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"Release me from my bond, my time is up."
Rccd-Frenck Piano Mfg. Co.
Jan Toppan, the Lowell Nurse
Who Killed Htr Patlenta. la
Extremely Weak.
Secretaries Root and Shaw and
Speaker Cannon to Stump
New York State.
Crimea Planned With Fiendlah Sub
tlety and Executed With Surenees,
Patience and Without Shadow of
Taunton, Mass., Oct. 10. Jane Top-
pan, tba Lowall nuraa, woo killed a
doaen or mora parsons at various times,
ta m an extremely weak condition t
the Inaane hospital here and her death
la believed to be a question of a very
short time. For a year and a half ahe
has refused to eat, and her weight haa
been reduced from lit pounds to M.
It waa early In 190J that the caaa of
Jane Toppan attracted the attention of
the entire country. In November of the
preceding- year aha had been arrested
at Barnstable on a charge of murder
lac one of her women patlenta. Boon,
however,, the Investigation of the au
thorise led them to believe her guilty
of other murders. If the woman waa
guilty of half the murders of which
ahe waa strongly suspected ahe waa en
titled to a place In criminal annate
rivaling- that of H. H. Holmes, the
Chicago man who waa executed for hla
numerous crimes.
The specific crime for which Was
Toppan waa arrested was the poisoning
of lira. Mary Oibbs at Calumet. Maaa
schusetta. In August, 1901. Indirectly
ahe waa held responsible for the deaths
of three ether residents of Calumet at
about the same time. She also waa
suspected of the murders of some of
her patlenta In Lowell. Chicago and
other places. All of the crimes were
aaid ta have bean committed by the
uae of poison. They were evidently
planned with fiendish subtlety and ex
ecuted with surenees, patience and
without the shadow of remorse. Sus
picion waa finally awakened and bits
of evidence came out by degreea. It
waa shown tbatt all the victims had
passed away auddenly and with the
Hume symptoms of poisoning. The re
mains of Mrs. Qlbba were exhumed and
t races of arsenic found in the atomach.
Suspicion finally pointed so atrongly to
Miss Toppan that ahe waa arrested and
held for trial. At first she took the
situation qulstly, but soon after being
confined in Jail she broke down and be
came a mental and physical wreck. A
medical commission appointed to ex
amine the woman declared her lnaana
and couaeauantly ahe escaped being
tried for any of the 11 deatha alleged
against her. During the four years
ahe haa been confined In the Taunton
asylum her condition haa grown stead
ily worse, and for more than a year aha
haa been unable W leave her bed.
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portent one to the Mssons of Portland.
For the third time ta the olty, a build
ing haa been In part, at laaat, designed
for Masonic occupation. Tba square
and compasses carved In atone marks
one at First and Burnalde streets, the
other Is the old Masonic tempi at
Third and Alder streets. It seems un
fortunate some memorial of each build
ing cannot be Incorporated Into this
temple, aa a token that the craft re
member and appreciate the labors of
the pioneer brethren. Local bodies of
Maater Masons, Royal Arch Masons,
Knights Templar and the Order of the
Kastern Star will And In the completed
temple suitable and convenient accom
modations for Masonic work and frater
nal association. Here they will enjoy
the advantage and privilege afforded by
the opportunity theae apartments will
supply for social intercourse and friend
ly companionship
"This temple hag become a possi
bility through the labors of earnest
brethren who patiently and faithfully
supported the caaaa of Masonry through
.the trying days of frontier life, un
daunted by the disadvantages and hard
chips they encountered. They were de
termined to eatablleh their beloved order
upon a aubatantlal foundation. They
may have mlaaad a measure of the fame
to which their aeslous service waa en
titled, hut they did not fall to win auo-
Mra. Stephen P. M. Taaker, who, with
her hnaband. appears to have
crossed the Labrador wilderness at
I point farther north then ever bee
been reached by any other whit
"Many of these "Brethren are dead, and
it la Impossible to make up a roll of
honor without Incurring the danger of
It Stands for He Finest
Cocoa In ttie World
Made by a scientific blending
of trie best Cocoa beam grown
in the tropica--the result of
126 jean of successful en
ift Highest Award, la
A new and handaomoty lllua-
tra tad Racine I
omitting name of some equally worthy
of distinction. On this day of congrat
ulation, Masona of Oregon wUl offer
the tribute of sincere praise and brother
ly commendation to the memory of these
unselfish and devoted men. Gratitude la
also due to the Uvlng. It la fortunate
some of the loyal, devoted band of early
Masons are still able to go up and down
among the brethren. To them the craft
offers assurance of appreciation and
fraternal commendation of their valu
able labors.
"Templar, Maaona of the Royal
Arch. Maater Maaona and lodges and
chapter of the Eastern Star have given
the enterprise enthusiastic support, and
made generous subscriptions to the
stock of the building association. The
importance of th eervlce may b bet
ter understood when It 'is known that
none but Maaona have been solicited or
permitted to subscribe for the stock.
This gsaletanoe and support was timely
and valuable and contributed materially
to ultimate success.
STaStiai of Orand XrfXlge.
The grand lodge wsa organised In
1889. and being then strong neither nu
merically nor financially; now there
ar nearly S.000 Maater Maaona who owe
It obedience, and It waa a majority of
the stock of the buUdlng aaaoclatlon.
It is a source of Just pride that the"
grand lodge of Oregon now comes with
dignity to occupy Its own temple, and
thua assume It proper position among
-he grand Jurisdictions of the world.
There are more than 1,000.000 Maater
Maaona reeident in th United States
and these are subject to the grand
lodges of the several states. With theae
grand lodges and those of foreign coun
tries, whithersoever Maaons are dla
persed. over land and sas, fraternal cor
respondence will be maintained In the
future, a In th past, messages of en
couragement and fraternal counsel will
be exchanged snd vigilant brethren keep
guard that th landmarks be not re
moved or the tradlUone of Maaonry
violated. It ta exceedingly gratifying
ta kno that a capita of, Maaonry
haa been established in thla grand Juris
diction. Th craft will assemble an
nually in thla temple to transact th
business of the stated communications.
Within its walls Masonic hoapltallty
will b constantly practiced In the re
ception and entertainment of visiting
brethren from other grand Jurisdictions.
The" grand chapter of Royal Arch Ma
aona. the grand oommandery Knights
Templar, the grand chapter of the Order
of the Eastern star will use and enjoy
the temple. Theae bodies will In the
exercise of their power and privileges
set in motion wholesome Influences that
will be felt throughout the Masonic
Aueploeo Are Fa I email.
"Situated in a prosperous and-Important
city, protected by the policy and
lawa of a great state. Masona believe
that th , undertaking of building a
temple haa begun under the moat fa
vorable auspices. About it will arise
the beautiful proportions of a powerful
and prosperous city. The old temple
was a Masonic home 40 years. Long
before thla one shall be occupied a simi
lar length of time, the city will count
Its Inhabitants by the hundreds of
thousands. It Is cause for congratula
tion that the craft is to occupy a beau
tiful, symmetrical building, appropri
ate to the character of the institution.
Masons are loyal citizens, and confi
dently believe the state ia entering upon
an era of wonderful development which
will increase Its wealth and population
"Masonry hss grown with th
strength of the state and never waa
more prosperous than It la now. It
will gain numbers rapidly In the future;
its fortunes are Inseparably bound up
with the fata' of city and state; Its
principles are eound and true to th
beat standards of human association
and by It tradition we know the craft
haa always exerted a wise and salutary
Influence upon ita members and so
ciety. Fervent Maaona would commit
temple, city and state to th future,
with the invocation:
" "Peace be within thy walla and pros
perity within thy palacea
For my brethren and companion's snk I
will now say peace be within
thee.' "
The cleverest of lawyers occasionally
find their match when engaged In their
favorite occupation of breaking down
an opponents witness; and this fre
quently occurs In the case of "horsy"
The following wordy contest between
a hostler and a counsel ia one bf the
moat amusing specimens of the kind:
t "Now, I aak you, sir. under what
authority you ar prepared ta ewear to
the mere's age?"
"tinder whet authority!"' aaid the
hoetler, Interrogatively
"Tou are ts reply and not repeat the
question put tOWou."
"I don't eonelder a man's bound ta an -ewer
a question afore ha'a time to turn
it in hia mind."
"Nothing can be more simple, air,
than the question put, dad I repeat It.
Under what authority do yon swear to
the animal's agsT"
The beat authority," said th wit
ness, gruffly.
"Then why such an evasion T Why
not stats at oncer'
"Well. then. If you must have It"
"Must! t will have It!" thunllered
the counsel. Interrupting the witness.
'Well. If you muet end will have It,"
rejoined the hoetler, with Imperturba
ble gravity, "why. then. I had it myself
frees ta sear' awn mouth.'
db. m. a. FUaveeai.
SOSt you sh that poor stomach
with a lot of patent medicine poison.
DOrt get It into your thoughtless
head that you muat drench that atom
ach with drugs or die. If you really
desire to die, die decently without
the nostrums only you will not die
so soon.
DOVT imagine that 1 muat take a
tonic to build mo up." If you MUST,
drink; buy your liquor by the gallon
and "doctor" yourself. It will cost
you a heap less money.
hi It Into vour head that Bal
ance went to sleep when medical col
leges opened their doors, and that
"we're all dummies" If we have not
an M. V. appendix to our names,
And if you are sick and wUl come to me
before you are half wsy In the grave, I
will eure you so quickly that you wUl
wonder how It happened. And I have
taken men and women that aeemed to
be half wpy into the ground sad have
cured them soundly without a drug at
Especially rheumatism, neuralgia, stiff
ened taints, weak stomachs. Insomnia.
nervousness, women' diseases, etc.
TOot "reliefs'' that last for a few daya
ana return to torment the sufferer.
Dr. N. J. Fulton
Comer dsy, eae Meek from M O. ear. eas ft
IttS sweet ear. 1 turn Jtffersos ear.
(Continued from Pag one )
11 Justice and not upon th wrongs
done any individuals.
Theee Indictment I think ar good,
and the demurrers will be overruled in
each of these cas-je."
At th request of Attorney Oeorge F.
Martin, representing a number of In
dicted man. they were allowed until
next Tuesday to plead. Th eats of
th trial will probably be aet at tba
time the pleas of the indicted man are
This I th third date that has been
set In the oireult court for hearing
th pleas of th 11 men. Th Indict
ments war returned by the grand Jury
la June and the men were arraigned
ahortly afterward. At th time of their
arraignment they war allowed until
July 11 to plead. Before the time for
pleading came they avoided It by filing
motions to quash the lndlctmenta. In
these motions the validity of the grand
Jury waa attacked.
After Judge Fraasr ruled that the
grand Jury was s legal body and de
nted the motions to quaah, he named
September 1 aa the day on which the
accused men should appear to aay
whether they were guilty or not guilty
of the offenses charged. Again th
neceaatty of pleading waa avoided by
filing demurrers attacking th validity
of the lndlctmenta. Theee queatlona
were argued before Judge Sears at
great length, and volumlnoue briefs cit
ing court decision In favor of their
contentions were filed by the attor
neya for the defeadanta and the district
By the declelon of Judge Bears this
morning the last technicality available
to delay the trtala waa disposed of, snd
it Is believed th pleas will b entered
next Tuesday. Attorneys for the ac
cused men stated that they would not
stand on the demurrer to appeal to the
supreme oourt
The men under indictment are: b. f.
Boynton, Q. Pisa. A. B. French, F. C.
Holland. A R. Dtmlck. H. F. LeBrecqu.
T. R. Baldwin. W. P. Jacks, J. W. Reed.
John Schneider. Morton Ball, Alfred
Drill and O. W. Olson
In an average game of baseball the
pitcher throws ths ball at least log
times. Thst means aa average of three
tlmee for every man who comes to bat.
Some go out or get to first base on the
first ball pitched. Others ere not dis
posed of until three balls and two strikes
have been called aad three or four
foule have been made.
Experimenting with new and
untried Dentifrices it danger
ous. Keep to SOZODONT,
a standard for sixty years.
Called The Honest Denti
frice" because, in all that time
no effort has been spared to
produce a Dentifrice the
teeth require. It purifies
while it cleanses.
Fairbanks Trying to Overcome
Bryan's Visit in Southwet ComT
monsr to Speak in Middle West
Forecast of Week's New.
(Joarul Special gerrtoe.)
Waahlngton. D. C, Oct. 10. Th alt
uatlon in Cuba probably wtl oontinue In
hold public attention for some time to
BPS, though ths progress of the move
ment far the restoration of peace and
order In the Island haa been so sstls
factory that no new developments Of s
startling character are looked for.
With the general election but two
week off politico naturally will absorb
maeh Interest during the coming week.
In New York the campaign for governor
and other state oflfcers will reach the
"white-beat" stage. Mr. Hearst, the
saadlrtata nf th. nm nrm 1 1 f p-iT snd
the Independence league, will oonlnue
his whirlwind campaign, speaking ana
night In Greater New Tork and the
next day Jumping away up the atate to
fill a speaking engagement. Mr. Hughes,
th candidate of the Republican party
for governor, le scheduled to epend the
entire week up the state Elmlra, Oa
wego. Corning, Blnghemton and numer-
oua other cities and towns are on the
I I 'mams on tvinv piece" I I (
Chocolate Bonbons!
Always Delicious Pure W
Wholesome Digeetible k
One Box will make 1
A Hippy Home! F
I Every 1 salad Package guaranteed I W
I Fresh snd mil Weight I L
Makers efCecos and Checolatss M
1 boston, Maaa. M Wl
ta Speak.
Th feature Of the Republican cam
paign in New Tork city during the
week will be the meeting In Carnegie
hall Monday night, at which the prin
cipal speaker will be Secretary Root.
Interest In Secretary Root's address Is
increaasd by ths general belief that ha
will apeak aa the personal repreaenta
tlv of the president
Secretary Root is not the only "big
gun" that th Republicans are sending
into the Empire state to combat Hearst
Ism. Speaker Cannon ia billed for sev
eral New Tork addressee during the
week. Secretary Shaw will be heard In
Utlca, Buffalo, Klngaton aad other
placee, and on or two other prominent
spell-binders probably will be preeaed
Into service
Meanwhile the campaign la other sec
tions wil not be neglected. Massachu
setts, where the situation is vary mud
dled, but none the lea interesting. 1
being left by both partlea to take care of
her own trouble. Mr. Bryan will be heard
In the middle west, and Vice-President
Fairbanks will oush Into ths southwest
to offset the Influence of th recent
Bryan tour In that section.
Stockholders of the Wabash railroad
will hold a special meeting at Toledo
Monday to vote on the financial plan
which tncludea as one of Ita feature th
retirement of the debenture bonds.
Thirty er more go rem ass ate will be
represented st sa International congress,
relative to th "whote slave" traffic,
which ia to assemble In Paris Monday.
The annual meeting r th Alton rail
road, scheduled for Monday, may develop
a fight for control between the Harrtman
and antl-Harrlman factions.
The American Mission association will
hold Its 60th annual meeting during the
week at Oberlln, Ohio, beginning Its ses
sions Tuesday.
The Mth annual convention of the Na-
Then read today' advertisement of the
X. W. Lemcke Oo. on page T.
Honal Aaaoclatlon of Carriage Builders
Is expected to attract a large attendance
to Atlanta during the week.
Tick. bury Monument.
The preliminary trial of the battleship
Minnesota, built by the Newport News
Shipbuilding company, will take place In
New England waters Wsdnssday.
, In honor of ths aj,e Illinois soldiers
who participated in the campaign snd
siege of Vicksburg s 800.000 temple
monument will be dedicated In ths na
tional park at Vicksburg the latter part
of the week, the exercises extending over
three daya The governors of Illinois,
Mississippi and Louisiana will partici
pate. The formal opening of the new St
Paul'a cathedral in Pittsburg nest
Wednesday will be attended by Cardinal
Gibbons and many other high prelates
of the Roman Catholic church.
Seaaida Sunday Exeuraions.
11.50 round trip $1.60 Until further
notice th Astoria a Columbia River
Railroad company will run an excuralon
to Seaside and return each Sunday at
the eaeepttoaaUr low rata eg tt.iO for
ths round trip. This Is the season of
the year when a visit to ths ocean ta a
source -of pleasure snd a Joy never to
be forgotten. No smoke, duet or cin
ders, and plenty of room for all, giving
ons a delightful trip slang ths shores
of the mstohlsss Columbia river. Train
leaves union dspat at I a. m.. returning
leavee Seaeide at 6 p. m.. giving i
boura at th beach. Tickete at 141
Alder street and at union depot. Phone
Main I0.
Lass than two weeks ago we promised to sell three
cars of SCHUBERT PIANOS for ths account of
the SCHUBERT COMPANY these pianos were
intended for the regular agent here, but a change
was unexpectedly made in the plana. They were
obliged to look to some one else to handle the
pisnos there waa no time to lose the cars were
on the way. Ths Schubert Company arranged with
our eastern office to handle these instruments. We
accepted on one condition that we might sell
them in our own way our way it FACTORY
We have just seven Schubert pianos left of ths
three cara received twelve days ago. Will you
pay a very low pries for one of America's fsmous
This Is tke Last Day a
Schubert Piano
May Be Had f-or $315
This is the last day th Schubert piano will be sold
for this money and on these terms our instruc
tions with the Schubert people do not allow us to
go further. You may select a piano, however, and
it will be all right to make your first payment in
November. But the contract must be dated today.
Reed-French Piano Mfg. Co.
Sometime the World Loses More by
Them Than the Genius Doss.
No great genius, certainly aa great
Inventor, ever lived who. was not sup
posed to be a little queer by com of
hla fellow men.
Three hundred years before Stephen -son
perfected his locomotive, says the
Rosary Magazine, a Frenchman. Salo
mon d Caua, waa Immured in the liv
ing tomb of the Blcetre for having al
lowed hla mind to outstrip ths aa ta
which he lived. Marlon de Lorme. in
a letter dated Parts, 1(41. talis of a
visit to thla Institution.
"We were crossing the court," aha
writes, "and I, mora dead than alive
With fright, kept close to my compan
ion's side, whan a frightful face ap
peared behind some Immense bars, aad
a hoars voice exclaimed : 1 am not
mad! I am not mad I I have mad 4
discovery that would enrich the coun
try that adopted it'
' What haa he discovered?' asked our
' 'Oh!' answered the keeper, shrug
ging hi shoulders, 'something trifling
enough; you would never guess it; it ia
the use of the steam or boiling water.'
"I began to laugh.
" Thla man,' ooatlnued th keeper,
'came from Normandy four years aga
to present to the king a statement of
the wonderful effects to be produced
from hi Invention. To listen to him
you would Imagine that with steafn you
oguld navigate ships, move carriage: la
fact, there I no end to th miracles
which, bs Insists upon It, could he per
formed. Th king seat Ska sjadmaa
away without listening to him. Fin
ally, finding the poor wretch forever
in hla path, snd annoyed by hla folly,
the cardinal had Mm shut up in th
Bteetra' "
WMs Bo They Weadt
Ia Zululand when th moon Is st ths
full objects are distinctly visible st as
great a distance as seven mi lea, while
even by starlight on osa see to read
print with
Have You a Few Dollars
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Estate Investments. An unprecedented rise in values is abso
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person in. moderate circumstances find opportunity for
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