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Winter Season Open With Great
r r Eclat -Torr the 'Emeryville '
Track at Oakland.
Despised Starter in Initial Claaaic
Played From "J to 23 to 1, Cornea In
Winner In Great Form Results
of pay's Racing,
(Special Dispatch br Lraeed Win to The loamali
Kan Francisco. Nov. 17 Old timers at
th racing ium will tell you to put
your money on the longest paid starter
in a four-bora handicap field. It looks
- ae though the advice will have to be
amended so aa to apply to a field with
twice four and several over going to the
post. , ,
Corrlnn.1 tho T-vear-nM mnn n Bain.
always - a galloper with pretensions to
ciAss, was one or the 10 that lined up
beore Dick Dwyer In the opening- han
dicap on. the first day of the 150-dsy
meeting .of the New California Jockey
club at Emeryville. There were onlv
twc other in the race that could lay
claim to that Intangible something
called clusa, but all of them were men
tioned by this one or that on as the
probable winner.' Corrlgan was th
despised. The bookmakers, remember
"trig" tome of hla quite clever races oh
ray iropoj nan-evacksv op-;HQ ThS Drown
horse at I to 1.. But Corrlcan was
friendless. A wager, of $20 her and
there by the people connected with th
stable waa about all th action that
eouia be seen about Corrlgan.
The odda lengthened and lengthened
Vntll 15 and SO to 1 was obtainable.
Corrlgan went fo th post th longest
ehot In th race. Corrlgan won Ilk
Dressing sticks. - Doc Rowell, th
owner and trainer of th little winner.
Is a true sportsman anil In nortaman-
llk atyl did not claim th credit for
th victory of Corrlgan for th first
prlie of th season. . Rowell thought
JLogistsna would win. That Sam Hit
aretn onastnut mar did not cor
Rowell lays to tfl rid that , little
Bandy put up on his horse.
"That boy Is a area, rider." waa all
Howell would say aa ha was shaking
nana srter hand Immediately after the
numbers had been displayed. "He knew
when to come on and timed hla move
Just right"
Corrlgan was a rood horse todav and
he did not have much weight to bother
him, but Rowell wa - certainly right
wnen ne spon so glowingly of Bahdy'a
efforts. Alert at th Webbing, th boy
-got his mount -off 1n nice, position, lay
' in behind the pace makers, but not too
far, and then, coming into th stretch
as Ruby waa beginning to crack.
brought him up with a rush.
jyogistuia cam along in th rua
horn In her famous whirlwind 'atvl.
but ah had fallen so far out of it in
' the backstretch fhat ah faltered In the
- last sixteenth, though finishing gamely.
Corrlgan -won by th better part of a
length. . .
Although the field waa poor, there
was plenty or , enthusiasm over th
race. r '.-,.,.-
Th 15,000 men and women, v were
present ta help mfek th day a big
on 'in th way of opening days, were
taken on their feet light at th atari
Burleigh, Military Man and Mansard
cam down th atretch In th flrat race
well bunched and the Jockeys, Knapp
WUllamg and .IJIldebrand. driving to
handily at the end. but atlll it waa a
pretty at rustle.
Salable threw hla following ' down
without ceremony In th aecond, not
being able to get up enough steam to
flnlHh in the money. Byronerdal. nlc
and fresh, won all th way.
L. Williams outrode R. Davta In th
two rear oldrareandlhaL. Ie why
Tony Faust got Brackets Instead of
Native Son.
Maaaa mad the tunning and earn
In flrat In th fifth, hard pressed by
- J?rkerslt,- aMr-TMwarfl hurt 1rf"bdrTVert
Catarrh of the Stomach
A Pleasant, Simple, But Safe and Ef
. ' .. fectual Cur for It - - :
Catarrh of the stomach haa long been
- considered the next-thing to Incurable.
Th usual aymptoma are a full or
bloating sensation after aatlng, accom
panied sometimes with sour or -watery
risings, a formation of gases, causing
pressure on th heart and lungs .and
difficult breathing, headaches, fickle ap
petit, nervousness and a general played
out, languid reeling.
There la often a foul taste In th
mouth, coated tongue end If the In
terlor of th stomach could be seen It
would show a slimy, Inflamed condi
tion. . --....-.. , ...
Th cur for this common and obatl
nst trouble 1 found In a treatment
which cause the food to be readily,
thoroughly digested befor it haa time
to ferment and Irrltat th delloat
' mucous surfaces of the stomach. To
aecur a prompt and healthy digestion
is th on necessary thing to do and
when 'normal digestion Is seoured th
eafarrhalcondItlon wlrl hava.d.lsap-
beared. '"
According to Dr. Harlanson th safest
and best treatment 1 to us after each
meal a tablet, composed of Diastase,
septic Pepsin, a . little Nux. Golden
Seal and fruit acids. These tablets csn
now be found at all drug stores under
th nam ef Btxiart Dyspepsia Tab
lets and not being a patent medicine
can be used with perfect safety and as
surance thst healthy appetite and thor
ough digestion will follow their regular
use after meals.
- Mr. tR. 8 -Workman, Chtoag5(rna.,t
wriiea: . Tjatarrn is a local condition
resenting from a. neglected oold in th
head, whereby the lining membrane of
th nos becomas inflamed and th
poisonous discharge therefrom passing
backward Into th throat reaches th
stomach. Medical authorities prescribed
for m for three yeara for catarrh of
atomach without cur, but today I am
th happiest of men after using' only
on box of Stuart's Dyspepsia Tableta.
I cannot find appropriate words to x
press my good feeling. I bar found
flesh, appetite and sound rest from
their use.". .,.
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tableta Is th
safest preparation aa well as th aim
pleat and, most convenient remedy for
any form of Indlgostlon, Catarrh of
stomach, biliousness, sour stomach,
heartburn snd bloating after meals.
Send your nam and address today
for a f re trial package and ae for
yourself. . Address. F. A. Stuart Co.,
II Btuart Blclg-, Marshall, Mich.
- V':"i
. . ; .r V ' "" ' j ; . 1 -A
XftK &&.1jt jUfe M&: v eP"l fc. Pa. tSrfe" it nf . i Vi 'rtvAdSS
- Pinkham, Oregon's Crack Guard. 1
out la th last to win from the heavily
played Oypsy King, ona of th Hlldretn
stable. Grass Cutter - was Interfered
with at th start and could never get
near tha . leaders. , -
li 1
Six . forlongs. - selling
(Knapp), .7 to 6, won. Military Man
second. Mansard third; time, 1:14 1-5.
' On mil and fifty yards, selling
Byronerdal ' (Wiley). 1C to-. 1,, won,
Lasella second, Atkins third; time,
1:44 4-1. t
Five f'irlonge Tony Faust (L. Will
lams), It to 6, won, Native Son second.
Melltah third; time, 1:01 -.
On mil, opening handicap, 11.000
added Corrigan-4 Sandy), II to 1, won.
Loglstllla second, JRutC .third; time,
1:40 l-tV .
One mile, eelllng Maasa (Mclntyre),
I to 1, won, Eckeraall second. Earl Rog
er third; time, 1:41 1-6.
'Futurity course Sir Edward (Gra
ham), I to I, won, Gypay King aecond,
Heotor third; time. 1:11.
Water Jumps Are Feature - of
Portland Hunt Club Hare
and Hounds Run.
Dr. Kmmett Drake yesterday after
noon won th last paper chase of the
fall " season for th members of th
Portland Hunt club.
Mrs. F. O. Downing cam In second
and Misa Mabel Lawrence waa third.
The course waa from th Junction of
th Portland Heighta car line with tha
Council Crest extension, and the finish
waa on th Tlgardvllle road, near Ful
ton, seven mliea away.
Three water jumpa war Included In
the 10 jump along the course. Th
water lump war something new for
th horse, but all took them nicely,
Tha rain-didn't lessen lh ardor .of th
Th hare were Mr. and Mrs. Ambrose
Cronln. Following are th other rider
In th contest: Dr. W. I Wood, Dr. J,
N. Coghlan, F. Wilder. Dr. W. A. Cum.
JosepU Cronln, W. M. Davis, Paul C
Kerr, F. O. Downing, John Latta (M. F.
H ), J. O. Maehe, Mr. W. U Wood.
MrsjV HBly the,Mra C 1L. Edmonds,
Mrs. Clarence Nichols, Mrs. Buff um.
Miss B. Gila. -r -
- - (Special "Mustek t Th Journal.)
Forest Grove, Or., Nov. 17. The pub
lic school boys of Forest Grove were
today worsted on th college gridiron by
th Academy Preps by th larg scor
of 11 to 0. Th gam waa a fast ona,
In spit of th wet field, and the school
boy mad a much batter showing than
they did two week ago. - zoung Ferrln
starred for "Cad -Preps" and Harding
and Reeher also made soma good gains.
Moor and Stackleader. for th public
achool, were tha stars.
(Special Ptipatrh by teasd Wire to Th Journal)
Washington, Nov. 17. Monfort, a
cheap aelllng plater, today won th
grand consolation stakes for two-year
olds by three lengths from Orphan Lad,
which beat th $10,000 Tourenn three
parts of a length for tha plac. Miller
rod Monrort ana caugni me. punuo
play at I to 1. Laat time out Monfort
was badly beaten by poor platera and
hla winning proved that th field for
th fifth, grand consolation Included a
mighty poor lot ,
It has not yet been definitely settled
when th Oregon-Washington game will
be pulled Off. The game waa sched
uled for yesterday, nut tne Washington
team haa been delayed en rout. Th
chancas are that th Washington team
will arrlv In Portland this 'evening
and will leave for Eugene at once, so
that th gam will t played on Mon
day Itith gamJ not played , oa
Monday or Tuesday, it la quit likely
that It will, ba called off.
jTo-sjoora Contest. : s f
(ftpwial Pl.patch to Tht Journal.)
Aberdeen, Wash., Nov. 17. Th Ab
erdeen and Centralla High achool team
played a tie no-acora game today. Tha
?am waa a aesperai oaitie irom start
o finish. Orlmm. who played on tha
State University team last year was In
lha - gam for Centralla, - . Tim - f
halves, 15 and 10 mlnutea. . Referee,
Terptngors Umpires, Lewis and Austin.
Linesman, Phillips.
Bowling ire, -
The nrlsa Offered for th hlrheat
sin si e gam rolled In any of tha Port
land league pownng matcnea la being
ought after by both clauses. Th
highest scor at present is held by
Keating, . Other soorea are: Dan-
ford III. McMonies Hi, Krusa 247, Mo
Menomy 247. '.,,
Cardinal Coach Is Held In Hijjhif
EteerfTi)yriB-Falo Alto
Students. -
Rujby Gaine Has Taken Good Mold
at California Universities, and Lan
agan May Be Sent to New Zealand
to Study Up the Sport.'. ,
f (Special Dtapatrb to Tbe Jenrnal.f
Stanford University, Cal., Nov. 1T.
With a Stanford victory over pallfornla
last Saturday, th first Intercollegiate
Rugbf season in this country cam to
a oloae. . Aside from th unusual In
terest manifested on account of the
newness of the sportr the gam Itself
marked th third successive triumph of
he Cardinal over th Blue and Gold, a
feacr which neither college has accom
plished heretofore. Furthermore it waa
th third successive victory for Iana
gsn's methods, who though he never
saw a . Rugby gam .until this year
proved- himself to be th master of
Taylor, th California coach, who
learned th gam In Mew Zealand. The
Stanford student body Is proud of their
coach and th 15 men who stood be
hind hlm,and TaJolc In a cleHn. fair
y over their uiiuunanta from across
the bay.
. But on Incident haa served to mar
a season otherwise successful. Th
postmortem wall of tha Berkeley par
tisan atlll rlnga In our aara. Tha game
had no sooner come to a close when
there were cries of Stanford luck and
favoritism on the part of Referee Un
made, cdmlng from th Berkeley sup
porters Mora than this. Trainer Chris?
tla and even Captain Haffey want so
far as to question th fairness of Stan
ford's victory. If th words of th
former to tha effect that tha Berkeley
team had to play not only against tha
Stanford fifteen, but againat tha offi
cials as well la Indicative of tha spirit
in - which - Berkeley takea her defeat,
then there ia aomethfng aa'Ay lacking in
tha sporting instincts of the California
men. Thla cry of unfalrneaa haa
brought forth a atorm of criticism on
tha part of nonpartisan writers, who
are fond In denouncing the unsporta
manllk apirlt of th Blue, and Gold
followers. Referee - Upmack ia ona of
these and In an open letter declared:
"Never in all my experience
athlete, football player or referee, have
I com across a team that took a fair
and honest beating ao badly aa thla
Berkeley 'varsity."
Aa long as California will have vic
tory, and victory alone, and can aee
nothing honorable In a gracious defeat,
lust so. long will this spirit ofmuck
arlsm 4reva!tr
Bugfey Xaa Soma Well.
Rugby It . aeeina, baa coma up to
the best expectations of its promoters.
Tha presidents of both universities have
declared themselves as thoroughly aat-
Isfled with the f lrst year'a work... The
exhibition between, Stanford and Cali
fornia, they adroit waa a little ragged
aa compared with the way that English'
men play th game, but they argue
that' another aeason wilt see a game
fully aa Interesting aa tha old ona.. One
thing la certain, tha game aa it i
played now will have to b modified
considerably and tha rules revised
throu ghoutt8t ajafotdB ndjCaUf.orUl
have taken it upon memaeives io create
almost a new game a game that com
bines much of tha English gam and a
little of th American gam. ; Thla baa
resulted Jna great many mlaundar
standings and It la thought by some
that th criticism of Referee Unmack
by tha Berkeley supporters waa du to
a misunderstanding o eoma o tha fine
polnia of the game. Among th stu
dents of the universities there aeeme
to b a' division of opinion aa to tha
merits of th new game. Many, In fact
th majorltyrwould Hke'lo ae th old
game played again, and -on th other
hand there ar-thosa -who hop that
Rugby may be developed Into an ideal
sport It Is not at all unlikely that
Rugby will be given another trial br
Stanford and California, next year.
. Xnag-aa Kay TrvL
If such is th decision of the uni
versity authorities, it la probable that
Coach Lanagan will go to New Zealand
next summer to study the game as It
is played there. Th New Zealander
by their rcent vlctorlee over the Eng
lish and -Canadian t earns - have ahowa
tbemaelvea to be lha champions of tha
world at Rugby. Generally, Lanagan
has gone eaat, just after the big game
to watch the eastern colleges play and
to atudy new methods, but thla year
th trip .will b useless and Instead ha
will ba Bent to New Zealand, where h
can .waioh Rugby a played by thoa
who know the game Mat
The North Central defeated Crescents
by the scor of 20 to t. Th gam waa
a vary fast one, but North Central out
played the Crescenta and won. Tha
stare of the gam were Potter for
North Centrals -and Keyaa for tha
Crescents ' The teams were evenly
matched Th line-up waa;
North ' CehtraX- Position. , Crescent
Davla ............. C... ...... .. Curry
Bennett R Ci...; R. Nelson
Tatham ........ .L G. ...... C Nelson
Hasford ...... ...R T. .......... Pegg
Miller ........... .L T., Johnson
Morrla ....R E) Cabb
Burna ,L B Keyee
Humphrey .......Q Mountain.
Potter ...K M Kenney
Turner L H.... M Evana
McKmnan ...F..... Daly
Umnlr Mr. Hurburt. Halves Jt
and 80 mlnutea. Referee Mr. Thomaa.
(Special Dlseatrk te Th Joe ma I.)
Forest Grove. Or., Nov. 17. In vlw
of th damage done by the larg amount
of rain to tha power-plant dam on the
headwatera of the Tualatin, the engines
at the two plant will ba equipped with
oil-burners. This mov I deemqd nec
eesary, to lower tha running expenses,
as many cords of wood are required at
present. Th old water-wheel formerly
placed at the Galea creek plant IS being
overhauled and will be put in at the
Halnea dam to aid in securing more
power. . i ' ' i
. O. Lewie Mead as Waahlartoa.
(Wiahtngtoe Barn ef The Journal.)
' Washington. Nov. 17. C Lewis Mead
of Portland la at the New Wlllard,
ii ; - t
mm, mm
McKlnney, Oregon's Crack Lineman,
(Continued' from Pag Ten.)
purloined th ball.- Owena failed to gain
cr, flr.t itnn Vr. fnmhUrt mlt full.
man punted to James, who punted on
th flrat down and Coleman tried to do
the same on the Willamette's first
down, but McMillan blocked his punt
Willamette recovered tha ball and Cole-'
man punted to James, who punted
yarda on th first down. Again Willam
ette punted without trying for yardage,
and' Lonargan caught tha ball, advanc
ing it II yarda Jamea punted 60 yarda
to. Owens, who was tackled by Jordan,
as time waa called. ' Final acore, Mult
nomah II, Wllamtt I. ,
- Length of halves, SS mlnutea; refer,
M. Boyd; umpire, M. Hockenberry; Una
man, M. ZleglerV timekeepers, Mr. Teck
helraer and Dr. Rader.
. The lineup: ' " -'
Willamette. Position, Multnomah.
Flaher .. ,, ... L E. . . . . ... j . .- Wilder
Lounsberry L. E. ....... Dowling
Lounsbarry, Hewitt L. T, . . . . McMillan
MacKnlght L. G Starling
Nelson - . . . i ,-. i . . .C. i . ; . . ; . . . ; Kellar
Marker R. O Burt
Boyer R. T ' Pratt
Russell ........ .R. E... Jordan (Capt)
Owena ...Q Blanchard Dowling
Nace L. H. ......... Dolpb
Thomaa ...R. H. Lonergan
Coleman .....F. ... James
Substitutes for Willamette, Belknap;
for M. A. A, C, Carson, Carlson, Lltt
Soma of . the Things That Football
- Teaches the Mayers.
By Rev. Clarence True Wilson, D. D.
A I aat In tha grandstand yesterday
I thought of many things one waa the
weather. It doea not seem to favor us.
I have sometimes feared one or two of
the boys would be hurt; now I'm afraid
aome one will get drowned.
It le almost as Interesting to sit In
the grandstand and hear the remarks
aa to witness the fin move of the
playere on the field. Just befor m
sat a radiant brunett with roay cheeks
dimEied.9nordlnaxg..iccaalnna, T sup.
pose, she would be "cold," but a Wil
lamette boy baa just made a good
play. Sh exclaims, "Oh, isn't he a
dear." If ha could have heard that ha
would , be re warded for all hla splash
ing In the mud.
Another thing that opens my ears Is
the way the girls can screech for their
favorite -side snd how mncH'more ef
fectively- for-lhlrfevorlt-tlayr.
notice a girl with a vole aoft and low.
awakened by football aha makes a
startling noise that la heard across the
gridiron. .
And th girls era good Judges of man
lines. They may not know the rules.
but Instinct tells them.
Tou never hear of a football player
In time of war crying and running to
hide at the first fire; nor afterward of
being rebuked by hla captain, who com
mands him, "Be a man; don't be a
baby," replying, "I wish I was a baby,
and a, girl baby, too." : -
' I admire the girls; but not a lady.
like man. I would make all such wear
dressea. Humanity admires energy In
action; thoughts in quick motion. W
never sen a thought vividly in tha ab
stract. Give It' to us In the concrete
and . it. stirs our blood, Tha - gam
teachea the moral: "Do thtnga; don't
dream them all day long."
Some people never make any mistakes
because they never make any move.
Football will develop a claaa of doers.
Itleada to quick thinking andqulck
aotlng.. Ita drill In obedience to author
Ity la excellent A little shaver jpende
the whole team of big stalwarts back
as a penalty and they go because he
haa tha right to command.
Well Flayed Oaaae AJthongn mooter
Wer Somewhat Xmbamsstrig. ,
By Rev. A. A. Morrlaon, D. D.
I attended yeaterdny'a game between
Multnorfiah and-Willamette,- and " thor
oughly enjoyed the contest From the
result t am pleased to say that the
Portland club men have the better
Disliking the elements. I took refuge
fn th grandstand, wher I saw the
Rev. Clarence True Wilson, without his
spectacles, and wearing a funeral coun
tenance, I fancied that Dr. Wilson
was shocked.
The Willamette rooters went ' wild
when their favorite blocked a kick and
made a tOWcffaowTC What" disturbed
me moot wae the way those embryonic
Methodist preschers, who earn to Port
land for th sport, yelled whenever
Willamette scored an advantage, While
admitting that I am nothing of a
prude, on account of my long associa
tion with th Multnomah rootoaii play
ers, I eonf)a that I was scandalised to
hear those good young men give vent
te their feelings by shouting .
"We are In It t should smil.
And will b In Itji h of a whil."
Than, too, my feeling wer disturbed
completely when th six young women
representing th Willamette oholr tried
to join in the singing. After hearing
them I waa convinced that their yell
ing wa much better than their sing
ing. Tha game Itself wsa a masterful
exhibition of th football science, but
I beg that Willamette will be' more
careful In the future In presenting
rooter and yellers at a lost cause, ao
that Dr. Wilson will not be ao enthus
iastically -embarrassed.
Joe Thomas Will Meet Al Neil
and McConnell In One
Expert Naughton Reviews the Box-
inf Mixup in California in a Fair
Fashion' and Makes Timely Com
ment About O'Brien and Jeffries.
By W. W. Naughton. :
(Special Dlapatcb by Leased Wire to The Jooraal)
San Francisco. Nov. 17. Is an up-to-
date pugilist a. match for two men of
tha vintage of 1900? .
That la the- question th Ban Fran
claoo fight promoters are anxious to
solve and to that end they have matched
Jo Thomas against ,A1 Nell -and Frank
Thomaa haa undertaken io stop his
two class matea in on nlghV being held
to a limit of. 10 rounds in each ease.
Six yeara ago Nell and McConnell
were well to the front in what might
ba called the light middleweight divla
Ion. They wer "certainly th bast of
their heft In San Francisco and there
waa widespread interest when the rival
native aona booked up for a to-round
bout aome four or five yeara ago. The
affair went the full dlsisnoa and Nell
waa awarded the decision, a verdict
which didn't give general aatisfactlon
by any means.
In their heyday Nell and McConnell
were what might be called all-round
ring men. They could box and they
could punch. McConnell once won from
the redoubtable Grlf f o in a ahort bout
at th Olympic club and Nell knocked
out Tim Murphy, who had com her
heralded aa th best middleweight Aus
trails had produced In yeara.
And now Joa Thomaa thlnka himself
equal to the task, of putting both Nell
and McConnell away In one night well,
It Impresses on with th fact that a
fighter's best yeara are as faw aa thoae
of a race bora.
Match of thla kind ar alwaya aura
to awake reminiscence and provoke dis
cussion. Some of the fans ' who are
airing their viewa are asking whether
Thomaa aa he la rightnow, la a better
fighter than Neil or McConnell waa alx
yeara ago. This I a theme that can
be threshed out till th cowa oome home
for there is no way of . settling the
As a friend of mine put It: "Even If
Thomaa and Nell, say, flourished In the
same year, they would have to fight to
tall which waa th better man, ao what
Ir th use of talking about something
which cannot be put to the test".
But the fightgoera continue to make
comparlsona along the line mentioned.
for though -fighters fada and shrivel,
the men who argue about' them seem te
keep perennially young "
"Does any one mean to tell me that
with Jeffries out of It, th average
championship candidate of -today is to
ba compared with tha average aecond.
claas heavy-weight of eight or ten yeara
agar asked" -on sport : who had 7 been
caught la th awirl of discussion.
'Twaa a aura enough poser and
doesn't do to be too quick with
answer. Joe Choynskl. Kid McCoy and
Denver Ed Smith were aecond raters,
but If they were In their prime right
now they would be right In the thick
of the championship ecrlmmage.
About Kid MoCot.
.Talking of "Kid" McCoy recalls that
the Hoosler laddie le talking of fighting
again. Well, that'a all right McCoy,
so far aa I remember, never went on
record- to--th-ffect-that-h had -forsaken
fisticuffs for ever and aye. He
aimply drops out of sight for a whil
at time and than bobs up like a jack
Soma- one said - that th Kid wanted
to meet Jeffrlea, but I don't believe It
It would be just his luck, though, to get
th first-crack at Hackenschmldt-as
did at that unfortunate Dutchman, Horr
Poor Hackenaohmidt; poor Plack.
They aay that when the latter went to
McCoy's corner and aaw the adhesive
tap on McCoy' handa and knuckles, he
asked ruefully: "le that all you're going
to wearT"
If Hackenschmldt cornea- over thla
to do and tha public demands that he
engage in an elimination bout befor
Issuing a challenge to Jeffries, it wilt
hardly be fair to let, McCoy grab him.
I guess It's old Bob Fltsstmmons' turn
to get a whack at one of those foreign
puglllstlo potentates. Or, If It com es to
that, let McCoy and Fltsslmmona box
for th privilege of meeting Hacken
cox. Tarrmn
Sunday Sinner from 11 a. m. U I p, m
Cxeaaa of Celery Soup (free with steals)
anifiaS Tomatnaa K Kothoos
x,ernoe ,.iue
Oreea Onloae 5 Celery 5f
vniexea Bieiaa, witn auyonaaia
Dressing . .... M. , . ... . ZOC
ouea salmon aeiuee win wait
sans ids
oiiea ox Tosni wita ore-
radiah . ZOO
Chicken rot M with BampUnga. .25
Pork Spar Klbs with aaarknrai.zoe)
Small Beef Tenderloin, Bordelaia.2Se
ante of Teal Kianey on tossi. .
Breast or tmu, areata ea wivn vaau-
flower 20
Beef Stow with Tgtabis 15
CalveeA Bralna with Scramble
Bgga . ......aSe
Macaroni and Chee, Xtalleaae. . , . 1R
Braised sirloin of Beef, Spaolah ..150
Plokled Lamb's Tonga with rotate -
Salad . ZO
Chile Ooa Cars lBf
Keif Spring; Chlokan en Toast,
Fried 4U
era Beef Stash with Poched
Bgg . , 1B
Orange Fritters with Wine Ssoo. IK
Side Order Orange Fritter 5
Baat Young- Turkey with Cranberry
ana and Celery 3Bt
Boast Spring Chicken with Brass-
las; ZO
Boast Fork . m IB
Boast Teal . 15e
Boast Spring Lamb, tUat Ssnoe aad
On raa i ZOf
Boast Beef, raa Oravy &j
Slload Oranges 10. Sliced Ba-
Coffee,' Bread aad Butter aad rotate
with ail mesas.
Corner Third and Couch Sta.
schmldt That would shadow out a
highly Interesting campaign.
About Jim Jeffrie,
Th fact that Jim Jeffrlea la to ref--the
Jack -ttrten-Tommy "Bums
match at Los Angeles adda a seat to
th affair. It does more. It give as
surance that th two, heavies will gat
a-squar4al and-tha they -themselves
will have to deal squarely with th pub
lic When O'Brien was up in San Fran
dace to attend the Kaufmann-Berger
conteat he amd to think there would
be a hitch whan th time cam t select
referee for hi match with Burna.
Jack waa determined .to call a halt on
everything if any attempt waa made to
foist an unsuitable man on him, and th
celerity with which - he ha accepted
Jeffrie shows that he ia satisfied that
th hiar fellow will ludsa tha mill In.
tsUlgsntly aad give eh nttn hi
du. So far th gossips and scandal
monger hav not had anything sinister
to aay about .a conteat and everything
points to a hard, clean, determined
fight. Burns, who ' Is forthright of
speech, haa criticised O'Brien harshly.
He 'has accused Jacg ox an the ains in
the pugilistic calendar. He seems to
regard th Phlladelphlan as his natural
nemy and he ..has been at pains to vlll-
Ify and thwart him.
He wrote a letter, which was pub
lished In Sydney, in which he said:
"O'Brien won't fight me. He Is a
coward and a big fourflusher. - He won't
fight any one where he knowa he has
got to fight.
It waa In the letter referred to that
Burna showed hla hand, so far aa a de
sire to rob O'Brien of a trip to Aus
trails was concerned. He said: "I wish
you would hustle and get Squires for
me, before OBrlen gets him.
It was about that time that Tommy
aprung hi Arcadia offer of a $20,000
purse for O Brlen and himself, o Brlen
canceled hia passage by th outbound
Australian steamer and a day later the
Arcadia bubble burst
O'Brien will think of all these things
when the musle of the starting gong ts
lingering in his ears. TOmpiy. too, will
remember the little things he has said
Ihff doniTo' aiinoy O'Brien, and will de
cide that th best way to aettle old
scores is to (ight Ilk, a demon.
Jgemslo and attune.
- George Memslo. otherwise Jimmy
Burn, who did for Charley, Neary In
two rounds In Los Angslea, ia now in
11 n for a match with one of the top-
notch lightweights. It is believed an at
tempt will be made to atgn Jimmy Brltt
and Memslo for thla city next montn.
Dick . Hylanl alio spoken of a ao f
opponent for Memslo. Either match
would be an attractive on, a fact which
is recognised by McCarey of Lea An
geles, who will bid against -the San
Francisco promoters for the ' privilege
of handling Memslc s nexf right
Tommy Burns has Memslo under hie
wing, snd that Bum thinks well of
hi charge'ls shown "by the way-In
whloh ha described him in the letter
to Australia before mentioned.
' "I have George Memslo with me, and
I'd like tft bring him over." wrote
Tommy. "I think be will be the cham
pion of the world in a year, as he la
one of the best lightweights I have ever
seen. I sm fighting him under the
name Of Jimmy Burna."
Will Co to Washington to Aid
Senator Fulton In Securing
Recognition for Oregon.
Jonathan Bourne Jr., Indorsed by the
people of Oregon for united States sen.
tor, will go to Washington to attend
the opening of congress and will work
with Senator Fulton for all govern
mental projects In which Oregon is In
terested at the coming aesslon of eon-
In a telegram sent byJosephNTeaL
attorney for the transportation commit
tee of the chamber of commerce, Mr.
Bourne announces his intention of leav
ing New Bedford. Massachusetts, for
Washington at an early date,, and re
quests that all obtainable data on Ore
gon projects be sent him to enabl him
to use hla efforts with bis congressional
friends In aiding Senator -Fulton In se
curing recognition ior urenon noeas.
The matters clamoring for attention are
Columbia river improvement th Celllo
canal, tha irrigation project ana, other
Oregon work now depending upon gov
ernmental appropriation for their early
future completion.
Elisabeth V. Phillips filed a suit In
e state circuit court yesterday after
noon for a divorce from Charlea J. Phil
Hps on the ground of cruelty. - Mr.
Phillip allege that her husband falsely
accused her of Infidelity. They wa
married at Spring field, nrmois. In April,
1814,. and hav seven children. Mr.
Phillip give their names and agee aa
follows: -Anna, aged 17, who Uvea with
a good family at The Dalles, Oregon
Ida, aged 18, who has a home with her
mother's brother; Agnes, aged II. who
livee with the father at Mosler, Oregon;
Irma, aged 14, who le a ward of the
juvenile court and Oscar, aged 11;
Alice,- aged 10, and Ar villa, aged 7, who
live with their mother.
Mrs. Phillips states that she fears
her husband will resort to desperate
means to injure her or gain possession
of th children unless he Is reetrained
by an order of oourt from Interfering
with her during the pendency of . the
eult George Jf. Lent appeara as attor
ney for Mrs. Phillip.
Decisions will be announced by Judge
Sears In the state circuit court tomor
row morning In ,n following case:
8. T. Psokwood vs. F. A. Sweeney,
motion to sot aside default
E. C. Johnson vs. Hultnomah Fair
association, demurrer to amended com
O. M. Smith vs. J. R. Keep, motion
to strike out part of answer
"Paul'Jm." Bemler veT "Meier A Frank.
demurrer to amended complaint.
Oosalln Hamblett vs. Pence com
pany, motion to dissolve temporary In
(Special Dlapatcb ta The Jnernal.)
Waterloo, Orn Nov. 17-Nellie Phll-
lppl, the 16-year-old , girl who wae ab
ducted by Charlea Ureenough during
a temporary abaence of her parents, haa
-returned to her home. Greenough in-
duoed her to 'marry him. He took her
to Oregon City and secured work for
her and for himself with the Oregon
City Lumber company. Relatives of
the girl made search, located the pair
and Induced Nellie to come home. Con
siderable Indignation toward Greenough
la felt generally in the community, but
no legal proceedings against blm hav
been taken, ' .
I i ' i a I vC'I'l' I
burned kxj by the XtCHUlTlU MATES TkXaV
This , aothjuatas "B1 Cow- amatmeltr, ,
relebratrd for lu rottes service aad blaa rata .
the "WOkLO OVKH." btll.r. tae way to I
unwed Is to knock aad dtacradlt Um Aata-1
niatic and . ta- aecvtUas of the sw '
li'd-P-xi-nt Home TttphoM Oueapaay hrT
endinc forts an avalanche ut tat and triad, I
BoaTia" Information to the public by tae Soft-
Shoe, Oa-tba-gulet, Lonely-fete Boete. Tbre
H oat one anewer tn to ...thU. I
originating from tha Knockcr'a Camp.
ir me "lEKKiriO RATES TbLIIrHuAS
COMPA.VT" apeat Ita MO(fKV to Improve Its
OWN MERVlCkl sad sar Its bsngrj-tooktnav
hlreUaira aoufh to be eourteoos te Its patroneT
uu aiuar m art or attending to ita own
BLSINEU3, thaj would at laaat be preewlng
to bold a faw televbooe snbavrlbere whan the
' dore nt in. all rut Annu,
DKMI'IBKS TFIB KNOCK I ft, snkNcfe over
tures OrliriaatiK f mn. mnw H,m wtH,
without cauaa. will And navBTtn path tarn la!
this or anr LA W-A-olont, UukaVLO VIKllI
lit I siae the people ere ap earveetlf 4ba
almost ojlajjlmooa pojMlw vote Portlasd folks
fare tae Automatic on electloa day would
ndlcste fbe DKAH PUBLIC eaa't aa what
the KL'KK rB VTrrrllla Bates Tetenboae Com
DKA sVo-
pany la worrying about, because It tha Asto
matte Is no' rood snd the stockholders aro so
better, op ratio aad featdeace will tall Sottas
caea amnmaot.
The fart la, snd. I guess moat people ksow It.,
ffceTaiTlble Rates. L'saltaa, All-la. Ovar-l
IlSad. Woodnackerad-PoU Talanhooa Artlrkal
la ap sfslnst the Baal Arttdo, aad srsat r
aort to ambush methods, before-taekr CN-l-CONMTIONA1.
BL'KRK.NDEH." Anrway. Ue
hlhihai, or mm fiti kst win oa tae
One Teleuhone Toil "H1TH 17 P TO." ro-
sardlau of their taut or mine. Tbkj does not I
Intereet the Public; what people wast la "Tela-;
pnone Berne'- aae courteous ireatimee .no
baat for the leaat amount of money. Tbey
are sick and tired ef thla "BELL-COW" Coa..
Uke-it-or-let-lt-.lona, ruleer-rnla service.- -
liila- la- rrw oneetrr. H asset-saee hav--
ine rigni io live ena sen tseur wares. I sen
these eefiirttie snd believe in them, and ba
11. .a In tha eempany and people back ef them,
with all my soul ae meek so that I herobr
atree ' wita esea Boreaasar I nav sold a
Portland bond to. If IS months attar opera tin'
and gaaeral serrlre is given ye a re dlaaatla-
fled or disappointed with ronr Investment, I
wit t. t wt-1 u w vrkrfB www . .!.
S par cent eompousd Intaraet. em perfectly
sole to e so, ana asiy aay sta lament, te th .
contrary. .
President Americaa Harloost Bank, gaa
Dleso. Callforsta. repreeentlna Ksttooal Sa-
eorltles Company ef Los Angeles, California, .
In Bond UepartmsBt, Latlayatur. Stocs. fott
ltsd, OrrgoSi r-
The Wobdpeclicr
A woodpecker pecked '
Os s telephone pal. .
Be packed sway .
Till be pecked a Big hotel
' last's so thin. .
He kept It ep
This perking war,
fill he pecked every pat
TS same Md way.
. i aa tnataBou
Then he flew le Uie turn
This woodpeeker bold . .
To sharpea his bin
Be I am told,
Bat that's sothlDg. . .
- "rw wh ha ease hA
. Te peck soma othera.
Be tackled a Dole
1H wua i nis ratners.
BUU Jaat'a i
Till his bill sot enre.
. Than back ba the bam.
t at ha. pecked no met
. a , inui
, The last pole perked
Was "Home" snd sHv.
Thare's differene la pole
Where Woodpeckrre thrive.
Aad that'a everything..
MORAL "'""'..:..."'
And the Knocker ae well
-May knock at his ears.
But s "rap" st roar neighbor
Is knocking aloa. Z-"
Tla not evaa mealy
j Thla "Weodnei-ker" wsy. '
; The World mrae . a Boostr
Let . the World '.'hare It way.
Bonds, Lefajette Bldg., PerUass. .
Fair Fighting
One of the swards made br the trustees ef
the Carnegie hero fuud wae to Butue Xa
Coomba of Midway, Kentucky.
Combs and Klchard Oodson ef the Sam
town wars political rivala. The esetast be-.
tweea them deTeloped personal enmity snd
the people of the town kwkad for a pistol
duel at any time.
Oodaoa was s lawyer ead Inventor. On
day last spring he dewended into a vaslt te
repair a faeniaklng machine. While there he
waa overcome br the fumee of the gas.
The vault had bet eue opening e email
manhole st tha top. Those who dlaeovored
Cnaa.e e -eaedlttoa baetteted to g down . tor '
fear of the foal gas.
. Ceombe heard of Oodso' plight. The tee
nier wae la poor health, gut faring tram a
aolnal affection, hie ohralelaa bad warsed
him against making any violent eievtloa.
Nerertheleae, Coomb ran rapidly te the
spot. Ut - pushed salde thoae wh eoafht ta
restrain blm br sajln that Oodaoa must he
dead by this time, and dveeeedea..
Three times did the semi-Invalid Brmg Hie
body of the Bneonaeloua man hut daadiy
anamr up tne laouer twic id paawie at
tha ton let It tall. The third time tber se
cured Uodeon and also drew eat Combe. who
fell feinting across the body ar the msa a
hod eevee,
The Canegle traatee did welt wBea they
awanled cVombe e maual aad H.fluO.
Whr did Coamhe save tha Ufa ef kls
daaraet enemy al sack rearral risk ef kie
This was the reoir te sway eiwa
"I ALWAYS LtlVEl) A I A Ml 1 a
There's e lot of maaimaaa ua .aMia raa-
mwut le - U a laadlna- trail IS ta
Anc'le-Seine, kkied. whiah le ssblla bleed.
The vrhlte bus. vharevar yo sou mim. u
a fair flahter.
it. TJ. A-hta aad sbeaw beard I M
spaoted evee by ble deereet la. while ha who
strikes Bewtw toe a- t - -
Bad no willing handa te help blm sp.
A vlctorr fist la wa by ft m ehaep
t rtitory. Isdrd. ft is m tUlory at
u wLEs,,,