrtlanrf hon in Silk ptt,
i coats. WeJiave selected a group
juimiea in asxing you 10 pay irom ia upwards tor. uur regular price is S1Z.50, but for tomorrow
you may choose from the collection allowing picking from every wanted color, including red, green,
blue and brown changeables, light blues, pinks, red, black, tan, lavender and brown. The skirts are
cut very wide and have fancy tailored circular flounce with dust ruffle of silk: Worth $12.50 here.
Special, Monday, at ,. ....99.79
Sweaters arid
-,'' -A Sale Second Floor.
Children's"' Blouse- Sweaters, knit
in fancy stitches, turnover collar,
full froht, , tight fitting around
"waist; colors, cardinal, royal, Jiavy
and white; sizes from 4 to 12
, years; regular $1.50 value. ' Spe
cial at ....91.17
-'Children's tight fitting Bonnets of
white India silk embroidered, or
bengaline and velvet, in , colors,
neatly trimmed; regular price $1 25
Special at ..06
iving Store
, "lew to Koart --
Turkey." .
"Sow to Bake an Old
Mhlon4 rnmpktm
lie." ...
The -writerHs - the poetessor-of - two-ef
the mostvaluabIe - recipes - for - Thanks
giving use In existence They have come"
down thru a generation from one of the
most famous cooks that ever graced an
old New England kitchen or presided
over a festal board in Jhe land where
Thanksgiving was born. They will "be
printed in the OLDS. WQRTMAN &
l : x :ti . j
housewife will
want 'em. Watch for
this feature.
A Late But Wlecome Ar
rivalJust ; as " we were
"going to press"-with to-
day's copy a call came
from : the Suit Salons
"Please say those pretty,
jaunty new Teter Thomp
son' Suits that a number
of folk have been waiting
for are in." They're here
Hready Monday. 2d floor.
ties, muffs, boas, etc., for women and children. The finest as
sortments of neck furs in Portland and all at prices far under
those of competing stores.
Two Great Special Sales Monday)
WOMEN'S SUI1S A Fourth Underprice
Handsomest $12.50 Silk Petticoats in Town at $9.79
-The Story of the Suits
A special lot of the swaggerest winter suits that ever crossed
the continent; 250 in the convention, all latest models, embrac
ing the '.'Prince Chaps," Pony, Eton, Norfolk, box front, with
fitted back Jacket styles ranging from the jaunty 24-inch lengths
of handsome taff etas, thatjmy other.establishment itLiDwnjwouldietLj
Silk Buyers
Annex Fifth St, First Floor.
Every yard of silk embraced by
these offerings is of the depend-"
able, standard weaves for which
the Olds, Wortman & King Store
is famous for distributing. Spe
cial for three days. We place on
sale' for Monday, Tuesday and
AVednesday.scllinga Jot ofblack
all silk Taffeta in splendid wearing
qualities, arid rich finish ;
19 inches wide; regular value 75c
Special, yard 59
23 inches wide; regular value $1.10.
Special, yard 7,9
36 inches wide; regular value $1.25.
Special, yard 93
36 inches wide; regular value $1.50.
Special, yard ..........,...91.18
In a Lisk savory roaster means a turkey that
is tender and juicy and browned to perfec
tion, i These roasters keep alt the steam con
densed and constantly dripping on the meat
They will .not get dry and scorch and need. the littlest atom
of attention from the cook of anyxoMU-ad-rOa""Pcial
-ale this wcckJ Third JFloor. r
Lisk's Enameled Roasters are the
4 coats enamel ; guaranteed not to chip, ,
16-inch size. Special 92.00 18-Inch sute. Special.. v..
Covered Roasters We carry the following line of reliable covered roast
ers: Lisk's, Royal Enameled Steel, Savoy, Royal Black Iron, Crowa
and Maryland. ..' .'
Black Iron Covered Roasters, 14-inch sue. Special... .............27
Black Iron Covered Roasters,. 15-inch size. Special. .80
Our Line of Kitchen. Utensils Is Complete.
Colored Dress
In the Annex 5th St, 1st floor.
A new lot of colored dress goods
in neat mixed designs, maimtsH
mixtures, checks, plaids and over
plaids and the much wanted colors
in gray, for makings . shirtwaist
suits, tailor suits, waists, walking
skirts, etc ' Special, Monday,
Tuesday and Wednesday
Regular $2.50, $2 and $1.75 jade.
Special, yard
Reg. $1.2S grade. Special, yd. 81
Reg. $1.00 grade. Special, yd. 69
Here, Fashion and Winter reign on one
throne. Thruout -- this vast store the shops
devoted to women's appareling are ready with
exhaustive collections of garments; every
model that pertains to formal and informal
v are ssr-StreerrOiTlajreT-Amomobiliertsltiniirr
Theatre and Evening wear. J&ajixJ,
models in the convention ot gowns and wraps
are exclusive with, us, and there are lavish
sndovely-eollectiohs-selected by our buyer
lately returned Hwni Newotk--and - other
eastern fashion centers expressly for this
store. Walk Thru the Fur Salon 'tis Fash-
Iam'. fMtr tf l?Ma 17it ..(' r'..-m
Hosiery Specials
r T First Floor. . "
Women's black fleece lined cotton
JHtose, Seamless.' Special, pr..l5
Women's 35c Hosiery 25 Fine
black medium weight cotton Hose,
seamless- foot, fashioned ankle,
double sole; regular value 35c.
Special, pair ............ ... ..25
Children's 35c Hosiery 25c Chif.
dren's winter weight black cotton
Hose, seamless foot, double knee;
reg. value 35 Special, pair... 25
Children's blafjk cashmere Hose
Special at, pr.25, 30 and 35
Broken lines In children's Under
wear at special reduced . price.
most perfect baker md
"Bargain Spice"
X4ttl rUTOriagn'ror aconday1 fata
ef vaJneai ooatrllmtatf by tha smaJl
waxes ahopa rirat moor.
SOo large alia etbtnat box French
Jfabrio finish writ in papr;.S0.
aheata paper and SO anvalopoa; apa
clal, at ......25
SSo box linen eraah finish - writing-
ISo white erepa paper napklua; ?0$
In packs ga lo
lOo pair ladles' ntckel-plated scis
sors, , and T-lnoh size; quality
BUiranteed; apaclal ..29
S1.80 Fyrograpbr Outfit, tl.00 Py
rofrsphy burning outfit, oonalata
' of ona bulb, lamp, benzine bottle,
handle and point packed In neat
box; over tl.SO value; special, 91
ISo ahall and amber hair plna of beat
. quality horn; asaortod ahapea; ona
dozen on card for. .17
Wlra coat hangara for tha making
of Christmas glfta; special ... .4$
White baatlng thread, ' 100-yard
' spools; Noa. 40 and 10; special, S
anoola for ... 5
lOo patent ateal spring stocking dar
ner; holds stocking firmly; apeo
al 7
Fancy metal dreaa buttons In all
eolors; S doaen on card; value to
SOo; apaclal at, tha card 10
- ISe whisk brooms,-fins quality, white
bona handles; special ........22
lOo can r loletjieruma4" Taiotira po w-"
der . .777777
USIippers for Gifts 'CS
Many a person haa purchased a pair
until she or h
-certain kind
he never thought existed that's simply Indicative of the scope of this
store's Holiday Exposition of Slippers. For example 20 styles from
$2 to $3.50, for women. - 30 styles in men's medium grades, $1.50 to $1.93.
40 styles in men's popular priced slippers, st $1.39 to $1.50. 15 styles m
the cheap grades for men's wear, 60c to $1.25. Women's felt Juliets, '
98 to ; ..92.6O
Ladies' $5 Colored
Splendid all-silk colored Umbrellas, every one guaranteed not to crack,
fade or leak. They are all fancy colored with borders and have plain
boxwood handles; our $5.00 value. . Special Sale Price, each...... 95.25
' A Rousing Sale of
Dinner Sets
The Third Floor Shops Rise to (he
Thanksgiving Occasion. House
wives will benefit: ' . i
$102.50 Haviland China Dinner
Set $82 117-piece Haviland China
Dinner Set, border pattern, small
flowers, gold line inside border
and gold over edge, gold handles
and knobs; regular value $102.50.
Special ...V. 982
$110 Haviland China Dinner Set
$38 113-piece set, white and gold,
heavy gold border, gold handles
snd - knobs; Tegular- value $1 10.-
Special .... .7. 7. ....... 988
$183.75 Haviland China Dinner
-Set $155--1 17-piece. setxed border,
with gold border both inside and
on edge of each piece; very rich;
reg. value $183.75. Special. .9155
Carving Sets 3-piece carving sets,
stag handles, 9-inch blade
Reg. $2.25 value. Special... 92.00
Reg. $2.50 value. Special... 92.25
Reg. $3.50 value. Special. ..3.00
Ref? $4.00 value. Special. . .93.40
English Semi-Porcelain Dinner
Sets With decorated border pat-,
tern: "
50-piece set. Special. ... ..95.80
60-piece set. Special.... ;.98.70
100-piece set. Special..,. 912.95
Odd Lines Decorated China Din
ner Sets Closing out at special
prices, one or more pieces short;
25 sets to select fromt
100-piece set; regular value $33.00.
SpeciaL ...920
100-pieceseti regular value $37.50. .
Special .....f24
100-piece set; regular value $4000.
Special ......927
100-piece set; regular value $4A.(XX
Special 930
$82 English China Dinner Set $65
Choice lines- high grade English
China Dinner Sets, white and gold
decoration, 117-piece set; regular
value $82.. . Special 90S
Women's Gloves
arid Neckwear
In Tomorrow's Sale First Floesv
Here's- opportunity hundreds of
women will appreciate and share
in Special Monday:
Special Sale of
Ladies' Kid Gloves
Ladies' Kid Gloves 98c Ladies'
kid gloves with Paris point backs; .
some in pique, others in overseam;
come in white, mode, tan and
brown.' Special at........V.9S
35c Collar and Cuff Sets for 19
Ladies' hemstitched -collar and tuff
. sets, made ef fine lawn, new and
- daintily - beautiful ;- our- 35c 1 value. -Special
at, the set..,. .... ....19
Ladles' 35c to 50c' Collars 25
Ladies' linen collars, with button
hole front for ties; our 35c and 50c
values. Special at ......25
65c and 75e Turnovers 25c Sillc
-"embroidered turnover collars; our
65c and 75c values. Special at. 25
who- had no intention of doing so
of style among them that she of
Silk Umbrellas $3.25
The Week's Attractions In the
Blanket Shops and
Carpet Salons
$4.30 Wool Blankets for $30
White wool blankets, with pink or
blue borders snd white silk blad
ing, full size, light, soft and warn
for chilly nights; our $4.50 value.
Special Sale Price, the pair. 93.60
New Downallna Comforters la
pretty floral patterns and dainty .
colorings.1 Extra good value at,
each .........93.50
Visit the- Carpet 8tore and exam-
ine our mammoth stock of Orien
tal Rugs just received. Included
In the display art very rich and
handsome Antique Msssouls,
Guanghes, - Daghestans, Kazaks,
Afghans, Khfvas, Belvockistans,
Jiokharde, Khutrthalr,-"rs'
Take elevator., to Fourth Floor.
Annex Second Floor,
Choose Monday from any trimmed
hat in our superb stocks st ONB
FOURTH OFF the regular prices
A choice selection; street hats,
suit hats, dres hats, evening ae4
theatre hate Monday, rhnoee ary
one at Z5 Per Cent Reducfrw
i A