The Oregon daily journal. (Portland, Or.) 1902-1972, November 18, 1906, Page 14, Image 14

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President Abigail Scott Dunlway Reads Inaugural Message and
, , Proceeding Pass OirWlthout RepeffiTdrTof CSn- :
trove ray at Recent Meeting.
Feae rclcnrd supreme tn th Equal
Suffrage camp at Its meeting yester-
lar afternoon. ' There wit a tood at
tendance of representative woman and
several white-haired man. -.
Mr. Abigail Scott Dunlway. tha aew
president,. -aa evidently a 'little ner
vous. aa oua or two "antl-Dunlway"
. woman wara present, but aa alt seemed
peaceably - Inclined tha proceeding
passed without a hitch. .
' , Tha treasurer's report waa encouraa
m. but the -committees In chare ofl
' tha petltlona for the campaign of ltOl
were thrown Into a flutter of excite
ment because of a lata decision of the
attorney-a-eneral. who has announced a
flaw in the' petition blanks which was
l not discovered, or at leaat not an-
. nounced. during the laat campaign, The
president and corresponding secretary
, were instructed to oorreapond with the
attorney-general in ' relation thereto.
and the petition were ordered held. In.
- abeyance to . further instructions rrom
.'. tha highest official source.
- Some Wars Indignant. ,
Soma of the ladles were dlipoaed to
be a Uttla Indignant oyer the lose of
" their hard work In securing slgnaturea
for tha next campaign, but tha presi
dent . poured oil on the waters by as-
surlng them that nothing would JmsHe.
the voters to deeds of patriotism In
their behalf Ilka any sort of an exhlbi
tton of unfairness toward-women- who,
in following the instructions of aertaln
law-maker In pursuit of their liberties
had been put to unnecessary Inconveni
ence, and trouble. Much routine busl-
neaa waa transacted with marked unan
. lmlty of purpose. -The meeting closed
with the president's message, which
1 was received with mnch enthusiasm.
This message was aa follows: --
"To the officers and members of tha
Oregon Stat Equal Suffrage associa
tion, greeting: ..-
"In resuming onca more tha office
of chief executive of this intelligent
and patriotic body of disenfranchised
tax-paying citisena, after, having many
times in its history voluntarily relln-
- qulehed its responsibilities to beloved
and ' capable presiding officers, with
each and all of whom I have worked
at all times in perfect harmony, -1 am
yielding again to tha solicitations of
a worthy and capable presiding of floar,
Mrs. Henry Waldo Coe, to whoa un
swerving devotion to the cause of lib
. erty, we are all ready to bear ,testl-
. mony. '
soaTls Xmng trug-gla.
' la reverting, for a moment to tha
stirring events of the past fortnight,
which need not be recapitulated here,
I repaid the first strenuous years of
' my itinerant devotion to the f unda
" mental principles of liberty and Justice
mraVaXozA rim. j
' Rheumatism, lumbago and solatia
paints yield to the penetrating influence
of Ballard's Snow Liniment, it pene
trates to the nervea and bonea and, be
ing absorbed into the blood, its healing
properties are conveyed to every part
of the body, and effect aoma wonderful
rurea. 36c, ton and 11.00. Bold
Woodard. Clarke Co.
for all people, during which gloomy
period I was Compelled to stand prao
tically alone, aa one described by . the
poet, Richard Realf:
"Who did not wait till freedom had be-
, come .
The easy shibboleth of the courtier's
, llpa. 1 - - . " '
"But smote for her when God himself
seemed dumb,
"And all - the arching skies were ia
.' eclipse. .
'That these continued efforts, rein
forced by glowly increasing number
of noble . .men and women, through
nearly four decades of eventful years,
have at. last borne such abundant fruit
that a multitude of new aspirants . for
place and power are eager to undertake
It " management,- haa recently been
abundantly attested. ,'-
' At End of Campaign. - '
"At the close of the late Equal Suf
frage campaign, during which many of
our time-honored voting . constituents
temporarily atepped aside to watch the
brilliant pyrotechnlcal management of
our distinguished national standard
bearera,. w found ouraelvea in the con
dition of the survivors of a shipwreck,
a conflagration, a sirocco or a flood.
Our treasury was empty, and our work
Olrecons tructlon hasever since been
much handicapped by the necessity of
removing the debris oi a struggle which
ought to have been aucceaaf uL
' "Our faith In tha final triumph of
tha elemental principle of equal rights
for all the people la so strong, our be
lief in tha fundamental basis of self
government ia so clear, our devotion to
the Declaration of Independence and
the constitution of tha United States is
so unyielding, and our confidence in the
growing enlightenment of the average
voter is so hopeful, that no dlaaster can
dismay us.
. 'To you, my beloved coworkers of
the old guard, and also of the new, I
am looking for cooperation In renewed
confidence, expectancy and' hope. - I
com to- -youas the president of no
party, tha adherent of no faction; but
as the humble servant of the cause,
trying to secure equal rlghta for the
mother of the race, in whose Interest,
through so many of the earlier years
of my strenuous womanhood, I conse
crated my life, my earnings and . my
sacred honor; and I now lovingly re
new' the fond allegiance of these de
clining years to a cause far dearer than
my own life.
v. STo Personal Ambitions. - ' .
"I have no personal ambition to
gratify,' no additional honora to seek.
Tha good people of Oregon, Washington
and Idaho long ago bestowed upon me
much more than the ordinary meed of
human praise and position, without the
asking. 'For all of this I am profound
ly grateful; but my life work la not
finished, nor will it be till the women
of new Oregon, relieved of their pres
ent political rating among Idiots, in
sane persons and criminals, shall stand
before the women voters of old . Ore
gon's youngest daughter, the fair atat
bysCa Idaho, aa free aa they from the stlg
Ttna of dlsenfranchlsement. We look
confidently to- the voter, our beloved
fathers, brothers, husbands and s6na,
to relieve us of this stigma. For this
reason we call upon every woman who
lovea liberty to lay aside every fac
tional Interest he may cherish, and
every personal ambition aha may crave.
Thea, with a long pull, a strong pull
and , pull all together, we may out
ride every atorm and land our ship In
the haven of freedom alongside that of
our friends, the llberty-lovlng voters of
the state, upon whom the - patriotic
mothers of men are ever ready to be
BtoW0oana Tlof evTrrW-prdportlori
to their own opportunities.
, Wo Tim Sot Argument. .
'"The present Is no time for argu
ment. Bvery thinking and refloeUa 1
eon of woman knows that governments
derive their Just powers from the con
sent of the governed, and that the
women of thee United States, outside
of th states of Wyoming, Colorado,
Utah and Idaho, are taxed without rep
resentation and governed without con
sent. What men need, to indue them
to 6te for the . enfranchisement of
women. Is the sincere conviction that
by their affirmative votea they will
not bring us into our Inheritance as
their rulers or enemies, but as. their
helpers, coworkers and frlenda.' Wa
must let them know that th majority
of women are not seeking to enact ar
bitrary laws -for the government of
men. but th blessings of freedom for
ourselves that we may unite with them
In securing "and maintaining.; govern
ment of the people, for the people and
by th people.
Muck to Jtaooaxag.
"We have much to encourage us. The
entire civilised world is agitating this
question and making progress toward
the eaual rights of the mothers of
men before the laws under which all
must live. Step by step our own gov
eminent- Is extending us recognition.
Our own governor of Oregon, our own
mayor of Portland and the majority of
tuf clergy, 'Our leading lawyers,' orators
snd Judges, are our open and avowed
allies. The State Editorial association
Is "wllB"us"almosttd-a manrThe So-
clallst. th Prohibitionists and Demo-
crats outside ' th party macnine are
demanding our enfranchisement. If I
do not mention the different associa
tions of women, which in large major
ity are backing ua from all over the
state, as well as they are able, it is
because women do not, as yet, have
votea Ws used to have the negro, the
Indian and th Chinaman aa our po
litical equals, but modern legislation
has readmit out its law-making hand,
and, groining the negro by hla wool,
the Indl $ by hla acalp and the China
man by his queue, haa rescued these
gentlemeti of color from the govern
mental companionship of -the idiotic, in
sane and criminal -classes, leaving us,
th mothers, wives and daughters of
th voters, to endure a political rating
to which no sensible ' man can blame
patriotic women for objecting with hon
orable indignation. -
Suggestions for th Tear. , -
"For our work in making way for
liberty during th coming year, I would
suggest the formation of governmental
study clubs, for which I have ordered
textbooks. .Let us, while following th
line of leaat resistance. Inform our
selves upon such topics as th intelli
gent voter approve, "That our enfran
chisement la coming and-coming splen
didly, nobody doubts. The recent rav
ings against th women- voters of Colo
rado attest the dire straits - in which
that time-dishonored Institution, the po
litical machine, finds lts if floundering.
Read tha forthcoming facta In the dally
press and you will se both on and
between the ltnea the real reason for
th djecomflture of such tax eaters as
under equals suffrage find their occu-
They Don't Cost Any More
Than the Common Kind
' i. i ' eW--'
The Alfred Benjamin line oT'CdrTecF""
Clothes are aa perfect aa skill can make . .
them. The material used Is of . the .
' 1 ' 1 A. 11.
.---T-r-, , lugucat .quaiiia
Suits RalncoataQ
: - Overcoats, .
$20, $25 $30, $35, $40
We Are Sole Portland Agents . .
for These Goods.
311 MORRISON ST Opp. Postofflce '
As to Value, None Can Give rfcttcr
patlon gone, and then. Ilk our father
Adam, lay the blame for their downfall
on the women whom Ood gave to them
as coworkers, bees use according to their
own record, fie saw it waa not good
for rhan to be alone. '
"Let us prepare ouraelves for th
'responsible duties of citizenship, as,
with malice toward none and with char
ity for all, we stand by the right as
Ood giveth us wisdom to see th right,
seeking first the kingdom of liberty and
Its honor in the firm belief that -all
other blesslnga shall be -added there
unto as rapidly aa a free , and united
people -made ready to receive
them." ' '
. If the owners of three wagons left in
he streets by young roysterere on Hal
loween do not make themselves known
very soon 'the vehicles will be taken up
by the a treat cleaning department and
confiscated by the city.
One shipwrecked wagon adorn "th
corner of Ruaaell and Ooldamlth etreeta.
It stands Just1 where th playful boys
left it. Another Is at Eaat Seventh and
East Couch, and still another at East
Ninth and East Ankeny. All are of
more or less value. Apparently the
ownera have charged th wagons up to
profL' and loss. They probably- were
hauled several blocks by the boys.
- So many people have applied to th
county poor farm for shelter in th past
few daya that not a bed is left at the
home for future appllcanta. Superin
tendent D. D. Jackson thinks the reason
for the great number of people asking
for aid is due to th floods that have
been covering the country for th past
So serious has the condition at the
home become that in case mora appli
cants are made for accommodatlona, Mr.
Jackson say that he will have to con
fer with the city authorltlea in order to
provide lodging for the destitute. He
aays th trouble la due not only to a
shortage in furniture, but to th lim
ited amount of room in th buildings at
th farm. , .
Contractors' Wants.
Tiling, ash dumps, ash pit, doors and
electric light wiring can be secured at
J, Walsh Co. 8, 111 Stark street, be
tween Fifth and Sixth. Phone Main
17. .;'
Keep Ton Seet Dry!
From th New York Pre.
- Most of the pulmonary troubles oome
from cold or wet feet. Keep your feet
warm and dry, and you can stand a
great deal of exposure. ?
This Is the :
Butter-Nut Label
And it should appear on every
loaf of Butter-Nut you order.
. Look for it and insist upon hav
ing only the loaf with the label .
There are scores of imitations
abroad, and being passed upon
unsuspecting buyers as "Butter
Nut" or "just as good as Butter
Nut!!LTheprice may be the
same but that's alL ;'.;.
i w
per loaf
at all
grocers i
Look for the Butter-Nut label...
The proposition that
cannot be fully ex
plained is not the one
' to investigate -
Make Your Money Barn You
Speculation is not nec
essary to a c q u i r e
wealth; good judg
-; ment is - -. 4
Per Year and Keep It Under Your Own Control
T OPPER.WILL MAKE MORE MONEY In the next five years than all our railroads in twenty. The SEA .
( ISLAND COPPER COMPANY is a plain commercial propositionnot a speculation. The property is
-AX'Jif tinder the management of the PACIFIC COAST SECURITIES COMPANY, financed by them, which is in ;
itself a guarantee to the public ox its merits, aside from the fact that the stock is placed under their guar
antee plan, which serves not only to protect the, investor from loss, but leaves his investment directly under
his own control until the management, the property and the dividends are proven. The following Port
land institutions, selected for their unquestionable stability, are the depositaries of the company: Merchants'
"National Bank, Oregon Trust & Savings Bank, Merchants' Investment & Trust CompanyfMortgage Guar-
by the purchaser, issues a Certificate of Deposit for the full amount invested, and this Certificate of Deposit, ."
together with our Certificate of Stock," is placed in an escrow envelope, and this envelope, with its contents,
is deposited in escrow with the depositary designated by the purchaser, which makes the investor absolutely
J - saf eJFullestinYestigatipninvite(L Call,orjwritef or booklet, giving full particulars. . V
Officers and Directors:
v ' W. B. Glafke, President.
, W. L. Benham, Vice-President.
S. W. Stcffncr, Manager.
Ll -: Ju d ge Alex S week; Secretary.
J. F. Hartley, Treasurer.
Pacific Goast Securities Company
Dr. W. A. Wise, Director.
Long & Sweek, Attorneys.