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10 -
- ' . ' : I v
Desperate Struggle on Nassau
; . Field Results In Neither
a Team Scoring. .
For Two Thirtjr-Mlnut Halves Both
; Teams Fought With ths Greatest
, ' Courage, but Neither Wu Able to
. Score aS ingle Point 71 " T "
(Special DUpatch by Lmm4 Wirt to The Jooraal)
Princeton, Nov. 17. Yals.'and Prince
ton battled today In their annual arid
Iron encounter, and at the end of two
-30-mlnute halve the same ended with
; ' 'a ecore of nothing to nothing-. It waa
a desperate struggle all the way. with
" first one team and then the other hav-
in a shad . the .better ofJ.h fight. But
?-" neither team couil count. Tonight .the
New Haven rootJttf are Contented, and
tna foHowera "or tlie'Ttirera ardlwip-
, . pointed. The Princeton men had counted
this thelra They had looked forward
to a victory over the blue, for Prince.
ton has one of the strongest teams In
I -the history of the college. - - l
.-...'Yale came to the New Jersey town
" ' trembling. . The wearers of the blue
.-. fought every Inch of the way to stave
:, off defeat and they feal that they have
' accomplished much.
-.-'A The game Itself was spectacular be
" cause it was full-of punting. Veeder
and Harlan booted the ball back and
: forth and the others chased the-oval
'" always hoping that .something would
, happen to allow a freak score. It soon
" : bwini apparent that to score by
, J straight football was as good, as Im
possible. The tetryirds was too great
- y , a distance for either team to make In
three downs ana each captain was
J AA' afraid to risk daring trick plays, Con
' aequently the contest resolved ' Itself
' . into a kicking duel, and with Veeder
V and Harlan doing the booting the strug
, ' gle still remained equal. .
.. Great Throng Present. 'A
Early In the day the trains poured
into the town with great loads of
rooters from New Haven and New
York. Long before noon It seemed
that the great stands would never hold
, - the crowd. Fully 30.000 persons -had
accumulated in the streets of the town
" and wont about, searching for food In
. :AA. vain. Every possible crust had been
-- gobbled up before the noon whistles
' Mew and thousands were forced to go
to the grounds hungry. .
But hunger was forgotten as soon as
the big field - was ' reached.- 'Amid the
waving of banners and yelling of stu
dents there was no time to think of
AA- food. The great annual battle was
about to start. The Tale team cam
upon the field first and ran through
. - , some formations in grand style. They
looked heavy and powerful and seemed
able to beat the world at rootDaii.
Then the Tigers trotted out They
were trifle lighter, but when the
practice plays were gone over It was
' "" ' " eainy sOpii that fur apetd they had ths
blue beaten.
When the gam started Princeton was
' the favorite by alight otida. Th Tigers
kicked off and Tale had first trial at
carrying the TalL But to advance was
impossible and the kicking contest be
gan at once. Back and forth flew the
ball, and back and forth followed the
Boon FrthceroTrT'W1rarracrmney and
by a fake kick had the ball near , the
goal. It seemed the Tigers would score
. early. Another play put them within
"said of the mueh-oeveted goal and
then - followed a penalty. This prob
ably, cost the Tigers the game. Tale
got the ball and soon had It back again
near th center of the field, where once
tnore the kicking game .was resumed.
During the entire first half the Tigers
had a bit the best of the struggle, but
- never galn - got -close-enough to - the
Tale goal to cause fear. - -
Tale Take a Xrace.
In "the second "half "th Tale men took
a decided brace and held their-own
nearly all of the time.. ' Much of the
time she had the struggle In Prince
ton's territory, but was never within
striking distance ' of the goal. Field
goals wer tried by -both - teams, but
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f Journal SiwHil -Scrrk.') '
Latonla, Ky., Nov: IT. Kesults of to
day's racing: '
. Six furlongs, selling. Nedra (Morris)
- Ito 1. won: Grandlta second, Fire
Alarm third. Time. 1:17.
Mile and sixteenth John Garner
(Swain) It to 1. won, 6L Tammany seo-
ond, Ravlana third. Time, III 6-6.
Third race was declared off.
Mile Kerohlval (Austin) to t. won;
Nat. B. second. Akbar third. Time 1:44.
. Six furlongs Martlus (Fisher) II to
I, won: Black rt second, Borret Top
third. Time 1:17 1-6.
On"mUe 8trNoel TKeyes)"!! to t.
won: Adesso second. Trenola thira.
Time 1:41 8-5.
A.t Sennlnr's Track.
(Jmtrntl Sorclal Service.)
. Benning's Race Track. , Washington,
Nov. 17. Results of today's race:-
Seven furlongs Fire Brand (Mo-
Daniel) to 1, won; Anna Smith sec
ond, Hooray, third. Time 1:11 1-6.
About two half 'miles, BJadansburg
steeplechaee Follow. On . (Kerr) even,
won; Cleroso second, RusseirfJage and
Northvill refused th jump. Tim.
t:ttr fourtarted. ...i n,- . . ....,-
The Grand Consolation for 1-year-
olds, $1,000 added. " seven - furlongs
Monfort (Miller) S to 1, won;. Orphan
Lad second, Tourenne third. - Time,
l:l-ft-l.- ' ' ,
Six furlongs Water Grass (Horner)
t to 1. won; Lady Tarantella second,
Babv Willie third. Time 1:15.
Mil and 10 yards Tarlac (Horner)
10 to 1, won; Marsters second. Marks
man third. Time l:4t. ;
Mile and a sixteenth Angler (Miner)
T to 6. won; Sonoma Bell Second; Ag
ile third. Tim 1:6ft. ,
, ii
Walla Walla Players Succeed in
Winning Championship Game
by a Single Point.
(Special Dlapatrh to Tin loanaL)
WaUa Walla, Wash., Nov. . 1 7 Slow
playing, fumble and an abundance of
punting characterised th Whitman
Idaho football contest this afternoon. In
which Whitman player defeated the
visitor by th close margin, of to 6,
Th feature of the gam -wer th suc
cessful forward passes by the Moscow
team, Robertson, th quarter, accurately
making a difficult throw to Oeorge
Armstrong at right end. Whitman at
tempted th forward pass ono early In
th game, but mad a signal failure and
abandoned -the new play.
r Idaho started into, the contest with
whirlwind tactic and within th first
five minutes forced th pigskin across
th line by a series of end runs and fast
line bucks. '
throughout, but with a number of suc
cessful punt won a touchdown In
little lea than seven minute and Rig
by added what proved to be th win
ning point by kicking tb goal -
Each team weighed an average or
about 167 pounds.
The ' line-up follow: Whitman un-
breath, center; U. Perrlnger, left guard;
Matthews, right guard; iimmtek;4eft
tackle; Philbrook, right tackle; Lyman.
left end; Spagle, right end; BorleeKe.
left half: O. Perrlnger, right half; Rtgs-
by.-full, and -Bohmtrtl. Quartet
. Moscow Bteln. center; smitn, lext
guard; Stokesberry, right guard; Lar
son, left tackle; Oakes, right' tackle; O.
Armstrong, right end; Levldge, left end;
Robertson, quarter; E. Armstrong, left
half; Small, right half, and Keyes, full.
either th dlutsnc wa too great or the
kick was bad and not a count could be
- It waa (he general opinion after the
game"lh)U pnder the oil system of play
the Tigers would have been able to have
landed a victory. They gained more
ground than the Tale 'eleven, but were
seldom able to make the required ten
yard. -- : 7 -
Th defense of both team was-- ex
cellent, but In using th new style of
play both team were weak. Trick
play war seldom used and yet It was
evident all th time that neither tam
could scor by straight football.
r-1-"--. - - V ' "
Atkinson defeated Blanche! Institute
yesterday by th score of ft to ft. The
Blanchet team outweighed th Atktn
son, but th steady work of Atkinson
won them th gam. Th gam waa
slow. Th stars of th gam war
Toomey of Atkinson and ; Kelley of
Th Atkinson team will play Albina
this morning at 10:30 at Park . and
Ollsan streets. Th line-up: -
Atkinson.. Position. .. . Blanchet
Hansen R O Jones
Carr ......LO ., Redman
Condlt ......R T. Lo ret ta
Andrew ......... L T. Mallow
Olsea R K. ..
atepp L E. . ,
Toomey ,......R H B.
Pennon .........1. H B..
Olddlng F B...
. ntsgarald
,. Albert on
Puff o a.
Glibblc C.
. Hurly
Class A
Game. Won. Lost. P. C
Portlands ........
Oregons .....
Oovesnment Bonds
Ool d Leaf s .
MontavlHaa ......
Class B .
. S
" T
' It
" 86
Wltfamettes :;.
Commercial No.
t .T2
8 tn
Happy Dales ....
Heaver ..........
Commercial No. I.
H Ct4
1(K S34
IS Stl
17 10
Atkinson Will Meet AlMna.
Atkinson will plsy Albina this morn
Ing at park and Ollsan streets at 10:30
o'clock. This will be a warm game and
Atkinson will have to pjay some to beat
th husky lad of Albina.
. . v .v'j'- , v r .- .;"
T it ' -r' '
- .n.i-.-T.... 1 1 " 1 -
Reading From Left to Right Houghton, Briggs, White. Middle Row Graham, HilL Merchant, Bradley, Don
aldson, MacEwen, Llllejr.- Bottom Rohester CooTert (Ma
Multnomah, in Hard Fought Game, Retrieves
Honors Willamette Snatched Last Year
On Multnomah " fields"" yesterday" a
small, wiry young man named .Hocken-
bcrry made a noise like anautomoblle;
great crowd of football enthusiasts
roared as does "th mob outside" when
It Is In ferocious mood; a smaller body
ef gridiron partisans assured the arore-
ld Hockenberry that he waa "an
right." a "good boy." the "real thing"
In umpires, and begged that he give
no heed to the -persuasive - McMillan,
the emphatlo Lonergan or th Indignant
Mr. Hockenberry. continued to make
the nots Ilk the speeding automobile;
and when It was stilled Multnomah had
been penalised SO yards and Willam
ette, by the cleverest blocking of- a
kick ever seen here, had made a touch
down, and the clubmen were robbed of
the chance of wiping out by a decisive
Something to Nothing vtotory their de
feat of last year.
That penalty, block kick and touch
down wer among th Interesting fea
tures of as blood-moving a gam of
football as ha ever been played In
Portland. It waa a bit different from
the other matches seen this season; be
fore. Multnomah ha been playing for
practice; yesterday th clubmen wer
out- for th honor they lost last year,
and put In their best to retrieve them.
But Willamette wasn't th Sam cata
pult In offnswan't tb aam armor
plated bulwark In defense, and lacked
th speed that a year ago maa iuii
nomah put crop on th door. Th
mighty Pollard waa missing; Radar, tb
swift, destructive thunderbolt. 1 a
Hpnii sad rhJlbrook-andToottaU haTSI
been divorced.
A Desperate right,
But until th laat crash of hurtling
bodies,-snd until the final kick waa
made, Willamette was xignung assper
ately a losing battle and Multnomah
was struggling stubbornly to keep what
It had earned.
While the rain was falling at 1:80
o'clock, the teams sat oh th club step
and h(id their picture taken for Th
Journal; then th rain stopped, ana
Multnomah got on th field; a moment
Twterrame Wtllametf. led by ftelsorr,
who wa to becom a hero before th
day wa over, and Naoe, who was to
share his honors. From a choir of
fair and beauteous Wlllaroettettes In
the grandstand cam a tumult of song
wild, tempestuous, words mat tenaea
to a breach of th peace but sung to
a soft, plaintive hymn tune that robbed
the murtheiing sentiment of much of
Its blood-thirstiness. From time to
time that gentl tun and those fierce
trlke-'em-hard and klll-'em-suro words
stirred Willamette to renewed but bar
ren effort.
If you would know th stars on th
two team, read th lineup; every man
wa a brilliant meteor,- One llt-awhll
on showed with a superior light. Nel
son, springing through a hedge of arm
and legs, blocked , James punt, and
Thomas fell on th ball for a touch
down: Blanchard mad a run that will
be talked about when coming genera
tion of Multnomah player speak of
doughty deeds on tb gridiron; Pratt,
emulous of -Nelson, -threw himself
against Willamette's stockade, "blocked
a kick, hurdled th end line wires, and
mad a touchdown whll th grandstand
and bleachers were asking "What's hap
pening?" Lonergan was Lonergan
when It was necessary to make th first
touchdown th Irresistible Dolph was
there; McMIUen stood Ilk a stone wall
between Willamette and victory. And
on the Bid line, Chauncey Bishop
brooded silently -iLana gar -Xloran also
SCnltnomah's Kick Oft.
Multnomah won th toss, and for th
club men Jame kicked off to Owens,
Willamette's quarterback, who advanced
th ball fau-ywMa and waa downed.
Wlllamatt gained flv yard on th
first down, but mad no advance on th
second play, and Coleman punted 40
yards to Blsnchard, who was downed
almost In hi tracks. Then Loners;an,
th Swift- and sur'wa shot around
Willamette's right and for a 11-yard
- gala, - and following 4hl -t-a4apitl tie
Dolph burked the line for -four yards,
James lost one yard on th seoond
down and tried for goal by a. drop
kick from th S8-yard Un.. Th ball
went high -and- for over th goal, but
missed the mark. Coleman kicked out
from behind ths 25-yard line. . James
fumbled but recovered and mad good
by a 18-yard punt Wlllamett gained
on yard on first down, then Coleman
skirted Multnomah's left end for eight
yards and Nare plunged straight
through the. oyclon of arm and bodies
and nrsrtr-, flrt down.- Willamette
failed to gain through - McMillan, and
Coleman was forced to punt, which he
did, . IS yards to James, who was
downed before he got under way, Lon
ergan -failed to gain for Multnomah
and James punted to Owens, who start
ed on a wild dash Tor Multnomah' goat
only to be nabbed by Lonergan.
Wlllamett gained seven yards around.
MoMtllrn then- tried . a t.hort punt,
whlrh wits promptly gathered In ,by
Clanchard. Dolph gained three yards
through Boyer, then Lonergan Ml
Lounsberry for, two more and James
punted. This waa partly blocked by
Nelson. Willamette's aggressive center,
but It went is yards and was recovered
by Multnomah, - ) i-
BolpA X&kea Tint Tonoh-own, :
Dolph bucked right tackle for - four
yards. James bit th same spot for
flv more and Dolph mad first down
on - ths play.' Blanchard gained tnree
yard around Fisher, then Lonergan
plunged . outside off tackle for nine
yard mora, placed th ball on Willa
mette' six yard Un. Lonergan then
gained three yard through Lounsberry,
and Dolph carried the ball over the
goal line, scoring th first touoh-down.
Jam kicked an easy goal. Score
Multnomah , 'Willamette ft.
Coleman kicked off to Blanchard,
who dodging, squirming and righting
hard, broke loose from Willamette'
tackier and advanced the ball 7
yard Ho - WUlameOe' nln - yard Una,
where he wa evert Ken ana nrougm
to the ground by Lounsberry. . Mult
nomah failed to gain on first down and
the forward pass attempted by Dolph
waa fumbled- but . waa recovered by
Multnomah. - Then James galnsd three
yards on first down, failed to gain on
th next and was . shot over in goat
line . on th ' third down, planting th
ball between th goal post. . jame
kicked another easy goal. Bcor Mult-
noniah II. Willamette ft.
One more Coleman kicked off to
Blanchard, who dropped th ball,, but
recovered It Immediately and advanced
eaDunted BO yard on
first down. Owens gathered tn th
punt, but ' waa downed Immediately by
Jordan. Own then gained 35 yards
by a cleverly executed quarterback run
around -Multnomah's left end. Imme
diately afterwards he tried to - repeat
the trick, but was thrown for a loss.
Coleman punted to Blanchard, who ad
vanced 35 yards. Jam punted 40
yard -out of. bo unds.
JTorward Pas
Willamette tried the forward pass,
which was Intercepted by Multnomah.
Dolph hit th line for fonr yards on
first down, but Multnomah waa penal
ised 16 yard for holding and James
Dunted 86 yards. Thomas gained 20
varda around Multnomah's right end,
before he waa thrown by Blanchard'
lnvelv dive, Willamette, then,, made
advance by straight bucks and punted
33 yards to Blanchard, who ran In 20
yards, when h waa tackled and lost
th ball. Willamette gained two yards
on first down, one yard more on the
second by a delayed pass, and Coleman
again punted to Blanchard, who re
turned th pnnt 26 yrds. The ball
rolled out of bounds. Willamette tried
an on-side kick, which waa caught b:
Maltnomah, and James punted 2
vardi.-. Wlllamett failed to gain on
first down, made three yard on the
second throurh tight tackle and- punted
ta James, who returned th punt 40
yards. Keller retrieved the punt but
the ball went to Willamette. Owens
tried quarterback run around Multno
mah's left end, and gained flv? yards,
but in falling hit th ground hard with
his right shoulder and was) hurt. Ttma
was nn before the next play got nnder
wav. Boor Multnomah II, Wlllam
ett 0. .
, Sfot Work In th Beoond.
Coleman kicked off for . Lonergan.
who ran the bell bark 30 yard to th
center or the Tleld. Lonergan tried to
etrcl Willamette' right ackl. bnt
failed to gain. "Dolph received th
hall for another forward pass, but his
throw was interfered wtthy and WHhtni
ette gobbled th ball and bucked left
tackle for a stx-ysrd gain. Coleman
-followed It with flv yard to ht
credit on a straight center buck, mak
ing first down. Naoa mad on yard
outside of McMillan. Coleman fumbled
on a straight bock, but Owens recov
ered th ball and Coleman booted It to
th ever-present Percy Blanchard. who
returned th compliment. Owen oaught
th return punt, and was downed after
a very brief advance, but Jame had
succumbed to th tmptstlon of trlp
p! n tr'o n ""of th WT1 1 am rtte -warrtrrir,
and Multnomah wa penalised, whPh
put th ball on Multnomah's three-yard
line, and. gav Wlllamett a chance to
cor. Coleman essayed a straight
plunge and gained nothing, Thomas
then, plowed through Noutald of Pratt
and placed tb ball within a fot of
th goal, but when he tried to repeat
the play Lonergan brok through his
Interference, downed blm hard for a
'losn, and recovered -th ball for' Mult
nomah.' Fisher. Wlllamelt' left end,
wa hurt hare, and Lounsberry took
his place, wall Hewett took th lat
ter' position at loft tackle.
1 Kelson's Oreat "Block.
v James, from behind Ms own goal
posts, tried to punt out. of danger, bat
Nelson, Willamette' tar center, broke
through Keller and blocked th punt;
the ball bounded back and rolled on th
ground, where Thorns pounced on It,
and scored a touch-down for Wlllam
att. Coleman faired -to kirk a ' very
ey goal, although Multnomah's off-
sld pTay' gar Tnim" two chances.
Score: -Multnomah, 13; Willamette, 6.
Jam kicked off tovj&ussell, who ad
vanced the ball 80 yard to th canter
of th field; off sld play waa called.
and th ball was taken baok and kicked
off again. 'Lounsberry received It and
-advanced It flv - yard. - and Coleman
booted to Blanchard, who ran In 20
yard. - Dolph mad six yards, Loner
gan failed to gain, but Willamette-was
penalised fly yard, which-gav Mult
nomah first down. Dolph hit lert
tackle for four yards; James bit th
am spot for two more, but Dolph
could not make the required distance
on th last down, and, th ball was Wil
lamette's. . But th college waa penal
ised 16ynrds on. th flrstdown, and
Coleman punted to Lonergan, who fum
bled, but fell on tb ball,- Dolph tor
off four yard on a delayed pea a. Jams
fumbled, and Wlllamatt recovered th
ball. Jame retrieved . hi error by
downing Nao for ft loss at the next
play. Thomas gained flv yards . and,!.,
couman punted to jwTHi Portland Bowlers Come Out
rolled over th goal line. Willamette
kloked out to Dolph who gained two
yards and waa downed. McMillan hit
Hewitt for four yard, Pratt failed to
gain on th other side of th line, and
Blanchard kicked 16 yard. Multnomah
recovered th ball, and Jame punted,
and again the ball rolled over th goal
Un. Coleman punted on the first
down, Dolph fumbled,- Blanohard re
covered the ball and advanced three
yards: he then tried another quarter
back ktck, which was blocked by Nel
nd James ptmred 1 Coleman, wh
mad a fair catch, ;-
Beoam lnntln' Chun. :
Willamette kicked out to Blanohard.
who advanced "fly yards Jame punt
ed 86 yards to Owens and Coleman
punted 30 to Dolph. Again Jam kicked
41 yard to Owen, wno tried to advance
the ball and wa tackled hard by Lon-
ere-antBlenehard wae now relieved by
Dowllng and Wilder went in at left and.
After Owens recovered from his hurt.
Coleman punted 86 yards te Loaergan,
who ran ln .. 1 s yard s. jame punted
again 46 yards to Owens, who waa
downed on Willamette's five-yard line.
Coleman punted from behind the goal
lln. - - '
Pratt broke through, blocked the punt.
tacked over the end line wires, sod fell
on th ball, scoring a third touchdown
for Multnomah. James kicked th goal.
Bcor. Multnomah; H, Wlllamett 6.-
Coleman kicked off to Dowllng, who
snatched th ball from the air and ad.
vanoed U yards. "
Vim Maxes Pretty Oatoh. "
Lonergan tried his hand at a forward
pass, but It was nipped by Nao. who
(Continued on Pag Eleven.)
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Handball Students Making a
Good Showing at Popular In
" aoorporting'Gan'e. .
. The annual round robin double hand
ball tournament at th Portland acad
emy la, well . under- way,- and-quit
number of th game have already been
played off. The race for the winner'
gold medal ha daveloped Into a walk
over for C. W. Roblson and Park
Myers. These young athlete ar ina
olaaa by themselves, and it Is a safe
bet that .they can hold their own with
any Junior handball players In the city.
Through Roblson's difficult service and
strong return and "Myers consistent
"killing," together with their excellent
team, work,' they have easily defeated
som of th strongest team entered.
There la a close race on forth silver
medal awarded to the second place man
and several team will make a strong
bid for them. Although few of th con
tests ar closely contested, much Inter
est I manifested in th sport, ohlefly
due to th abolition of football at th
academy. - Th following ar som f
the nion Important contests already
played off:
C. W. Roblson and T. Myer defeated.
C J. Roblson and Corbett, 11-6; Thorn
and Mackl defeated Keed and C I-rehn,
31-4: Henrys and Fuller defeated Stone
and fitokea. 11-15;
Corbett defeated Hurlburt and 3. Jones,
31-lSt Bnow and Mill defeated Henry
and Fuller, 11-15. :
Th executive oommttte appolntearby
Physical Director -Pain consists of
himself, Bton and Hurlburt. Those
entered In th tournament elected C. W.
Roblson. . Henrys, Bton. Hurlburt and
C. J. Roblson official umpires, and P.
Myer offlolal scorer of th tournament.
The following la a complet list ofn
triea. th last two teams of which are
eomposed of member of th faculty,
and their average will not oount in th
race for the medals:
C W. Roblson and P. Myers; a J.
Roblson and Corbett; Bton and Btokes;
Henry and Fuller; Hurlburt and Jonea;
Mill and Bnow; Frohman-and Bhrman;
H, Cooklngham and F. Smith; Heed and
C Prehn; MoKensi and - Kuettner;
Winters and Espey; Moffett and Bach
alder: Wheeler and Qarretsoni Balrd
and Williams; Wllsorl and Strong; Hal
and Oammans; Bell . and L. Maiyeri
Thorn , and Maoklet Pay n and Van
Grooa, .,-
Victorious With a Good
. '.: String of Credits. ,
' Th first half of th Oregon Bowling
association's sohedule closed last , week,
31 game having been - played. Both
classes A and B put up om fin In
dividual aa well a teem average.- Thla
I th first season In Portland that an
individual ' average ha been over tb
doubl century mark, two members so
far holdrng-that record. The ive-iigh-4
st In class A are a follows: Krus.
303; Keating, 801; MoMenomy, - 14;
Case. 1S4; Barbour, 18. Th claaa B
men are: Moser, 181; Lamond, ITS;
Closest, 1T4J Annltage, 1T0; Keea, 1S.
Th team average was lowered tn com
Instances by game being played ,lth
four men. but th showing mad la Very
nrcdltshle, Th-nverage; ,
Class A Game, Total pin. At.
Portland 11.380 S23
Government Bond II 18,848 8(7
Oregons .......... II ' 18.790 T 880
Gold Leaf
Monta villa
Bohlllers .
11 ti
-TT.ttt 847
Class B .
Willamette. . . .
Commercing No.
Happy Dales .,
- 14.S84
1. 21
.. it
- 8,
Commercial No,
I. 11
: Beoond O. A. OL Win. -
fSperlal Plepatcb te The Janraal.)
Corvallla, Or, Nov. 17. The Oregon
Agricultural second football team de
feated Monmouth Normal her yester
day afternoon by th scor of 3 to 0.
in the City
Liberal Arts' Buttdtng- at: Fi
Grounds-HasBeen Leased
for Winter Months. -;
Membership Will Be Limited to 30
end Will Include All of Portlsnd'a
. Most Expert Players Club Only
Ons of Its Kind In West'
. Indoor tennl 1 a new sport which
soon to b added to Portland's list of
winter pastlmee. A flv months' lea
ha already bean secured on th Liberal
Art building at th Lewis and Clark
fair grounds, and It Is announced that ,
three court will be laid out ready for
play t bgin next Saturday.
Th new elub will be th only on of
Ita kind, aa far aa known, on th Paoifla
coast. Bacquet enthusiasts of th east
during inev wet month of th year, but
nothing of th kind ha been don in
th far west, beoeuse In California'
there is not enough wet weather to ma-'
terlally Interfere with outdoor tennis, :
and In Oregon and Washington th
gam has not beta popular enough to
warrant It. Th season Just, closed,
however, ha been the moat successful
Oregon baa vr had, and to thl fact
1 du th birth of the , new project.
' Will 6 Tbir Courts. .
'As the Intention now U to fit up -only
three court. It la thought that th
membership will be limited to 30. All .
of th leading player In th city with- 1
out exoeptlon 1 ar reported to have
given In their name, and th auocesa
of th undertaking 1 therefor -assured.
Th Liberal Art building! light and.
roomy, and th celling 1 so high that
it will not interfere with th lobbing
tyl of gam. ' Th three eourta will
be placed end to and and will run th
langth of th building. .
With th assurance of th hearty sup
port of Portland' tennl men, R. Wilder. .
A. B. McAlpin and Dr. R. Nunn, hav
gon forward with th preliminary ar
rangements, an a meeting will be held
as soon as possible to elect officers and -plan
for th winter1 tennis. Indoor
tennis la played eiaotly as la th out
door gam, and It 1 believed that th
winter practice will be productive of a
mora olntlflo article of th sport when -spring
roll around.
A number of tournamnta will doubt
less be held during th winter and early
spring. - !.
(Speefeil Dispatch te Tb JeoreaLt
. Forest , Grove, Or, Nor. 17. Paolfio
nlverstty has withdrawn . from - th
basketball league that waa organised a
few weeks ago, Th main reason for
th wlthdrawal ls tbataooordrng to tha
rules of th league, 14 games must b
played. Student and faculty bar con
sidered that too muoh tlm and money
would be spent In keeping - with tna
league. Two game hav nevertheless
been scheduled, on to be played at Cor
vallla and th other at thla place, both
game to b played with th Oregon
Agricnltnral eollog.
: At Minneapolis Carl hrt a, IT; Minnesota,-
ft. ! T -
At Wladelphla Pennsylvania, 1T
Michigan. 0.
At Princeton Princeton, ft; Tal. ft.
' At Cambridge tiarvard, 33; Dart
mouth, 0.
. At Ithaca Cornell, 38; Swarth
mora, ft.
At Providence Brown, lit Ver
mont, 0. -- -o .
At Annapoll Navy. 49; North Car
Una, ft. r
At Chicago Chicago,' ftS; nilnols, ft.
: At Madison Wisconsin, 38j Pur
du. ft.
At Llneorn Ken,-8; Chraskall, 6.
At Ames Ama, 36: Orinnell, ft.
The Open Window Store
t A -