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nnHERI are two way of
I moat things, and Isn't It alarm
ing bow many .woman there are
In the world who saw In the wrong;
way. and then Mam their i polled
finger and overwrought nerves, not
upon their own faulty methods, but
upon the innocent sawing Itself T
Of course, there are some Woman who
ought not to sew at all. Their organism
Is so delicate that even a slight us of a
machine pedal Is Injurious, and sitting
for any length of time In one position,
or at any occupation. Is ruinous to their
nerves and digestions. Even these frail
slaters can greatly modify the tax on
their strength they go about their
necessary sewing properly.
Sometimes eyes whloh can, stand a
great amount of read taw or writing (be
cause of the relief afforded by the con
trast between the black and white) ar -Injured
by an apparent glare that OOane ,
from the color sameness of sewing ma
terials. Women with eyes of this sort
would better leave neadlea alone.
I have In mind two woman whoa
methods of sewing ar as widely at
variance as their personal appearance.
The first prepares for a day's sewing
by ridding herself of her dress and cor
sets, getting Into a kimono and literally
slumping down to her machln.
Lunch Una finds her flushed. tired,
and woefully untidy. She can t pos
sibly come down unless you will ex
cuse her negligee 8h hurries
through the meal, and back to her
work, refuse to ee any one, and
spends the day In tha same costume,
thoroughly convinced that It la Im
possible to sew and look present
able. When shs ews by hand, matters
are no better. With her the klmono
hablt has taken root, grown and blos
somed. She alts doubled up over her
work, and though ah Is still In her
early twenties, there Is a suggestion
(Just a suggestion, mind you, but It
will grow) of a curve about bar
shoulders, a contraction of her chest.
Mrs. Syncs' Hints
Hair on Lip
HAT shall 1 do to remove superflu
ous hair on upper UpT I saw xm-
ammonia, fa It rood for such a purpose?
and how much should I use and now ap
ply It? Wtll ft remove It permanently?
I am only n. ana weicn in pounas
flu. fMl
rour mines, i minx i a
lt,.l. .All.
can I do to reduce
i. n Bf
Ammonia destroys the root Of the
hair. Make a solution of about a tea
spoonful of ammonia to a tumblerfc: of
water. Wet the superfluous hair with It
very day. Use hi connection with this
peroxide of hydrogen, which will bleach
tit hair and make K almost Invtatbto.
Thle treatment la not permanent m lta
effects, but many us It and renew It oc
casionally. Following are some general rules for
the reduction of flesh:
Rule for the Reduction of Flesh.
Avoid all starchy and sweetened food,
all cereals, vegetables containing sugar or
starch, such aa peas, beans, corn, pota
toes etc Have your bread toasted: sprinkle
It with sauT Instead of butter. Mnltl re
gret to saK If It b pur. and good, la
fattening Skimmed milk may be drank.
Hot water Is An excellent substitute for
"her liquids. Add a little of the julcej of
limes or lemons to is. u r m .
your sleeping hours to seven, at the outside.
No naps. You must uUe .xercisa
day. and do not wheel, go to one of the
Institutions where meonanioau masses""
,n. Several of my ootrespondents report
illsirt results from this method of let
ting the vigorous exercise they require.
fast to recollect is that fat Is carbon; oxy
en destroys or bums out carbon. ou must
consume the earbonbrtbe oxygen you take
through your lungs. The more exercise the
more oxygen an2 consequent destruction of
fat by the one healthful method of earing
The more starch and sugar yoa eat, the
mora carbon to burn away.
Consult Your Physician
ICRS. C The Information you seek I
bast given you by a good physician. I
advise yon to follow this method. If the
doctor yoa speak of does not satisfy
you. persevere In your search for ssslst
ance and consult another.
A Tonic With Little Oil
I would like you to tell me of something
to make my hair grew. It le short and
thin, and never grows. I haven't much dan
druff. Some people tall me to use vaseline,
eoooenut oil ant different things, but I would
rather take your advice. If you know of
something that will make It grow and Isn't
oily I would be very thankful. If you don't,
s-methlng oily will do. I also have a few
gray hairs and am only going on u rears
eld. O. a.
I think yon will "Tlnd this Jaborandl
tonic Just the thing for you. It contains
less oil than many others. Don't bother
about the gray hairs Just yet If you
HoW teTbe Healths
and a broadening and flattening of hat
The other woman ha don all J
wing for a brood of youngsters for
years, yet her waist" la as small and
supple. hr back as flat, and har hand
aa wail poised as when sh was a
young gtH and noted for her figure
Once baring eeen her at work I
understand why. flhs abjure, the
kimono, always works In har oorsats
and blouse, neatly collared and bait
ed, though navsr witn any "ni r
rig garment about star, suss
alt erect at her machine, and . II an
gat tired, uses one foot at a tlma on
.k- 1 matin tha Idle fOOt On
the Ironfraroework, so as to keep It
on a level with the other and avoid
a one-sided position; or places It on
the floor and then swaying a little to
the side, gives herself perfect freedom
of motion and a change of position
at the same time.
When she sews by hand she takes a
low, comfortable chair, ha a stool
at her feet, and set-ting herself In her
usual upright, graceful posture goes
at har work as though It were a
She Is always dainty, carefully
dressed, and ready to receive her
friends If they call, and many a yard
of ruffling gets hemmed while sh
Is chatting of other thing. Sh ac
complishes aa much a har lea tidy
and graceful sister, and preserves her
personal appearance and health, all
because she has learned to work In
the right way.
to Correspondents
can Improve the health of your scalp
and hair, they may disappear.
Jaborandl Tonic
9ulnlne sulphur, M grains.
Incture of centner! dee, I gold drams.
Fluid extract of Jaborandl. I fluid drama.
Alcohol. 2 fluid mnais
aiyoerlne. 2 fluid ounces.
Bay rum. I fluid ounces. ,
Roeewsteri If fluid ounces
The quinine should be dissolved la the
alcoholic liquids by warming slightly, then
the other Ingredients edded. and the whole
filtered. Rub Into the roots of the hair
every night.
Hair Coming Out
My hair Is coming out by handfula. snd
my scalp Is hot and dry and Itches con
stantly. I also have a lot of gray hairs
coming In thick. Is there a good tonic to
stop them and also promote the growth of
the hairT Could you Include something to
darken It et the same timer
Ie there something to bleach my face,
neck and arms T what will flu out a thin
neck and shoulders? My bust Is getting very
flat. Is there eny speclel diet I could teke
to make me more plump? I weigh no
Cunfls: height, I feet 1 Inches. Is that not
Utile? Mrs C. C. M.
Do not worry about your gray hairs
Just now. tt Is more important that you
should restore tba health of your hair
and scalp. Try this formula:
Formula for Dry, Falling Hair.
Cologne, I ounces: tincture of can tha rides.
1 ounce: oil of Bnglleh lavender, oil of rose
mary. Vi dram each.
Apply to the roots of the heir once or
twice a day.
It Is positively necesesry thet the scalp
should be kept clean, shampoo at least once
For 'Freckles
Flssse publish the formula for oestlnate
freckles and how long It will take to re
move the worst klad of a case.
Dr. Wilson's Treatment for Obstinate
(Rsoommended by Erasmus Wilson, and
though, excellent la obstinate cases, doss
not suit all complexions equally well.)
glder flower ointment, 1 ounce.
Sulphate of sloe. S grains.
Mix well and rub the effected skin at
night. In the morning wash the cerate off
with snap and soft water and efterwerde
apply a lotion thus composed:
ft.fuslon of rose, pint.
Citric ecia, ew iwav.
All local dhxjoloretlono. Dr. Wilson sf-
flrrae, will disappear under this treatment:
or If the freckles do not yield.' they will
at Mast be greatly ameliorated.
The length of time It takes to effect a
sure varies with different persons.
Formula Repeated
3 once, snd liked It so well I want It again.
I have forgotten the Ingredlnrts. except that
they were oat us s quart of boiled water,
Mrs. W. A.
1 do not know to Just what formula
AO harmful S i whty
you refer, but will give you this one,
hoping It will meet your needs.
For Whitening the Skin A Liquid
Firs aside of sine. 1 ounce: glycerine, 1
drsm: rose water. 4 ounces: essence of rose.
II drone. .
Pift the -Inc. dissolving It In lust eo ugh
of the roes water to cover It: then add the
glycerins: next the remainder of the rose
v. eter.
shake Well, snd apply with a soft sporae
or aa antiseptic gnus. The face must be
well wiped oft before the liquid dries, or ft
will be streaked.
A Good Face Bleach
Pleaee stve me Dr. She. maker's reelp for
a aeod face hl-i-n. Mrs. J. S. C.
Or. Shoemaker's Bleach.
(For freckles and brown spots.)
Bichloride of mercurv in coarse powder,
I grains: distilled witch basal. I oancee;
roee water: a uncos.
Agitate until a solution Is obtained. Vep
over the effected parts Keep out of the
way of Ignorant persons and children.
Don't Substitute Water
Will you kindly give me formula contaln-
DSOBMfto or mercury 7 i think It Is 10
4ns i In coarse uowder) of bichloride of
mercurv. I ounces of witch ha set and I
ounces or rooowaior. would sort water do
fwellt. Mrs. W W.
The correct form of the recipe to
which you refer la given in the answer
to "Mrs. J. B. C." I would not sub
stitute water for any of the Ingredients.
Peroxide as a Bleach
Will rou nlease slve me a eoott trmu
lotion thst I can have prepared by my
druggist, also a skin loUon. sad bow to ass
How long do you hav to use peroxide be
fore the hair ch sages ? Will if turn dark
brown hair to a light brown ? Dose .It main
the hair fall out If you use too long? Also,
how do you use It on the halrf JH. 8 J
I never recommend th us of perox
ide of hydrogen on the hair by ama
teur. Any bleaching ohemloal of the
kind is sure to lighten the hair more to
ward th and than toward the root,
and It Is seldom that the Inexperienced:
person can apply it ao carefully that a
lighter shade will not In time result
Henfia Is a vegetable stain, quite harm
leas, and producing an squally attractive
reddish Unt. For horns aa tt will b
found a muoh safer article than the
Too Young fot Gray Hairs
l take great pleasure la reading your
beauty hints, snd I would ssk If the phy
slclsn s prescription that la so oftea la
your columns la quite harmless? I see there
is sugar of lead In It. Would It restore
the color of hair 'with that left out? I
have beard that restoratives an sometimes
dangerous. My hair la only a very little
gray. and. being too young to have gray
hairs, would like to know of some harmless
Please, will yoa toll me also is henna Is
hsrmleos. snd now to use IT?
If properly prepared and properly ap
Iled, the Physician's Remedy will not
harm you In any way. It I not always
successful, however, though my corre
spondents oftsn write to tell me of Its
benefits to them. Do not leave any of
the Ingredient out If you use tt. It I
slways dangerous for an Inexperienced
person to tamper with a formula of any
kind. Henna hair stsln Is vary simple
and absolutely harmless. Following Is
the formula:
Henna Hair Stain.
Take one ounce of henna leaves, steep in
a pint of boiling water far twenty minutes.
Let stand until It gets cold, strain the
liquid. Apply to the haSr by the aid of a
small sponge The henna will oometlmes
stain the scalp, bat tba stake eaa easily be
removed by soap and water.
Hair Thin and Faded.
great trouble, and must have help
Mv hair Is aU eoaamg out I have
rh to hold mv hat oa. and feel
r about It. As yoa have helped so
m Sees thai vast may ha .Ku e
not enough
may be able to
help at
out for
I long
lima, but for
MenanT I wOtl avt -
o It
bss come out worse.
m 1 lie Mini
mm thick ? It
r- . Now what
to Its nat-
pomade to reduce fat
arWKsl'tsr W tin U BSJxg laws, tsj Bfss( m)
" . w w a . ue
ee fit nee. How long wtlFtt
of tny chit nee
take to
" F'TT
h post th
mv hair Mr head narsnhrseo
tklnb .r for m
that mv hair is is
hair is wet Also, nay hair seems
ind break off. and I cannot keep it
tt M lost ee strahfht as a stlok In
i tee after 1 have Storied tt. My hair
to sura
In enrl
flve stiaa
and BeautifiilH3
seems to anng together snd has ugly parts.
It Is stlokr even after I have washed It-
Mrs. K. B. K.
First of all, let alone the questions of
gray hair and curls. Neither 1 Impor
tant The condition of your bead la
very bad, and you must give most care
ful attention now to reatorlng Its health.
Be very aystematlc In everything I
tell you to dp. and I think between ua
matters can be mended.
Wash your head thoroughly once In
two weeks with warm water and pur
castlle soap. It Is wll to shake up the
white of ai egg In the soap lather. Af
terward rinse" the head with water at
least five times, first hot then cold.
Keep your hair perfectly clear of tan
gles braiding tt carefully
I rush continually - at least one hun
dred stroke night and morning, though
aasently a possible. Do not b dls
maywd at what pomes out It will oome
outinyway. and It Is the new hair that
la Important Trim the end with the
scissors one In three months.
Following are three formules. Uss the
first until the falling of the hair has
bean arrested.
Falling of tha Hair.
Tincture of "tux vomica. 1 ounce: a trite
JrMHnsrr I ounoee; alcohol. 1 usees
ApoTssvsral ? trme2 week to th. roots of
'when results hav been accomplished,
use this:
Lotion for Oily Hair. .
Alcohol. 1 ounces: wltoh basal I
iJn U grains. Apply dally.
well late the scalp.
Then begin the us of this tonic i
Quinine Hair Tonic.
.,.. of aulnlne. 1 dram: rosewatsr.
,, diluted sulnhurlo acid. II minims.
jaBiniSkS . OllUlnl gUlrfUHl sv - "'""
rcttned solrlta 1 ounces. Mix: then further
Lia orrsksr w -
a at tale until solution is complete. Apply
to the roots every dey
Use but one formula at a time.
Th length of time required to see re
sults from the pomade to reduce fat de
pend upon your Individual case and the
faithfulness with which you apply th
Do Sot Know the Tablets.
1 Bin n'1 1 o lae . ibiuiii. . ,
sdvertssed In tablet form. Is It the genuine
remedy? I sad the oresorlpUoe Oiled at a
. w Tl- V'.. ... I .
On the Care of the Skin and Hair
madam slrk every tune I tried to.
I am using your remedy for blsobhsafls
successfully: also your orsnge-nowwr
i. CM.
I can give you no Information of these
tablets, for I know nothing about them.
I can recommend the Vaucalre Remedy
only as published In this department.
Have you had this latter filled proper
ly? If so, I cannot understand why It
should disagree with you. But undsr
the circumstance. If the preparation Is
correct In every detail, you should dis
continue using It There may be some
condition, peculiar to yourself, that
does not welcome the remedy.
'At Any Good Drpggisfs
Will you kindly give me the recipe for
Dr. vaucalre' e best developer, snd also tell
me where 1 eaa get it filled?
Mrs. G. N. 8.
Take the Vaucalre formula, as fol
lows to any flrat-ctaae druggist and he
will prepare It for you.
Dr. Vaucalre' Remedy for the Boat
Liquid extract of as Has (goatsrue). 10
grams: lac to phosphate of lime. It grams:
tincture of fennel. 10 grams; simple syrup,
MO arams.
The dose Is two soupspoonfuls with water
eaoa meal, ur vaucalre aieo aa-
vises I
the drinking
of malt extract during
See Answer Above
Will you kindly give me Dr. Vaucalre' s
remedy for enlarging the bust ? A. B. F.
You will And this formula In th
answer to "Mrs. O. N. 8."
Skin Too Tender
M. K. B. 1 think you ar troubled
with "whiteheads.'' Follow this treat
ment: Whiteheads (Acne Molluscum).
Open eaeb seed acne with the point of a
fine cambric needle. The hardened mass
must be pressed or pricked out. The empty
sac of the gland should then be bathed
with a little toilet vinegar and water, or
with a very week solution of carbolic acid
and water, sterilise the needle before as
ms It by dipping It into boiling water.
Discontinue using th other formula
Tour skin I too tender for steaming;
rub It gently with this skin food:
Pomade Qrecqu Skin Food.
Lanolin, 1 oancee; white vaseline, S
ounces; good cold cream. 1 ounce. Mix.
Th . othr disease you mention la a
case where a physician I th proper
person to consult
Try This Astringent
Will v u kindly tell me of something that
will make the skin under my eyee firm, aa X
think there Is a tendency of It wrinkling
sooner than firm akin, it being ao sort es
pecially under one eye. strange to say. li
yoa osn do this. It is needlees to say It will
be appreciated. 1 am a years old. Has age
anything to do with It? Have used almooa
cream with ao effect.
Please repeat Chinees eyelash stsdp ahss.
Try the application of this astringent
pomade under esch eye. using a uttls
mora under the more troublesome one.
Tour ags baa nothing to do with this
Hardening; Pomade.
(An astringent.)
Oil of sweet almonds, MS grams; waits
wax MO grams; tincture of benxnln. M
gramj reeewster. 10 grama; pulverised tan.
Tilts pomade ahouM not be seed aa a mas
aage cream, but should be applied after
l (, mum Hinnan oi uwuy lain.
Chines Eyelash attain.
Oum arable, 1 dram; India lak. It dram:
2 rater, 4 ounces,
erder the Ink snd gum sad triturate
1 qoantttlee' of the powder with the
milnder et the resa water to It it ebouM
be sppllsd with a vary tiny "t hair
Learn to Concentrate
D. M. O. No. thirty-two to sot too old
to accomplish what you deehr. though
A JtxrcA&r art J J
for confid
It I more difficult than It would hav
been twenty year ago. I hardly know
what to suggest, other than concentrat
ed effort toward the coveted aooonai
pllshment Do what you have to do
deliberately and with extreme car. Do
your task over and over again, and
when you ar doing on thing, think of
nothing else.
To Cure a Sty
MRS. J. F. Before I could help you
to "look younger," as you say, I should
have to know In detail about your ap
pearance. The best thins; to do to cur a sty
. Is to bathe the eye frequently with
Warm boraolc lotion (five grains to
one ounoe of water), and apply at
night a piece of boraolc lint WTunfj
out of boiling water; oover with a
pieces of jaconet and a pad of cotton
wool on top; fix with a bandage.
I think you should consult your phy
sician about th spot on th baby's
I never heard of gray hair bains
caused by the circumstances yoa mono
tlon. I can gtve you the physician's
remedy for reatorlng hair to lta nat-,
ural color, but tt Is not Infallible, nor
Is it permanent However, It has
proved successful to many of my cor
respondents, and they are all wMlnM
to renew the treatment when tie Aral
effects wear off. The time It take
between treatment varies widely fag
different people. 9
To ttostors th Natural Color art
the Hair.
CA physician's pveeortptsua.)
Sugar of lead. H ounce; las
ounce: ssssnos of hsigsmot.
SSBOSloi, sin; glycerine. 1
ture of canths rides. VI oune
tt ounce.
Mix all tn one pint of soft seats. Ap
ply to the roots of the hair, which asset
be clean.
The dye should never be applied If those
Is any Irritation or abrasion or the soak.
Break the Habit First
Have had the freckle prescription filled,
but im n otjrarethat tt M right It Is aSMMH
hardens'on applltsstVon.' As" V'had'it'rasaesSBH
druggist AU It used It twice and thought 't
UCSl lo 1II,11V.
I am also troubled with
troubled with large pores ssS
uplexion. and wish to uss thetj
for enlarged pores aa well a
very red eases
the oranxre-fl
voMtnat sisacMP
Yoa said It would not cause the gross
Now. will yen please ten me when It
would be well to nee and bow oftea. as I
wfasb. to get the benefit of all three rsme
Also what direction should be
eaeaaing Haas that are eauaed by - '
Do not be alarmed at the appear a no
of the prcparatUm. for very often
druggist ptits into a formula, oa his ows)
account a nsroiieu coloring aaawm
After leaving the paate on over night.
remove n iu uiu mui iuiia wib si
tlon or rsssi nan coia cr
Rub the orange-nower oreai
akin irentlv once a ilar. It
bleach. Following are th formulas
asffc tor:
White wax. 1 ounce; operawasstt, 1
jinlln. I ounces: osshssi en, x
orange flower wstsr. I eunase; oil
slmmida. 4; tin alia f be
MWt the first Ave
Take off the fire
. ,,il ..i.llne little b tittles
lastly the orange-flower wal
Lotion for atwlssp
tar aoeorieeo. -tww.
MRS. U A, K 1
tha druggists have
for you. But If you
getting Informations.
some larg astSjan
city, I think you
Cream. W
tha asBsaal
1 tfm taMmJsl
aiSgssS "g oseSBB
Will awe Sx -saawsssssssj